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Paula And Randy White’s Apostastic Statement On Their Divorce

Posted by Job on August 26, 2007

Update: see Paula White Claims That Jesus Christ Died In Vain!

From news article: Megachurch founding pastors to seek divorce. This will take the form of a “running commentary” type of deal. I am not glorifying in misfortune or mocking them; this is for the sole purpose of letting people know that they shouldn’t have been following Whites or preachers like them in the first place, and if they are they should stop. People, having a “happy successful marriage” according to the selfish carnal worldly desires of your own flesh is part and parcel of the prosperity doctrine, and in one week two of the most prominent teachers of it: Paula and Randy White and Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks III, have been shown not to be practicing what they preach. And no wonder. The prosperity doctrine is based on promises made to the nation of Israel under the old covenant, not to individuals in the church under the new covenant. In order to have a lasting Christian marriage, you have to learn about the new covenant and live under its terms: you, your spouse, and any children that God sees fit to bless you with. If you aren’t willing to do that, then just take Paul’s advice and don’t get married! Realize that under the old covenant, a major purpose of marriage was to propagate the Jewish race, religion, and nation so that God the Father could use it to bring Jesus Christ into the world. That does not apply to us! Under the new covenant, marriage is to be within the Body of Christ, and therefore being married to your spouse is a “type”, a representation, of being married to God Himself. That is why the New Testament says that a man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church, and that a woman is to submit to her husband. That is why where the old covenant’s reasons for divorce and remarriage were quite liberal, the new covenant only allows one party divorce if the other party defiles the covenant – which is the same as defiling the Body of Christ – with sexual immorality, and remarriage is only allowed if the other party abandons you for another – again tantamount to their leaving the Body of Christ for another religion.

The new covenant is all about following the example of Christ, and the example of Christ is that of service, submission, and self – sacrifice. Just as Christ submitted Himself to the Father, served man, and sacrificed Himself to cover our sins, Christian husbands and wives are to do the same: submit to God and each other, serve God and each other, and sacrifice their own wants, needs, and desires for the marriage, with the goal being not to honor yourself or your spouse, but God. You are supposed to have faith that if you do these things, GOD will bless your marriage by giving you AND your partner peace, charity, and joy in it through the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This whole introducing the prosperity doctrine into marriage – emblemized by the fur coats that Randy was buying Paula and the huge diamond ring that Thomas Weeks III bought Juanita Bynum. It takes the focus off God and puts it onto the individual, turning marriage from an institution where the participants seek to please God in spirit to one where the participants try to use religion to please their flesh. But let me warn you: the couple that calls itself Christian while trying to primarily please themselves or each other instead of serving God will only wind up perverting everything about the marriage, even the good things that God gave them that were to be holy and righteous. That is what I was saying in my response to Pastor Anavah (who now has her own weblog, click here to visit it) in Is Bishop Thomas Weeks III A Wife Beater? We Know He’s A Heretic!. So now, the article on the Whites:

TAMPA — Megachurch pastors Randy and Paula White stood before their congregation Thursday night and made the announcement that many in their flock feared had been coming for months. They are divorcing. (So if “the flock” knew that their marriage was going to break up, thereby exposing their entire ministry as a lie, why were they still attending the church? Remember: it was the second marriage for both. Please remember what Paul wrote in Timothy about the qualifications for a pastor or church officer: a man that does not have control over his own house – which, as I said earlier, will happen because the man is not living in submission to Jesus Christ – should not serve in that position. I suppose that one could be liberal with this and make allowances for his first divorce. But after his second marriage begun to collapse, it should have been obvious to these people that this was not a man following God and that it was time to follow a new church. It is appalling how Christians are now following preachers that swap wives like Hollywood celebrities.)

“It is the most difficult decision that I have had to make in my entire life,” said the Rev. Randy White, 49. (So your first divorce was easier? If so, why?) “I take full responsibility for a failed marriage -100 percent. I don’t blame Paula, and I don’t blame other parties. But as the man of the house, I take full responsibility for that.” (According to the Bible, this can only be so if Randy White was committing adultery or some other form of sexual immorality. If that was not the case, then he is lying. Either she is 100% at fault for abandoning him, or they are equally at fault for mutually consenting to the sin of divorce. Even if in private one party initiated the divorce and the other party opposes it but has no choice – and there is evidence that such is indeed the case – then the fault is still mutual for putting on this show for public appearances. If one party is trying to live according to the Bible here, that party is obligated to GOD to let his or her attempts to remain faithful to scripture known, not to the reputation of the one that is sinning by leaving. God calls on us to forgive sinners, not to make a mockery of His scriptures in order to save their reputations – and their financially lucrative ministries.)

He praised his wife, calling her an exceptional woman and a great preacher and wife. (Anyone who has been to her website, her page, or has seen her play the sexual exploitation game with Tyra Banks would disagree.)

Standing by his side and appearing to fight back tears, the Rev. Paula White called the decision to divorce “one of the most painful of our lives.” (As I have frequently stated in my criticisms of women who defy scripture by taking the roles of pastor or others in authority in the church, they have the ability to use emotional manipulation to avert personal responsibility for their actions, something that would never be tolerated in a man, and therefore making it virtually impossible for the Body of Christ to hold its officers accountable for scripture. Which is, of course, a main reason why male pastors like Randy White find it so convenient to have his wife be the co – pastor: he can just have her come out and cry to cover up not only her misdeeds but also to run interference for his. Please note how the controversies regarding both the Whites and the Bynum-Weeks are already being viewed by many as personal marital disputes and not spiritual ones involving people with positions of authority, influence, and responsibility that require accountability to scripture. A secular corporation would never allow the chief financial officer to bring out and allow his wife to cry and carry on to cover him for embezzling or fraud, why the church has lower standards than secular corporations is something that we will be judged for.)

“But God always comes to you in the dark places of life,” White said, standing beside her husband in the pulpit. (Anyone ever hear of going to a righteous holy God that hates sin with sorrow and repentance so that He will graciously allow you to return to fellowship with Him, and to pledge to keep His commandments? I suppose that it is not a part of their teaching.)

White, 41, also offered a note of optimism.

“It’s not the end of the story for Randy or Paula or maybe even Randy and Paula,” she said. (Today? No. But the day of the Lord is coming, and THAT DAY will be your end unless you repent.)

The couple, who have both been married and divorced before, did not say what caused their breakup. They also did not detail if they had filed for divorce. They have grown children from previous relationships but none together.

Word about trouble in the couple’s marriage has circulated for months. The Whites’ disparate ministry paths have fueled much of the concern. Randy White, a bishop (ordained as one by whom?) at Without Walls International Church, has been spending time in Malibu, Calif., in hopes of establishing a ministry on the West Coast. Paula White, the church’s senior pastor (so much for being in subjection to your husband as scripture requires) and a sought-after televangelist, keeps an apartment in New York City, where she recently opened a new ministry and self-help center in July. (Make no mistake: they have been planning this for awhile. Just as companies plan mergers, the Whites have been planning their split in a way where they will remain rich and their “ministries” financially lucrative.)

The couple, arguably the most prominent evangelical partners in the state, said they made their announcement at Thursday night’s service to tell their church “family” before word of their separation appears in the local and national media.

The Whites’ split calls into question the future of the 22,000 member megachurch, which the couple founded as South Tampa Christian Center in 1991. During their announcement, which came just before the sermon, the Whites sought to put those concerns to rest.

Randy White said he would continue to lead Without Walls and would focus on being a “great pastor” and a “great dad.” (Don’t worry, you will always have a place where you can follow a false preacher apostate’s man – pleasing false gospel. No need to worry about finding a real church with a pastor that is at least TRYING to obey scripture.)

Paula White said she would also continue to preach at Without Walls when invited by her husband. (Yep. If she will preach for oneness pentecostal cult heretics like Jakes and Noel Jones, she will preach for her ex – husband. The money is good either way, and you KNOW it will make for a great TBN Praise The Lord special about how in Christ we can set aside everything, including what the Bible tells us to do, and come together in unity.) She also said Paula White Ministries would continue to be based in Tampa.

Several hundred Without Walls members were in the audience for the announcement (out of 20000+?) . As the Whites spoke, some people in the crowd cried (not for the reason that Jeremiah did in Lamentations, of course). Others appeared stunned, noticeable by the audible gasps in the cavernous sanctuary.

Warming herself outside the church, one woman said “God knows best,” before being told by another member to avoid talking to the media. At least one Without Walls member said the church was hurting and lashed out at a reporter for being on site to witness the announcement. (That is a way to win hearts for the gospel: abusing reporters and conspiring to silence. And it isn’t about what God wants, but how we feel, right?)

