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Is Bishop Thomas Weeks III A Wife Beater? We Know He’s A Heretic!

Posted by Job on August 23, 2007

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From IndependentConservative: Thomas Weeks Beats Juanita Bynum in Atlanta Airport Hotel Parking Lot. Mercy! and also I Knew Thomas Weeks Was a Heretic, But He Has Surpassed My Expectations of How Terrible a Heretic He Really is!. From the Atlanta Journal – Constitution (in my opinion the worst newspaper in the country, but hey it keeps winning Pulitzer Prizes) Husband attacks evangelist Bynum in parking lot. Please note that it says 1. Bynum and Weeks are SEPARATED (so why attend their marriage conferences since THEY ARE BOTH IN THEIR SECOND MARRIAGE ANYWAY!) and 2. Weeks beat Bynum so badly that she required a trip to the hospital and 3. Weeks fled the scene before the police could get him. Now can anyone deny that evil spirits are not involved here? All of you people who have been flooding this weblog with your defense of this couple, their members, and their friends in the religion industry (a great many of whom KNOW what this couple are really like), what do you have to say now?

Does this vindicate everything that I have been saying against Weeks III and Bynum? Actually, no it doesn’t. Why not? Because everyone sins. David committed adultery and then murdered “the other man.” Peter denied Jesus Christ three times, and then almost caused the church to split apart with his refusal to have table fellowship with Gentile Christians. Christians are going to sin (see my essay When Christians Sin)! How do I know this? BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO!

So the issue here is NOT the sin of Bishop Weeks III beating his wife. Rather, the real issue is the false doctrine of unitarianism (denial of Trinity) that Weeks and Bynum preaches, their false prosperity doctrine, and their getting rich off the gospel by exploiting and making merchandise of the poor. The worst part is that Weeks III (and his father Bishop Weeks II) and Bynum preach an abiblical doctrine of legalism and works that they themselves do not keep!

And some have asked, as did the sincere Pastor Anavah( plus her own weblog click here) in her comment whether I am against women preachers and enjoyable sex in marriage. Regarding the former, the Bible specifically forbids women having a position of authority over men in the church, and that is a consistent principle established in Old Testament Judaism and carrying over to the New Testament Body of Christ. If Pastor Anavah executes her ministry in a manner that respects the authority of God and the Bible (and not of any man) and is doctrinally sound and faithful to the Bible while doing so then who am I to condemn her calling and work? God forbid that I would do such a thing lest I be condemned myself on account of my false accusation, just as the friends of Job were! Yes, it is possible to minister while not having a position of authority over a man, and writing and distributing her book on spiritual warfare in fighting addiction (which can be ordered on her site) and maintaining a Christian website are excellent examples of how to do so. There are others, and I have tried to list them in my women preachers category, my favorite of which are women in India that converted to Christianity from Hinduism working as evangelists preaching the gospel in a society and culture that treats women quite shamefully and also persecutes Christians (see Women Preachers Working In The Asian Mission Field and Christian Persecution Alert: Female Indonesian Evangelists Released). And no, I am not against enjoyable sex in marriage. Quite the contrary, sexuality is a gift from God – and a spiritual one at that – that was given to be enjoyed by men and women within the confines of holy matrimony. But as false preachers tend to do, Weeks III and Bynum have taken a pure holy God – given gift and utterly defiled it with their false doctrines and own personal perversions, making it something base and wretched. Look at this clip where Weeks III asks this man to name the part of his wife’s anatomy that pleases him the most (a corrupt base view of sexuality; Jesus Christ called this pornea – the root word of pornography – and in Matthew 5:32 listed such evil as legitimate grounds for divorce), and when he gives a predictable response, Weeks III breaks out into uncontrollable laughter!

Strange laughter is a clear sign of demonic presence and activity, and though I am a charismatic with a Pentecostal background, we cannot ignore what many other Bible believing Christians have to say about some of our charismatic “laughing revivals!”

Make no mistake people, there is a statistically proven link between pornea (or pornography) and violence (including spousal and domestic abuse), there are demons involved in pornea and violence, and now you have Thomas Weeks III beating his estranged wife! So I ask you spiritual warfare deliverance minister Pastor Anavah, how on earth could you not know this? Your very position requires you to know it and to preach and teach against it, and not to defend the oneness heretics that exploit the poor trafficking their sexual drugs for financial gain! For I, Pastor Anavah, am not an ordained minister and nor do I hold any church position! This is something that you should be taking me aside and educating me on as did Priscilla to Apollos in Acts 18:24-26! So Pastor Anavah, rather than coming on here defending heresy, you need to be faithfully and zealously pursuing the call that God has put on your life! Monitor and multiply the talents that God has given you charge over lest He take them from you and give them to another, for the closing verse of the parable of the talents, Matthew 25:29, reads “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.”

And this is not a personal attack on Pastor Anavah, who indeed seems to be someone sincerely seeking to serve to God. She represents all of you! God gave every member of the Body of Christ a work to do, a charge to keep, a ministry to fulfill, even if you are as I: not someone who holds a five fold ministry position or church office. You have read the warnings given to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3, and if you have not, please read them now! For it is not just about the false preachers. Judgment day is coming, and we will be held accountable: me and ALL OF YOU!

And this is to all of you people who keep claiming how we need unity in the Body of Christ. See this link and understand why I REFUSE TO UNITE WITH HERETICS! LIGHT HAS NO UNITY WITH DARKNESS!

And in closing, here is the news report of Bynum’s being beaten, courtesy of IndependentConservative: . I will point out, in the interests of fairness, that Bishop Weeks III has not had a chance to address these charges, let alone be convicted in a court of law of them, and some have alleged that there is something amiss about this whole affair. Well you can decide for yourself about the domestic violence accusations against the man, but in terms of his heresies and blasphemies, well his own words (and actions in other matters) condemn this oneness false preacher.

As I have said time and time again, there is a war going on. Now is the time for hand to hand spiritual combat, not lukewarm sitting on the sidelines. If you are not saved, follow The Three Step Salvation Plan and get saved. If you claim salvation but have no desire to fight, now is the time to study the scriptures (try and examine yourself to see whether you be truly in the faith!


154 Responses to “Is Bishop Thomas Weeks III A Wife Beater? We Know He’s A Heretic!”

  1. Ty said

    How shocking and sad. I don’t know what else to say right now….

  2. goldfinger56(betty) said

    My God, what else can the world say for the church? they see everything under the sun and we want to join our church and come fellowship with us.
    I know we’re learning to live daliy as we are renewed and transformed by the word of God, but how can our teachers stay ill so long that it comes to having mud in the eye.
    I’m so sorry that this has happened to a sista of the faith and is always praying that we as women be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.Let’s love her though this with much pray and encouragement.goldfinger56

  3. Callene said

    That’s why we need to keep our eyes on the prizes which is Christ Jesus, not Juanita Bynum, not Michael Vick, cause guess what everybody is going to have to bow before the master for themselves and no one can blame anyone for their short coming. The Leaders will have to stand before God just like everyone else. So, I say this check out your own soul salvation with fear and trembling. I will keep going to church and serve God.

  4. Olivia said

    We all fall short of God’s glory sometimes and we none are better than the other. No one is exempt from the attack of the enemy, that’s why we need not to focus so much on the person but focus on who is speaking thru that person. Sin is sin, so we should not look at the Week’s like Oh! My God! but keep them lifted up in our prayers. I pray that God mainfest Himself in their relationship and heal and restore them both. I pray that they allow God to lead them and direct them on the path in which they need to take. God says, to forgive and forget, if you want to be forgived for your iniquities. No God does not want us to be abused, however, God can deliver and restore.

    With The Love of God
    Olivia H

  5. pcwoman said

    Everyone can understand people making mistakes. We are as flawed as we are amazing. However, it’s so much to forgive someone when they have not admitted they were wrong. Turn yourself in, Bishop… Show your people who are still looking at you how a MAN of God behaves after falling victim to the enemy’s tricks. You were wrong. Now, do what you can to make it right…God bless.

  6. First Lady said

    This is an eye opener for us all if one can fall surely we too are human God will Judge. no sin is diffefrent from the rest sin is sin and let us look at were we may fall short so we dont have to fall as hard as our leaders did. This is a hard time for them life changing to them let us pray for we are memembers of one body when one hurts we all hurt. The whole body of Christ is under attack let us pray together in love.

  7. First Lady said

    love conquers all

  8. Olivia said

    Amen, first lady I agree! We all need to come together as one family and pray for them both and also pray that the Bishop do the the thing God would have him to do and that is the right thing. Ask God for forgiveness,his wife for forgiveness and turn himself in to the authority.

  9. Sangin' Sista said

    I think we give the devil too much credit. A lot of what we do is because of our own lack of self control and because we choose to do it.

    The devil didn’t make this man beat his wife, he had a choice and now he’s choosing to evade the police.

    My thoughts and prayers are with them both because this is a tragic, tragic situation but it also leaves me to wonder, did she signs and ignore them? Was she trying so hard to hold on to the “image” of this man that she put herself in harms way?

    I think someone wrote “love conquers all” in an earlier post. I beg to differ! God never told ANY WOMAN to stay with an ABUSIVE MAN!

    I’m sure Prophetess Bynum will do what’s best for her…whatever that may be.

    Until then, my prayers are with her and her family and the Weeks family.

    Sangin’ Sista’

  10. Pray for these people. Satan has unleased many of his best demons to kill God chosen people. People of God it’s time to get prayed up. Warfare has been released on the people of God.

  11. nikki said

    what can we syatothese things
    God is still the greater power, we must keep our eyes on God, and not man. Read your word for yourself and ask God for revelation. Pray for your pastors and spiritual leaders, they are not God, they are flesh and blood.
    Stay blessed people of God.

  12. Stephanie said

    It is very sad that this happened and we can;t put it all on Bishop Weeks, we were not there. However, as women and men of GOD it is past the time to pray. These are the last days and the devil is trying to destroy whatever and whoever he can. He does not care about titles or anything. We should be praying not only for Juanita and Thomas, but for the world as a whole. God knows this is hurtful to God and churches all over the world. i pray for GOD’s will to be done in the situation and i pray that we as the people not nbe judmental for GOD said he will be the judge of everything done in our bodies. Pleae be watch and pray and don;t talk too much

  13. R. Rock said

    This sad and misfortunate incident has caused a lot of women (particularly those waiting for God to send them that special person, like myself) to raise many questions E.g. How could this happen to someone who has taught us to wait, patiently, on the Lord for our mates? How could this happen to a powerful Godly woman? How long is patiently waiting before we recognize signs not to marry someone? How could family/friends not notice any signs of abuse because it does not happen over night? To my sisters, this is a clear indication that we must wait!!!!! Let’s pray for this couple and believe God to rectify this situation be it reconciliation or irreconcilable.
    I love you, respect you and I am not judging you but praying for you, Ms. B
    Have a speedy recovery.
    R. Rock
    Brooklyn, N.Y.

  14. Dr. Emile Hurts said

    This isn,t something that could not be forseen.
    When you live your life as a fairytale. The Grand Wedding the My Hubbie My Wife Fake a thon.
    Look married couples deal with a lot of crazy moments with family, friends, the Church and enemies. We as Overseers Have a Great Responsibility. One truth of the matter is We are not like everybody else. We have a high calling in Christ Jesus, and to whom much is givin much is required. They both got in the Flesh an it produced flesh results.

  15. Bridget said

    When doing God business then the devil will get in your business and try to bring shame to the body of Christ. This happen to let us know that we are not to put no trust in humans this trust should be in Jesus Christ. It is time to pray for our leader both spiritual and natural leader. If we take our eye of Jesus then the devil will make a fool of us because his end is coming near. Please let us began to pray.

  16. Aicirt said

    This is my first time visiting this site. Singin’ Sista you echoe my feelings completely. It is so convenient and almost predictable that some people will blame the devil or demons for conscious acts that are willingly committed. This most likely occurs when logical reasoning fails to explain or rationalize a person’s act. In my opinion the devil is given too much credit. What a utopia of a world we would experience if saved and unsaved people attributed all good acts go God. Think about it…people would be converted and saved at a rapid rate – If all good acts were openly attributed to God. Sadly, it does not transpire that way. Most often, people take credit for their own good acts. If it’s abhorrent, grotesque or unimaginable…it must have been the devil. God gives us free will in all our decisions. Only God knows the answers to all our questions. Regardless of theologian training, historical records/artifacts or Devine insight; no man will ever know what is factually accurate, what was omitted or what was added to the Bible. Nor can anyone predict what God thought or currently thinks – it’s impossible. The bible was written by men. Men then were just as they are to today, prone to societal influences, which exemplifies why FAITH in God is imperative. Openhearted unequivocal faith in God is a must!
    God Bless

  17. Dr. K said

    When you get done with all of this. Tommy Weeks III is a “punk”. And according to the “Word” the law has a right to judge him b/c now he is lawless. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a punk. All I can say is that he better be glad that I am not a man or I would hunt is weak tail down and beat it. Then he would know how she feels. Pray all you want – we all need that! But he deserves to be punished. I group up knowing him from the same PAW organization. He was a punk then (no girls ever talked to him) and he is a punk NOW!!

  18. barbara said

    We all as christian knows that the enemy pry on the the christian and he do whatever it takes to take down a MAN. yes bishop, yes leader but a MAN. No Man has the right to hit a female under any condition.

    but we as a christiandom must humble ourselves and pray. Let’s not lose sight of who is the true offender here. if satan can get on the pulpit what does that tell us. we need to fast and pray for our leaders and for all marriages.

  19. Sheila said

    Dr Emile,you can not fault them for their happy wedding,calling each other wife and hubby used to be acceptable where I come from.Christians need to stop this nastiness, allowing jealousy to creep into every thing they say or do.Their marriage was a good thing and we ought to call it that,what just happened is a sad and inexcusable thing,but let us not rejoice in their sadness.I agree that the devil tempts everyone unfortunately we make the choice to fall into temptation.

    • Dr. Emile Hurts said

      Happy wedding true but I have a happy marriage and its, not pretty. I tend to deal with my own experiences. When 50% of marriages dont’ work in or out the church. Its’ truly time to pull the covers off of ignorance. to be critical it would tend to you that I am jealous. You say naughtiness,attack me, he attacked his wife you suggest we pray. You need to get real and let them Pray.

  20. Vera' said

    This is a eye opener to abused women, whether verbal, emotional, or physical that it can happen. Even to a woman that is looked in high regard to religion and GOD. Even worse the abuser is a suppose to be a GODLY man. I’m trying to work through abuse is my marriage and this DOES NOT HELP ME AT ALL!!!! BISHOP you need to run and hide, but it’s one eye on your behind, and we all know who sees your for who you are.

  21. Michelle said

    I agree with Sheila we shouldn’t make statements implying that their marriage or their ministry is all false. They have helped many people to deal with problems in their marriage and reconcile. However, we don’t know what happened that lead them to be estranged in the first place but I’m sure it was something. No one deserves to be treated that way and what he did was wrong. We all need to pray that we as the Body of Christ would learn to stop allowing our emotions to control us. When we have no control we give the enemy control over out thoughts and we without using wisdom react on our emotions instead responding with Godly wisdom. Its time to stand up and grow up. Take charge of our lives and stop blaming our mistakes on everybody and everything else. It’s time for all of us to pray for change for ourselves. By the way Bishop Weeks has sought legal counsel, made a statement of apology to the christian community as well as to his wife and plans to turn himself in.

  22. VERONICA said


  23. melinda wiggins said

    i mean i cant really judge him here,but i think and feel once he hit her the holy spirit he did have left him,because then he let the flesh override the spirit,and we can say all day he is a punk,but god is going to handle him because he is supposed to be god’s man.

