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Christian Values Do Not Exist

Posted by Job on June 27, 2007

Precisely what are Christian values supposed to be, anyway? And what distinguishes them from Hindu values, Buddhist values, Jewish values, Muslim values, Mormon values, or atheist values? Nothing really. In fact, members of those groups often exhibit better “values” than do Christians. These good people are not shy of reminding us this fact, and they should continue to be bold in exhibiting our hypocrisy through their example. Why? Because Christians should not be dealing with this “values” nonsense to begin with. Instead of talking about “values”, we should be talking about Jesus Christ. Period. But we have gotten so ashamed of speaking that name in the public arena – especially when we are speaking of who Jesus Christ really is: God who became a man so that He could pay for our sins with His own Blood and allows us to work miracles, cast out devils, and overcome death in His Name – that we will talk about anything and everything else in its stead. And why is that? We are not in the ancient Roman Empire and under threat of being crucified, burned at the stake, or thrown to the lions for speaking that Name! And it is not that we are afraid of offending people, for we have no problem getting in the faces of minorities, the poor, illegal immigrants, feminists, abortionists, evolutionists, etc. and insisting that they are bad people because they do not share our “values.” We have no problem with using the ballot box and intimidation tactics to try to force our “values” on an unwilling public. We have no problem with being mocked in academia and the media on account of our “values”, and then running to our little magazines and TV shows to talk about what great persecution that people who are simply trying to stand up for “Christian values” are facing in this wretched culture, and how the future of our nation founded on the “Christian values” that made us free, great, strong, and prosperous is in such peril. We even have no problem offending other Christians with our values! But when it comes to JESUS CHRIST? That is when we all get quiet. That is when we all run away with our heads down and our tails between our legs. Oh, we will talk about the cute baby in the manger, especially during Christmas. I mean, the Christmas traditions, 99% of which oppose scripture, are all about “values.” But no one wants to talk about the Jesus Christ upon whom the Holy Spirit descended like a dove and of whom the Father said “This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear Him” when He was baptized. No one wants to talk about the Jesus Christ that went about healing the sick, casting out devils, teaching and preaching, and doing that which was good to fulfill the Will of the Father. No one wants to talk about the bloody, scarred, and marred Jesus Christ dying the cursed death of a criminal – whoever hangs from a tree is cursed according to Judaism – for their sins. And no one ESPECIALLY wants to talk about the resurrection, His returning to Heaven, or eternal life. Nah, it is much easier to throw your “values” into someone’s face and persecuting them when they do not comform to your false image of righteousness than it is to ask them to accept the Jesus Christ that already died for their sins into their heart, and pray for them when they decline your humble, loving invitation. And why is that? Because you are not truly saved. You may know the Bible through and through, and you may claim the Name of Jesus Christ as your own, and you may be a baptized church member, but true regeneration has not taken place.

How can I say such a thing? Read your Bible, Christian! All who are truly saved through Jesus Christ are indwelt with the Holy Ghost. Once the Holy Ghost enters you, it emboldens you to preach the gospel, and gives you a burden to reach the lost. A person in whom the Holy Spirit is truly acting will not hide behind empty meaningless misleading talk of values in order to prevent talking about the Jesus Christ that gave them eternal life, and such a person is CERTAINLY not going to cause offense to Jesus Christ’s little ones (it would be better for a millstone to be tied around their necks and be cast into the sea!) by driving them away from everything that remotely resembles Christianity because you offended them with your wanton “values” display.

Do you know what else the Bible says comes with the Holy Spirit? Wisdom. Hence, a truly saved person would know that even IF there was some spiritual merit to “values”, trying to get someone that is not Christian to respect, let alone conform himself to, your “values” would be a fool’s errand, because that person would be unable to without the power of the same Spirit that gives it merit helping him. And how does he get that power? By salvation through believing in and trusting on the very Name that you are withholding from that person because you are ashamed of It before him!

What is more: the Holy Spirit would give you the knowledge that even if there were such a thing as Christian values, you wouldn’t be capable of keeping them anyway. Why? Because what the Holy Spirit does is give you knowledge of your own sinful condition. By convicting you of your sins and of your desire to sin, the Holy Spirit will remind you of your fallen, utterly depraved state. The Holy Spirit will never let you forget that you are nothing more than a sinner by flesh and nature saved by grace lest you begin to think that you were saved in any part by your own hand or as a result of any inherent virtue or desire for righteousness within you (even we free will non – Calvinist Christians should acknowledge that our desire for salvation had to do with wanting to escape the lake of fire rather than wanting to be spiritually righteous; it would be better to be a Calvinist than to claim anything else). The Holy Spirit will also do this so that you will never cease to have compassion for the lost and desire their salvation; so that you will never cease to desire to defend the faith from the ravening wolves of false preachers with their devil’s doctrines; so that you will never put confidence in the flesh or in worldly things. If that does not describe you, then the Holy Spirit is not working in your life. Either something is blocking the moving of the Holy Spirit in your life, or you are not truly saved.

And that indeed is the main problem with this “values” nonsense. “Christian values” cannot save you. All “Christian values” can do is condemn you. You will either be condemned by your utter failure to live up to your “Christian values”, or you will be condemned because “Christian values” are really not the law anyway … they selectively remove things from and de – emphasize things concerning the law while adding things that God never gave natural Israel the Jews (let alone spiritual Israel the church) in the first place. Christian values will never cause you to love God with all of your heart, soul, and strength and also to love your neighbor. Quite the contrary, they make doing such a thing impossible.

