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Life Coach Paula White, Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, Noel Jones Celebrating ONENESS Together!

Posted by Job on May 28, 2007

Update: see Paula White Claims That Jesus Christ Died In Vain!

I must ask: have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, follow this link

The Three Step Salvation Plan

 Check out the new homepage for life coach Paula White: I am, well, speechless. It is similar to Juanita Bynum’s homepage What I love about White’s homepage and Bynum’s homepage is that no one can claim to be deceived. Why? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT ANYONE WHO IS LOOKING TO GET CLOSER TO GOD WOULD SPEND FIVE SECONDS ON THOSE PAGES! Both homepages are all about Juanita Bynum, Inc. and Paula White, Inc. Did a search on Paula White’s homepage on “Jesus”. No match. Now though oneness pentecostal heretic Bynum and I do not worship the same Jesus Christ, I did the same on Juanita Bynum’s homepage. No match. What you DO SEE ON BOTH ARE HUGE PICTURES OF THE PREACHER (and more than one) AND PLENTY OF THINGS TO BUY!

What you also see is this “conference” that Paula White is promoting. Who is going to be there? Why two of the leading deceivers of the oneness pentecostal cult, TD Jakes and Noel Jones! Also there will be Darlene Bishop, who once on her TV show bragged about how she was robbed, received a divine revelation of the identity of the robber, and called her criminal brother to go rob the robber and get her stuff back and more! (But she’s a preacher so that makes it OK, right?) Kathy Troccoli and Donnie McClurkin are also there … it really is getting harder to defend people like this and buy their music if they are going to be walking in agreement with these folk. But back to Paula White: she believes in Trinity? Right? Actually, I have just PRESUMED it since I have never actually heard her talk about her doctrine (or any doctrine at all for that matter) on her show or on her many appearances on TBN. So, let us say that she DOES believe in Trinity. Why is she running conferences with apostate blasphemers? Isn’t SOUND DOCTRINE important to her? And I say the same regarding Jones and Jakes. If they truly believe their own doctrine and it matters to them, why are they defiling their garments with people deceived by the Romans, Babylonians, Hindus, and whoever else (see this link into being pagans worshipping three gods? Why don’t they denounce us apostates and contend earnestly for the truth? Don’t they care about our souls? Don’t they care about their own? Well, here is the answer: THEY DON’T. Anyone who knows and cares about how important the nature of God is to one’s salvation would NEVER share a platform with someone who rejects and opposes it. THE ONLY REASON WHY THESE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER ON CHRISTIAN TELEVISION, RUN REVIVALS AND CONFERENCES TOGETHER, AND VISIT EACH OTHER’S CHURCHES IS LOVE OF THE WORLD! MONEY, FAME, AND POWER, THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT! Now of course, some of them may claim that it is actually all about “unity” and “how we all need to cease these divisions and come together.” That would work … if I were blind or had my eyes closed. But since I both can see and choose to, all I have to do is take one look at what I am “uniting” and “coming together” with before I turn aside after the straight and narrow path that leads to heaven. Now as for you oneness pentecostals, if you truly believed what your cult preached, you’d be doing the same. You ought to be denouncing YOUR famous TV preachers for not exposing what you claim to be OUR lies. But instead of trying to expose and oppose what you claim to be our lies, you want to UNIFY with them? Such is complete insanity, and is precisely the likes of which that I will take a pass on.

Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please raise up your mighty hand against all those who are perverting the gospel for gain and with false doctrines. May those who do so out of ignorance, please show them the error of their ways, and those who deceive on purpose please pull Your people away from them. We know, Father, that Your Will must be done, that all things must be fulfilled, and people have to decide which they love foremost, You or themselves. I am merely asking, Father, that the eyes of the deceived be opened and that they choose to seek after and fight for Your righteousness. Amen.


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  1. tahisha said


  2. ladynada said

    well said by both of you.

    It took the Lord the better part of a year to wean me off of the false church leaders on television. I had absolutely no idea before God Himself helped me, that they were leading MILLIONS of believers astray. There are two reasons that, that hurt my heart. One is, the cutting out of their lies from my heart by God’s Truth, and two, my heart still hurts over the people who are still deceived by them.

    Yes, I continue to pray for them and those who follow and worship them.

    I think one event that really helped me while God was showing me their deceitfulness, was when I watched joel osteen live on larry king, DENY CHRIST. That was one of the last straws.

    This is my first time on your blog, bookmarking it. thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord. Remember He does the work in you. 😉

    aka Me114
    aka glenda

  3. LadyNada: Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. The truly sad thing is that Joel Osteen isn’t alone. TD Jakes on a secular radio station and (this is the one that REALLY broke my heart) Billy Graham in Newsweek also backed away from and equivocated regarding whether Jesus Christ was the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the only one. Jakes did so in response to a question about whether Muslims could be saved, Graham did so in general terms. Unless God has given these people over to reprobation already, we should pray that they get right with God. In the meantime, we should be aware that the Bible says that the road is narrow and the gate is strait, and also that even those who spend their lives doing mighty works in the Name of Jesus Christ shall be cast into outer darkness. We just have to keep examining ourselves to see whether we be in the faith and working out our own salvation with trembling (though we have the Holy Spirit to reassure us of our salvation) to make sure that it does not happen to us. The truth IS out there for all who are interested in it, and I thank God that you are such as one who is after the Truth, and that God has reserved unto Himself 7000 people that have not bowed a knee to Baal and 144,000 that are spiritual virgins undefiled with false religion in these last days.

  4. wondering said

    Hello Healtheland:
    What is your belief or doctrine?
    Thank you.

  5. Wondering: I believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, literally true and the final authority in all matters, and that all Christians should subordinate their lives to clear, contextual interpretations of the Bible. I also believe that only Christians have the ability to understand and live their lives according to the Bible, and trying to get someone (whether by law, force, coercion, intimidation, or guilt) that is not born again to live according to the Bible is a sin in and of itself. That should just about cover it.

  6. Christianne said

    Healtheland…that is the bottom line. The bible speaks for itself. When people want to criticize the bible, they look at people instead of studying the Word of God.

  7. Robert said

    Please lets stop all these criticism and start preaching the gospel of love. If truly the publishers of this love the gospel they would have come across the scripture where Paul addressed this kinda thing he said “Many preach the gospel for Fame and Wealth” this is what he concluded with “All the same the name of Christ is preached” Whether false or right let these people be,let them preach the gospel . On one or two occasions i had to check my Christian life after listening to these people so tell me how is it that this same people are false, they should be leading us astray if they were false .
    Beeshup Real.