  24. Tamia said

    “I’m in total agreement with Dr. K!!!

    “When you get done with all of this. Tommy Weeks III is a “punk”. And according to the “Word” the law has a right to judge him b/c now he is lawless. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a punk. All I can say is that he better be glad that I am not a man or I would hunt his weak tail down and beat it. Then he would know how she feels. Pray all you want – we all need that! But he deserves to be punished. I group up knowing him from the same PAW organization. He was a punk then (no girls ever talked to him) and he is a punk NOW!!”

  25. Sheila B said

    We should all pray for this terrible situation. Stop all of the unkind gossip!
    Who are we to place blame on anyone, we all have sinned. We strive to be more like Jesus, but we are not. No man should beat a women, no matter what. It does not matter how mad they become. We must be active Christians and stop giving our brothers and sister a beat down when they really need our prayers. We should stop looking and digging up dirt on people. What have we done in our past, that only God knows about. We don’t have to like the bad that people do, but we do have to be forgiving.

  26. angie said

    This is really a blow to the body of Christ,and certainly not the time for us to judge anyone, it is time to lift them both up in serious prayer. Hell has enlarged herself and open her mouth without measure. But when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the lord will lift up a standard against it. Let us all humble ourselves and seek his face, not just for them but for what is left of this world.

    May the peace of God comfort you sister! Keep the faith, LOVE YOU!

  27. Rdrussell said

    Not a one of us should have an opinion about what happened to this couple. I live in a city and state that many things spiritually has been done and seen, that Spiritual Leaders have been lifted up to only be observed falling to their lowest. (Tulsa, Ok) But it turns out to all have been in the flesh. Who can Judge. Only Our Father is the Judge of all. It was stated earlier above that it is our duty to Study and Know the Lord for ourselves. If we continue to look at humans and carnality whether in the Church, Politicians, Hollywood, Gag bangers, in Sports, etc., we will continue to be disillusioned and disappointed. The Word says that in the last days there would be perilous times. We are seeing it in the weather, in the atmosphere, on our roads and highways, in our neighborhoods, and yes even in our own homes.

    If My People, Who are Called By My Name, Will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. NOW my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in THIS PLACE. I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there!!!

    Our opinions does not matter.



  28. Dr .Reese said

    And this shall surely pass. It’s a wake up call not only for them, but for all of us.

    Quit playing y’all and acting like it’s all right, when it’s not. Keep it real.

    Y’all might as well get prepared because a whole lot of stuff is really about to hit the fan.

    We know that love covers a multitude of sins, so lets pray that love will cover a whole bunch of sin and there will not be a reproach on God’s name.

    These folks are our brother and sister in Christ. Pray for deliverance and peace.

  29. Mrs. Clay said

    This is very sickening..only because when I first heard this as a battered wife I imagined her pain. When you have the one who says they love you hurt you so, it goes deep. Not to mention I thought of her Proverb 31 sermon and my mind reminded me of how she said her previous relationships were abusive and she know have found the man of her dream. That is enough for the enemy to play with your mind. See we as Christians, we have to first examine our selves and not put our mouths on the man of God. The fact of the matter is the enemy has an attack on marriages and families. I believe that there will be a ministry birthed out of this situation.

    I pray that God will minister and speak a word of comfort and healing into Pro. Weeks spirit and lead and allow the Holy Spirit to guide Bishop, anoint his ears God so that he will hear only words from heaven. Protect them both. Teach us to protect our leaders in prayer..Amen..What the devil meant for evil God can turn into good.

    Prof. Weeks..Hold your head up.This too shall pass. Don’t worry about what people say. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and our testimonies…Who will over come by this.

    Let them talk this will all be old soon…When the devil reminds you of your past remind him of his future.

  30. Minister T said

    Dr. K.,

    Please be careful putting your mouth on the man of God. He made a terrible mistake but he is a man of God who God loves. You and everyone must refrain from bad mouthing each other and from judging. God is not pleased with it.

  31. Subject: RE: let us really pray not gossip about this!

    Prayer Warriors,

    Let’s pray — the spirit of domestic violence we rebuke you right
    now — I don’t live in this household but I know the enemy tactics in
    this arena — the prince of the air is having a party — but this is
    not over, Satan.

    We are praying for all couples that this spirit be destroyed…we are
    called to be use as balm to help restore our brothers and sisters this
    doesn’t release any responsibility from the guilty party(ies) but all
    parties involved need our prayers so that deliverance will be complete.
    I speak peace to the mind of all who handle this case.

    I pray in Jesus’ name give both people husband and wife peace — we
    speak peace to the mind…and in the midst of this assault in the public
    place…turn it around that we as the church— will lift up these
    people and other who are hurting constantly in prayer they need our help
    not our hurting criticism.

    If you never been in this predicament being saved and missing the mark
    in a public forum it is not a nice place to be. Let us be prayerful not
    critical…regardless what we think…this couple need our prayers…

    If you are guilty of not handling this correctly, repent and use this
    letter to minister to this couple and other like them.


    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 22:31

    Subject: let pray

    ATLANTA (FOX 5) — Atlanta police said Wednesday that well-known
    television minister, Juanita Bynum, became the victim of domestic abuse
    after her husband savagely beat her in a hotel parking lot Tuesday

    A relative of Reverend Bynum told FOX 5 News that the Reverend Bynum and
    her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, are in the middle of a separation.

    The relative said the two agreed to meet Tuesday night in the dining
    room of the Renaissance Hotel near Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

    The meeting reportedly did not go well and ended with Bishop Weeks
    leaving abruptly. The relative said Reverend Bynum followed him to the
    parking lot where the two exchanged words.

    According to an Atlanta Police Department report, that’s when Weeks
    allegedly attacked her. In a statement to police, Reverend Bynum said
    her husband, Thomas Weeks, “choked her, pushed her down, kicked her and
    stomped her in the Renaissance parking lot.”

    Ronald Campbell of the APD said a bellhop at the hotel saw the attack,
    intervened and stopped it.

    Officer Campbell said Reverend Bynum suffered multiple bruises and
    swelling and required hospitalization.

    Reverend Bynum is being kept at an undisclosed location.

    Police are searching for Thomas Weeks.


  32. […] Is Bishop Thomas Weeks III A Wife Beater? We Know He’s A Heretic! Read: When They Pierced His Side: The Blood And Water Of Jesus Christ From IndependentConservative: […]

  33. Connie said

    This is ONLY a WAKE-CALL to the “SLEEPING GIANT” a.k.a. the Body of Christ. ‘WATCH & PRAY!” “PRAY & FAST!” The time for gossipping is OVER! Calling ALL INTERCESSORS! These are the Last Days! Sound the Alarm on a Holy Nation. So keep the Whole Amor of God on because to YOU whom God has given MUCH, then MUCH is required from YOU.” Selah!

  34. heavens Treasure said

    Their is more to this story…And no woman should provoke a man to such anger and him being a bishop should maintain “Control:”. In the word it says a “Bishop” Should not go too far-Be control of his house.
    The reconcialation may have been too much but the both of them are at fault, they are both “HUMAN BEINGS PEOPLE” “In the bible it says We ALL FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD……NO MAN IS PERFECT… EVEN IN THE MINISTRIES…SOME KIND OF WAY THE WILL OF MAN STEPS INTO PLACE AND PEOPLE FALL OUT THE WILL OF GOD.


  35. heavens Treasure said


  36. Gayle Day said

    I have not really followed Bynum or Weeks; I have seen them while switching channels with the remotem but never watched them. However, this is a sad situation. They need prayer; but Weeks will have to pay for his crime.

    Whether they are false prophets or not, people need to read the bible for themselves; not trust any man or woman as the source of their belief. The problem with some christians is that they are spiritually lazy. They want to be spoon-fed by someone else rather than get into the word and read it themselves.

  37. PRECIOUS said

    This is a sad situation, weather they are prophets or not, for any woman to be beaten by her husband is not good. Then what make it worst is that they are man and woman of God, they are to live by example. I pray for both of that God help to solve their problems and live peacefully with each other. BE AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU PREACH,.

  38. Sherry said

    I agree woth everyone who stated that we must pray. I don’t know what happened, you don’t know what happened to before the fight or during the fight, but we need to fall on our knees and pray. I love the both of them, and God loves them too. I AM BEGGING EVERYONE TO LET’S JUST PRAY ABOUT THIS.

    James 5:16
    Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

  39. jasmine said

    I totally agree that christains are to lazy to read the word. We just need to stop and putting our trust in man. We are to focused on living for financial wealth instead of spiritual wealth.God’s people need a reality check. Are we living for this world or working for God’s kingdom? Today I pray for us to be more spiritually rich rather than financially prosperous.

  40. Sheila said

    Heaven’s treasure,I am not sure which heaven you treasure but you need to choose your words wisely.

  41. Sheila said

    Heaven’s treasure,I am not sure which heaven you treasure but you need to choose your words wisely.No one deserves to be assaulted like what the prophetess went through,so for you to say”no woman should provoke her husband to such anger”,is being very insesetive and high horse mentality.I dont care if he is a Bishop,what he did is shameful and should be called so.Trying to be politically correct about clear issues of right and wrong is what got us whre we are today,sweeping our dirt under the carpet.We can never judge a man’s spiritual condition and we don’t have the power to do so but that should not stop us from judging the sin,separating man from his sin.There is no man who has the right to abuse another human being then hide behind the guise of anger through provocation,especially if you are the shephered

    • heavens treasure said

      i just happen to run across this and what i said is no one should be provoked and on the other hand he should have maintained control being a bishop,, the god i serve is the same god, the one and only “ELOHIM”..king of kings lords of lords do you know jesus, asking which heaven i treasure. The lord is my sheperd, i am who god says i am, not what you are implying. I serve a mighty god you need to choose your words wisely as well, i am a warrior of christ.

  42. Vanessa said

    Oh my soul cries out to God for this situation !!!! I pray for the Wisdom of God to overtake this situation. All, we don’t have all the facts but yet we judge. We have taken our oppinions and left them as facts according to the Word of God. I pray for wisdom and understanding for our people. We cry out to God but do we really understand why we cry out to him. My heart bleed for this couple. I am in a marriage that has presented a number of challenges. We are Christians, we both read the word of God for ourselves and it appears that we both trust and believe in God, but there are things that are just not right in our union. This event has happened in the midst of me not wanting to play the role of a happy couple anymore. And to be honest I am confused as to why in the midst of the decisons that I need to make that God would present this event ( I am just being honest because there are many women who are asking the same question but afraid to voice it because of religiocity). This situation to me was a horrific thing to hear. I was speaking to a pastor about my situation and I was told that they were having issues but they were being faithful and believing God to work out their kinks. And today my heart bleeds for them…Not just for them but my heart bleeds for all the Men and Women of God who are in relationships in which they have covered up their pain only for the enemy to use it as his platform to bring shame and further hurt and discouragement to them. All we must Pray…we must pray that our Christanity is no longer religious. That we are open about our faults and about our failures,and our wounds that we no longer shy away from the judgements of men but embrace their judgements in knowing that by uncovering what we are hiding at least one person will be set free from what the enemy has kept them in bondage to. I love all of my Christan Brothers and Sisters in Christ !!! Let’s stop playing church and show other’s our wounds as we rest in the arms of God and recieve our healing from Him.

  43. James said

    wow…just wow. I pray that she stays away from him. I have seen many a woman beatin to within an inch of their life because they want to “save” the marriage. Sista’s God did not tell you to be a punching bag. “Pastor” weeks needs to step down and get himself right…pray that the lord makes him right. Let’s see if he is truly obedient. Beating your wife at 4am in a hotel parking lot and then evading the police isn’t even remotely what a man of God should be doing. Your flock looks at you as the standard…you must be without reproach.

    People..stop making excuses for him. Those that are called are to be the standard barrers. A popular phrase heard in seminaries now is “were you called or did you here an echo?”

    And the cat that said the woman shouldn’t have prevoked her husband….you need some help…seriously. I am hoping that that just came out wrong.

    My man Heal you need to jump in here…surprised you have not commented on any of this yet.

  44. James said

    Let me jump in here again…I have one problem with the article above…specifically:

    Strange laughter is a clear sign of demonic presence and activity, and though I am a charismatic with a Pentecostal background, we cannot ignore what many other Bible believing Christians have to say about some of our charismatic “laughing revivals!”

    slow down homie….where in the bible does it say that strange laughter is a clear sign of demonic presence and activity. Show me…if it’s not in the bible…it’s all you and an opinion…choose your words start losing people when you go off of what you “think.”

  45. Messenger Beloved said

    if you strike reverse psychology, when a man or woman comes before the congregation and boasts with excitement that their spouse is the love of their life, or the strawberries dipped in their chocolate or their prince from Egypt, or their Queen of Zion etc…consider what is the, or why is there a, need to confess to a host of congregants your intimate thougts of your spouse…the scriptures tell us to confess our faults one to another not our intimate emotives about our spouse…it is a sure sign that they were exceeding in a din of unhappiness in their marriage…

    at the moment Thomas testified of how Juanita was to be his wife, he released a warning sign, and no one paid attention to it…as a matter of fact, any husband who is weak and has to ride the skirt tail or walk in the shadow of his wife will ultimately cave in to his own inhibition of FEAR and FAME…she was the vehicle to make a name for him…she became what he wanted to be…and they still don’t call on him…her gift made the platform available for him…and they still don’t acknowledge him…to mention Thomas has some issues that are dark and secret and when a wife is not submitting to the husband because he ain’t loving her like Christ love the church due to these dark secrets, rage and anger is the result…emotional and psychological abuse is the result…this is not the first time it has happened…they just happened to be in public this time…so now the good citizens watching has to do something…there is an equitable eye witness who is responsible for saying I SAW THE CRIME…I CAN IDENTIFY the VICTIM and the PERPETRATOR…

    hmmm, what is done in the dark will be done in the light…he was only doing what was normal to him…it was in him to fight her and beat her down…she was only doing what was normal for her…it was in her to chase after, to yell at, to verbally fight back (listen to her when she preach…that is in her)…but this time the comfort of privacy was not afforded…intercession should have been going on for them before now…the last time Juanita was on TBN for those of us who are mature in the ways of righteousness and are wearing the gift of discernment should have noticed she was troubled then…she’s been troubled a long time…Thomas was just with her in Orlando, FL…there was trouble then…in many of this moderators forums lots of TALK is going on…lots of unproductive banter that is not producing eatable fruit…lots of opinions and feelings…who cares about all that crap…if you are going to rebuke and chastise, rebuke and chastise the offender…with love and kindness DRAW THEM…as much as the moderator writes/speaks, his/her belief or presumption or whatever he/she too is just as prone to this as anyone…death and harm knocks at EVERYONE’S door…how we respond to the visit and the knock determines the outcome of life…

    “When we become the living product of the script we write, then (and only then) can we leave a prosperous legacy. (Smith, Angela M. 2007)”

    This act of abuse is the product of the script they have written…check the heart, the mind, the soul, the motives, the thoughts, the emotions, the past, the hurt, the disappointment, the confusion and so you will have the abuse…what we see is the manifestation of who they truly are…and that is no disrespectful comment…what we see on TV is not who people truly are…that is what they DO…all in all keep praying, because be there any other mainstream household preachers in here or out there, they too are not exempt from the visit and knock of death…

  46. James said

    Thank you messenger beloved….it’s nice to know some folks are “gettin it”

  47. Ms. C said

    Yes, thank you Messenger Beloved, I truly agree.

