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Low Caste Party Takes Political Control in Indian State

Posted by Job on October 1, 2007

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The balance of power is shifting in Uttar Pradesh, India. In May, the Bahujan Samaj party, which is comprised of politicians from low-caste backgrounds, won state assembly elections. Party leader Ms. Mayawati promised to increase education and job opportunities for the Dalits and people classified as Other Backward Castes [OBCs], which make up a significant portion of the state’s population. She also wants to maintain religious freedom in the state. This is great news because it will restore dignity to the Dalits and increase opportunities for them to find jobs and pursue education like other castes. Let us pray together that the body of Christ will continue to grow in Uttar Pradesh. Click here to read the full story..

In May, the Bahujan Samaj, one of the few low-caste political parties in India, won state assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Party leader Ms. Mayawati vows to use her five-year term to increase education for Dalits, maintain religious freedom and uphold justice for the oppressed.

Uttar Pradesh borders Nepal, and with more than 160 million residents is India’s most populous state. A large percentage of Dalits and low castes reside there.

It is also one of the most influential states in Indian politics. In fact, a number of India’s prime ministers have come from Uttar Pradesh.

Ms. Mayawati is known for her ability to relate to all castes, including the high-caste Brahmins. Many political analysts are saying that this is a significant time for the state of Uttar Pradesh, with the promise of increased education and opportunities for the Dalits, as well as the continued backing of the political party for religious freedom.

GFA leaders ask for prayer that the Lord will continue to work in the hearts of the Dalits, giving them hope not only for this life, but the life to come as well. Read more about Uttar Pradesh

Yours for the lost of Asia, K.P. Yohannan Founder & President


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