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What Happens When A British Muslim Converts To Christianity!

Posted by Job on September 22, 2007


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  1. FS said


  2. Diane said

    FS, can you explain to everyone reading comments here why people are being killed for simply believing Jesus is the Christ?

  3. This was a great video…
    It testifies to the truth of what messiah says would happen to those who choose to love and accept him.
    In college, my husband studied the muslim religion, and what was interesting about what he learned; the original teachings of Muhummud was that it has expanded through out the years and centries (not unlike christian theology, and the study of the Talmud), much the same as the story of Aladdin, and the 1000 Arabian Nights was added to over time. Basically that doctrine has been added over time and the words of this “prophet” became twisted. This was something that Muhummud himself said would happen in years to come after his death. His claim was that the beginning would be great, the middle would be basically disjointed, and the end would be downright terranical. This is all true.
    But to go one step further, the same thing happened with in the catholic church through the inquisions and crusades. G_d always seems to allow totally opposite hateful views which end up killing each other, because both fail to follow the truth and so be saved. When we look at what is going on in the world, we want to just point out the “evil” with out failing to see the mirror image. If we compare idiology for idiology, we can see the exact same thing on both sides even though they seem diametrically opposed to each other. They are infact the same thing. I know I will get a lot of flack for that statement, but look at the world view today…
    Look at the words that are being used, and see if you can detect the mirror image.
    America and the west says that Islam is trying to take over our way of life and that Islam hates our way of life…
    Islamic Militants and many muslim leaders say that America and the west are trying to take over their way of life and that the west hates muslims.
    Both are seemingly true statements, and yet they are mirror images of the same idiology.
    There are so many simularities that many do not have the courage to truly see. Many want to believe they are in the “right”. This is also a mirror image.
    The same exists with other idiologies that many claim not to be a part of, yet express in their everyday lives. Hatred grows, and gives birth to death, and soon we are applauding the loss of human life rather then grieving the death of those Yeshua came to save. I see more and more of it entering into the church body. Before 9/11 the church attacked the media and secular humanism, unjust laws, discrimination, and the belief that we should be morally upright. The church believed that we all needed Jesus/Yeshua, and that those who do not accept are in danger of hell fire. After 9/11, much of that died down quite a bit, and instead fighting Islam has crept in. The funny thing is that the muslims believe the same things that christians do as far as their religion goes. So what makes us different? Aren’t we infact inwittingly becoming mirror images of hateful retoric? I have been accused quite often online of being a muslim, and any talk of love for the people Islam is welcomed in many cases with distain, or even suspicion that what I am trying to do pull others from faith. These things are often indicators to me that hate has crept into the church. The fruit of this becomes alarmingly clear, when I talk about the gospel, and I am accused of having a murderous spirit.
    I have never been hurt by these things, and consider it a joy to be accused. I also usually do not address such things, because the language of those who accuse, reveal their own hearts and gush forth the truth about their own lives. My hope is that although much violence has been done in Islam, that the mirror be broken! That we do not become the same as them, and show forth the heart of G_d through Yeshua, for in this they too can be saved.

  4. Eden Hadassah: Replying to another post, Moshe Laurie has stated many a time on his show that he does not hate Muslims.

  5. I have read his bio, and from all the propaganda against Islam, and the fact that he was Mossad (if you don’t know what the mossad do, google it), I have to say that he is a disinformationist. Memri is the leading disinformation medium out there. That’s all I am saying. I have watched Moshe’s show on TCT and I can say that he has become very manipulative in scare tactics. This has always been a part of what the mossad do best. Conversion, or no conversion, he is pro-zionism.
    I will give you a great site on a die-hard zionist who has created his own list of “self-hating-Israel-threatened” jews. This list he has compiled echoes the sentiments of other zionists…if a person is an “anti-zionist” and are jewish, they are according to him “self-hating jews.” It is this kind of hatred which is becoming more and more intolerable to jews who live in the land. On his “hit list” of sorts, he will tell you who they are, quote them, and in some cases give you their email address. This is a great resource because he is providing us with the opportunity to get first hand information from those involved in creating justice for both jews and palestinians. These people on his list have been hated for their outcry against injustice to all people. The movement is growing. My feeling is that Moshe Laurie should be on this list, but he is not. I consider this list an honor roll for the people of G_d, who in the face of opposition, choose to show compassion, love, and are active for justice. When you are done with the list, you can hit home and read the articles written from the prospective of zionists.

