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George W. Bush: NOT A CHRISTIAN!

Posted by Job on July 23, 2007

Still more evidence that Bush has been deceiving us. But my main question is this: how many of these prominent religious right preachers know that Skulls and Crossbones Bush is a fraud but won’t say anything? Please click on link below …

Why President George W. Bush Honestly is Not a Christian.


10 Responses to “George W. Bush: NOT A CHRISTIAN!”

  1. Braden said

    Oh my goodness, please tell me you’re not serious. Bush’s involvement in some fraternity automatically negates his faith? You give Christians a bad name. This is absolute paranoid trash. I’m thrilled that you have taken it upon yourself to sit in the judgment seat of God. You are just like the Pharisees that Christ rebuked. Have you ever seen the movie “Frailty?” I mean, I’m sure you think that’s nothing but liberal Hollywood propaganda, but posts like this make that movie seem realistic. I don’t know how you can enjoy life on Earth with such a warped view of the world.

  2. Braden: Skulls and Bones is not a fraternity, but an occult group. And by the way … did you click on the link? Of course you didn’t.

  3. Healtheland, of course he (Braden) didn’t click the link. If he had clicked it, he would have realized I personally don’t care if Bush once was a member of the church of Satan and I don’t care if Bush ordered all of Iraq to be nuked (actually I’ve floated the idea of nuking certain problem areas). The issue with Bush is the most fundamental of the Christian faith, true faith that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only means by which one can be saved.

    It does not matter if Bush was is 100 frats of evil. It does not matter if Bush had orgies all of his college years. What matters is, do you beleive that Jesus is the rightous Son of God and only belief on Him brings salvation? This is the ONLY means we humans have to coming close to knowing who honestly is the Lords. And even with that very simple standard, some are not true believers, the Lord knows who really is His own and really trust in Him. We can only trust a man’s mouth, but God knows the heart. Even regarding what comes from Bush’s own mouth proves he is honestly not a saint. The Lord has allowed us who refuse to compromise on Him see it.

    Healtheland and I don’t even agree on Iraq, but we totally agree that it’s more than obvious that Bush is not one of us, as in not saved, not called by God, not going to have eternal life unless God convicts him to repentance. Bush has been given all the truth of the faith. We can only pray for him, try to help him see the error of his ways (as if Bush reads our blogs) and see if God allows his ears to open to the truth. I can’t make Bush clearly see the truth. I can only show the truth and see if God allows their heart to open to Him. My job is to show the truth to all and God takes it from there. I’m showing Bush he’s got it wrong and can only pray someone honestly tells him the truth straight to his face. What he does with it is up to him as willed by God.

  4. Melissa said


  5. Braden said

    Well I HAVE in fact, clicked on the link. Yes, he has a very ecumenical/universalist view of God. But he personally has faith in Jesus Christ as his savior. Do I honestly think he’s wrong in his views? Yes I do! But am I going to deny him his faith or claim that he is a fraud based on that? No. I think you’re wrong in how you believe to be saved. How about that? Should I go around telling everyone that you’re not a Christian because you don’t believe the way I do?

    But out of curiousity, I must ask, who is your candidate for 2008? I wouldn’t be suprised if you’ve got spiritual dirt on every candidate already. I’d just like to know who you think is the lesser of all the pagan, conspiracist, candidates in the race.

  6. Braden – Glad you decided to finally click the link. Hope you actually read all the words on the page. I find it a little odd that you can go from discussion of our Lord into “who are you voting for”. We are talking about spiritual matters, not who’s running in 2008. Let’s try to stick to the most important matter here.

    If YOU felt that there were ways other than through the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved, such as Islam, do you feel you would be putting the Lord in His rightful place as the one true means to salvation?

    Is God really God if someone can reach him via Islam? Is someone who tells the Muslim they can reach God via another means an honest representative of Jesus Christ? In that interview, Bush did more for the Cult of Muhammad (Islam) than Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ said himself:
    John 14:6

    6) Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    For Bush to claim otherwise makes God a liar.

    If a man sees “other ways” to Heaven, he by definition cannot truly see Jesus as the true Lord and Savior of all who are called to God. No man comes to God saying “well Jesus since I’m in Texas I’ll use this way to you and how about you save my soul, although if I were in Egypt I know I’d reach you via the cult that denies your Lordship”. But that is EXACTLY what Bush sees God as. He does NOT see the One true God. Bush has denied the very nature of Christ as the true and one way to salvation.

