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The New Missionary Field: “State Church” Europe Where Christianity Is Practically Dead

Posted by Job on June 11, 2007

See this link: Should be an eye – opener for you “religious right” sorts who want to tear down the wall of separation between church and state. Key quote 1: Back home after church, tucking into a lunch of traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches, Johansen said that for most of his life he hadn’t bothered going to services at the “state church,” as the Lutheran Church is known here. Key quote 2: Denmark’s ambivalence on matters of faith spurred a national debate in 2003 after a Danish Lutheran priest admitted publicly that he didn’t believe in God. Church officials suspended him for a month, but hundreds of sympathetic parishioners rallied to his defense, saying that a priest didn’t have to believe in God to promote Christian values. You religious right Fox News fans of Mormon Mitt Romney, the representative of the humanist cult who wants to fill you full of his demons and send you to the lake of fire for eternity, ought to love that one!

Anyway, a couple of years ago I read in a Christian magazine that a person is more likely to hear the gospel preached in the African jungle than on a streetcorner in Paris, France. Looks like the people that are hearing the gospel in the African jungle and other parts of the third world are missionizing the secular humanist, rationalist, and atheist jungle in Europe. Not only that, they are also missionizing people who don’t go to church in Europe! Not to put all of the attention on Europe, please remember that here in America, inventor of the corrupt televangelist, Nigerians are evangelizing among the Episcopals! Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please go out before and win the battle for these missionaries toiling in the European and western mission field. May they preach the true gospel so that the Holy Spirit conviction may come upon these people so that they might receive true salvation, and then go forth and convert still more. Amen.  


7 Responses to “The New Missionary Field: “State Church” Europe Where Christianity Is Practically Dead”

  1. The Gospel preached in Africa is not necessarily any better than the Gospel preached anywhere else. In fact most of the time the Gospel is not preached but instead people are encouraged to go to “church” which is not the Gospel at all.

  2. Johnny Brooks: I note that you have a link to Mohandas Ghandi on your website. You are aware that neither he nor Martin Luther King, Jr. were Christians? Incidentally, the gospel is the gospel, not limited to any time or place. I was merely speaking of how where Europeans once brought Christianity to certain parts of Africa, those same Africans are now taking Christianity back to Europe.

  3. samsonraju said

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    N.Samson Raj.

  4. P.SanjeevaRao B.D.Evangelist,
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    Please pray for them b giving used cloths and considered to provide Bibles on free of cost. They cannot afford to buy the Bible copy in these days. I am also doing the Lord’s service with prayerfully and my Church collections also utilized for the lepers facilities. And I am joined with my father service even though the income is not sufficient. They suffer. Please pray for them and please pray for our work. And introduced and recommended our proposals and work those who are interested to support to our Indian work. Our complete family dedicated in the Lord’s service with utmost sacrificial services. Then we lose our chances for obtain reservations in Employment. As the Christians are belongs to B.C.’C” We have a little quota in employment reservation. For your information and appreciation I am sending you the pictures of my work.
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  5. t jayaraju said

    We need your eternal love, grace, kind support and blessings. Please pray for our family, our school children, preachers, evangelists and our needs, with your kind hearts.

    We are always welcome your advises. Please feel free to speak with us and share your opinion with us. We always respect your suggestions and opinion ever and forever. Please remember that we always follow your ways, and share our services, which you are interested.

    We are so interested to work under your fellowship to glorify His name among all-rural villages and remote villages with our lord services, and poor, destitute, and orphan children service, widows’ services. Please give your kind support and encouragement to our Mission activities to go forth

  6. You are cordially invited to Independent,Fundamental and Bible believing Church.
    May God bless you.
    Pastor.Anand kumar

  7. Only Baptist Church in Peddapuram

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