  6. Eden Hadassah:

    I turned against Zionism when I found out that it was originally a secular, socialist movement advocated by people with a real disdain for the true gospel of Jesus Christ that has been in these last days adopted by right wing dispensational Christians that are willing to be purposefully theologically ignorant because that stance is convenient to their political beliefs. While I do believe that the re – creation of Israel and regathering of Jews in the holy land is God’s doing that will play a major role in the endtimes, nevertheless these folks personally make sure that the rank and file Christians that have not researched covenant theology, rabbinic Judaism, history, or politics will never know what they are truly calling themselves when they go about calling themselves “Christian Zionists.”

    However, I do understand the natural desire for a Jew such as Laurie to want to protect Israel. So, do you feel that his Zionism amounts to apostasy? After all, you know as well as I do that if the Palestinians get their “state” it will be used to launch rockets (and even more deadly weapons) into Israel, all paid for by A) the other Arab states including but not limited to Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, etc. and B) western and UN aid!

  7. The best way to find out whether or not missles would be fired if they were granted a two-state solution is to contact the jew’s on the list I gave you. Many have been in contact with them and have lived among them. Next, because of the far reaching power of the mossad, it can not be put past them to kill their own people. They have done it before, and bragged about it. It is the political idology that they are protecting, not the jewish people, christians or muslims. It all follows hard after Nazi Germany. And just as in the past, there was a holocost of the jewish people and the jews said, never again…what do you think will happen when there is an arab/muslim holocost? They also will say…never again! Then we will have even bigger problems. I think that the biggest lie perpetrated on all people is that Iran will wipe out Israel with a nuclear weapon. People can only believe that if they didn’t listen time and again on the outcry from Iran and Iraq about the treatment of the Palestinians. Injustice and bloodshed. This is why they come against zionism, not Israel or jews. They have made that clear. So does it really make sense to anyone, that Arab Islamic states would actually nuke their own people who cry out for justice? To wipe Israel off the map is to wipe Palestine off the map. They go together. To claim that they will destroy a land Holy to them as well with a weapon of mass destruction is craziness in and of it’s self.
    If all this continues, jews will end up being called AshkeNAZI jews.
    That would be a crime as well.
    The amazing thing is that although the land of Israel has changed names and boundry lines through out the ages, Jerusalem has not. Jerusalem is Holy to G_d, and all jews have a right to return, as well as Arabs who have been defrauded without compensation of their homes.
    As far as zionism amounting to apostacy, yes, because it supports the synagogue of Satan. Moshe is fully aware of the mogen David symbol and knows it is Freemason Satan symbol of Molech, yet he chooses to were it.
    Many messianic rabbi’s don’t know that the star is satanic, and they don’t even question it. Moshe knows.
    It is on the flag as a national symbol. Not the menorah…the star.
    That is enough to actually keep informed jews out, and not return. I wouldn’t go near Israel unless G_d spoke to me and told me to go. It is not the time to return, though many think that this is the time of return. It isn’t, and more are leaving then staying. This is for their protection. Something is going to take place in Israel, and it won’t be by the Arab/Islamic radicals. No one but G_d will be able to take the credit for it. His justice is coming.

  8. Fran said

    You need to drop the wolf skin.

  9. Fran: Was comment #8 directed at me? If so, would you care to expound upon its meaning?

    Eden Hadassah: Honestly, my first time hearing that there was anything untoward about the magen David was in that Texe Marr video that you suggested that I leave on the weblog with some reservations. Now, you have forced me to independently research that symbol and its true origins and history. (I once thought that the star of David was kindred with the star of Bethlehem that appeared when Jesus Christ was born!) If what you say is true, then I will contact the Messianic Jews whose teachings that appear on this weblog, as well as some certain Gentile “Christian Zionists” and demand that they explain what they know and when they knew it.

  10. Fran said



    In Christ,

  11. Eden Hadassah: Looks like you are right so far.

  12. johnkaniecki said

    Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Let us not forget our real fight.

    Politics is a tool in which we use to glorify our God. We promote a Godly society through it. But it is not an end unto itself. Don’t get caught in that trap. As Sting says in his song “There is no political solution.”

    The United States Government has now said the Gulf of Tonkin incident which led to the Vietnam war was a lie. The North Vietnamese claimed this, but the truth was dismissed as Communist propaganda.

