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The Vaticanized Supreme Court Removes More Individual Rights Lowers Wall Of Separation Between Church And State

Posted by Job on June 26, 2007

I have no idea why God – hating liberals (which of course does not refer to all liberals just as there are PLENTY of God – hating conservatives, especially among the religious right) care so much about protecting the wall of separation between church and state, because in any nation where the church and state mix, true spiritual religion dies. So why not lose a battle to win a war, by allowing the wall between church and state to be removed now so that religion will die out in America 50 or 100 years from now? It is, after all, about the future isn’t it? About our children and grandchildren? That is what they say about every other issues: global warming and environmentalism, tax and spending policies, and social programs … how we should make big sacrifices today in order to make a better world for future generations tomorrow. Perhaps this is a classic case study in hypocrisy: it is easy for them to call for sacrifice when someone else has to make it. No different from the pro – war conservatives who do so from the safety of their own climate – controlled TV rooms with their sons and daughters sitting right next to them. Or maybe their opposition is part of a scam to distract the masses? Ah, no matter.

Free speech: the Supreme Court’s first attack on free speech came in a cross – burning case. Of course, since THE RACE ISSUE was being exploited, no one cared that the Supreme Court struck down a form of religious and political protest and dissent. And how, er, cute it was to have Opus Dei Clarence Thomas be the media star on that issue. Look, am I the only one who thinks it SO STRANGE that a fellow who is A) divorced, B) was so into hard core pornography movies that he talked about them constantly at work, and C) tried desperately to coerce Anita Hill to commit fornication with him, and did so in the most vulgar demeaning disrespectful way possible became the darling of the religious right? Of course I am not! Well, now that Thomas, Kennedy, and Scalia have Alito and Roberts, their assault on free speech continues. Against the backdrop of all the Bush/GOP appointee court decisions in favor of the Patriot Act and against whomever the state might decide to brand a terrorist or enemy combatant (including Chief Justice Roberts’ own decisions), the Supreme Court ruled to restrict free speech in the “Bong Hits For Jesus” case. Blasphemy? Of course. But the essence of a free society is freedom to choose Jesus Christ. In a free society, some will choose Jesus Christ. In a closed society, virtually no one will. And in a closed society that pretends to be Christian, even fewer will choose Jesus Christ than will do so in a Marxist, Hindu, or Muslim state. Get the picture? And in ruling against the right of this student to blaspheme, the Supreme Court broke new ground by for the first time making illegal on the federal level speech that constitutes absolutely no threat of violence, subversion, or disorder. Please recall: the STATED reason why speech was restricted in the KKK case was because burning a cross on someone’s yard implies the threat or possibility of violence. Now while it is illegal to “yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre”, there has to be an ACTUAL IMMINENT THREAT OF PHYSICAL DANGER. Since it is no longer the 1880s with pater – rollers, night riders, and KKKers doing their evil deeds, no one can honestly claim that anymore. So, the Supreme Court had to use HISTORICAL REFERENCES OF VIOLENCE ASSOCIATED WITH CROSS BURNING IN TIMES PAST to place the act in CONTEXT, and, you know, CONSIDER THE EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ANGUISH OF THE VICTIM. You know, hate crimes stuff. And precisely what keeps homosexuals, abortion clinic providers, Muslims, Jews, and basically anyone else using the same excuse (the Holocaust, the Crusades, things like that) from banning a NON – BURNING CROSS? OR ANYTHING ELSE AT ANY TIME? Nothing really. So, that decision opened the door for this: making it ILLEGAL for a kid to display a sign that has absolutely no potential whatsoever to directly or indirectly contribute to the threat of violence or subversion, either imminently or afar off. And you know what was worse? IT WAS POLITICAL SPEECH! Now the media is not doing a good job of letting you know this, but the kid was advocating marijuana legalization. And by including Jesus Christ, insinuating (wrongly of course) that Jesus Christ would have supported becoming strung out on poison that will kill your brain cells and sterilize you also makes it RELIGIOUS SPEECH! In this case, the Supreme Court openly defied the Second Amendment, restricting the political and religious speech of a private citizen.

And on the very same day that they restricted political and religious speech of private citizens, THEY EXPANDED IT FOR CORPORATIONS BY STRIKING DOWN McCAIN – FEINGOLD! Now, I am no fan of McCain – Feingold. I am certain that things such as this will be used to ban Bible – based religious speech from politics first and then from society in general (pharisee pseudo – religious legalistic “values” speech will still be allowed, and probably will be required by the state church). But what this decision does is allow the Pat Robertsons, Jay Sekulows, the Sun Myung Moons, the Tim LaHayes and Paul Crouches, the Rupert Murdoch talking heads on Fox News, and other figures of the “Christian” right to continue to flood the airwaves with their perversion of Christianity, making people think that free market capitalism (and wars fought and property seized in defense of it; which by the way was another ABSOLUTELY GREAT court decision) was given to us by God in the Bible. The prosperity doctrine for fascists, right?

