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Mormonism IS Just As Perverse As Homosexuality Christian Post!

Posted by Job on July 25, 2007

See another leading Christian magazine sell out the truth in this link. Here is yet another instance of what I was addressing in my Jesus Christ Is Not Your Culture essay. Just because some of us feel more comfortable around Mormons than homosexuals because the Mormon lifestyle is more compatible with our oh so cherished ethnocentric cultural beliefs does not change the fact that unless members of either group repent of their sins and submit to the true God of the Bible, they will both burn in the lake of fire for eternity forever. See this link if you think that Mormonism and Christianity has anything to do with each other. Mormons deny that God is eternal, that He is sovereign, and that He is a Spirit! (John 4:24: God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth was left out of the “Joseph Smith Translation” of the Bible.) Joseph Smith rejected Christianity for freemasonry. Some say that freemasonry, an occult, is actually a form of Islam (, others say that it is kabbalah ( This is proof that the Mormon doctrine of God having wives in heaven and that humans, angels, and Jesus Christ are all products of natural procreation activity between their god and his wives was created when Jews turned against YHVH and towards Baal/Ashtoreth fertility worship: Mormonism: The Idea Of God Having Sex With Wives In Heaven Is Not New. Evangelist Bill Keller discussed more on the topic of freemasonry’s incompatibility with Christianity here Freemasonry Is A Cult! and its possible link with Mormonism, including how the Mormon temple rites are actually freemasonic/kabbalah rites here Mitt Romney Show Me Your Magic Mormon Underwear!. So there is no justification for claiming that Mormonism is any better than homosexuality (especially when you see that the Bible clearly states that all sins are equal because they all result in the sinner going to the lake of fire for eternity unless they are forgiven) other than the cultural beliefs of a great many Christians. If claiming such is not the sin of bigotry against homosexuals (see Demon Of The Day: Homophobia) and hypocrisy, I do not know what is! Now to show you the text of the article: Clarification appended

Since the former editor of Young Gay America Magazine announced publicly this month that he’s been “healed” from homosexuality thanks to God and the Bible, there has been a flurry of discussions – first, over the more-frequently publicized ex-gay movement and second, over the fact that he was baptized into the Mormon church.

“Given the crucial nature of Glatze’s religious experience to his testimony, how can evangelical leaders continue to hail Michael Glatze as an ex-gay success story without implicitly endorsing his religious beliefs?” posed Ex-Gay Watch, a watchdog group tracking reparative therapy and the ex-gay movement.

Glatze, however, has made it clear that his transformation through Jesus Christ, which ultimately led him to denounce homosexuality, began in 2003 – four years before he was baptized into the Mormon church. He also says his association with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – the official name of the Mormon church – is “just part of a huge process and journey,” and that he is receiving help from Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America who is suggesting some “scripturally-sound” evangelical churches for Glatze to attend.

This being said, there should be no reason why the Christian community should not embrace Glatze and hail his departure from homosexuality.

“But what if Glatze decides in the end to remain with the LDS church?” some may ask. Would pointing to Glatze’s ex-gay success story be endorsing Mormonism?

If, at the end of his “journey,” Glatze decides to remain with the Mormon church, the path he will have chosen is most certainly the wrong one, and he will have to later face the consequences of his decision. However, despite what path Glatze chooses, his “coming out” story should not be ignored. The story of change should be used by believers to open the eyes of others like him and to lead them out of the homosexual lifestyle into a more godly one. And doing so is not an endorsement of the Mormon church.

It’s a scenario that the Christian community may find themselves faced with next year if presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a Mormon, becomes the Republican pick for the White House. And already people are asking whether political support for a Mormon candidate somehow translates to support for Mormonism.

Earlier this month on “Larry King Live,” the Rev. Dr. R. Albert Mohler – one of the nation’s pre-eminent evangelicals – was asked whether or not Romney’s faith bothered him.

“Oh, it does certainly concern me as an Evangelical Christian,” answered Mohler, who is president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – the flagship seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention. “I have to answer first as a Christian and say I believe Mormonism is a false that is antithetical to historic orthodox Christianity.” “But,” he went on to say, “at the same time, I’m not electing a theologian. I’m looking at electing a president, and I will have to consider all of those things in the context of what a candidate represents.” Fellow Southern Baptist Dr. Richard Land, who has met with Romney, gave a similar response, stating that Romney’s Mormon background should not be the reason to reject his candidacy. “Most Southern Baptists understand we’re voting for a commander in chief, not pastor in chief,” said Land, who is president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) – the SBC’s public policy arm. Land, whose words have been echoed by religious leaders and pastors of various faiths, was recently listed by Religion News Service as one of the top 10 most influential GOP “kingmakers.” In the same way, Christians need to understand that pointing to Glatze as an example of overcoming homosexuality should not be equated to supporting the Mormon church. Instead it should be viewed as supporting a very important movement (in this case, the ex-gay movement), as is done during any interfaith activity. Furthermore, Glatze should be accepted for who he says he is – not the result of Mormon conversion, but one of the latest and most prominent examples of former homosexuals who came to acknowledge homosexuality as sin and made the decision to turn away from the sinful lifestyle. And as he continues his journey towards truth, believers should be more eager to encourage him to take the right path than to rebuke him for the Mormon “part of [his] “huge process.” He hasn’t been lost yet, so why treat him as if he is?