    Examine a young man in America at that time. The Communists or Red Menace are on the march. If we don’t stop them in Vietnam the domino theory tells us that nation by nation will fall until all Asia is consumed. America is threatened. Furthermore the North Vietnamese attacked an American ship in international waters. Of course the Red Menace was not a united monolith. The Soviets and Chinese were divided as they were traditional enemies. The North Vietnamese had never attacked the ship and the domino theory was only an unproven theory.

    Now look at a Chinese youth. The West had exploited China a peaceful nation that kept to itself. The Opium War proved their brutality and lust for exploitation. That must never happen again. Furthermore any good Marxist knew that the capitalists were the world’s evil and America was their chief proponent.

    Now look at Palestine and Isreal. What do the sides see.

    Yes at one time Isreal was the choosen people. Choosen not in the sense they were a superior race but choosen to bring the Messiah. That was accomplished through my Lord and Saviour, Jesus. God punishes all nations for evil even Isreal. Remember Babylon coming and the subsequant exile.

    No don’t get caught up so much in the politics. Do what Jesus wants us to do. Love God and Love our neighbour. Those are the two greatest commandmets. Be salt and light.



    (I need help to understand how to view God’s promises in the Old Testament to Isreal. For example I know that the territory promised them was never aquired by them. I know also a lot of the Old Testament was talking about Jesus and the New Covenant. Do some promises still pertain to the nation of Isreal or like the Law they were transformed. See Mathew 5:18. Some of the things talked about in the Old Testament haven’t come yet.)

  13. john kaniecki: I agree with everything that you said, and incidentally you answered your own question already. This is not about politics, but 100% about Christianity. Of the 1600+ posts on this weblog, only one was not directly related to Christianity. Granted that one exception WAS on politics 🙂 but still you get my point. This conversation has already borne spiritual fruit for me, because now I am learning the truth about the magen David. Politics may be a tool to honor God, but it can also mislead people from the truth, and the religious right is doing that to a lot of Christians. Oh yes, the religious left too … note that Donnie McClurkin, a Pentecostal charismatic that came out of the sin of homosexuality and wrote a book and made a movie about it, has endorsed homosexuality, abortion, and gay marriage supporting Barack Obama. Why? Because Obama is BLACK that is why. Race = politics = misleading people into doing what they KNOW is wrong! Politics, money, fame, power, and culture are the main ways that Christians lead and get led away from the truth in this culture, so I give them a lot of time!

  14. Political idiology mixed with religious idiology is the recipe for disaster. When the media is controlled and run by the elite few, who by the way pull the strings in Israel, and even many Islamic States, we need to look for and seek the truth. Just because an agency says they are telling the truth, doesn’t mean they are. There is a book that I would like to get called “The End of America” by Naiomi Wolfe. In her book she has gone through the step by step process of Nazi Germany and the protocol that was in place, and compared it to America today. I watched the interview of her on C-Span, and what she said about how wars are formented are far too simular to what is going on not only here in America, but also with other allies. We can not live in denial of the fact that our country and patriotic pride is an uncanny resemblence of what happened during WWII.
    Also, #12 you are right, but we must go even deeper and follow the money trail. There you will find out who created communism. Do the research and see who it was, and there you will find out that communism was started by jewish people. I say this as a jew, and I am not proud of this fact, but it is the truth. We must call truth out for what it is. It doesn’t mean that I am agaist my own people, but I am against anything that lifts itself up against the knowledge of G_d, and that includes both Jews and Gentiles. By gentiles I mean those who do not have a saving knowledge of Yeshua. We should understand from scriptures that there were both those who followed and loved the L_rd, and those who did not. It is not a one sided bible.
    As far as the land goes, the Torah clearly states that if a foreigner or alien chooses to live in the land, that we are to allow him to live there. The reason for this is that we too were foreigners, alien and strangers before we received the land, so like wise we must also show this kindness and mercy to others who desire to live in the land. This is the heart of G_d. When he brought the children of Israel up out of Egypt, he desired his children to show generousity, kindness, love, compassion, and for others to show that by their actions. This would show all those who came into the land basically that the Hebrew G_d was loving and kind, generous and compassionate, and would contrast the foreign gods that were bent on destruction, hatred, greed, social injustice, and a thirst for blood. That is why he is King of kings and L_rd of lords.
    Those who study Torah know this, yet, they want to claim exceptions.
    Studying the first five books of the bible can give a great understanding of what G_d’s justice is compared to mans. When we read all the laws and requirements as christians, you may discover that you already keep a great majority of his commands. To us they seem like “no brainers”, especially since we do not need to bring an atoning sacrifice any longer, because Yeshua is the atoning sacrifice once and for all. So when we read the Torah (the first five books) then we can see both justice according to G_d, and injustice according to man. This is the way we can look at what is going on in Israel and his people. It has to be looked at according to G_d’s law. Much of the problems arise from laws that are injust, and many holding the Talmud above the Torah. This should not happen. The Talmud does have a certain amount of wisdom, but it should never eclipse the word of G_d. The Talmud is full of esoteric teachings which include the Babylon mystery religions. Kabbalah is a part of that. But they have no problem quoting Yeshua and the apostle Paul to prove the points they are making. They quote Paul, because he was a Pharasee. They also qoute the words of Yeshua, because he intrigued them with his wisdom and knowledge. The Talmud is full of this stuff. Yet they still deny him has Messiah. Then in other parts of the Talmud he is called Yeshu. This is a derogatory word according to them. It just depends on which rabbi has the “floor” so to speak. The Talmud is just a commentary, full of contradictions. The word of G_d is clear.
    The same can be said about Christian commentaries, and the Quran. It is full of different doctrines, but it must stand up to the word of G_d. We must go back and read for ourselves. We all have a responsiblity to search for the truth and to examine and test every spirit. We must put away predjudices and look from G_d’s point of view.

