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TD Jakes Made Paula White A Star So She Bought Him A Bentley

Posted by Job on August 3, 2007

Update: see Paula White Claims That Jesus Christ Died In Vain!

“Her career got a megaboost when she met Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of the Dallas megachurch, the Potter’s House. Jakes, who is black, helped catapult White to superstardom – particularly among black women – when he invited her to speak at his Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference in 2000. She launched her television ministry a year later. Today, White is one of the most popular preachers on Black Entertainment Television and appears on several other networks including Spike TV and Trinity BroadcastingThe ministries took in $39.9 million in 2006, according to an audit of Without Walls and Paula White Ministries released in June by an independent Clearwater accounting firm. About $28.6 million helped promote the church’s programs, conferences and outreach efforts, the audit said. Other expenses covered management and fundraising. White’s salary was not detailed, but her publicist says she has multiple streams of income outside the ministry. And for his 50th birthday in June, White sent Jakes a black convertible Bentley. It was intended to be a quiet gift, White said, but an overzealous member of Jakes’ ministry shouted out the news at the retail show. “Some people thought ‘Why would you do that?’ ” White later explained, saying that Jakes is her spiritual father. “I thought, ‘Well, why wouldn’t I?’ That’s not even an option.””

As far as the “Well, why wouldn’t I?” question, Paula White has clearly forgotten Proverb 22:6, which says “He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.” We are supposed to GIVE FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, MEDICINE, LEGAL AND POLITICAL ADVOCACY, AND THE GOSPEL to the poor, not Bentleys to the rich. Then again, White’s sex and glamor driven “ministry” is so unscriptural that Proverb 22:6 is just one of many things that she ignores.


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  1. sally said

    God revealed these false teachers to me: TD Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, TBN Paul and Jan and more – he’s exposing them for what they truly are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. VIVIAN SELF said


  3. Reverend J said

    Just a reminder that these “events” don’t majically happen. They are driven by continuous series of decisions made selfishly, without wisdom, or without wisdom. I fear the church of America has grown so without character and depth that we have grown to depend and rely on being spoonfed to the point that when leaders make misguided footsteps, we have no real discernment of our own. My challenge: Let us be as the Thessalonicans whom Paul praise for not just “taking his word for it” but sought the scripture to confirm the truth in what he spoke.

  4. AGE said

    Sally, you need to stop letting the devil use you. And he IS using you.

  5. kay naps said

    I think u should be able to give ur father what ever u want. and she says that Td is her father and she has money for such luxury car for him. please she should. I can’t wait for God to bless me so that i can buy such gift for my fathers. My real father and my two father in the Lord.

  6. Don said

    Give her father whatever she wants???? Yeah maybe but not the hard workering money of believers who think somehow they will be blessed for doing it..Did you ever wonder why the apostles did not live high on the hog like these supposed teachers do today?

  7. Don: We are supposed to give our Father everything He wants, but Jesus Christ said in the gospels that our only Father is God! This whole “spiritual father” thing that these preachers are talking about is just money. It amounts to a celebrity endorsement. TD Jakes, Rod Parsley, Paul Crouch, or one of these other pastors allowing you to call them your spiritual father is akin to Michael Jordan endorsing your Nike shoes.

  8. Sow said

    The Scripture posted above is from Psalm 22:16 and not 22:6

  9. Issie said

    It is none of my business what people do with their money. It is wrong for Paula White to be on TV asking for donations for school supplies for kids in her area, when she could have used that money to buy the supplies herself instead of asking her investing partners to give. Even on one of her programs she stated that women were buying too many clothes. That is none of her business. The more money her partners spend on themselves, the less they will send to her. I invest in my church, my personal investments, my community, and take nice vacations. Christians need to cut these people off and study the word for themselves. I trust no man, only God. In a book by Leroy Thompson, he stated at some of these conferences, the pastors were behind the scenes scheming how to get the people money. Remember, she was the one that made the statement that Jakes told her to get her some partners. Stevie Wonder can see through this scheme. I don’t usually blog, but it is sad in the Christian world that ministries has gotten to this point. I honestly believe some of these ministries started off sincere, but has gotten caught up in lust of the world. My take, invest in yourself and be led by the spirit and not your emotions. I have learned as a paralegal, and a accountant, many people have lost cases (settlements) because of their emotions. I have learned to wear my emotions on my sleeve when interacting with people outside of my family, and especially the church. It is always someone in your community that needs help.

  10. Pat said

    Paul White’s problems deeply disturb me, as does Juanita Bynum’s.It is obvious they are both under attack from the enemy. I am praying and I challenge every one who isn’t praying to do the same.It’s not right to kick a person when they are down. It’s downright cowardly.

  11. DEA said

    I believe in giving my time, talent and treasures to the work of the ministry. I have been truly blessed and the word of God has proven itself over and over again through my giving. “Give and it shall be given”… However, when it comes down to gimmick giving because so high profile speaker ask you to, that’s another story. I agree that God is NOT in alot of these “offering parades” that some of speakers are asking for. So be wise and give according to the Word of God, you will see that you will be bless too.

  12. maygun said

    Carnival kings and queens are falling like dominoes. It’s clean- up time in the house of G_d.

  13. TRUE STORY……….

    I remember one day, years ago; I was sitting in service and my Pastor was holding his bible and you could see that it was worn and about to fall apart at any moment. It was no secret that he and his wife made more in a year than what my children’s father (then husband) made in three. Immediately in service, it was laid on my heart for us to go the next day and purchase my Pastor a bible. Not just any bible, but the one he had and the best that they offered! I know that he could have bought another one, but I do believe that it was a spiritual set-up from God.
    When it came time to buy it, I told my then-husband, that God wanted us to buy the best for him. Now, God knew our budget and the amount of money we had. Bibles can be really expensive if you didn’t know. This was going to be one of those sacrificial gifts. Well, the lady from the Christian Book Store called me to tell me that all they had was one of that kind in Genuine Leather but they had many in bonded leather. I told her, I need the best that you have. She said, “well, I will put this one up until your husband comes to pick it up.”
    When my then-husband came to my job, I could clearly see that he was amazed and happy about something. He then told me that since it was the last one of that kind, the bookstore gave us 50% off. Then embroidered it for free because of what I had asked them to put on it.
    Now someone may find this a coincidence or may not see God anywhere in it. As I said, God knew our hearts, yet he knew our budget. He provided and made the provisions by us being obedient to the vision. Have I sown to tele-evangelist? I honestly say no. Have I sown into the man of God that God has blessed me with? Yes.

    Sowing to the man of God can be found in the bible when the were called High Priests. If you have never “tried” God (Malachi 3)then you won’t have the testimony that I have. Was that one time good enough? No. Think of it like this. You have an account that you continiously deposit money into it. When you leave from the bank, you don’t really know what the bank is doing with the money. You just know that you feel safe with having your money invested in something of value. In the event the bank would loose it’s integrity and start embezzling, FDIC is in place. God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost is our modern FDIC! You will get a return!

    I hope you were blessed in reading this!


    Keisha Broxton Payne
    CEO – WfJ, Inc

  14. Keisha Broxton Payne: Of course you realize that there is a difference between buying your pastor a Bible and a rich man a Bentley. The Bible speaks against giving to the already rich in Proverbs 22:6. The money that went into buying that Bentley for TD Jakes could have bought tens of thousands of Bibles for overseas missions where they are badly needed. And please recall: this money that Paula White used to buy Jakes this Bentley was not her money that she made. No, the money that the Whites and the rest of these Christian thieves use to buy their luxury cars and mansions come from contributions from Christians who think that the money is being spent to preach the gospel, feed the poor, comfort those in prison, etc. That is what makes it even worse.

  15. tina said

    why is it that it’s o.k. for every person in the world to own
    nice things but ministers? God blesses whome he choses.

  16. Tina: It is OK for ministers to own nice things. It is not OK for those nice things to come from church funds. Have you forgotten Paul, when he said in Acts 20:33 – “I have coveted no man’s silver, or gold, or apparel”? Or is the example of Paul not good enough for you? There is a big difference between “being broke, busted, and disgusted” and using money generated by your ministry to live a life of luxury. Look, don’t you want Jesus Christ to come back? Well, Christ said in Matthew 24 that His Second Coming will not happen until His gospel has been preached throughout the world. Well, there are 2 billion people that have never heard the gospel. There are 1500 languages and dialects in which the Bible has never been translated into, and at the current rate it would take 150 years to finish the translation process (of course, the fact that the languages are dying out along with THE PEOPLE THAT SPEAK THEM may speed up the process a bit). Do you know why the process of getting the gospel into these lands and translating the Bible into the languages is going so slowly? Because of a lack of funds. Instead of putting our money into spreading the gospel so that your savior can come take you out of this miserable world and conquer Satan and all of the sin, evil, sickness, poverty, oppression, war, corruption, etc. in it, you folks are buying preachers mansions, Bentleys, and gaudy jewelry. Can’t you folks see how wrong that is?

    • Mo said

      When did you check her bank account and find out where the funds came from? Many of these ministers have other streams of income. Not just the donations that belivers give them. Real Estate Investments, Business Ventures, Personal Intellectual Property…Stop being so narrow minded and thinking that your $20 made them rich. God loveth a cheerful giver. Be cheerful or shut up!

  17. danyone said

    you need to stop slandering the ministers used to lead people to Christ. Do you remember the book of Psalms. Remember David? This is the same thing people did a long time ago and do you remember whatr Jesus said? Refer to your Bible. We are not to pass judgement or speak aganist our ministers men and women in CHRIST. PREY AND ASK THE LORD TO GIVE YOU WISDOM AND I’M SURE HE WILL TELL YOU THE SAME.

  18. danyone said


  19. Tdacosta said

    This forum should not be used to pull down pastors but to pray for pastors especially those in the spotlight.

    The only thing that I ask is that you all listen to the words or preaching of some of the TV pastors (Tele Evan) and see if they Mention the Gospel. That is the death, burial and ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the significance that this plays in a Christian’s life and it’s necessity to be heard by the unsaved.

    How many times do they mention that we are servants of God armed with the task of going out and preach the gospel.

    I am sorry to say that those of you who are not reading the God’s inspired word “the Bible” for yourself and hence have the means to say ” thus saith the Lord” rather than “my Bishop, pastor …. says” will always be lead down a dark road.

    I know it may be difficult to spot false teachers (Judas was difficult to spot by the other diciples But our Lord Jesus always knew) but the Bible lays it out clearly for us.

    So I encourage ALL to pray, read the word and be led by the holy spirit. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, salvation and eternal life.

  20. Naa said

    Open your spiritual eyes and ask God to give you understanding and the gift of discernment O ye Christians! With this in place you can feed thousands of orphans and widows with your “seed” and you will be blessed than being tricked into casting your “pearls to swines”.

  21. cassieB said

    It is time to pray. GOD is exposing these preachers, because judgement must firstcome to the house of God, so that theworld will see and fear. The Bible says that He (God) takes down one to put up another. Let us watch and pray, all through the years you have seen great preachers come and go, just as Moses and many other didi in the bible. They serve for God and then because of disobedience just as Moses die; he said I will let you look at he promised land but not eneter. God is taking down these preachers to raise up others. He said I WILL RAISE up a generation that will obey me, and according to scripture we ARE THE LAST GENERTION. mONEY SCHOULD BE USEDTO FINANCE THE KINGDOM,not be flamboyant with. The bible says that Ge (God) bless you to have so that you may be able to help those that are in need. To finalize this; judgement has begun in the house of God, where he said it would. Look up for your redemption draws night. Some people are going to get mansions here so they don’t need to look for one in heaven. Which would you choose. You can argue and debate with opinion, but not the word. If you bought Jesus a bently what would he do? Sell it and give the money to the poor as in Acts or drive it. You decide.