    God loves every one of us, but He sure hates a false balance and will surely allow anyone of our lives to be interrupted and embarrased for the sake of getting us on the right track. We must humble ourselves before He has to humble us!

    It is so important for us to understand as Christians that we are to seek more and more to be like our God and He is a God of sacrifice, not selfishness, stubborness, pride and arrogance! This is why His word says we are to submit one to another and to think more highly of others than ourselves!

    These principles work not only in marriage, but in any relationship.

  48. Messenger Beloved said

    yes james…some of us do get it…and i am honored to be one of them who does…others of us can’t live without the debate and the argument…or the criticism of others when in fact their life is likewise in a sham behind closed doors…

    ms c. speaking of principles, this is why many in the world are prospering…they are following the principles of God because they know that His principles work…His word will not return void, but it will yield exactly what it was spoken to bring forth…the scriptures state that God SAID LET THERE BE…and without hestitation THERE WAS…the world who hates God will apply the principles of God because THEY know it WORKS…they will increase in finances, in partnerships, sowing into other people business i.e stocks and bonds…but as soon as a Christian applies this principle the first cry is they are stealing from the poor…and in many cases that is true…i once heard that a preacher was asking for x amount of funds to raise to give to the poor here and there and the Spirit of the Lord said, but the poor is NOW among you…you are giving to them, you are taking from them…so they beg the poor to give when they should have raised that offering to purchase me a home so that I don’t have to live in a shelter…or to buy me a car so that my babies and i don’t have to stand in the -0 cold to catch a bus to the market…some ride by the poor daily with an expensive cigar in there mouth…and so forth and so on…

    nonetheless, it is advisable to search the whole case…Juanita is a business woman sowing (investing) her money into other people i.e. Krispy Kreme Donuts, Walmart etc…and in fact receiving a return for her investment…

    people don’t want to search the whole case and matter…they want to pick and choose what will make another look worse than they already are…you are so so correct with that the principles work in every relationship i.e. son/father/mother dauther husband/wife/aunt/uncle…
    friend/enemy/lover/ the principle works

    i am now divorced 4.5 years from a homosexual preacher…those 6 years of marriage taught me a great lesson in my relationship with the Lord and with my family…i had to change the script i was living because it was producing an inheritance of emotional and psychological hell…Thomas and Juanita and all of us need to evaluate what is written on our hearts…if it is not the immutable speech of the Living Master, erase it and write the Word that brings life…

  49. I love Dr.Bynum and Bishop Weeks and i pray that God will have mercy on them.I pray that this situations will pass and that the body of christ won`t be so quick to judge.I am praying for both of them and hope they contuine in the things of God.Keep doing God`s will. God`s Bless!!!

  50. Minister Jennine Peters said

    All I can say is pray for them both. The devil is busy and is going around seeking who he may devile. We that know how to pray and can get a prayer through need to pray for them instead of casting judgment on them.

  51. Messenger Beloved said

    Blessings Pastor Belton,

    To pray and hope that they continue in the things of God is a good prayer and hope. However, to continue IN the things of God one must be IN the will of God. We have two persons here who have somewhere, somehow gone wayward. And that is not a negative statement. We all lose vision of the way along the path…many things can detour us on the journey, and to aaccomplish the WILL of God healing and wholeness, honesty and truth, forgiveness and acceptance of our own sin must be spread eagle. Like you, we love them too, but there is much they will have to do to bring this hurt and shame to correction.

    Juanita had a TV show to my remembrance “Judge Bynum”. It of the sorts was focusing in Christian Marriage Survival and nothing short of a bow and arrow wounded the very one and subject she advocated for. My PERSONAL stance is that when this is all over, people will know that “the Lord allowed this to happen, and the people will know it is His doing, and it will be marvelous”. Now, I am not saying the Lord told him to beat her, yet this was PERMITTED to happen in the public with a purpose.

    For those of us who are always trying to EXPOSE people, we are working TOO hard at the wrong thing. God will pull the pants down or the skirts up and do the exposing Himself. LET HIM do what He does while we keep fasting and praying for the whole body. Vindication will come, and it may not come like your opinion or feelings think it should, and when it does show up the Glory and resurrection of Thomas and Juanita will belong to God.

  52. Wendell said

    I said on yesterday, this has been going on between them from day one. But on the surface they seemed very happy. But, underneath it all was a storm brewing, and they both allowed their flesh (their personal wills) to overtake them. it happens to the strongest of a Christian. But lets not talk so harshly about them, because we are all guilty of something. Remember, God does not judge us according to actions only, but He judges our thoughts. Lets remember, an action is a manifested thought. So lets be careful what we allow to enetr our thought pattern. when the enemy, or when we allow the enemy to put crazy thoughts in our mind, we must stop and rebuke him, and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over our thoughts, and our actions. i am praying for the Weeks family, as well as the rest of the body of Christ.

  53. Lynch said

    I think some of you have it wrong. Pray yes, but they have erred for a while publicly. This is the latest in a fiasco in which they have had marriage conferences on HOW to have a successfull marriage….and they both were re-married (Paul says that one should not re-marry, but reconcile with the original spouse), and in the midst of their “success” (naturally) this occurs.

    God allowed it, and allowed it publicly. When we step aside of him and proclaim a false Gospel (prosperity, and Word of Faith) we set ourselves against God, and we act as god.

    No man can serve TWO masters. Remember that. So someone was being served in this, the almighty God or the prince of the power of the air (the devil). Many have pointed their shenadigans out, and NOW when the truth comes to a head all we hear are excuses. People still call Weeks “Bishop” Is that Biblical??

    A Bishop must be BLAMELESS, the husband of ONE (not two or remarried) wife……

    With matters such as these, it is amazing that Bible mandates are ignored for the sake of feelings and human perception and unaccountability. God held someone accountable here in this public debacle, and because of the many feelings drawn out of incorrect Biblical interpretation instead of attempting to understand time, language and culture which = proper context and Biblical interpretation, we have a mockary of the “church”.

    God’s real stars are working behind closed doors, and interceding, not having “women’s empowerment” conferences, or “how to have a better marriage” conferences.

    In all of these matters (which are VERY recent), who KNEW they were separated? Who KNEW they were attempting to RECONCILE? And tehy are teaching others how to have a successfull marriage? Mockery, total mockery and it has come to a head. pray for them, that God have mercy for mocking him and the people that have been fooled and “duped”.

    And please….if you understand the role of a Bishop, according to the Bible mandate he (Weeks) has fallen even further from being “Blameless”.

  54. Lynch said

    Oh yes and remember…those whom strive to be leaders are held to a STRICTER judgement.

    James 3:1

    My brethren, be not many masters (teachers, leaders), knowing that we (those who lead) shall receive the greater condemnation.

    Remember. This is not a game. Too many are playing church. The church is not a building, it is Gods people made without hands. It is not sitting inside a building, it is the Christians around the globe. Don’t be fooled by this Hollywood Christianity and emotion.

    You get high (just like a real drug) and go home to the same issues when you come off. Do not follow those whom preach a false Gospel. They BOTH do. Pray for them and submit yourselves to them no more. Once God has warned and warned, there will be no mercy once judgement is rendered because it is right in front of us.

    Terry Hornbuckle went to prison for rape (he is in for 16 years), and many still follow him and CALL him “Bishop”. A shame. Cultic and sad.

  55. Lynch said

    Beloved, sorry to tell you but the Word of Faith (I was once in as well) has its roots in Meta-Physics. It works yes….but it is not from God. You do not have power to say “let their be” because you are not God, nor a “mini” god.

    This movement is largely self-serving, and un-orthodox. It has no root. Hopefully you will read, think, and pray and not have the knee-jerk reaction that many do (when approached with these facts).

    These Knee jerk reactiosn are often pent out of emotion, and NO scriptural premise. Meaning those whom believe in this believe largely beacuse it is what their Pastor or teacher is feeding them….and they do not look objectively and measure the words of their pastor like the Bereans did the Apostle Paul in Acts 17:11

    “All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”: 2 Tim 3:16

  56. Messenger Beloved said

    i just watched the clip at the top of this page and find it not healthy…why? for this reason…the kings chamber is a place of privacy and no other man or woman should know the intimacy that takes place in the private place…i likened it to Ezekiel 42 and have written an article on “The Room of Intercourse”…this video has allowed the enter congregation to enter into “The Room of Intercourse” of a husband and his wife, and to mention, THEY LAUGHED at the beautiful and awesome design of God which was the man enjoyed the love of his wife vagina and breast…I ask all “What is so funny about that?”…”What is so hilariously funny that Thomas has to point at someone in the audience?”…

    Thomas has allowed the world to come into the secret place that is forbidden…this forbidden place is set aside for intimate and sacred exchange between the husband and wife…the bride and the bridegroom…what goes on in there is NO ONE ELSES business…this reminds me of my ex spouse who when his sin of homosexuality was uncovered, he ran to a cultic assembly where the pastors (mail and female) had sexual relations with the attendants…in a most inward manner, Thomas has allowed all those people to have mental sex with those husbands and wifes, and then they laughed at their doing…

    It doesn’t matter how you slice, that was not “Teaching Me How to Love You”, that was “Let me show you have to committ adultery” by opening the doors to the room of intercourse and allow you to know what goes on in the private chambers…I am not pleased with what i saw…if this was done one and one because the couple needed healing and counseling…maybe i could embrace it…but in this manner, purely unacceptable…

  57. plainmary said

    I don’t think I can say much ,but we need to pray for Leaders of the Body of Christ as well as the President.And bashing is not what we should do but pray.So how about we all take a few minutes of the net and just pray and then come back and talk about how we as a whole can get this devil on check and off our people and our finances . And please pray for me and my family and I will pray for all of you and your families.God Bless.

  58. plainmary said

    I meant to say take a few minutes off the net to pray.

  59. Darryl said

    That’s why in 1 John 4. GOD says to always try the spirit to see if it is from HIM, self or the devil. Of course GOD can use us for HIS glory. That is why we have to seek GOD for ourselves and not get caught up in “the person GOD used at that time, but get caught up in GOD” When the jackass prophesied to balaam, he was a jackass then and remained a jackass afterward. That doesn’t mean the you let the jackass into all of your business and esteem him more because GOD used him. I feel so bad for them both. I will hold them up in prayer

  60. Lynch said

    Rosemary…”we need to pray for Leaders of the Body of Christ…”

    That is exactly what I am talking about. HOW are THEY (Weeks-a Oneness pentecostal adherent, who denies the Trinity) a LEADER in the body of Christ? They are NOT. they are self apointed, and suck people into following them with emotion laced and highly charged services.

  61. Lynch said

    If I deny the Trinity, I deny the VERY nature of God. How could I worship him? How could I be a leader in “The Body of Christ?”

  62. Lynch said

    So why were they having a marriage conference? When they were both remarried and newlyweds? Doent God outline standards in His Word? Is God mocked? No, he is not.

  63. G W Day said

    I have read some of your blogs about marriage problems. This is my comment: I was married to the wrong person. God did not put us together. I had a dread in my spirit when I did it and it did not work out. In all honesty, I could not lay this at God’s feet and ask why when I knew the answer. This was my selection; not God’s. God is always speaking; but we do not hear or we choose to ignore. I am not saying this is the case with Bynum and Weeks; however. The bottom line is that they need prayers because if they accepted Jesus as their Savior, they belong to him. They did not earn their salvation; none of us do. But sometimes we lose sight of that. We condemn people when we should pray for them. When you condemners were watching them when they were together and did not approve of what was going on in their ministry; did you pray for them? Or did you just point fingers? Finally, Christians should read the bible for themselves; not just part of the bible the entire bible with prayer and meditation. I have never followed Bynum and Weeks; however one thing is sure: SHEEP DO BITE AND DEVOUR ONE ANOTHER…OUCH…

  64. Messenger Beloved said

    Dear Lynch,

    The fact that you spoke with speculation and not accuracy concerning my post is not wise. And the fact that you have found a place to get your opinion across about meta physics when I never spoke of it speaks much about your motive and character.

    I did not indicated that I SAID LET THERE BE and THERE WAS. Be that is what you perceived, your perception is off a tad. What I said, and I quote: “the scriptures state that God SAID LET THERE BE…and without hestitation THERE WAS”. See the confusion you were about to start because you did not pay attention to what was written in the truth it was written in.

    And with all due respect, you don’t have to be sorry to tell me that the Word of Faith has its roots in meta physics. That is good knowledge and wonderful for what it is. However, Christ Himself has taught that “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you” John 15 (KJV).

    The fact that His words abide in me and I abide in Him gives me the power and authority to asak, to speak, to declare His words. Therefore, when peace is not present, I can say PEACE BE STILL and without hesitation PEACE IS. You are correct…it does work…and yes it is of God.

  65. Sharon said

    Messenger Beloved and all others that are veiwing this message board . We all know how good God is and we don’t want to speak about anyone without knowing truth ( but we do ). We have to keep them in prayer no matter if they are false teacher of the Word or the real thing.We are people that will make the wrong choice in our life sooner or later . There should never be a time where a man should put his hands on a female no matter how angery he is and also there should be a time when a female should know when to walk away . They both was wrong in this matter . I myself attended TBN studio on Tuesday and i to saw how Jaunita was changing right before my very eyes. From the time I first heard Jaunita preach on T.V. it blew my mind because I have never her a women preach the way she did and it caught my attention so I begain to follow her when she came to TBN to host the show . Over the months as more people notice her I began to see how she became more worldly than this great pastor I first saw .I found myself going to TBN not to hear the word but to see how she had started dressing and so on. It did not last long I’m not sure what she were thinking but it came to a hault just as fast as she had change before my eyes. I myself notice when the 2007 Women On The Front Line Conference the day before it ended how Jaunita was preaching and how angery she was and how she was going back and forward across the stage that she had something on her heart and that was the place she was going to say what she had to say and no one was going to stop her because the show was live. Jaunita did mention about the rummor about her and her husband was having problems and she begain to lash out about things that was not about the conference.I could not believe my ears in what I was hearing.I said to myself do these people hear what I was hearing.As the carama went across the stage I saw Jaunita father-n-law standing as first as he was cheering for her at first then there was a quick glimps of her husband Thomas lll and he did not look to please in what was being said.Jaunita left the stage and went down to where the people were and told them that-that this conference wasn’t about them but it was all about Jaunita and the next level God had called to.On the last day of the conference I caught the last 40 min of as they singing and the camara follower Jaunita across the stage I did not see neither of the ( Weeks) men there.I don’t know if there was a problem in their marriage before I really don’t want to know I just pray they are the people of God they lead people to believe they are . And I say {THIS TO SHALL PASS}. Remember everyone we ALL make mistakes and we ALL can recover from them.The Devil is busy and he wants us to judge them and spread rummors of things we don’t know is the truth. Keep them and all of the people who go through violence in there life in prayer.Lord oh precious Lord please open my heart to know Your Word is true,open up my ears to hear the wonderful words of Yours,open up my mind to get a perfect understanding of Your Word,open my mouth for me to spread the gospel of the Living God,close my eyes to whom I’m speaking so I want judge them,open my arms so I can embrace everyone who I come in contact with,Lord I am worthless,I am nothing I’m willing to serve You as long as I have breath in my body and I will glorify for all of my days left. Thank You , Jesus Christ for all You have done for me. Amen

  66. Lady Advocate said

    I agree with some of you, especially you Messenger Beloved. I feel that much of what we call faith, religion, and Christianity today is nothing more than blind faith and mindless devotion. I have been contemplating giving up on churches for several years now. I agree with whoever said that Christians use their church experiences as a drug. People need to wake up and realize that we live in a real world. We do not live out our lives at the conference. When church is over we need to go home and deal with our issues. I don’t know what it is about the Pentecostal church experience that causes people to believe that they do not have to deal with reality. Though my father was a pastor and I grew up in church, I have grown very disgusted with churches and organized religion and church people and leaders alike.