    To Fran:
    If your comment was directed towards me, I can’t take off the wolf skin. It was given to me by my forefather Jacob. I come from the line of Benjamin, and unfortunately, that is my blessing. It took me along time to come to terms with that fact, and I had to seek comfort in the scriptures to find other Benjamites who did great things for G_d, because of the terrible things that the Benjamites did after entering the Promised Land, and because of King Saul. Wolves can be good too. I can’t begin to tell you the inner struggle over that. I even studied wolves trying to find the nature of them, and I was comforted by that too. The one thing that I am not, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I take great comfort when Isaiah said “the wolf shall lay down with the lamb!”

  15. Fran said

    Eden:It didnt take you long to figure out comment #8. I can understand that practiclar piece of scripture being very comfortable for you. My only reason for addressing you personally by name is that you addressd me personlly as HTL.

  16. Fran…huh?
    I’m confused. I addressed you as HTL? By HTL are you talking about Healtheland? Can you explain please?

  17. Fran said

    Eden:It’s not Jan Willen vander Hoeven, but Maurice Sklar.

  18. Fran:
    The following was the prophecy I was talking about. Regardless of who wrote it, unfortunately it will lead back to his own house, and the connections will be revealed.
    But how does this apply to me addressing you as HTL?
    The L_rd gave me a word about this, and it will be meted out. Unfortunately, as money trails get tight, these kinds of road maps will play themselves out, and unfortunately it will lead right back to their own families of the inner circle. That also includes Van der Hoeven and his family connections. It always comes back to blood line connections. These kinds of prophecies mix truth with error. It is true, many of the things he has said, and in talking about the “system”, yet he doesn’t name it! It is fragmented and scattered. He names the church as the harlot, and he is only partially right! He doesn’t name the sin of Molech and Baal, but just points out the obvious. If he named the system for what it was, then he would be implicating his family and his associates. The families are not as hidden as they would like to believe, and his words give him away. It is a dangerous thing to mix truth with error. And lifting Israel up, instead of Yeshua is the biggest problem. It involves man worship.
    Next, he gives very specific things that are devistating, and the government of the USA and of the UK will find very interesting. If these things play out, it will lead right to this prophet’s back door, and it will be horrible for his family and those connected to him.

    A serious word of prophecy!
    By Jan Willem van der Hoeven

    Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.(1 Thessalonians 5:20, 21)

    This is such an awesome word in its specificity and seriousness from a loving and tenderhearted man, Maurice Sklar, also a magnificent violist, whom I love and respect as a true brother and servant of the Lord, that I feel to send it on almost in its entirety to you, hoping it will cause us to seek the Lord with all of our hearts for cleansing and dedication to His purposes and turning from everything that still keeps us captive. May it be so!


    “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write? I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then, because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew (vomit) thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white rainment that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye-salve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” ( Revelation 3:14-22)

    As I was reading and meditating on this scripture, the Lord said to me: “I am sending my refining fire into the church. I am separating My bride from the Laodicean church of today. I am preparing her. I am purifying her. She will be without spot and without blemish. I will return for her in the midnight hour.