  22. julie evans said


    Why is anyone considering these people ministers to begin with. They are not saved and sanctified and filled with the precious gift of the holy ghost and if they have been they don’t profess it! Especially by leading sinners to salvation soley by a “sinner’s prayer” That is part of the plan of salvation but repenting, being baptized in the name of Jesus and being filled with the holyghost by evidence of speaking with other tongues is the the rest of the equation. I know this isn’t popular but God is still going to raise up a standard when the enemy comes in like a flood. The bible says the heart is desperately wicked who can know it. That is why God mandated more than just a deceitful “sinner’s prayer” and just for you who don’t know the word the book of Acts is where you get in to fit in. Because it is the historical book of where the church began. Not Romans chp 10 where these fake pastors fool people with this sinners prayer garbage. That scripture was referring to the already saved church or body of christ. The book of Acts will instruct you on how to become a member of that body. And then you will confirm as in Ephesians…one Lord one Faith one Baptism. There is no such thing as a trinity only fools will believe that. The spirit of the Anichrist is upon the world full fledge but let him that hath an ear hear what the whole word of the Lord says. Line by Line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little, but don’t add nothing to it and don’t take nothing away! Baptize in the name of the father, son, and holyghost. It didn’t say names- (plural) there is only one name in heaven and on Earth by which we must be saved and that name is JESUS. Hear O Israel the Lord thy God is ONE!
    Amen, and Halleleujah!

  23. Leslie Johnson said

    I think you might be interested in a blog that I recently wrote addressing the subject of false prophets and what they teach according to Matthew 7. You can go to and I appreciate any comments.

  24. Shanae said

    “Touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm.” I Chronicles 16:22 I think everybody needs to keep their mouth closed about the situation, since NOBODY really know what is going on. Only God know. We all will be judged according to the deeds done in the body. We have to be careful and mindful to the things we say because, God choses people not us. Paul persecuted the church and may have been their aggrevating the people to stone Stephen, but on the contrary he was one of the greatest teachers in the Bible. We have realize they are people to. What we need to do, is to take heed to the Word, lest we fall into the same temptation. If God called me to preach and I decide to get on drugs and sell my body, I’m still who God says I am. I just decided to go another way. So men and women of God are chosen by the Creator, not the creature….

  25. Shanae: “Touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm.” I Chronicles 16:22 OK, since you are using that reference and not anything from the NEW COVENANT that requires ACCOUNTABILITY from the Body of Christ, the priesthood of believers, then let us consider it from this angle. Since David was clearly God’s anointed, then Nathan should not have said anything concerning his murdering Uriah the Hittite and stealing his wife. Since Saul, whom David spoke these words regarding, was God’s anointed, then Samuel had no business confronting him regarding his continual disobedience to God. And the man who went and confronted Solomon, God’s anointed, about his marrying strange wives and erecting an altar of Baal in the temple, he was all wrong. So were all the prophets like Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos, etc. who told the kings of Israel and Judah about their wicked deeds and God’s coming judgment. And bringing this to the New Testament, if there was any one that was God’s anointed, it would have been Peter, right? Yet Paul had to challenge and correct Peter when he refused to fellowship with the Gentile Christians. So even if Paula and Randy White WERE legitimate preachers – and I maintain that they are not based on not only their actions but their false doctrines, starting with the fact that Paula is the head pastor when the Bible specifically says that a woman should not have authority over a man in the church, is the Bible wrong Shanae? Because if it is so is I Chronicles 16:22 that you are misusing and abusing – the BIBLE gives us the authority to challenge them on their wicked doctrines and their evil ways. You are asking me to ignore what the Bible says and follow your word instead. And who are you, exactly? A prophet? Well let me tell you … the Bible says that anyone who preaches another gospel is accursed from God. So if you are “prophesying” to me that I should reject what the Bible teaches and commands me to do, then you are a false prophet and therefore accursed. You never go wrong using the Bible as the standard and following it, Shanae. So why are you on here trying to cause me to sin?

  26. Donnie said

    Enough is Enough!

    Hello my dear friend,

    To be honest I have been some what hesitant about posting this message on MySpace in fear that I might loss a lot of my friends on here, but after much prayer over the matter I decided to be like Jeremiah and just cry aloud and spare not.

    This is a petition requesting holiness to return back to our religious broadcasting networks and a DEMAND that such actors to be removed from Christian networks world wide. (Hulk Hogan, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and many more.) The actors mentioned in this list have shown NO redeeming virtues in their life’s and does not live a life that portrays that of a Christian or Godly lifestyle. All of these actors have been seen on their regular networking channels cursing the very name of God that they were just day’s before where praising on a “Christian broadcasting network.” Church your bible declares it like this, (2 Corinthians 6:16-18) And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

    I don’t care how popular they are in the world; the church has no business bringing such, in the church to ONLY to attract the attention of the viewers. People of God, its time we separate ourselves. It’s time the church separates it’s self from the world and stop inviting Hollywood celebrities to come in our churches and on the Christian networks you and I support. It is no secret why theses churches and networks invite these celibates, their methods is to draw big crowds to gain big money. The Christian culture has played into this get rich scheme, we are now loosing pastors that once preached with fire and anointing to the glitter and glamour of money.

    Now day’s it’s hard to tell the deference between Hollywood and the church, celebrities are shown with one wife or husband one week and the next week their divorced. It’s a sad thought that now the church, “PASTORS” are displaying this very same ungodly trend before God’s people. That’s way we are demanding that if the preachers on TV, can’t line up with the Word of God, then remove them. The latest devilments that has accrued is simply unacceptable according to the Bibles standards. The Bible does not support such action with in the clergy. The so-called Christian culture of our time has compromised God’s order for the Church by our opinion that now we think our opinion over rides God’s final order for the Church. God’s rule has not changed, the Word of God still say’s in (Malachi.2:16) For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment, saith the LORD of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously. Now for some of us, it could not get more clearer then how the Lord just explained it, but for those of you who still are supporting the act of divorcing in the Church at ones convince, here is how Jesus said He felt about the matter.

    The Pharisees was the religious rulers of the time and they came to Jesus concerning this matter of divorce. (Matthew.19:3-9) The Pharisees also came unto him, tempting him, and saying unto him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause? (I don’t love him or her any more, or he’s a slob or she’s put on weight. Any cause or any reason) And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.(Let no one separate or hinder.) They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away? (In this, the Pharisees tried to justify themselves using the law.) He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so. (Jesus points out the main cause in divorce in America, and worldwide today, the hardness of your hearts. He also said from the beginning it was not so, proving God never intended on divorce. When a Man and a Woman stand before God, and exchange their mirage vows, they are saying, God has chosen them to be together. And my friend God doesn’t’ make mistakes.) And I say unto you, whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.

    Divorce is simply a departure from the purpose and plan of God. While the Old Testament divorce was allowed and was apparently easily secured, this was contrary to God’s highest intentions. Jesus explained that provisions for divorce in the Old Testament were an accommodation to “the hardness” of people’s heart and a necessary evil (Matthew.19:8) The Church therefore should seek always to discourage divorce as a solution to marital problems. The church is becoming no deferent then the Hollywood celebrities that are seen one week with this husband or wife, then a mouth or so they are remarrying someone else. This same unholy act is now creeping into our churches and now our pulpits and we as the Body of Christ are speaking out against it.


    TODAY WE DEMAND that you remove such material from your station. We refuse to support such ministry that participates in these acts of ungodliness. This life stile will not be glorified on our TV’s any longer. Nor will we sit idly by and do noting about it. I have included my name to this petition as a voice in the Body of Christ demanding change!

    PLEASE repost this in your bulletin in hopes your friends will join us, and strengthen our voice so it will be heard. Remember your Bible say’s in (Ecclesiastes.4:12) And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

    Join us today and let your voice be heard.
    (CLICK HERE) to sign the petition

    God’s humble hand servant:
    Donnie Raffield
    Evangelist Donnie R. Raffield.

  27. Evangelist Donnie: Good show my brother in Jesus Christ. Thank you and congratulations.

  28. TMH said

    I’m not sure how to really respond to the some of these posts. First, please don’t allow ourselves to be ignorant of God’s desire for us to be prosperous. I don’t see where Paula’s ministry has not been effective in meeting the needs of her community and others, so I think that we can drop that falsehood. Secondly, many people forget that some of these ministers have businesses outside of their ministries that provide more than adequate finances, so if she decides to bless other (who may have “things”) and the poor at the same time….IT’S HER CHOICE!

  29. TMH said

    Evangelist Donnie,

    I totally agree with you in regards to the ungodly union of the Church and Hollywood. However, not quite with you on the divorce issue. I would never tell a woman who is getting the hell beaten out of her to jeopardize her life because divorce displeases God. No, there is forgiveness beyond the bruises and humiliation. Jesus ministered wholeness, even after many things (including marriage) had been broken.

  30. Vee said

    These several events in the Body shows that leaders have faults like the rest of us and maybe something MORE important. Perhaps we look too much at the PEOPLE and not the TEACHING?? We seem shocked that these thing could possibly happen to these people. Were we really praying for the leadership, asking God to guide them in their lives and ministry or did we PRESUME that they had it together? If you agree with their messages or not, maybe this is a WARNING TO US in these end times to be careful in not only what we hear, but in how we hear it and to study to show OURSELVES approved a workman not to be ashamed. Because there is preaching/teaching coming that will nearly fool the very elect……will we recognize it??

  31. Rob said

    Evangelist Donnie:

    Divorce displeases God. God hates it (“For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away:… Mal 2:16.) On the contrary, marriage does honor Him, as marriage was created even before the church (Sad to say that some put church before their marriages). This is just the plain and simple truth. We sure can’t blame God for our carnel display of violence and cruelty occurring within these ungodly arrangements that were based on lust, selfish desires and motives, especially from ill-informed and so-called Christians who have their own unbiblical perception about the institution itself.

    Some say they are Christians and marry unbelievers, even though it is commanded by God not to be unequally yoked. Many disregard the advice of parents with their attitudes in saying “It’s my choice and I’m old enough to do as I please”, even though it is laid out in Scriptures parental influences in children’s choosing of a spouse. Some dishonor the institution, by committing the sin of fornication before marriage. You see…Sex is for marriage. Some commit the sin of adultery by their multiple marriages. So many sins we commit that disrespects God and the institution. Yet when we hear of a “beatdown”, we scream through this same flesh that got us in trouble. We then become “spiritually convicted” when we seek to remedy the situation (through GOD NOW), when He’s already said unto us how to go about this thing in the first place. Instead of taking the time to Read His Word Daily, Pray without Ceasing, Abiding in the LORD’s Command, Seeking Parents and Mature Minister’s Advice, Marrying Strong Christians, we go half-cocked (and some no-cocked) into one of the most holy and sacred institution with our sin, baggage, issues, wrong motives, and all that the FLESH could bring. I CAN SEE WHY THE BEATDOWN OCCURS. IT’S PEOPLE and NOT GOD! Again, GOD HATES DIVORCE and SAYS “So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” Rom 8:8

    So what does the LORD do? He KINDA did what He did with MOSES did…BECAUSE OF THE HARDNESS OF THEIR HEARTS. He used Paul to write in I Corinthians:

    1Cr 7:10 ¶ And unto the married I command, [yet] not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from [her] husband:
    1Cr 7:11 But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to [her] husband: and let not the husband put away [his] wife.

    He allows for SEPARATION, Not DIVORCE (What God has put together, let no man put asunder). I know a lot may try to justify the mess they’ve created by voicing the hypocritical concerns they feel…”What about the children” ….”I can’t afford being by myself”…”I need a man or woman in my life”…”What are people going to say?”…OH… NOW COMES the GODLY CARE!!!


    SUFFERING From a “BEATDOWN” and thinking about A DIVORCE…
    My ADVICE…
    – SEPARATE, Don’t DIVORCE and MARRY ANOTHER (This is adultery)
    – ALLOW THE SPIRIT OF GOD (NOT Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Thomas Weeks, CREFLO, TD, or any other false teacher) TO MINISTER to YOU THROUGH HIS WORD

    WARNING to all the SINGLES…


  32. Rob said

    Sorry Donnie, My post was for TMH.

    TMH…It’s for YOU!!