    I think that Dr. Bynum needs to leave Mr. Weeks. To stay with him will cause irreparable harm to the psyches and also the emotional and physical well being of Christian women and girls everywhere. I say this because if Dr. Bynum does not leave him, there will be weak-minded women all across the world, that believe in Dr. Bynum, who will look at her and say “Well, since she stayed, then maybe it is alright for me to stay. God will deliver and prayer changes things.” I am afraid that many “Christian” women will lose their lives if Dr. Bynum choses to stay with Mr. Weeks. I believe that Christian leaders need to get off their knees and come together by taking a stand against all of real life the issues that are facing their congregants. After you are done preaching to me how to get a nice house, a nice car, money in the bank and all of the things that you don’t have to be a Christian to get, you also need to tell me how to get out of an abusive relationship and stay out of jail. They need to let the Women in their churches know that they do not have to stay in situations where they are being abused mentally or physically.

    Too many times the church becomes a refuge for sin. People use the church to do all sorts of sinister, horrific and evil things in the name of God.

    Since every other person on this blog is asking that we pray for this couple, I am going to pray that the both of them will do the body of Christ a favor. I will pray that Dr. Bynum does the right thing by leaving Mr. Weeks permanently. I will also pray that Mr. Weeks relinquishes his title as Bishop and steps down as a pastor. Though I believe in forgiveness, perhaps a much clearer message will be received by other Christian men, if he stays in the shadows for a very long time.

  67. the prophet said

    all of these things that are happenning in this hour with our leaders are sad and shows bad character. However the lord has told me this year that he is going to expose and remove the gods of the people for you trust in man rather than in God sad to say poeple dont want truth they want a lie this is an hour of great deception,false prophets who prophelie tell you about a false destiny that has to do with money cars houses and fame these leaders are in trouble with God for misleading people the gospel is not being preached our conferences are full of motivational speaking there are no souls being saved but all you hear is money, you coming out debt free. Oh but the lord will do a new thing for there are a generation of preachers that God shall raise who’s in his counsel seeking his face for a real word who is not concerned about a crowd fame or fortune in fact these are they whose coming from the back side of the desert that the lord shall bring forth. For these that are on the circuit now there days are numbered sayeth the lord they have become sucessful failures,robbing my people they are the wolves in sheep clothing for the lord says study my word rely on the holy Ghost to teach you and guide you into all truth for this day of deception have I allowed for those of you that will believe a lie you will be with your father the devil in hell for those of you that like truth shall find me sekk me saith the Lord seek me! God’s Prophet of raleigh,nc.

  68. GOD KNOWS said


  69. K.Hawk said

    Let God be true and every man a liar. In any given situation we as believers have to secure what our role and response should be to the situation biblically. We have to remove ourselves from our emotions and focus on what God has spoken in His word concerning the issue we are confronted with. Fact Weeks beat his wife. Fact that act was sin. Fact that sinful act was public. Fact if a brother/sister is overtaken in a fault ye which are spiritual should restore that individual in meekeness considering yourself lest you also be tempted. Fact a Bishop must be blameless, sober the husband of one wife, able to rule his own house well. According to the biblical definition of a Bishop, Weeks should at the very least step down even if temporarily while he prayerfully would be submitting to God for the help that only God can give him. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance so I dare not say he is not called to be what God says, but there are also guidelines for operating in ministry. There is a string of uncoverings that God will do Himself in order to purify His body. Our prayer should be that those who are exposed would see the error of their way and humble themselves and allow God to minister to them. God is a God of love, patience, forgiveness & mercy, but He is also a God of justice, vengence and wrath. But we are not to judge because as human nature would have it when we sin we want mercy but when someone else sins we want justice. Why don’t we just examine all that confronts us in light of what the bible says about it and leave the judging, vengence, forgiveness, grace to God. In all of this we still have very little facts or details about their marriage. When it comes to ministry, God reveals, uncovers, takes down every thing that exalts itself against the knowlege of the truth. God Himself is purging and making ready His bride without spot wrinkle blemish or any such thing. I also agree with what’s been said here, if you weren’t already, prepare for war!

  70. Lady Advocate said

    By the way……..some call Dr. Bynum Prophetess Bynum. My question here is if she is truly a Prophetess why did she not see/discern that Mr. Weeks would abuse her? I don’t consider myself a prophetess in any way, but from day one, I could see that he was not right for her. How is it that you can “prophesy” for everyone else and not see what is right for your own life. God knows I love Dr. Bynum…I really do and I want the best for her in her own life. I just want people to wake up and realize what is going on.

    I am tired of people being fooled. The problem is that we have so many people who are hungry for something and who are looking for something/someone to believe in. Most people’s lives are insignificant according to the world’s standards and they use the church as a vehicle by which to gain self importance. In one of my favorite movies “The American President” the President’s advisor, portrayed by Michael J. Fox and Michael Douglas who was portrayed as the President of the U.S., had a really powerful exchange during a period where the Presidency was in the midst of extreme turmoil. Their words are so relevant to what is happening in our churches today. Douglas was clueless when he said, “When people are thirsty they will crawl through the desert and drink the sand.” to which Fox so cleverly responded, “Mr. President, People don’t drink the sand because they are thirsty, they drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.”

    Christians are fed nonsense on a weekly basis and they are drinking it because they don’t know the difference. It is very sad to see people giving their rent money to the church in the name of receiving a blessing and on Monday they are being thrown out of their apartments. When they go to the same Pastor who admonished them that they would get one hundred fold return on their monies, they are turned down for help and are left out on the street with their family. I see every Sunday pastors and their family members, each of whom is in their own brand new Lexus, driving past their congregants who are walking or waiting at the bus stop in 110 degree heat mind you, without ever even offering them a ride. One pastor bought his teenage kids Lexus cars while elderly people in his church were walking. What is this? Is this really what God wants? Does God need our monies that badly that he will do this to his people? If so, then I am all for it. I’ll live on the streets with my family for the cause of giving my all to God IF that is what God really wants. I know that some of you might answer me and say, well this happens because the person’s faith is weak…LOL….LOL again. No this happens because people are being duped into believing a lie.

    I still love God with all of my heart and I realized a long time ago that my faith and devotion should be to him and to him only. I am not a tither in a sense of what todays’ pastor is looking for because I don’t trust “God” (which is really the church) with my money. I give an offering according to what is purposed in my heart to give. But I tithe in other ways like lending a helping hand to the poor and those families who are struggling to survive. I give my time and money to those who really need it. If someone on the street is asking for a dollar, I give them my tithe. I do it often and God is continually blessing me. I don’t have to believe that if I give all of my money to the church then my life will be better. I just want people to wake up. How do you preach to someone like me or like Bill Gates or Oprah who already have “the blessings” of God. I have more of God’s favor on my life right now than anyone. What I need is the truth of God’s word and that is not found in churches today.

    Instead of telling me to pray, tell me where I can find a pastor who does not want what is in my purse and then I will pray.

  71. Mike said

    Well said lady advocate…

  72. russell said

    my question is will we as saints continue to endorse, partner with and praise our spoksmen who are both living like they have no sanctity, everyone has problems, but (not to be nosey) i want to know why he hit her, and why in the parking lot why not in the building, it dose not justfy being hit but as a proverbs 31 woman you should not push bottons, and we all now how and what to say to push them. (men and women)
    but from the the leaders of christendom, i want to know why.
    we cannot be ok and over look our leaders getting divored
    paula white and her husband Noel jones, marvin and vickie winan, it was not so from the beggining and its time for congregatons not preachers to stand up and demand more from our leaders

  73. Godlover said

    How is it that the body of Christ will take up so much precious time interjecting an opinion that is purely based on speculation? None of us where there. We only know what was told to us. By no means do I think the matter should be swept under the rug, however the bible does declare that judgement is the Lord’s. I agree with many on the call to prayer. If we could really tap into the spiritual ramifications of this whole matter and understand how it is intended to weaken “The Body” we really would pray for them.

    Remember what God said to David when he had every right to literally take Saul’s head off. Even though Saul had issues, God told David to touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Our jobs are not be judges but we are called to prevail in prayer.

  74. Belinda said

    The Bible tells us, judge not les you be judged by the same measure.We never know what we will or will not do. Love your neighbor as you love your self, would you like people to judge you if you did something. He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Love covers a multitude of fault. We say that we love God who we have not seen and hate your brother whom you have seen. but if have the love God in us as we say how can we condem other people. Jesus said he did’nt come to comdem, but to save that which is lost. WE all fall short of the glory of God didn’t he say repent, go and sin no more, but yet we still sin against God whether it be hidden are openly. Who are we to judge anyone. Look at Saul who mistreated God’s people in a very bad way. Didn’t God make him a him an Apostle of Jesus Christ. If God can turn him around he can do it for Bishop Weeks. God is no respect of person.

  75. Mike said

    Across the spectrum, so many Bynum faithfuls are repeating that the bible asks not to judge less we be measured by the same. In essence lets pray for her and Weeks and show mercy as God did for Saul for instance.

    However, the bible is very clear and warns us to be careful of false prophets. They will come singing my name but they are NOT from me. By their fruit you will know them.

    Well, people make your choice. You can choose to believe that Bynum is a prophetess. And though her husband and her have displayed behaviour nothing short of a Jerry Springer rerun, they still are called by God and require our mercy. Or you can open your eyes and see that when your spiritual leaders (including Paula White as of recent) cannot uphold a covenant relationship made under God, they have no business being in the pulpit.

  76. cindy said

    First Juanita Bynam and her husband, now Pastor Paula White and Randy White are “GETTING A DIVORCE” – what is going on?

  77. Mike said

    Back to my previous post. You have to ask yourself whether these people were actually called by God to be in the pulpit. Don’t be surprised or blame God when you did not follow the standards his son, Jesus Christ, laid for us.

  78. Lady Advocate said

    I am not praying for anyone whom God did not call to be in ministry in the first place. Some were called………some just went. …And you shall know them by their fruit? Look at the fruit people. I am not judging anyone here. I speak based upon what I can clearly see. I will only pray that all of you who support this nonsense will open your eyes.

  79. In His Will said

    I must say many follower of Bynum/Weeks are in shock. People all over the world are watching. Not only Bynum and Weeks but the christian community. Waiting to point and say we do judge and we do lie, steal, and beat our mates. Now is the time we take a stand and intercede for the lost, the hurting, and the broken. That is what we are called to do. Judging is not for us. To Prophetess and Bishop….God is the only one able to bring us out of our pits…He alone sits on the thrown…He alone is able to humble us, shape us, and makes us anew. May you both live in his will. Have no hate for one another…that is not of God.

  80. Messenger Beloved said

    Dearest God Knows:

    With due love and respect, if ALL OF US SHUT UP…then the rocks will still cry o ut the truth…the waves will still roar the truth…and what we were created to do will be done by the elements of the earth…so NO WE SHOULD NOT SHUT UP…we should SPEAK THE TRUTH…SPEAK THE WORD OF THE LORD…DECLARE WHAT IS RIGHT and HOLY…should we pray? Yes we should, but in that, only the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous prevails…the people of God are being oppressed from every direction of the wind…as Paula White so eloquently states DEAL WITH IT…she, Bynum and Weeks and all other NOW at this moment has to DEAL WITH IT…deal with the cause of their lives becoming the total opposite of what they have been teaching and preaching…deal with the SOULS THAT are hurting from the explotation of their lives…they like us have to DEAL WITH the course they have taken that has caused them to arrive where they are…we all have to DEAL WITH…my stance is had they been more transparent with their faults (one with another) the Body of Christ could have HELPED and COUNSELED and STRENGTHENED…

    I am reminded of a pastor who struggled with smoking and could no longer preach under the conviction of his own struggle…he came to HIS CONGREGATION and CONFESSED…told them that HE NEEDS THEIR HELP…he then threw his cig packs on the altar, feel to his knees and every congregants that was in his shameful postion followed suit with their cig packs on the altar and fell to their knees…one confessed his audultery and he and his wife laid it at the altar…from this HEADSHIP CONFESSION, this ministry now runs a Christian Biblical Based recovery center…no one is shame to confess because they know our LEADER is not shame to confess…

    We hide in private, until privacy is no longer an opportunity; and by that time, destruction is great. So, NO we should not SHUT UP…we should SPEAK THE WORD OF THE LORD…SPEAK THE TRUTH…and LET THE TRUTH BE OUR FREEDOM…

    Dearest Lady Advocate:

    By all means, don’t be controlled by the issues of the people and let it detour you from what is right. Then those issues will have power over you to keep you from TRUE fellowship. I have learned to eat that which is good off the table…if it is not acceptable, reject it and move forward. Having my own bouts with the religious folks sporadically kept me away from fellowship; nonetheless, I had to make a decision and COME TO MYSELF that if the emeal is absolutley the Word of God, eat of it and dwell in it and live; if not, don’t touch it.

    Also, it is not the PENTACOSTAL CHURCH, it is a religious spirit that has invaded the people of God. It works in regions and is everywhere. Even in Africa, some of the regions of the country worship just like we do WITH NO ANOINTING TO BIND AND DESTROY and leave one LIVING with a NEWNESS…same old same old stuff…it is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR and not a God-like behavior.

    All and all, this type of hurt among leaders have been going on for years on end. It’s just that it happening in our time is a sure sign of the time that Christ is soon to return, and every man will be helf accountable for his own soul’s salvation. To all of us, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves…let us walk in love which means we are also walking in correction…that is what love does, it corrects when we error, and it chastise we do wrong, it does not boast and mock at another who is hurting, but it definitely gives you a good spanking with the Word. If any opinion in this forum lines up with the Word of God, eat of it…if it does not, reject it and move forward.

  81. Faith said

    What happen in the house stays in the house. An old adage, but a house devided can not stand If the head of the house is sick the entry house needs healing. We all know someone in the same situation as Juanita Bynum-Week Face it she broke the code of silent in the churches.It took someone of her status to reveal what’s happening behind closed doors. All of the leaders (women) aren’t quite by nature. Some are hurting are being abuised. We thought that the Priest had commited the no return sin. Abuise has its sins and internal pain. Especially when you don’t know who to tell. Pray, for the slient. Truth has made Juanita free, when the women told Jesus the whole story her faith made her whole. This is the latter part of the story “Women Thou art loose. Bishop Jakes can’t tell this part. Junita Bynum-Weeks will have to run with this one same as she did with “No More Sheets”. Abuise does not discrimnate against orgin, creed, faith, male, female,rich/poor; christian,non-christian non exempt. what about the mother,teacher, wife, leader, minister, preacher women who are still in slient, your friend! Abuise has a way of hitting home.

  82. cliff elizalde said

    This whole situation is disappointing! Ms.Bynum, with so many prophets and preachers’ close to you, why didn’t any one of them step forward in discernment and sense this coming? It’s important to realize that you are watched always. I’m not casting stones, but for the love of God, you and your husband should have known better! This type of behavior regardless of who is at fault cannot be tolerated in the church and especially from our church “Generals”.