    Only those that are watching and praying; only those who are embracing the message of the cross and holiness; only those that walk in the power of My spirit in moment by moment obedience; only those who are overcomers will be a part of My bride. Most of those in the church will not be ready for Me when I come for My bride.

    Many think they are saved, but they are not at all. They are serving pleasures, lusts, and are in love with themselves. They are consumed with this present world and its’ selfish ways. They are in love with money, success, and covet fame, position and power. They do not want to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Me. They refuse to forsake all.

    Therefore, they will not be ready and will be left behind to face the great judgments that are about to come upon the world. Warn those that are lukewarm and have left their first love for Me, that if they do not repent, I will vomit them from My body.

    I am preparing My bride. This is her hour of glory! I am purifying her. I am adorning her with My crowns and My jewels and My beautiful gowns. She shall be without spot or blemish. She will be dressed in My robes of righteousness ? pure, clean and white.

    Who will come to Me and buy from Me what they so desperately need? It still is not too late. Repent, and return to Me with all of your hearts, so that you do not perish with this evil world.

    I am sending a mighty army from mainland China along the old silk trade routes and into the unreached nations that have been called the 10/40 window. When they finally reach Jerusalem, THEN KNOW that the wedding day is upon you.

    Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh. I will then come in the clouds and meet you in the air! But, the remaining nations must still hear my gospel of grace.

    This will be the final and greatest harvest that the world has ever seen. Many hundreds of millions are waiting to hear the good news in China, in India, and in the other Buddhist and Muslim dominated regions of Asia, the near east and the middle east, as well as the poorest of nations in Africa and central and South America, as well as the hundreds of islands in the oceans of the earth.

    I am shifting my focus to them.

    But you, O church of America and the West have prostituted yourself at every opportunity before every high place and idol shrine. You have substituted religion for My Presence. You shall surely perish when the fullness of My wrath comes upon Babylon. You shall be utterly burned with fire.

    You have heard and received the fullness of My love and grace, America. Still, you spit in My face and harden your hearts and refuse to turn back to Me.

    Europe, you rejected Me and threw Me out. For hundreds of years you provoked Me to wrath. You despised My people Israel and slaughtered them in a rage that reached to heaven after robbing the Jewish people and throwing them out of nation after nation. You did this all in My Name!!

    How can you escape the wrath to come?! You cannot.

    Therefore, you shall receive and drink the fullness of My cup of wrath. Prepare to meet your God, O Europe!

    Europe, you shall receive ?the king? that you desire to worship instead of Me. He is soon to come forth. When you receive his mark, you will be eternally damned.

    O Babylon, You drove My people from their homes in Gaza, and then started upon Judea and Samaria in Israel. Therefore, I will drive you from your homes in direct proportion, as you have seen in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast.

    There will follow two more judgments ? one in a major city of Europe and one in the Arab nations in the middle east before the end of this year. I will shake California in a warning, and then there shall finally come the earthquake that I have mercifully withheld for so many years.

    Millions shall perish in the ensuing floods and the west coast of America shall be removed and fall into the ocean. Boston shall experience a major attack upon a great school that once preached My gospel in ages past but has left the faith of their fathers ? never to return again. It will never be rebuilt again.

    There shall be 5 terrorist attacks that will hit America in ever increasing destruction upon the major cities.

    Before the end of 2007, a nuclear “dirty bomb” will blow up in a major city in the south of America.

    New York City will receive 3 major judgments before the end of 2008. Each one will be more devastating than the last. One will shake the entire financial world and cripple the once invincible financial power of America. Millions will lose everything in a moment. It will make the crash of the stock market in 1929 look like a little thing in comparison. America will no longer be the financial leader of the world.

    Another judgment will destroy a major stadium during a sports event.

    Yet another explosion will destroy nearly an entire Borough of New York. But for the sake of the Jewish people in New York, I will supernaturally spare them.

    After this, I will cause the largest aliyah (return) of My people (the Jewish people) from New York (and other regions throughout the developed world to Israel) in all of history. But only after the entire financial system that they are dependant on collapses will they all return to the land that I have promised them.

    Tokyo, Japan. Hong Kong, China. Johannesburg, South Africa. Calcutta, India. Sidney, Australia. Chicago, Illinois. Los Angeles, California. Paris, France and many other cities will experience major catastrophies in the next five years. Millions upon millions will perish.