The church broadcasts its services via the Internet at Streaming Faith (the same people that dumped Reuben Armstrong for telling the truth about false preachers like Paula White Streaming Faith Dumps Reuben Armstrong! and is not run by Christians and is trying to use the technology developed by Christians to spread the gospel to get into the Internet pornography business More Trouble For Streaming Faith! Make no mistake, it is all about the money, people!) . But last night’s announcement was not aired. The video of the broadcast was interrupted without explanation and resumed after the announcement. Inside the church, the preacher for the evening, the Rev. Tim Storey, sought to offer direction to a stunned congregation.

“How many of you feel sorrow tonight,” Storey asked the crowd. Hands shot up around the sanctuary. “We should. But God is still good.” (How many of you are willing to repent of your sins and follow the true gospel, living your life as governed by the Bible? If you do, please The Three Step Salvation Plan!)


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  2. Sherry said

    What is goig on? These people need to stop. God is looking for real people, real preachers, real saints that are going to live what they say and preach. I hope and pray that both couples (White & Weeks) realize that God isn’t getting any glory from this, and that they should ask God to forgive then for deceiving the people of God, but then again, if we are save, and living according to the word of God, we should know when someone is fake or real.

  3. Sherry C. said

    God allows such charlatans for the testing of our faith.It is His way of seperating true believers from the false.It is His judgement on the false professors.Let them be,let the blind lead the blind.We must warn the true believers and pray that they will come out from among them!

  4. Messenger Beloved said


    Freedom has come again for the Body of Christ and the Body of Christ is angry and the freedom that has come.

    Why? I liken it to a hand that has been twisted and crippled for years on end, and a physician is called in to straighten it out, to bring it freedom from its deformation. The pain, the therapy, the manipulation, the cutting, and the repairing are so crucial that one would rather leave it in the sin-sick condition it is in. Even so, when a person in spirit and mind desire to change, they fight the will to change because change is forceful and it hurts. They would rather stay crippled because they FEEL safe; and equally they abhor the safety that they feel because they no longer want to be crippled. Selah!

    The time it took for the hand to befall deformation did not take long, and most likely the warp went unnoticed until one day the hand was needed to complete a task it was created to perform. And likewise with us in the spirit, it did not take long for us to SLIP into sin time and time again, and the next thing you know you are in synchronization with sin and can’t carry out the task of the kingdom in full effect, and with the purpose of God.

    Therefore we tell a joke here and there in the sermon, give a tickling ear and flesh stimulating message, and accept the psychosis of the world as truth, and then incorporated it with the scriptures for gain. When in fact it can’t be truth because God is truth; and I am fully persuaded that God is not mentally or spiritually ill.

    These people have learned to be in harmony with this deformity at their own will and power. I can imagine the Spirit of God giving them opportunity beyond thought to SET IT RIGHT…MAKE IT RIGHT…REPENT AND TURN. However, to do what they do and be outwardly successful appears to be more important than to do what they do and be truly walking with Christ.

    To each his own, but be assured that the blood of the innocent will be accountable to those who lead them and slaughtered them. And those of us who are strong in the Lord, be that we pray, pray for the innocent that tens of thousands of angels guard their hearts and their minds with peace.


  5. This article is right on. Thanks for telling it like it really is. The Whites and Juanita and Thomas Weeks ought to know better. We now know that those were only words coming out of their mouths, they were not walking their talk. And God has a way of showing you who God is!!! Praise Him. The very things that were coming out of each of these couples mouths were the very thing that God “exposed”. See, you will be exposed, what’s done in darkness will come out in the light. No doubt God gave them each a change to repent and straighten up, He a good God, but we see they didn’t so now the whole world knows how phony they all are. You ought to be ashamed.

  6. walter said

    Paula married her husband Randy, and they lead Without Walls in Tampa, Florida.
    “There’s so many things that God has given me,” he says. “I have a wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful friends, a great church. My life is so satisfied and fulfilled in so many other areas that I focus on what God has given me and what I do have instead of what I don’t have.”

    Paula White is a hypocrite! Yes Paula should stop being a hypocrite and resign and get out of the ministry because she doesn’t practice what she preaches and is salt that lost its flavor and is not good but to be thrown on the dung hill!

    So why should we be surprised if this previously divorced person will now divorce her pastoral husband? We should not! Even though God hates divorce or separation because it destroys people and their lives. Amongst Christians 90% of all divorces are needlessly caused by a sinfully proud wife who causes grief for her husband, and he gets mad.

    A wife who refuses to be submissive causes the marriage to become a two-headed monster. Someone’s got to be in charge, or there will be continual conflict. Ideally, a husband and wife should work together on everything; however, in those situations where there is a conflict, the wife is commanded by God to submit to her husband. In fact, Ephesians 5:22 commands a wife to obey her husband as unto Jesus Christ, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” How many wives today obey this Biblical command? It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to find such a woman today in America. No wonder Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7:28, ” Which my soul still seeks but I cannot find: One man among a thousand I have found, But a woman among all these I have not found.” Solomon couldn’t find one woman, out of all his wives and the women he had known, whom he could trust with all his heart. David J. Stewart

    Megachurch founding pastors to seek divorce
    The power couple behind Tampa’s Without Walls do not say what is behind their breakup.


  7. Monday said

    Randy White Makes Emotional Return To Without Walls Pulpit
    By JEFF SCULLIN The Tampa Tribune

    Published: Aug 27, 2007

    TAMPA – Days after its founders announced they plan to divorce, Without Walls International Church got back to business Sunday.

    The 9 a.m. service drew about 1,000 people – a typical crowd for the early service during summer months. After a typically high-energy service, few members wanted to talk about the impending split between Randy and Paula White, though.

    One woman who did speak after the service, Katrina Singleton, 35, of Brandon, said the couple’s separation might affect the church. Some members tend to follow Randy, while others follow Paula, she said.

    “I was really surprised,” Singleton said.

    After a rare joint appearance Thursday night, when the co-founders delivered the news to a stunned congregation, Randy White returned to the pulpit alone, as expected. White told the Tribune last week that his wife had returned to New York Friday morning, after they made their announcement.

    That wasn’t unusual. In the past year, as her own ministry has evolved, Paula White’s appearances at the North Grady Avenue church have become sporadic.

    No mention was made of Thursday’s announcement at the 9 a.m. service, where White preached for a few minutes before turning over the pulpit to Ralph Messer, a Messianic rabbi from Denver who teaches about the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.

    Messer preached about the Torah and Jewish entrepreneurship and spoke again at the 11 a.m. service, where he led the congregation in a prayer that ended emotionally for White.

    “I declare today that my bishop has entered into a new season, a new season, a new season,” Messer intoned, prompting White’s followers. “Now, give him glory. Praise God.”

    As emotions in the sanctuary reached a high point, Messer hugged White, telling him, “I love you. I love you so much.” White, a prayer shawl draped over his shoulders, stood clutching a Torah scroll, head bowed, with a pained expression on his face.

    Then White made his way to the podium, as his congregation cheered, buried his face in a black cloth and appeared to sob. Shortly after receiving a supportive hug from Messer, White appeared to crumble completely. His shoulders sagged, and he laid his head on his arm at the podium and gave way to even deeper sobbing. Eventually, Messer and a host of black-suited ministers gathered, laid their hands on White and formed a tight prayer circle around him.

    On the video monitor behind White, the words “international church” appeared to hover over White’s prostrate body, as though he were carrying them on his back.

    Intended or not, the symbolism may prove prophetic.

    In his interview with the Tribune last week, White said he plans to resume his role as the church’s senior pastor and that he has put on hold plans to start another church in Malibu, Calif.

    The Whites founded Without Walls in 1991 as the South Tampa Christian Center. Since then, the church has become one of the nation’s biggest and fastest-growing churches, boasting 23,000 members and nearly $40 million in revenues last year.

    The Whites, who’ve been married nearly 18 years, said last week that the split is amicable and comes after visits to counselors over several years.

    They blame two lives going in different directions.

    Now, they will have to find a way to separate their interests without damaging the church they built.

    Those logging on to Without Walls’ Web site Sunday to watch services saw no signs of a separation. The site continues to display a picture of the Whites together and to promote Paula White Ministries, which contributes between $50,000 and $80,000 a week to the church, Randy White said last week.

    White said his wife would come back as a guest speaker and continue supporting the church for a while.

    She will have bases in New York, and San Antonio, Texas, where she has homes, and in California. White said he would remain in the couple’s Bayshore Boulevard home.

