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More Scandal In The Creationism Movement

Posted by Job on June 21, 2007

First, we had , Kent Hovind, going to jail over tax evasion. Now you have one leading creationism group suing another over fraud.  The love of money is the root of all evil, people. Who was the king of Israel that served the Lord, but not with a perfect heart? Amaziah it seems (II Chronicles 25:1-3). It looks like the sum of money is not inconsequential; over $250,000, and they tried to resolve the dispute for two years in mediation before one of the groups filed lawsuit. See this sad story below, and ask yourself why it seems increasingly difficult for Christians to handle their financial matters with integrity. Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please guide Christians in their financial and legal dealings. May their only goal regarding their financial matters be to obey, serve, and glorify you, rather than to seek their own gain or to perform their own accomplishments. Please, Lord, cause such people to know that money is not worth their soul, and if they are acting outside of Your Will their efforts will not bear good fruit no matter how much money they raise or spend. Also, Lord, please expose and cast down the criminals who are exploiting Your Word for profit so that they might not mislead and deceive anymore. Amen.

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There’s a rift in the Garden of Eden. Answers in Genesis, a creationist group that operates the new Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., is being sued by another group of creationists in Australia, Creation Ministries International. Creation Ministries filed the lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, against Answers in Genesis and its president, Ken Ham. The two groups, which both take the Bible literally, are accusing each other of unbiblical conduct. Creation Ministries International claims that Answers in Genesis told subscribers of magazines published by Creation Ministries that they were no longer available and switched subscribers to a magazine published by Answers in Genesis. Clarrie Briese, a former Australian judge who at the request of Creation Ministries investigated the dispute between the two groups, accused Answers in Genesis of “unbiblical, unethical, unlawful behavior.” Answers in Genesis countered that the unbiblical behavior came from Creation Ministries. The group issued a statement that said litigation “is contrary to the biblical standard for Christians in handling disputes with other Christians.” It even quoted chapter and verse, with the answer not in Genesis, but in Corinthians. “First Corinthians, chapter 6, verses 1-8, teaches that Christians should not go to civil court against other Christians,” Answers in Genesis said in its statement. “Creation Ministries’ interest appears to be more about scoring points by publicizing the conflict, rather than taking a biblical approach to conflict resolution.

Answers in Genesis called Creation Ministries’ allegations “baseless and without merit.” “We have been working for more than two years to resolve this matter and have offered independent Christian mediation and binding arbitration through Peacemaker Ministries, a professional, internationally recognized Christian conciliation organization,” Answers in Genesis said in its statement. “At one point, we even volunteered to fly Creation Ministries’ entire board here at our expense to discuss the matter in detail in an effort to resolve the conflict.” Answers in Genesis spokesman Mark Looy said the group had nothing more to say about the lawsuit beyond its statement. Creation Ministries noted in its lawsuit that Ham, a native of Australia, was an employee of Creation Ministries from 1980 to 2004 and had been commissioned to establish similar ministries in the United States. Answers in Genesis was supposed to distribute Creation Ministries magazines, but, the lawsuit alleges, Answers in Genesis “misled or deceived” subscribers by saying the magazines weren’t available and switching subscribers to a magazine published by Answers in Genesis. Briese, in his investigation of the matter at the request of Creation Ministries, said Answers in Genesis and Ham had caused “massive financial damage” to Creation Ministries. Creation Ministries said it lost 39,000 magazine subscribers that produced annual gross revenue of $252,000. The lawsuit seeks a judgment that Answers in Genesis acted improperly, requests an injunction to halt the activity and asks for unspecified financial damages.


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