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A Good Theory On Why Bush Took Us To War

Posted by Job on September 26, 2007


4 Responses to “A Good Theory On Why Bush Took Us To War”

  1. Everyone tries and makes the Iraq war reasoning more complicated than it was. The reason Bush went to war, was the same reason the congress voted heavily in favor of war and that public opinion was heavily in favor of war. Bush, the Congress and the public (myself included)was still filling their diapers after 9-11 chaos. Nearly everyone was still looking for a fight and Iraq was a disliked target that was seen as a failed task. The government under Bush1, Clinton and then Bush2 had spent twenty years antagonizing about Iraq’s possibly weapons cache and Iraq had spent twenty years playing political bluffing games wanting the world to think they had more than bluff and bluster. It was not a good combination of events. It was a combination of events that was like playing with fire, the results are what you see.

  2. thescoundrel: The problem with your theory is the fact that neoconservatives (and I can use that label because I used to be one; I was a HUGE Bush supporter until about a year ago) were saying that Bush would invade Iraq as early as 1999. I still remember listening to the Rush Limbaugh show the day the Supreme Court decision was announced, him saying “This means we are finally going to get Saddam!” Then a few weeks later they were talking about how Bush was going to invade Iraq before the end of his first term in case he lost re – election. These were all MONTHS before September 11th.

  3. The 1999 statement does not disagree with my theory at all. I made the statement when Bush1 left Iraq without overthrowing Saddam it was inevitable that we would be back there in the future. It is human nature to hate your enemy and we spent twenty years telling ourselves what a bad guy Saddam was. We had been looking for any reason that we could justify returning and finishing the job. Saddam on the other hand assumed his possible threat of WMD’s would give the world a harness to keep the US out of Iraq. But when you are as mad and full of fear as the US was after 9-11 you often succumb to your fear/anger and strike back. And we had a lot of hate/fear built up. We didn’t need 9-11 to rush to war, Hillary Clinton said that herself in her go-to-war speech, it was just the final straw that allowed our anger to take control.

  4. thescoundrel: “I made the statement when Bush1 left Iraq without overthrowing Saddam it was inevitable that we would be back there in the future.” Well then that begs these questions … why fight the first Iraq War? And why leave Saddam in power? And why fight Iraq rather than go after Al Qaeda, which AT THE TIME was operating in virtually every place in the region (not to mention in Africa and Asia) BUT Iraq? Even now, it is questionable how many Al Qaeda types (Sunni Muslims) are killing our men in Iraq as opposed to Iran types (Shi’ite Muslims).

    Look, I understand that people were scared and angry after 9/11 and wanted to fight whoever wherever. But the people in the White House, the Department of Defense, and yes Congress … that wasn’t their motivation. Another thing: Bush was elected as an “America first conservative.” But he certainly has used the war on terror as an excuse to become one of our most internationalist Presidents ever, hasn’t he? I mean, he never concealed his globalist economic impulses, both neo – cons and DLCers have been worshiping at the altar of free trade and economic integration since the media used Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan to make anyone that still supported economic sovereignty look foolish. But the war on terror has allowed Bush to become EXCEPTIONALLY globalistic in terms of foreign policy and national security too, hasn’t it? Whatever happened to the “fear the U.N. black helicopter!” crowd on the right while Bush goes about being the biggest cheerleader for the UN, the EU, NATO, the WTO, and even playing footsy with our enemies Russia, China, etc.?

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