  33. Christine Elliott said

    I feel in my spirit that Juanita and Bishop Weeks have been blind by the devil in how they are dealing with this! This is a “Spiritual Warfare” and a teachable moment for both. The Bible express, “not to jugde but that heed lest ye fall! When provoke beyond your true deliverance, no one knows what they will do. I felt the marriage was in the permissive will of God not the “Perfect Will.” Even so God is still able to take a square and turn it into a circle, and use our failures for a ministry. There is a lot of hidden sins and abuse in the church and God is starting from the head and high profile to warn all of us to get it together and be Holy, righteous, and love with Agape love! Juanita needs to walk in humility, submission,
    real forgiveness, and in the spirit not emotions. I speak the same for her husband. The marriage seems to be based on money and not oneness. Bishop Weeks need Anger Management couneling, and another touch from God. I say to both “come to yourself, repent, and get up! Don’t allow people to perdict your future! Bishop Weeks why do you want Juanita back? Is it the money or real love? You can’t save your face and be a servant of God! I love both and pray for healing.

  34. Darla said

    Brother Donnie
    I certainly hope you never miss it. Your are a harsh and critcal.
    Be careful who you call false. God in the end will judge. Pray
    for God’s mercy. Whenever I miss it, I would sure like mercy extended to me. I truly believe you would also.

  35. Darla said

    The chuch need to stop hating and grow up!….

  36. Rob said


    Why are you hating on the church…saying thy are being hateful and needs to “grow up”? Oh I know you are not hating… You are telling it like it really is…RIGHT???

    YOU are just like Juanita…BLINDED by YOUR OWN HYPROCRISY…

  37. Gloria said

    I AGREE with most of what has been posted. We CAN judge because of the fruit that are bearing. There is a BIG difference in the use of the word and YES only God is the adjudicator. However, if an apple tree is producing oranges or another fruit, something is wrong with the tree. We’re seeing MANY mega pastors and unknown that are talking a good game, in my opinion, “motivational speakers” without any substance, to justify the prosperity movement. The fruit is not good!! It’s a sad time in Christainity because the world isn’t running to the church because of viewing the way that Christians live. For those of us that have been set aside for such a time as this, we’re coming forth with a NEW message that isn’t attached to money, greed, and compromise.

    God has already blessed and entrusted us with money, material possessions; therefore, when we preach to the harvest, that’s not a motive. I feel that many have started out good but got caught up in the lust of the flesh, the world, pride of life, etc.. I don’t patronize any of them and grateful that I can study and read for myself. IF any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God. That’s what I do.

    Because I’ve traveled in so many circles due to my ministry, behind the scenes is frightening because of various Bishops practicing homosexuality, adultery, abuse and drugs.. Just because someone is preaching behind a podium doesn’t qualify them as a man or woman of God. I hate to say this but I will, Bynum is determined to destroy her husband’s reputation while she uses this abuse as a platform to make money, she’ll have a spiral downward no matter how SUCCESSFUL she appears. Her using this incidence as a means of making money will be like a bag with holes and flying away with wings. She won’t be able to sustain or keep it. God sits high and indeed looks low. Therefore, WHATEVER a man soweth, he shall also reap. We are living in perilous times but will see the fall of many. Continue to pray my brothers and sisters..

    Paz de Dios (Peace of God)

  38. sanggirl said

    Gloria,…you are so right on! Continue to be a voice in the wilderness. The chorus of “touch not mine annointed” and “judge not” even when faced with irrefutable evidence just proves how pervasive and highly effective the brainwashing techniques are. They work, and they work well.
    I sense a sober-minded, observant servant of God in you Gloria.
    Blessings on you, my sister!

  39. sanggirl said

    Same to you, Rob & Healtheland!

  40. paul said

    lets not be so fast to question giving, someone commented that the money used to buy T.D Jakes a bentley could have been used for mission work, i believe it was judas who said something similar when mary anointed jesus’ with perfume that was worth a years salary funny jesus didnt rebuke her for doing so but the person that would later betray jesus did.
    lets be careful not to judge people, leave that to God, he is the only righteous judge, rather you focus on the kingdom and its righteousness and let God deal with his children as he pleases

  41. C.E Morrieson said


  42. C.E Morrieson: Do not hate to say it. Speak the holy word of truth and be glad for your blessing that will come from it!

  43. Karen said

    The Word clearly warns us that “a house divided against itself shall not stand”. Don’t you all understand that satan is sitting back laughing at us? We should all be greatly greived at the blows that have been directed at the BODY of Christ. If in the natural your body gets sick or injured, healthy blood cells immediatly go to the damage to repair what is wrong in the tissue to restore it back to it original condition. As believers in the Son of the Most High God (who by the way is Love), why don’t we practice love one for another as we ought? Y’all better stop judging these vessels of God. That is not your place. Jesus will Judge and then restore them. Peace.

  44. Karen said

    Apologies for the interruption but to complete my comment, the Word says that if a brother is overtaken in a fault, we who are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness. It also warns that if you give your body to be burned but have not love we are as a clanging cymbal. We all have done things that require being covered by the blood of Jesus. And last time I checked the Scriptures, He took all of our sin all by himself. We should practice praying for one another more and gossiping less. Do any of us know what we would do if in thier place? If you are saved, then we should realise we are all of one Spirit. We are on the same team. Stop causing division in the Body with your thoughts and your speech. God sees and hears all of us. Let your words be few in the earth….Selah.

  45. Karen: Paula and Randy White are NOT vessels of God. Do you know how many times they have been sued for refusing to pay their bills, not only by businesses but members of their own congregation? Do you know that when legitimate Christians in the city where their “ministry” is headquartered were trying to fight the HUGE pornography industry that they have there (you have never once heard about this in all the years that you have heard them preach, have you? Because their ministry is not about opposing Satan in the least), the area’s most prominent strip club owner Joe Redner gave them a significant financial contribution in return for allowing him to speak at their “church” when he was running for political office. No not be naive, strip clubs are not just a bunch of men drinking vodka and looking at naked women dance (as if it wouldn’t be bad enough if it was just that), but are rather fronts for organized crime operations: prostitution, drugs, money laundering, etc. So these people allowed a known criminal to come into their pulpit and lie to their congregation about loving Jesus Christ. And really Joe Redner is just small time when compared to their other crony Donald Trump, whom White has had on her show. Never mind Trump, who called White his pastor, being a unrepentant serial fornicator, but Trump’s luxury casino/hotel concerns heavily depend on the mob bosses, drug kingpins, and high end prostitution rings to make use of his accommodations. If Trump wasn’t also a business partner accepting investments from and laundering money for these thugs he was a rarity: never forget that the murdering mobster Bugsy Siegel gave us Las Vegas. And then, Tyra Banks. Can we not be coy about what it is that this woman does for a living? She can’t even claim to be an actress or singer that merely uses her looks to her advantage! Her whole career has been showing off her body, and that includes getting nude on the runway and for the magazines in Europe (she didn’t do so in America to protect her “good girl” image) since she has been a teenager. And after she became too old, as common in her industry she went from prostitute to madam, exploiting young women for her “America’s Top Model” TV show (where they make a point of humiliating and trying to portray as hypocrites any Christian contestants … you do realize that they do that because most of the fans of the show are HOMOSEXUAL) and getting women to expose their sex lives on national TV for her “talk show.” The woman’s whole career has been all about lust, and the Whites are part and parcel of it.

    And guess what? The members of her church know all of this and follow her anyway. Why? Because they don’t care about God. For them, it is all about being entertained by the White’s fake sermons and their “praise and worship ministry” led by Dietrick and Damita Haddon. Yep, I saw the Haddon’s “urban gospel music show” on The Word Network. Over half the women who come on their wear skin tight jeans and low cut outfits like you would have seen on BET maybe 5 – 10 years ago, and yes doing the same dance moves. And yes, that includes Damita, who during the second (and last) time that I watched that abomination was wearing this very low cut top and leaned over into the camera so far that I thought that her business was going to pop right out. Not that her husband minded; he was standing right next to her clowning around trying to act all street and hip like they do on MTV or whatever as she was exposing herself. This is how a couple of ordained ministers and praise and worship leaders for one of the largest churches in America act on national TV and worldwide cable, people. And you call them vessels of God? Sure, the god of this world, maybe.

  46. John Kaniecki said

    We must make a choice. We cannot serve God and Mammon. Jesus critcized the hypocrates because they came in God’s name and did the devil’s bidding. Let’s get real people. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about loving one another not gathering physical things. Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
    H.O.P.E. He’s Our Perfect Example.

    What would Jesus say today? We know what he said to thousand years ago and the message is just as relevant. Let us lead by example. When we see evil we must condemn it as such. To do any less would be to compromise our faith.

  47. John: Thanks. You have your own blog? Because you could use one to express your unique views!

  48. Evangel said

    Bishop Jakes tippy toed across stage, an October 2001 Sunday, after horrific 911 WTC, emphatically pronounced: “God is Omnipotent, God is Omniscient, God is Omnipresent but 911 PUT GOD IN A QUANDARY” — Who is Bishop’s God? To whom are people praying? God is confused, conflicted, indecisive?
    Bishop has also compared & emphasized, “Jesus is CARICATURE of Joseph — Bishop’s Jesus is distorted cartoonish figure? See definition of Caricature?
    Bishop. on His former BET Talk Show referred to DECADENT desserts (referencing recipes in Wife’s celebrity cook book)… Decadent?

  49. The passage of scripture is Proverbs 22:16.

  50. Glover Washington: Thank you. The edit has been made!

  51. James said

    Wasn’t Solomon the richest king who ever lived?

  52. […] TD Jakes Made Paula White A Star So She Bought Him A Bentley … […]

  53. JB said

    In Genesis God put the law of Seed time and Harvest into action throughout the Earth. These Pastors have put in the effort to study the principals of Seed time and Harvest, and have disciplined themselves enough to live and believe according to God’s promises in this regard. They’ve sown with tears, and they will reap with laughter, whether anybody else likes it or not. None of these pastors are perfect, but God watches over His Word to fulfil it, whether they have been perfect or not. Only God is perfect, and His Word is perfect. Dig deeper into these peoples lives, and you’ll find out what seeds they have sown, and under which adverse circumstances they have sown it. But they made a steadfast decision to sow and obey God’s Word, despite their circumstances. Circumstances that will make many of us want to curl up and die. They chose to sow and believe God for the increase; therefore they are righteous before God in this regard. Just like Abraham was justified before God, just because he believed God.

    Now some of you want to come and criticize these Pastors about their blessings, but you don’t have the stomach to believe God for your own blessings. Oh no! You want to be free thinkers, and live in a free society, where you can say any damning thing you want. Remember the power of life and death is in the tongue. You could just dig yourself a grave with your tongue, and freedom of speech. You don’t want to discipline yourselves to study God’s Word, and apply it diligently in your lives, until it bears fruit; but you want to criticize those who’ve done that, and though it is blessed. The bottom line is, you’re just rebels at heart, and don’t want to obey God or His Word. Stop criticizing those who choose not to rebel.

    Religion is dead people! God wants relationship, not religion.

  54. Job said


    Yes, you are right when you said in Genesis. The prosperity doctrine is a willful corruption of the promises that were made to Old Testament Israel only that do not apply to people living under the new covenant. God wants relationship not religion? You are correct. But any relationship with God has to be in spirit and in truth (John 4:24) out of obedience. These prosperity teachers are disobeying God and causing others to disobey God. Read I Timothy 6 to see what God says about these false prosperity teachers. Of course, knowing you, you are going to say why the Bible is wrong and your false teacher is right. Since a lot of the leading prosperity teachers are female, I am certain that you have totally rejected what the Bible has said about women should not preach or hold a position of spiritual authority in the church over a man. Again, no relationship without obedience.

  55. Eden Hadassah said

    I have sooo many disagreements with your statements that I feel that I must address them all:

    “In Genesis God put the law of Seed time and Harvest into action throughout the Earth.”

    Does the bible really say that? As far as I have understood seed time and harvest had to do with actually planting REAL seeds from a plant source and harvesting REAL plants from those REAL seeds. This should be a no brainer, since we all need to eat. In Proverbs, farming is mentioned alot and it had to do with laziness and sleeping by not planting and harvesting…then comes poverty. Does this have to become a some sort of “law” or is it clear that if one doesn’t plant the field and harvest the grain then one would not eat? These preachers are setting up a law spiritually, and denying what God actually states in his word. They do this by relating real seeds to money, which in NO way even resembles life sustaining food seeds. By setting up this “law”, they have duped others into believing that what they say about “seed time and harvest” should be obeyed, because “the bible says so!” Money, which is created by man, will NEVER compare to the beauty of a real seed which God has made.