Clarification : Friday, July 20, 2007

An editorial on Monday, July 16, 2007, about the debate over a former gay rights activist’s “coming out” story originally stated that “believers should be more concerned about Michael Glatze returning to homosexuality than him joining the Mormon church.” To clarify, the editorial staff at The Christian Post would like to first of all affirm that it does not view homosexuality as more perverse than Mormonism, despite the wording of the original statement. Furthermore, while Glatze’s ties to the Mormon church will undoubtedly be a problem with eternal consequences if he chooses to remain, the editorial staff would like to re-emphasize – as he has emphasized – that the Mormon church is just “part of a huge process and journey” and that he is currently receiving help. And so the staff believes that it would be better for believers to help and encourage individuals such as Glatze – like Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America is doing by suggesting some “scripturally-sound” evangelical churches for Glatze to attend – than to reject and criticize, as is more often the case now. Lastly, the staff believes hailing Glatze as an ex-gay success story does not equate to endorsing whatever beliefs he may have adopted from the Mormon church in the same way that the decision not to reject the candidacy of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a Mormon, does not equate to acceptance of Mormonism. Glatze does not claim to have been “healed” by the Mormon church, and neither should anyone else.

Well, there is the position of the editoral staff of the Christian Post, and there is the Truth of God as written in His Word. Christians, which do you prefer? To me, this is just another example of how Christians should heed Romans 12:2And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Worldly minds judge people on what you can see on the outside, but Christians are to be mindful of whether a person is committed to Jesus Christ. In that context, both homosexuals and Mormons have rejected the gospel, and in that respect are equals. All who reject Christ are going to the same place, and we Christians are obligated to never forget that fact so that we will contend for God’s Truth and His Righteousness, and not our own personal cultural beliefs. The fact that a lot of professed Christians prefer Mormons to homosexuals simply because they feel more comfortable around them shows that these Christians are walking after the flesh instead of being guided by the Love of God’s Spirit that would cause them to hate all sin equally and to love all sinners equally. The amazing thing is that a lot of these people would clearly prefer a Mormon president to a homosexual one. Why, pray tell? Because they still have their hope in the world and the things in it, that’s why. In the Name of Jesus Christ, rebuke, cast down, and come out of worldliness, Christians! Both Mormons and homosexuals are in equal need of our prayers and evangelization efforts.

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9 Responses to “Mormonism IS Just As Perverse As Homosexuality Christian Post!”

  1. […] let’s review. Granted, these excerpts don’t come anywhere close to equating Mormonism to Homosexuality, but even I was a bit shocked by some of these […]

  2. Charles D. said

    And which in your opinion is the more offensive to God; the practice of Mormonism or homosexuality?

  3. Job said

    Charles D.:

    This area is one of the many spiritual paradoxes that – according to my opinion – exists within the Bible. On one hand, scripture declares that all sins are equally offensive in the sight of God because all make man deserving of an eternity in the lake of fire. On the other hand, the Bible seems to indicate that God finds idolatry and shedding innocent blood particularly offensive. It is also true that the Bible takes pains to declare homosexuality as particularly unnatural and revolting, but there is nowhere near the emphasis on homosexuality as there are on murder, idolatry, or for that matter oppressing the poor. So, according to my reading of the Bible, Mormonism is indeed actually more offensive to God than homosexuality, because it is clearly idolatry because Mormonism turns man into a god (and God into a mere man) and worships both in the place of the true God.

  4. Charles D. said

    Well-rounded, supported response. Chas

  5. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I agree with your assessment but let me add this. A sin done in a moment of weakness does not compare to a life style contrary to God’s will.

    Mormons have a different gospel! One that is false.



  6. James said

    You hypocrites are disgusting, loathesome preachers of hate…speaking of false gospels…

  7. James, do you mind informing us exactly how Job is a hypocrite? Is he a hypocrite for admonishing people to avoid false gospels and keep Romans 12:2?

  8. Job said

    John Kaniecki:

    “A sin done in a moment of weakness does not compare to a life style contrary to God’s will.”

    I agree. Scripture explicitly says that the man who claims that he is without sin is a liar, and the context of that scripture was John writing an epistle to THE CHURCH, not preaching a sermon to convict sinners like Peter in Acts 2. In my opinion the refusal to discriminate between the two that leads to two errors:

    1. The “you lose your salvation and need to get saved all over again if you sin” error.

    2. The “living without sin is impossible so everyone will be saved” universalism error.

  9. Rob Peterson said

    Mormonism is definitely worse than homosexuality. It is easily possible for a homosexual to be saved (as long as he/she accepts the Lord as their personal savior) while it is impossible for a Mormon.

    We are saved by grace, not our actions, even if they are contrary to the will of God (such as homosexual acts). Though a Mormon’s “actions” may be better than those of a homosexual, it is faith (not the Mormon version of “faith” though) that saves, not acts.

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