    Braden, what must one do to be saved? I say they must accept Jesus as Lord, which means there are no other paths or they have not truly submitted to God. I beleive God honestly convicts those who He actually calls to Himself, they become true believers on Him through His Son, receive the Holy Spirit and gift of eternal life.

    Bush honestly feels you are saved by works, not faith in Jesus Christ. He might mention Jesus, but he’s really thinking works save a man. He said it himself. He feels that some Muslims will go to Heaven and he feels he just found God his own way, but Bush operates in a WORKS based view of salvation and not faith. Because a faith based view requires FAITH in Jesus Christ as the one and only means to salvation.

    In the write-up here titled How To Be Saved, it is noted that:

    Galatians 2:16 says “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no * * flesh be justified.”

    President Bush defies scripture in saying that works save a man. This is what he believes. He has put the cult of Muhammad on par with Christianity. In Bush’s world, Jesus shares the stage with Muhammad. How else can anyone claim a Muslim will see Heaven? That is not true faith in Jesus truly as Lord.

  7. Braden: First off, the kingdom of Heaven is bigger than who wins a presidential race. Seriously, folks must think that the United States is the only country in the world, and the only nation that has ever existed or ever will exist. Or maybe you have bought into this religious right “America is the New Israel, New Jerusalem, shining city on the hill uniquely blessed by God among all the nations” rhetoric. Pardon me if I choose to disagree. The Bible says that God raises up leaders and nations to do His Will. Whether the next president of the United States will be a King David, a pharoah in the time of Moses, or someone in between, I will know that God raised that person up, and I will trust the will of God.

    As for Bush, all right, lay your cards on the table. Take a stand. Bush said that God told him to attack Iraq. Now either Bush is A) telling the truth, B) a liar, or C) deluded. Which is it? And when you take your stand, please justify it in the context of the decisions that Bush has made in political office. But no, Braden, it is not merely enough to accept someone’s word at face value that they are a Christian, because I have hundreds of comments on here from Mormons who do not believe that God is an eternal omnipotent omniscient spirit or that Jesus Christ is deity who claim the same. Further, it contradicts the Bible. Matthew 7:21:
    “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” We are supposed to try and examine those who claim to be Christians – especially if they are in places of authority – to see if they are claiming God while doing evil, and if they are deceiving and trying to lead astray God’s sheep. And this goes back to Bush. There probably are a lot of Christians who do actually believe Bush when he says that God told him to invade Iraq. I will say this: based on his own statements and his record, if God DID tell Bush that, then the reason was because God is about to judge this nation.

  8. Gunnar Michalsen said

    I am shocked, I really thought George Bush was a christian, but after seeing this videos, no wonder he never complain about the killing of christians in Saudi Arabia, but it is invain to get him to understand this, the Bible clearly shows us the end scenario, and judment is coming before the day of the Lord, so all we can do is to pray that God will give George Bush time to repent before Jesus returns

  9. Gunnar Michalsen: About George Bush’s repenting, well you do realize that he is a member of the occult and overtly anti – Christ group Skulls and Bones, do you not? The fellow is in quite deep, as is his father. If the Holy Spirit is leading you to intercede for Bush, then go ahead. Otherwise, there are better places to direct them I would advise you. But I commend you for the love that you have in your heart for sinners like Bush! May God bless, keep, and guide you in your prayers and works in the Name of Jesus Christ!

  10. John Kaniecki said

    Dear Independantconservative,

    There is more to following Jesus than just belief. We must know the Word of God and follow it. While there are disagreements about certain particulars somethings should be very clear.

    God is a God of Love. In fact 1John says that God is love. The two greatest commandments are to love God and love our neighbor. The love of our neighbor is further elaborated by what is know as the parable of the good samaritan. To make things absolutely clear we are to love our enemies.Mathew 5:44 These teachings should be known by every Christian without exception.

    Christ is referred to as the Prince of Peace. What do you mean you “floated the idea of nuking certain problem areas”? I can only take that as advcating using nuclear weapons to kill and destroy people.

    Let me say in no uncertain terms that if that is what you propose you are not serving the God of the Bible.

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