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The Libertarian Perspective On Abraham Lincoln: A Corrupt Tyrant

Posted by Job on September 12, 2007


A Fitting Tribute to a Corrupt Tyrant

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo


The August 25 Washington Times reported that an outfit called the ” United States Historical Society,” which had donated a statue of Abe Lincoln to the city of Richmond, Virginia in 2003, was stripped of its tax-exempt status by the IRS. It seems that the main activity of the Society was marketing $875 miniature replicas of the statue and pocketing the profits.

The reason the Society lost its tax exemption is that the erection of a Lincoln statue in Richmond was considered by many Richmonders to be akin to putting up a statue of Hitler in Tel Aviv or of Stalin in the Ukraine. Several affluent and influential Richmonders made it a point to bring to the attention of the IRS the real activities of the U.S. Historical Society. They waged a four-year campaign against the organization and its spit-in-your-face gesture of placing the Lincoln statue in their home town, and they won.

The statue remains, of course, and is managed by the National Park Service, which partnered with the United States Historical Society. The statue is a fitting tribute to Dishonest Abe, now that the sponsors of the statue have been revealed to be, let us say, less than honest and straightforward. After all, enriching oneself and one’s friends while hiding behind a smokescreen of “humanitarian” propaganda is a major part of the Lincoln legacy. (The U.S. Historical Society claimed that the statue would “promote healing” in Richmond!)

Lincoln himself was a corrupt corporate insider and a lifelong mercantilist. The economic policies that he spent his entire adult life championing – protectionist tariffs, corporate welfare for railroad and road-building corporations, and inflationary central banking – were nothing but an Americanized version of the corrupt British mercantilist system that the American Revolution was fought to discard. They were all designed to use the powers of the state to benefit a small, politically powerful cabal of (mostly Northern) manufacturers, bankers, and politicians at the expense of the rest of society. They were also designed to enlarge the state by tying all of these powerful interests to it politically. They were all finally adopted, after some seventy years of political debate over them, during the Lincoln regime.

Lincoln was personally corrupt as well. In Lincoln and the Railroads John W. Starr recounts how Lincoln presented the Illinois Central with a $5,000 bill in the 1850s for a single tax case, an incredible sum at the time. The vice president of the Illinois Central was one George B. McClellan, who would become Lincoln’s commanding general early in the war. McClellan refused to pay, so Lincoln sued his own client. When he came to court the Illinois Central’s attorneys failed to appear and he won the judgment by default. Starr strongly suggests that it was a corrupt scheme concocted by McClellan and Lincoln since the Illinois Central, under McClellan’s direction, continued to employ him.

Dishonest Abe invested in land in Council Bluffs, Iowa, of all places, in 1857. To this day this piece of land is known as “Lincoln’s Hill.” When he became president one of his first official acts was to call a special session of Congress to begin work on the Pacific Railway Act that would shower railroad corporations with government subsidies while they built a transcontinental railroad line. When Congress finally passed the bill in 1862 it gave the president the right to decide the eastern terminus of the line. And guess what? Dishonest Abe chose Council Bluffs, Iowa. What a coincidence, and what a good example of political insider trading.

All the big Republican Party gasbags of Lincoln’s time had their fingers in the governmental pie of railroad subsidies. The hate-filled and odious Thaddeus Stevens “received a block of [Union Pacific] stock in exchange for his vote on the railroad bill, writes Dee Brown in his classic history of the transcontinental railroads, Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow. Republican congressman Oakes Ames guided the bill through congress in return for contracts to supply all the shovels for digging railroad beds from Iowa to California. William Tecumseh Sherman was sold land near the railroad line at below-market prices. The massive government subsidies, wrote Dee Brown, “assured the fortunes of a dynasty of American families . . .” They also led to one of the biggest scandals in American political history just a few years later – the Credit Mobilier scandal during the Grant administration. It was all an inevitable consequence of the triumph of Lincolnian mercantilism.

If you ever travel to Richmond and catch a glimpse of this particular piece of government propaganda, think of it as a fitting tribute to a corrupt and brutal tyrant who micromanaged the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians in and around the very city that now is forced to honor him with a life-size bronze statue. All to “promote healing,” of course.

