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Thoughts On Uriah The Hittite In 2 Samuel 11:1-27

Posted by Job on September 24, 2007

I have always found Uriah to be one of the most compelling characters in the Bible. Among the worst nightmares of virtually every man would be to suffer Uriah’s treatment! Yet it shows how being completely last on earth is just fine so long as you remain righteous, faithful, and in covenant relationship with God, for whatever evil that you face on earth will not even be worthy of comparison with the glory that you will inherit in heaven! So men and women who believe that their life circumstances would justify getting mad at and turning against God: see Uriah. First, it is an apology for God. God did not do this to Uriah, but it was totally a product of David’s lust, which progressed just as the Epistle of James says: conceived within David and its fruition was death. Fortunately for David, it was not his own death, but the death of an innocent for HIS sin in HIS place. God saved David through grace by use of not one but TWO substitutes. Uriah died in David’s place because of his sin of adultery, David’s child died in his place because of his sin of murder. In that respect, both Uriah and David’s child point to Christ, with David’s child even more so because he was David’s seed. But the fate of Uriah shows that injustice exists in this world because sin entered creation by virtue of Adam’s disobedience. God deserves none of the blame for the evil that befalls even the very innocent. Therefore, if Uriah was righteous even as he was being thoroughly abused in the worst possible manner, righteous unto the end so that his reward would be in heaven, so much more should we be!

Second, there is a point of contrast: Uriah was a Hittite. Obviously he either joined himself to the nation through conversion or his family had at some point in order for him to be allowed to marry a Jewess and be a high officer in the military, but also this would have had to have been recent enough to where Uriah’s Hittite heritage was worthy of distinction. So, contrast the righteousness of the Hittite Uriah, the descendant of the non – elect pagans among whom sexual immorality and murder were commonly practiced, to David, a born and bred Israelite but moreover the king and the personification of the Jewish ideal to this day! I am always fascinated by non – Hebrews that are accounted among the righteous in the Old Testament, and Uriah is perhaps the most so, especially seeing how he was used in this context.


29 Responses to “Thoughts On Uriah The Hittite In 2 Samuel 11:1-27”

  1. Uriah said

    In response to this article. Uriah was actually born a JEW. A true follower of the GREAT I AM that I AM, Jehovah. Uriah was sent to the earth as a messiah for the Hittie people because they had no other angels in heaven that would swillingly serve them due to their uncleanliness and treachery which where both attributed to the Hittite’s King being deceived by Satan. Uriah was destined to be killed by David becuase David did not know God’s Plan for Uriah. Uriah will rise and be called Brother to Jesus who is David.

  2. Alice said

    I don’t think that Uriah was so holy and righteous. He did not do what King David asked of him. AND he did not go home to his wife when he was home on leave. What wife of one of our modern soldiers would appreciate her husband coming home on leave and not even visiting her? He put the army ahead of everything. Sometimes that is necessary, but in this case it was not. It was simply Uriah’s pride as a soldier to be stalwart and sacrificial of himself. Ha! Still, he didn’t deserve to be murdered.

    • Uriah said

      Well actually, Uriah loved Bathesheeba greatly…After all she was the one Jewish princess that did not marry David in his efforts to unite the Kingdom of Israel…And since she married Uriah(born a Jew) the Hittite( went to the Hittite people as a teen) the kingdom was hence divided. When Uriah was about to consumate his wedding King David sent a messenger to him to prepare for battle knowing that the Hittite customs forbid sex during times of war. That is why Uriah did not go to his wife. Jehovah had always taught Uriah to honor his vowels.

    • A. Rick said

      IMHO, court gossip proceeded Uriah’s return from the field of battle, and Uriah had a pretty good idea that his wife had been unfaithful to him. He may even have had a pretty good idea of whom she had been unfaithful with.

      By refusing to go into his ‘wife’, he put the problems that are attendant to such a state of immorality right back where they belonged, with David and Bathsheba.

  3. The Prodigal Son said

    Uriah, ANYONE…

    Please show me where – anywhere – it says in the Bible that Uriah (the HITTITE), OR Bathsheba OR King David for that matter – …

    …. – Were ‘Jews’ !

    Again, show me one instance where the Bible says that ANY of those people mentioned were called ‘Jews’…

    As a matter of fact – I defy anyone to find ANYONE called a ‘Jew’ in the first 11 books of the Bible…

    They were not called ‘Jews’ because they were NOT ‘Jews’ !

    • Alex said

      Are you refering to Gods people being Called Hebrews in those days? surely Its no big deal if someone refers to David as a Jew, does it? after all, we all know what the writer means.