  83. Ann said

    I think the person or persons that committed this website for all to see I wonder what mess do you have in your life that God is going to reveal about you ? Every charater in the bible that God has used had flaws but he still use them too. We all were born in iniquity and fall short of the glory of God; thats why we need God. Do you want people to talk about you when you fall (and you will fall)? You are not the Judge of anything so be very careful with so judgement. Instead of yoyr sorry opinion, read your word more and see what it says about your filty righteousness being as filty rags. You might want to shut up because The word says that God ears and eyes are listening to every silly word that proceed out of your mouth. It is very sad and Iam choosing to pray for them instead of passing judgement about something we really don’t know what happened that night.Pray that your mess won’t be exposed.

  84. Ann: OK, you accused me of being someone who A) does not know the Bible, B) being one that is hiding “mess” that God will reveal, and C) someone who will ultimately fall. And yet you accuse ME of judging? That is the sin of hypocrisy, Ann.

  85. Mike said

    Sorry Ann, another gross misinterpretation of the bible. Following your reasoning, no person (INCLUDING PREACHERS) should pass judgement on ANY sinful activity in the community because you never know God could be using them for something good. Since we are not to judge, next time I come across an open drug dealer in my community, I will not condemn or pass judgement. I will quietly walk away and go and pray for them. In this way I will be showing the Lord that I am a good child of God. LOL….what a joke.

  86. Shatena Scimio said

    Everyone with all this talk HHHHUUUUUSSSSSSHHHHH, STTTAAAANNNNDDD BBBAAACCCKKK and watch GGGGGGGOOOOODDDDD Show Up and Show Out he will have the last say so and get allllll the GGGGGlllllOOORRRRYYYY. He is sitting on the throne not us like I said before. Remember you are pointing one finger at them, look at how many are pointing back at you. Keep all in PPPPRRRRAAAYYYEEERRR They are still his children Love Sis T

  87. Boom said

    First off, who gives out these titles “Bishop” and “First Lady” and “Prophetess”? Far as I know bishop means overseer. Someone who is not only responsbile for others, but accountable to God on their behalf.

    Be wary of any group who tries to tell you their’s is “the way” or any group who claims exclusivity to God’s truth through “prophecy” or any other manner not freely avilable to all men. God is no respecter of persons.

    I think He is amused at some of the self titled people who claim His Holy name.

    …and Jesus said “Why then do you call Me good? Do you not know that none are good except My Father who is in Heaven?

    ….and they answered Him, and said: “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of life”

    Two different verses, not intended to be presented as one train of thought.

  88. Last Day Messenger said


  89. Godlover said

    Please people of God, let’s not use this site as an opportunity to “slam” each other. How about using the site as a prayer chain? All of us, especially me, is in much need of prayer. Let’s allow our love to cover our brother and sister. I agree that we shouldn’t swept this under the rug but let’s not give the world more to talk about.

    I’m so glad that God’s love brought me up out of the mess that I was in. And because of his grace I can extend that love to someone else. Even generals need love and grace extended to them. I do understand that the greater the anointing the greater the demons assigned to you. So let’s take this as an eye opener and an encouragement to keep our generals on the altar before the Lord.

    Could it be that perhaps somewhere along the way that we were not being the intersessors that we where called to be? If our posts are unmanned then anything can slip through the gate. Please pray for our leaders.

  90. Mike said

    Godlover, you and others have been warned of false preachers and false prophets. The world will talk more if we do not use discernment with our leaders. There is nothing unchristian about that. I am not sure how old you are but I implore you and others to review the Jim Jones (Guyana) tragedy of 1978. During his ascent, people said the same thing….we should still pray for him despite his inconsistencies. After the mass suicide of 913 people, it is quite clear he was not called by God but it is too late for the men, women and CHILDREN that died.

    So sorry. I will pray. But I will pray that God sends us good leaders and unmasks the false ones as he has done so well in this case.

  91. Woman of God
    I will be praying for you and your family. We all have situations that we go through every day, so we as christians should pray instead gossip about it. Juanita, God has you were he wants you right in his hands. This too shall pas in Jesus Name. God has made you a very strong woman of God to come forth from this as pure gold. My sister you are for more than diamonds and rubbies. Keep pressing to the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus, he will not let you down. This is my prayer and word of encouragement. My sister, be blessed in Jesus Name. Amen.

  92. Woman of God
    I will be praying for you and your family. We all have situations that we go through every day, so we as christians should pray instead gossip about it. Juanita, God has you were he wants you right in his hands. This too shall pas in Jesus Name. God has made you a very strong woman of God to come forth from this as pure gold. My sister you are for more than diamonds and rubbies. Keep pressing to the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus, he will not let you down. This is my prayer and word of encouragement. My sister, be blessed in Jesus Name. Amen

  93. James said

    Boom: Good post…and exactly correct. I find it funny. Jesus when asked who he was said…I am who they say I am.

    Yet we have all these people giving themselves titles. Frankly, who cares…save souls!!! Why should your title matter? I mean…all we have is the Word and God’s promises.

  94. Godlover said

    Father, in your precious name, let the breath of heaven breath on your servants. Father I pray that you will allow your mighty hand to strenghten, sustain and restore both Prophetess and Bishop Weeks. Father your word declares that you will hide us in the time of trouble. You promised us in Psalms 91 that you will be with us in the time of trouble. We bless you now for your love and for your word. Thank you for you mercy and grace because we know that according to your Word, we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. So father help your people. Forgive us and make our pathways straight. Father, I speak restoration and unprecedented love towards your servants right now in your name I pray. Amen

  95. The Bible states He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Judge not that ye be not judged for with what judgment ye judge ye shall be judge and with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brothers eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? God said I even I am He that blotthed out thou sin for my own transgression and I will not remember thy sin. Everybody falls at some point but just like Donnie Mcclurkin says in his song we can get back up again. The Bible says For a just man falleth seven times and riseth up again. So everybody that has a problem with this needs to keep it movin’ and pray a serious pray for everyone who is going through issues wether they are in the spot light or not JUST FACE IT WE ARE HUMAN. Pray for those that fall and lift them up and God will exalt them in His time. W.W.J.D. And thatt’s what we should be doing also. LET GO AND LET GOD. GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO HAS LEFT A REPLY ON THIS SITE.

  96. Mike said

    Anointedone, take time to read the prior posts on this board including mine #85

  97. Denise said

    Whats in you will most certainly come out you can only hide it for so long. I say both are at fault here. I believe the Lord allowed exposure because He’s tired of the mess thats in His body.
    Some more covers are gonna be pulled, just wait and see!

    He is not pulling covers to be mean He is doing it because he loves us and wants everyone of us to repent of your wickedness and false god, idol worship. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong, but I dont think I am. Juanita was in the flesh when she said, that God showed her this man was her husband. I know for myself he was still married and involved with another lady in the gospel; but, when money came along he dumped her before quick could get ready. He loves money to much.

    Get mad at me if you want too, he should have never got up and preached on sunday morning he should have let someone else do it. Both parties need to set down for a while under the true word of God.

    That anger has always been in him, a man just does not wake up one day and decide because his wife makes him angry I’m going to stomp her to death, this was in him from the beginning, I dont know why you discerning saints didnt see it in him or her for that matter. This whole marriage was flesh on display and you see what happens when you chose in the flesh, learn to chose in the spirit saints of God or this will be you.

  98. denise said

    Oh yeah, if the people of God wouldnt fund these false prophets and their lies then they couldnt spread falsehoods.




  99. Messenger Beloved said

    Dear Ann…

    People are talking about healtheland and most likely not because of any sin they know of, but because he is doing what he believes is honorable for the sake of the Kingdom. He/she does not have to FALL to be spoken ill of…in fact, all you have to do is what is RIGHTEOUS and people will hate you…and of course, those who do not discern will always say we should not be judging…or we should not be rebuking…when in fact, yes we should…I don’t see a stone being cast in this blog…those of us who are mature already know that we have sinned and come short of God’s glory…when you acknowledge that with a pure heart you have no issues with speaking with truth and transparency before others…that is what i see happening here…a motto coined through the Holy Spirit that i advise all of us to do is to allow the Lord to “illuminate my path so that i may see with my spirit and not with my eyes 2 Kings 6:17(Smith, Angela M., 2005)…open the eyes of our spirit and heart Lord so that we may see You and the truth that you have split open in our presence…that we may know that this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous…although painful to many, God will yet get the glory…

  100. Lady Advocate said

    Amen Denise…………Please stop being fooled people. I agree with Mike. I am not old enough to remember the Jim Jones tradgedy, but I remember my grandparents speaking of it. It is very sad to say but true that many people are as blind if not more so than the people who were following Jim Jones. Please wake up people…please before it is too late. We are not judging anyone, we are just trying to warn all of you.

  101. Janice said

    He without sin cast the first stone,i do agree we need to pray but do not let us forget the law of the land must pervail.We think if we sin or some might say fall prey to the things that are not of god that we will not suffer for the act. Wake up! Stop blaming the devil for our choices we never seek god before the choice is made only in the consequences do we look for help and blame the devil for our mistake.The walk of salvation is a walk of struggle but the holy sprit helps with the walk. STOP overriding the sprit and listen. We don’t preach about sin anymore but we gossip about sin when it happens. To pastor Bynum continue to practice what you preach and to bishop weeks admit your faults and fix it. We have all fallen short of the glory of god.The bible has all the answers,start reading the word.

  102. To God Be The Glory!!! I’m sadden, because I know in spite of everything that has happened, these two people are true chidren of God. No matter what it looks like, God’s grace is sufficient. I know that there are people out there casting stones right now, but make sure that you are without sin. I just want everyone to remember that we are human and we will make mistakes, we tend to put too many demands on Christian Leaders so when things like this happens, we get all confused, doubtful, and judemental, but there are skeletons in everyones closet, no one is exempted. I’m not making excuses for what has taken place, because violenc is wrong,but God is our judge.I pray both their srength in the Lord.

  103. James said

    sorry shelly…you are letting people off the hook. Well they just made a mistake…don’t judge…we’re not judging…we are DISCERNING…this means we realize that these two can not be leaders. According to what the bible commands us. It’s not about how nice they are….and as you said…god’s grace is sufficient…but let me finish what the lord said….My grace is sufficient enough for you…that means….The lord’s grace is sufficient enough for everyone…more than the power, the glory and the leading of a church. These leaders should embrace God’s grace and step down from the pulpit. You’re trying to tell me that them accepting they most focus on their personal relationship with God is not valid? God is not worth their time to reflect?

    As for the “I know these people are true children of God”…I am going to respectfully tell you…”No you don’t…no you don’t!” God and the individual are the only ones that know unless the Lord has blessed you with the gift of prophesy.

  104. Darren said

    Shelly; I may well be wrong; but the problem is’nt with people making mistakes. In the case of Mr Weekes he actually sinned against his own wife, and it’s not even clear what part she had to play before she was assaulted (not that I’m justifying his actions). Now if she decides to forgive him and seek reconciliation thats all well and good.

    For us the crux of the matter lies with the fact that this couple have acted deceitfully towards the body of christ; can this be put down to a mistake. Yes I know that couples can have major issues brhimd closed doors; but they have continued their seminars whilst separated; making money out of the flock and preaching things that they cannot uphold in their own lives, surely we must conclude that this could be seen as being hypocritical.

    If thay had been been transparent and truthful they should have stopped their whistle stop tour of engagements; they would’nt even have to give us the dirty details. There just seems to be such a lack of integrety.

    Oh well I’m sure their fans will still LOVE them/

  105. Janice said

    Come on people stop pointing fingers and start admiting to our own faults.The bishop did something wrong and he should admit it and stop blaming the devil for his mistake. the first step to repentence is acknowledging the sin and then ask for forgiveness not only from god but from the ones they hurt. Should he not preach? who are we to say. if anything he should pratice what he preaches.We have leaders in the church as well as in our government who has let us down,do we take down everyone that sinned and fallen short each day if so we will all be in trouble ,let the raft of god prevail. As for the women of god when does someone being abused not signify sin she was the one on the floor not him. Yes they have problems and they should lead by example but how often do we do it. pastors are just like you and me, did you forget what sin you did lately or the sins god forgave us from when we asked for forgiveness.Should they sit down? Let god decided not us.

  106. Darren said

    Janice I hear what your saying; but surely the minister of God should be walking in a greater standard than worldly political ministers. Yes we all sin and someone that says they don’t are lying and the truth is not in them. Just look at the debates that are going on in this forum. You never know some people may have stumbled in their faith due to what they see leaders doing.

    As I stated before the minister of God must have a greater level of integrity; does that mean that they don’t stumble or sin?. OF COURSE IT DOES’NT. Check Paul standard of integity in his dealings with the flock through Roman & Corinthians; He would’nt do anything that would tarnish the gospel destroy the people of God; Oh and by the way his doctrines were straight!!. we’re told to judge the fruit of someones life/ministry….

    Lets check out the fruit of these false teachers and ask ourselves would Paul the Apostle do these things.

    Would paul beat his wife (If he had one).
    Would he merchandise of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.
    Would he decieve his followers.
    If he new his actions would cause the little ones to stumble you can bet he would’nt do it.

    One thing we Know he would definetly do is warn the flock about wolves, he even named and said that we should mark them to; and have no fellowship with them.

  107. Darren said

    Janice I hear what your saying; but surely the minister of God should be walking in a greater standard than worldly political ministers. Yes we all sin and someone that says they don’t are lying and the truth is not in them. Just look at the debates that are going on in this forum. You never know some people may have stumbled in their faith due to what they see leaders doing.

    The minister of God must have a greater level of integrity; does that mean that they don’t stumble or sin?. OF COURSE IT DOES’NT. Check Paul standard of integity in his dealings with the flock through Roman & Corinthians; He would’nt do anything that would tarnish the gospel destroy the people of God; Oh and by the way his doctrines were straight!!. we’re told to judge the fruit of someones life/ministry….

    Lets check out the fruit of these false teachers and ask ourselves would Paul the Apostle do these things.

    Would paul beat his wife (If he had one).
    Would he merchandise of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.
    Would he decieve his followers.
    If he new his actions would cause the little ones to stumble you can bet he would’nt do it.

    One thing we Know he would definetly do is warn the flock about wolves, he even named and said that we should mark them to; and have no fellowship with them.

  108. Jason said


    I agree with you on all your points except a couple.

    1. We don’t all sin. If we want to amke it to heaven, we ned the Holy Ghost(spirit of God) in our being. This is the tool that allows us to be unspotted from the world. I am not saying we don’t make mistakes and bad choices, however, if you continue to walk in sin and you keep doing the same thing over and over, its time to go back to the altar. Because you will NOT see heaven until you reach perfection (consistent holiness, i.e.-Jesus). Jesus is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. Spots and wrinkles are eluding to sin.

    2. Yes Bishop Weeks may have upset a lot of people and may have caused some weak people to stumble and that was the whole point of the devil’s plan. Once the devil gets into a marriage, it’s like a bull in a china shop, an agry bull at that. However, let us follow the preachers of bible truth as they follow Christ. Once they stop follow Christ, you stop and pray for them that they amy be saved because the second par to fthe devil’s plan is to have us re-kill the person through gossip and unholy condemnation. that essentially kills us too because people listen to the gossip and they say within themselves “What’s the point of being holy, I’ll just do the best I can and that should be enough, or at least better than what I’m seeing, so I should be alright!”

    But let us pray for the brotha that God grant him repentance and that he does what is right. Just imagine if you messed up, what would you want people to do for you?

  109. Jason said

    As for the heresy oneness thing from Pastor Avanah;

    My bible teaches me of two:

    God/Holy Ghost- Father

    The Holy Ghost is God and God is the Holy Ghost, they aren’t two separate entities. (Joel 2:28 to Acts 2:4)

    Hear O Israel, the lord our God is one God.

    That was the whole point in them saying that becasue there were so many pagan gods and they ahd to make that distinction.

