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Single Mom Jailed For Making Cop’s Hamburger Too Salty At McDonald’s

Posted by Job on September 9, 2007

See this link from the worst newspaper in the country:

20 year old girl accidentally spills too much salt on hamburger meat at McDonald’s; the restaurant makes decision to serve it anyway. Some of it gets sold to a police officer, who EATS THE ENTIRE BURGER. Later the cop gets ill, and goes back to establishment. And then, this is where the typical nonsense of arrogance of state power occurs. Quoting the article: “He talked to the restaurant’s manager, another employee and Bull, who admitted she spilled the salt on the burger. Bull said the officer asked her to step outside, where he continued to question her. “He told me it made him so sick it had to have something worse than salt on it,” said Bull. He asked me if I had ever had a bad experience with cops. Did I know it was a police officer that came through the drive-through? A whole lot of nonsense like that.” Bull said she didn’t know a police officer had ordered the burger because in the area where she worked, she couldn’t see out the drive-through window. (My note: as a former fast food employee myself, I can certify that this is true. A person who spends eight hours standing over a hot grill has no idea who is ordering the food.) The worker, Kendra Bull, 20, the mother of a 1-year-old, was arrested, handcuffed, charged with reckless conduct at 1:30 a.m. and spent the rest of the night in lock-up. Later Friday morning, after a court hearing, she was released on $1,000 bond.

And of course, the state is fully backing the actions of their officer. “Union City Police public information officer George Louth said Saturday that police talked to Bull and other store employees who told them Bull knew the burger “wasn’t properly prepared.” He said she was charged with the misdemeanor reckless conduct because she served it anyway “without regards to the well-being of anyone who might consume it.” The department is still investigating the case. Since the officer didn’t eat the entire Big N’ Tasty, there were samples to send to the state crime lab to find out what was in or on the burger that made Adams sick.

Of course, the state COULD have arrested this woman AFTER analyzing the burger to see if it was contaminated on purpose. But oh no. The state could care less about putting you in jail overnight for nothing. Oh yes, and everyone out there who has had a family member raped or murdered, I know that you are very glad to see that the critical analysis for your case is going to be delayed while they check to see the cause of some arrogant paranoid cop’s tummyache.

And this is the payoff, the best part of the entire article. Police Officer Wendell Adams could not be reached for comment.” Typical. Mr. Big Bad Police Officer, agent of the state, was man enough to throw a 20 year old single mom in jail because she put too much salt on his burger, but was too much of a COWARD to talk to the news about it?

Now you KNOW that if some cop were to make a “mistake” – as we all make them – and fill some innocent person (who always JUST HAPPENS to be a member of the economic underclass or a minority group) with bullets, the police unions and all of their “tough on crime” advocates will rush to their defense, arguing that it was a mistake, nothing should be done about it, they should be forgiven, and not only should they not so much as APOLOGIZE for their “mistake”, but instead should be hailed as heroes. But you see this, folks, is the other side. When someone else happens to make the mistake, and that mistake harms the pride and arrogance of an officer of the state, it is not to be countenanced! These very same cowards and criminals who hide behind a badge, a gun, and the power of the state will toss a kid in jail.

And this is the very same area where cops killed a grandmother that was over 90 years old in her own home in a failed drug bust. Where cops saw a young man with no criminal record drive into a motorcycle shop to pick up his birthday present be followed by the police and shot to death right in that very establishment. This is the very same Atlanta area where a woman’s home was burglarized, she calls the police to investigate, they make no attempt to find the burglar but instead see a small amount of cocaine on her nightstand, so that very same evening they raid this woman’s house (calling it a “crackhouse”), shoot her dead, and arrest the man that she had asked to spend the night with her for protection from the criminals that burglarized her home for attempted murder! This woman was correct. She DID need protection from criminals. She just didn’t know which criminals she needed protection from: common street thugs with a badge! Stuff like this happens all the time in Atlanta, Georgia, and the civil rights movement rarely gets involved (although they were forced into action by public outrage over the death of the 90 year old woman in her own home). Why? Because even though the victims of this carnage are almost always poor and black, the people who run the police department in Fulton, DeKalb, and Clayton Counties are black, Democrat, and members of these same civil rights organizations.

But make no mistake, Christians, this is not a race issue. (It is a class issue, however, because the Bible speaks of how often the poor are abused and exploited without redress, and that is a reason why the nations of this world will be judged according to their works.) This is all about STATE POWER. Never forget that it was THE STATE that sent your savior Jesus Christ to the cross. It was THE STATE that killed the prophets. So why do so many Christians put their trust in and refuse to question and challenge that same system of corrupt state power, ESPECIALLY WHEN A PERSON WHO REPRESENTS THEIR OWN POLITICAL PARTY OR IDEOLOGY PREFERENCE IS IN POWER?