    • Hugh Odneal said

      Does that mean I’m not an American since America isn’t mentioned in the Bible. This gives some authenticity to the Bible since it doesn’t contain more modern terms. However I have never heard of a dispute among Jews or Christians that the descendants of Abraham and Isaac as being Jews. Remember the plaque on Jesus cross…King of he Jews. In Matthew and Luke Jesus’ genealogy traces back to show His ancestry. One of the proofs of His Messiahship. Hebrews, Israelites, Jews are one and the same, Biblically.

      • A. Rick said

        From a lineal sense, a ‘Jew’ is a descendent of Judah. At different times, Judah was a specific tribe in the overall nation of Israel, a political faction within the nation of Israel, a sovereign nation and eventually, the remaining group that has the strongest historical and genealogical linkage to the original nation of Israel.

        Likewise, ‘Israel’ is used to refer to the entire nation, and a specific political faction within the nation of Israel, a sovereign nation and eventually, the “Lost Ten Tribes” (meaning, to-date, no historical records has been found of their fate, and no group has been able to establish any definitive and historical linkage to these ten tribes).

        After Solomon, these two political factions became distinct nations, with the nation of Judah being dominated by descendents of the tribe of Judah. After the ten tribes were lost, the only group of people who have historically maintained an identity as descendents of the original tribes of Israel were descendents (and converts) of the Judah.

    • Israelite! said


      Some folks want every person in the Bible (from Abraham to Jesus?) to be a… jew. Ridiculous. A modern follower of talmudism/judaism has much more in common with the baal religion of the canaanites than with the worship of the Israelites. Also most jews are not a descendant from the tribe of Judah but other people who converted to talmudism. Thats the real link between modern jews and old Judeans. Their corrupted religion, which is contrary to the words of Jesus Christ.

    • Joshua Kelley said

      Uriah is clearly a Hittite as the scriptures clearly claim, not a Jew. However the Hittites were the first mentioned by God to be destroyed and also commanded that no israelite could marry (Deuteronomy 20:16-18). Explain that one. Any one?

  4. The Prodigal Son said


    Also, can you tell me where you get the word ‘Jehovah’…

    Or where ANYONE (whoever invented it) came up with the word : ‘Jehovah’ ?

    Seriously !…

    • Uriah said

      Jehovah’s name can be found in the Psalms of every Bible. Read it for yourself! The name Jehovah is taken from the Hebrew Tetragammaton “YHWH” which can be spoken as Yahweh or in english Jehovah!

  5. The Prodigal Son said


    I’m sorry, but ‘Jehovah’ is NOT found in every Bible ! It’s not in mine ! (Septuagint O.T.)

    Even in the King James version (based on Pharisaic/Masoretic texts), it’s only in there three times !

    These texts date from no earlier than 1000 AD…

    Now – if the Hebrews of old DID NOT pronounce the Tetragrammaton… Then why do you ?

    The Name is ineffable, unpronounceable, and has ALWAYS (until approximately the 16th century) been replaced by the word ‘Adonai’ (Lord)or the word ‘Elohim’ (God)…

    Do you really know for sure that those vowel points are correct ?

    The Hebrews knew The Name was not to be pronounced out loud… and did not say ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Jehova’ or anything of the sort – OTHER than Adonai or Elohim… or even just simply ‘The Name’.

    • Uriah said

      The so called Hebrews that you speak of did not pronounce the name because they were from the same cloth of the Pharisses and Sadduces that you here mentioned during the time of Jesus. Those “Hebrews” were controlling and supersticious people who used their power to opress rather than teach. Our history as people extend far beyond the reference points in the Bible. Nonetheless, Jehovah is God’s name or I should say one of God’s name, but his name indeed. There is no reason for arguing but truth is there for everyone to see. To quote the words of Jesus ” Let he who has eyes see and he who has ears hear” The choice is for you to decide if you listen or see. However the real truth is here, God’s Holy Spirit. Let His Holy Spirit lead you on your quest for knowledge.

      • numami said

        Isaiah 19:18 (New International Version)

        18 In that day five cities in Egypt will speak the language of Canaan and swear allegiance to the LORD Almighty. One of them will be called the City of the Sun.

        Apparently, Hebrew, the language was spoken by more than the descendants of Abraham, now referred to as Jews. And the Jews also spoke Arabic as they now do, also. So, let’s not mix cultural groups with language-speaking groups.

    • Joshua Kelley said

      My experience with so-called Jews is that they don’t even spell out the word God. However, I believe they speak this word, at least in English.