    In Genesis when God says let “us” make man, he is still referring to himself only because later on he says “I am wisdom, I am understanding….)

    Contrary to popular belief, Jesus is NOT the eternal God. He is the only direct son of the eternal God who has given Jesus power over everything in the universe except himself (I COR 15:27) and ackowledging Jesus in word, deed, and baptism, is the only door to salvation. It’s not complex. God Bless

  110. Darren said

    Jason: I hear you loud and clear; Your completely right he who is born of God does’nt continue in Sin, but is being tranformed from glory 2 glory. The thing we have to ask ourselves was Bishop weekes ever born again (does he have a biblical testamony).

    I don’t think we’re being to hard on him by examining his life and ministry along with the plethora of others of his ilk. But I do agree its so easy to become unbiblically judgemental, I HOPE I HAVE’NT COME ACCROSS LIKE THAT.

  111. Grace Chirambo said

    Body of Christ, inspite of this shameful thing, I believe Thomas and Juanita are trully called by God and are not false prophets. God’s word tells Christians to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh, also to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Reason, I believe God new that yes in our journey as genuine Chrstians sometimes circumstances would sway us toward flesh because we have this flesh in us and we are all a work in progresss – hence God says focus on the spirit though flesh is yanking you toward it – He says spirit will avoid opening up to darkness. I believe our beloved brother Thomas and sweet sister Juanita just like anybody, a day would not pass while we walk in the spirit that we sway to the flesh – the gift of forgiveness thru the blood puts us back in place. We need to realise Thomas and Juanita through God’s Grace they walk in the Spirit – that does not mean sometimes they dont go flesh – they’re not God. What about King David – even after all His biggest falls God still blessed Him, what about Samson when he fell and went to God with open heart, his strength was renewed. Not encouraging sin but wisdom tells me that after we have been overtaken with sin, at this time the sin does not matter the most in the eyes of God, what matters now is going back to him with openness, sincererity, pure heart, and right attitude with God and His people. My prayer is my brother Thomas and sister Juanita just be honest with God like King David did, accept whatever He wants you to do – He knows, He cares and He sees. Juanita and Thomas you are trully blessed people and I believe God will restore you. I speak healing, restoration, illumination favour and more and more rain on you two. I love and wish you quick recovery.

  112. Rebecca said

    Reading all the different opinions and conflicts causes something deep inside of me to cry out in agony over the lack of unity among people who are believers in the word of God. I agree that those who are in leadership positions should be held to a higher standard but I can not help but feel sympathy for a woman who was just beaten and hurt by someone she probably still loves. I can not help but to feel sympathy for a man who lost control in his rage and did something terrible he probably regrets. The Swaggarts, Bakers, Solomons, Sauls, and others who fell from grace were once people who had at the beginning a mind to serve God. It is very, very sad to see anyone end up in a fallen state. We may have different ways of interpreting the bible and I am not taking an ecumenical approach to Christianity but we should all agree that a compassionate believer should pray for those who have fallen and have compassion. Above all I would pray that all would come to know the truth of the Word of God and live by it. I do not want see anyone stand in judgement at the end.

  113. G W Day said

    Darren and Jason…very interesting. But we do sin, you do too. Read the rest of the verse: “but if you do sin, you have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ…” The bible is speaking of the Spirit, which cannot sin and your flesh(will and emotions, and mind) which has not been totally transformed. It is a dangerous place to question someone’s salvation, since you or any other human did not shed your blood for the sinner, nor will you be the one to judge them for all eternity. You received salvation by accepting it, but now after you received it, you got to work, work, work to keep it. You need to read Collosians, Chapter 3. When your “work” Keeps falling short, do you have to constantly get saved over again? Or do you justify yourself because you compare yourself against someone else?

    Pompous self righteous people cause teens and the world to not want God and choose the world because at least they have sense enough to know that they cannot live the standards that religious zealots put on them. But religious zealots have secret sins and are not living it, but put on a false face of perfection. Jesus called them “graves” that appear beautiful on the outside but inwardly are full of death. They are bitter, judgemental. Oh religious zealot, where is your Joy? Isn’t that one of the “fruits” you are supposed to display?

    All you bloggers that are so against Bynum and Weeks or Paula White, you sure were watching and following them. You went to conferences and marriage seminars they sponsored. Sounds like a lot of you did follow and support them and are angry and disappointed with them because they let you down. Could it be that you were caught up in it with them? I did not support them and I had no desire to follow them so I didn’t know what they were doing. It happens that they made the news.

    I commend the bloggers who said we need to pray for them. You other bloggers act like God does not want them anymore. Who made you judge, jury, and executioner? What if He threw you away for your sins? If they repented, God has forgiven them. What happens now with them is God’s business, not yours.

    One thing is sure; there is nothing hid that will not be uncovered with every person, saved or unsaved. This catastrophe should be an example to us to examine ourselves and allow Grace to “work” in us and change our mind, will and emotions. But we have to let Him. But it’s not easy to let go with familiarity. And so the struggle continues. Paul speaks of it.

    All you religious zealots, Beware. You are only perfect in HIM, not in your works.

  114. Carolyn said

    Greetings GW Day,

    Does not the Bible admonish us to:

    1) Try the spirits whether they are of God (1 John 4)
    2) Tell us to avoid false teachers: “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” (Romans 6:17)
    3) Reject heretics (Titus 3:10)

    The Lord Jesus warned about false teachers and prophets in the Gospels. To ignore his admonition would be foolhardy to say the least. When the Bible talks about false teachers, prophets and doctrine, it’s not just the obvious heresies such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science and so on, but those that may resemble the truth in many ways – Peter says that false teachers will come in privily (secretly).

    I put it to you that Brother Darren and Brother Jason are doing what the Word says. Nowhere did they say that THEY were perfect.

    One last point; sinners are put off from “church” and comig to Christ because:

    1) They love the darkness because their deeds are evil (John 3)
    2) Professing Christians blindly defend false preachers – sometimes we are just too naive and don’t exercise Biblical judgment
    3) Many Christians are wishy-washy when it comes to defending truth and don’t take a stand for the Bible
    4) Inconsistency in personal lives and public profession – ie hypocrisy. This extends to being all nice about a wife beater because he is a professed Christian minister rather than Ike Turner.

  115. Darren said

    G.W Day

    “If I bear witness of myself it means nothing”

    The words of Christ echo to us through the ages of time and are so powerful that they meet us in this forum today. You have mistaken the righteous path of truth for pompousity and zeolousmess.

    If we as disciples were to follow your route of “just pray for the man of God” then the maryterdom of Prophets and sages thoughout history who stood boldly to admonish and to rebuke means nothing.

    John Huss, William Tyndale,and lets not forget Jogn the Baptist who rebuked a king in his face and glorified God. So we bear witness not of ourselves for the glory of man is fleeting. We rather bear witness of the King of Glory and thank him that we are called pompous and zealous. For in doing so we are blessed.


  116. G W Day said

    Darren, did you indeed confront Bynum and Weeks and others to their face, at their conferences before these shameful newscasts and glorify God? Or after the fact you point the finger at them… and say I knew it all along? I still say you have no right to question whether they were saved. If they confessed with their mouth the Lord Jesus and believed in their heart God raised Jesus from the dead, they are saved. Only God knows a persons heart. If they have repented God forgives them and still has not thrown them away. As I said before this is an example of Christians who have not surrendered to Grace. The bible also states that their own backsliding and sin shall correct them; they are bearing shame. I still say that people who are now knocking them were in their conferences and meetings and supporting them and are now disappointed that their flesh idol did not make the grade. Cursed is the man that trust in man and make flesh his arm.

    Finally, I do not follow self appointed religious zealots either just as I did not follow these people. I thank God I can think for myself and read the bible for myself.

  117. Darren said

    “Finally, I do not follow self appointed religious zealots either just as I did not follow these people. I thank God I can think for myself and read the bible for myself”.

    THAT THE BEST THING YOU’VE SAID; I THANK GOD YOU CAN THINK FOR YOURSELF. If you were insinuating that i follow these people your grossly mistaken. And If I do listen to what they say it is to find out what the bible speaks plainly about them. unfortuneatlry i don’t live in the USA so it is an impossibility for me to speak to them.

    But i can definetley say that If the Lord blessed me with the opportunity to sit with Juanita and fellowship in the word it would be my pleasure to share the scriptures with her. This is not a strange thing for us to do as christians.

    Yes god has put such people in authority; but their appointment does’nt exclude with from being accountable to us. I’ve spoken to my own pastor on many accassions regarding our own denominations doctrine. As yet I have’nt been thrown out.

    The greatest joy of the christian walk is to know Jesus who is the truth. He said we will know the truth and the truth shall set us free. free from the dogmas and traditions by the illuminated word of God. No longer tossed to and throw by every wind of doctrine.

    I have every right as you do to examine another man; for Jesus said:

    you will know them by their fruits.
    Watch out for the yeast of the pharasees.
    Watch out that noone decieves you, for many will come in my name saying i am the christ AND WILL DECIEVE MANY. (there are many more scripture throughout the NT).

    In conclusion it is part of our duty as christian to examine and mark those that preach contrary doctrines. Should we confront them? YES. Should we warn others about them?. MOST CERTAINLY.

    But all things must be done in LOVE.

  118. Darren said

    “Or after the fact you point the finger at them… and say I knew it all along? I still say you have no right to question whether they were saved”

    For any mature christian not to see the train wreck called TV evangelists and not see how far away they are from biblical faith is behond me. Juanuta Bynum is just one of a plethora of her ilk.

    No I did’nt wait for this to happen; And I have no joy in saying the things I do, I’m compelled as a christian to witness. I have preached and reasoned with many regarding the state of the church and the great apostasy; when I see people abusing scripture and pimpimg the body of christ I must be upset, we all should. Just like christ was when he saw the corruption in the temple and turned over the tables of the money changers.

    I have no pleasure in seeing peoples lives turned upside down by their own sins or unseem calamity. If I did I could’nt call myself a disciple. For jesus said the son of man never came to destroy peoples lives; bur to save them.

    You said I have no right to judge; but the bible says that the spiritual man judges all things. If I see a tree bearing apples It logical to say its an apple tree. By your reasoning I should pray that God changes it to a pear tree. It is what it is.

    As these stories keep coming out the absurdity of these people will become ever clearer. How many seasons do I have to Look up at the tree before its clearly evident what it is. its just a shame that God has to use outside agencies to expose these pulpit pimps; all because the body of christ lacks biblical decernment.

  119. G W Day said

    Darren, I said you have no right to question whether they were saved. You have not given me a scripture that says you have the right to question their salvation. If any man say they have no sin,then they are a liar. Self appointed zealots and judges are perfect, I suppose. (Let’s be truthful.)

    It was good to talk to you. It just reinforced what I already stated and believed. We have the right to disagree. So that is all I have to say on this matter.

  120. G W Day said

    Carolyn, How can one be a fruit speaker if your fruit is not perfect. How can you pull the mote out your brother’s eye, when there is a beam in your own eye. So God appoints non perfect people to judge others? That just doesn’t make sense.

  121. G W Day said

    Carolyn, How can one be a fruit inspector if their fruit is not perfect. Do they compare themselves among themselves? Do they say, Lord I thank you, I am not like that sinner. I fast, tithe, etc…

  122. Carolyn said

    Hello GW Day,

    I gave you some examples from Scripture explaining how we are to judge; Jesus said to judge righteous judgement.

    No one said here said that they are sinless; but rather that we use the Word of God rightly divided, in love (and also may I add, in fear and trembling) to examine what preachers say! That is not being hypocritical (saying one thing and practicing another) nor being proud or hateful.

    You ask me about fruit inspectors – the Bible is clear that we must not be practicing hypocrisy (saying one thing and doing another) nor be prideful (Romans 2, Matthew 7:1-5). I hope I didn’t come across this way, for that certainly isn’t how I intended it to be.

    However, it seems that you are against anyone scrutinising ministers in any way, contrary to what the Bible teaches. Please look again at the scriptural examples that I gave and the context in which they were written. It’s not about my opinion versus yours, for my opinion is unimportant, but rather what the Bible says.

    All I wanted you to understand is that according to the Bible it is wise to exercise discernment, in love and sobriety; it is not hypocrisy to point out when someone is found to be teaching falsely. If I was a false teacher, then yes I would be guilty of hypocrisy, for I would be like Pastor Manning – pointing out false preachers whilst pouring out lies.

    I would say this even if such charges were levelled out against ministers I enjoy listening to.

    As for questioning another’s salvation – that can get sticky, but sometimes fruit is very evident. If I were to rail against you and use foul language to make my points; if I were to threaten you with violence; if I were to blatantly lie to you, you may rightly gather that I am not born again, for the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace etc… “by their fruits ye shall know them…” No, we aren’t to go around questioning every Christian that we see but all too often it can be obvious to spot a false convert – have you seen “Way of the Master”? It’s got great resources about this, )

    Lastly, the apostle Paul was very clear on his position on those who would preach “another gospel” – he said to “let them be accursed”!

  123. G W Day said

    Thanks Carolyn. It’s good to know that everyone has pulled the motes out of their own eyes and can see clearly to pull the beam out of their brothers or sisters eyes. The statement was made that a man of God confronted a king (Nathan confronted David, Samuel confronted Saul). Paul had the Church to confront a man who was having his father’s wife. They confronted him; not write a website judging him behind his back. My question was: “Did any of the people who are judging these people, confront them during their conferences or meetings? Or did you pray about them when they were having conferences and meetings when there were questionable doctrines being fed to the sheep? That is the issue that I have. Anyone can say, “I knew they were not of God” after they have been exposed. Out of all this judging, I have not heard one person say they confronted them during their heyday. And so far as their fruit is concerned, I don’t know what their fruit was. Obviously, people who followed them, did know. Is this not the Bible way that you are referencing? The Prophets who confronted Kings were bold and did it? They did not just get behind their backs on websites and backbite them? Will judging them secretly cause them to stop and step down from their ministries? I doubt it. They probably could care less about the opinions of some, and justify their doctrine, as long as they have a following. And believe me they will have a following because sheep have a bad habit of following different voices. And by the way, does this mean that those sheep who are easily misled were never saved? Are we doubting their salvation? Did you pray for these sheep who were following them? Did you pray for the misled sheep’s eyes to be opened?

    With the ugly spirit of pride and religion, specific prayer by Christians is still the most effective power. I have heard comments that make it appear that prayer is nothing, miniscule, and powerless. And how sheep must administer the arm of judgement. Yes, even judges religious zealots are sheep. That’s well and good. But if you don’t pray for the sheep that are misled, who else is going to intercede for them from following strange voices?

  124. sduff68 said

    If I wrote a letter to a church exposing public sins that fellow Christians had committed against me or against others would that be backbiting too?

    Paul the Apostle did the following:

    “For Demas hath forsake me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica;…”(2 TIM 4:10)

    “Alexander the Coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works “(2 TIM 4:14)

    He not only called out the Apostle Peter…HE MENTIONED IT IN A LETTER!!!!

    “But when Peter was come to Antioch, ,I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed” Galatians 2:9

    Paul also said the following in 2 Thessalonians 3:14,15 “And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, NOTE THAT MAN, and have no company with him that he may be ashamed. Yet count [him] not as an enemy, but admonish [him] as a brother.

    By confronting Peter a fellow apostle Paul kept Peter from going astray. He also mentioned in a letter to warn fellow brothers and sisters from falling into the same sin.

    If Weeks and Bynum are true Christians you sin against God when you fail to warn or admonish them! Healtheland cannot gain access to either one of them, but if they only Google their names they can read this article!

