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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Exploiting The Christian Market

Posted by Job on August 3, 2007

From A Little Leaven  by way of Independent Conservative: a company marketing a sexy T – shirt with a cross on it. Or so it appears. The truth is that the T – shirt is just a regular sleeveless number … no plunging neckline or huge cutoff area where the sleeves are supposed to be. Isn’t that revealing. And the cross is actually quite ambiguous … open to interpretation really. A Christian looking at it would associate it with a cross, but someone of a different mindset would think that it is just some artistic symbol that is commonly on such attire.

So what is the problem? The item’s page (see link) says it all: the typical, actually rather modest T shirt on the model is size XS, extra small. The jeans are similar. So, they had this model put on a too small shirt and jeans. Why? To make the outfit form – fitting so that she would “appear sexy.” Next, you have the sexually provocative pose of the model. What does her pose have to do with the shirt, or the cross? Nothing. It is all about creating a sexual fantasy image.

A Christian man is supposed to see that image, desire the fantasy created by the image of the thin blonde model wearing the too – tight outfit and provocative pose, and buy the shirt because he wants to possess the fantasy. A Christian woman is supposed to see that image, fantasize about being sexually desirable (to her husband, boyfriend, or truthfully just to be considered in that fashion by people in general) and buy it because SHE wants to possess the fantasy. And how much does owning this fantasy cost? $53.20! And that is, er, the sale price.

And about this “Witness At Home” firm that brought you this fashion (and presumably the advertising campaign and pricing that accompanies it): are they a Christian company, or just a company marketing a Christian product? According to the mission statement on their website, it is the former. “Wear It. Live It. Share It. Our mission is to provide Witness at Home clothing and accessories to women, men and children to give them an avenue to express their faith in a fashionable way. It is our hope that our products serve as a tool for ministering and a reminder to represent Christ in all we do.” So tell me this: why do they have to stick crosses (or emblems that vaguely resemble crosses) on T shirts and market them to Christians to be a Christian company with a Christian mission anyway? Why not just make your plain every day run of the mill white, black, red, and blue T shirts with nothing on them like everybody else? Sell them to the discount stores and what have you, and compete with the secular clothing manufacturers in the secular stores. Advertise to the churches and on Christian radio your brand name or company name, so they can come out and buy your merchandise instead of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. Even better,  the unchurched will buy it too because IT WILL BE OF SIMILAR QUALITY AND PRICING. And your profits would go to help the poor and support prison ministries and missionary activities.

But no, that is not how this “Christian company” – and many that are similar to it – operates. No, they create sexual fantasies so they can market $6 t shirts in Christian catalogs, websites, and bookstores for $53.00. On sale. Now this may be an exaggeration … that could be an extra special T shirt made out of the finest materials and what have you. All right fine. So it is a $12 or a $15 dollar shirt that they are selling for $53.00. On sale. And that is not all … they have $30 baseball caps and $40 belt buckles, and $138 “Witness jeans” (see link).

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if these folks saw the huge response (in terms of DOLLARS) that folks like Paula White, Yolanda Adams, Eddie Long, and so many other Christian preachers and artists were making off their bodies and others and decided “Hey, show them a little skin, and Christians are easy money!”

Now honestly, I am actually quite liberal when it comes to how people dress themselves, mainly because I do not wish to be a cultural chauvinist. Standards regarding proper attire vary from culture to culture, and even within cultures. As such, I am not one who thinks that men and women should be veiled head to toe, and I am very leery of church assemblies where people are overdressed because A) they are WAY too well dressed to be praising God the way they did in the Bible like in Acts 3:8, and II Samuel 6:14-23 and B) if they had the love of God in them, they would have taken all of this money that they are putting in designer clothes and given it to the poor. There is nothing inherently wrong, evil, dirty, etc. about the human body, and if you can’t see another human’s body without sexual thoughts running through your mind then you have an evil spirit in you that needs to be cast out!

No, the problem here is twofold. This “Witness At Home” company is presenting women’s bodies in a sexual manner to make money. Such is the sin of harlotry. Second … if you check out the fashions and the site design, this is obviously targeted at Christians with a great deal of disposable income. They know that a great many fundamentalist and evangelical Christians (the irony is that the more liberal and secular mainline Christians have virtually no interest in “Christian products” save music and books) have become extremely materialistic and desiring to be “fashionable”, so they are trying to get them to redirect the money that they are already spending for grotesquely overpriced vanity items at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc. to them instead. In the past, “Christian merchandising” was pretty much aimed at the underclass in rural and urban areas … the clothes with religious symbols painted on them, the bumper stickers and buttons, the artwork and decorations, etc. But now you have the affluent fashionable suburban and exurban megachurch crowd and their more sophisticated tastes. Like the criminal Al Capone was reported to have said “All I do is satisfy a demand.” So the problem is not that a company is marketing women’s bodies to sell $50.00 t shirts, but that they are only doing so because they know that there is a Christian market out there that responds to it.


2 Responses to “Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Exploiting The Christian Market”

  1. Their Vneck junk is on closeout. I guess somebody thinks they’ll please the Lord by showing cleavage? And this is not exactly a seen of righteousness either! I think the whole thing stinks.

    And there’s nothing like big Je$u$ junk jewelry! Only $150.00!

  2. global warning said

    Jezebel has perfected her act, but God is a sovereign God and He knows all, so He is just giving Paula White a chance to repent, and if she doesn’t, she will be thrown down just like Jezebel was and licked up by the dogs and there will be no trace of her. Simple as that………………..

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