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Vanessa Hudgens: Still Sacrificing Our Little Girls

Posted by Job on September 9, 2007

Two seemingly unrelated headlines are in the “top 5 articles” of as I write this. Number 3: Mummy of girl sacrificed by Incans prompts gasps. Number 5: ‘High School Musical’ star apologizes for nude photos. In one instance, we had the life of a teen girl sacrificed to the false idolatry of the ancient Incan abomination. In the second instance, we have the privacy, morals, and image of another teen girl sacrificed to the false idols of fame, money, wealth, and a desire for attention that drives so many young girls to do whatever they can to seek it. Different time, different culture, same system of Satanic abomination that puts itself in the place of the knowledge of God and exalts itself against God.

In case you have not guessed, yes I do have the opinion that Vanessa Hudgens did this on purpose. After all, how many 18 year old girls have pictures of themselves taken in the nude? Of those, how many said pictures wind up on the Internet? And of those, how many of those cause a global phenomenon? The last question is key: it isn’t as if there aren’t already millions of such images already floating around there. This was carefully orchestrated by this young woman and her handlers to advance her career. After all, if it worked for Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, why not her? If such tasteless people as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls were able to keep themselves in the limelight long after their actual entertainment careers had ceased to be viable by exposing themselves in public knowing that their images would wind up on tabloids and on the Internet, then why not?

I will tell you why not: because of Jesus Christ. Things like this are why the Bible speaks of riches and fame are like grass burnt up in the oven. It is temporary, it is meaningless. It provides no happiness, and it certainly does not give you love. After all, this woman is the star of a hit TV franchise that is soon to be the subject of what will be a very successful motion picture. She could have been happy with the heights of fame and wealth that she has already attained, knowing that what she has already accomplished will open doors for her the rest of her life. If Shirley Temple could become an ambassador, Danielle Spencer (Dee on “What’s Happening”) can become a veterinarian, and Mayim Bialik (the star of “Blossom”) could earn a doctorate in neuroscience, who knows what this Hudgens woman could have accomplished?

But you see, people, that when Jesus Christ is not your purpose, if God is not your joy, and the Holy Spirit is not your guide, you are NEVER SATISFIED. No matter how much money you get, you still want more. No matter how much fame you get, it is never enough. No matter how much attention you receive, you are still insecure. While I shall not defend the character or behavior of former professional baseball player David Justice, you cannot discard his version of the events concerning his failed marriage to Halle Berry. He claims that this woman constantly demanded of him to tell him that she was beautiful, even waking up in the middle of the night. And since we know what Halle Berry did ON CAMERA to get her precious Oscar, it is not hard to believe Justice’s story of what this woman did OFF CAMERA to advance her career in Hollywood. Again,  this is not intended in defense of Justice, who was later accused of beating and later refusing to pay child support to the mother of a child that he fathered out of wedlock, in any way. It is just an example of what people who have rejected Jesus Christ for the pleasures of this world are capable of.

And this goes back to the church. How many of us have rejected sound doctrine, sound practice, and the true knowledge of God that can only come from it in order to enjoy the things of the world? How many of you have ceased your warfare with the world and are now living in agreement with it? How many of you have decided that it is OK to be lukewarm with this or compromise with that? How many of you are following after false “Christian” doctrines that tell you that godliness is gain and that it is OK to live your life lasciviously? After all, it isn’t THAT BAD, you say. God is a forgiving, loving God, you say. And it isn’t like I am one of THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE you say, as you point the bony finger of a hypocrite sinner at someone else who for all you know might be at that very second crying out to God to forgive and save him as he is gasping for his last breath of air before the crack or AIDS takes his life!

So, many hundreds of years ago, we had one girl sacrificed to false religion. Today, we have another girl sacrificing herself to the pride of life of celebrity. So I ask of you today, Christian, what are you sacrificing yourself to?


One Response to “Vanessa Hudgens: Still Sacrificing Our Little Girls”

  1. Rafa said

    This article…is seriously flawed, if well-meaning. Vanessa IS trying to repent, and to be a better person, for her own mistakes. We all err, and we all sin. To redeem yourself after you sin is what truly defines you as a person. Please…try at least one last time to forgive her.

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