  8. Robert: If one is preaching lies, they are not preaching Christ.

  9. taki said

    I appreciate your vigor. I just want to say that you should pray for these ministers. It is very hard to be in the public, and maybe they don’t say everything right all the time. Even Peter denied Christ three times, and God still built him up and he became a wonderful fisher of men. Pray that as they are in public, they will stand for Christ. It is easy for you to talk about them. But using the word heretic is no of God. Saul was killing the Christians according to Jewish law. He thought he was working for God, but then God showed him the error of his ways, and he became one of the greatest apostles ever. As the daughter of a pastor, I can tell you that they are human, and will make many mistakes, but God searches the heart of men, and he can still use what man has cast away as unredeemable. If you want to heal the land, intercede, do not sin and criticize. Remember the mercy shown to you by Christ and be merciful towards them and God will continue to show you mercy. But speak in judgement and you will be judged by the same measure you judge these people. Please, I have seen many people fall doing this. Please search yourself and practice mercy. I beg you. I don’t want to see another person fall. I don’t want to see you fall. Even David who was tortured by Saul knew enough to know that even though King Saul committed many sins…he touched not God’s annointed. He showed mercy even though Saul tried to kill him. That is why God called David a man after his own heart. Please, be a David…and God will be pleased and bless you. Don’t kill these people, even if they are wrong…God has not given you that power, and I know you want to stay blessed. So repent, and leave it to God.

  10. taki: Your assumptions and mine are completely opposite. You view these people as ones called by God and legitimate ministers of the gospel. Therefore, you have the mindset that we should not criticize for their shortcomings because of their good works for the Lord. I, however, assume that people who do not adhere to Christian doctrine in their teaching (i.e. denying Trinity in the case of Jones, and I have seen Paula White just make up stuff as she goes along, twist scripture, and manipulate her members) and who do not carry themselves according to scripture (the lavish lifestyles and unethical financial dealings of the Whites, and that these people continue to deal with the utter corruptness of TBN as well as other preachers even worse than they. Because of what and how they preach and how they act, there is no evidence that they ever were legitimate preachers called by God, and plenty of evidence that they are not.

  11. walter said

    Paula married her husband Randy, and they lead Without Walls in Tampa, Florida.
    “There’s so many things that God has given me,” he says. “I have a wonderful husband, wonderful children, wonderful friends, a great church. My life is so satisfied and fulfilled in so many other areas that I focus on what God has given me and what I do have instead of what I don’t have.”
    Paula White is a hypocrite! Yes Paula should stop being a hypocrite and resign and get out of the ministry because she doesn’t practice what she preaches and is salt that lost its flavor and is not good but to be thrown on the dung hill!

    So why should we be surprised if this previously divorced person will now divorce her pastoral husband? We should not! Even though God hates divorce or separation because it destroys people and their lives. Amongst Christians 90% of all divorces are needlessly caused by a sinfully proud wife who causes grief for her husband, and he gets mad.

    A wife who refuses to be submissive causes the marriage to become a two-headed monster. Someone’s got to be in charge, or there will be continual conflict. Ideally, a husband and wife should work together on everything; however, in those situations where there is a conflict, the wife is commanded by God to submit to her husband. In fact, Ephesians 5:22 commands a wife to obey her husband as unto Jesus Christ, “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” How many wives today obey this Biblical command? It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to find such a woman today in America. No wonder Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 7:28, ” Which my soul still seeks but I cannot find: One man among a thousand I have found, But a woman among all these I have not found.” Solomon couldn’t find one woman, out of all his wives and the women he had known, whom he could trust with all his heart. David J. Stewart
    Megachurch founding pastors to seek divorce
    The power couple behind Tampa’s Without Walls do not say what is behind their breakup.
    By SHERRI DAY, Times Staff Writer
    Published August 24, 2007

  12. Sha' said

    I work full time for a ministry. I work in the office as a secretary. I was raised in the church. I graduated from a well known bible college and now work closely with my Pastor and his wife in ministry. My heart is heavy and I’m trying to figure out if this is the Lord presenting truth to me or if I am being deceived. Can you tell me a little about your background? How did you get to this point in your life? My entire life revolves around ministry. I left the career I was pursuing to work in ministry and God knows that I would be better off finacially had I continued my career pursuits. So it has nothing to do with money for me. I only want to please the Lord. I’ve seen so much garbage in the church. My current Pastor is a true man of God, but I can’t help but think when did the other true men and women of God make the wrong turn? They couldn’t have started out with impure motives.

  13. Sha: Read this and know that now is not the time for you to start doubting and questioning your faith. Now is the time for battling the enemy over the souls of men! The Bible is true, and God is real. Do not put you r trust in man, but in God. My background? Well I provide some of it here and here Just suffice it to say that until recently, my pitiful pathetic existence was a living nightmare. But God saved and changed me. As far as when people made other wrong turns … well the Bible documents when people from King Saul to those who betrayed Paul left the faith, including Judas Iscariot the apostle. We also have to face the fact that some of these preachers were never called by God in the first place, and also that the Bible says that all who are called are not chosen. This is what you have to remember: God gave you a responsibility. There are no lone wolves in Christianity. We are all part of the Body of Christ. We are our brother’s keeper: we are responsible for each other and will be held accountable on judgment day. That is why I do this. It is not to attack ministers or destroy people’s faith: I am trying to help people. If you are in a church were the pastor is trying his best to obey scripture, stay there and help him. If you are not, then leave. You know by virtue of your own prayers and observation whether your pastor is trying his best to submit to God’s authority, or whether he is following human authority. If your pastor is not following Christ and you refuse to leave, then you are in violation of what Christ told the churches in Revelation 2 and 3. All of your works will then be found to be in vain, because you will be willfully living in disobedience to the direct command of God in scripture. Look, the Christian walk is hard, but the commands are simple. The reason why the walk is hard is not so much because of satanic opposition – which does exist – but our own desire to rebel and serve ourselves and other men in the place of God. Again, if your pastor is a man of God, instead of worrying about whether he will fall, support him with your prayers and works to help make sure that he doesn’t. And if he does fall, then get you and your family out of that church to make sure that he doesn’t take you down with him. And this is precisely why now is not the time for you to start becoming wobbly: because you need to remain ever vigilant: to intercede for your pastor, your family, the other people in that church, and the entire Body of Christ. Do not let your troubles in your human experience cause you to start to doubt God. And if you have not read it already, I recommend to you the novel “The Visitation” by Frank Peretti:

  14. prayindancinshari said

    I think people get into trouble when we start making small comprises and when we make decisions that don’t line up with the Word of God. And even when a decision seems to line up with the Word of God and we have prayed about it, we can get deceived if we don’t look at our priorities and see how this decision will affect them. God is suposed to be our first priority, but notice our ministry or job is not the same as God; they are two different things. If our spouse and family are a priority after God and before a ministry or job we have, then we have to consider how our decision will affect our marriage and family. If it will affect them negatively in the long term, then perhaps we shouldn’t do it, and it can’t be about money. Money should not be the deciding factor, we all know money doesn’t bring happiness. We have to make decisions based on what God wants and His will for our lives.

