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Jesus Christ Opposes Gun Control!

Posted by Job on August 30, 2007

What is my basis for saying such a thing? The same as everything else: scripture. The words of Jesus Christ as recorded in Luke 22:36Then said He unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Accuse me of taking scripture out of context, will you? Well this same Jesus Christ said in Matthew 10:34 – Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. So, if you are a Bible – based Christian, it is your duty to arm yourself, and to oppose gun control measures.

It is the people that portray Jesus Christ as a pacifist that take the holy scriptures out of context. Jesus Christ’s admonition to “turn the other cheek” refers to how Christians should deal with others in private matters, not to whether someone should defend themselves or another innocent person from being murdered or violated. The references to Jesus Christ being “the Prince of Peace.” Andrew Wommack makes the excellent point in this devotional ( that the “peace” that Jesus Christ is prince of is between God and the righteous, the saved, the redeemed of the brethren. For everyone else, their future is not peace with Christ, but being overcome by Christ. Take Revelation 19:11‘s picture of the warrior Christ: And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. And who will this Christ make war with? Why you, unsaved person who continues to resist the Holy Ghost, and all the other rebellious and wicked of the earth! Tell me, people, how this pacifist false Christ that people bear false witness of would have overcome Satan and death?

Jesus Christ Himself specifically sought to correct misunderstandings due to these same false doctrines in His day. I give you Luke 12:51-53Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” And this is very important, not just as a mere worldly political issue. Nay, it is all theological. The false image of the pacifist Christ is one of the primary things used by people to make the false claim that the depiction of God in the Old Testament is inconsistent with the depiction of God in the New Testament. The only possible thing to make of this consistency, they say, is to deny that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, literally true, and the final authority. So, you start to interpret the Bible as a political document to fit your sensibilities.

The reason for making this claim is they want to run away from how the Old Testament deals with sin, the punishment of sin. But this is their problem: the New Testament deals with sin and the punishment of sin too. Thus, there is no inconsistency, no disconnect. So what really is going on is that these people are using a few verses out of context to deny what both Testaments say about a holy righteous sovereign God that will judge and destroy all sin and sinners. You go one way, and you get universalism, like what Carlton Pearson is preaching now. You go the other way, and you get deism. Either way, denying that Jesus Christ came to oppose and overcome the sin and wickedness that are this fallen world and all who love it is denying the whole meaning and intent of the Bible itself.

So am I saying that you should go out and get a gun? Let me say this: any Christian adult that is afraid of guns or is harboring concerns over whether they can be responsible with it is in need of spiritual deliverance. If you have faith in God that He has made you righteous through Jesus Christ’s Blood, then that includes faith that you would use said gun – or anything else that God suffers you to receive – righteously. And further, look at statistics. How many things do you own or operate that are more dangerous and used to wreak more havoc than guns?

Consider this, Christian. If these people deny that the Bible is inspired by God and therefore true, why is it so important to them? Why do they use it to create and promote a political theology of pacifism? Well, the thing that you must know about evil people is that they hate opposition. Evil wins when good men fail to act. Their goal is to convince the righteous people to reject arms (and resistance in general … Christians are told that even speaking out against sin and saying that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven is “hateful” and “divisive”). You are familiar with the old adage “make guns illegal and only the criminals will have them”? Well, if the godless are able to get the godly to reject self – defense and opposing evil, then the godless will be unhindered to inflict their evil upon whoever they choose.

So yes, if the lawful give up their guns, the only ones left with the guns will be the lawless. And when I say lawless, I speak not of the street criminal … the disproportionately black and brown members of the powerless underclass that our media and Hollywood has you so afraid of. They use these images to make you think that the only way to be safe is to ban firearms so that the criminals will not have access to them. You are supposed to be so afraid of the black male yesterday, the Mexican immigrant today, and the Muslim terrorist tomorrow that you are supposed to nullify the thinking portion of your brain to the point where the idea that a law against owning a gun will somehow prevent a criminal who is lawless by definition from possessing one?

I can just imagine Rudy Giuliani, who supposedly is the best choice for president because “he will keep us safe” in the estimation of so many people, telling us that the way to be safe is to renounce our personal God – given responsibility to defend ourselves? If Rudy Giuliani is so immoral that he opposes protecting a viable full term baby in the womb, what makes you think that such a man who has no respect for God or man (as such a person who would take so evil a position could only be) would lift the grimy fingernail that still has the residue of the polish on it that he used to dress like a woman (for the sole purpose of mocking Christians to curry favor with the God hating elites that have driven him to frontrunner status in this campaign, trying their best to set up a Rudy – Hillary campaign so that heads they win tails you lose!) to protect you?

So people like Giuliani and entities like Fox News will make you so fearful of the black, brown, and Arab or Muslim small time criminals that you will give up your right of self – defense and ability to defend the poor, the widow, the fatherless, and the oppressed as the Bible clearly tells us to do in Psalm 82:3Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy (and how will you defend them if YOU HAVE NO WEAPON?). And when that happens, the REAL CRIMINALS will begin their reign of terror. And what criminals am I speaking of? Why, the criminals of THE STATE, FALSE RELIGION, and BIG BUSINESS. And let me tell you something, there are no criminals like those criminals … the very criminals that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross: Rome, Caiaphas, and the merchants upset with Jesus Christ after He broke up their ponzi scheme and ran them out of the temple! Now do not take this to be an endorsement of the open advocacy of cold – blooded murder as the false Christians depict in their utterly ascriptural “Left Behind” movies, but we must face facts: it is your duty as a Christian to oppose the real criminals and the Satan that will give them power.

