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Can You Spot A False Prophet Or Teacher? Take This Bible Quiz To See How!

Posted by Job on June 13, 2007


3 Responses to “Can You Spot A False Prophet Or Teacher? Take This Bible Quiz To See How!”

  1. False Teacher Quiz

    Can you spot a false teacher? One who claims the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, but is actually a self willed viper, brute beast, that will reside in hell for eternity. Take this quiz and work to avoid the false teachers.
    Hat tip Heal The Land …

  2. pookie said

    Last week I approached my pastor about some concerns regarding certain WoF practices. I have been concerned for quite a while, and finally got the nerve to address the concerns. I asked him if we are a WoF church and he said, “no, we are a full gospel, non denominational church.” I have no clue as to what that means, especially since it seems as though the beliefs, methods, phraseology, and practices are the same. I have heard my pastor say things like: you can go to hell for mismanaging money (using the parable of the talents), words are containers so you have be careful what you say lest some great calamity befall you, positive confession, he believes that there was a civilization before or between 1:1 and Gen. 1:2, and he and his wife are influenced by pretty much all of the WoF teachers such as Copeland, Meyers, Sumerall, Bynum, Osteen-I could go on for days…I do not want to sit under false teaching, but I don’t quite know how to relay this in a way that does not sound judgmental- (y’know, the touch not mine anointed and all) seriously, I want to speak to them in love, regardless whether they think I’m wrong. I think I owe them an explanation, but I just don’t know how to go about it…I am very nervous about the pending appointment, because I tend to fumble my words in situations like this, so ANY suggestions would be helpful.

    thanks in advance.

  3. pookie: I honestly do not think that you owe these people any sort of explanation. See, sound Christian doctrine has existed for almost 2000 years. Everyone that has ever abandoned these doctrines have done so for either power or money or a desire to mix Christianity with another religion. I would imagine that your pastors are very familiar with the Bible and have been to Bible college. They have been exposed to the truth and rejected it out of the hardness of their hearts. Therefore, if you feel that it is your duty to talk to these people, it would only be if you feel that you are being God’s prophet to them; warning them to repent of their lies or be accursed from God on the day of judgment. And for that, you have a multitude of Bible examples, from the sayings of the prophets to the kings and people in the Old Testament to the warnings of Jesus Christ to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 to the words of the epistles in between, especially II Timothy, I Corinthians, etc. If you notice, none of those people were concerned about appearing to judge harshly, because they were telling the truth. So, just pray and study their words and internalize them. Therefore, when you speak to your pastor concerning these issues, you can speak the words of the Bible as inspired by the Holy Spirit; the words will not be your own.

    But again, only do this if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to warn your pastor. Maybe God feels that your pastor can still change, or perhaps God wants to use you in a manner where he cannot say that he was not warned when he stands before God on judgment day. But if you do not feel in your spirit that God wants you to speak to this man before leaving, then do not do it. Leaving without speaking to him is OK. Speaking to him and then failing to leave isn’t.

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