  15. taki said

    I would just like to say that I don’t assume anything, I am merely stating that what you are doing does not demonstrate mercy. Use your site to win others to Christ. This whole site is about bashing people, God did not save you for that; Jesus never dealt directly with the scribes and Pharisees unless they were directly opposing something He was trying to do for the Lord. He was busy doing the Fathers business, not looking at what others were doing, documenting all of their wrongs, and preaching about it. God is not going to say on the day you meet Him…How many people did you expose, He is going to say “What did you did you do to save the lost”, How many people did you win to Him. That is all that matters. Even if no one else follows God, that is not my concern, I am going to follow Him. 90% of this website is expose’. Where is Jesus on this site? Is Paula White, T.D. Jakes, or Juanita Bynum, the one you are going to answer to on the Jusdgement Day? No! If that was a small part of this site, I would say ok. But it is not. I am not saying what you are saying is legitimate, but since you don’t know their heart, or what God is doing with them, you should leave it alone. Yes, they may be wrong, but God can change their hearts and show them their errors. He doesn’t need you throwing stones. What if the accuser brought all your faults, what would we find. Only by grace are you saved. Remember that. Even at our best, our righteousness is as filthy rags. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, or you may find that you might not make it in on account of looking at them. My standard in Jesus, and always will be. I hope it is yours. Leave being God to God.

  16. taki said

    God will deal with them right or wrong on His terms, you told people about them…Great! Now move on. How many hungry did you feed today, how many lost did you tell about Christ? Are you obeying God in everything He has told you to do? How can you encourage us in the word of God? What is God doing in this time and season. How can we comfort the depressed and opressed. Are you laying before the Lord? What word does God have for the ones who want to commit suicide because they lost everything. People are losing their homes, their jobs, their families. Come on. Who cares about Paula, and T.D. If they are what you say they are, God will expose them. Things are coming out already, without you. He is doing it. Let’s talk about the God’s word. That is what we want to hear. No more gossip, and pointing fingers, people are dying. Gee whiz.

  17. taki: “If they are what you say they are, God will expose them. Things are coming out already, without you. He is doing it. Let’s talk about the God’s word. That is what we want to hear. No more gossip, and pointing fingers, people are dying. Gee whiz.” Again, I say for the nth time, of the over 1500 entries on this weblog, fewer than 90 deal with false preachers. Second, these things are coming out already without me? It wouldn’t if you had anything to do with it. If you could stop the Saint Petersburg Times, Atlanta Journal – Constitution, Washington Posst, etc. from printing these articles about these preachers, you would. Have you seen where members of Without Walls were harassing reporters? Members of Thomas Weeks’ church were doing the same. Why is it that you would rather these stories be reported by reporters and magazines that are not in the Body of Christ rather than by people that are? These reporters are just doing their jobs, trying to sell papers. To them, making Christians look bad is all about money, because they know that there are a lot of people out there that hate Jesus Christ and will buy their papers to read stories that make our beliefs and the people that have them look like fools. But I am not doing this to make Christ or those who love Him look bad. I am not doing this to make money (by the way, I could easily make money off this weblog, but I choose not to). I am doing this because of love. I love God first, so I must expose those that are disrespecting His Name by deceiving people in the pulpit. And I love my neighbor, so I am trying my best to prevent people from following after false preachers and devil’s doctrines. As far as what word does God have for people who want to commit suicide? Well I have my own testimony from back when I was considering suicide. and were posted right up there a few comments ago: did you read it? Yet you falsely accuse me by claiming that I am not doing anything to encourage people. Look, all I am doing is what the Bible tells every Christian to do. Your problem is not with me, but it is with the Bible.

  18. beready2fly said

    Healtheland, you are unreasonable. Taki, addressed you with the love of God and you still won’t come half way. “We all need to try the spirit by the spirit and see if it is of God.” You are so defensive. The Bible says let the wheat and the tare grow together and when I(Jesus) come I will do the seperating. People are hurting by the attack on the Body of Christ. Use you site to promote healing, we have to get up out of here. The spirit and the tone in your weiting is not in love. It sounds as if something is DRIVING you. The HOLY SPIRIT LEADS and GUIDES.

  19. beready2fly said

    AND IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD TRINITARIAN MINISTERS AND OTHER MINISTERS ARE MAKING MONEY IN MINISTRY. Money does not = sin. The LOVE of money is the ROOT TO ALL EVIL. Abramham,David,Solomon,Jesus-God owns a cattle on a thousand hills. No good thing will He withold from thse that walk up rightly before Him,just to name a few.The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe. Where is the strong tower on you site? I don’t feel safety. I feel that I have just walked in to slinging mud match.

  20. beready2fly: Money is not evil, but the prosperity doctrine is. I Timothy 6:4-11 says that those who teach that godliness is gain have a reprobate mind. “He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.” Those are not my words, but what the Bible says.

    And as far as meeting someone halfway: why should I meet someone espousing a false doctrine halfway? What good does that do? I say 1+1=3, you say 1+1=2, so what, you are going to meet me halfway? If so, then you would be judged more harshly by God than me, because you would be one who knows the truth but abandoned it in order to “get along.” And as for your “let the wheat and tares grow together”, just like your quoting “the love of money is the root of all evil”, you have it out of context. Please see in it, Matthew 13:38 “The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one.” The wheat and tares should grow together in THE WORLD. NOT THE CHURCH. Jesus Christ made that statement in response to his disciples asking why didn’t He just destroy all the wicked people now. It was not about allowing wicked people to stay in the pulpit, preach false doctrine, and mislead people. Were that the case, we would be unable to get rid of a false preacher no matter what he did. If Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III were marrying gay people in their church, would you be saying “let the wheat and the tare grow together” and still follow them? Of course not, because you know that anyone teaching that homosexuality is not a sin is teaching false doctrine. You are pulling this “let the wheat and tare grow together” nonsense because you do not believe Bynum and Weeks to be false preachers, and since you cannot convince me that they are legitimate preachers you are trying to twist and misuse scripture in order to try to get me to be silent. Well, I am sorry, because it isn’t going to work. You know why? Because the same scriptures that you and your fellow travelers are using, I was using when I was defending some of these same false preachers less than two years ago. That is right. Less than a couple of years ago, I on the Internet defending TD Jakes, Pat Robertson, the Crouches, Paula White, you name it. But when I found out the truth about what these people were preaching and how they were living, I stopped. Why? Because for me, the Bible is the standard. The Bible is how I am going to be judged. And to me, everyone who does not at least TRY to live by the standards that the Bible sets for us are going to the lake of fire for eternity. Now if you have a different standard than the Bible, let me know what it is. If you are planning on trying to get to heaven while following some preacher that isn’t obedient to Jesus Christ through His Word, I would like to know how you are going to pull that off. An even better issue: why try? It isn’t as if there aren’t Godly people running legitimate ministriers to the best of their ability out there, and yes, some of them are even on TV. So why not follow them? There is no reason to follow some reprobate (again, see I Timothy 6) in their apostasy and heresy except the sole reason that YOU WANT TO, and on judgment day anyone who willingly rejects the truth to follow an apostate heretic will be counted as being the same.