And this is why I support Ron Paul, people. Other GOP candidates may be willing to keep your guns, but only Ron Paul is talking about why … because of the danger that the state poses to all righteous people. . . .


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Christian Socialism In A Godless Nation

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

From Ronald Dart’s Born To Win Ministry,

If the audio player does not work for you, try these links: christian_socialism.mp3  a_godless_nation.mp3

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Christians In India Use Independence Day As Evangelism Opportunity

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

Holidays are fun and cheerful times. Recently, Gospel for Asia native missionaries started their Independence Day by raising the Indian flag in honor of their country, and then set out to celebrate by reaching out to their communities. Many members and pastors of GFA-affiliated churches also participated in the festivities on August 15. Read more about this day of outreach here. The Lord used this outreach mightily, and many people responded positively to the message of Jesus. The missionaries were also blessed as they had an opportunity to make a difference in their communities while celebrating their country’s freedom. Yours for the unreached, K.P. Yohannan Founder & President

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Do You Truly Know The Ten Commandments? Take This Bible Quiz To Find Out!

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

Jesus Christ said that if you love Him you will keep His Commandments! Though we are dead to to the works of the law under the New Covenant, the teachings of the New Testament still explicitly state that failing to keep 9 of the 10 commandments (only the Sabbath have we been liberated from) is sin, and it is clear through the Bible that all who choose to live in sin will have their place in eternal flame! So please, take this quiz to see if you are living in violation of the Ten Commandments And remember: God forgives the sins of the righteous. So if you are not yet made righteous through Jesus Christ, here is where you can take care of that sad desperate condition: The Three Step Salvation Plan

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1 John 5:1 Are You Truly Born Of God?

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

Cultivating Contentment in the Home Listen Watch

 BIBLE MEDITATION: “Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God.”
1 John 5:1

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: What is salvation? It’s not a creed. You say, “Well, I believe the plan of salvation.” You can believe the plan of salvation and go straight to hell. You’re not saved by the plan of salvation; you’re saved by the Man of salvation. Salvation is not a creed. It’s not a code. You say, “Well, I believe if you live right, you’ll go to heaven.” If you could be saved by living right then Calvary was a blunder. It’s not a cause. You say, “I’m a member of a good, fundamental, Bible-believing church.” It’s not any of these things. It’s Christ. Salvation is not believing something; it is receiving Someone. The true gospel is one that centers in Jesus Christ.

ACTION POINT: Ask God to give you a divine opportunity to boldly share Jesus with someone today. Maybe it’s a co-worker; maybe it’s your child. Maybe it’s a stranger that sits next to you at a restaurant. Be strong and of good courage; God will go before you to prepare the way. visit 

Do you know Jesus?

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Christians Answer The Call That God Has Placed On Your Life

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

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The answered call.  Hebrews Chapter 11 is one of the great chapters in the
Bible.  We read about Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,
Moses, David, Samuel, the prophets…they all had one thing in common…THEY
ANSWERED THE CALL!!  Common sense tells me that God had probably called
others, but they refused to answer His call.

The Bible tells us that “many are called, few are chosen”.  We must be
willing to answer God’s call when it comes.  Noah answered God’s call to
build the ark.  Abraham answered God’s call to leave Ur.  Moses answered
God’s call to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.  There are three
basic elements in answering the call of God.  First, you must know God.
Second, you must respond by faith.  Lastly, you can’t turn back.

You must first know God in an intimate way.  If you have a special job to be
done, do you ask a stranger to do it, or call a friend?  When God has a
special job to do, He calls someone that he has a relationship with.  He
knows each one of His children intimately.  He knows our strong points, our
weak points, what we are capable of.  God knows better than you do what you
can accomplish.  Never forget, God calls us for a specific purpose at
different times in our lives based on His plan.

He will never ask you to do something that He hasn’t equipped you to
perform.  Hebrews 11:1 says “..Faith is being sure of what we hope for and
certain of what we do not see.”  Once God calls you, we must respond by
faith.  Faith is not a blind leap in the dark, but a trust in God.  When God
called Abraham, he left obediently, not even knowing where he was going.  He
trusted God.  James tells us that faith by itself, if it is not accompanied
by action is dead.  In talking of Abraham, James said that  “his faith and
his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what
he did.”

But once you hear God call you, and you respond by faith, you then can’t
turn back.  Jesus said, “no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back
is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”  Once you answer the call of God,
you will be attacked.  There are some sad examples in scripture of those who
heard, responded by faith, then turned back.  John Mark went with Paul and
Barnabas on their first missionary journey but turned back.  Demas a
co-laborer with Paul is said to have deserted Paul because of his love for
the world.

*My friend, answering the call of God is not easy, but God will make you
adequate to stand the attacks and follow through.

Hebrews 11:13-16  “All these people were still living by faith when they
died.  They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and
welcomed them from a distance.  And they admitted they were aliens and
strangers on earth.,  People who say such things show that they are looking
for a country of their own.  If they had been thinking of the country they
had left, they would have had opportunity to return.  Instead, they were
longing for a better country..a heavenly one.  Therefore, God is not ashamed
to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.”

These men and women of faith never turned back because they realized there
was no place to turn back to!!!  Peter said it best when he said, “Lord, to
whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.  We believe that you
are the holy one of God.”