    The aids epidemic will devastate the population in Africa to half of its’ present size in the next 4 years. Many other incurable diseases, famine, drought and starvation will soon devastate the under-developed nations of the world in a way that has never occurred before.

    North Korea will launch a sudden nuclear attack and then be completely destroyed. Only the prayers of South Korea can stop it.

    Pakistan will become a leading center for world terrorism and will experience a nuclear attack, also.

    Israel is soon to once again send their planes and blow up the nuclear “plants” of Iran.

    Syria will soon collapse economically and be replaced by a fanatical Islamic government.

    A major coordinated Al Qaeda terrorist attack will blow up many historic places in Europe that were once bastions of true Christian faith, worship, art and music.

    If America does not stand up now and defend Israel instead of forcing Israel from their land, we will continue to face the devastating consequences here.

    This is but a fraction of what is soon to come if there is not repentance and turning back to Me. I will shake all the nations, and then after each disaster, I will pour out My grace and bring in a mighty harvest of souls for My kingdom.

    As birth contractions happen with a pregnant woman, so will these events happen ever faster and greater. Each one will be more devastating than the last one, and each one will come closer and closer together. Haven’t I said exactly this in My Word?

    Each disaster will judge and smash an idol that is worshipped by the world system of Babylon. I will then show Myself as the one true God over them all.

    I will judge Hollywood and the entire movie industry for the millions upon millions of souls that they seduced and sent to hell.

    I will judge the news media and the television industry.

    I will judge the music industry. I will overturn the whole music industry in such a way that they can never pollute the world ever again.

    I will judge the internet pornography industry. Whole internet computer systems will be permanently shut down.

    I will judge the abortionists and their supporters. I will judge and reverse the Supreme Court. For a short time they shall change the laws to fear and honor Me.

    There is coming a revival of morality and religion in America as a result of these calamities, but it will be a false one for the most part. God will become popular in the culture, but not the Bible and My name (Jesus). It will be a false gospel message. Not many will truly be born again. Only a remnant in My church will truly stay in right relationship to Me.

    When you see me take Billy Graham and Oral Roberts home, you will know that America and the West have received their last call.

    As I said in My Word, unless the Father would shorten these days, even the elect would not be saved. The deception of “Christian religion” will grow so great, that it will be nearly impossible to recognize the true prophets and teachers from the false ones. Counterfeit miracles and false “signs and wonders” will come and deceive many. Churches will preach a “success and personal achievement” gospel. Even false healing meetings will come and actually produce real miracles, but they will not bring the people to Me.

    The preaching of My supreme Lordship, the cross, My blood, holiness, and the fear of the Lord will become more and more rare, even more than it has become during the last 35 years.

    Nevertheless, I have supernaturally preserved and kept My bride pure and faithful to Me. I will continue to do so. Most of My bride is in mainland China now. Many are in Asia, and Korea and India and Brazil and Russia and Kenya and Nigeria and throughout Africa.

    Most of My bride is hidden away in their prayer closets and have been persecuted and driven out of the churches by abusive pastors and false prophets, ministry leaders, and oppressive government leaders. Many are in prison. Some are daily dying of starvation and disease. Most of My bride has been beaten and left by the side of the road by the religious ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. They have been forgotten by the blinding greed of those hoarding their money and riches.

    Only the Good Samaritans can even spot them and see them. The rest are blinded. Only a few really love My bride the way that I do.

    My bride is being purified through the fire of many trials of afflictions and persecutions at this present hour.

    Those that walk in My love and embrace the cross are being separated and persecuted by the Laodicean church. Those that are truly anointed and bringing the pure Word from My throne are being thrown out of the pulpits of the land and off of ‘Christian Television’ in favor of the confession of the Laodicean church: ‘I am rich, I am increased with goods and have need of nothing. I am healed. I am blessed.’ Really???? Are you???? It doesn’t look that way from My throne in heaven!

    Beware of any teaching that is selfish and appeals to your lusts and feeds the love of money in your lives. THAT teaching does not come from heaven. That is not My voice. My blessings come through seeking first the Kingdom and My righteousness, not from heaping riches upon yourself while the rest of the world starves to death and dies and goes to hell because of your selfishness and greed.

    You will see when you stand before Me what the TRUE RICHES are. The souls of the lost are the jewels in the crown of My bride. My worshippers and musicians, artists and those that carry special anointings have been almost systematically removed from ministries and church leaders in favor of what is popular and can bring in the most money and please the people. This is an abomination in My sight.