    You folks are on here saying “Let the wheat and tares grow together”, “no one knows the whole truth”, “stop judging and pretending that you know everything”, and “oh, like you are perfect, what sins are you hiding” … like the “pastors” who are out there marrying gay people in their churches don’t use those same exact arguments, and like they wouldn’t use those arguments against YOU if YOU were to go tell THEM that homosexuality is a sin. I know, because just like you folks are on here defending Bynum, Weeks, Jones, Jakes, and the rest, I get comments from homosexuals, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and whatever else you can imagine, and they all use the same arguments that you are. Why? Because excuses are excuses and there are only so many. The devil only has a few tricks, and the reason isn’t that he isn’t very clever, but rather a few tricks are all he needs because why quit using something if it works? If the same lie works for a scripture – twisting Mormon, why not use it for a scripture – twisting prosperity Word of Faith oneness pentecostal? But the one that stays faithful to scripture doesn’t need all these excuses. If you are faithful to the Bible, you don’t need excuses because you have GRACE on your side. So please, quit making excuses and start seeking grace. Don’t you realize that you have NOTHING to gain by following these people and EVERYTHING to lose? Again, there are tons of ethical, Bible based preachers out there, and yes some of them are Pentecostal or charismatic. I am not attacking these people because they are charismatic, because I am charismatic. I speak in tongues, have been faith – healed, have experienced and participated in spiritual deliverance, have had visions and dreams, etc. I get all sorts of comments from people on here claiming that tongues and casting out demons are nothing but demonic deception because it went out with the early church, and I oppose them with the Word of God and my own testimony too. So if I can be a Bible – based charismatic with gifts and blessings of the Holy Spirit and a zeal for the Bible, so can you. As Paul said in Romans, you are without excuse.

  21. taki said

    Yes but if you have the gifts of the spirit and you do not have the FRUIT of the Spirit, you are in trouble. As Paul said, if I speak in tongues and prophecy, and do not have love, I am as a clanging symbol. I wish you would see that I am not attacking you. I am just telling you that mercy is not behind what you are doing. Maybe you don’t understand it now, but as you keep on living you will. Love covers a multitude of sins, and God’s love and the blood He shed for you on the cross is covering yours sins, and all your short comings. I can see you have been hurt by these people, but God’s love can heal. I am not trying to shut you up but a preacher can’t help me when I am in trouble. A preacher can’t heal me, when the doctors say there is hope. No one replaces God. I think that is the message here. Follow Christ, not man. Man will fail you all the time. But God never fails. I don’t defend them, that is not for me to do.

    Jude verse 9

    But even the archanger Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!

    If the archangel did not even rebuke Satan, but left the rebuking to the Lord, what does that say to you? That is the word of God.

  22. taki said

    Oh, and by the way, the scripture about the wheat and the tare growing together did not mean the world. You have to understand the context of that scripture is that they were all Jews. They were already suppposed to be sons of God, separated from the world. So amongst those that were separated (Jews or sons of Abraham, He said let the wheat and the tare grow together. The Jews were the chosen. So it can be taken in context of the church. Because the church now is supposed to be grafted in as born again believers, but separated from the world. Remember he said there would be wolves in sheeps clothing. That means that there are those amongst the flock that act like they are christians doing works that appear “christian-like”, but they only seek to devour the saints.

    People in the world are not wolves in sheeps clothing, they are wolves that look like wolves. They aren’t trying to look like us, so again He (Christ) did not mean the world.
    So Beready2fly is actually correct.

  23. G W Day said

    I have seen preachers who knock the prosperity message, manipulate church members and pass the collection plate several times during a service. The problem is not that God will bless his people, but that people do worship money. Even people who knock prosperity, (Christians are sometimes the most dishonest and scheming people to get it). I have been swindled by Christians in business. Why? Because they worship money and are dishonest. And why is it that there is something wrong with Christians being prosperous? If Christians work, get educated, why is it a crime for a Christian to be wealthy?

    For hundreds of years, the church has been hoodwinked to believe that Christians should be poor and that money was of the devil and only those not in the church should have money. Christians pay the same for bread, clothing, and housing as non christians, so why shouldn’t Christians be able to afford it?

    What would you prefer? That Christians continue to have to always be at the mercy of nonChristians, groveling and begging, standing on the corner begging nonChristians for money for your Church building funds? They just love that; so they can be more arrogant and puffed up and say, who needs God?

  24. JCW said

    TO: G.W. Day:
    Anyone can claim to be a Christian and be a phony. A REAL Christian will not be able to continue in sin because the Holy Spirit will convict him/her. Unfortunately, part of what you say is true. People tend to run away these days if someone says they are a Christian; and expect that to mean that they are honest. A REAL Christian will be honest with you at all costs.

    These prosperity pimps or pulpit pimps are just that “pimps,” and they want your MONNEEEEYY!! Just look at the Sunday sales of books, tapes, CD’s, videos, jewelry, that the moneychangers sell at the churches after service. Every where you turn they are fleecing the flock and they want to target everyone. They sell a false Jesus, a Santa Jesus if you will. It is insane. Who wouldn’t want to get saved when they think they are going to get rich. The pimps don’t tell you that you will have to give up your own wants to follow Him, they sell a sham…..they are cons in the first degree….the Bible warns of them and that we will have itching ears and want to hear sound doctrine. It is obscene…..

  25. JCW said


  26. JCW said

    I just came out of Cornerstone Church, where I got a real good fleecing! I believed with all my heart, and trusted my pastor’s every word. Every FALSE word! My analogy is that if I made you a huge pot of organic spaghetti sauce and only used the very best tomatoes, veggies, etc. and I made it with love too. Then I took it over to your house and said, friend, I love you so much that I made you this big pot of spaghetti sauce with only the finest, but there is one little, teeny, weeny thing. Before I came over, I mixed in a tiny little itty bitty microscopic piece of poop. I cooked it in and stirred it real well, I hope yo like it. WOULD YOU EAT IT?? No, of course not!! It is the same with the Gospel…..if you tell SOME truth and part lies, it makes your whole ministry a LIE!! Wake up and stop it!!

