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Can A Christian Vote For A Mormon?

Posted by Job on May 29, 2007 See all the compromise and excuse – making in this article, the surrender, the attempting to defend the indefensible? Get this: what if you compromise with your vote, and the guy that you compromise for loses anyway? Boy, that would stink, wouldn’t it? Or even worse: what if the guy you compromised to vote for WINS and you have to defend your choice? Yep, that is what so many of us Bush voters are going through right now. Would the country be better off had we left the spot blank? That isn’t the point. The point is that we are going to have to live with the “I voted for Bush!” thing for the rest of our lives. (I mean come on, would Al Gore have done anything LESS overturn Roe v. Wade, oppose gay marriage, defend our borders, reduce the size of government, deal with $3 a gallon gas, and win the war on terror that Bush has?) I would hazard a guess that people who voted for Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter feel the same way. Go ahead, Bible believing Christians, and put a Mormon in the White House (or a cross dressing supporter of baby killing like Rudy Giuliani or the advocate of opening the border, ending our free speech, tax increases, and sham global warming measures like John McCain, or any Democrat for that matter) and see how you will like yourself in the morning.


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