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The Giant Cross In Israel: Why Do We Christians Insist On Persecuting Jews?

Posted by Job on July 17, 2007

News flash: The Jews went to Israel TO GET AWAY FROM US. AND NOT ENTIRELY WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION. So of all places to build the world’s largest cross (and incidentally, does not such a display of excess qualify as a graven image or idol?) why Israel? What is worse: these people are showing NO INTEREST in what is REALLY IMPORTANT, which is winning people with the gospel over there. See, in Israel, it is ILLEGAL to proselytize or evangelize. So, the only way to LEGALLY win converts (and the New Testament does CLEARLY TELL US TO OBEY THE LAW AND RESPECT EARTHLY AUTHORITIES, especially in Acts) is by being loving, kind, and respectful so that you can draw people with your good works. And Christians have been doing exactly that, especially with the Russian and African immigrants. Further, there is also a small but growing Messianic Jewish movement over there, and they are facing ostracism and persecution (Israeli Persecution Of Messianic Jews Has Been Going On For Some Time, Persecution Of Messianic Jews In Israel By Rabbinic Jews!!). Even some Muslims are beginning to get curious about Jesus Christ in that region. And now, a bunch of Christians chasing after mammon – trying to get tourist dollars back into the Christian tourist attractions – are threatening what is really important by trying to erect a giant cross that will serve to only inflame Jews and Muslims. It will be seen as a Christian imperialist/triumphialist move, as well as an act of religious aggression: a desire for Christians to start aggressive full scale open conversion attempts. Result? 1) Violence, first against the Messianic Jews (who have already suffered violence and harrassment at the hands of extreme elements of the Jewish community) and then against the gentile Christians over there. 2) Gentile Christians will have their missions shut down and be expelled from Israel. 3) Israel will pass much tougher evangelism laws than they already have. Right now it is merely illegal to ask someone to convert; they are free to do so of their own accord, and the law is only enforced against people who try to evangelize children (because of the ugly history of state churches and Christian nannies baptizing Jewish children against the will of the parents). But once tensions inflame over this, conversion will be illegal, both accepting or seeking them. 4) Let us not forget the Muslims! You know, the people that we are brutally subjugating in Iraq? Right about now? Muslims see the cross as a sign of military and religious aggression. You know this whole Confederate flag thing that has black folks so upset? Well A) multiply that times 100 and B) put a giant Confederate flag in the middle of Harlem, Watts, Detroit, south side Chicago, Auburn Avenue Atlanta, Anacostia in Washington, D.C., or in Carol City Miami and see what will happen. Can you say INTIFADA? Can you say “Well, since they are going to put up a giant cross in our backyard, we are going to have our Council of American Islamic Relations brothers in America throw bombs into THEIR backyards.” Of course, Christians should be willing to abide no small amount of terror reprisals for spreading the gospel, BUT PUTTING UP A GIANT CROSS TO ATTRACT INTERNATIONAL TOURISTS IS NOT AN EVANGELISTIC ENTERPRISE, IT IS A CAPITALIST ONE! This cross is being put up for MONEY (making it certainly an IDOL) and it would cause all sorts of division, strife, and hindrance of the gospel over MONEY (which idolatry tends to do). We need some Bible – believing Christians (John Hagee, this excludes you) to rise up and let these “Christian businessmen” trying to build this cross what a horrible idea it is. If they want Christian tourists over there so badly, then they need to support the charity and mission works in Israel (you know, do what the Bible actually says? Remember? the Bible?) so they can create their own.


3 Responses to “The Giant Cross In Israel: Why Do We Christians Insist On Persecuting Jews?”

  1. Honor God said

    My township in Lawrence, NJ is rated among the highest for
    hate crimes in the State. I faced retaliation for 3 years
    to have me fired or framed on my jobs, in the community and
    to blacklist me when I relocated. It took a great deal for me
    to hold on to my Christian faith and I nearly lost my faith
    because of the vicious persecution I suffered. They did
    everything from economic oppression, framed entrapment,
    coercion, collusion, ID Theft, home breakins, sabotage,
    harassment and staged setups personally, professionally
    and property damage. Unfortunately, malicious persecution
    and hate crimes are selectively recognized. The hate crime
    laws are minimized against Christians, against the Disabled,
    against women, and against key targets for retaliation. The
    FBI Stats show my township is among the highest for hate
    crimes while you are traumatized at home, at work, and in
    public. Yet, the stalking and hate crimes continue without any protection because the motive is to frame people as either
    mentally or fiscally unable to survive in the community. The
    corruption involves willful oppression to drive people off
    their property like an American Holocaust using legal chicanery and framed setups. A true American Leader would stop this,
    but instead, they plot how to profit from this oppression. Nixon was impeached for his covert, money laundering methods
    to raise millions using unethical means. It’s no different
    today. Economic entrapment, coercion and blacklisting are
    the methods for self dealing while framing others in the process.
    May God help us deal with the framed setups to oppress and destroy our lives. May God remove these people from office
    and replace them with men and women who will not enslave their
    own people for self dealing in America.