And what would it be without yet another decision tearing down the wall between church and state? The Supreme Court has now ruled that people cannot even sue to stop a chief executive from giving churches taxpayer money! It makes me think that the Council On Foreign Relations/Skulls and Bones types who really run this country are going to nominate Clinton/Obama on one ticket just so Thompson/Romney can beat them on the other. Result? Gigantic amounts of state money will flow to the church, first to Rome and then to the Pat Robertson “Protestant” types. And you know what the rationale will be? Why? The church will have to step up and make sure that these 12 million illegal immigrants that are now able to “come out of the shadows”! They will need schools, English lessons, vocational training, health care, housing, etc! And OF COURSE the CHURCH will be better able to provide the services that PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE need in order to become U.S. citizens, right? The oldest government trick in the book: create a problem so that you can expand government to solve it. And the best part is that by insulating the chief executive from the legal AND political process, there will be NO RECOURSE! He will be able to hand out BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in “discretionary spending.” And this is how Republicans and Democrats double – team you, Christians. A Democrat gets in office, and he ratchets up the “discretionary spending” (to Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, you know the deal). Republicans complain, but don’t do anything about it but use your anger over the deal to distract you from reading your Bible, and get you so worked up over it that you give yourself over to fear and to hating your neighbor. Then the Republicans get into office, and not only do they A) continue funding Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign but B) they pick right up where the unconstitutional “discretionary” spending of the Democrats left off by doing more of it of their own to “religious groups!” It is the perfect scam!

As more and more churches get tax money, the more corrupt they will get, and the less willing to stand up to and criticize the government they will be. Which, of course, will make it much easier for the government to attack free speech and religion. Just as has happened in Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, and other places where it is a hate crime to call homosexuality a sin; just like in Germany where
Germany Jails Lutheran Pastor Johannes Lerle For Anti – Abortion Sermon! I say that in 50 years all religious speech in America will be banned except the speech that the government will want you to say. And since the government will be training our pastors (they pretty much are already thanks to federal grants and loans and the accreditation system without which virtually no seminary or Bible college can survive … Christian colleges that refuse to hire homosexuals may have to close in California because they will be ineligible to participate in the state college grant program thanks to a bill that was signed by the REPUBLICAN Arnold Schwarzenneggar, the very same one who likes to drop in and talk to Paul Crouch on TBN from time to time), that will be pretty easy! But before you let the religious right scare you about your inability to call homosexuality and abortion sin, let me remind you: it isn’t about that. Islam, Hinduism, and Mormonism declare homosexuality and abortion sin. No, I am talking about the state making it ILLEGAL to preach that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Is God, who died from our sins, was raised from the dead, and will one day return for the church. You want to say that He was born of a virgin? Fine. Muslims and Mormons say the same. You want to say that He rose from the dead? Mormons say the same. You want to say that He taught great values? Virtually everyone this side of Richard Dawkins believes that. You want to call Him a great prophet who did many mighty wonderful works? A great many Jews who are discouraged from even speaking His Name will concede such (see link). The the state church that is soon to come, you will be able to call Jesus Christ anything and everything you want … as long as you do not call Him Lord. And the religious right that is deceiving so many Christians is leading the way, and so are most of these megachurches, most of these corrupt TV preachers with their false doctrines, most of these corrupt Christian TV networks who do not have a doctrinal, theological, or even ethical litmus test to determine who they grant airtime to, etc. So, now you know. The question is: what are YOU going to do about it?


2 Responses to “The Vaticanized Supreme Court Removes More Individual Rights Lowers Wall Of Separation Between Church And State”

  1. oli said

    But isn’t Christianity was about forgiveness and giving people second chances?

  2. Oli:

    Christianity is about loving God with all your heart, soul, and strength and then loving your neighbor. Of course, before you can accomplish this the way God requires it for your salvation, which is in a spiritual way for God is a spirit, one must acknowledge their sins, know that crucifixion of Jesus Christ was payment for their sins, that Jesus Christ overcame the punishment of their sins, which is death, for them by rising from the grave, and trust God alone for their salvation based on knowing those facts alone. Have you done these things, Oli? Yes, loving our neighbor means forgiveness and unconditional love. But a person must ask God for His forgiveness for their own sins and also believe upon and trust His Son for their salvation as well.

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