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Proof From His Own Writings That Martin Luther King Jr. Was NOT A Christian

Posted by Job on August 15, 2007

Update: Apparently there has not been a total media blackout on this issue.

Some people are angry that the Martin Luther King Jr. statue that will be placed on our mall in Washington DC is going to be made by a Chinese artist. What should be a bigger concern is the fact that King, Jr. is considered the most prominent Christian figure in American history despite not believing in the virgin birth, deity, or resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that the people responsible for exposing this fact: the media, our schools and churches, etc. are hiding it from you! And you folks on the Christian right: Reagan gave this man a federal holiday why? And more and more Christian preachers are celebrating this man, his beliefs, and his legacy why? It isn’t as if there weren’t PLENTY of black civil rights leaders that were actually Christian to identify and honor. It is no wonder that the media and the international community rejected black Christian leaders and instead embraced both this fellow and the Muslim Malcolm X. To the people wondering why no movie on Dr. King’s life has been made: well anyone who does so would HAVE to deal with the fact that KING WAS NOT A CHRISTIAN. The links below say it all. contains King’s own papers on the subject: and and and in an interview with NBC:


One Response to “Proof From His Own Writings That Martin Luther King Jr. Was NOT A Christian”

  1. […] Roman Catholics and the black left as represented by the civil rights movement (please recall that Martin Luther King, Jr. rejectd the virgin birth, deity, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and hence cannot be considered as having been a Christian in any sense) has as its correlation the […]

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