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Stalin and Hitler: Both Statists (Lessons from the Holocaust)

Posted by Job on June 13, 2007

While not technically from a Christian perspective, I will use this link, because it supports the position of Heal The Land that the state is an enemy of God (along with false religion). After all, who was it that crucified Jesus Christ? Now you must consider the fact that the reason why certain “Christians” later blamed all Jews (rather than a collaboration between the state and a corrupt religious system based on works, rituals, and rules standing in the base of a true spiritual relationship with God) is because, well, these “Christians” would have been blaming themselves. In many of these nations, there was no separation between church and state, so you had all of these “state churches.” Of course, “state churches” tend to institute religion by ritual and oppose true worship of God, exhibited by this notion that all you have to do in order to go to heaven is A) perform some baptism ritual (and even that was “sprinkling in the name of Jesus only” instead of full immersion in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), even to infants and B) paying your taxes – excuse me, tithes. So, realize how the “state church” system (which included the Mormonesque pagan religion of the Romans that worshipped Caesar and others as gods) that killed Jesus Christ so easily turned into a “state church” system in Europe that persecuted Jews for centuries and morphed into STATISM, meaning fascism and communism, that killed at least 6 million Jews in the Holocaust and millions more elsewhere. So please read Stalin and Hitler: Both Statists (Lessons from the Holocaust), and if you have not accepted a true relationship of Jesus Christ, please read and follow The Three Step Salvation Plan.


4 Responses to “Stalin and Hitler: Both Statists (Lessons from the Holocaust)”

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  2. 655321 said

    Hitler liked to call it “finishing Christ’s work.”

  3. 655321: You do realize that Hitler was LYING don’t you?

  4. John Kaniecki said

    Psalm 92:7. When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish, is that they shall be destroyed forever.

    You see evil will raise it’s ugly head, worse than ever and then be destroyed.

    Yes the state is our enemy but don’t forget we battle against powers and principalities on high not flesh and blood. We must see the humanity in it all. Have you ever heard the stories of the Christian murder mercilessly in North Korea. They die rather than deny the faith. On occaission the executioners turn to Christ.

    Yes the state is our enemy but the individuals that make up the state are humans like us. They have feelings, beliefs and emotions. We must show them Christ’s love.

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