I love you, and care about you deeply.  I pray that you will be inspired by
these words today.  Inspired to develop that close, intimate relationship
with God so that you will be available for His use.  I pray that you will
develop faith to answer His call when it comes.  I pray that as you answer
that call by faith, nothing will stop you from performing the job that He
has given you to perform.  Our purpose in this life is to serve and glorify
Him.  Take your mind off of your desires, your goals, your will.  Focus
instead on His desires, His goals, His will.  ANSWER THE CALL!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

This Worklife Lesson was written by Regi Campbell. Regi has extensive practical experience of worklife ministry and outreach, and has written About My Father’s Business (Multnomah, 2005). All rights reserved. Content edited and distributed by for non-profit educational purposes.

When I took my first job after college, I had just turned 22 years old. I had been hired into a management training program, but without understanding the significance of the word “management.” I didn’t even know there was a union and that I wasn’t in it! I was “management;” most of my coworkers were “craft” (i.e. union members), and there was little social interaction between the two.

Funny how those folks never invited me to go to lunch with them. Was it something I said? I don’t think so. I just didn’t belong. They were not “my people” and I wasn’t theirs. How do you determine who “your people” are at work? That’s a toughie.

The old adage “birds of a feather flock together” is as true today as ever…maybe even more so. A few years ago, the “birds” flocked together in neighborhoods, at the local church, at community activities, and in civic clubs. Now it’s pretty much at work that people “flock together.” Work is where most people find their friends. But what do you do when you don’t fit in at work?

There’s the group that’s in the baseball pool or the fantasy sports league (I’m not in that one). There’s the group that plays softball on the company team (I’m not in that one either). There’s the younger group that plays video games all day and night (I’m too old for that one). There’s the group that has been here from the beginning (I’m too young for that one). There’s the group of “insiders” who know the “top brass” personally and always know what’s going on (…not in that one!). There’s the group of “outsiders” who are cynical, negative, critical of everyone and everything. (They don’t include me and I don’t want to be included!)

Work can be a lonely place, and that’s especially true for a Christian who is new to the company …or to the faith.

God knew that we’d have that feeling, so He did several things both to prepare us for it and to help us get through it.

First, He promised us that He would be there with us. “I will never leave you nor forsake you”, He promises. He also assures us that nothing can separate us from His love. So if we’ll just pause for a few seconds and think, we’ll remember that we AREN’T alone. He is there with us and He loves us to death, every minute of every day.

Then, we also know that His Spirit is inside of us. Spooky, huh! But it’s true. That little voice that most often says “I love you,” but often reminds us “You’re going to be all right” and “You can do this” or “You can get through this…just hang on a little longer.” That might just be His voice coming out of YOUR heart! That’s where He lives…in your heart. So you can always know that He’s there with you…available…constant…loving.

And one last thing He does…He’s made you good enough! You don’t have to sweat being accepted by the people in those groups. You’ve been accepted, warts and all, by the God of the Universe. You can relax in your own skin, be the person He created you to be, and just do your job. Over time, as you perform well, mind your own business, and do the next right thing over and over, people will be drawn to you. And they’ll be “your people;” not just the “flash in the pan” kind of friends that show up and disappear.

Don’t worry about fitting in with them…fit in with Him.

Trust me…He’s a far better friend.

Lord Jesus, You didn’t try to intentionally “fit in” with the people around You. But You did Your appointed work well, and the right people gathered to You. I want to be the person You know me to really be, and to relax in that. Show me the way forward in this. Amen.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (for small groups and individuals)
1. It’s nice to be accepted and liked at work. But what price are you willing to pay or not pay for that? Why?
2. Why is it more important to realize you are accepted by God than to strive for acceptance from others at work?

A service of C – used for non profit educational purposes only. For more work resources see

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Pat Robertson FALSELY Calls Christian Persecution Our Greatest Threat!

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

See this link:

As usual, Robertson has it all wrong. The Bible says for us to pay no heed to those that persecute us; indeed to pray for them that spitefully misuse us (see Also, Acts 5:40-41 shows us that the early church thanked God for their persecution! Jesus Christ said that if He was maltreated, should not we be so? Is the servant (us) greater than the master (Christ)? Facing persecution is evidence that we are actually serving God! The person who suffers persecution in God’s Name should thank God for it. The person who is suffering no persecution (or is suffering as a result not of God’s actions but his own) is the one that should seek God urgently, not for persecution, but so that such a person would have a relationship with God and learn how to obey Him, not for the persecution’s sake, but for God’s sake.

I talk about persecution on this weblog not for the “woe is us woe is us!” factor, but rather to show Christians what real Christianity is, and what real Christianity should be girding themselves up to expect both in this time and in the time of great sorrows to come. Now though I am a post – tribulationist and this is not to be taken as a direct criticism of pre – tribulationism itself, it is false teachers like Robertson in their pretending that Christian persecution is in any way exceptional – rather than something that is to be expected by the people of God living in a world that hates and has rejected God – that create the false image that Christians will be taken out of this world in the rapture before anything bad really happens to us.  So, in this respects, the notion of “God is going to come get us before anything really bad starts happening to us” is not the false doctrine of pre – tribulationism per se, because even the time leading up to and immediately preceding the seven official years of the great tribulation is supposed to be mighty terrible for Christians and everyone else, and Jesus Christ says this in Matthew 24 (which incidentally also makes it obvious that pre – tribulationism is false, see Correlating Don Imus, Christians, Blacks, Women, And The Rapture). But this notion that God has this obligation to save us before we Christians – especially the ones in the west that are used to freedom, wealth, and the pleasures and cares of the world – have to so much as get a hangnail is precisely the source of a lot of this false “Christian Zionism” doctrine preached by the likes of Robertson, John Hagee, and so many leading televangelists.

