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Medina Pullings Tries Bans Youtube Clip That Exposes Her False Doctrine!

Posted by Job on September 4, 2007

Another great Independent Conservative item: Pimpstress Medina S. Pullings Claims Copyright Infringement, to Have a YouTube Video Removed That Exposes Her Pimp Game in Action! But What She’s Left Alone Still Exposes Her. This is the best part: her video that exposes her as a false preacher was the one that she has removed, claiming copyright infringement. But videos that portray her in a more positive light that she knows will be used to actually promote her ministry? THOSE she is absolutely fine with. Christians, this is more proof that when possible we need to save and store our own clips. They can sue and go after groups like YouTube, but A) there are too many bloggers to sue and B) since we private individuals rather than for – profit corporations, a lot of times we can assert “freedom of speech” and “public domain/fair use.” We need to work together, be wise, know our rights and take full advantage of them like Paul did (see Paul The Citizen) if we are going to promote and defend Biblical Christianity in the wicked time to come.


5 Responses to “Medina Pullings Tries Bans Youtube Clip That Exposes Her False Doctrine!”

  1. YouTube just saves on bandwidth costs. No need for me to post and host the videos these pimps remove from YouTube, given I blogged about that months ago. By the time they get around to having anything pulled I’ve already got 1 or more new posts up about them already. To keep them continually exposed.

    Even sites with advertising (like mine because I want to avoid being a burden asking for donations plus I blog about things not church related too) we can post video for educational purposes. That video was covered under fair use, given both my description on YouTube and my blog post offered information to educate people about false teachers. The video was a teaching aid.

    Then (and most importantly) there’s the fact it was material of a religious nature. Which makes having it removed even more insane. If Pullings was a true “prophet” and speaking the Word of God, she’d NEVER want to keep ANY of her words private, 2 Peter 1:19-21.

    So you see, them (Pullings, Hinn, Tilton and probably the Bynum-Weeks Corp. given ephesians511’s account was shut down) moving to have video taken down only helps me, you and others to prove that they are false teachers.

    Of course all of this goes over the heads of people who are not firmly rooted in scripture and those are people who make up her cheering section anyway. So they feel and the pimp feels some form of victory was won in having a video removed, while it actually shows how far from the truth they are.

    If someone copies a post I made of a religious nature, I’m not complaining. All who have done that note where they got the material from and I’ve got nothing but love for them in helping to spread the truth.

    When I post material from these pimps, I make it clear who the pimp is and if possible where the pimp made the statements. If they felt their words were truth, they’d send me DVDs full of their material to post more of it 😀 .

  2. IndependentConservative: OK, since having advertising does not influence the “fair use” thing, I removed that part from the post. Also, not speaking against your having ads … it is just a personal decision that I made. I actually did strongly consider taking ads at one point so that I could use the money generated towards another effort of mine, but I decided against it because I did not know if I could control the advertisers or their message (no oneness pentecostals advertising on this weblog)!

    As far as the bandwidth thing goes, gives you 600 G per month for about $12 a month (if you do it monthly), $8 a month if you do it yearly. They also apparently allow you to double or triple your limit without any charge. I haven’t come anywhere near 600G in a month, though I have to be honest I have only recently started using it for audio clips (motivated to do so by the Ephesians511 thing), haven’t tried any video clips yet (mostly because I do not own any as of yet). But since you are hosting your own site, you almost certainly have charges and bandwidth associated with that anyway.

  3. Anyone making clips needs to learn the ins and outs of Fair Use laws. See this post. This is why Hot Air was able to fight and win getting a clip put back on YouTube. And they make so much from advertising that they’ve got people on salary. It’s more than just “educational” purposes, even news and commentary are OK under Fair Use. My stuff covers all that. And there are others noted in the link.

    Hot Air was able to get the EFF to work on their behalf. I was a paying member of the EFF for YEARS once upon a time. I contacted them back when Benny Hinn had well over 70 videos removed from various YouTube accounts, not even a response! I contacted them twice about that.

    I think there are factors we know about that keep them from wanting to be involved in our efforts. Makes me all the happier I stopped being a paying member some years back.

    I was just seeing if they might teach the pimps a thing or 2 about copyright law, but no matter, even with the vids down it shows the pimps desire to hide the truth.

    If I had any clue the Lord would lead me in this direction when I started my blog, I probably would have adjusted some of my other business matters to run the blog with zero ads. I never knew I would blog so much on the faith.

    You have FULL CONTROL over the ads and can reject any. Especially with a service like BlogAds, only ads specifically sent for your site show and no new ad shows unless you explicitly approve it. (I had to think for a bit even before taking the Fred Thompson ad. Almost gave it a thumbs down and I’ve rejected advertisers in the past. But Fred to me is like the “I don’t really like him, but I don’t dislike him as much as Rudy and Mitt” candidate 😀 . I’ve decided I’ll take ads from guys like Ron Paul, Fred, Tancredo, Hunter, guys like that even if not in a major party. Not from Rudy, Mitt, or the Democrats. I’ve had debates with some other Christian bloggers behind the scenes about them running ads I’d never accept and outright rejected when proposed for my blog.) For now the blogs ads don’t really pay the full bill to keep it up, probably in part because of what I’ve rejected, plus my blog covers non-church matters too. So I’m keeping the ads for now, but don’t think it has not crossed my mind to just dump them altogether. I know some people probably think I adore Fred and I don’t, he’s just not as bad as guys like Mitt and Rudy but I still can’t say I’d vote for him. You know I’ve blogged about who I like. I’m waiting for more of this game to play out.

    I’ve got a post coming about web hosts, but can’t make that yet. You’ll understand why once that post comes in the future.

    Me, I just never, ever no matter what site I’ve ever run ever felt comfortable asking for a dime, even when the hosting bills were super tight. And now that I discuss matters of faith, I don’t want anybody feeling they need to give me money. So I run the ads and try to keep them clean. The Fred-girl made me think for a minute… Slogans on certain areas are a bit of a turn-off to me, but since it’s not low-cut and not a faith statement “poking out” I figured it’s right on my borderline for acceptance as an ad.

  4. Teresa Jones said

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    Thank you.

  5. Teresa Jones said

    Please email me more information about Bishop Noel Jones.
    Thank you.

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