    “These Pastors have put in the effort to study the principals of Seed time and Harvest, and have disciplined themselves enough to live and believe according to God’s promises in this regard.”

    Have these pastors really studied and understood the principals, and disciplined themselves enough to live and believe according to God’s promises? No way! Where are their fields? If they were truly disciplined, they would have gotten themselves to the plow! But they have disobeyed the true word of God in the bible, and instead have made a “law” for themselves “spiritually” to follow and obey, making them a law unto themselves. This is lawlessness! If these pastors really felt led to follow God’s word about planting and sowing, people might actually minister to the poor and hungry, and produce an abundance of food for the homeless. Some of these pastors have huge properties and enough ground to produce TONS of life sustaining food, orchards. The property and the leadership team (servant leaders), could lead other church members to actually coming together to work the fields, and draw in the poor to help as well. This could be done in a way that does apply to both physical and spiritual principles.
    But why do that? Veggies and fruit will not produce a huge building to put the church members, cars, planes, houses or anything else their heart’s desire.

    “They’ve sown with tears, and they will reap with laughter, whether anybody else likes it or not. None of these pastors are perfect, but God watches over His Word to fulfil it, whether they have been perfect or not.”

    The only tears they produce are those meant to mislead and decieve others with their emotionalism into handing over the congregation’s money to them! And the only laughter that is produced is laughing all the way to the bank! God does watch over his word to fulfill it, but he watches over HIS word, not their WORD, thinly disguised as Him! Satan watches over their WORD to fulfill it, and keep people blind to the truth about lawlessness.

    “Only God is perfect, and His Word is perfect.”
    You got that right! 🙂

    “Dig deeper into these peoples lives, and you’ll find out what seeds they have sown, and under which adverse circumstances they have sown it. But they made a steadfast decision to sow and obey God’s Word, despite their circumstances. Circumstances that will make many of us want to curl up and die.”

    If they would like to equate their new “spiritual laws” to God’s perfect law, or even worse, deny God’s law all together and set their law above God’s, it is idolatry and Pharasaical. Idolatry in that they have lifted it up as superior to God’s real word, and Pharasaical in their desire to validate their laws and make everyone follow them…you know…the old saying, “Out with the Old and in with the NEW.” The end result of all their toil, is that others idolize them for being so “faithful” to the “word.” So let’s add the word “lie” to it as well. Because they were neither faithful to God’s word of planting seeds or harvesting seeds, and they lead others to lift them and their lies up, instead of the truth as it is written.

    “They chose to sow and believe God for the increase; therefore they are righteous before God in this regard. Just like Abraham was justified before God, just because he believed God.”

    No one is regarded righteous who make of God’s laws of no effect…period. And Abraham can not EVEN be used to try to make a comparison to them. Pharasee is the only kind of person that compares to these kinds of people. We must have faith in the character of God as Abraham did, and as it is so beautifully stated in the book of Hebrews. Our faith must be based on God who cares for us and knows how best to provide for us.
    We can not have faith in faith.

    “Now some of you want to come and criticize these Pastors about their blessings, but you don’t have the stomach to believe God for your own blessings.”
    This statement of yours is what prompted me to answer all your charges and idolatry concerning these pastors. The “pastor’s blessings” are not blessings from God. Does he reward others for setting up laws that teach others to follow their ways instead of God’s ways? So ask yourself, “Where did these rewards come from?” If they did not come from God, who in this world has the power to make things happen? Perhaps the angel of light?

    “Oh no! You want to be free thinkers, and live in a free society, where you can say any damning thing you want. Remember the power of life and death is in the tongue. You could just dig yourself a grave with your tongue, and freedom of speech.”

    I think you have set the example, since you feel so free with your own tongue!

    “You don’t want to discipline yourselves to study God’s Word, and apply it diligently in your lives, until it bears fruit; but you want to criticize those who’ve done that, and though it is blessed. The bottom line is, you’re just rebels at heart, and don’t want to obey God or His Word. Stop criticizing those who choose not to rebel.”

    Look at the pot calling the kettle black!

    “Religion is dead people! God wants relationship, not religion.”

    Religion is what you have so aptly put down in your post! It was not about a beautiful relationship with the Lord! Do you see my point?
    Now, I am in no way saying that we can not draw spiritual insight from scripture, but we can NOT make them into new laws!
    When a person starts saying that money is a seed, it is LITERALLY a lie. There is no way around it. The Lord described faith like a seed. He did not say that faith is a seed. The Lord talks about the vine and the branches, the mustard seed, and many other things so beautifully expressed in the bible. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to make doctrine out of it, or make laws that enslave people in lies. Scripture becomes so twisted that what used to look perfectly ordered, now has become a desert wasteland of theological ideas, doctrinal lies, abuse, and barrenness.
    We can see new things and make new connections with scripture, but we should never make doctrine out of it. Ultimately, God desires to share his heart with us and to be reconciled to us.

  56. JR said

    I’m sure it’s got around here by now, but how about avoiding even the appearance of evil? Buying a Bentley for someone’s not necessarily bad, but buy one coming out of funds donated by hard working people and giviing it to another rich person is not the best way to live by example…

    Not only that, but as a 501c3 registered charity organization, these people in control of obscene amounts of money have an obligation to not only God, but also the US federal government to spend the money in accordance with the law…. Is it illegal to buy Bentleys? No. But be prepared for the investigation when the money’s not yours, and people that have been misled turn their faces to God and backs on thieves…

  57. I wonder who Paula will marry next? Do you think it will be the rich and famous single pastor Bishop Noel Jones from LA?

  58. To Darla…

    I would like to first say, I know it has been a long time since we all have posted about this comment… However I happened across it and seen your remarks about my comment I posted. You said: ” Brother Donnie
    I certainly hope you never miss it. Your are a harsh and critcal.
    Be careful who you call false. God in the end will judge. Pray
    for God’s mercy. Whenever I miss it, I would sure like mercy extended to me. I truly believe you would also. “
    Let me say this, I will not apologize if you think I am harsh against a “SO CALLED MINISTER” you have glamorized and just so happen to like. And trust me I love these people, it’s the sin that I hate. And I never said in any of my comments that God’s grace or love was never offered to them… AND YES. I have in my own life missed it, more then once. But that’s the thing with the church today my friend. We cry grace grace… without dilling with the sin. YES God will provided grace to get you through the tuff times in your life, but repentance through the Blood of Jesus is the ONLY remedy for sin.
    I think the church has glorified these TV ministers to long that we now are trying to get our own pastors to look like them and preach like them, and when they don’t we fill as if they are missing the mark. So much of our trust has been put into the TV ministers that when one of them fall from grace and someone like myself speaks out against them others who has looked up to them get offended. So your feelings is well grounded, but I will affirm you that we have only yet to see the fall of the clergy in our nation and around the world.
    Again, I do believe in the grace and mercies of God. However, grace and mercy is what enables us to make it to Jesus with our troubles that we often bare, and then we lay them down. If not then grace and mercy has become a crutch or excuse for you to continue in that sin. What am I saying?
    I knew of a man who divorced his wife for another woman in the church he pastured. This man moved in with the woman never marring her but started attending a church and teaching in a Sunday school class. When I confronted him about his actions his reply was, “I have thrown my self upon the mercy of God.” While that is all good, this man needs to understand that God’s mercy will not allow him to enter heaven unless he repents of his sins. What happen this man knew about the grace and mercy of God and found a church and considered himself religious through his actions like so many today.
    So please do not misconstrue what I am saying. I love the people, it’s the sin that I am speaking against. I think everyone who bears the name of Christ should be speaking against these kind of actions, and sending a message to the TV evangelist that we are not swallowing every thing your telling us.

  59. Wow! I can’t believe people can be that jealousy!!! People, know that God owns all and we are His kids. He’s the God of the great and the small. Jealous people, do you read your Bibles well? You need to start reading your Bibles well NOT like you are reading newspapers and it might be that you don’t have that much like these guys because God looks at your jealousy and it smells really bad to His nostrils! I know you don’t wanna believe what I’ve just told you but think further and broader. Jesus said that the poor you will always be with. What was He trying to mean. I can hear you pray “God bless me that I may reach out to the poor” And I know you sometimes wish God would bless you like TD Jakes/ Paula, right? It’s a nice prayer and well tuned wish but infant and very poor! God knows your heart best and hears by the way hears your prayers and wish but there is a reason to why He’s not moving out for you! He sees and knows your heart best more than you yourself would. Oh ya, did you know that? Well, now you know.
    He gives as He wills and blesses as He desires. He’s blessed these people and it’s not by accident that it’s you who only knows how blessed these people are. Don’t you think God knows this? Or maybe you need to send him a memo? People I’m so sorry but you need to grow up not only physically but even in your spirits. I know you feel me. Let people enjoy what God has decided to give them. They have come a long way. You wish you had the anointing and money but don’t want to go through the fire and never will you catch the mantle.
    So grow up and seek to know the heart of God.

  60. Stacey said

    im only 16 years old and i can already see that some of these replies is why some of you are missing out on your blessings. Im attempting to do a report and these are the kind of things i find. Who has time to build things centered around questioning and doubting others? I guess with all success comes HATERS. they even exisit in the spiritual ram!

  61. Stacey said


  62. Wamala Roger Daniel – All your statements exhibit the false teaching you’ve received.

    Stacey – You’re a young person walking in deception.

    Let’s lay out some basics for the 2 of you.

    1. No everybody is not a child of God, 1 John 3

    2. No godliness is not about gain and NO SAINT is promised they will prosper in finances, but told to remain content with the MOST BASIC of accommodations 1 Timothy 6.

    3. You need to realize you’re both being deceived by false teachers, 2 Peter 2.

    TD Jakes is a false teacher.

    Paula White is a false teacher.

    4. Wealth is NOT an indicator of God being pleased with your actions. Look who promised the things of this world for following him, Luke 4:5-8.

    5. Jesus declared all of you who endorse the prosperity doctrine are in THORNS, Matthew 13.

    You would like to think we are jealous, because all you ever think about is money. To you money = blessings, because your minds are deluded with false doctrine. Read the Word of God and know that we are not jealous of you, because we don’t desire the condemnation awaiting those endorsing your words.

  63. That’s really interesting Mr./Mrs. Independent Conservative! Please forgive me of what I’m about to say but did you hear well what you just called yourself “Independent Conservative”?
    My sis/ bro, no wonder you say what you say. I wonder how much you read and know the Bible! Bro/ sis, the bible aint a newspaper that you gonna toss a piece of dime and reach out and grab it and read it for a few minutes and then you are done. Let me tell you this, I know you gonna think you have got it all but you need to stop reading one piece of Scripture and run off with it. Scripture must answer Scripture. I hope you get me well and understand me. I know you have got all the guts to drag it your way but Jesus told those Pharisees and Seducees who THOUGHT they had it all like you think “Joh 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”. Imagine waking up one day and you had all tehse riches these people you are trying to butcher their throats have, what would you do with it? I mean just be honest for a minute Mr./Mrs. Conservative. By the way I forgot to ask you, do you have any ministry you are running? Have you ever run it before and you had all the bills met and everyone one paid who needs to be paid? Trust me friend, things don’t just happen like you think. You might be right that these people have got all this money and they cults but before you make conclusions, leave some room for the Lord. Let the Lord grab that hummer and hit the table to pass the judgement but not you otherwise you might get a double measure as the Word of the Lord says.
    You might not know but millions of people have been blessed much from those people. Now hold it right there, I’m not talking about the money but the words they say have been a great ministry to many of us and we have come to know who we are in the Lord because of them. So go slow here judge because I have never been blessed by you and I don’t even know who you are but at least I have heard from these people and I have been blessed. Also look around and see how many people can line behind you testifying how blessed they have been by you! No, no take a minute and think through it Mr./ Mrs. judge. Try and be true to yourself and try to think of how many people will raise their hands because lines will be endless testifying about your “CONDEMNED” Mr./ Mrs. judge how good they have been to people minus you!!!