So unlike some people that take a much stronger view against pre – tribulation as in Mike Ratliff’s article What is the Great Delusion?, claiming that it is the problem itself, I take the view that it is people like Robertson that weave pre – tribulationism into the larger overall context of false doctrines that is the problem. And few are better at this than Robertson, who as usual, is playing on the fears and emotions of Christians.

So no, Christians, our greatest threat does NOT come from those that hate and persecute us, and that includes even the anti – Christ, the beast, the man of sin whom your tribulation doctrine denies that Christians will have to face. Instead, our greatest threat is INTERNAL, coming from those who traffic in false doctrines to serve the false god of mammon (money and power) like the billionaire Robertson (who has his malleable appointees all over the Bush administration Was Monica Goodling Taken Advantage Of By Pat Robertson and George Bush?) and Hagee, who is making a direct play for Robertson’s money and power (and see The Rapture Cult – Its Power, Influence and Secret agenda, though I do not endorse everything in it).

But do not let these false preachers scare you. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior follow the The Three Step Salvation Plan. If you have, then follow true Bible – based Christianity so that you will not be vulnerable to the deceptions of false preachers and teachers.

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Atlanta Radio Talk Show Host Perry Laurentino Compares Dogfighting To African Slavery

Posted by Job on August 29, 2007

Laurentino works for 680 The Fan. Of course, he quickly recanted – to a degree – when he received the predictable response by irate black callers. (The reaction would have been far more were the black audience of 680 The Fan not relatively small and more importantly far more conservative than the black population of Atlanta as a whole.) My point here is not to label Laurentino a racist, but rather to give yet another clear indication of how the anti – Christ mindset is deeply ingrained into our society so much that even very conservative people with Catholic backgrounds like Laurentino would even thing of equating the mistreatment of a human with the mistreatment of a dog. Now the act of slavery and animal cruelty itself is probably similar from a spiritual warfare perspective: the same evil spirits that would cause you to wantonly mistreat an animal through dogfighting would also cause you to mistreat a person through slavery. Thus, animal rights activists do have a point when they mention that people who abuse animals later go on to victimize people. And there are Bible verses that could be construed to oppose animal cruelty, and both are in the portion of the scripture – the Torah or the instructions – that liberals hate so much (who claim that such portions were later added to the scriptures by harsh “Deuteronomists” who blamed Israel’s fall to Babylon on their sins, and falsely claimed that they were written by Moses in order to give their theology legitimacy). They are Deuteronomy 25:4: “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn” and “Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk” (contained in Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:26, and Deuteronomy 14:21). Now there are a variety of ways to interpret those scriptures (including some Orthodox Jews who interpret the latter to mean that it is a sin to eat a cheeseburger) but correlating both to animal cruelty is reasonable.

But still, the notion that you would compare the suffering of a man to the suffering of a dog is clearly one that is offensive to God. There is a reason why the term “dehumanize” exists. The term presumes the elevated status of man which comes not from man’s ability to reason or create, but from the notion that man was a special creation of God, in His own Image, higher than the angels. I am certainly no ecumenist, but the world’s three monotheistic religions that have so influenced the mindset of the civilized world (both in the west and the near east), Christianity, Muslim, and Islam, all hold this to be factual. By contrast, you have pagan traditions that contrive equality between man and animal. All you have to do is go to India, and see where starving people will not eat cows because they hold them sacred, and then there is the jain Buddhism evil that was co – opted by Martin Luther King, Jr., who denied the deity of Jesus Christ (see Proof From His Own Writings That Martin Luther King Jr. Was NOT A Christian), whose adherents center a great part of their lifestyles around not stepping on insects because they regard them as having the potential to become people in a subsequent lives – and indeed may well have been people in their prior lives. Evolution is just another false religion that denies a true afterlife, that denies a true God, and denies a true eternal punishment in a lake of fire. But we can see that even people who profess Christianity and do not believe in evolution run the risk of adopting the anti – Christ mindset because of their immersion in the culture. Conservatives oppose bi – lingual education for the children of Mexican immigrants and others whose primarily language is not English, and they support instead “full immersion”, knowing that once deprived of their native language in an academic environment, the non – English speaker will quickly and forcibly become fluent in what should be our nation’s common tongue. (Do not believe me to be opposed to people knowing multiple languages, quite the contrary were it up to me all children would learn Spanish and Hebrew. Learn, write, and speak in as many languages as you choose so long as one of them is English.)

And the same is true of Christians. Even if Christianity is your “native mindset”, if you are fully immersed in our anti – Christ culture, you will take on the anti – Christ mindset and equate the brutal dehumanizing subjugation of Africans as a sacrifice to the idol of mammon (money and power) as being little different from what happens to dogs or any other dumb animal. Therefore, according to the idolatrous blasphemous anti – Christ mindset, there is no such thing as “dehumanize” because there is nothing special about a human! Of course this is utterly satanic, because Satan hates God, and he hates man because man is the image of God. Satan knows that if he can get man to defile and murder himself, not only does it grieve God, but it disrespects Him! Everything that Satan does is all about rebelling against God, defying Him, and shaking his rotten fist in God’s Holy Face! Well Satan can have his wretched twisted idea of fun for a time, but his day of judgment and destruction is coming. And so is the day of judgment and destruction of all those who equate dumb common animals with those who were made in the Image of God and special by God, and therefore pervert themselves with all manners of abomination that arise from their blasphemous mindset. Now you see why abortion is so important to Satan and his people, and why so many so – called Christians support the procedure. Just as having people in the pagan ancient Near East sacrifice their children to Molech and Baal as part of pagan fertility rites was to use man to mock God and provoke His wrath we do the same in our “modern Christian west” with our practice of abortion (which we are now trying to export to the so – called third world, as if they do not already have enough problems without introducing yet another level of godless barbarity).