  6. sahnei said

    Ok. to answer the prodigal son’s first answer. Ok so David Uriah and Bathseheeba were Hebrews…what’s your point. Now they are called Jews. Christians didn’t begin calling themselves christian either—The writings say they were called christian first in Antioch. Before that they were known as the people of “The Way”, but Paul didn’t hesitate to say “If any man suffer as a christian…” Now, people who believe in Christ refer to themselves in that way.

    Point taken on the pronounciation or the mispronounciation of the unspeakable name of God. But the problem with your approach is that it is totally from a one sided scope and not comprehensive. First of all in the the Psalms it says that God’s Word is magnified above ALL His name. Now in Saint John we know that “In the beginning was the Word and that very word was God” And in v 14 it says that very Word became flesh so The Word that was magnified above ALL His name is JESUS who said, “I come in my father’s name and you don’t receive me” Now in Acts it says “And there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we MUST be saved” Now, Paul says that there was a mystery that was hidden and is now revealed through the apostles and prophets…” Be cool.

  7. Randy Vild said

    It is 100% accurate to call King David a Jew even though the term did not exist yet because David was from the tribe of Judah. Understand that Jacob who is called Israel had 12 sons and all became great nations. His son Judah was the line that would eventually be called, “Jews”. However calling Uriah a Jew would be inaccurate unless he was a direct line from the son of Israel named, Judah. For instance King Saul would not ever be called a “Jew” because he was from the trive of Benjamin who was the last son of Israel. Remember there are 10 lost tribes that were promised to be great nations back in Genesis. The modern day Israel calls themselves Israel because they want all the blessings mentioned in Genesis 49. Judah or Jews are just 1/12 of Israel. Remember Israel and Judah were divided after the reign of Solomon so how can they be the same?

    • Joshua Kelley said

      At what point did the 12 tribes become “great nations” in either the biblical narrative or secular history. This would be “nations” plural.

    • Joshua Kelley said

      If you believe that “Israel,” as we call her today (being the tribe of Judah) is great, how do you attribute her greatness to any one other than the United States of America? Where in the biblical narrative do you find God using other nations to make Israel “great”?

      • Randy Vild said

        Israel was never just one brother called Judah (modern day Israel). Read Genesis 49 and these are prophecies for the other tribes of Israel. One of the biggest myths is Judah is the entirety of Israel. The bible says Israel is Jacob who had 12 sons and only one was Judah. Great Britain’s

  8. Charlie said

    I believe Uriah the Hittite would have been an educated man but does anyone have any insight into this matter? The question comes from a bible study where we discussed David handing him the message to give to Joab. We assume he could read and he did not look at the message due to his discipline and dedication to Israel and the king but do we have proof that he could read?

    • Joshua Kelley said

      Why does this matter? What theological advantage will you have in proving this man could read? Are you not aware that kings would seal their messages? They usually wore a signet ring to accomplish this. This is basic history taught in elementary schools all over this land.

  9. Ric Tate said

    @Uriah said: Where is your proof that Uriah was born a jew? Its not in the bible. What is your reference? Thanks. I find the story of David and Uriah deeply troubling. I understand it from David’s perspective but I have great difficulty understanding it from Uriah’s perspective. @Alice you should go back and read how it was that Uriah and Bathsheba were married. Bathsheba and Uriah didn’t just fall in love. Uriah was awarded Bathsheba because of his military prowess and the victories he had won in the past. For that reason it made sense that he would put his men first. They were in harms way. His wife was one of the grandchildren of one of the 70 men that had been with David since his days of running from Saul. In that respect it was an arranged marriage. The bible doesn’t even say that the marriage was ever consummated (It doesn’t say that it wasn’t either). Apparently though Bathsheba held her husband in some regard as the bible says that she mourned him when she heard that he was dead. What I find troubling is that the bible says that Uriah was a righteous man and that God did not spare Uriah or keep his feet from being dashed against a stone. God didn’t intervene in what happened to Uriah. God obviously not happy but he didn’t stop the king from destroying Uriah. Some have said that Uriah was a prototype for Christ to come. Perhaps so but I can’t imagine the conversation between Uriah and Bathsheba and David. Perhaps Uriah was Michael in human seeming but the bible is totally silent on this. Pray for me that I see my way through this thicket. “Knock and the door will be opened.”

  10. Livetuluv said

    The Problem is in the very first verse of Chapter 11 of 2 Samuel.. Idle hands..

  11. rodney Burke said

    Bottom line is, if David was where he was supposed to be and not at home idle, this would not have happened. David has all kinds of wives and concubines already, what does he need with another wife? If he KNOWS Uriah is a man of valor, he also knows who his wife is! I guess for a short time he forgot that God knows all and is everywhere. And how he paid for this sin!

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