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What The Christian Political Agenda Should Be

Posted by Job on July 15, 2007

The more I read the gospels and the epistles, the more I am convinced that the primary way that Christians should be dealing with the world (the unbelievers, the unsaved) is by preaching the gospel to it. The world has rejected Christ, hates Christ and the light, and loves Satan darkness and sin,  so trying to use the political process and educational system to try to restrain them from sinning is folly. Why should we expect someone who is unsaved to behave himself or even desire to? A better question: if they behave themselves and are not saved, what good are they going to get out of it? So, what good is the Christian doing by trying to use the political process to curtail sinful behavior if the result is people not hearing the gospel and still going to hell anyway? Consider those Muslim nations with all of their piety: where are they going?

Another problem is that these religious right movements aren’t so much about promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is preserving, promoting, and imposing upon people political, cultural, social, etc. beliefs that have nothing to do with Christianity and in fact oppose what scripture actually teaches. This is borne out by the fact that so many leaders of the Christian right do not reflect knowledge of Jesus Christ in their personal lives, and this is true of even of the actual ordained ministers. Even more disturbing is how so many who do try to live according to Christ are willing to support those who do not in most grotesque manners because of political reasons. Worse still is the “political ecumenism”, where Christians are becoming more tolerant of groups with seriously divergent beliefs, including not only Catholics but also Mormons and non – Messianic Jews, because of political expediency. Politics has become just another way for distraction, confusion, and corruption to afflict the Body of Christ. Yet we cannot wholly abandon America and the world. We are called by scripture to resist evil with the gospel and the Word of God, and politics and government is one of those avenues that it must take place. Yet, we must do this while realizing three things:

1. Church and state must remain separate.
2. Christians cannot sacrifice theology, doctrine, practice, or integrity for political gain.
3. Know that attempting to separate righteousness from the gospel so that we can impose “values” on people without their accepting Christ is a sin in and of itself – possessing a form of godliness while denying the power therein.

Thus, Christian activism in politics should be limited to a specific agenda.

1. Opposing abortion at all costs. This is nonnegotiable. Christians should not even consider supporting any candidate in any race in any circumstance that supports the shedding of innocent blood. Please recall the commandments to Adam and Eve and the covenant with Noah.

2. When the issue is whether to fight wars or not, please refer to the abortion issue. Yes, states can commit violence and murder. Past the “innocent blood” issue, you really would have a difficult time identifying for me an issue that Christians should use politics to impose on unbelievers.

3. Keeping church and state separate. The state is darkness, the church is light. The church should reject all funding and regulation from the state, even if it requires surrendering tax – exempt status.

4. Identifying, sponsoring, and supporting true Bible – believing Christians for office at every level and in both parties.

5. Returning the government to its original limited role, which is to provide for an orderly, just, secure society. That means defending our nation from attack and bringing true law and order to our streets. A nation where disorder and injustice reigns offends God and makes it much harder to help the poor and spread the gospel. The government should have no role in trying to make society “more fair” or to otherwise improve the people, culture, or individual. That is the role of the God acting through the Body of Christ. Believing otherwise is akin to believing that the world can redeem itself through its own hands.

Christians have fallen into the trap of believing that because this is a “Christian nation” we can use our government to do the will of Christ. We should go back to what the Bible says: the governments of this world are of the world, and the world is at emnity with Christ. The government is the enemy of the church! The culture is the enemy of the church! They have always been and always will be until Jesus Christ comes back and becomes our government. The Bible is clear on this in both testaments, and it is a point that is made over and over again. Anyone who says otherwise is either deluded or an apostate in love with the world and its ways and should be treated as such. We have to keep that Biblical reality in our minds when we decide what candidates to support, what manner of activism we should pursue, and the agenda that we should enact or oppose. I remember what they used to call Jesse Helms and what some also apply to Ron Paul: “Mr. No.” Why? Because Paul and Helms generally voted against anything. Why? Because they knew that virtually everything the government was trying to do was evil or would lead to evil, so they opposed it. They did not try to work with the evil. They did not try to redeem the evil. They did not try to compromise with the evil. No, they opposed the evil by voting no. Even if the measure passed anyway, it passed without their support. You don’t make “bipartisan compromises” with evil. You don’t be a “moderate” and “triangulate” wiht evil. You don’t “govern by consensus” with evil. You do not “petition for representation” with evil, to “try to get a place at the table so that your voice can be heard.” Is that what Psalm 1 says to do? Well, the first verse is “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful“, so what do you think? You say that taking that verse and applying it to politics is out of context, well what context would you apply it to? Whatever context it might be, political Christianity is guilty of violating it! Political Christianity has been about compromising with evil and trying to work with those who have rejected righteousness, not about standing for the Bible, and it is time to come out of that Babylon.

Christians have to reject this system of worldly lies that have come into the church through both liberal and conservative politics and say “As for me and my house I will follow the Lord.”


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