    The couple, who are using the same law firm for their divorce, plan to file as soon as they can work out the details of dividing their assets, Randy White said. That could happen as early as this week, he said.

  8. Sheila said

    God said “If MY people.” God is yanking the covers off these false prophets, pastors and teachers who teaching these “doctrines of DEVILS” — perverting the true of God into a bald faced lie. He is pulling ALL the cover off and there will be a domino effect. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, Saith the Lord God.

    He is tired of the people being deceived by deceivers. Wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

    I am on the Lord’s side and if it don’t line up with the True of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, whatever it is and whoever it is, it is ANTICHRIST.

    “Study to show YOURSELF approved!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you for speaking the true in this article. The prophets of old spoke the truth and were stoned, killed, etc. God told one that His people would not receive the His Word at the mouth of His prophet — that they were rebellious and hardhearted. That they would not receive His (God) and that they would not receive them (the prophets). Nevertheless, God told his prophet to go — cry aloud and spare not.

    Amen and amen

  9. Friend said

    If these people are false prophets, then what are you. Where are you showing love and forgiveness. You just constantly attack, but not once did you say let us pray for them. Where are you exalting and showing your God of love…How about this, I am praying for you….If God changed a persecuting Saul to a loving and preaching Paul, then surely he can change them. Just because they showed that they are not perfect do not mean they are false. None of us are perfect, including you. If someone was to disect your life, I am sure they will find something that is contrary to the word of God. Mistakes or failures do not discount the good work one has done nor does it make them false. I give my Lord thanks everyday for grace and when man discount me grace counts me…

  10. pasu said

    americans have their own bible and christianity. thier brand is what i call the as seen on tv christianity and some lovely person/s coined the phrase CINO ( christians in name only ).
    Gods church is bigger than these people. the name of Christ, His church and His people will prevail. we have seen worse days dear brothers and sisters. lets not give up. lets hold on tight to the mighty Spirit of God. we cant live the Christian life without God

  11. James said

    Dear Friend,

    These individuals are leaders…they are to be held to a hire standard. The fact that they will not step down from the pulpit….says a lot. Paul told us what our spiritual leaders should be like. That means if you are divorced twice…beat your wife then you need to step down from the pulpit.

    That’s right..give up the power, the money the fame and just sit in the church and let someone else take over. When (name escapes me) another pastor who was a big televangilist was outed for his sexual immorality he stepped down. I can’t fault him for that…I believe he will be better for it. Yes…he preached against homosexuality and was found to be a hypocrit he did the only thing a leader of a church could do: make a statement…step down. Not…preach the next sunday and have the audacity to stand in the pulpit. Are you kidding me? Wow…

    • Sharon said

      I understand that these people are leaders, but who is it to judge them. It is God’s job to do the judging not any of us. Is there no one else who messes up in things? If someone does something that noone else agrees about then they are automatically judged. Do you think that we all know what is happening in the deacons of our churches or the pastors of our churches? They came public to their congregation. It is not our place to tell them that they should not be in the church preaching, it is up to God to remove them. If they are supposed to be removed, then God will do it in His timing. Love people, let God’s presence envelope you and just trust in Him.

  12. denise said

    James, I agree, the man should have called on one of his elders to bring the word.
    He has got to be kidding.

  13. Messenger Beloved said

    Dear Friend,

    Showing love means chastising with the Word and rebuking with the Word…i.e., I love my children, but now that they are of age and they willingly and continuously wasted their on the floor and not in the toilet, they are chastied in the open, in the place where they willingly and defyingly wasted their stink, and not chastised in the bathroom…they are corrected in love and with the authority that God gave me as a parent…likewise these leaders are of age to not bring their waste to the open, imparting their waste to the people of God and when there is no control of their diarhea and they have no private place to flush don’t expect to not be chastised by equitable leaders in the body of Christ…COVER THEM…yes cover them with a good old fashioned spanking in the spirit, and in the soul THEN applying the healing balm of love and compassion and correction…that is definitely in order…it doesn’t weigh on WHO started it…the fact is that they all were walking in it and they all need to be corrected applicable to the scriptures guidance…this is so that the wounds that some bare can not only see the wrath of God, but also the Love of God…

  14. Prayer Warrior said

    Wow!!! My God Who is Man to Speak Out Of Order against any Anointed women or Mman of God whom He has called to serve whether it be a Pastor, Teacher,Prophet, any Ministr in the Kingdom Of God and Judge them for whatever may have failed in there Ministry or Marriage. God is a God Of Justice and only He brings Justice and clarity for things that come into People Lives and for Man to speak or Rise against any Anointed Person is speaken out of Order. Mercy, where is the Mercy For God’s People have we not been Called to Intercede and War on Behalf of ManKind did we not forget that we are not Perfect and Fall Short!! SO I say to all Have Mercy on the Situations that have risen in the Lives of the Paula White & Juanita Bynum and Lets join in intercession and War on their Behalf and their Families being affected and the ministries they are part of as well. Keep in Mind They are ordinary people like everyone we Must Love Them and Pray for them not Speak Against them. May God Bless you all and May Gods Peace Fall upon All.

  15. I think no one is taking into consideration that possibly, just possibly, there is another reason this divorce is taking place that Paula is sparing from making public. She said infidelity is not the reason; could it be possible that he, just like Bishop Weeks, put his hands on her? So, let me get this straight the ONLY way divorce is permissible is through infidelity? Which means–and please enlighten me so I’ll know going forward–that if a man/husband beats or hurts his wife, she’s supposed to stick around for me? If that’s the case, I have to rethink things.

  16. P, Manigault said

    I am sorry for the spiritual hit within the last week from the Whites, Weeks and Mother Theresa. I am disturbed at the comments made by many believers, I see little love or mercy being displayed. My heart is made heavy from what I have read. I am a Bible study teacher and yes I believe in prosperity! The scripture clearly state that the Lord wants us to be prosperous and that prosperity is not exclusive of money but inclusive of money, health, a sound mind, peace etc. I do not teach a poor gospel, the Scriptures are clear that we will have trials, tribulations, consequences for sin etc. However the Bible also teaches forgiveness. I am not going to say we should not judge because the Scriptures clearly tell us to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. If you look up the Hebrew meaning of the word judge you will find it has several definitions including to “condemn”,it is clear that we are not to judge from that standpoint. None of us have a heaven or hell to condemn anyone to. However when I judge the fruit I am seeing I can’t help but to wonder where is the God of the Bible in these circumstances. I don’t own a jet, or 2M home and I don’t see anything wrong with a teacher, preacher of the gospel owning these things. The problem occurs when the things own them. If greed, jealousy, comparisons and lust are the cause of these sins, then I will step out and “judge” and the fruit I see is the fruit of the flesh! And without true repentance will lead to hell for ALL of us.Please pray for marriages and holiness whether you like the persons or not!

  17. Lisa said

    You people are really going astray. I can’t believe what I’m reading.

    God says we must love one another. All you people are doing is hating them and you forgive them for it; not write gossip about them. Plus we all make mistakes; we all have skeletons in our closet. Gosh i can’t believe that fellow Christians would do this to each other. It’s disgusting.

    Suppose if someone who was not a Christian read all of the backbiting that is going an on this website what would they say of us as a Christian body. All you are doing is pulling them down.

    If they weren’t famous, I’m sure no one would care whether they divorced or killed each other. No matter what a person has done we should forgive. No one is perfect. Not one of us.

    But the worst thing of this whole thing is that you act as if getting a divorce is worse than lying or stealng or gossiping about other christian bretheren. Sin is sin. There is no big sin or little sin. So stop writing nonsense about others. The aim of the church is to bring people to Christ.

    Don’t think that the Whites or the Weeks are false prophets. “Judge not that ye be not judged.” Unless you get some inspiring divine vision from God well I can’t listen to you.

    God bless you!

  18. denise said

    Prosperity was not the message that Jesus or the disciples preached. They didnt go around making up gimmicks to get people to give to their cause. These people are bledding the sheep dry.

    It’s not that we dont love those folks its just that we know they are full of it. Juanita said that it was time for her to go into acting, talk shows etc, how in Gods name are you gonna leave your calling to go Hollywood? Thats foolish! People need to wake up and smell the coffee!
    Jesus is soon to come and we don’t need to be distracted by the enemy. So you see we do care.

