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The Multiculturalism Tolerance Diversity Movement Is Greco – Roman Paganism

Posted by Job on September 23, 2007

All right you folks that equate the beast (or anti – Christ) of Revelation to Roman Catholicism, here is red meat for you. From “An Introduction To The New Testament” by D. Carson and Douglas Moo (Zondervan) page 34: “In one sense, the Roman world of the first three centuries of the Christian era was highly pluralistic. To keep the peace, the Romans made it a capital offense to desecrate a temple – any temple. But the plurality of religions and worldviews was monolithic in at least one regard: these diverse religions agreed that there was no one way to God. On this there was strong agreement, for it was an axiom of Greek culture that the cosmos was total (including the gods), perfect, and changeless. Its harmony was endlessly repeated. Human error could be corrected by education. In consequence, most Greeks thought that Christianity was notoriously bigoted and narrow. Thus, the pagan Celsus insisted on the equal validity of diverse ancient customs and beliefs, over against Origen’s insistence on the unique superiority of Christianity.”

So there you have a line of study and thought here regarding to the endtimes. If the beast is the leader of the reborn Roman Empire, then the false prophet will be the high priest of pagan universalism and humanism that dominated in that time. And this shows how dangerous these modern trends are in the church: philosophy and psychology chief among them. Even the notion that man could “educate” the sin of racism out of his soul (see Jena Louisiana: The Black Christian Perspective) or that such a thing could happen as a result of continuing societal evolution or improvement comes from this, as do notions of how improving society with “the social gospel” will facilitate the return of Jesus Christ. Even such naturalistic pseudoscience fictions like evolution come from this mindset. (And if you have read the mythologies of the Semitic and other near east cultures, you will see the stamp of evolution all over it, especially how all of these beings just appeared out of the primordial waters!)

I could be off base. Or this could be merely part of a larger system. Or, like communism, it could be just an evil that will be replaced with a larger evil later on? Still, it really does bear comment and study. If nothing else, it is proof that we all need salvation through Christ and to adhere to a fundamental literal true Christian faith where everything is subject to and ruled by the authority of scripture. All of these ancient heresies: modalism, gnosticism, montanism, etc. If you have not followed The Three Step Salvation Plan, please do so now. If you have, it is time for you to stand up for what it means with no compromise.


One Response to “The Multiculturalism Tolerance Diversity Movement Is Greco – Roman Paganism”

  1. Stephen said

    Let us not forget that the real Antichrist will, when he comes on to the world scene will be very popular. He will be very charismatic. So the point is when we look for the “Antichrist” we shouldn’t be looking for a villain. We shouldn’t be looking for a bad guy, for that is not how he is going to appear, not to most people, at least not at first.

    In fact he is going to appear as a savior. He is actually going to be responsible or seem to be responsible in solving some of humanity’s most intractable problems. Perhaps he is going to be responsible for curing some disease, or develop ways to make things grow on barren land.

    This is why I am guessing that he will be an industrialist because only an industrialist could have the infrastructures to develop such technology. Obviously what pushes this guy into the world stage would be the continuing success of his company.

    And from there his success and charisma is going to pull him into politics. I say pull but it was his plan all along, though like the best of politicians he will make it look like he only begrudgingly entered the political sphere.

    I believe he will become the head of the European Union, an entity that right not isn’t that strong, but since I see see this as happening from 30-50 years from now I see that by then the organization will have risen in strength.

    I still believe we have a generation or two before he arises, but in the term of human history a generation or two isn’t that long from now.

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