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Girl Banned From High School For Wearing Anti-Abortion T-Shirt

Posted by Job on July 2, 2007

A 16-year-old mother has been banned by her secondary school for wearing a T-shirt protesting against abortions in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Sarah Scott, who gave birth just four months ago, was told that she must not wear her black T-shirt with the words “Abortion is Murder” printed on it. The school said the T-shirt was offensive. The young mother was also issued with the warning that her daughter may be excluded from school if she wears the T-shirt again, reports the BBC. However, Scott, who wore the T-shirt on a non-uniform day, has hit back at the staff of Banff Academy by saying that she is being unfairly targeted and that her freedom of speech is being violated. Scott, who alleged her views had strengthened on the issue after the birth of her own son, explained: “I was wearing the T-shirt when a teacher approached me and that I was never to wear it again because she found it offensive. I was told I could be excluded from school if I wear it again.” She added, “I was not just wearing the T-shirt for the shock factor – it is something I am passionate about; it is wrong to kill a baby. I feel I am the one being targeted because I am anti-abortionist. It’s not fair because other people get to air their views – wearing a crucifix, for example, as a sign of religion.” The teenager also went on to highlight that others in her school wear T-shirts far more offensive and immoral than her own. She gave the example of others wearing clothes with the Playboy logo, which promotes pornography. An Aberdeenshire Council spokesman told the BBC: “It was felt the statement on the T-shirt was inappropriate in a school setting and had the potential to cause offence.” See original link: here.


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