  19. D said


  20. merle said

    GOD will have to show his LOVE in these sieuations, because alot of marriages will be saved because of these issues involving thes people of GOD ,I believe this is no accident,a new W.O.R.D.will be ministerde from the ALTER, of most churches because of this too much accent is placed on money.GOD is doing a good thing for all . So lets all interced on behalf of these victims and in so doing save our own marriages. GOD’S BLESSINGS to both those couple, & all other couples who are having same experience.WE WILL BID THE ENEMY A LIER

  21. FELISA said


  22. Evg. Dorsey said

    When need to PRAY, PRAY AND THEN PRAY SOME MORE…There needs to be genuine intercessors praying for the men and women of God instead of laying blame.

    Muslims don’t go blaming one another when one fall’s, Hindus don’t either, but Christians we are so hard on one another we need to examine our own hearts!

  23. Yvonne Atkinson said

    My thoughts on this whole ordeal is as children of the most high God we must establish our own relationship with him (God). Therefore when things like this take place we will not be shaken because we have not placed our faith in Man but in the one true living God. My Pastor coined it perfect “Follow me, as I follow Christ”, It is easy to do this because you have taken the time to learned and are studying the word for yourself.
    God bless all of you.

  24. I suspected that Paula was in it for the money, because the last several times that I have seen her on TBN, she was preaching and every other breath, she would say,”pick up the phone and send your money now to get your blessing from God”

  25. Bonita Williams said

    After viewing your website, I felt as tho I could have pretty much said the same things. I believe that in the beginning they possibly were focused on being a blessing, perhaps with a servant mentality. As i began to assess the chronology of what became gospel entertainers, i see an excessive entanglement in the world system,being choked out by the cares of the world. The cares of the world increasing and the Word decreasing. i often wonder at the pervasive nature of worldly riches, if i was in the same position would i too indulge as they have. it is very easy to sit back and watch the dramas unfold and evaluate whats going on, but its another thing to play an active role.

  26. Anonymous said

    All you people who choose to believe that Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, etc. and all those other who teach the oneness doctrines are true prophets read these excerpts FROM THE KING JAMES VERSION OF THE BIBLE.

    If you disagree with this you are so deceived that you can’t see the truth, even when it is staring you in the face.

    This contains a lot of scripture…however it is necessary to use the whole passage so it can be translated IN CONTEXT. May false prophets and teachers take a scripture out of contect and TWIST IT TO MAKE IT MEAN WHATEVER THEY WANT!

    Deu 13:1 If there arise among you a PROPHET, or a DREAMER of DREAMS, and giveth thee a SIGN or a WONDER,
    Deu 13:2 And the sign or the wonder COME TO PASS, whereof he spoke unto thee, saying, Let us go AFTER OTHER GODS, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them;
    Deu 13:3 Thou SHALT NOT HEARKEN unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.
    Deu 13:4 Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him.

    I deleted the part where it said kill them, because under the new covenant the death penalty only belongs to the government.

    Please, read the bible for yourself. If Paula White, Randy White, Bishop Jakes, Pope John Paul, Billy Graham, D. James Kennedy, Or even the Dalai Llama were to demonstrate a true miracle, but then afterwards tell you to follow a different God from the one the bible declares DON’T FOLLOW OR BELIEVE THEM!

    I I were to tell you that Shaquille O’neal was 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighed 130lbs, and played center for the Los Angeles Clippers you would know this was false. You would know immediately that this had to be either a bold faced lie, or a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Shaquille O’neal

    However if I tell you that Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit are all the same person, just different manifestations of the same God you believe me? THIS IS NOT THE GOD OF THE BIBLE PEOPLE!

    Jesus prayed to the FATHER. Jesus said he only did what he saw the FATHER doing. Jesus said if he did not leave the comforter or HOLY SPIRIT would not come.

    In the epistles Paul writes…

    1Co 1:1 Paul called to be an apostle of JESUS CHRIST through the will of GOD, and Sosthenes our brother,
    1Co 1:2 Unto the church of GOD which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in CHRIST JESUS, called to be saints, with all that in every place call upon the name of JESUS CHRIST our Lord, both theirs and ours:
    1Co 1:3 Grace be unto you, and peace, from GOD our FATHER, and from the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    1Co 1:4 I thank my GOD always on your behalf, for the grace of GOD which is given you by JESUS CHRIST;

    The apostle Pauls declares in the first four verses of the book of I Corinthinals that JESUS and GOD THE FATHER are TWO DIFFERENT PERSONS! And he says it not once but SEVERAL TIMES. It is if he knew this heresy would come.

    So if someone tells you that JESUS, and GOD THE FATHER, are two different persons they are LYING or DECEIVED themselves.

    If you believe God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is the same God manifesting himself in different ways IT IS A DIFFERENT GOD! And you DO NOT REALLY BELIEVE IN THE GOD OF THE BIBLE.

    Some things we just have to believe, and not try to understand. I truly believe this false doctrine of modalism came from a sincere person trying to explain something they did not understand.

    God is God, he does things we cannot understand. Some things we don’t have to understand…only believe.

    Remember, the bible says when you marry your wife you both become ONE FLESH. The bible says wea re not two BUT ONE.

    What does that mean? How can two people be ONE FLESH. I don’t really know what that means…BUT IF GOD SAID IT, IT MUST BE TRUE!

    Jesus prayed TO THE FATHER, NOT HIMSELF in John Chapter 17:

    Joh 17:1 These words spake JESUS, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, FATHER, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:
    Joh 17:2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.
    Joh 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know THEE the ONLY TRUE GOD, and JESUS CHRIST, whom THOUS HAST SENT.
    Joh 17:4 I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
    Joh 17:5 And now, O FATHER, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.
    Joh 17:6 I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word.
    Joh 17:7 Now they have known that all things whatsoever thou hast given me are of thee.
    Joh 17:8 For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.
    Joh 17:9 I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.
    Joh 17:10 And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.
    Joh 17:11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. HOLY FATHER, keep through thine own name those whom THOU HAST GIVEN ME, that THEY MAY BE ONE, as WE ARE.
    Joh 17:12 While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the Scripture might be fulfilled.
    Joh 17:13 And now come I to thee; and these things I speak in the world, that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves.
    Joh 17:14 I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
    Joh 17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.
    Joh 17:16 They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
    Joh 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: THY WORD IS TRUTH.
    Joh 17:18 As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.
    Joh 17:19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.
    Joh 17:20 Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;
    Joh 17:21 That they ALL MAY BE ONE; as thou, FATHER, ART IN ME, and I IN THEE, that they ALSO MAY BE ONE in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
    Joh 17:22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that THEY MAY BE ONE, even as WE ARE ONE:
    Joh 17:23 I IN THEM, and THOU IN ME, that THEY MAY BE MADE PERFECT IN ONE; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.

    Remember…the Apostle Paul declares in Roman’s Chapter 12 that the church is ONE BODY!

    God the Father who Jesus called the ONLY TRUE GOD was the “GOD” described in the Old Testament. Why he chose to hide this from us other than a few verses in Genesis I don’t know…but he did.

    God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are one in the same since that the Church is one, and a Husband and Wife are one.

    However, they are the true example of oneness. They don’t argue, fuss or disagree, THEY ARE ONE. Just like Isaac was going to let Abraham sacrifice him, Jesus laid down his life for us because it was the Father’s Plan, he agreed to it when it was made, and he did it EVEN THOUGH HE WAS AFRAID AND WISHED THEIR WAS SOME ONLY WAY (Luke 22:42,43,& 44)

    You can argue with me, but you can’t argue with scripture. Read the scriptures I have mentioned for yourselves. Please, pray to God for understanding. DON’T LET SOME MAN TELL YOU WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS! READ IT FOR YOURSELF!

    If Jesus prays to himself and get’s answers HE IS A CRAZY SCHIZOPHRENIC!

    Also, If Paula White or Randy White believe in a God who allows you to get a divorce for “irreconcilable differences” THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE GOD OF THE BIBLE!

    I to was once deceived by Jakes, White, Bynum etc. I really believed in them. When I saw errors I used to make excuses for them, or I chose to believe that their “revelation” was merely clarifying what the scripture was trying to day.

    Study it out, Jesus and the Apostles said their would be false prophets.

    1Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Rom 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses CONTRARY TO THE DOCTRINE which ye have learned; and avoid them.
    Rom 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

    2Pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
    2Pe 2:2 And MANY SHALL FOLLOW their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the WAY OF TRUTH SHALL BE EVIL SPOKEN OF.

    1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times SOME SHALL DEPART FROM THE FAITH, giving heed to SEDUCING SPIRITYS, and DOCTRINES OF DEVILS;
    1Ti 4:2 Speaking LIES IN HYPOCRISY; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
    1Ti 4:3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.