    Watch and pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape the things that are coming upon this earth. Receive My grace through the refining fire of the Holy Spirit so that you can be a part of that beautiful lady and bride. I am preparing her! It still isn’t too late! Join with her and take up your cross and deny yourselves and follow Me. That is how to be TRULY blessed and healed and delivered and fulfilled in life! That is the only way that My gift of eternal life can shine into the darkness of the world around you”

    “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty?Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:17-18, 7:1)

    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4)

  19. Fran said


    I’ve read the prophecy written by Maurice Sklar.I only thought that you might not be able to locate the paper again. That is the reason that I gave you his name. I could care less about who wrote it. If I recieve it, I do, and if I don’t, then I don’t.

    I also read An Amazing Report, that is by Jan Willen vander Hoeven.

  20. Check out the family crest…
    Everyone has one right? You know what the owl represents…right?
    Here is his bio on music. It is the red owl on the family crest that gives him away.

  21. The following link will take you to my Israel and my beloved people.
    These you won’t see on TV, Christian channels, or in the news. It is for these, that my heart cries out. We must begin to see the real Israel, and what happens when the children of G_d are used to get a piece of land that was promised to his children, and then put the widows, fatherless, the helpless and the poor into slavery.
    When children of the holocost are given a promise of a better life, taken to the holy land, and basically forgotten…what should be done? We need to look at what is going on, for what it is. You can see for yourself the poverty by googling “poverty in Israel”. Christians do not even see this, because they are too busy visiting holy shrines and pathways. Visiting places where Yeshua walked and preached. But if anyone wants to see and hear Yeshua, you must go to the poor, the widow, and all those who have been marginalized and abused. Instead, organizations seek to add to this problem by telling more from other lands to come to the Promise Land, for what? To die! It is a way of taking my people home to systematically destroy them. This is what is going on. The stronger Zionism gets, the tighter the noose around the necks of G_d’s children. The rich get richer, and the poor begin to die, all the while talking about the “blessings.” Using the words “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” as their platform, and yet not blessing those who are their own kin, living in the land.

  22. johnkaniecki said


    I have serious problems with prophecy of this type when specifics are mentioned like this. I have specifics as well. Incedently none of my specifics contradict what predictions you have presented. I agree with what I read at least in Spirit.(I may have overlooked something as I unfortunately have limited time. I’ll try to reread it though.) There is one exception however and that is the matter of Isreal. We know from Galatians that decendents of Abraham were not the only qualifications for being Isreal. Ishmael was Abraham’s son and not part of Isreal. Now these Jews living in Isreal follow the Talmud more closely than the Torah. Also they really can’t trace their blood back to Abraham. I believe Isreal will be blessed and protected but that country that exists now is not Isreal. (I know this may sound confusing.)

    I know some people will perhaps be offended or suprised by the comments Eden has presented. I’d ask instead of a complete condemnation that anyone objecting would point to specifics that they disagree with. Then these points could be discussed in a Christian Spirit.



  23. John,
    This was a prophecy that I read, and do not agree with. Fran, another person who comments on the board was telling the name of the person that gave this prophecy.
    The problem that I have with these kind’s of things is that it seeks to lift the “bride” up to a worshipful pitch! The underlying message in today’s prophecies for “Israel”, is, “bow down and worship her, or something will happen to you!” I take issue with this. It is offensive to the core of my being, because if we are honoring G_d, we will not be afraid of man. It is a psycology that uses the promises of G_d in vain, therefore, taking his Name in vain. There is no doubt that his children are blessed, and for that matter all who call upon him and seek to worship him. But what is going on right now is to me a hostage situation, using G_d’s children as leverage for political power. This is the danger, and it causes everyone to fear even speaking out about injustice. When pastors and even messianic jew’s begin talking about the many “financial blessings” that can come from blessing the land of Israel, and convincing them to make a covenant with a people that actually abuses the people that live in the land, in this, we should fear G_d. Money is a wall of delusion that keeps us separated from the truth and reality. When a person equates the blessings of G_d, with financial gains or even worth, they have lost their way and become veiled. When the media tells us what we should think about things, and refuse to seek the truth, we begin to loose our way. When churches believe what the media tells them and then preach it from the pulpit, our people become scattered and confused, and begin to bend a knee in hopes of “turning G_d’s wrath from us.” This is totally contrary to scriptures, and believers must really start seeking the L_rd about all this before they decide to bow down and worship a political movement.