    Can’t you see that the only one getting rich is the pastor and his family? Come on??? Designer clothes, $10-20 million jets, many mansions, and ranches and lake houses, etc. Where is YOURS?? Stop making these con artists rich. Jesus was not rich, he SERVED the poor, he didn’t tell poor people, ok, now you are rich go buy your jet! No, he made them rich in SPIRIT!! He healed the sick, but he didn’t say ok, you’re healed, now that’ll be $10.95!!

    And don’t give me that malarky that he had a treasurer that was robbing him and he didn’t even know it. Do you really believe that an all-knowing God would not know who was robbing him? Please take your head out of the sand and listen with the brain that God gave you.


  27. Mike said

    True words, JCW. It is the same cycle repeated throughout history. Poor disenfranchised people are lured to the church in search of hope. They are made even poorer by their pastor. Desperate and overcome, it takes so little for the devil to deceive them. Same thing happens in Africa. Nowhere has Christianity penetrated so well. In west Africa for instance, there are about more churches per square mile than anywhere in the world. However Africa consistently remains the poorest place on the earth.

    Ironically it is the secular world that will bail us out. Make no mistake about it, the bulk of the charitable work is not necessarily done by men and women who profess to be saved. It is done by those who probably do not know him….at least not in a public way. Oprah, Ted Turner, Bill Gates all have charitable endeavours that will make any mega pastor’s outreach and charitable causes look pathetic. So the next time someone tries to defend the wealth of his pastor by explaining how much he contributes to charity, mention that even Ted Turner once pledged $1 billion to the UN and he is a devout atheist.

  28. legacy said

    September 5, 2007

    Juanita Bynum: “I Forgive My Husband” Thomas Weeks For Beating Me
    Bynum said she had a lot of time to think about what had happened while she was in seclusion — and she said it is too early to say if she’ll stay with her husband. For now, she said she’s concentrating on herself. “Today, domestic violence has a face and it is Juanita Bynum,” Bynum said. Standing before cameras, Bynum declared she is not a damsel in distress, and wanted to say so for the record. “I believe domestic violence will be my new mantle,” Bynum said. “There is no way that I can just diminish this to just an isolated incident. This has changed my life forever.”

  29. JCW said

    Hi Mike,
    I even heard a “high up” person named, Steve Sorensen, from Cornerstone say that when he hires someone to work on his house he doesn’t necessarily hire a Christian, but mostly chooses secular agencies or people, because he has been cheated and lied to by Christians. Honestly, when I hear the words “I’m a Christian” anymore I want to run. What kind of Christian are you? This ought not to be….it is a terrible witness to the unsaved. I had a guy on another post tell all the “good” Hagee is doing and that he got saved under that church. I have to wonder if he’s really saved and what Jesus he got saved under. I question everything and everybody now… is very hard for me to trust.

  30. Sebrna said

    We need to look at our own lives, we all have sin and we will continue to sin, the Word says that we will all fall short, so why are we judging these people. Some of you are fighting with your spouse in your home behind closed doors nobody will know but the two of you and God, does that make you a false prophet when you are witnessing? the only difference between you and Prophetes Bynum and Bishop Weeks is that they are in the spot light and you are behind closed doors. I heard many women say “how cam she preach on something she has never been through?” now that she has gone through you want to talk about her. Make up in your minds what is it that you want, sounds too me that you and the others that have a problem with these men and women of God have the problem. you are confused. If they came today to my home town to preach, teach i would still go and listen to them. i will continue to buy their books. I have been blessed through their ministry. We will always have that crab mentallity(you know who i am referring to) all the black stations have talked about JB and BW, but not one time have i heard the white radio stations or television say anything about Pastor Paula White, which i think is a blessing, but we as a people have to put our two cents in everything, especially if it is some good gossip. Men and Women of God be blessed and i am praying for all of you.

  31. Jerri said

    Why is is it judging when we say something is sin. My scripture says we are going to judge the world. We got to live Holy and also tell others they need to live Holy as well. Usually people say others are judging because they are not living right ourselves. I stop using the term. I love the Lord and everyday I live the way I believe he wants me too. So, lets tell it the way God sees it. It is a sin to divorce unless you have Biblical grounds. But in this case, I really do not see any grounds because both people are Christians. There are no grounds when you both are confessing Christians.

  32. Jerri: Truthfully, the ministries of Paula and Randy White were highly problematic according to scripture long before their divorce. False doctrines, false practices, not conducting their ministries according to the Bible, financial dishonesty, etc. you name it. I never wanted to give the impression that I was jumping on them because of their divorce. Rather, their divorce is just the latest in a long string of their un – Christian activities.

  33. Cinderella said

    I am interested in why there is so much mud slinging going on. Was it not Jesus who said in John 8:7, (6-8 in Context)This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”. And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

    I will not cast a stone on any TV Preacher, for I am not without sin. Either the Bible is all True or it is all False. It is YOU that decides which way it goes. The Bible is not all Literal, it has Types and Shadows, Metaphors, Parables, etc. To take the Bible totally literal, you would have to cut your hands off and gouge your eyes out in order not to sin. Now is anyone actually going to do that? Jesus spoke alot about money, power, hell, and love, along with a few other topics.

    John 20:29 reads, Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. I haven’t seen Jesus, yet I believe that he was born of a virgin, in a stable in Bethlehem, at 12 Jesus was teaching the priests, and at 30-33, Jesus healed the sick, made the blind see, cast out demons, sleept, ate, walked, talked and prayed over the people he healed, and especially the 12 He picked to carry His Message on. He was bloodily beaten, spit on, laughed at, ridiculed, then, they hung Him on a tree, where He shed His blood for humankind, died, three days later, he rose, took the keys from hell, and is LIVING at the RIGHT hand of God the Father. That is the MESSAGE THAT WE SHOULD BE TELLING!

    1 John 4:20 tells me, If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? This is what people are doing when they gossip and laugh about what others are doing in the Name of Jesus. The Bible is clear that to stand for Jesus, we will be criticized, ridiculed, laughed at, attacked – verbally as well as physically, accused of false teachings, be spit at, talked about, lied about, and WE WILL SUFFER FOR OUR NAME’S SAKE, JESUS! I am ready, are you?

  34. JOY to the World! said

    saki is right, cinderella is too. All that I have read on this site except those two sound angry. A religious spirit will cause people to judge and point fingers. I speak from experience. After 25yrs with the Holy Ghost I completely agree with Paul, When you think you know, you know nothing! Deception can cause us to think we are helping God by talking about others. The tongue IS an unruly member. I read all of the feedback on this site and not once did you say I Believe. It was, I think and I feel. Please reconize the flesh thinks and feels. The spirit of God reveals who we really are.Its time to ask Jesus to show us who we really are. However and unless our heart really wants to know the truth about us, then He will not be able to reveal His truth. We must have a desire for His truth not My opinion. The word tells us to try the spirits to see if they be of God. Anytime I cast my opinion against someone else it usually means I am guilty in another area and don’t want the light to shine on me. If there is any darkness in us we should want it revealed. Talking about others and their problems helps no one. Paul said: Whatsoever things are true, honest,just, pure, lovely, and are of GOOD REPORT, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things. When you do, you won’t have time to throw rocks at anyone else. This is not my opinion, but Gods. Who Jesus saves is not my problem I just know this one thing, I must be saved!