The person that realized this best was Paul. In Romans 7 (and especially Romans 7:15) Paul recognized that despite his education and training, despite his piety, despite his zeal and dedication, that he was nothing more than just another sinner. Paul recognized that it was no use; he had no power over sin and as a result his only possible fate was death, and therefore his only hope was in the One that had already overcome sin and death by A) living a sinless life, B) shedding His Blood on the cross, and C) rising from the grave. And in that same One, Jesus Christ, is our hope. And that is why when we talk about “values”, we are all a bunch of evil hateful liars worthy of nothing but death and destruction. Why? Because we do not value righteousness. We value murders, envyings, gossiping, judging, thieving, fornications, harlotries, idolatries, sorceries, lies, witchcrafts, coveting, rebellions, seditions, vanities, and exalting ourselves above God and magnifying ourselves against Him. Our hearts are desperately wicked that we even deceive our own selves into THINKING that we are righteous when we are not; that we know righteousness when we do not; and that we regard, desire, and reward the righteousness that we discern not.

Even as Christians, the only good things about us are those which are in Christ CONSTANTLY. Everything else will be tried by fire, judged unworthy, and cast into it! And yes, that does include our “Christian values”, which are but a worldly system of cultural, social, political, and religious traditions and beliefs. These things possess a form of godliness and thus seem to have some virtue, but they deny the power thereof, and thus have only just that, the false seeming appearance of the reality of virtue that is only found in Christ Jesus. Now, let us go back to our good Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, atheist, etc. friends. I say “good” because a lot of them are fine, excellent people. They have great values that are in proportion to and frequently exceed those of Christians. Pick an area: personal integrity, sexual morality, a respect for law and order, excellent family lives, mercy and concern for those less fortunate, faith and devotion to religious belief and exercise: you name it, they have it. (And for that matter, so do professed Christians that are not actually saved.) So, if they are able to have these things, these “Christian values”, in proportions matching and exceeding that of Christians, how can “Christian values” be something produced in a person only by the Holy Spirit? And if it is not produced in a person by the Holy Spirit but instead comes from the flesh of a person that is corrupted with original sin through Adam, how can God accept and honor it and call it His in this world or the next?

God simply cannot and will not, because He is so righteous that He cannot so much as look upon sin. So much so God the Father turned His Face from His Own Son when Christ in His agony cried out to Him for comfort as He was doing the Father’s Will and dying for your sins on the cross; washing you clean in His Own Blood. So if God the Father turned His Head from the God the Son that was born sinless and lived a sinless life even while the Son was obeying Him to the croos, what makes you think that this same God is going to accept what you produce out of your own sinful heart? If you believe that He will and must, then it is further evidence of your own deceitful depraved heart still having the blinders over your eyes and you willingly following after it.

You must take a radical view of original sin and the total depravity of man to acknowledge this: even the good works of man are not true works. They are imitations of righteousness produced in man out of a desire to protect his own interests and emotional desires. A man has a wife, children, and property, and he is going to become powerfully emotionally attached to them and draw a great sense of security from them. Therefore, it is in his interests to construct a society and worldview where his needs and interests are protected. So we have a system of “values” created by man’s mutual assent to one another that prevents his own interests from being violated.

We saw in biblical times; in the days of Noah, in the city of Babel when they constructed the tower, in Sodom and Gomorrah, in Ninevah during the time of Jonah, etc. where that system of values broke down in a place and time. We also have seen it in modern times: the Holocaust, Rwanda, et al. In such cases, man simply freely gives himself over to his own depraved state. It is not “the devil making us do it”; even the Bible says that temptation comes from within man and not from without (James 1:12-15). So yes, virtue is possible for the unsaved. Love is possible for the Muslim, the Mormon, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jew, the atheist, the unsaved Christian, etc. But it is worldly virtue. It is worldly love. True love, spiritual love, is only available to the Christian, because only the Christian has the Holy Spirit. In order for love to be real, it has to be eternal (that is, exist outside of time and place and not be associated with a specific person in this world), and that means it has to be spiritual.

Thus, only a saved Christian can possess that treasure, because that pearl of great price is given to him only by virtue of the workings of the Holy Spirit on his spirit man (NOT on his flesh). Dear Christian, only the things that the Holy Spirit works on your spirit man will stand on the day of judgment, and the only way the Holy Spirit will work on your spirit man is if you cease resisting and grieving the Holy Spirit with your failure to completely submit to, trust, and obey God as revealed through His Word, the Bible. So true believer, cease paying heed to “Christian values”; make mention of them no more except to expose them and contend against them for the lie and deception that they are. Instead, give all of the honor, praise, glory, and power to the only One that can save you from your sins: the One True Triune God. Heaven is His Throne, the earth is His Footstool, Jerusalem is His great city (Matthew 5:33-35), and He Always Was, Currently Is, and Forever More Shall Be! Keep your eyes on Him, and let all else be a mote (or beam) that you take out of your eye. And let me tell you, that if you cannot remove the mote of “Christian values” out of your eye because you are so in love with it, then you had better pluck that eye out; you are better off without it. It is far better to enter into heaven without an eye corrupted by worldly notions of “Christian values” than to be cast into the lake of fire for an eternity whole. Please read part II: Christian Values Do Not Exist Part II: The Motivation For Believing A Lie


One Response to “Christian Values Do Not Exist”

  1. Kim said

    Wow, what a great article. This really challenges the life of a believer. Man definately has a problem acknowledging his sinful nature. That is why the New Age philosophies are so appealing to those looking for another way. OK onto part II

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