So, how does the Christian prevent himself from taking on the mindset of a wicked world totally ruled by Satan? As is with everything, the answer is in the Bible. Leviticus 20:7
Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God. We are supposed to be holy for God is holy (I Peter 1:16) and reject the world and all its wickedness. Now we saved by grace and not the works of the law, so we are still to be in the world. Why? Because the world is where the battleground of good versus evil is, and we are a part of that battle whether we like it or not. The stakes of this battle are 1) the souls of men and 2) how long Satan gets to escape judgment (and there are some theologies out there that claim that the two are related). Yet in today’s times Christians, even theologically and politically conservative ones, are not separating themselves. Perhaps the best example is how the former strictness of charismatic Christianity has given way to the vain, profane, worldly, and even utterly carnal and vulgar variety that has now turned the gospel into glamor, profit, and base sexuality (see An Expose Of Just How Bad Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks Are and the rest of my “Sex Sells, Especially In The Church” series … the vast majority of these are charismatic, evangelical, and fundamentalist Christian preachers like Rick Warren – Sex Sells, Especially In The Church: Rick Warren’s Lust Driven Evangelism – who actually markets and encourages the use of colognes and perfumes with sexually arousing pheromones in them for use in evangelism! Part of Warren’s “church growth” strategy is to send young men and women with sexually immodest apparel on such as the ones detailed in Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Exploiting The Christian Market no doubt so that people will want to go to church not because of Jesus Christ but rather to please their own carnal lusts!).

So since contemporary Christians are not only refusing to abstain and refrain from the ways of a world perverted and corrupted by Adam’s sin that will one day be destroyed by fire (ignore the lies of false preacher Jack Van Impe who claims otherwise … there will be a new heaven and a new earth, Jack Van Impe, and NO JACK VAN IMPE OUR PETS WILL NOT BE WITH US IN HEAVEN!), is it any wonder that so many of us are taking on the satanic anti – Christ mindset. So the question is: if we Christians are willing to debase, defile, and dehumanize, and thereby deny our God – image with regards to dogs and other dumb animals, how else are we going to do it? Maybe we should ask the members of the clergy that now exist exclusively to serve canines and other dumb soulless animals – contact information for such professional ministers of the cloth can be found in this post Christians, Now They Have Preachers For Animals! – and find out!

It is all about circumcision, people, not according to the law but by grace. We have to have circumcised hearts, minds, and wills if we are to oppose the anti – Christ worldly mindset; if we are to fulfill II Corinthians 10:5: Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ! It all starts with salvation i.e. The Three Step Salvation Plan, but even that there is a process of dying to self and hating and rejecting the world daily!

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The World Needs Bibles

Posted by Job on August 28, 2007

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GFA.Org Gospel For Asia Evangelism Videos

Posted by Job on August 28, 2007

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Christians Intimidated Into Silence

Posted by Job on August 28, 2007

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Intimidated into silence!  This coming Friday, Liveprayer will be 8 years
old.  Every day since Liveprayer started, I have produced a Daily
Devotional.  Other than about a dozen from the first few months, every Daily
Devotional I have written can be found in our “Devotional Archives” on the website.  Eight years, 96 months of writings.  An historical
record of what I have said.  That is important since from the very beginning
I have telling my readers that because we have abandoned the marketplace,
have quit reaching out to the lost and hurting masses outside of the 4 walls
of the church, the opportunity to use the same secular media vehicles the
world uses to propagate the lies of satan that lead men’s souls to hell,
will soon be impossible for Christians to use to bring people God’s Truth
and the hope of Jesus Christ!  The very small window that was left is now
virtually closed and will never be reopened!

The secular networks will never support and endorse any program that is
preaching the pure Truth of the Bible, bringing a Biblical worldview to
their viewers.  They do, however, fill their programming with every kind of
sin you can imagine and clearly support a view of the world and life in
complete rebellion to the Bible and the Christian Faith.  Of course, they
are in the entertainment business, not the ministry.  However, the
entertainment they feed on their airwaves has a foundation of sin and
rebellion to God, His Truth, and a faith in Jesus Christ.  They are open to
dealing with “spiritual issues,” but from a New Age viewpoint, not from the
Bible.  The only way to access their airwaves is to buy time in those few
hours a day they designate for PAID PROGRAMMING, which is usually sold to
infomercial companies.

The few Christian programs that do pay to be on secular stations usually buy
time on Sunday morning or between 2am-6am to troll for Christian viewers.
These programs are the exact same programs these ministries air on Christian
television, geared strictly for a Christian audience except for local
churches who broadcast their Sunday morning worship service.  When I started
the Liveprayer TV program I knew to attract a non-Christian audience it had
to be a different type of program from the standard preaching/teaching
programs, geared to non-Christians, and have a similar feel to the secular
programs it would compete against without compromising the Truth of the

Thus was birthed the Liveprayer TV program back on March 3, 2003 on the CBS
owned UPN (now CW) affiliate in Tampa, Florida, the #!2 TV market in the
nation.  “Live” every Monday thru Friday from 1-2 a.m. following the last
network program.  I would simply deal with the current issues in the world
and people’s lives from a Biblical worldview, take calls from the viewers to
debate them, answer their questions, counsel or pray for them, and just love
people who were hurting, struggling with life, and give them a word of
encouragement and the greatest gift of all…hope!