  27. Maureen said

    This is just sad…. I agree with James as far as weeks “stepping away from the pulpit”. He does need to be amoungst those sitting in the congregation for a while.

    I feel for Juanita, to wait soo long after previous bad relationships, to believe your ready and that the man “GOD has for you” has now come forward for you to marry (or re-marry) then marry him, only to have him end up hitting/stomping on you!

    I don’t care who hit first, a REAL MAN doesn’t hit a woman, Weeks needs to work on being a real man, they both (Juanita/Weeks) need to heal and be made whole.

    I recently heard about Paula and Randy, I don’t know what caused their divorce -but its sad to see soo many Christian Marriages in such bad shape and ending in divorce. This is a very bad example for single and married Christians.

  28. olga walker said

    Paula. We really need to know what went wrong.Nothing is bigger than God – you know the word I cannot see what could seperate you and Randy.

  29. olga walker said

    Paula Paula Paula, I believed in your ministry and you failed me.God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can imagine – you know all this. what in the world went wrong.

  30. Olga Walker: The ministry of Paula White, the prosperity doctrine, was abiblical from the beginning. The prosperity doctrine violates II Timothy 6. Please read that chapter. Even had Paula and Randy White lived an exemplary life with great piety, morality, and works, they would have still been false teachers and heretics on account of their doctrine. Please remember that. Put your faith in God, study His Word for yourself, obey and trust it, and be counted righteousness on the day of judgment. Do not be a partaker in the plagues and punishments that will befall these heretics. There are too many true ministers and seekers of the gospel out there today for you to throw away your eternity messing around with some heretic. Thank you.

  31. Carolyn Garrett said

    I choose to trust God and His Word.
    I am not surprised at what is happenening with the so-called “mega pastors” and prophets. The Word of God tells us all we need to know about them and the many that will follow them. However, I am praying for all those that have and will be exposed. We don’t know where things will fall, but I know God is shaking things up, because “those He love He chastises. I want the truth and nothing but the truth and I ask the spirit of God to open up my understanding and to give me wisdom and discernment to determine the truth. It is our responsibility as an individual christian to read God’s word and (study it) and to ask God for understanding.The spirit of God is a teacher as well; however most of all He is a gentlemen, so He will not impose anything on us. I ask the Lord to help me see through His eyes, he just gave me a glimpse of what He see, and I cried.

  32. SavedbyGrace2me said

    2Peter 2:1-22 (NIV) is all that needs to be said. Also see Matthew 7:22-23 (NIV) This will Christ’s answer to them on judgement day. Because they claim to “called” of God, holds them to a higher standard and because of that higher standard they will have to answer for their deeds and deception.

  33. Arizonan said

    We Christians have read in the Bible how Satan sends demons to try to attack people in high positions, those people who God allowed to be in those positions. We have been instructed to constantly pray for our Christian and political leaders.

    Remember how David knew he himself should not go against Saul, God’s annointed?

    Remember how our beloved and merciful Jesus said, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”?

    They need our prayers, not our condemnation.

  34. Arizonan: My position has always been that based on the doctrines that they preach and the doctrines that they preach, the Whites were never called by God into the ministry. Christians that are aware of their false doctrines and unethical actions have a responsibility to God and the Body of Christ to bear witness of that fact. Saul was anointed by God to be king of Israel. The Whites were never called to preach, especially Paula because you folks know that the Bible forbids women from holding the position of pastor or any other church office that requires them to be in authority over a man in an official capacity. And White was the HEAD PASTOR of that so – called church, not even the co – pastor (not that even the male pastor female copastor thing is Biblical, it just shows how far from the Bible the Whites were). False preachers from the beginning, plain and simple.

  35. Wendell said

    We must pray for thw white’s and Bynum’s and everyone else who is going through. But, I am not surprised by anything these days. It is just the Bible once again showing us whats what. All I know Jesus has spoken in these last days according to His word, The Bible. it is high time for all of us to listen to Him and believe what he has said.

  36. Jan Green said

    This page was discovered via search engine for “Weeks” — must come back to absorb more of this site. Thank you Heal-The-Land for creating this site. Praise Jahaveh for this existence and Jashua for His obedience and leaving the Holy Spirit in Charge.

    Keep Your Head to the Sky!

  37. Rich said

    Many of these comments sicken me. You all seem to forget their roots, how they started out. Remember that they went to the homeless, the addicts, the disadvantaged youth in the inner city when they first started out…. Remember that they did live in poverty for a season…. Remember that they did eat “government cheese”…. God has blessed them and prospered them, not man. He saw their hearts to do what many choose not to do to further the kingdom of God. Why don’t you haters get up off your pompous, religious, arrogant butts and do something to forcefully advance the kingdom of God? My wife and I are pastors who go on the streets, into the jails and prisons, to the addicted, to the prostitues, to the children of the incarcerated and show them love. Remember, it is the love of God, the goodness of God that draws men, women and children to repentance. Randy and Paula White know this. Maybe, just maybe, that is why God prospered them. They had humble beginnings and I believe they remember where they came from. Bishop Randy-I love you! Pastor Paula-I love you! I appreciate everything you have taught me and my wife. We see your hearts, and we are praying for your reconciliation. God is able, this we know…
    Two of your affiliate Pastors in Flint, MI

  38. Rich: You have Mormons, Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, Bahai’s, etc. who can legitimately claim to have done just as many good works as Paula and Randy White have, and what is more they can do so without the White’s long history of corrupt business dealings. If you are pushing false doctrines, as the Whites incontrovertibly are, you aren’t doing anyone any good, least of all yourself.

  39. Sharon said

    I have been turned off fully by Paula White program for a year or so now and refused to watch. But my goodness, I do not go “Aha” because of her failed marriage. I don’t believe in what she preaches but I can’t blast her personal life like many did as if they knew all the ins and outs. Casting Crowns song says “It’s a slow fade…” I watch my steps, have no time to watch someone elses who isn’t even reachable for me to help. I am more saddened by the hateful, religious and judgmental and gossipy comments than the news of her possible divorce. Pray. Even for our enemies. That’s what I do. It’s not our business anyway. And we shouldn’t have been so gahgah about another human, that when they fail, as humans inevitably do, we lose faith. Only Christ (the Perfect one) has the answer.

  40. Stacy said

    Everyone will make mistakes in this world. Look at the woman that was caught in an adultery and what did Jesus said “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” Before throwing stones at Randy/Paula or Weeks/Juanita, look at yourself first to see if you have any sins. If you are without sin, would you think that Jesus would died on the cross for you? Of course not, Jesus took our place at the cross because of our sins, which include Randy/Paula, Weeks/Juanita. He died for everyone. God’s grace is sufficient and His mercy endures forever. His grace is not something that we have work hard for. It is something that He chose to do because He first loved us and not us loved him first. As a body of Christ, we are to bear each other burdens. We should pray for one another. Be very careful how you judge the body of Christ. We all will face God on that Judgment Day rather we have done good or bad in this life. Look at the people God had used in the Old and New Testament. Abraham lied about Sarah, but yet God bless and used Abraham to accomplish His will. God made him a father of many nations. David committed adultery and God still used him. Jonah disobeyed God by not warning the people of Nineveh but yet God gave him a second chance while he was in the belly of the fish. Peter denied Jesus three times but yet God used him to get the gospel preached. Look at Paul, he persecuted the church (1 Corinthians 15:9) but yet God had a purpose for him in the New Testament. Jesus ate with many tax collectors and “sinners” (Matthew 9:10). When the Pharisees saw this, they questioned why Jesus would eat with tax collectors and sinners? When Jesus heard this and he responded “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: “I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Jesus did not come to condemn us. He has already paid for our sins through his blood. He is coming back again to take his children home. He did not come to condemn us but to save us. So what makes you think that God cannot use Randy/Paul or Weeks/Juanita, even though they are divorce? God can use anybody he wants and anybody he chooses. What makes you think that God cannot use you? God can bless whomever He wants because He is God. Who understands the mind of God? For sure not you and I. God is only concern about your soul. ‘Cause you know, after we died, He is the one who determines where our soul will be – heaven or hell. You decide which route you want to go: Be judgmental or start praying for these souls. Start praying for the body of Christ and pray that God’s will be done in His people and through His people.