September 11, 2007

Thomas J. DiLorenzo [send him mail] professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author of The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War, (Three Rivers Press/Random House). His latest book is Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest Abe (Crown Forum/Random House).

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5 Responses to “The Libertarian Perspective On Abraham Lincoln: A Corrupt Tyrant”

  1. Timotheus said

    It isn’t widely known, but Lincoln was a coprophagic degenerate who loved to defecate in people’s hats. He also defecated all over the Constitution and wiped his Bolshevik, Zionist anus with the Bill of Rights. He was the proto-Marxist scum bag who destroyed the Republic for all time, replacing it with totalitarian Bolshevism.

    We can thank Stinkin’ Lincoln for Marxist income taxation and a Rothschild-controlled national bank that has bankrupted the United States through the Marxist doctrine of economic determinism, which means destroying a country through unbridled usury.

    • Timotheus said

      I want to commend this site on not practicing censorship like a cognate site that is run by some gutless flab named Simpson. If people have a different perspective, he believes he should censor them, calling their opinions hate speak. He has emulated his Zionist hero, Lincoln, who destroyed freedom of speech and freedom of the press for all time. It is illuminating to note that both Lenin and Stalin considered Lincoln to be the ideal, archetypal Marxist tyrant.

    • Timotheus said

      Lincoln turned the Oval Office into the Offal Office.

  2. Timotheus said

    I though that I would also eviscerate the fraudulent statement that Lincoln stood up to the Rothschilds and the other international bankers. This apocryphal story goes that Lincoln went to these hood bankers to float a loan so he could carry on this pointless conflict with the Southern states, which should have simply been permitted to complete their secession from the monumentally corrupt, mercantilist North. Supposedly, Lincoln was informed that interest rates in the thirty percent range were to be charged, so Lincoln decided to simply print his own worthless fiat money.

    The problems with this phony story are numerous. To begin with, only Congress can control currency under the dictates of the Constitution. The executive branch can never control currency. To attempt to do so would make the President guilty of high treason, for which he could be executed. Additionally, there was no national bank controlled by racketeering international bankers at the beginning of this moron war. Jackson had heroically driven this usurious, “pound of flesh” slime out of the country. Therefore, Congress, not the President, could have created all the funds the North needed to destroy the Republic as long as these currencies were backed by gold or silver as the Constitution demands. Lincoln demanded the creation of worthless greenbacks, which was unarguably unconstitutional.

    Lincoln was the slime ball who in 1862 reinstated the Rothschild-controlled national bank. He also created the first income tax, which made the United States the first Marxist nation. It became the blueprint for the Russian Bolshevik revolution which was to transpire fifty years later.

  3. Timotheus said

    I have one other comment on this gutless wonder, Brooke Simpson, who has a secession site. I believe he is related to Homer Simpson. This censorious, pseudo-intellectual believes that people who don’t toe the main party line should be censored and censured. He is following in the footsteps of his Marxist hero, Lincoln, who closed down dozens of newspapers and jailed their editors without charge because they were critical of this Marxist tyrant. Tens of thousands of citizens who spoke out against Lincoln were imprisoned without charge. Simpson has a following of cowardly stooges who back up his exercise in totalitarian censorship. They support the dozen or so countries who imprison people if they dare to question the propaganda connected with World War II.

    One of Simpson’s cretinous followers compared believing that the racketeering Rothschilds manipulated this phony “civil” war was comparable to believing that the Titanic was intentional sunk in order to kill Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss, three very wealthy men who were opposing the creation of the hood-controlled Federal Reserve. The two concepts have absolutely nothing to do with each other. There is powerful evidence that the Rothschilds and their agents did indeed promulgate the uncivil war. The Rothschilds have stated that they intentionally fomented this conflict. The evidence for the sinking of the Titanic is miles under water. However, it is ultimately bizarre that the unsinkable Titanic is the only ship in modern maritime history to sink after hitting an iceberg. It was also an iceberg that had been charted for weeks. The captain, who was a lay Jesuit, must have plotted a course straight toward it. Morgan, the owner of the line, backed out of sailing on the Titanic at the last minute.

    Intellectuals bigots like Simpson and his bigoted sycophants should not be running sites that accept comments. Citizens of our Constitutional Republic should never be censored. However, bigots like Simpson should be exposed for the frauds that they are.

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