As of last Friday, for 1,170 nights, except for 2 nights when the studio was
closed due to the hurricanes we had in 2005, and 2 nights I was out of town
and couldn’t get back due to weather, I have been in my chair to share God’s
Truth with the viewers and minister to them.  In addition to being on the
CBS owned station all that time, for 52 weeks (July 2005-June 2006) the
program was up on satellite and also seen live on the ABC owned stations in
Miami, West Palm Beach, and Jacksonville, and the WB affiliate in Ft. Myers.
For 10 weeks in 2006 the program was also seen nationwide on the “i”

During this time, millions of people across the nation and around the world
via the website have seen the program.  Over 10,000 people we
know of have made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal
Savior by faith.  We have taken over 12,000 phone calls from viewers,
responded to over 3 1/2 million emails for prayer, and have over 30,000
praise reports archived from people who took the time to emails us back and
tell us how God moved in their life.  What we have done is use the secular
media to bring the unadulterated Truth of God’s Word into people’s lives who
for the most part don’t go to church, don’t read the Bible, aren’t
Christians, and see their lives transformed by the power of God.  The hunger
is out there, but so are those who hate God, reject the Bible as Truth,
don’t believe in Jesus, and want to silence the Truth from being told!

You can only imagine the outrage by people who are in bondage to a sin like
homosexuality when I had the audacity to share that the Bible calls their
choice a sin.  You can only imagine the outrage by people who have chosen to
put their faith in the false gods of the world, follow the cults and false
religions that are out there, when I had the audacity to look them in the
eye and tell them they are following a lie to the fires of hell.  You can
only imagine the outrage by people who don’t want to be held accountable by
God or anyone, when I would sit there night after night and tell them that
Absolute Truth does exist and that they are free to believe and do whatever
they want, but there will be consequences for  their choices.  Forty years
ago, there would not have been the outrage from someone preaching a
Biblically based message.  There is today!

Each night we get many hateful emails, every month several death threats are
received by email, letter and phone.  The drive to take this program off the
air started virtually after the first program and has never stopped.  For
CBS, we were a paying client.  We pay them nearly $400,000 a year in air
time and product costs.  The station managers over the years took the
position that we had what some considered “controversial content,” but so
did many programs and that is why they put up the disclaimers before and
after our telecast.  Liveprayer was a good customer and the people who
didn’t like the program didn’t have to watch.  They also knew that I was a
broadcast professional and that I would never do anything to violate FCC
regulations and that we did  tremendous good in the community and in many
lives through the program.

More vocal than even the numerous homosexual groups, Scientologists,
Mormons, and atheists who have been trying to take us off was CAIR, the
Council on American Islamic Relations.  CAIR, who is currently listed as an
unindicted co-conspirator in a Dallas trial involving a terrorist fund
raising operation, is viewed by much of the mainstream media as a Muslim
version of the American Civil Liberties Union instead of the face of the
radical Islamic movement that it has been proven to be since its inception
here in the United States.   CAIR believes that free speech ends when
someone tells the truth about Islam.  Sadly, CBS caved into the intimidation
tactics by CAIR and told us they would be taking our program off the air on
September 11th.  9/11, an interesting date.  You can read more about this
radical Islamic group at:

However, God always has a ram in the bush.  Six months ago, we had begun
developing a new morning program on a competing network in the Tampa market
to reach that “morning prime” audience.  The program would be a bit
different, since it would feature secular guests each morning from the local
Tampa Bay community.  People from the area attractions, restaurants, sports
teams, business and political communities, to deal with the issues in this
area.  That would help us to attract a more secular audience which would
also be hearing the news and events in the world from a Biblical worldview.
We would continue to take some phone calls each day, counsel people, and
share with the audience the Truth of God’s Word and the hope we have in

Over this past weekend, I pressed for a meeting to see if we could salvage
the program.  Out of love and concern for the thousands of people who depend
on the Liveprayer program to be there each night, I met with management
Monday morning, but it was clear the content of the program would be an
ongoing issue for them.   So even though we could stay on CBS until 9/11, we
chose to have our final program on Friday, August 31, the 8 year anniversary
of Liveprayer, and will debut the new morning program “Liveprayer AM,” the
following Monday at 7:30 a.m.  ISN’T GOD GOOD!!!

I love you and care about you so much.   My message for you today is simply
this.  Don’t ever let anyone or anything silence you from telling people the
Truth.  The Truth of God’s Word is all we have.  It is our only message.  I
realize that we will not have much longer before there won’t be any secular
venues left to bring forth the Gospel, but as long as there is one, I will
be there.  The better percentage of two full generations don’t go to church,
don’t read the Bible, and unless they come to know Jesus as their Savior
will die and go to hell.  WE MUST REACH THESE PEOPLE, AND TO DO THAT, WE