    You also damage the Body of Christ when you do not warn other brothers and sisters that someone is preaching false doctrine or committing practices that can hurt the body.

  125. Rob said

    This situation between Juanita and Tom Weeks has caused for a lot of comments and opinions. I appreciated some who serve as salt and light on the matter. Some say that this is a black eye on the church, especially to the unbelievers. Personally I think that this as a wonderful opportunity to witness to these lost souls. This tragedy opens up dialogue for more discussion about our LORD and Savior. It gives an opportunity to let the dark world know the difference between what is true and what is false. It shutters me to know that some “professing Christians” suggest all we do is love and prayer. Don’t get me wrong JUANITA and TOM needs prayer, prayer that God will truly save them. Oops, I know… I’m judging RIGHT? I DON’T THINK SO!!! Have any of you ever heard their salvation?

    I read about Paul Salvation Testimony, so true that he gave his life to Christ after his conversion on the Road to Damascus. Paul was s Jew Killer, who became the great apostle to the Gentiles. His gospel message was simply to trust Jesus because it was revealed to Him that salvation was not achieved by what he did, but what he believed. His faith propelled him to die daily for he said “for me to die is gain, to live is Christ”. You get a strong sense of service from Paul. You get a strong sense of “being served” from Juanita and Thomas. Paul had the inner urge and desire to do all for the LORD. He wasn’t so much concerned with “obtaining more faith” (like Juanita and Tom would teach), but rather deeply longing to “being more faithful”, as should we. I just don’t get this from Juanita and Tom Weeks. What I get from them is a lot of 2 Peter 2:3 ”
    3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” THIS IS BAD!!! REALLY BAD!!!!

    As for me, I knew Jesus, personally when in a Bible Study Class, the text was taught me from the passage in Gal 3:1 “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” It really hit me so hard, like Paul’s fall of the horse, that I was being bewitched cause I believed that I had to work to be and stay saved. Paul had preached the gospel to these Galatians and the Judizers tried to distort their beliefs by telling them that they must keep the law to prove / keep their salvation. Not so says Paul. This truth gave me the freedom to live my life for Christ as I now knew that Christ did it all for me. Question…Can any of you do more for God than what God has done for you? God has done it all. Believe that and you are one of his anointed. Mr. Weeks and Ms. Bynum…No true salvation…Expect things for the flesh to take place. All…make sure that your salvation is pure and true. Just read the Bible and believe what John says Jhn 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. …SIMPLE..SO SIMPLE…

    This man and woman talk about something so strong in their lives that set them apart for other members of the body. This thing called the “ANOINTING”, overly exaggerated by these false teachers (and I call them false teachers) though some may respect these so highly so as to say, “touch my anointed”. This “ANOINTING” is not the biblical anointing as the Bible say 2Cr 1:21 Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, [is] God; So SIMPLE THE FACT that all God’s people are anointed. What an irony because of the lies to manipulate God’s people of their high spirituality because of the special “ANOINTING” they possess. We need to discern, again the simple matters of scriptures so to deem such lifestyles as sadly laughable. Don’t go after an anointing. REMEMBER…God doesn’t need us to have more faith; He wants us to be more FAITHFUL. HARD at times, BUT SIMPLE…

  126. GOD is love, and forgiving.
    GOD don’t want your opinion he you to forgive and ot love

  127. G W Day said

    Fine comments and scriptural references. Everyone still does not address the issues. Do you pray for the sheeps’ eyes to be opened and that they have discernment? Paul stated: “I would they were cut off who trouble you…” I believe that the Spirit in the saved person warns them, but they choose to ignore it or they don’t understand it.

  128. GOD is love, and forgiving.
    GOD don’t want your opinion he want you to forgive

  129. Buena717 said

    Hi GW Day,
    Are you saying that Juanita Bynum’s assault is the fruit of something in her character, or rather the person who did the battering? Or that her actual teachings resulted in this display? I am in agreement with a great deal of what you are quoting, but this part confuses me some…

  130. G W Day said

    Well said.

  131. callingfromcali said

    I think that what makes this whole situation hard for people to swallow is that the Weeks have declared themselves the experts on marriage only to have theirs fall apart right before our eyes. When I first heard about their “Teach Me to Love You” conferences, my initial thought was “How can these people teach on marriage when they have only been married a short time and it is the second marriage for both of them?” I didn’t feel that they had experienced enough together to be qualified in counseling other married couples. Now, I cannot say whether or not God or the Devil brought them together. But I believe it was their pride that has led to this mess. The Bible says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” I wish they would’ve have let their marriage be tried and proven true before they began flaunting it before the people of God.

    As far as our role as the Body of Christ, I believe that it is to point out to them where they are wrong and to pray with them for complete restoration. I do not feel that we should lash out against them and tear down any positive thing that they have done. God can use anyone at any time for any purpose and many times the message has nothing to do with the messenger. It is for the person who receives it. I was taught as a little girl growing up in the church to revere ministers and Pastors as perfect and faultless. We have esteemed these people more highly than we ought. We can blame them for taking advantage of us but only if we admit that we have given them the power to do so. When I use “we” I refer to the Body of Christ as a whole, not individuals. WE bought their books, their tapes, packed out arenas for their conference, pledged our money, wrote them letters and sent emails. We made them the celebrities that they are today. And then want to tear them down because we find out they’re human too.

    Since I became an adult, I have learned that these women and men of God have struggles just as we do. I wish these ministers would admit their problems to themselves and their congregations in a way that gives God the glory. Let people know that salvation and purification are not overnight processes. That they will have to pray their way through for the rest of their lives and that if they fall, God is faithful and just to forgive them if they will confess. There could be a battered woman out there that needed to know that God can heal a marriage and save an abusive husband. And perhaps an abusive husband needed to know that God can change his nature, forgive him, and save his family. If all of our struggles are swept under the rug, then how can we witness? Many times we will only admit to our “Before Christ” sins, painting the picture that since we have accepted Him, we’ve been perfectly holy all the time. People are turned off by Christianity because they don’t feel they can live up to our unrealistic expectations. Some of the previous posts on this website say the it is our hypocrisy that turns off the world. But it is only hypocrisy because we portray ourselves as perfect. I am not shocked anymore by things I hear of ministers or televangelists because I know that I have done some things in my life that I thought I would never do. We must recognize our weaknesses and pray for each other. Your weakness may not be domestic violence, fornication, or gambling. But it may be hate, gossip, or lying. Whatever the vice, don’t ridicule others. Remember the grace that God gives you everyday. Because no matter how righteous you think you are, it is still as filthy rags before God without the blood of Jesus Christ covering you.

    Be blessed

  132. James said


    Thank you…that was the best post yet…purely scripture based and explains it far better than I could.

  133. Rob said

    G W Day (#127)

    You raise a good question. REMEMBER …the scripture says in John 10:[4] And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.[5] And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

    I know this seems so unfair to presume that so many of these people will suffer, but we can never put the blame on God. These people have made a choice to listen to these false prophets. THESE PEOPLE HAVE ITCHING EARS According to 2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 2Ti 4:4 And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    They minimize every attempt you present to them about the true Jesus of Scriptures in that He is God eternal, came to redeem mankind as it was prophesized thousands of years before…and their casually respond “yeah, I believe that about Jesus and that He is going to bless me so that I can live abundantly. Jesus didn’t come for us to live abundantly as these false teachers have misconstrued scriptures, He came to give us abundant life. – Jhn 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly. Eternal life that we can not even begin to fathom His love for us in doing such.

    Christ never reached the masses of people in His Earthly ministry. Yeah there were occasions in the Apostle’s day when thousands became believers in the Book of ACTS of the Holy Spirit. Marvelous miracles took place in the ushering of this time of the Acts of the Holy Spirit. But for the most part, the apostles didn’t reach the masses either. NO ONE, (even these people who sits up in church all day, praising God in their own way, attempting to live out their Christian lives through the Flesh) CAN HAVE REASON OR EXCUSE to miss and not know the REAL TRUTH. Paul in ROMANS 1 says GOD revealed Himself to mankind through:

    “CONSCIENCE” – Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Rom 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed [it] unto them.

    CREATION – Rom 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
    Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified [him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    AND through CHRIST – All throughout the rest of the Epistle.

    If we respond to Conscience and note His magnificence in CREATION, He will show us the Light of His SON.

    These people are not responding to their Conscience and they are driven into an ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIENOUSNESS and thus becoming susceptible to whatever these false leaders say. That’s why you will find people giving their last dime to these money grubbers, knowing they have personal needs to attend to.

    THESE People don’t see the Magnificence of God in His creation as they worship the CREATURE (money, cars, false teachers who have money, false teachers who have cars and houses and private jets, etc.), AND NOT THE CREATOR.



    Yeah you can pray for the truth to be known to anyone you know personally who is a part of this movement, but better yet, you should challenge them about their beliefs and lead them to a healthy and well-balanced church where the word is preached. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU ACTUALLY HEARD THESE PREACHERS PREACH EXPOSITORY MESSAGES FROM THE BIBLE? HARDLY EVER. THEY MAY SPRINKLE IN A FEW SCRIPTURES EVERY NOW and THEN, BUT FOR THE MOST PART THESE ARE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS AND PHYSOCHOLOGY TEACHERS, supposedly in the name of JESUS. Have them listen to ADRIAN RODGERS (now deceased) Life Worth Finding,

  134. Gary MacDougall said

    I am pentecostal.I was saved in AOG about 30 years ago.Bt I do not have time for all this rubbish from the likes of the flakey Paula White or Bynum and Weekes.For a start all the “bishop” stuff by these self apponted “bishops” is just an ego trip they dump on each other. I used to be a (deceived) supporter of The Begging Network (TBN) but when I saw the start of Bynum/Weekes wedding costing $1,000,000 I was nearly sick and dumped TBN from then on.
    Helloooooooooooooo! out there!!!The marriage that is now a mess all over the world started with one of the world’s most elaborate weddings! But the wedding would have been paid for (providing they paid the bills) with money “donated” to their “ministry”.You can pray if you like but don’t pray that God will “bless their ministries”.Pray that they will repent of scamming and conning the body of Christ.Also the best thing you can do for them is NOT support them financially and encourage as many people as possible to boycott their ministry.
    Judgement begins first in the House of the Lord.


  136. G W Day said

    Thank you everyone for your insight. The bottom line is…what is the most effective, Godly manner to address this matter? I have heard you about addressing apostacy in ministry openly. Once again, did any of you do that? Did you confront the people in question face to face? I don’t think so. So what do we do now? Should I discontinue praying for God’s people, the sheep that are misled? I don’t think so. Now that they have been “judged,” and there is “shame” and blight on the body of Christ…What can we do? If all I hear is judgement and nothing else, it appears to be a helpless situation. I still say, prayer is the most powerful solution.

    I think some of you think that I am praying that perpetrators of false doctrine be dusted off and put back on the frontline to continue business as usual. My prayer would be for sheep to be snatched out of wolves mouths. There is nothing more sad than confusion and twisting of the truth. Salvation is the free gift that makes you free. Any doctrine or religion that makes people believe they have got to earn it, buy it, or work for it, is apostacy. These organizations hold salvation as a carrot in front of an animal, never able to attain it. Statements like “God is going to bless you.” When Salvation is the greatest blessing. Those who put burdens on sheep, do not lift one finger to relieve them.

    So again, what do we do? What can I do personally?

  137. G W Day said

    Buena717 #129. It was never God’s desire for a marriage to split or violence in a marriage. This type of behavior is contrary to God’s idea of a marriage. There is no justification for this behavior. I really don’t know what their characters were prior to this tragedy.

    I stated earlier that I was married to the wrong person. That was my choice, not God’s choice. I went into this relationship knowing that it was not God’s choice. And to be honest, I would have been lying to myself if I stated, I wonder why God allowed this to happen to me.”

    God is always speaking but we do not hear or choose to ignore it because we have our own “will.”

  138. Anavah said

    I have been a long-time supporter of Juanita Bynum and still cannot deny the part that she played in helping me get delivered from my sexual demons with her no more sheets series. However, anyone that would try to defend this latest fiasco between she and her husband is not walking in truth! What has happened between them is an embarrassment to every pulpit and Christian marriage in this nation.

    I am further more absolutely disgusted that neither Bynum or her husband have offered a sincere public apology to each other or to the church for so miserably failing their mission to “Teach me how to love you.” This is insanity and it must be judged. I do none the less pray for their restoration as I don’t care to see any soul lost.

    Thanks healtheland for your support of my weblog, and I do totally agree that a woman should not be in a position of authority over a man. I have long believed this which is why I stay in submission to my husband as I carry on my Kingdom assignment. I have found that most females that do ministry without a male covering are an embarrassment and often times are given to lesbianism, which is basically a spirit of masculinity taking over them because they placed themselves in a males position.

  139. Anavah: So you have no issue with the fact that Weeks and Bynum are oneness pentecostals and that they preach Word of Faith/prosperity? My thing is that whatever these people are like in their private lives (would we have ever known about this assault had it not happened in a public place … they certainly did not make it known that they were separated and had been having problems in their marriage for a long time, even while they were running these marriage conferences, did they?), the main issue is that they preach heresies. Either Trinity is true and oneness is a lie, or oneness is true and Trinity is a lie. There is no excuse for following or fellowshipping people who espouse both, and the fact that oneness preachers and Trinitarian preachers work and hang out together so much while doing all they can to avoid the issue is revealing. By the same token, either the Bible is true in II Timothy 6 when Paul said that godliness is not gain and in the places in the New Testament where it says to give freely according to the desire of our heart and not out of obligation or expecting anything in return, or the prosperity/Word of Faith is true. If that is the case, these prosperity/Word of Faith preachers need to come out and admit that they believe that Paul, Jesus Christ, and the other New Testament figures didn’t understand the principles of sowing a seed offering. These people who teach that Jesus Christ was rich (as Jakes and Creflo Dollar says) and that it is a sin to be poor (as Jesse DuPlantis and some of these other guys say) need to admit that they believe that Jesus Christ was lying when He said “Blessed are the poor” and was financially exploiting people by having them work to support His ministry. Jakes in particular claims that Jesus Christ had to have been rich to take care of His disciples, when scripture was clear that they were all scrounging around looking for places to stay and food to eat, and Jesus Christ had to work miracles just to feed them and pay taxes at times. Jesus Christ was the rich one but Judas Iscariot held the purse? Yeah right, Creflo and TD. The amazing thing is that people still follow folk who just lie on the Bible like that. Just like Dollar, Copeland, and Fred Price claim that Jesus Christ was born again … Copeland says He was born again in hell, Price says at His baptism. And Benny Hinn teaches that there is a “Trinity of Trinities” … that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit persons each have their own Father, Son, and Holy Spirit persons as well (and why stop there)? And that is only the tip of the iceberg of the heresies that these people preach. Some honestly don’t know about it, but a lot do, and even a great many simply get angry with you when you tell them about it.

    There is only one truth, and that truth matters. People are willing to sacrifice the truth in order to follow someone that moves or entertains them, or quite frankly who is famous. See, the thing to remember is that God is in control. So if God wants a person to be saved or set free, He can and will use a Bynum, Weeks, Jakes, Hinn, Copeland, Osteen, Bakker, etc. to draw a person to Him. But even if that happens, you can’t stay under someone like that. The Holy Spirit will soon reveal to you the truth about that person, and when that happens you have to leave. These people who refuse to stop following these pastors even after confronted with the heresies that they preach and the evil deeds that they do love themselves and the way that the pastors make them feel more than they love God, and so they resist the Holy Ghost. Seriously, look at some of these comments on here. They are using some of the very same arguments to defend these ministers that they use to defend R. Kelly, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Halle Berry (who blames every bad decision that she makes on someone else), Sean “Puff Daddy/P. Diddy” Combs, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce. Actually, it is worse, because at least with the former you can say “Hey, it ain’t like they are preachers or nothing!” excuse.