  2. Charles D. said


    The one thing I know from experience is that at the time you are personally close to a situation; it is very difficult to rational see farther then the wrong, the people involved, and the seemingly lack of protection against things that are not legal and just should not be.

    The one thing in your favor is that you didn’t loose your faith! What is your faith or denomination? I would like to ask your age group if that is not too personal. From experience I can also tell you that it seems darkest before the dawn. Belief in God is the only thing you can hold on during times such as you have expressed here. It might seem that you are or have been abandoned, that there is no help for you, that no one with secular strength or power is concerned with your tribulations at the present time. The devil would have you believe that, but then, the devil is the author of fear and confusion.

    You can start by helping yourself. You can ask God what He is trying to teach you, what is His will for your life in view of your current circumstance. Power is yours if you are a child of God; and instead of fear, for you God has given you power temptered with love that nothing either now or in the future can take that away from you. You might want to read Phillipians 4:7-9, but, you might want to read 4:1-13 because what I get from your comment, you need the peace of God resting upon you before you try to tackle the other issues that you’ve raised.

    The thing about receiving God’s peace from these verses is that you have to BELIEVE it! You need to meditate on it, because if you have any doubt, I cannot tell you from my experiences that you will receive anything. I will pray for you and add you to my churches prayer list. If you want continued coverage it would be helpful to know more. There are prayer warriors in my church. We have no desire to get into your business; just to help you spiritually and provide an access to the knowledge of what God can do and have done in the lives of many of the men within our group and is still doing in our midst.

    In all honesty, some of your facts about Nixon, statistics of hate criminality differ from my experience. That notwithstanding, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction enforcement of hate crimes are not treated the same because, for the most part those laws are federal and there should be equal enforcement and application of the law.

    What ever you decide to do, you will be well served to hold on tightly to Jesus; and He will hold on tigher to you. Think about the alternative, if you turn from God, to whom will you turn? Who can give you that next breath that you expect to breathe, or awaken you in your right mind tomorrow? More importantly, who holds your tomorrow and the day after that, and the one after that. In spite of your circumstance you had the facility to at least use a computer, visit this site, articulate your experience. So, when I say things could have been far worse, think about it, suppose some of those that came against had been successful; you might not have been in a position to even raise your feeble voice and informed caring readers on this site about your situation. At a minimum you will have at least 53 brothers praying on your behalf. The prayers of a rightous man availth much.

    I am hopeful that God, in time, will reveal to you personally, His reason for you having to experience those trials before moving to the next level. This one thing I do know and that is if it were God’s intentions for your enemies to succeed, then, I would not be responding to you after 2A.M. your time.

    Strengthen yourself, hold up your head, talk to God and thank Him. You are not defeated, you’ve just begun to fight.

    In God’s Care, with prayers for you and yours,


  3. Daniel said

    Actually this has nothing to do with Jews, even though it is in Israel. Nazareth is a Christian and Muslim town, there are essentially no Jews. Christian are free to build the world’s largest cross, but Muslims are free to beat the cr-p out of them. This is not an area that is heavily patrolled by the Israeli police, and most Christians don’t serve in the army, which means they don’t own guns.

    As an American student in Israel, I can say that most Christians have no idea what it is like to live as a religious minority. The only group religious Christians who come to Israel with any idea how to act are the Mormons, who have to spend weeks in cultural training before going to BYU Jerusalem. By the way, BYU is the only foreign college with a branch in Israel, so if you know how to act, you will be welcome. However, the idea that Christianity is going to grown in Israel is seriously flawed. As a percentage of the population, Christianity has fallen by 50% since Israel was founded. It the Palestinian areas, it is something like 80%. Every year in Israel, the entire country shuts down and they watch black and white videos on t.v. over and over again about the crimes committed against Jews in Europe over the last 2,000 years in the name or Christianity. This has an effect on not only on Jews, but Muslims and Christians. The problem for Christians, is it is not propaganda, it is the founding reason for the state. One Christian cab driver in Jerusalem told me about his family who moved to the United States. He said that while American’s think Israel is the promised land, Israeli Christians think American is the promised land. That is why Christianity is in such rapid decline in Israel.

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