    My grandbaby just woke up, so I have to go take care of her, but I will be back to finish my thought.

  24. Ok,
    So…in looking at this prophecy that I posted by Maurice Sklar, we should look at it most carefully. It is a road map, and, it sounds like an Alqueda message to me. Don’ you think? This is a terrorist message, and a financial message. Basically if you want to make it big financially, you should invest your money in the stock market in the places that he says his “bride” is. He is making these judgements supposedly against these industries, yet the leaders of each of these industries and corporations are owned and operated by jewish people. Think about it…if you look each one of the industries up, you will find the CEO is jewish. Those who basically create the policies in this country are jewish, many of the people in government are jewish. Look around…they are everywhere! So by his own prophecy, he condenms his own people and his own industry, and we are supposed to believe this prophecy about America and the financial system, when his people make up the majority of America? Do you see my point? And yet the jewish people will be “supernatually protected.” I have a problem with all of this. He mixes truth with error, and doesn’t name the “baby.”

  25. Not to change the subject or anything, here is a link to a Freemason’s view of the middle east, and his compiled historical take on Freemasonry in the middle east.

    It is an interesting perspective, for which I should take out my little “thumb violin!”

  26. johnkaniecki said


    Yes the prophecy you quoted does lack some spirituality. I did know it wasn’t from you. It does however make good points at least in identifying some evil.

    I noticed that some people predict Europe to be the evil empire of Revelation. They don’t pick America because they are Americans.

    Tracy Chapman’s song “Tell It Like It Is” on the New Beginings album. Try to find the lyrics on the internet and read them. I think it would be well worth the time.

    Whenever I contemplate what mankind is doing and what mankind has done anger rises in me. This is always accompanied with deep sorrow
    that bring tears to my eyes. I would weep but I try to change my thoughts.

    Healtheland is the name of this website. We I all believe live in the USA. There is injustice and wrong is every land. Yet as Americans, especially in a country based on democratic principles, we are responisble for the actions of our country. Many in Nazi
    Germany claimed they didn’t see what was happening. Many more claimed there was nothing they could do. If I am around to speak to generations to come I will look them in the eye and tell them I tried to do everything I could to stop the evil that this country is denegrating into. The abortions, the war, the racism, the greed, the GODLESSNESS.



  27. I agree with you John. As with the world, that claims it was someone else and not them, so the same with the religious world. I believe from what I understand about the character of G_d, that he works in ways so that no man can boast. The prophecy that Maurice Sklar gave is a testament to his own lack of understanding of our L_rd. It looks right, but it lacks the character of the L_rd Almighty. In this day and age with all the military power, intel, massive communication, mobility and biological engineering, you would think that so-called prophets would understand by now that G_d uses the small things to shame the big. Just like Gideon leading an army, G_d said, you have far too many men, so G_d brought the number down to just three hundred “scardie-cats.” That is the power and wit of the Creator. He does not need bombs, or missles, or anything that we think will protect us. His weapon is a word so soft, so faint, that it creeps right into the soul of the enemy and sends him off screaming like a ten year old girl! With G_d, there is always the hidden story that he reveals, so that no man may boast.
    Maurice stated the obvious, according past reports by scientist about California. But what I found really interesting was all the talk about “dirty bombs” and about the locations of his “bride.” It is a threat, that was intended to scare Americans and Europe to not speak against Jewish people, and at the same time, because pastors have been so fixated on “blessing” the jewish people (for financial blessing for themselves or their country), the convienient telling of where the “bride” is right now… well lets put it this way, take a look at the financial market of the places that he mentioned. If you look at the last few years, you will see that the financial market in those areas are soaring through the roof with great gains. So basically, if you worship Baal and Molech, be sure to pay homage to them there, because the financial system here is about to collapse. Now fast forward to today, what do we see? The problem is that Yeshua said many times that he comes like a thief! So many believe that means the rapture. I don’t think so. Yeshua also said that family members will turn against each other. This also is a part of the character of G_d. In the books of the prophets, many times G_d said that he would make family members eat each other’s flesh. This is not always physically. They will betray each other, and this is how the hidden things become seen.
    So take heart, because G_d knows the meaning of true justice. In Ezekiel 9, I believe, came a man with a linen garment and writing kit. In that time he was told to go through out the land and put a mark on the foreheads of all those who were grieved by what was going on in the land. Those who did not follow after the Baals and Molech. So keep being grieved, and continue to call on him, for we know that we will bare his mark as well!

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