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James Dobson Supports Harry Potter And Mormon Mitt Romney

Posted by Job on July 18, 2007 

Here is a better link: Click On Harry Potter Occult Or Not From 


And another still: 

The Catholic – evangelical – charismatic ecumenical journal Christianity Today endorsed Harry Potter because of the Catholic imagery in it. See Christianity Today’s Defense Of Harry Potter here. The heavily Catholic (and often fundamentalist – bashing) National Review expressed similar sentiments. (I know that not all Catholics like Harry Potter, just working towards a bigger point.)  And so you have the political ecumenist James Dobson having strong ties to Rome:

And you see the political ecumenism of the religious right knows no bounds: Dobson may endorse Mormon Mitt Romney for President: James Dobson is Very Likely to Endorse Cult Member Mormon Mitt Romney for President, but Won’t Admit it Yet! Which is a reason why the Washington Post is able to slip a reference to the Mormon author in a post about Christian writers and get away with it (this link explains why we should not tolerate anyone calling Mormons Christian) . Once upon a time, Christian watchdog groups like Dobson’s would have been the first to complain, but now Dobson, Robertson, and the rest of their ilk are part of the problem. What is my main point? Like Independent Conservative said in Patriotic Ecumenicalism Versus Christianity, Christian political ecumenism is wrong, needs to be stopped and opposed. 


11 Responses to “James Dobson Supports Harry Potter And Mormon Mitt Romney”

  1. Matthew said

    Here is the Dobson/Ingraham/Romney audio (on YouTube):

  2. Thanks Matthew. I used your youtube link in a subsequent post!

  3. Matthew said

    No problem! 🙂

  4. I didn’t know Dobson had ties to Rome too! I hang my head, because this is sad.

    So tell me again how Harry Potter will help a sinner (as in all who don’t know Christ) recognize they’re living a life of sin and only Jesus can save them? OK, if you can’t answer that, why would a “Christian” endorse that material? I mean, even if they don’t tell people to avoid material about witchcraft (which is what at least Dobson should be doing) why endorse (or as the WaPo says “praise”) it?

  5. judy mimranek said

    with all the candidates out there which one would you suggest to get our vote? I am a Christian and as far as I can see the only candidate with any morals and convictions close to mine happens to be mitt romney. If the religious beliefs of all the other presidents have not interrfered with their fullfilling the office of president why should we care about romney being a morman. All the mormans I know of have very good and strong family ties and that can’t be all bad. Not in light of what is in the world today with laws making it legal to kill your own baby before it is born and we call that a womans right to choose. Choose what? The choice was made when she got pregnant. Her choice not to have a baby should be before she ever makes the choice to go to bed . Murder is never a choice and is never right. So in light of just this one issue which of the candidates other than romney is my choice? Clinton? The clintons had their chance and left us with the mess we have today. Oh they claim they balanced the budget but look real hard. How did they balance that budget? They did it by cutting back our military so drasticly that even now we are more vulnerable then most of america wants to believe. You have your heads stuck in the sand. You can do all the christian bashing you want but if it weren’t for the christians this country would be living in a discusting life style. This country was founden on christian principals and everyone everywhere clamored to come here to live and still do. People risk their lives to come here and some have lost their lives to come here. All so they can live in a country founded on christian values. What candidate out there is standing for those principals today besides Romney? I don’t see them. What I see is a bunch of people so determined to get in power that they will sell their soul to the devil and be anything John-Q-public wants them to be just so they can get elected and get hold of that power. You find me a candidate that will stand up for the unborn, for the return of the family unit. For the protection of our borders and to actively fight terrorism even in this country. Someone who will see that the right to iminent domain is just another way for the greedy rich to take from those who have little. When are we going to stand up for the right and decent things in this life and forget our predjudeces. The mormons have never threatened anyone but you will put up with muslims telling you that their goal in life is to kill all of you if you don’t accept their beliefs. They stand in our own streets and demonstrate and tell you to your face that they will kill you and you do nothing. No you are to worried about someone being a Mormon. The Mormons don’t threaten you so you can bully them but the muslims stand up to your face and you hide. If I egnore them they will go away! Wake up, their not going away they are coming in force. Stop being a coward. As for Obama, I wouldn’t vote for him but not because I think he is a muslim. He isn’t and that has been confirmed so get off that kick. I wouldn’t vote for him because I don’t think he has enough experience to be ready for the presidency. Why don’t you start spredding correct information and intelligence instead of fear and stupidity?

  6. Amy said

    Actually, James Dobson says on his website that he does not endorse the Harry Potter series. The Washington Post article was incorrect.

  7. Amy said

    Dr. Dobson clears up the misunderstanding on his website. He does not endorse the Harry Potter books. The Washington Post article was incorrect.

  8. cj clayton said

    I have a question? Someone told me they saw an interview of author J.K. Rowling where she stated that…she thought Jesus was a wimp and that she wanted to teach children that there was alternative powers in the universe….Is this true? Is there a record of this interview or have I been mislead? It is important for me to know this. Thank you

    • Beth said

      I have been searching for this interview myself on and off for quite some time. I don’t remember who was interviewing her, but I saw her say that she thought Jesus was a wimp! I was horrified and did not allow my children to watch the series. Over time, as more and more Christians endorse these books, I have tried to find the clip I saw to show people why we do not watch or read Harry Potter. I feel like the web has been “scrubbed” or else I’m losing my mind. So glad someone else mentioned it so that I know It is the former, not the latter.

  9. cj clayton: Sorry, I have done my best to ignore Rowling and her Harry Potter phenomenon. I expect that once the last movie is released, this whole ugly episode will fade into memory.

  10. Unlike others, perhaps, I am not particularly interested whether Mormons are Christians, deists, cosmopolitan, friendly, etc. I care about my inalienable rights and the inalienable rights of other sovereign persons.

    Romney is incompetent and too inconsistent to fulfill his oaths and obligations to the people who elect him, and to comply with the constitutional restrictions placed upon him. Here are two demonstrable concerns that Christians and non-Christians should address:

    1) Contrary to his recent public claims, Romney’s gubernatorial record includes a 2006 vast expansion of taxpayer-funded abortions-on-demand, a sweeping gun control statute in 2004, and millions of dollars in additional taxes in 2003 alone; and

    2) His self-described active and faithful religious affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). Current, dominant Mormon doctrines encourage human beings to subject themselves to tyranny and to unjust laws. Current Mormon leaders also have a track record of actively promoting legislation and candidates that destroy basic human rights.

    See the following article for more information:

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