    I pray the Lord opens up your understanding of God’s Word otherwise you might fail to enjoy the blessings God is holding infront of you. He promised us 100% here and 100% in Heaven. You htink and believe that’s true or not? I do.
    Anyways, you think you got it all huh? Mr./Mrs. perfect? You think you got it all? I wonder what you are doing here because perfect people don’t leave here I mean on earth. Some of He’s still doing some work on us and when we get ready like you, we will share maybe the same understanding. Please pray for us because we didn’t come to Him to end in hell. We wanna be with you in Heaven Mr./Mrs. Conservative. because I think you are ready for heaven and you just need to go before you get too far to get defiled/ corrupted!!! Hahaha!!!! Sorry but you just made laugh there because like Stacey said there aint success without haters! And all that is true. I pray you don’t get too far with that hate. Remember this also, you sit in that seat of Judges, the reward for you is also on the way. In fact I pitty you replacing the Lord Seat (Judgement Seat) I will love you to read this “Rom 14:10 But you, why do you judge your brother? Or you again, why do you regard your brother with contempt? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.”
    So you wanna pull the Lord off His Seat (Judgememnt Seat) and be the judge huh Mr./Mrs. Conservative? Well, I pray you enjoy that place but I don’t think it’s a right place to be! Personally I even fear trying it. I rather let the Lord judge His kids because He’s not going to step down here and kill one of His kids because Mr./Mrs. Conservative doesn’t like ’em/feels so bad about them/ what they do/ what they said/ believe in! By the way those Pharisees and Seducees were teachers of the Word but never even understood it. They wouldn’t be the very people to stone this woman if they took a little sight on themselves and saw how filthy they were! Selah!!! Jesus had to remind them (you inclusive) too of their wrinkles/ dirt/ and logs on their eyes! But remember this, He always reaches down to those ready to be stoned and we will very soon hear a sound of stones of haters like you who think they got it all rambling down.
    He didn’t come here to condemn or judge us but to save our souls and tell you what Mr./ Mrs. Conservative, even before we knew and met Him for the safety our souls, He already saw our filthness and He still loved us even when we were still messed up. Think about that for a minute!!!! All of us are sinners even Christians though we Christians are sinners saved by grace –I think that includes you, right? So let those guys alone and work on yourself and if you can, just pray for ’em same as you pray for yourself but not making conclusions of nailing and judging people in fact your brothers and sisters.
    I remember when the Lord lifted up His eyes, none was around even those who thought of themselves the Holy of Holies!
    Please read this for me my bro./sis as I go to bed and may the Lord bless you and enlighten our minds for the sake of His Word. Hear from you soon bro/sis.
    “1Co 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”

  64. John Kaniecki said

    Wamala Roger Daniel,

    Hi hope you are well.

    Yes Jesus of course said “He who is without sin cast he first stone.” The same Jesus who said to the crowd in John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of ye father ye will do.”

    You see it is one thing to judge another. It is another to follow the scriptures and preach the truth. Now I must be honest that I have very limited experience with these so called ‘evangelists’ on t.v. And there is a good reason for that, everytime I look at them or pick up one of their books it makes me sick because of their perversions.

    Now I am not criticizing all of them because my experience isn’t exhaustive. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about God our Father, Loving us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins so we may have a way back to fellowship. The gospel is not about improving your life. (Though in following Jesus you well be blessed.) And above all the gospel is not about financial gain. In fact the Bible states clearly that the “Love of money is the root of all evil.” And the Bible says again “You cannot serve God and mammon.”

    We must make a choice between serving God and serving the false idol called money. Look at Paul. I’m sure he never charged to preach the gospel.

    I’d advise you to do some research and look into what you think is something good. I challenge you to take out a stop watch. Now every time these so called ‘evangelists’ start talking about money start the watch. What portion of their sermon is about money?

    Furthermore what is this nonsense about selling books and tapes and such. They have to greedily lust after every last dollar. The sad thing is these ‘evangelists’ live in luxury while some poor ignorant person is giving them their last dollar so they can get ten back. And the ten just never comes back.

    And you know what the worst of the whole thing is. I go out there and I talk to people about Jesus Christ. And their whole experience is with false gospels who just want to make themselves rich and they say “Religion is just about money.”

    Finally the IC does nothing but bring scriptures to light. Your reply mentions some scriptures but does nothing to refute those that the IC have mentioned.

    Jesus told the woman caught in adultry to sin no more. I wish these so called ‘evangelists’ would hear that message.



  65. Wamala Roger Daniel,

    When you see me toss a stone at anyone PLEASE call the police. I have no desire to do such to Paula, just warn those who desire to walk in truth about the evil she’s promoting.

    By the way I forgot to ask you, do you have any ministry you are running?

    Do I need to run a ministry to warn fellow saints of a false teacher?

    Have you ever run it before and you had all the bills met and everyone one paid who needs to be paid?

    Do I need to do this to recognize false doctrine?

    You might be right that these people have got all this money and they cults but before you make conclusions, leave some room for the Lord.

    Did you read 1 Timothy 6 yet? If I didn’t leave room for the Lord, I’d be tossing those stones.

    You might not know but millions of people have been blessed much from those people.

    And millions more deceived, you included.

    I have never been blessed by you and I don’t even know who you are but at least I have heard from these people and I have been blessed.

    Well if you’re giving them credit for a “blessing” rather than God, that shows some of their bad teaching right there. But given what you might call a “blessing”, it’s good you DON’T claim God gave it, because what you call “blessing” is much a doctrine of demons. The “Prosperity” doctrine is FALSE.

    You feel many speak well of them and you all speak ill of me? Works for me!

    Luke 6:26 (King James Version)

    26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

    Here’s a hint, those people you love on TV, are vipers.

    He promised us 100% here and 100% in Heaven.

    100% of what here? Please cite scripture and explain IN DETAIL.

    Anyways, you think you got it all huh? Mr./Mrs. perfect? You think you got it all?

    This is sounding like some bad 80’s video!

    Ms. Daniel, you need to understand, I’ve heard all you say before, BECAUSE I USED TO BE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE NOW! I’ve walked your shoes and was able to say what you say with double twisted scripture at the ready. So all you say to me is like a script I could pre-determine, because I’ve heard it all and even said some of it before myself. But know this, the LORD showed me in His Word, that the people you now defend, many of the exact same people I used to defend myself, they are vipers, they are serving you a false gospel, it’s not of God.

    I recommend you read Romans 14 in full (you cited a verse from there), given that was about things like eating meat, not lying and claiming godliness is about gain in this life.

    …those Pharisees and Seducees were teachers of the Word but never even understood it.

    And like you, they didn’t want to give up certain things in this life, they didn’t want a Messiah who would have them die to things of this world. You just don’t see how you’re speaking of yourself. Jesus was not speaking about me in Matthew 23, but it fits your high rolling, 10%+ demanding pimps perfectly!


    Romans 16:17 (King James Version)

    17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

    Not only are we to pray, but warn and inform!

    Now here’s a passage of scripture you’re going to have a really hard time with. I’ve added some bold at certain points of it for your benefit.

    1 Corinthians 5:9-13 (King James Version)

    9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:

    10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.

    11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

    12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?

    13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

    We are to judge those who claim to be WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST. You are defending a covetous swindling extortioner. They laud their covetousness in your face and you defend it.

    Like I said, I’ve heard your lines before and I’ll tell you this, when I was deluded, I was more deluded than you are, because I could retort with twisted scripture better than the bits you try and toss at me now. But perhaps, if the Lord wills, you’ll come to realize you better get to judging who you claim to be teaching you. And you’ll never be able to judge in a righteous manner if you don’t know how to rightly divide the Word.

    As brother John noted, they are trying to sell you their books, tapes and CDs, while true men of God, inspired by Him said the following. And I’ll use the NASB for the sake of modern language translational clarity.

    2 Corinthians 2:17 (New American Standard Bible)

    17 For we are not like many, peddling the word of God, but as from sincerity, but as from God, we speak in Christ in the sight of God.

    Ms. Daniel, I have never asked anyone for a dime to share truth and I pray it never occur.

    Think about this, what is the source of the truth a Christian stands on? Yes the Lord and what do we have in our possession, to know of Him and what he desires and commands of us? THE BIBLE. So rather than turning on that TV, seeing what Paula says, wouldn’t it be better to turn the TV OFF and read THE BIBLE? Try the Bible more and the TV less, you’ll be amazed and what the Holy Spirit will teach you if you give Him an opportunity, instead of false teachers like Paula White.

  66. Kyle said


    This is the typical Pimp defender. Always running to the side of the wealthy aristocracy of phony Christendom. Trust me if it were 1500 AD He would be the same person running to the Priest and warning him of the Heretic IC.

    The fact is people love power, wealth, and worldliness. These attributes run deep with the Pimps. People are mesmerized by them and will follow them to the pits of Hell. Paula,TD,Creflo,Crouch,Osteen, etc, etc are rich and famous. This is the draw to them NOT Jesus. People love the smooth words, the glam, the glitz, the entourage, the books, the cds, etc, etc. IC these people are blinded by the lusts of the world.


  67. Faceless said

    Hello everyone. I have a question, and i pray it doesnt cause or spark off any conflict, because i would hate if it did. Please, in the event that people have different views concerning this question, do not, or at least try not to engage in heated or harsh criticisms. So, this is my question:Do you think that it is right for men and women of God, who receive revelation from God, to sell (money) such revelation, either teachings, or preachings, in form of books and cds or whatever format? I know dt u might suggest that they need to sell it to cover certain publishing fees, or other fees incured in the technical aspect or the physical production of such revelations. But, do you think its right to sell them? I’ve bn having this doubts for quite a while now, and what made me remember is a scripture someone used, that says (in the bible) ”…peddling the [word of God?]” I dont know if it actually means the act of selling the word, but thats not the point anyway. Look at it this way, in Jesus’ time, how do you think the disciples, or even Paul, would see it, if people were, or even the disciples themselves, were writing down revelations from God on scrolls, and selling it to people ‘so they could have a deeper knowl of God, and the holy Faith?’ I really need answers to this, cos ive bn having serious scepticisms about the ‘rightness’ of selling materials on Christianity.Please, i ask that you try to answer as openly as you can, and if possible, support your points with references to Scripture. I’m particularly curious to know what Healtheland, Donnie and Paul think.

  68. Well IC and Kyle guess what, to bring all this down, we are going to be surprised of those we will find in Heaven. I have heard many like you two speak as if all heaven hinges all around them! I’m glad that God puts on no eyes like human beings do. He’s God who can speak even to those still tied up on drugs. Amidst drunkenness, He still speaks to some’ who is so deep in wine! Isn’t that cool? Yes it is! I know Him as a God of mercy and grace and that’s why He reached down on many of us while we were still deep down in our sins and saved us. We deserved to be stoned by people like you but I remember Him kneeling down where we were and DELIVERED us from the many judgements we had all around us and saved us from the many stones who almost destroyed our souls.

    When was the last time you prayed for your convicts? I mean the Paulas? I mean a prayer of their salvation/ deliverance/ restoration? Well, don’t answer me. It’s just a reminder.