  41. banji said

    Paula you did a good thing bleive you were not compatible or meant for each other
    love banji
    keep well. isaiah 3:10 all shall be well

  42. Mike said

    Rich (comment #37), Jim Jones was one of the first white pastors to allow integrated churches in the San Francisco bay area in 1978. He was charismatic and his church grew. It grew so well that city officials would tap on him during political races because they could count on his inner city clout. Everyone felt his calling except those who knew their bible. After he ordered the mass suicide of 913 men, women and children it is clear that God was not using him. So please spare me that “look what they have done” crap. False prophets are simply that..false prophets

    To Stacy (comment #40)…..your comment “So what makes you think that God cannot use Randy/Paul or Weeks/Juanita, even though they are divorce? God can use anybody he wants and anybody he chooses”. So lets leave a person like Ted Haggard on the pulpit while he admits he is homosexual and often seeks to abuse methamphetamines. Wait, why even stop there? We can have admitted drug dealers, rapists giving the church sermons on Sunday morning after-all God could be anybody. What a joke. It is really hard to believe that you actually exist.

  43. Charles said

    This “couple” hasn’t been a true couple in the longest. Their focus has not been on the Almighty, but on the almighty dollar! Folks, it should be obvious that they are not good examples of christian leadership or values. Don’t be fooled! Your home and marriage are Christanity lesson 101, If two people who are in Christian leadership cannot maintain their marriage as Christians, then they cannot be Christian Spiritual leaders for anyone!

    Marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ and the Church. Should the Church say to her husband, Jesus, “I’m sorry … my ministry takes priority over my relationship with You. I still care deeply about You, but I have other priorities and our relationship just sort of gets in the way.”

    It’s time for sincere, spirit-filled “without wall” church members (the “groupies” will always stick around) to high tail it out of there. There are plenty of good Bible-based churches to find in the greater Tampa area. Idlewild Baptist, Tampa Bay Tabernacle and Grace Family Church are just a few which come to mind.

    Remember that “the church” is not just the leadership. It is also the people and it’s time for the good people of without walls international to find themselves a new home.

    It is my hope that many WWIC members will realized they have been duped by the Whites, but sadly, I don’t anticipate an exodus from that church for several reasons:

    First of all, many are “star struck” by the supposed celebrity status of the Whites and by the “rich and famous” who have been to their church. I personally know a few members of Without Walls who “name drop” on a regular basis.

    Regarding the prosperity gospel preached at WWIC, many look up to the Whites and their cohorts as credible examples to imitate and thus justify their own greedy and selfish ambitions.

    Still others are attending WWIC because they feel too much time and energy has already been invested there and/or don’t want to face the reality that they have been duped. It’s like the individual who pours money into an old, unreliable car and doesn’t want to admit to themselves that they are simply throwing good money into a lost cause.

    Granted, there are many good people attending (or did attend) WWIC who feel betrayed and are disillusioned, but don’t know what to do, or where to go. The Christian community must (must!) support these hurting and misguided souls – Praying that our Heavenly Father will direct them and comfort them as they seek to find new church homes.

    With all the money, possessions and fame the Whites enjoy, I don’t pity (or envy) them. I honestly don’t. I can only hope that they will repent and humbly turn their lives around least on the day of judgment find themselves franticly trying to convince Jesus of their “good” works only to hear the Lord say; I never knew you!”

  44. lackattack said

    Now that there’s not much more to say to trash Randy and Paula, why don’t we turn our attention to King David as a murdering womanizer or to Abraham who lied about Sarah being his wife and allowing Abimelech king of Gerar to have his way with her . . .

    I can’t imagine how God can call David a man after His own heart and Abraham righteous. Hmmm. What in the world will He come up with for Randy and Paula? Forgiven, loved or some other crazy thing!

  45. Lackattack: See, David and Abraham were righteous people who fell and repented. Not only have the Whites yet to repent, but the evidence that they ever were righteous is lacking, starting with the fact that Randy lies about having a ministry degree that he does not have.

  46. Mike said

    Healtheland, I do not think you can successfully argue that the Whites are yet to repent or that they were never righteous. There is some validity to it but it is not a strong argument. The truth is that the old testament is full of contradictions that these false prophets continue to exploit. However if we focus on Jesus Christ and the new covenant that he laid out for us, we see no contradictions. The overemphasis of the old testament is the sole reason we continue to debate things like tithing, prophesy etc etc. All of this is spelled out quite clearly in the new testament. The old testament is a historical account of Creation and God’s relationship with his chosen people, the Israelites. That is it. The new testament is where we should take our guide and live our lives. Personally, I could care less about what Abraham, David or Solomon did. I care only about what Jesus Christ would expect of me.

  47. Mike said

    By the way, lest someone replies saying that I am ignoring the teaching aspects of the old testament. When you follow the life of Jesus Christ, you realize that he in fact raises the standards set in the old testament. When asked about adultery, he said, you have already committed adultery by thinking about it. When the rich man asked what he can do to get into heaven, he said give everything you have (not 10%). When you live a life dictated by Jesus Christ, you realize that David (as we love to use as a standard) may have been a man after God’s heart but so are you.

  48. Darlene said

    Instead of casting judgment on this couple, we as Brothers and Sisters in the Lord need to pray to our Precious and Merciful Lord that he brings both of them to the place that he wants them to be.

    We need to pray without seizing when a brother and sister are hurting, not gossip as if their weren’t any stones in the writers closet.

  49. Harvey said

    Leave God’s people alone, He alone is the judge.

  50. jerry kirksey said

    sorry guys, but the whole “casting stones” line and “God is the judge” or how about “God can use anybody” are reserved for sinners- not international televangelists.

  51. Karley said

    It is funny how someone can write this article and NOT even sound like a christian!! Instead of judging them,why can’t they be restored with the love of God. They may have made some mistakes and I am sure all of us have. But we ARE required by God to love and walk in love toward EVEYRONE. That includes sinner’s and Gods people and gues what that would even mean those you call FALSE. His commandment was not just to those you FEEL like deserve to be treated right. This message was soooo mean, I couldn’t beleive it came form a beleiver. Why is the church so quick to judge. YOU DO NOT KNOW THEIR PERSONNEL ISSUES or what they are going throuhg. Not to condon anything that may be occuring in their lives. Why bot pray for them and lift them up to God in prayer, beacause he is the only one who TRULY knows what is going on!

  52. Karley said

    Who are you to point out another man’s supposive SIN??? If they are in “Sin” as you wrote in this article, then isn’t that between themselves and God??

  53. Karley said

    It is funny how everyone on here has a judgement about the Whites!! Let God do the judging we are to do the loving!

  54. Karley:

    “then isn’t that between themselves and God”

    In that instance, you are correct. What the Whites do is their own business, and they will have to be accountable for it. But you forget about the thousands of people that attend their congregation, and the millions of people that watch their broadcasts and buy their books and other ministry materials. I am concerned about the relationship that those people have with God, and how it would be harmed by virtue of their following preachers that to not preach, teach, or live according to the Bible in any least way, cause those that follow them to disobey the Bible, and are confederate with other ministers that are just like them. My efforts are not to embarrass or harm Paula White. My efforts are to cause those who follow her to choose a pastor that conducts their ministry after a biblical fashion. Now your saying that I am unqualified to judge whether a person is preaching and living according to the Bible is ridiculous. First of all, it would imply that the average literate human being is incapable of grasping even a rudimentary knowledge of the Bible by studying it. Then your position would be that in order to save us God gave us and commanded us to study a book that the vast majority of us cannot understand. That is gnosticism (religions based on “secret knowledge”) and esoterica, not Christianity. Second, if a person is not to be measured against their willingness and ability to adhere to the Bible, then what is the point of having a Bible to begin with? The whole religion would be meaningless because it would mean that there is no God!

    I am not talking about their personal issues, I am talking about their performance in the office of pastor. And as far as “why not forgiving and restoring them” … as members of the Body of Christ, certainly. That is, when they humble themselves (not before me but to God) and repent (not before me but to God) and change their ways (not to please me but God). They have not done that yet, but instead are carrying on quite the contrary. More importantly, are you not aware that the pulpit is not the place for a pastor needing restoration to be? The Bible is clear that only people in right standing with God spiritually and known to be persons of good report should hold church office.

    Karley, my position is based on the Bible. Your position is celebrity culture. You are applying the same standards to the Whites as you would a famous actor, athlete, musician, author, politician, or business executive. That is the world’s standard but it is not God’s standard. God’s standard is the Bible. You know these things to be true already, and it is disturbing to me that you choose to defend the indefensible by claiming that the Bible applies to me but not the Whites. No one is above God’s Word, Karley. Please remember that.

  55. Eden Hadassah said

    Why do people say “Don’t judge”, and then turn around and judge the person they are telling not to judge?