I will give you the answer: the reason why is that you need the power and love of Jesus Christ in your lives! Though you may call yourself a Christian, you are living proof that everyone who calls himself a Christian is not Christ’s sheep. If you were Christ’s sheep, you would have the Spirit of Truth in you. You would have mercy and compassion on the poor, and you would love your neighbor. You would not follow after ideologies, which are really nothing but PAGAN DEVIL’S DOCTRINES, that encourage you to to hate and mock the poor, and claim that they deserve their plight. You would not look at instances of abuses of state power and say “Well, it is a tragedy, but it has to be done in order to have law and order” AND YET GET OUTRAGED WHEN IT HAPPENS TO A MEMBER OF YOUR SOCIOECONOMIC DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP! That is right, you folks were so angry over what happened in that Duke lacrosse scandal that for awhile there I thought that there was going to be rioting in the country clubs and gated communities! But when it comes to the issue of how the state treats members of the underclass in this very same fashion on a regular basis, these same people say things like “Well, maybe he didn’t commit THAT CRIME, but he committed another one or would have at some point down the line. That person was arrested, tried, and convicted by a jury of his peers … we have to have confidence in the system, it is not perfect but it is the best that there is in the world.” It is the best system in the world because it benefits YOU, upper class CHRISTIAN! If you were a true Christian, you would be outraged at how the law enforcement system abuses the poor WHILE NOT EVEN KEEPING THEM SAFE FROM CRIME! So all of you upper class comfortable so – called Christians that have sat back in the safety of your own gated suburban communities and either supported or were silent while the state mistreats the poor while watching your Fox News channel celebrate the decadent amoral greed represented by its owner, the world’s biggest pornographer Rupert Murdoch … as you sit back and listen to Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, and other right wing radio hosts that mock and denigrate and harden your hearts to the poor, I have to ask you this: what are you going to do when judgment day comes? It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God, and right now God is angry at your lack of compassion for the poor! So repent of your sins, your abominations, your idolatries, and your multitude of evil. Because if you don’t, UPPERCLASS SINNER, what are you going to do when judgment day falls upon you? And as for you Rudy Giuliani fans, Amadou Diallo and Patrick Dorismond will judge you members of this wicked generation! Diallo, Dorismond, and all of the babies that received the very late term abortions that Rudy Giuliani supports! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan today!


2 Responses to “Single Mom Jailed For Making Cop’s Hamburger Too Salty At McDonald’s”

  1. Brian said

    Check out,%20WENDELL. IS that the SAME wendall Adams? Wanted in ALabama, cop in Georgia?

    When I hear of jerks doing stuff that should be illegal, I often find they are often wanted for actually doing other illegal things.

    Could not get confirmation or description of the Union City officer. If it matches, maybe same guy?

    Maybe someone should drop a dime on him. Make him answer some charges. bet he won’t spend night in jail while he waits for DNA.

  2. Brian: Wendall Adams might be a common name in the south. But you are correct, there is NO WAY that an officer of the state would spend the night in jail over something like this. That is one of the problems … our legal code is filled with these ambiguous misdemeanor charges that any cop at any time can use to throw you in jail overnight. And if you can’t make bail, or if “the folks downtown” decide that they want to mess with you a bit, they can “lose your file” and keep you in even longer. And then when your court case does come up, all the officer has to do is not show up if he knows that the charge against you is totally bogus. Sure, your case gets thrown out of court, but look at what you have gone through all this time? This reminds me of that case in California where these cops beat this developmentally disabled kid and slammed him on the trunk. What was often not told was that the reason why the cops confronted this boy’s father in the first place was that the guy’s father looked at him as he was driving by in the police cruiser! And if you check out the comments in that news article, one of them says that a cop pulled him over because he DIDN’T look at him! You know, one of the reasons why I love Frank Peretti novels so much is because Peretti, despite writing for a conservative Christian audience, isn’t afraid to deal with police corruption and arrogance. Peretti shows what damage can be done by people in authority allowing Satan to get into them by way of pride, anger, arrogance, love of power, etc. This is just a small example of a very big issue. It may seem funny until you actually think about this woman sitting in jail, and you wonder if she even had time to arrange childcare for her kid. Of course, some judgmental jerk is probably going “Well that is what she gets for being a single mom without a husband anyway!” Yeah, right … lots of people can justify virtually any injustice so long as it happens to the next guy.

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