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Women Risking Persecution To Preach The Gospel In India

Posted by Job on October 1, 2007

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An amazing thing is happening in Gospel for Asia-related churches throughout South Asia. Groups of women are emerging from the young congregations to boldly share their faith and minister to the discouraged and downhearted.

These women are even reaching out beyond their own villages, thanks to the training they receive at GFA Bible colleges. In Sikkim, one group of women chose a large public market as their mission field. The results were tremendous. Read their remarkable story here.

These strong believers are unafraid to step outside traditional boundaries to tell others about the love of Jesus. What a wonderful example of the Great Commission at work.

Yours for the lost of Asia, K.P. Yohannan Founder & President

It was a pretty typical scene. Women searched each stand in the large bazaar for food, clothing and housewares. But one group of ladies made their way through the crowd with another purpose—they came to bring the light of Jesus to those in need.

The journey to the market began early that morning when Binita Lali took a Gospel for Asia Women’s Ministry team to teach some of the ladies at a nearby GFA-related church. After the team encouraged the women and taught them from the Bible, they decided to continue ministering. So, they went to share the Gospel at a bazaar in a village several miles away where there is not yet a church.

As the women reached out to the people in the area, Binita met Badal Paran, an old man who was retired from the army. She began talking with him, and soon Badal revealed that he was very distressed because his wife was mentally ill. His sons were serving far away in the army, and Badal felt overwhelmed with life with nowhere to turn.

“God is faithful, and nothing is impossible for Him,” Binita shared with Badal. Then, she shared the Gospel message with him. Tears began to flow down Badal’s face as he became convicted of his sins. With a repentant heart, he chose to follow Christ that very moment.

All of the women gathered around and fervently prayed for Badal, their new brother in Christ, and his family. When the prayer came to a close, Badal joyfully said that he felt a huge burden being lifted from his life. He could now put his faith in the Lord, and trust him in everything. Then, he told the women that he wanted to do everything he could to help others know about Christ’s love. Now, the first mission station in this area meets in Badal’s home.
Sharing the Gospel throughout the market, the Women’s Ministry team reached many people on this day.

The Women’s Ministry team requests prayer that Badal’s family will choose to follow Jesus, and that his wife will be completely healed from her mental illness. Also pray for the GFA missionary who has begun leading the services in Badal’s home and ministering to the people of the village.

Women’s Ministry has touched the lives of many throughout Asia

Learn more about Sikkim, India, where the Women’s Ministry team serve.


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