    Is God done with Paula and the whole list of those you have on death row? Has He washed His hands yet? I guess not! I believe He sees them and knows every single detail of what they do more than you two can think or imagine. There might be a lot more than the money issue. So what do you do about that?
    God has got all it takes to take ’em out if He needs to.
    I would rather ask you two to leave God some room to finish the work He started in us. Don’t smash the cocoon before the beautiful butterfly comes out!!! We are still under construction. God is still at work!!!
    He’s still working on most of us. We are not like you guys who have made it to the other side of the hill. Don’t laugh at us or praise our nakedness because God in His own time will raise us up with you. Don’t you think so? I believe He will. I pray your minds get to understand every single thing I’m saying to you’al.
    He’s still pre-paring us and when the time is ready, we will see Him and we will be transformed maybe to your horizons. Who knows what God is about to do.
    Anyway, I Might/ might not respond to your next posts but all I ask you is to do more praying for whoever you feel is still beneath your beliefs rather than doing more of talks and judgements! He hears when we pray. Are these people to hard for God to change? Is anything too hard for God? If you then know and believe that nothing is, then you know what to do and please do that.
    Urguing, judging, criticizing each other doesn’t make us even better but prayer does. Instead of stubbing each other at the back, let’s instead watch each others back. Lets not be like Cain who doesn’t even care about a brother because it’s none of his business. If you IC and Kyle can pray for a none saved sinner and gets saved (hope you do) then how about those already in?
    When Paul the Apostle hunts the Xtians to kill ’em, he 100% knows that what he is doing is the right thing to do. I would support him or even have done what he did because he was trained in the Word and knew exactly what he was doing. He was fighting for the Scriptures and his faith by then. But the Lord extraordinarily inspires him to another level. He thought he was doingit for God but guess what when Jesus talks to him, He asks him why he was persecuting Him? Did Paul intend to persecute Jesus? Did he know that he was persecuting Jesus? Ofcourse not! But he knew that he was fighting for God and protecting what he believed in. Let God fight His battles. In other words let him do His work and lets also stick to ours–prayer!
    God bless ya’l


  69. djenk23 said

    instead of addressing the points that were made by IC, you have managed to dance better than Muhammad Ali…you rarely answer using scripture(which is the benchmark that Christians should measure everything by)….why is that?….also, are you a Red Letter Christian?

  70. Kyle said

    Wamala Roger Daniel,

    Hey man, your missing the point. What are your opinions about the victims? What about the crippled kids going to benny Hinn and being turned away by his body gaurds? What about the poor African American single mother on social services that won a house from Paula and had to find out that Paul reneged on her promise? It’s YOU who are looking at Paula, TD, Creflo, and the others as victims and fail to look at THE ACTUAL VICTIMS. What about Jamal Bryant going to Africa to spread the prosperity gospel milking every last penny from the poor Africans? What about the Sudanese Christians getting their heads cut off for professing their faith? What about TBN’s prosperity Gospel being allowed to China YET Chinease Christians are still getting thier organs harvested and sold on the black market? YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW EVIL THESE PEOPLE ARE. HOW DARE YOU. HOW DARE YOU EVEN MENTION THE NAME OF MY LORD JESUS AND THESE PEOPLES NAMES IN THE SAME SENTENCE. Your a fool. You think that that the afore mentioned things done by these Pimps is a lie? Huh! Do you? It’s not. What if Paul milked the Church he was at for everything they had? What if Peter reneged on his promise to one of the Churches? What if Jesus turned away one of the sick because HE REALLY COULDN’T HEAL THEM? You my friend need discernment.


  71. Kyle

    IC these people are blinded by the lusts of the world.

    And what’s so amazing, is that not me and I doubt you received even half the help we are giving to some of these folks and that STRONG DELUSION remains over them.

    They ask us to watch their back and get upset when we warn them they are being eaten up.

    But don’t call them a fool. (We have to remain mindful of Matthew 5:22. Considering them as possibly one of the lost sheep the Lord may call to truth as He did for us.) They are very wrong and very much in need of discrenment. They should pray for wisdom and read the Word of God.


    instead of addressing the points that were made by IC…

    I’m having doubts they even read much of what I (or anyone else) typed or the scripture provided to them. They’ve said about the same thing at least twice already and it’s like a recorded message speaking to us, rather than there being an actual exchange in conversation.

    Oh well, tonight TBN finishes up their latest Pimp-a-thon and people are dialing in thinking they can buy a move of God. (I even saw Paula’s pal Larry Huck running a scam on the number “8” [give $88, or $888, or $8,888] and speaking about things in the universe being in an alignment we’ll never see happen again and NOW was the time to get in on it…funny thing is it was a rebroadcast from tape of him saying it before…) When the Word of God says:
    Acts 8:20-22 (King James Version)

    20 But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.

    21 Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God.

    22 Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

    We all remember when we were once deluded like WRD and we sure do wish we could help them see the truth, but the fact is we offered what the Lord has shown us. Only the Lord can help them see the truth.

  72. Kyle said


    I can get angry sometimes especially when I think about the victims of this. You know what I mean. It’s rarely the victims that are pointed out. However, when I think of them especially with the economy that we are in my blood boils. To think there are desperate people out there barely able to buy food and pay rent and to have these Pimps squeeze them for there last nickel claiming Jesus will return it a 100 fold really bothers me.

    I want to make a friendly bet with you IC. You are going to see the Pimps play up the recession as a way to get money from the people. Mark my word. They will steal the bread from a babies mouth if they could. They will even go as far as to say send them your house payment and God will bless them from being effected by the housing crises. I’m no prophet as you know but I do understand just how wicked these people are.


  73. Kyle, the pimps are ALREADY playing the economic situation to their advantage. I’ve already seen them doing it.

  74. Kyle said


    Oh boy! And just to think people just don’t get it. So sad.


  75. RD said

    IC and Kyle, you have got “some” ideas in what ur saying but believe yourselves that you are good HATERS and jealousy of those God has blessed!!! Grow up and start working on yourselves. You still have a lot to do on yourselves so stop jumping on other’s big toes. Don’t be foolish both of you! You yourselves know that you have BIG issues in yourselves that you are still struggling with. I hope if we asked those who know you well, they might even tell us a lot more than those you wanna take out. I know you know that. So don’t pretend like nothing is going on in both of you because just reading whatever you say depicts who exactly you guys are. Broaden up and ask God to kill your puny and arrogant minds. Who are you to judge your brothers and sisters? Who do you think you are? Ya right, you will judge angels but how about you getting the same measure? Have you thought about that yet? So, have bigger and broader minds. Stop criticising. Follow the Bible well. It says that when a brother wrongs you, go and talk to him….! Have you done that yet? If you haven’t, then shut up because you haven’t done what Jesus said. You devils who desire seeing God’s ordained be killed and destroyed by your hate. Haters!!! David never killed or even talked evil against Saul even though he was anointed to be king. But he instead waited on God to handle Saul. Then if you are anointed and know exactly what to do, how come God has closed up your mouth that we don’t see you in such positions, on TVs/ radio stations telling the truth? I would think GOD will ordain and choose you because you know what exactly to be done. Right? So you eveil devils, stop judging and worshipping your puny minds.

  76. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    If you were around at the time of Christ when he threatened the Pharisees place with your attitude you would be screaming “crucify him”.

    If you would like to refute what my brothers are saying use scripture to show where he is wrong. Proverbs tells us a wise man appreciates a rebuke. But if you can’t use scripture than your house is not standing on the Rock.



  77. RD,

    I hope if we asked those who know you well, they might even tell us a lot more than those you wanna take out. I know you know that. So don’t pretend like nothing is going on in both of you because just reading whatever you say depicts who exactly you guys are.

    Actually no. I doubt you can find anyone who knows me that can claim I’m doing anything as horrible as running around the world distorting the Word of God and fleecing people in the Lord’s name.

    I don’t claim perfection, but don’t attempt to claim I’m in league with those vipers either. You are their student, I left their classes in heresy a while back. I tried to help you see to avoid them, but you enjoy those vipers tickling your ears.

    2 Timothy 4:3-4 (New American Standard Bible)

    3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

    4 and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

    You enjoy the myths so much, that you curse anyone speaking against it.

    Who are you to judge your brothers and sisters?

    I think I’ve already covered that.

    Also addressed your delusion about “prosperity” too.

    Ya right, you will judge angels but how about you getting the same measure?

    If I’m out fleecing saints, I certainly deserve condemnation, but I’m not fleecing and lying. I’m not denying Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God. Those who deny Jesus is the Only Begotten Son ARE NOT my brothers and sisters regardless of their claims, because they reject the truth of Christ.

    So, have bigger and broader minds.

    No, I’ll stick with the narrow way.

    Matthew 7:13-14 (New American Standard Bible)

    13 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.

    14 “For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it

    Broad is not good.

    It says that when a brother wrongs you, go and talk to him….! Have you done that yet?

    It’s not ME they are wronging, I avoid them. It’s YOU that are being abused and you don’t even realize it! My Bible says the following:

    Ephesians 5:11 (New American Standard Bible)

    11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

    RD says:

    You devils who desire seeing God’s ordained be killed and destroyed by your hate. Haters!!!

    First you speak of me doing something as a brother, then you claim I’m a devil. The “toss everything and see what sticks” method is a rather weak response. Go read your BIBLE.

    God didn’t ordain those pimps you defend! Where in scripture did God have a woman teach and lead as a church elder an assembly with men? Which of the old temple Priest was a woman? Which of the Apostles was a woman? Where in 1 Timothy 3 is a WIFE on her 2nd marriage and in the middle of a 2nd divorce mentioned?

    David never killed or even talked evil against Saul even though he was anointed to be king.

    WRONG. I seek to kill no one. And David certainly did say MUCH AGAINST SAUL.

    1 Samuel 26:10 (New American Standard Bible)

    10 David also said, “As the LORD lives, surely the LORD will strike him, or his day will come that he dies, or he will go down into battle and perish.

    I would not say that was a nice word David said regarding Saul.

    God put an evil spirit on Saul and scripture notes it. I see no problem in saying Paula White and others are doing evil.

    1 Samuel 18:10 (New American Standard Bible)

    10 Now it came about on the next day that an evil spirit from God came mightily upon Saul, and he raved in the midst of the house, while David was playing the harp with his hand, as usual; and a spear was in Saul’s hand.

    You deluded folks always seek to equate warning about someone with trying to kill them. You’re way off in your efforts. Why do you want us to desire to kill Paula White? We do not desire such. We pray that if the Lord wills BOTH YOU AND HER will come to the TRUTH.

    What we are doing is warning of an evil. An evil you defend, because you don’t see it for what it really is. You’re reading about David and have on clue what God has commanded of the church.

    Then if you are anointed and know exactly what to do, how come God has closed up your mouth that we don’t see you in such positions, on TVs/ radio stations telling the truth? I would think GOD will ordain and choose you because you know what exactly to be done. Right? So you eveil devils, stop judging and worshipping your puny minds.

    You feel for God to be using someone they’ve got to be on your TV and radio. I say bulk of the true ordained church leaders are people you don’t see or hear there much at all. You’re so deluded in America’s culture, that you feel truth just has to come to you via mass media to be of God.

    RD, I was where you are once, and I can tell you, that you need to stop, read your Bible and pray.

