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Homosexual Pastor Uses Sexual Fantasizes With Jesus Christ To Pleasure Himself

Posted by Job on October 4, 2007

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MCC clerics demonize Jesus

Here are some excerpts: Having said that, meet the Rev. Dr. Robert E. Goss, senior pastor of the MCC’s “Church of the Valley” in North Hollywood, CA. In his 2002 book, Queering Christ, the pastor proudly recounts how he masturbates with Christ, imagining himself having homosexual sex with Christ.

”My technique of meditative prayer was to envision Christ with me and experience him as a lover. Scott Haleman, Betty Dodson, and Joe Kramer argue that masturbation can be spiritual and can become a form of transcendental meditation. Masturbation can harness fantasies and sexual energy. When prolonged, it can stimulate and extend pleasure. When fantasies are focused into making love with Christ, the experience opens itself to a fundamental and profound consciousness of God. My visualizations of Jesus were certainly explicit, erotically envisioning various forms of making love to Jesus the Christ. I had sexual intercourse with Jesus. Sometimes he was the top, and sometimes he was the bottom. My relationship with Christ was mutual and deep.”

Goss was hailed by the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies at Pacific School of Religion as ”a pioneering figure in LGBT theologies of liberation.” (Bishop Yvette Flunder is an alumni of this school.) Goss is currently working on producing a version of the Bible similar to his book.

It is some sort of spiritual religious experience for him. Of course, this isn’t that much worse than what Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, and similar do, so I cannot blame this perversion on homosexuality. It is, quite simply, just perversion.


3 Responses to “Homosexual Pastor Uses Sexual Fantasizes With Jesus Christ To Pleasure Himself”

  1. Jennifer L said

    How is Juanita Bynum perverting the gospel? I’m curious. Thanks 🙂

  2. Job said

    Jennifer L:

    Chiefly, Juanita Bynum perverts the gospel by preaching the prosperity doctrine, which claims that godliness is for gain. Please read I Timothy 6, especially verse 5.;&version=9;

    The prosperity doctrine also imports old covenant promises made to national Israel alone into the new covenant. The doctrine is notorious for taking scriptures and concepts out of their intended context and using a limited or distorted interpretation of them to justify the lie that God will bless people with wealth, health, and happiness in return for their giving money. It is actually the reverse of the message of the cross, which was that of selfless sacrifice and rejecting the corrupt things of the world to pursue the kingdom of heaven. It is also the precise opposite of the experience of the early church, who suffered from great poverty and persecution. It is also the opposite of the experience of a great many impoverished and persecuted Christians alive yet today! Instead, it is a false gospel for western middle and upper class Christians who want to remain lukewarm and carnal. And Bynum exhorts people to follow after these lies with her claims of continuous “prophecies” and “revelations” from the Holy Spirit that tells people to go do everything BUT that which is actually written in the Bible, or if it is written in the Bible is at odds with its actual meaning.

    There are other, more, well, sensational things that Ms. Bynum says and does, but none of those are more harmful than the false prosperity doctrine that she preaches.

  3. Jerry said

    Jesus coined the phrase “wolves in sheeps clothing” the most graphic description to look beyond the appearance, pay close attention to the character traits, wolves by nature are predators, they seek, hunt and kill defenseless, unwary sheep, as in the natural so in the spiritual, Paul warned “…savage wolves
    will enter in among you not sparing the flock, also from among your own selves (within the church) men will rise up (promote themselves) speaking perverse things to draw away (seduce) the disciples to follow after them” Acts 20:29-30
    the scriptures are very clear, it only takes One False Prophecy to be disqualified and God invoked the death penalty Deut 13:8 if we were living in OT times there would be far, far less ‘prophets’ today, also just a note on one of Ms Bynums revelations she claimed God called her to the Levitical preisthood
    awhile back, I dont mean to be sound crass but the truth is the truth-
    1) women were never called to the office
    2) only Levites held the office-no gentiles allowed! she’s obviously not Jewish
    3) she could not function in the office because of the ‘monthly cycle’ as she or any female would be ceremonially defiled (no disrespect ladies)
    4) The book of Herbrews testifies the Levitical priesthood is abolished, that is an obvious contradiction the Word does not contradict itself, more issues could be cited, but I think I’ve made my point
    “If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” Isaiah 8:20

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