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The State Of Christianity VI: A Messianic Jew Comments On The Church

Posted by Job on October 1, 2007

 From Randy Weiss of, who can be reached at

As a Jewish believer, I have a commentary to share about Christian America. It seems to me that churches, and the Christians they house, have become a dime a dozen? The Church is to be God’s vehicle for change in this world. Christianity is to be the salt and light of a tasteless darkened world. Instead, it seems that we have been dulled by compromise and dimmed by confusion. Churches seem to exist on every corner, but those who attend often seem to have too much in common with the world.

Is this right? We preach Christ, and therefore offer hope–the most valuable commodity on earth, yet, many churchesexhibit death instead of life; darkness instead of daylight. Mausoleums of faith do not spawn life. They merely house the dead.

Undoubtedly, the true Body of Christ is alive and pure and awaiting Christ’s return but often, it seems that God’s remnant is well hidden from our culture. Lights under a bushel I guess. Even our revivals seem to proliferate without any power to penetrate. Unfortunately, when it comes to actually being engaged in revival, after all is said and done,there is still more said than done. Even revivals have been marked down to a dime a dozen. Revivals aremarketed like sporting events, promoted like rock concerts, and visited like religious shrines where celebrities are exalted and their magic charms sold to Christian consumers.

Remember, only dead things need revival. Until we realize how dead we are, we will not be poised for the change from death to life. True revival will not come until we reach the end of ourselves. If we can reach death to ourselves, we will attain life in Christ. At that point, we can be used of God. Maybe, if He chooses, God will then revive the Church in our days. But the indications suggest that secular society is winning the culture war. The world is determining the standards by which the Church should live instead of the other way around.

According to the name game mentioned earlier, world revival seems to be happening for the Moslems. Many
will agree that they have assumed the prestigious title of the fastest growing religion on earth. That is why
around the globe, you are more likely to run into a little Mohammed than anyone else. I mean no disrespect
when I say this. The Moslems are doing a better job of spreading their gospel than the Church. On a per person basis, I think I can safely say that even the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses have more missionaries and soul-winners – or losers, depending on your perspective – than mainline Christian denominations.

Why is that? Do the cults have more truth? Of course not. Do false religions deserve more adherents because they are more committed than Christians? I hope not. Do they have more power from their master than we do from ours? Our God is Lord of all so there can be no more powerful force anywhere. Do they have more love for their falsehoods than we have for God’s truth? God forbid, but could it be? Let me submit a radical idea for your consideration. I think that the people of God have been infected with greed, lust, pride, and all manner of
deception and evil. Sin is in the camp of God’s people today, and surely, judgment is coming. Listen
friend, the Church must share God’s love with whores and whoremongers, but we must stop ordaining them to
leadership, and allowing them to remain in positions of authority and influence when discovered.

The Church must be a beacon of love and tolerance to adulterers and sodomites, but we cannot allow them to remain hidden behind our pulpits or stumblingblocks on our deacon boards. Yes, we are saved by faith from every form of evil behavior, but not to return to that evil behavior as dogs to vomit. I rejoice in the fact that
grace does free us from our past, and I understand that we cannot attain God’s love through merit. It is
clear that with Paul, we must ?conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law?
(Rom. 3:28). But that doesn’t allow us to break the law and exalt sin. Paul rightly asked and answered the
rhetorical question, ?Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law?
(Rom. 3:31). OK, now I want to give you another of my opinions.

I will shock many of my friends, and delight some of my enemies, but I want to talk about homosexuality. I’m not into gay-bashing! I don’t think we should discriminate against homosexuals. If the truth be known, it seems rather unchristian. One time, I was at a conference of Christian radicals where they were passing out bumper stickers with the ghostbuster symbol saying “No Homos.” Personally, I found it to be a bit distasteful. One of the participants was bragging about his exploits at a gay parade where he snuck around plastering his
bumperstickers on nearby cars. Of course, we should stand for righteousness but evangelism carries a higher
call than unwanted bumper stickers.

Now please don’t misinterpret what I am saying. I don’t want homosexuals running boy scout camps, coaching 7th grade sports programs, or supplying soap to the gym showers, but they have the right to earn a living and not be harassed for their uninformed choices. They’re pagans, what can you expect of a pagan? Here is the real question? Is homosexuality more disgraceful than other sexual sins? Personally, I reject the contrived hierarchy of sexual sins that some Christians have fabricated. The fornicator is not better than the
adulterer. And the adulterer does not have a higher status than the sodomite or the lesbian. Someday, they
will all live together. They will all inhabit the pit of Hell if not redeemed. Is it right to present the homosexual as a worse pervert than any other pervert? Who can say that it is less sinful for a Christian man to sleep with a woman to whom he is not married than it is for an unchristian man to sleep with another man? That is silly. The number of shattered lives among children from marriages broken by adultery outrank the broken lives of offspring from homosexual unions? NO! I don’t have statistics. But I think you can take my word for that one.

I have a friend who likes to say that “Idiots beget idiots.” Well, at leasthomosexuals don’t beget much. Sexual sin, be it adultery or homosexuality is damnable, unless Christ comes to the rescue. Adultery depreciates God’s plan for the family. It destroys the lives of husbands,wives, and the children wrecked by loose zippers and short dresses.


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