  56. Eden: As I said here
    disobeying God’s commandments is no longer considered a sin by the contemporary church. Rather, telling someone that they have disobeyed God’s commandments is now what the contemporary church considers sin. Even if utterly grotesque behavior rises to the point to where you HAVE to condemn it, you can only do so in the mildest, most general and equivocating way possible, qualifying at every point along the way “it is not as if I am perfect or anything, we have all fallen short of the grace of God and are but redeemed sinners …” and so forth.

    We bash the Pharisees, but everyone ignores the fact that Jesus Christ told the people in Matthew to listen to the teachings of the Pharisees because they were the keeper of the law SO LONG AS THEY DO NOT FOLLOW IN THEIR HYPOCRITICAL WAYS. People bash the legalists using the words of Paul, but what the legalists were doing were saying that one had to be circumcised and keep the ceremonial law in order to be saved. Now people are calling opposition to sin and demanding obedience being a legalist and a pharisee, and claiming that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that I can live in sin! People think that Jesus overcame sin and the world for us so that we could have the privilege of living in it, and that the notion that the pleasures of sin should be withheld from us is “old covenant wrathful God stuff.” It is like the whole message and intent of the Bible and gospel has been discarded in favor of rebellion and lasciviousness.

    I think that the root cause of this was when the western church started putting an inordinate emphasis on sexual immorality. It reached the point where so long as you weren’t committing homosexuality, fornication, adultery, or indulging in pornography, you were pretty much fine. The Bible’s other commandments, especially those where we are supposed to show compassion for demand justice for the poor, were ignored, and your righteousness was determined by your obedience in things below the belt, and also things like not dancing or drinking alcohol because they are strongly correlated to things below the belt. And I think that the church began to focus on sexual immorality as a concession to sin and worldliness in other areas. The other stuff they could not use public censure to enforce church doctrines, but with the women who committed adultery or girls that had children out of wedlock they could. In other words, they were only able to continue to call it sin because the world was against it. The things that the world was for they made no attempt to stand against.

    So that meant that when the sexual revolution came, the church really had nothing left to stand on. Now it honestly does appear that the only measure of righteousness that the church imposes on itself is the willingness to adhere to the government’s laws. Now, you are a sinner only when the state comes and puts handcuffs on you. Never mind the fact that Jesus Christ said that those in prison, usually there because the government and those in power mistreat the poor and hates the righteous, should be the primary beneficiaries of our good works and prayers. I am just wanting Jesus Christ to come back and deliver us from this apostasy.

  57. Eden Hadassah said

    Yeshua said, “Unless your righteousness surpasses that of the pharasees” correct?

    The pharasees created laws around the laws.
    Rabbinical Kosher laws, where did they come from?
    Take the mixing of milk and meat. They say you can not have a cheese burger, because that wouldn’t be kosher. Why not? Because the rabbi’s created many laws around the original law which was “Do not cook a kid in it’s mother’s milk”. So the original law was don’t take the milk from a goat, boil it and cook her baby in her milk. Simple, right? It is kind of like a bulls eye effect, with many rings. And the center is the law, and then they put a wall around that law so they don’t break it, and then they put another wall around the new law, so they won’t break the one they just created, then they put another wall around that one…and on and on. Well that wasn’t good enough for them, so they had to add to the law, and say no milk and no meat together. Then they went even further, and created different places to store those things that were dairy and those things that were meat. Then they added even more, and the silverware and the dishes were to be used for different kinds of consumption. When does it end? They are laws upon laws. How about this, don’t cook baby goats in it’s mother’s milk, and have that cheese burger! Would your righteousness according to the law surpass that of the pharasee concerning milk and meat? YUP. They added to the law, and it was commanded not to add or take away anything from the law. So right off the bat, those who keep the law, (which if you ever read the ten commandments and even the laws given in the Torah are pretty straight forward and easy to keep) and do not add things that are unnecessary to it, you have surpassed the pharasees. Theirs was an outward sign, and yet their hearts were unchanged, and they did it for others to see, not because they were honoring God. Their hearts were uncircumsised. This is where our Lord comes in. Our righteousness comes from him, even if we were able to keep the whole law perfectly. It isn’t the law that saves, it is God that saves. I believe the law was created to show the beauty and care of our Sovereign Lord. To show that he is not like the pagan gods, who must be appeased, and who show no mercy or compassion. We are to be a people that reflect Him to others, because we belong to him. It was reflected in the heart of David. He said that he hid God’s word in his heart. The law does point out sin, but more than that, it shows how much He cares for his creation. It shows how much he loves us, and it shows how we should love and care for those around us. He left nothing out of his law. It was perfect, and it still is. I wonder how many people have actually taken the time to read through the laws of God. And to reconcile it to the New Testament, when you are reading in the laws about the violations and how you are supposed to go to the high priest, we can do that too! Yeshua is our high priest.
    The Lord is righteous, pure and just in all that he does and ordains.

  58. Eden Hadassah:

    I agree with everything Jesus Christ said about the Pharisees. I should have better articulated my point by saying this: Jesus Christ told the woman caught in the act of adultery “Go and sin no more.” Contemporary Christians seem to be opposed to heeding the “Go and sin no more” admonition of Jesus Christ (which applies to all forgiven sinners), and anyone who speaks those same words of Jesus Christ to another, they will say that you are not speaking after the manner of the Jesus Christ that spoke them, but of the Pharisees that did not. Is that not blasphemy, taking the words that Jesus Christ said and applying them to the situations that Jesus Christ did for wickedness?

  59. Eden Hadassah said


    I saw the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”, (I loved it) but every time I hear the word “blasphemy”, I think of the knights in it that would say that. If you haven’t seen it, and you like epics, see it. It wasn’t popular in the US, but over sees it did great.

  60. Eden Hadassah:

    Kingdom of Heaven? Ummm … no. I concede that it might actually be a very entertaining and artistically done movie. But I cannot see how I could receive any edification by or learn any truth from it.

    Ridley Scott, an atheist who make the Roman Empire – glorifying “Gladiator”, had an agenda in making that movie that is completely different from both A) the actual historical truth and B) my own agenda. I find Scott’s lies no more agreeable than those of false Christians, Zionists, and freemasons.

    Further, the notion that the Crusaders were motivated by religious bigotry, racism, and colonial/imperial zeal to displace the Muslims from their land is a gross historical inaccuracy that exists solely to create a harmful mindset that is almost as bad as what is told about American history, especially that of our founding fathers, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the New Deal, the civil rights movement, and the Cold War (boy that doesn’t leave much else out does it?). Had it not been for Charlemagne, the Muslims would have taken over all of Europe! But you aren’t going to see them make a movie about THAT will you? I would be shocked if they even taught it in our history books. They are doing their best to promote the lie that there is a historical correlation between the Islam religion and the Arab – near eastern people, and to ignore that Islam tried to take over the known world and nearly succeeded. Speaking of the civil rights movement, you had that liar Alex Haley (a freemason) in Roots reinforce the lie that Islam was the original religion of black people and Christianity was imposed on us during slavery. The truth is that the Muslims were slaughtering, enslaving, and imposing their abomination on black Africans centuries before the white man ever set foot in Africa. Think that there is ever going to be a movie on early Christianity in Africa? Or if there was a historical novel on the subject that any major publishing house would touch it, or that Hollywood would make a miniseries about it? Nope. It is inconvenient to the lie that Christianity is a western imperialistic religion and that Islam (and Marxism) are peaceful options that people of color should naturally gravitate to in order to oppose the white man.

    I spent too many years listening to Muslim rappers and being a Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam sycophant to put up with Ridley Scott’s nonsense, or with that “V for Vendetta” nonsense. I do not hate the Muslim people, but I have zero tolerance for westerners whose sole reason for promoting Islam (or anything else for that matter) is out of hatred against Jesus Christ.

  61. Eden Hadassah said

    The movie isn’t based on the truth. Some names were used, but I wouldn’t rely on any movie for edification.
    Movies for me are an art form. And as an artist, I do respect the work of Ridley Scott, regardless of his agenda. I don’t live my life looking for only christian artists, with some deep message. It doesn’t exist. Honestly, the only film that I truly enjoyed that was biblical was Joseph, with Ben Kingsly.
    I am not looking for the deeper meanings of life. You look at a film and see one thing, I look at a film and see something. I don’t care who is doing the research on a movie, if it is going to get picked up by major production, it is going to have a slant. Always. I never trusted historical events even to documentaries. I like to do the research myself, and from more than one source.
    But I did greatly enjoy the movie none the less.

