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More Stupid Juanita Bynum Tricks

Posted by Job on September 27, 2007

The title is courtesy of the old “stupid pet tricks” routine of David Letterman’s, nothing else should be deduced or inferred from it. If it offends you, well then I am sorry but I am offended by people going to an eternity in the lake of fire. Please take note of these entries: A Way To Spot A False Prophet: By The Frequency And Nature Of Their Predictions and The Requirements For The Office Of A Prophet. The graphic shocking content of this post should make any unsaved person realize that they urgently need Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, in order to be saved from the same totally depraved and utterly wicked state that all humanity is born into that you are about to witness. Please follow The Three Step Salvation Plan and know that unchurched people will be far more likely to be moved to acknowledge that they need help from this than professed Christians. Now on to allow Juanita Bynum to condemn herself in her own words, fully in context!


One Response to “More Stupid Juanita Bynum Tricks”

  1. Shirley said

    We are definitely living in days that require us to walk close to the Lord, His Word, led by the Spirit. You can speak truth, but we have to watch the spirit behind our words. I would encourage everyone to guard our hearts with all diligence. There is a great need for balance in these discussions and a spirit sensitive to the Holy Spirit. As one who the Lord has raised to discern false teachings, I also know how important it is to walk with a spirit of humility and surrender to His voice. I and other intercessors have been praying for the Church to return to the Cross and humility. We did this, because we discerned what was going on and He prophetically, led us to pray this way. I must add that, those who have been called to leadership, must develop a sensitive spirit-led walk to speak when He says speak, pray when He says pray (the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much). When you yield to Him and the call He placed on your life, He gives you a burden to feel what He feels and represent Him because your motives are pure (having the mind of Christ) with cleans hands and a pure heart. When King Saul (God’s anointed) got off track, as Samuel interceeded for Him, He listened for the voice of the Lord and it was God who revealed Saul’s fate. Evenso, David was careful not to come against King Saul. Obviously, an evil spirit was influencing King Saul, yet he was still “God’s annointed”. As a Prophetess, I have been in situations where false teaching and a Jezebel spirit were in operations. It was extremely hard, because during the entire time I simply had to proclaim and preach messages God gave me, while constantly guarding my own heart to not respond in the flesh, feelings or be drawn out from walking a walk to speak what He gives me and nothing else, with a spirit of humility and love…that’s where the true power derives, untainted by the enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. So as I know God loves His people and those He calls, when you discern a spirit operating through His vessels, which can happen to any of us, you earnestly pray against that spirit and your Agape love weeps for your bother or sister caught in anything but God’s best (Gal 6:1). There are varying parts of the Body of Christ that requires balance, lets rejoice that God is moving, yet not rejoice in evil (love doesn’t rejoice in evil). There is such a critical spirit in the church and the love of many is gowing cold. There are many yet to be snatched out of the Kingdom of darkness, time is short and satan will use anything to thwart or distract the plan of God. The world is watching how we handle this, we don’t need to give them any reason or the devil any ammunition to deter them from coming to the Lord, eternity is at stake!! We are all ambassadors for Him, as though He was speaking through us, that is an awesome responsibility that we must take seriously!! Lets pray that the Glory of God resurrects, His perfect will for the Church be done as He’s coming back for a Church without spot or blemish. He can use any situation and bring good out of it, according to His Kingdom!!

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