  35. Brandy said

    Some of you all scare me!I barely go to church and yet,understand better than half of you. And who mentioned Joel osteen? That man is an inspirational pastor, who loves the Lord. I hope when you are all judging the men and women of GOD you are also in knowing, GOD will hold you accountable. Be careful of what you say. The problem with most Christians,is the fixed ideaology of what this faith should be. Disappointed, okay. Everyday atheist use the bible against us saying,”jesus said,love your brother not hate”. Everyday ppl challenege the faith by quotng scriptures but without a spiritual descernment through prayer from GOD you will know nothing. Your prayer should be that GODS will be done B/c you are presuming to know more than GOD by picking out who is good and bad right and wrong. We always pray but never believe. There is a drought in GA. Most will pray and pray but who will step out in faith with an umbrella expecting the rain. You need to remember to remove the plank from your own eye before worrying about the ways of your brother. GOD will handle them you continue to be righteous and let the Holy Spirit minister to you. Televangelist purpose was for those afraid, abused, incapable and handicapped. The able body christian should be in church and when GOD heals us,then we depart from the TV and internet and enter into the very palce he promised Moses his spirit shall reign. The problem with christianity is the Body. We need to remember we outnumber the leaders and are expected to abide no matter what. They are GODS chosen who go astray from time to time, like Saul and it will take understanding and love to render them back. We all fall short of the glory. Yes they are our leaders but they are beings in the flesh. And try to understand what they are saying before condeming. One pastor was said to have boasted about his cars,home and finances later on the news sent an apology b/c it was a metaphor not a truth being presented. Quit with the presumptious sins and condemnation. Remember you yourself were in the wilderness and GOD called you from that dry place. You stumbled and returned to Egypt against his will but b/c of his Mercy and grace you were redeemed. In other words GOD helped you and when you went back to the old ways he was there for you. Nothing you have done was right or good you were saved by mercy, his choice not your actions! To be honest many christians go astray from George Bush to Benny Hinn and Tammy Faye but before you judge harshly know that the sinners will enter the kingdom long before those who boast righteousness.

    Sorry for punctuation errors!

  36. K Akintoye said

    I think it is high time people realise that salvation is a personal thing! Christianity is a choice you make – a choice to have Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. I believe you are not forced (and if you’ve been forced you need to make things right and seek help). Men and women of God are human beings like me and you and that is why nobody in their right senses should look unto men/women. Even the Bible says that we should look unto Jesus. When people of God make horrible mistakes and my fellow brothers/sisters in the Lord decide not to be in the Lord anymore, I begin to wonder whether they’re really in the Lord!! Beware we are all accountable! Judge not! Remove the log from your eye! Shalom!

  37. I think it is high time people realise that salvation is a personal thing! Christianity is a choice you make – a choice to have Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. I believe you are not forced (and if you’ve been forced you need to make things right and seek help). Men and women of God are human beings like me and you and that is why nobody in their right senses should look unto men/women. Even the Bible says that we should look unto Jesus. When people of God make horrible mistakes and my fellow brothers/sisters in the Lord decide not to be in the Lord anymore, I begin to wonder whether they’re really in the Lord!! Beware we are all accountable! Judge not! Remove the log from your eye! Shalom!

  38. K Akintoye: I agree with everything that you said except “Judge not! Remove the log from your eye! Shalom!” You yourself said “Beware we are all accountable!” That means that we are to be accountable for EACH OTHER as well. The Bible says so. So if you have a false preacher out there deceiving people, stealing their money, and preaching heresies, it is our job to warn people not to join themselves to them.

    Why should our standards be any lower than they are in the secular world? If it was the secular world, and some businessman or CEO was lying on his financial reports, misleading investors on his credentials and company performance, and embezzling from the pension funds, bribing officials, and running the company into the ground threatening the jobs of hundreds or thousands of employees and you knew about it, what would you do? Would you “judge not”? Or would you report him to the police for the sake of the people that work at his company and whose money he is stealing?

    Now realize that the only reason why these false preachers get away with their behavior is 1) churches are tax – exempt nonprofits and 2) we generally interpret “separation of church and state” to mean that the state should leave the church alone. But if the same standards and laws that applied to private businesses were applied to these preachers, so many of these people would be in jail. As a matter of fact, a lot of them STILL go to jail DESPITE virtually no legal oversight or accountability. Some of the televangelists that either went to jail or had to resign their positions in shame in the 1980s are back playing the same old games.

    So why do people accept lower standards from the church than they do from the business world? I grew up in a church where all the “pastor” did was lie to and manipulate poor people. Most of the congregation was on public assistance or worked low paying jobs while the “pastor” lived in a mansion and was driven around in a stretch limousine. And his kids used to go around having sex with anything that moved: his already divorced daughter was impregnated by a homosexual, never married the guy, and was still allowed to teach the teenage Sunday school class. People have to start waking up to this nonsense.

  39. Can I ask a strange question?
    Is anyone interested in coming together and becoming like the church in the book of Acts?
    Because until we do, we are just as guilty as those who preach false doctrine…don’t you think?
    Does any one believe that they can live according to this world, or can we do something else. I am not talking about living in a bubble either.
    I mean to live and dwell together, work the land, provide food and clothing, and to minister to the poor.
    Any takers?

  40. Eden Hadassah:

    Well, the communal living in the Book of Acts described the Jerusalem church. It was practicable for them because of their time and place: their Jewish culture was largely communal already. If I interpret your Torah correctly, what happened was that the Jerusalem church went back to living how God intended Old Testament Israel to live in the first place but that they either never achieved or got away from and instead created a hierarchical class system by not keeping the jubilee years, asking for a king, falling into religious apostasy, etc. with the result being an unfair oppressive society just like the pagan nations around them.

    But the Book of Acts does not say that the Gentile churches participated in the communal living. As a matter of fact, Priscilla and Aquila did NOT sell their possessions and give them to the poor or to the other believers even though they were Jews. They gave heavily to the church, allowing the believers to meet in their large home, for instance, but did not emulate the communalism of the Jerusalem church. The other Gentile and mixed churches mentioned in Acts did not either. As a matter of fact, when the Holy Spirit slew Ananias and Sapphira, they were told by Peter that they were under no obligation to sell their goods and join the communalism in the first place: their sin was lying. So no, the New Testament does not require Christians to establish a kibbutz lifestyle.