Towards that end, we still have a small window to get the night program back
on nationwide on the “i” Network.  I have an option that expires this Friday
to be back on Monday, October 1, “live” every Monday-Friday from Midnight -1
a.m. EDT reaching 90 million of the 100 million TV households in the nation.
I told you last year how critical it was to get the program on and keep it
on, since once the window closes it will be closed for good.  We are
feverishly working on several situations to make that happen, so please
pray.  We need $3 million to cover our first 3 months on the air, after
that, we have our in-house sales team now in place that can secure enough
advertising to keep the program going long term.  If God is speaking to you
about this, contact me and let’s chat.  There isn’t much time left to be
able to bring a true Biblical message to the marketplace using the secular
media, we must take advantage of the time we do have.  THE ETERNAL SOULS OF

Thank you for all of your love and prayers, for your concern, and for your
support.  It has been a wild few weeks, with several more ahead, but God is
good.  I told my attorney the other night that CBS by cowering to CAIR might
have just helped execute me.  The international wire services are reporting
that I am some anti-Muslim extremist who is inciting violence against
Muslims.  This has caused a rash of death threats and no doubt, made me a
marked man in the Muslim world.  The sad reality is, I am only interested in
saving their souls, it is Islam that is about killing those who oppose them.
But God is good and I will keep pressing on towards the prize.  I know where
my home is and I also know that as long as God has work for me to do He will
have his legions watching over me.

Tomorrow is promised to none of us.  Every second someone is dying and going
to hell, someone that could have been saved if they had been told about
Jesus and His love for them.  That is what drives me each second of each
day, to keep telling all that I can about our wonderful Savior who loves
them, died for their sins, so that they could  be forgiven and have the
assurance of heaven.  That is the Gospel message and we can’t let ourselves
be  intimidated into silence!

Many people ask me why I keep fighting so hard each day, go through all I do
each day.  Some get upset that I ask people to support God’s work here.  I
don’t play mind games with you, I don’t take passages of the Bible out of
context to try and manipulate you.  I don’t bribe you with gifts to send
Liveprayer money.   I simply tell you what our needs are and ask you to pray
about helping me to do the work God has called us to do.  Not everyone is
called to be physically on the front lines like I am.  Some go to the front
lines through their prayers and through their giving.  A war can’t be fought
without money and some are called to help finance the war!  The reason I put
myself out there, the reason I beg you to help me, is because of people who
send me emails like this:

“Dear Pastor Bill, Without your inspiration and constant presence in my life
over the past two years, I have no doubt that I would NEVER have developed
the frame of mind or sense of hope and optimism to even try to get out of
bed and function again.  In addition to the thyroid cancer you know about, I
was struck by lightning in 1988 and it severely damaged my nervous system
and broke my spine completely.  It is a miracle I can walk at all!  Last
year I had three small heart attacks followed by strokes, and now I have
been diagnosed with COPD and emphysema.  Given all that plus a 60 mile an
hour motorcycle accident and 4 serious car accidents over the past 20 years,
I truly believe you when you say that God still has work for me to do.
Otherwise I would simply have died.  I had given up any thought of ever
being a “productive” member of society again, considering that magnitude of
physical and mental adversities I was faced with.  But you inspired me to
keep going, to get out of bed and try to walk tall in the light of the day
again.  I can never thank you enough!”

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. 
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to
Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling, 1-845-510-2722

(C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved

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Posted by Job on August 28, 2007

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You don’t have to apologize for telling the truth!  Without question, the
greatest problem we have in Christendom in the year 2007 is a void in real
spiritual leadership.  A true spiritual leader is one who has the courage
and intestinal fortitude (guts) to take a stand for God’s Truth regardless
of what people think, say, or do.  A true spiritual leader is never going to
win any popularity contests since the masses live in rebellion to God’s
Truth.  A true spiritual leader is not concerned with the temporal things of
this world, so he can’t be bought.  A true spiritual leader will be hated,
reviled, attacked in every way, and literally give his very life for the
Faith.  A true spiritual leader is accountable to and answers to only one

I was saddened last year when Pope Benedict apologized for his
comments that the early Muslims spread their false religion by violence and
that this false religion’s founder Mohammed was “evil.”  WHY DO YOU HAVE TO
APOLOGIZE FOR TELLING THE TRUTH???  Islam was birthed in rebellion to the
God of the Bible and in violence by this tool of satan Mohammed, and to this
day is about violence and death!  Need proof?  Since the Pope made these
comments, at least one Catholic nun has been killed and several churches
have been destroyed in response to his statements.  Islam IS evil!  Islam
WAS and IS spread through violence!  Mohammed WAS a thoroughly evil man!

Verbal and physical violence is the usual response against those who have
the courage to tell the Truth.  Let me be blunt.  The number one reason YOU
don’t witness your faith like you should is the fact you don’t want to be
verbally assaulted by your unsaved family members, friends, co-workers,
classmates, neighbors, or simply those God allows to cross your path.  It is
much easier to simply say nothing than to take the verbal abuse that often
comes with sharing your faith.  Let me ask you a serious question, one that
I want you to pray about today.  Are you more worried about what someone
will say to you or pleasing God?  That is a question only you can answer,
but one you need to pray about.

Since Christians virtually abandoned the culture decades ago, the voices in
the world today are all voices who deny God, reject His Truth, and mock His
Son.  Turn on any secular television program, radio program, read any
secular publications, and what you get is a steady diet of images and
messages in rebellion to God’s Truth.  Let me give you a great example.
Political satirist Bill Maher has a program on HBO that deals with the
political and social issues of our day.  He openly mocks Christianity and
uses his “pulpit” to blast Believers and mock the Truth.  TEN TIMES more
people read the Daily Devotional each day than watch his program.  Almost as
many people watch the Liveprayer TV program that is currently on only in the
Tampa market right now than watch his national weekly cable program, yet
Maher has been given a HUGE VOICE in the marketplace by the secular media to
spew his hatred for Christ, God’s people, and the Truth of God’s Word he has

(*Note:  My PR people have talked numerous times with Maher’s producers
about having me on as a guest on his program.  Normally the only guests he
allows on to present the “other side” are ones he can bully and intimidate.
Needless to say after sending them tapes of my TV program, they decided I
wasn’t “suitable.”)