  140. Anavah said

    Read my words carefully. I never said I was a “follower” I said I was a “supporter” and by that I meant in terms of prayer and my desire to see her walk in the fullness of God’s true purpose for her life.

    Many of the comments you made, I know nothing about. I don’t generally study people. With what time is made available to me (which is not much raising six children, maintianing a marriage, running two businesses, and working full-time in ministry) I study the Bible. Whatever I know about any person in particular is only because it has been brought to my attention by divine revelation of the Holy Spirit. If it is not revealed to me then I leave it alone. This is not to say that what you do in exposing the specifics isn’t important. You answer to God for your own call. I am just saying that I have had no unction to answer such a call as yours. I spend quite a bit of time counseling people and writing books. That is where my heart is. We are both needed in our specific callings, as is everyone.

    Having said that, I will say that there was a time in my younger years as a Christian that I did “follow” the teachings of Bynum. She was used to impart some very important things into my spirit, one of which was learning how to really press through and travail in prayer. However, after following her for a time, I began to feel differently about her. I would leave her meetings feeling oppressed. I couldn’t understand it. The Lord began to reveal to me some of the contamination that was coming forth from her teachings. He let me know that I had received what I needed and that it was time to move on. When he told me to move, I did just that. This was shortly before she got married.

    However, I was none the less prayerful for her as I desired to see her walk in truth. It would be evil of me to not appreciate the good that I received under her ministry. Even Daniel, Joseph and Mordecai appreciated and honored the evil kings that they sat under. They never turned a blind eye to the evil, yet they did not disregard what favor had befallen them by the hand of Yahweh through these evil leaders. This is the perspective that I am coming from.

    I don’t know anything about the heresies that you are speaking of concerning Bynum. Like I said, I don’t study people. What Yah showed me was the depth of witchcraft that was operated and he showed me the pride that was going forth. Since she got married it has gotten much, much worse. But concerning these false teachings of the trinity and other things, I know nothing of these because I stopped listening to her once Yah moved me.

    One thing I would say about the Trinity though is this, why can’t believers in the Trinity and non-believers in the Trinity have fellowship together? The Trinity is a theological specific, not something that in my opinion will put you in Heaven or Hell either way. So why is it such a big deal? Make me understand this point that you are so fiery about. I have a Godmother who is a Seven Day Adventist. Our beliefs are very, very different. Even though I keep the Sabbath, there is almost no commoness between us. Yet, we are able to have prayer together and have had some wonderful worship moments at times. Why do you see this type of fellowship as so wrong?


  141. Anavah said

    By the way healtheland, at what point did you see me offer any defense to either Bynum or her Husband for this incidence? You seem to insist that I am a defender of them. I am a defender of truth not of man. If they walk in truth then I defend the truth they walk in and the lies I do not. Paul says “we know in part”. Everyone has a piece of the truth, some larger than others.

    As far as violence being associated with pornography, it is somehting that I talk about in my book as well as disorganization, depression, procrastination and unproductivity. There are other characteristics as well. I try to stay away from confusing theological terms such a pornea though. I want the common, unchurched person to be able to understand what I teach. If you had asked me, I would have told. I can’t teach everybody, everything at once. I go at the pace the Holy Spirit moves me along.

    I again iterate that I speak on those things that I feel called to deal with, and at this particular time Yah has not given me an unction to make it my business to expose others. If I teach people truth then their eyes will be opened on a grand scale. Then all lies will be exposed to them, not just the lies of those that are in the public eye.

  142. keba clark said

    I dislike what to Dr.Prophetess Bynum-Weeks, but she makes the final decision to stick with this kind of marriage. God heals all wounds in time and just maybe they can repair the damages of their wreckage!!! My prayers are with her and him along with their families; especiall the christian one!!! THIS DON’T LOOK GOOD FOR THE TELEVANGELIST NETWORK!!!!!??????


  143. Rob said


    GOD is A TRINITY, and we know this because God HIMSELF revealed this in scriptures. THIS IS CRUCIAL to our BELIEF and if anyone deems GOD and what HE Revealed about Himself in any other way utters DAMNABLE BLASPHEMY. Any subtle deviation from this Massive TRUTH is like saying SATAN CREATED the WORLD, even WORSE. I really don’t know how this analogy is coming across, but ANYONE who worships a GOD other that the TRINITARIAN GOD of the BIBLE is worshiping a false GOD who can really do nothing for them. They are as the Baal and Idol worshipers as described in the Old Testament. There is only ONE GOD, the TRINITARIAN GOD of the Bible (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and no matter how creative the intelligent mind can rationalize and align their goodness with some perceived religious deity, if they do not believe in the TRINITATIAN GOD of the BIBLE as GOD revealed Himself, they are doomed for eternal condemnation.
    “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God [is] one LORD:” Deu 6:4. ONE GOD!!!

    “As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him. 17 And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Matt 3:16:

    –Notice in this passage (at Jesus’ baptism, ALL THREE of the TRINITY are involved–Jesus is honored, The Father speaks from heaven, the Spirit anoints Him. Also notice that the Father calls him “My Son” and indicates that He is ‘pleased’ with Jesus–even BEFORE His ministry begins.


    One’s view about GOD, affects his/her view about sin, life, death, behavior, conduct, lifestyle…EVERYTHING…

    There should be no fellowship between TRINITARIAN and Non-TRINITARIAN. It is the Spirit of God who inspires John to write ” That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship [is] with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.”

    “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them].” Eph 5:11. – NOTICE the scriptures doesn’t say “Pray for them, or forgive them, but REPROVE THEM. Once they receive the ultimate forgiveness of the TRINITARIAN GOD, then they’ll really know forgiveness of HIS PEOPLE.

    “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” 1Jo 1:7
    TO Walk in the Light means walk in what God reveals, even about HIMSELF, the TRINITY. To walk any other way is to walk in darkness.

    So don’t use this word “fellowship” so loosely. And when you “worship” with unbelievers, you are allowing yourself to become unequally yoked.

    When you said “You answer to God for your own call.” (I know you were not talking to me directly) –

    My comment: It appears from Scriptures that all of us have the same calling to aspire to as indicated by verses like

    Eph 4:4 [There is] one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; – ONE hope of your calling.

    Hbr 3:1 Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus; – BRETHERN partakers of the heavenly calling.

    2Ti 1:9 Who hath saved us, and called [us] with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.

    We are all members of the body, having different gifts, but our calling is the same. God called us when He saved us. This is a high calling that we should press toward. A part of this high calling is to warn true Christians of false teachers like JUDE and PETER (Chapter 2) did.

  144. Rob said

    I was looking for the post that came from Camey Lee(can’t seem to find it…He said something along the line about Juanita Bynum becoming more powerful and I wanted to respond…

    Yeah…she will become more powerful. She’ll use this experience to be the Poster Child for battered Women. She’ll align herself with even some high social figures and speak, as lead of the Lord, these issues of domestic abuse. She’ll write books, make CD, DVD, Tapes, hold conferences and gain the attention of many who love and follow her, not only their attention, but their money as well. She’ll do all this in the Name of the LORD. Many cases of domestic violence has happened before her, but hers is so prominent being a prophetess as God uses her, speaks to her, gives a word from heaven so to use her Anointing. Oh YEAH…SHE’LL become more powerful as you can only see this as being power. She’ll even evangelize to others and tell them how powerful she has become. She may even tell of how she was not perfect in the relationship…cause you know all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All this in the eye of the public eye

    to supposedly save some.



    Here are the false teachings of the Prophetess that her groupies will learn and follow:

    Through all this experience of empowerment, these people will learn “false teachings” about ADULTERY as she will find another man to fulfill her lustful desires. Nothing will be said from the scriptures that GOD hates divorce (“For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away…” -Malachi 2:16) and that “anyone who divorces and marries another commits adultery.

    “And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except [it be] for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.” Mat 19:9

    “And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.” Mar 10:11


    All because this prophetess uses her own guile and charisma to teach this false doctrine. Never once did she mention “separation”, but subtlety teaches through practice and whispering words that that “it’s okay to leave your husband if he beats you” (I’n not condoning beating, I’m just describing Juanita’s tactics). Can’t you see Mia Gentry? Are you now choosing to be blind, poking out your own eyes?

    These women will be taught how to be empowered through all the missing biblical influences that will be substituted by this woman’s subtle influence to omit biblical doctrine and truths. She will scratch the “itching” ears of so many who will listen to her as they are caught up in her charisma. Looks so pretty as we can see – the make up, the floundering words, the spicy dress, the tearful sincerity, but in the dark secrets of her and her followers life, there will be depression, divorce, lust oppression, lack of joy and the fruit of the Spirit as evident by their sins. All the truth is covered up by the beauty of self. THIS IS WHAT SHE IS TEACHING YA’LL. SHE DOES THIS STUFF ALL THE TIME. She teaches a God, but not a TRINITY; she teaches theatrical closeness to God through the threshing floor, but not abiding in Christ; she teaches richness through favor, not poor in spirit; she teaches DIVORCE, not SEPARATION to remain married and be reconciled to her husband; she teaches the empowerment through faith; not strength through weakness (2Cr 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.) SHE TEACHES FALSELY ALL THE TIME!!Ultimately no one will be lead to Christ as salvation comes from God and his words, not from “sincere” cover- ups.



    “It is better to read John, Paul, Moses and Isaiah – men of God,

    than to listen to the prophetess – Poster Child for the World.”

  145. Corlette said

    I strongly believe Bynum and her husband need marriage counsel. The apostle Paul demonstrated how believers should honor one another by seeking each other’s counsel, especially when strong convictions and difficult issues are at stake.

    These two couples minister to thousands, and embarrase themselves by not seeking help. I believe God expose the issue. Resently, Bishop Weeks and his wife appear together to several conference “Teach me how to love you” and Women On the Frontline August 2007. Its Now September of 2007 less than three months since the three major conferences.

    We hear the couples are having major problems and his wife file for divorce. In my opinion, ministers are sending the wrong message and not living holy lifestyle. Today, we have superstars evangelist, bishop and pastors. People flee to these conference to see their favour superstar evangelist. Bishop Weeks live in the shadow of his wife. My Question? If you knew that your husband was facing financial difficulty why not help him? instead of allowing him fall pick him up. Marriage is not a one way street.

  146. Evelina said

    My prayer goes out to Prohetess Bynum, Bishop Weeks and all the other couples who are having marriage troubles. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I believe that God has healed me from the wounds, both physical and verbal. It was a process, but GOd did it. I wanted to file for divorce, but thanks to my listening to Bishop Jakes one day, God spoke to me and I decided to fight for my marriage. That was in 1995. By then my husband was in prison and still is, but God has not allowed me to divorce him. God has shown me that he is a healer and a restorer. My husband rededicated his life and we have learned to talk and pray through our problems. I encourage prophetess Bynum and other women that if you say and believe God put the two of you together, spend some time apart, but don’t be so quick to give up on the marriage. Remember, that the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy and that Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. Spend time fasting and praying that God will heal and restore.

  147. Lynn Evans said

    My prayer goes out to Prohetess Bynum, Bishop Weeks and to the nations. I believe that we need to be upfront and honesty with ourselves. We are not too Holy to seek help. I believe that God will allow people to be expose to bring about a change in people lives. I believe we all are dealing with some type of Thorn in our Flesh. Whatever it maybe (Magnify the power of your thorn) X (The weight of your pride, the sin and the shame) = the amount of glory that is waiting to be revealed. 11 Corinthians 12: 4-10.


  148. Today said

    Hello People– Don’t beat your wife or any other woman…Wrong is wrong on any day of the week, month, and/or year.

  149. Deborah said

    I pray for both parties involved and yes I believed that God is going to reveal all these false prophets and pull the curtain off many more, I at one time believed in a lot of what some of these TV preachers preached because I was to lazy to study the Bible for myself, now that I am studying I find out that a lot of what they are teaching are lies mix with some truth makes what they say a lie, I know I need to work, I know I need to love my enemies, I know I am suppose to pay bills, what I needed to know was how to live Holy and how to make Jesus my personal Savior’s to live Holy and how to have eternal life, enough is enough selling prosperity and commercializing the church ,people out here are lost and we are not telling them, first that Jesus is Lord and we must seek him first and then and only then will we find the answers


    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. I hope and pray that the hand of the Lord is upon you and your people this day to grant you protection against all your enemies, increased blessings and more anointing. May the blood of Jesus be your covering and your strength at this time
    Am greatful to mail your Helpful organization,Hopeful
    to be friendship,and partnership of what God is doing in your
    last and final hour of the Church dispensation,Where God is looking
    for Men and women to work the earth,
    May the joyful assurance of possessing This great salvation be yours,now and till He Comes In Jesus Name Amen


    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. I hope and pray that the hand of the Lord is upon you and your people this day to grant you protection against all your enemies, increased blessings and more anointing. May the blood of Jesus be your covering and your strength at this time
    Am greatful to mail your Helpful organization,Hopeful
    to be friendship,and partnership of what God is doing in your
    last and final hour of the Church dispensation,Where God is looking
    for Men and women to work the earth,
    May the joyful assurance of possessing This great salvation be yours,now and till He Comes In Jesus Name Amen

  152. Shantia Kind said

    About the pretend preacher/minister — james david manning

    In reference to the insults hurled by so-called minister/preacher James David Manning about “Obam’a mama,” I say – what about his mama and the junk he is spouting about what his mama and grandmama taught him – as if it is the end all and be all.

    Manning is and all who believe in the garbage he has been spewing inside and outside the pulpit is just a pure and bonafide indication that he is a disgrace to his professed calling. Anyone can see that “without judging’ what he really is, because he qualifies it with his messy diatribe. And I say the same for his followers and supporters. No apology intended.

    As I stated before, it is not judging WHEN THE PERSON SPEAKING IS DEPICTING WHAT IS IN HIS OWN MIND.

    A PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE A MINISTER/PASTOR OUGHT TO BE TEACHING/PREACHING according to the Bible. Check inscriptions/verses from the Bible below.

    Luke 9:60 – “Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God..”

    Matthew 7:2 — “For with judgment . . . ye shall be judged.”

    1 Corinthians 5-12:13 — “He who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk just as He walked . . .”

    Ecclesiastes 5:2 — “Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God in heaven, and then upon the earth, therefore let thy words be few.”

    Ecclesiastes 12:7 – “Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

    The so-called minister/preacher (Manning) does not follow the dictates of the Bible. He DEFINITELY PRACTICING WHAT HE PREACHES.

    Someone in a blog stated that – I didn’t see it or hear it personally – Manning proclaims that “:ATLAH” is what God told him (manning) to rename Harlem. Because he speaks to God. Personally. From his armchair.”

    One can’t profess to preach the Bible and say that God told him, to alone, rename Harlem and give it the new name ATLAH — and without consulting the multitude of others in Harlem and New York. Boy, that is really stretching it.

    Again I say the professed and fake preacher-man, is DEFINITELY PRACTICING WHAT HE PREACHES. And it surely isn’t what he was told to do by God as instructed by the Word/Bible. And anyone would know that God would not give the man a vision like the ONES he is SPOUTING.

    Manning clearly has another Bible, and he probably wrote it himself so that he can get his visions from it. What a fraud. Go Figure – As Arsenio Hall used to say – it is something that make you want to go uum.

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