    However, you are right that Christians should strive for a simple – though not ascetic or monastic – lifestyle based on serving God and ministering to and helping each other and the poor rather that following after the world and all of its material and idolatrous wants. Working the land? Well, it is more holy than sitting around watching cable television (and that does include Trinity Broadcasting Network) or playing video games (and that does include Left Behind: Eternal Forces which is filled with violence and rewards questionable moral choices).

    But it is good to discuss amongst ourselves precisely what the New Testament and covenant requires of Jewish and Gentile Christians. But it is incontrovertible that people who A) steal money, B) are sexually immoral, C) do not run their church according to scripture, D) involve hardened unrepentant sinners in their ministries, E) lie to people about their qualifications and F) purposefully pervasively pervert doctrines over long periods of time are not even trying to do what God wants of us.

  41. If the economic system in place right now is set up to worship and honor Molech and Baal, would you still feel that as a church we should be a part of that system?
    Forgetting both Jew and Gentile, and knowing that we are all one in Yeshua, is it proper to worship Molech?
    It is the bull god system, based on ancient bull worship. Do you see it?
    Beyond what the first church did, it was Yeshua who said to follow him. So does anyone see that it is all about the bull? And whether jew, christian or even muslim for that matter, idol worship is forbidden!
    So if in light of this economic system, we can not have anything to do with it, wouldn’t that mean we also wouldn’t be able to buy or sell anything?
    Think about where everything comes from. Whether you are very prosperous or poor just making it…where does it come from?
    As far as communal living goes, it is a way to live in a manner that does not compromise these values. If you know that money has the mark of freemasons all over it, why have it? If the star of molech also appears on our money, why utilize it, and say that it is used for the furthering of the gospel? Many communal places exist, and they range from hippie,free loving, dope smoking, new age witch-craft, to strange “spiritual no clothing allowed” cults. I have seen the full range, and none have what I am talking about. From Charles Manson to David Koresh to Jim Jones, each were not based on Yeshua, nor were they interested in the lost, the dieing, the poor, the sick or those even in prison. I think that I have said this before…It’s not Praise Jesus and pass the AK-47. I would like to know if anyone would in fact live this way, put their hands to the plough and not look back.
    Just a thought.

  42. Charles said

    HTL you’re going to tell me that you understand the Word as well as you described in comment 40, but, you refuse to either comment on or point to some of the glearing errors that you see posted in the on-going posts? My first question is Why?

    Now; skipping subjects, you mentioned to me that you were nondenominational; recognizing that when first returns, we will all be under ONE, in the meantime, do you have a vehicle for “fellowship in the traditional sense, other than here?

    Finally, please answer my second email.


  43. Charles said

    Obviously, I meant “Christ” not first in my last question. Darn! I’m getting more and more like IC, i.e., engaging my mouth before activating my brain. Chas

  44. Charles said

    Eden Hadassah: You’re absolutely right! Yours is a strange question. Unless you qualify the “we” and state up front that “we” will not hesitate to ex-communicate and banish, if necessary, IndependentConservative, otherwise, you have the makings for a cult in the most negative sense of the word.

    Don’t get me wrong; He really can “Act” (pun intended)sometimes he “acts” meek, sometimes he “acts” sane, and sometimes he “acts” like God is on vacation and left him in charge of the Book of Knowledge. He’s a “summatime man.”

    Before you can come together “like the church in the book of Acts?” You first have to respond to others and act like the people in the congregation of the church in the Book of Acts.


  45. Charles:

    Yes, I have a vehicle for fellowship. I do not speak of it much, but it is a house church. As to why I do not correct people more often: most of my efforts go to new posts, which is what most people will see. When I first began the weblog, I would put these seven or eight paragraph discourses in trying to correct people, there would be no evidence that anyone would ever see it (even the person that I was attempting to reply to) so I had to learn the best way to be efficient with my efforts. And I have to disagree with your reply to Eden Hadassah … wanting us to replicate what the early church had is not strange at all. As a matter of fact, it is an area of study of mine recently, except precisely how to go about doing it practically in our modern pagan individualistic society is hard to formulate in my mind.

  46. Eden Hadassah:

    On one hand, I do not disagree with what you are saying. I hate trading in Mason money, supporting these Rockefeller banks, driving cars fueled by Iran and Saudi Arabia, and buying goods made in China and North Korea.

    On the other, did not the Christians in the Roman Empire live under similar conditions, including having to spend money that had the image of Caesar on it? I do not think that God has called us to withdraw like the Essenes or the Qumram community. I think the problem is that Christians are not doing what Christ said, which is to render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s. Instead, we are giving EVERYTHING to Caesar and claiming that Caesar is God, along with his many Herods. THAT is the problem in my opinion.

  47. Very true…so does that leave you out, since you do not act like one from the church in the book of Acts?
    What would your contribution to the church be, knowing that we are many members of one body? You can’t be the head,
    that is Yeshua’s job (sorry), so what would be your role?

    As far as the making of a “cult”, how interesting! I didn’t know that is what a cult was. I had no idea that worshipping the one true G_d, and forsaking all other gods was cultic. I had no idea that farming, loving one another, feeding the poor, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison was cultic. I had no idea that following Yeshua was cultic. My mistake. Should I then follow you? That wouldn’t at all be cultic right? Should I act like you? Or am I un-fit to loose the straps on your sandals?

    Like I said…
    Any takers?

  48. Yes HTL!
    Yeshua lived in the time of Cesaer, and what was going on? The people were so heavily taxed that they barely had enough money left over to take care of their families. Peter went back to work three times. And what Yeshua did was free them from that system. If they did not work, they did not have to pay the tax. “Give to Cesaer what is Cesaers, but give to G_d what is G_d’s” did not mean, be good Roman slaves and worship Cesaer with those taxes, and bring your earnings into the temple. That would have defiled the temple. It was not allowed. The tithing that jews gave was from their live stock and harvests…not Roman money. Yet that is what was going on in that time. It is also why he turned over the tables in the temple courts. It was all defiled by Roman money and greed.
    Yeshua wanted to free them from the slavery of Rome. That is what it was. To free them from man worship, and having to pay tribute to Cesaer. What could the Romans do with the poor? Or the sick? Nothing, they had nothing to offer the government. Yeshua did not feed them with corporate sponsers, but with a young boy’s meal. So who will we follow? Paul? Peter? John? How bout Ringo? (Sorry, stupid humor).
    We are to follow the Lamb of G_d.