  62. djenk23 said

    HTL:I think that the root cause of this was when the western church started putting an inordinate emphasis on sexual immorality

    I totally agree with this…..COGIC focuses mainly on homosexuality with a very small emphasis on fornication/adultery… the meantime, preachers are having affairs with women in the church, stealing money, writing bad checks, etc, etc, etc and they get winked at, as long they can squall real long and raise a good offering….then add the whole “touch not mine anointed” syndrome…now you have the COGIC mafia ie the Untouchables….there was one particular bishop who was caught in an affair with a state supervisor in Memphis….what happened?…the state supervisor was taken down from her position and the bishop was allowed to keep his….i dont know how they rationalized that…

  63. johnkaniecki said

    Attention Please!!

    I have an idea I think that warrants my extreme header.

    I get lots of unsolicated email. Usually these fall into three categories, penis enlargement advertisements, financial advice and ripoff scams. I used to delete all of them. Then after a while I replied to the ripoffs as follows. “Please don’t bother me and get a real job. Your email address has been fowarded to the authorities.” This seemed to reduce their number.

    Then tonight I got one advising me to buy gold. I thought man this guy worships the god of money. Then I replied to him as follows, “Greetings, since you sent me an unsolicated finincial email I am sending you an unsolicated spiritual one.” Then in the biggest red letters I could possibly write I wrote “Jesus Loves You!!!” and then signed my name as I usually do.

    This my friends I feel is an excellent way to handle these annoyances. First of all it is in no way offensive, they have contacted you without your request and you are simply responding to them. I wouldn’t advocate unsoicited email to anyone for any purpose. But if nothing else these people will get the message of how it feels to send these things. And of course we witness to our glorious God.

    Any variation of the response could be made. Quote your favorite scripture, perhaps pretend your interested and then talk about God or whatever. Use the imagination God has given you. All I would ask is that you be respectful and polite.

    Tell me what you think.



  64. Eden Hadassah said

    Most of the spam is run through a program isn’t it?
    I think that it is automated, and if that is true, it will just send you more I think, until you put your personal info down. Then you get a call.
    Also, don’t some of those spam’s have viruses on them?

    I am a really basic internet user, and I am always amazed at how some people can even make posts on this board that have boxes, and highlights and animations sometimes. Maybe I am amused too easily? I only know two three smiley faces…
    this one 😉
    this one 🙂
    this one 😦
    I think I need help! 😉

  65. Eden Hadassah:

    Well on one hand there are artists that do not have an agenda, or their agenda is not explicitly or knowingly against Jesus Christ. I do not have a problem with their movies or art. But “Kingdom Of Heaven” was an anti – Christian propaganda piece. He intended it as a polemic against the Bush administration and the religious right because he was angry at the Iraq War. Fine. Go after Bush, the religious right, and Iraq like Michael Moore did. But Scott used it as an excuse and opportunity to oppose Christianity itself. To make it worse, he promoted Islam, when if he was true to his atheist convictions, he would have gone after both instead of favoring one over the other. Knowing the true motivation of the director and the propaganda intent of the film, well I choose to find other art and entertainment to appreciate. But that is just me.

  66. Eden Hadassah said

    Did you see the movie?

  67. Eden Hadassah:

    Oh great. Now you choose to humiliate me by exposing my small narrow bigoted prejudging uneducated uncultured barbarian self. Was that your goal? Is that what you wanted? To remove any credibility, moral authority, or standing that I might have hoped to possess? Are you happy now?

    As you can probably tell, my answer is no 🙂
    Please do not take the rant above seriously. I realize that it is bad form for me to speak so forcefully against a movie that I had not seen, and knew that at some point I would be called into account for it 🙂

    I reacted the way I did because the movie offends me by virtue of its very existence. Yet another example of why I need to be more mature and less easy to take (or more able to bear as it were) offense.

  68. blondelexus said

    well this article is right on the money. what phonies they are!! false prophets and rich ones at that!! all these and a lot of the other tv preachers want is money and more money. they use the word of the Lord to get the money and then turn around and justify their evil actions by saying ‘God knows best”. makes me sick to my stomach. yes, God really does know best and they need to enjoy all the money they have milked from those that trusted them since this is all they will ever have. don’t tell me they are true believers in Christ. they make a mockery of the word of almighty God. what a shame.

  69. blondelexus said

    the above post by me blondelexus is on paula and randy white-

  70. I quote 1 Corinthians 5:6, “Do you not know that a little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough? Clean out the old yeast so that you may be a new batchas you really are unleavened”. Verse 11, “But now I am writing to hyou not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother or sister who is sexually immoral or greedy, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or robber. Do not even eat with such a one. Is it not those who are inside that you are to judge? God will judge those outside. ‘Drive out the wicked person from among you’.”
    Chapter 6:3 “Do you not know that we are to judge angels?” Yes, we are to judge. Yes, this man his divorced wife should not be in the ministry any more. Indeed this sin is different from lying and pride. It hits at the very fabric of society, of church morality and righteousness and of the family. The early church would never allow a divorced person to be in ministry. Why should we? Are not these pastors of mega churches greedy of filthy lucre and of much worse? Is this not idolatry? Do they not extort money from the sheep? Randy and Paula White should not be in ministry.

  71. I have heard my heart on this. (my Spirit) I am more concerned about the ones that have commented then the ones that have committed the sins. This is an area that if you don’t pray for these people, (not the legalist judgement prayer) that this thing WILL come upon you. The judgement of the Whites are in God’s hands right now. The comments are opening a door for these so called people of God to reign in the same thing that has taken over the Whites. Pray, unless…

  72. Takiyah McCathern said

    I am concerned for you and the comments on this panel. If we would us these energies, websites, time, etc. to reach those who do not know the Lord we will be following Christ’s command. I agree with the comment of Prophet Rocky…..

  73. Patricia Woods said

    I sent this to Rabbi Ralph Messer to let him know that I know who he is. I also posted on his face book. This is not pretty what I am about to say. I have not candy coated it in any way, so this is a warning to those of you who might take offence. Sometimes, the truth just ain’t pretty. You have been warned.

    Let me tell you a story about a man named Ralph.
    In addition to appearances and as a frequent host on cable/satellite networks such as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), God’s Learning Channel (GLC), and Daystar Television Network, STBM has ties with other international ministers including Rev. Kenneth Copeland, Pastor Paula White, and Bishop T.D. Jakes.
    Did you know that in order to be a part of Trinity Broadcasting Network, you have to go through Kenneth Copeland first and get his ok before you can get on the network? Did you know that? Did you also know that Kenneth Copeland is a LIZARD, REPTILIAN SLIMEBAG, 33rd degree FREEMASON ILLUMINATI? Take a look at his lizard face and you should be able to see for yourself. He is a SHAPE SHIFTER and you are also either a SHAPE SHIFTER lizard or you are totally sole scalped. Not to mention the other Lizard New World Agenda slime bags that you RABBI RALPH MESSER are in bed with like Paula White and all of the others such as Bishop TD Jakes. You guys and your pompous titles like Rev., Rabbi and Bishop; you are all Pharisees. And you teach about Paul. Paul was a false apostle. He was a self appointed apostle. How could he be an apostle? An apostle had to walk with Yeshua. There were only 12 apostles. When Judas died, Methias was appointed… not Paul.That would have made Paul the 13th Apostle. There were only 12. You should be very familiar with the number 13 the Witchcraft and demons number. Yeshua was gone when Paul decided he was going to step in. This website will give you the truth. YHVH is pulling His TRUE remnant out of the churches because the churches and places like Rabbi Wolf Messers, are all teaching apostasies. Has Wolf Messer told you about the Alien Agenda or the Reptilian Agenda, the New World Order? Of course not, because he is one of them. WAKE UP CHURCH. The fallen angels were ALIENS. The Nephilim were the giants and they are coming back. Go to Sherry Shriners websites and see the truth. Ask YHVH if I am telling the truth about this. ASK HIM. ASK HIM… NOT WOLF MESSER. HE IS A LIAR.
    YOU are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I was under your teaching for 4 years until YHVH showed me your true colors. You are a disgusting pig. Just like the rest of your lizard buddies. BTW do you also go to Bohemian Grove and screw little boys and girls and sacrifice them to Molech.
    In order to be a member of the Fortune 500 Club, you HAVE TO BE A SATANIST. OH MY GOD… Look how high up there you were. You have been exposed and I am going to post this message everywhere I can on the internet so that the sheep are warned about you and your lizard friends.
    Prior to entering the ministry full-time as a Pastor and Teacher – “Rabbi”, he was a Regional Vice President for a Fortune 500 company

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