  78. RD said

    For your info IC, I’m not saying I love the fleecing or denying Jesus in fact I would rather seek God for such a person to be transformed. Jesus was 100% Man and 100% God. No doubt about that and if someone stood out and said that’s not true, he/ she is a devil. He was crucified on the cross, shed His blood for the remission of our sins, died and as He said rose up on the 3rd day hopefully you agree with me there. Anybody who goes outside that is wrong and dead.
    So I wonder, why is it that anybody out there on TV seem to be bad? They are all spoilers? Nothing good coming out of them. TD Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, TBN Paul and Jane are bad and spoiling people’s beliefs! Then I ask myself, why is it that we don’t see people like you out there on these TVs to clear these deceptions! Wouldn’t that be good to have you out there to destroy these people’s deceptions? I think God loves His people more than anything out there. So why would He be quiet on them but rather give you only this media to refute and talk how evil these people are? I don’t mean this can’t work but see, if I was you I would rather ask God to give me a bigger platform than just a blog like this b’cuz those guys seem to have a greater platform, right? I think you need that platform to exercise your faith too.
    Anyways, I have a favor I want you to please do me if you don’t mind, would post for me your belief and faith statements, religion if so to say e.g. pentecostal/ Presbyterian/ Seventh Day Adventist/ Protestant/ Catholic. Please just do that for me because we might be arguing when we actually are coming from different faith backgrounds. Please do me a favor and show me your line and that will answer many of my questions I think. I wanna have a clear perception of you.
    In fact yeah, that will help me a lot.
    I believe in every so called bad person, something good can be found of them. I hope you have lived long enough to witness that. Otherwise God would rather choose the best of the best, I mean to say good people He would rather seek to save/ call to Himself (1Co 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; ) but you and me know well that none of us all can stand out there and claim to be good except the devil and his angels can think that much. It’s Him who makes us good otherwise we are ALL as filthy as rags.
    I hate the act of those who would rather cheat God’s people than blessing ’em. I have been stolen from by such people but I have grown up to the level that if I can love a muslim, then I can love these who seem to be deceived. I wish you would catch my spirit. We can’r save such people unless we love them and pray for them. I think God will boast in that. Don’t laugh at a brother when he seems to be going down. We all start strong but sometimes a long the way because the one we are fighting has been around for ages, he knows all the tricks to take us out and tha’s why we need each other. Jesus had to remind the Ephesus Church of their first love (Rev 2:4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.) I love the spirit behind the rebuke. It’s not to allow somebody to build a fence around themselves but it goes straight to the inner-most being of the victim. See sometimes IC, critising/ judgement/ blaming doesn’t help that much but love can save a lost soul. Rebuke is great but remember done in love. So, my urge to you since I started posting these things has been all about prayer. Reason, I believe in prayer because I know God loves prayer and not only that but answers. I have seen Him do that. Ya, you might say there’s no way you can reach to these people to counsel them. So in return you have instead counselled us but Jesus came for the LOST sheep, Scripture says but not those who are about though included. He would leave the 99 and go for the one lost. Yes you might be limited to doing that but I know you can save a lost soul by prayer. Isn’t that awesome? I think it is. Who knows if these people started well and along the way have missed the mark? Should we kill ’em bcuz they have missed the mark? Ofcourse no unless God aint in us at all. So what do we do? Love them. Pray for them that they will meet the merciful God again. It’s by Grace that you are still standing if yiu are and wouldn’t you be happy seeing TD Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, TBN Paul and Jane coming back on course? You better be. So my bro/sis, seek to save these too. Don’t wash your hands on them. God still loves those souls. He didn’t die on the cross to lose them.
    Ok, hope to hear from you soon but remember to show me you belief and faith line.
    Thanks IC and God bless.
    One love

  79. RD said

    IC, lets not call anything/ anybody gone until God says it’s done. Peter’s fellow believers never wanted Him to go and reachout to the Gentiles. His fellow saints believed that the Gentiles were not to have the gift of God (salvation) but God had a plan and purpose for their (OUR) lives too. So don’t call off people bcuz who knows what God can do. Things we haven’t heard or seen are the very things He wants to do. Lets pray for each other and believe God for a total restoration. Stand in the gap for those you see going down. It’s His will that NONE including TD Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, TBN Paul and Jane perishes, right IC? It’s the devil at work. Somebody can be proud and not even know. Others can feel and smell it but never would he until God by His supernatural wisdom makes such a man faces his own proud looks. Find a way of helping a bro/ sis out instead and God will bless you for that. Who knows if the Lord is trying to lift you up at such a time as this. Pray for yourself that wisdom doesn’t puff you up but seek GOD’S HEART AND WISDOM.

  80. odessat said

    I believe the whole point about people like Paula White, Jakes, Osteen, Hickey, Storey, Roberts, Hinn, etc. is that they are preaching a false doctrine. They have denied the deity of Christ (google it)!

    Yes, God blesses those who obey HIM, not the meglomaniac televangelist with Big Hair, tight revealing clothes and way to much make-up.

    The point is that these “right-reverend’s” are preaching the message of the Cross, which IS the GOSPEL!!!! God said that he would supply our needs, right?!? Our needs do not involve 3 houses, a Lear Jet, 10 high-end cars, and desinger couture clothing! Our needs are simple and basic. When you HELP the least of those among you, God will reward that! If you have taken in a family, out of the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do so, God will provide the extra space and money needed to help!

    If you want to give money to a church, then do it with a cheerful heart, not because you feel obligated to, or because Juanita Bynum tells you God WON’T bless you until you give HER ministry $1000.00 that you really don’t have to give!

    I love the Lord, and I need help loving certain people, something that God is walking me through by His grace! I love and pray for the apostates, but it would be wrong for people like Kyle, IC, and Healtheland, to stand by and say nothing, it is actually unscriptural to remain silent. For if we, as the body, do not make known these deceivers, then those that follow them into the lake of fire; their blood is on our hands! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to stand before God on that great day of judgment, and have to answer to Him, for not keeping guard on teh watchtower (no, I’m not a J.W.)!!!!

    *NOTE: healtheland, I thank you and IC for your insightful blogs, God Bless you guys!!! Hope that you all will keep the warning horn blowing!

  81. Kyle said


    You have it all wrong. As you said I do have issues and that is why I die daily and keep my eyes focused on Jesus. By the Grace of God I become more and more likened into his image.

    However, I will not rob Christians and lie to their face about some 10 fold, 100 fold, 1000 fold Ponzi scheme. I would tell them I am a wretch and a sinner like everyone else but I would not tell them to send me their rent money.

    You see RD you have it all wrong. YOU assume that we are hating on these people because we are jealous. Wrong answer. They are stealing from the flock. They lie. They make false prophecies. Give me a break RD, You need to grow up and open your eyes.


  82. mindy said

    A true prophet weeps for the sins of the nation. America was founded on the principles of God and the KJV Holy Bible, now morals are taking a landslide and open sin is acceptable. The fear of the Lord is fading away from this society.
    The heart of the biblical prophets travailed for the nation to repent. Even Jeremiah stood against false prophets that were preaching prosperity in the mist of a rebellious nation that was about to come to destruction. Rev. Chap. 3 Jesus says you say you were rich and in need of nothing but you were pour naked and blind. If the LOVE of money is the root of all evil than would God’s [ who hates evil ]main message be on how to get rich? Jesus said it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of an needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, but All thingas are possible. If the way is narrow, how could it always be with prosperity. There was one man that came to Jesus and said I’ve kept all the law can I enter heaven and Jesus told him this one thing you lack, give up your riches and the man left grieved.
    Jesus doesn’t want us to stuggle with finances, but the just shall live by faith. When we give we will recieve. Why don’t those people give a message to help save a soul and quit getting people to give with unholy intentions. They aren’t teaching freely give {by demonstating themselves giving all they have and being rewarded spiritual things] and contentment. They give testimonials that cause a heart to covet. If it is thier belief money is a seed why haven’t they planted all of thiers. They coulod share thier wealth just like in Acts. You know the story of the servant that stuck his talents in the ground, well that’s what people used to do with thier money before banks. There was another parable that a man had all of his harvest stored up, but no good came out of it. He can’t take it with him.

    I love all of these people but I am afraid for them. We do need to pray, because I don’t feel prosperity is the Word of the Hour. America needs to Repent!
    When destruction comes because we are a backslidden nation, money won’t matter anymore. God bless you all.

  83. djenk23 said

    RD..the thing is….if Paula White, Juanita Bynum reversed course and just preached the Gospel, they wouldnt have the platform that they have anymore….they certainly wouldnt be welcome on TBN….can you address any of the points that IC brought up using scripture? BTW i belong to a COGIC(pentecostal) church

  84. Hi Faceless,

    I wish I had noticed your comment sooner.

    So, this is my question:Do you think that it is right for men and women of God, who receive revelation from God, to sell (money) such revelation, either teachings, or preachings, in form of books and cds or whatever format?

    The Lord Jesus said the following.

    Matthew 10:8 (New American Standard Bible)

    8 “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely give.

    What one receives from God is to be freely given.

    If one has a need, saints are to meet that need and an elder doing good work is to receive support via saints giving money of their own free will, not by being placed under compulsion to give.

    Never in scripture do you see an ADMISSION FREE to hear preaching or PRICE TAG on letters to the saints.

    Bottom line is that SCRIPTURE is the most reliable authority we have. Anyone claiming “revelation” should be offering something the Lord helped them learn from scripture. Scripture being the most reliable authority and most confirmed revelation we have, nobody has room to place a price tag on anything. What was written in scripture was not provided to saints based on a fee. Paul did not write the Corinthians based on a fee, but because God moved him to do so.

    I always ask, how much did Jesus charge for people to hear the Sermon on the Mount? And if His Sermon is greater than any that any man can deliver today, why would anyone pay a fee to see anyone “preach” today? Even in my most deluded state with the heresy of Prosperity doctrine, I never would pay to see some big name at a “conference”, because even then the Lord had helped me know there was an issue with the fee based stuff.

    Here is what God had the Apostle Paul tell the Corinthians.

    2 Corinthians 2:17 (New American Standard Bible)

    17 For we are not like many, peddling the word of God, but as from sincerity, but as from God, we speak in Christ in the sight of God.

    I’ve even check the Greek and the term used kapēleuō is totally about making something a sell-able product.

    There are even people who preach sound doctrine, that I totally disagree with regarding their peddling. But those teaching bad doctrine seem to press their peddling way more than anyone else.

    So it’s wrong to make merchandise of the gospel, period. (And I feel that way about the singers too.)

  85. RD, is Jesus the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD? Was Paula White WRONG for claiming with Larry Huck, that Jesus is NOT the Only Begotten Son?

    So I wonder, why is it that anybody out there on TV seem to be bad?

    Because everything called “Jesus” is not Him.

    Ephesians 4:17-32, if someone is claiming “Christ” in a manner that fosters greed THAT IS NOT CHRIST.

    Read the scriptures I’ve already noted for you and you’ll see, if the Lord wills you to see, to claim Christ in a false manner is WORSE than never claiming Him at all.

    2 Peter 2:18-21 (New American Standard Bible)

    18 For speaking out arrogant words of vanity they entice by fleshly desires, by sensuality, those who barely escape from the ones who live in error,

    19 promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.

    20 For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world by the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and are overcome, the last state has become worse for them than the first.

    21 For it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn away from the holy commandment handed on to them.

    And again you ask:

    why is it that we don’t see people like you out there on these TVs to clear these deceptions!

    Why is it that I can answer you and you ask the same thing again?

    if I was you I would rather ask God to give me a bigger platform than just a blog like this b’cuz those guys seem to have a greater platform, right? I think you need that platform to exercise your faith too.

    Yea, YOU think that way. YOU ask for MORE all the time, don’t you?

    The gospel is of contentment and if you knew 2 Thessalonians 2, you would know what is occurring is what God said would occur. It is fulfillment of His Word, that some will prove not to be His although some feel they are.

    Again, those preaching sound doctrine are mostly people you’re likely NOT to see on TV.

    If you want to know my beliefs are, read all that I’ve said to you already and the referenced scriptures in full.

    You feel I don’t “love” these people, but I wonder what you would do to someone you saw raping and pillaging your family? The difference between you and I is that I see they are false and raping saints, while you keep trying to make excuses for them.

    Galatians 1:8 (New American Standard Bible)

    8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we
    have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

    I love them, you AND THE PEOPLE THE FALSE TEACHERS YOU DEFEND ARE FEASTING UPON. Which is why I’ll continue ignoring your efforts to silence me.

    I’ve already addressed much of your talk about prayer and your claims I’m trying to kill people, or wishing them ill.

    It’s His will that NONE including TD Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, TBN Paul and Jane perishes, right IC?

    Only those called to the Son by the Father are His and neither you or I can claim God won’t allow them to perish, John 6. The NONE that will not perish are the elect and God told you to avoid those teaching false doctrines.

    Find a way of helping a bro/ sis out instead and God will bless you for that. Who knows if the Lord is trying to lift you up at such a time as this.

    I do as the Lord leads and you’ll never understand it unless God delivers you from you current delusion of walking with vipers. You speak of me being “raised up” and “blessed”, all your prosperity lingo, related to your talk of me supposedly needing to be on TV if I’m telling you the truth. I don’t seek a TV RD and if you want truth RAISED UP, READ YOUR BIBLE. Don’t worry about me being “raised up”, that will happen on the last day.

    And so now I go off to do as the Lord leads and will bother with you no further. Other good saints here will continue discourse with you as the Lord leads them to continue, but my time with you RD is done.

  86. Thank you Odessat and if you have time aside from praying blessings for our enemies, please pray for us as well. But please continue praying for them.

    Mindy, I’ve also wondered why they don’t practice what they preach and “sow” all of theirs instead of asking for ours 🙂 .