This is why those who God raises up in leadership positions have got to be
true spiritual leaders.  Not leading people in our self-created “trough,”
but boldly and visibly leading people in the marketplace.  I know personally
of 3 current programs on TBN that have had to change their programs in the
past months to comply with TBN’s new “Muslim friendly” requirements.  I have
told each of them personally they are gutless cowards to let anyone stop
them from telling the Truth.  They are more worried about being on TBN so
they can generate donations, product sales, and attract people to their
public appearances than they are telling the Truth.

The few who have ventured into the marketplace have done so with a
watered-down, politically correct, “positive” message that insures nobody is
offended.  The problem with that is the Bible itself states that the Truth
is offensive to those who reject it.  How can you preach the unadulterated
Truth of God’s Word and not offend people?  The goal is not to offend but to
tell the Truth as God has clearly stated it, however, the result of telling
the Truth is that people will be offended.  Look at what happened to those
who heard Stephen simply state the Truth.  They got so “offended,” they
literally took him to the edge of the city and stoned him to death!

The word I have for you today is this.  Don’t wait for someone to lead you.
You already have your marching orders from the commander-in-chief Himself!
We have been ordered to go out into the highways and byways and bring in the
lost.  God ordered us to go into the world and preach the Gospel.  Don’t
wait for someone to lead you, as the Nike commercial says, JUST DO IT!  Go
forth knowing that the arm of the Lord is with you.  Know up front that you
will be attacked as you enter the battle field.  However, God told us in
Ephesians 6 that our battle is not with flesh and blood, that it is a
spiritual battle.  He also has equipped us with all needed to fight and win!

Let me give you a personal testimony.  Since Liveprayer began nearly 8 years
ago, more than 2 million subscribers to the Daily Devotional have
unsubscribed.  There are a multitude of reasons, but from the feedback we
receive well over 90% of them unsubscribed because they disagreed with what
God said in His Word on a particular issue.   You see, I could simply play
the game, tell everyone how wonderful things are, give them a nice positive
message every day, not deal with the hard realities of life, and probably
have over 4 million subscribers.  But I don’t do this every day for numbers,
or to make people laugh, but to bring God’s Truth into people’s lives.

Less than 1/4 of 1% of the people we reach EVER give a dime to support God’s
work here.  I know from feedback a huge percentage will NEVER give to the
work here because of the Biblical stands I take on the issues of the day.
Again, I am not here to see how much money I can raise, but to bring God’s
Truth to people’s lives.  Out of the 40,000 plus emails we get each day,
several hundred are some of the most vile and hateful things you can ever
imagine.  8 to 10 times a month I have people literally threaten my life for
simply sharing the Truth of God’s Word in the Daily Devotional or on the
television program.  The point is, you get used to the attacks, they are
simply part of taking a stand for Christ.  You can’t let it bother you.  You
have to have faith God is watching over you, and ultimately, you can never
forget you aren’t here to please men but please God!

Don’t forget, you have the TRUTH of God on your side.  Your job is simply to
share that Truth with the lost and hurting.  What those who hear the Truth
do is than between them and God.  You can’t save anyone.  You can’t force
someone how to think.  You can’t make a person act a certain way.  Your job
is simply to go forth and present the uncompromised Truth of God’s Word.
Never forget, you don’t have to apologize for telling the Truth!!!

I love you and care about you so much.  Even as I type these words, God is
already raising up men and women who will without shame or fear or
compromise, lead His people in these last days.  They will be men and women
above reproach, not dazzled by the trinkets of this world, but only
concerned about serving their Lord.  They won’t be interested in the
applause of men, only the “well done” from God Himself.  They won’t be
preaching a “feel good” message to tickle the ears of the masses, but the
hard Truth of God’s Word.  You won’t find these men and women in the
“trough,” they will be in the public square, taking on the mouthpieces of
satan who seek to lead the souls of men into eternal damnation.  They won’t
have to ask you to follow them, you will WANT to follow them because you
will know they are from God!

In the meantime, know that despite those who God raises up to lead, ALL of
His children have been called to serve Him.  As a follower of Christ, you
don’t have the option of sitting home and watching, you have been commanded
to serve.  Know that God will guide you each day in your service, use you
right where you live, work, and play.  The greatest thing a servant of God
can do is simply be a vessel of God’s Truth.  Now more than ever, there is a
void of Biblical Truth in the marketplace.  If each follower of Christ would
simply do their part in sharing that Truth, the world won’t just be hearing
the lies of satan, but also the clear Truth of God’s Word.

I will be praying for you today.  Praying that you will open your heart and
hear God speaking to you today to step up and make a difference with your
CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Know that you will be attacked for taking a stand
for Christ, but that God will watch over you.  Know that people may dislike
you, even hate you for telling them the Truth, but your goal is not to
please men, it is to please God.  Go forth and tell the lost and hurting the

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY?  The fact is you will die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator. 
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
available via AUDIO each day.  Simply go to
Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling, 1-845-510-2722

(C) Copyright 2007, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved

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