    One night I saw TD Jakes literally ask me to give him all the money I have! IF my needs were not met and praise God they are and then some, but IF my needs were not met, shouldn’t the millionaire on TV be asking me to call so HE CAN HELP ME? They turn the truth of the gospel literally on its head!

  87. RD said

    IC, you still haven’t responded to my request. Please I still need to know your faith and belief statements and your religion too if so to say i.e. pentecostal/ Presbyterian/ Seventh Day Adventist/ Protestant/ Catholic/ Jehovah’s Witness e.t.c
    Thanks and God bless.

  88. mindy said

    In Matthew 10:7-9 Jesus tells the disciples to preach that the kingdom of heaven is at hand to cleanse the lepers heal the sick and cast out devils. He instructed them to take nothing with them because THE WORKMAN is worthy of his hire.

    It is written again in Luke Chapter 10.

    Acts 6:2-5 people were complaining about the widows not being taken care of properly and it was discussed that there would be others to take on that roll because the disciples shouldn’t put down thier word and continious prayer
    to serve tables.

    2nd Corithians 11:7-9 Pauls tells the church he had to take money from the Macedonia church
    to minister to them.

    The disciples and Paul were not peddlers but the church had an obligation to provide for them.
    If we bless a prophet in the name of a prophet we will recieve a prophets reward.

    It is important to undestand God isn’t against giving and he uses the hearts of his people to meet the needs of the ones that are committed to a life of continuous prayer and ministering the Word [the true gospel]

    Let every workman be worthy of his hire, because an author writes about God does that mean he should be
    living with no income, or a singer that serves God should turn blessings away?

    People are peddling the gospel when they act as though they can’t teach you how to have a personal relationship but you pay them and God will do us a favor.
    I heard a women speaking saying she was giving a person money as a seed knowing God would heal her because you’ve got to sow a seed. That is a FALSE DOCTRINE. Jesus said so many times “your faith has made thee whole”
    It has never been written to plant a seed and wait for a healing.

    We need to determine who we need to help and who not to help. The word says how can one preach unless he be sent [by God] and if God is still sending true preachers out and his word abides forever wouldn’t the message be TO PREACH SAYING THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND?

    Preachers teachers prophets evangelist, and apostles are to edify exhort and rebuke the body of Christ to keep us ready to face JUDGEMENT!

  89. RD said

    IC, yes Jesus is the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD.

    You said “Again, those preaching sound doctrine are mostly people you’re likely NOT to see on TV.”
    Why is it like so? Why are they behind walls? How come the Jeremiah’s, Isaiah’s, Paul’s e.t.c were able to be heard but never owned a single Microphone, mega-speakers, CDs or tapes like we do or even a single TV station in the whole nation (world) but were still heard? We even have singing cups today! Should we remind God about doing this? How about you putting up TV/ Radio station and start preaching whole trues and counsel of God? I think that can be a great idea. Don’t you think so? I think you need to ask God about that.

    “Only those called to the Son by the Father are His and neither you or I can claim God won’t allow them to perish, John 6. The NONE that will not perish are the elect and God told you to avoid those teaching false doctrines.”

    No wonder you can’t even come out straight and let us know either your faith and belief statements nor your religion if so to say. Why wouldn’t you be proud of who you are and come out boldly and say it out loud? No wonder but nways know that I love you dearly and I wish we could meet and talk over these things in person but its ok. Some day we will meet I hope. May God help us all.

    Oh lastly, as you quit talking back to me, just know that I agree with you about some preachers stealing from the saints (wrong messages about prosperity). I believe that’s wrong and I 100% don’t support it but all my talks have hinged around loving and praying for one another especially those whom the Lord points out on you list as wrong. That’s all I’m saying but Lord willing we will know more about all this in depths when we meet Him. We will remind each other of such conversations some day I believe.

    God bless your soul abundantly.

  90. mindy said

    RD this is Mindy, I wanted to share some thoughts I have regurding the last part of your conversation.
    In Ezekiel 33:6 God tells of him appointing a watchman that sees the sin and he tells the watchman to sound a trumpet so that the blood of that person will not be on his hands.

    Please just read Ezekiel 33 and understand that the same as today when God reveals a thing there can be a righteous indignation against a sin and the person will speak out for fear of facing judgement if he don’t.

    Alot of times people misunderstand a warning against a sin as the “one sounding the trumpet” is picking on
    a certain group, or acting like God don’t love them. We have to love everyone, but thier sin stinks in the nostrils of God and it is very much in the will of God to point out those things that are causing his people to stray away.

    As far as making an issue about a statement of belief, please read 2nd Cor. 1:12.
    Is Christ divided?
    Jesus Christ died for my sins and that is my statement of belief.

    I didn’t accept a denomination into my heart, I accepted Jesus.
    My statement of belief is that I believe the word of God.
    If it’s in there I believe it.

    I agree not everyone on t.v. is bad, love you.

  91. RD said

    Mindy, nice to hear from you. Well, I might sound like I’m protecting these guys works but guess what I’m not. I don’t support those things at all even for a single minute. I have once been victimized and hurt by such but I also came to realised that such people are victims too though they don’t know it yet. They have just not called 911 for help but they need too. They also need a rescue team trust me. I’m calling us too to stand in the gap for them too while we do for the rest to see those guys rescued too with whatever we have with us. If all we can and have got for now is prayer, lets do it/ if its counsel to them and warn them/ the innocents, great but I personally I’m looking at the big fish because once I have the great catch, then I have saved a lot of innocent folks from jeopardy, right Mindy? How about that idea Mindy? So all I’m saying is as we blow the trumpet to those innocents, lets also seek to save these guys souls too. Its the devil in them but not them. You are either ruled by God or the devil and I believe they are. They are victims too, right Mindy? So lets trust God for their salvation too. He doesn’t boast in seeing sinner perish. In fact Chronicles says “2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and WILL THEIR LAND. He didn’t get us off the streets, clubs e.t.c to let the devil take us out again. He might try but God in His mercy will still show up for our rescue.

    Isa 62:6 I have set WATCHMAN upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, KEEP NOT SILENCE,
    Isa 62:7 And GIVE HIM NO REST (pray, seek His face), till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

    Lets rebuke, sound the trumpet but prayer avails much. Nothing is impossible with God I believe. I agree with you. These guys’ sin really stenchs because I have heard and still see such people here in my country but all I’m saying is that sounding a trumpet of warning is 100% right but lets warn while praying for each other. None has made it yet to the other side.
    We all still have struggles somehow/ somewhere in our lives. I know we all do and know that however much we smell good and can pretend to be, we ALL still need God’s saving grace.

    There are things that when no one is around/ listening you whisper to the Lord and say to Him “Lord kill this thing in me otherwise it’s gonna take me out”, right Mindy? I believe David prayed the same or close to that to the Lord because we all know the problem he had. But God loved him because he was so repentant. We all need that in our lives- having a repentant heart.

    Scripture says “1Jn 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”
    Mindy, you know yourself the things that you are still struggling with in your life! Don’t you? Would you love grace and mercy to be extended to you? I hope yes.
    Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray and reminds them of this

    “Mat 6:12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

    In other words you wanna be forgiven, forgive others. Same measure you would love God to forgive your sins, do the same to those who hurt you. Need grace? Give grace.

    Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    We need to recognize the wounded and those who are victimized and try and see how to help them out with all that is in our reach.
    You can be a victim of AIDS/ HIV and not know it, right Mindy? Not until a physician tells you that yeah bro./ sis, you are sick. You are positive!!! Ouch, but it’s true your sick.

    Mindy and other guys, keep the trumpets blowing but please try harmonizing the sounds with love seeking to save both the small fish and the big whale.
    Those guys are trapped too. I hope you still catch mi well there. They are victimized and are trapped and they don’t know it otherwise they will change. If the Spirit of God can speak to those tied up on ganja (joint)/ in alcohol/ save an Islamic teacher who has been trained from his birth that Allah is God and Mohammad is the true and right prophet everyone should rely on, can’t He really save these big boys and gals who are already in the house though blinded? Can’t He give them their site back? I believe He can.

    So for me, while you go and target the chased after, I will seek for the chased after and the chaser because once I get the chaser then many innocents will be saved.

    Alright my sister Mindy, God bless ya much.

  92. RD said


  93. Charles D. said

    Hey RC; Hey Mindy.

    Yes I NO.

  94. Charles D. said

    RC = RD

  95. mindy said

    Praise God RD do you believe that I am TARGETING someone and wishing them to damnation and denying the mercy
    of God because I spoke against people following a doctrine? God forbid RD. I hope they all get saved, and I don’t think everyone on television is corrupt, the word says we will judge them by thier fruit.

    I don’t think I spoke outside of love.

    They aren’t big whales while everyone else is little fish, that’s not scripture.
    In scripture the Lord tells us to beware of wolves in sheep clothing, and we are simply
    repeating that message.

    Jesus said that the eyes are the window to the soul and if the eyes be filled with darkness how great is that darkness.

    What I’m trying to say is it is not just the few “whales” that are corrupt they are putting thier theology into millions of people who should be listening to messages about salvation and the cross.

    RD there are people that are sowing “seed” to get to heaven and sowing “seed” to recieve a miracle, and believing that giving money is the work that God is most pleased with.

    Without faith it is impossible to please him. Not faith that I sent a man my money now God’s gonna make me rich, but faith that the son of God, Jesus came and died for my sins and was ressurected on the 3rd day. That when we Confess our sins and mind the things of the spirit and forgive we will be forgiven and recieve
    eternal life. Fiath that our souls are made subject to the renewal of our mind.

    I forgive everyone. I am not holding unforgiveness in my heart towards anyone.

    I am in agreement that we need to pray for everyone in this nation, and I pray in the NAME OF JESUS
    everyone will repent.

    God bless you RD. God is very merciful and the Lord said that the ones that are forgiven much love much and I’ve had alot to be forgiven for myself. I do hold onto the mercy of God and depend on his grace.
    I know where your coming from I think, you just want to show mercy and love.
    Sometimes the greatest love is just to speak the word, because by hearing the TRUTH they made be made free, and released from thier traps.

    I enjoyed hearing from you. Love, Mindy

  96. Job said


    excellent response. I will use it in a post if you do not mind.

  97. RD said

    you are absolutely right. I didn’t mean whale and small fish plainly though sounded like but what I was trying to mean was the people who are corrupting others because of the corruption in their hearts. Satan is trying to use their mouths to swallow as many as they can. So I’m saying I wanna shut up that mouth through prayer and anything the Lord puts in my reach thus saving millions of the innocents. Stopping the lion will save thousands of the sheep. So lets pray for those the Lord shows us trapped by the enemy and by saving them, millions of those that are not devoured yet will be saved from such corrupt teachings before they even get to them.
    That’s all I was trying to mean but I agree with you 100%. We should speak truths cuz truth saves. But as I said already through loving, praying, extending grace to each other, God is faithful and just. He is an awesome God. Bless His Name.
    Thanks Mindy. Bless ya much.

  98. KLB said

    When I moved to Flordia a few months ago I was having a very hard time, so naturally I turned to the church,that was what I had been taught to do. I contacted Paula White ministries and told her of my problem. I had no money to eat,was almost out of housing. I was told come in fill out paperwork and we will see if you qualify for help. I told them I did not have the gas to get there, not any relatives here. I was desperate.On the fourth of July I had one hotdog to eat. Does any her ministry know what this feels like? I no longer look to any church for help. God alone is my source, he has brought me a long way. Taught me what grace truly is. I am sorry but the gospel of prosperity does not fit in the gospel of Jesus. Prosperity teaches you money and things matter more than a relationship with God. Don’t run after man and his prosperity gospel it is distorted truth. When you need help from the mega church see if you get it.

  99. Elder said

    From a pastor’s stand point. I can understand why ( Paula White ) felt the need to buy Bishop Jakes a Bentley to say Thank you. Personally I believe that there was some thing else that she could of done to show her thanks such as donating good to feed the less fortunate, donate to the local homeless shelter there in Dallas. Something that Jesus would of done himself. He fed the hungry, he ministered to the poor, he healed the sick. Never did you see where Jesus brought a car to show appreciation for fame and prestige. It is something that needs to be thought about. God bless

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