  49. HTL, (I have to remember to make sure that I address the person, other wise entries that I have made to one person will look like it was for another)

    Also, as far as the Essenes go, I do not believe in that system, because it was not based on the law of G_d, but on the regulations of man’s law. The essenes were to my knowledge involved in esoteric worship that dated back to the exiles in Babylon, and they felt they were too holy and pure to be with others. They were a monastic and ascetic fringe group of zealots. We are not called to that either. Their writtings include “The Sons of Light and The Sons of Darkness,” “The Damascus Report” and followed the cultic book of Enoch.
    We are however to follow Yeshua.

  50. Charles said

    Eden Hadassah: I have to assume that your comments at 47 is in response to my comment to you at #44. You will need a much better command of sarcasm so as not to sound foolish; but, what the heck, I’ll bite.
    1)Yes, that would leaves me out. Since I would be out, a response to your 3? and 4? is unnecessary; however, to help your pseudo-suspense: I take the role of Peter, so wearing ear muffs are good.

    The remainder of your questions reminds me of John 21:25,e.g., if you take all of your “i had no ideas,” “should I’s,” and am I’s, and other question that you have, I suppose the church you proposed could not answer them all.

    Pick on someone your own size,


  51. Charles I would prefer to pick my nose!

    Well that settles that with you. No problem, but you my friend go beyond sarcastic to down right sardonic! Have fun amusing yourself. I believe that sarcastic means to “tear flesh”.

    Does anyone else have a thought about living as the church in the book of Acts? And what would that look like for you?

  52. Charles D. said

    So long as you wash your hands, whatever….

  53. I would rather wash your feet…
    And if you would emulate Peter, careful with that sword…lopping off my ear is not recommended!
    If you lop off ears how will any one have an ear to hear?

    Besides, when Peter did take the ear off, Yeshua called him Satan…
    I don’t recommend swinging that sword, or handing out ear-muffs.

  54. Charles D. said

    Eden Hadassah

    My whole point of choosing Peter was that there are all kinds of people in God’s army, e.g., “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder” is an old Christian hymn. Some have the patience of Job, some have the meekness and forgiving spirit of Stephen and each of us are different like the flowers. Thats all I wanted to imply. Actually, David is my Bible Hero, second to Christ.

    However, you, half-hearted wit and all, made a feeble attempt at sarcasm. You’re not interested in whether or not I think your idea has merit. I’d say the average person would view you in the role of a pleaser and that’s fine.

    Since I already have membership in a Godly congregation the point is moot. My comment about pick on someone your own size was to suggest that your reach, almost always, will exceed your grasp, pleaser or not. Like your comment “Besides, when Peter did take the ear off, Yeshua called him Satan…” Jesus certainly did, but hHe did not say it for the point that you were trying to convey. Jesus also said: “On this rock (speaking of Peter), I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail.

    Please notice that Christ didnot say “can not prevail, might not prevail, will not prevail; He said “shall not.” If you have a lawyer friend, you might ask him the legal weight of “shall” in terms of construct.

    We really don’t have to dialogue further if you are so inclined and I will both, honor and respect that. I get a very eerie feeling anyway, since so much gets lost in translation. Don’t know why but there are under currents here.


  55. Charles there is no half hearted feeble attempt at sarcasm. I lost my forked tongue a long time ago, but every now and again it comes up and out.
    Just remember, that as you keep defending yourself on your position of “Peter”. What Yeshua said to Peter after he restored him…
    “I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go”. And although this is how Peter would ultimately die and glorify the L_rd, do you think that it is also true for his church?

  56. Charles D. said

    Can you quote or otherwise, reference the scripture which you now make about Peter?
    While you do that, I’ll just state that Peter was crucified upsidedown, mind you, because he felt he was unworthy to die the same as his Lord.

    And okay, I believe you; about the fork-tongue thing.


  57. Charles,

    The scripture is John 21:18…
    But again, on the subject of Peter, all I am saying is that he was commanded to “feed” and “care” for the L_rd’s sheep, not eat them.
    My forked tongue of sarcasm comes out and I have to be very careful how I speak to others, because sarcasm creates a separation, and a way to be ununited. It is a way to keep from being vulnerable with others. I had an extremely sharp tongue, and I have to admit, I enjoy reading many of the posts where sarcasm is at it’s greatest depth. It brings up old feelings in me…so I must pray everytime I speak with those who have this side of their personality, because it is a weakness for me, which I wanted to put away, with the hope drawing near to other believers.
    Everytime you respond, with another comment that has that “flavor”, I crack a smile. So forgive me for my sarcasm.
    My question was directed towards anyone interested in becoming a church like in the book of Acts, and you responded by bitting into me and others. I just asked a question, but can you answer me with out ripping off my hooves?
    Every once and a while, as I read through your posts, I see your amazing heart, and love for G_d. That gets lost with sarcasm.

  58. Charles D. said

    Listen you little Fruitcake; you just cannot leave well enough alone can you? I ghave responded in at least 24 hours with anyone and I was content. You don’t have to be watchful of your tongue with me; if you don’t want to loose it…just stick it out there again, then, all you ‘ll have left are those hooves!!! I’m not afraid of no stinking forked tongue and I’m not like the man who might be scared.

    Now Eden in my opinion, that’s sardonic. My comments yesterday did not start off to be that way. I can see how you might be have misunderstood them, however, that would mean that you were not in a spiritual frame of mind and neither was I. My Mom use to say: “Give the devil a toehold and he will certainly exploit it.” If true then he had a very good day, yesterday.

    I’m secured in both, mind and heart, what My God means to me and what’s even more remarkable (to me) is my assurance of His for me.


  59. Charles D. said

    Oh Snap! HTL has violated FCC 2305.121 and placed a muzzled me. Stay tuned – you picked the wrong one. Charles

  60. Charles D. said


    Okay you little Fruitcake, you just cannot leave well enough alone can you? I’m not afraid of any forked tongue or any of your other body parts. Wanna keep it? better keep it in your mouth! Now thats sardonic.

    I don’t believe I was yesterday, but, I can understand it if you thought my comments were. Taking a chance of posting this twice, someone’s playing “footsies” with the site. I have much more to say to you, so look out, when you least expect it………P O W! Right in the kisser.


  61. 😉

  62. Charles???
    I love you!

  63. LL said

    OOOOOHHHHH!!! Yall in trouble for talking so bad about Gods people…BIG, BIG, BIG trouble. Dont go crying to God when life seems to get ugly quick. You should have kept your mouth off of His annointed…
    My, My, My…God said to remind you that His people perish for lack of knowledge. Get some now quick…hurry, go on now.

  64. Gatekeeper said

    The reason why so many follow these people is demonstrated by those that come on these sites and say we are not to judge. This demonstrates clearly that these people do not read the Word of God. Matthew 7:1-2 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. FOR IN THE SAME WAY YOU JUDGE OTHERS, YOU WILL BE JUDGED, AND WITH THE MEASURE YOU USE, IT WILL BE MEASURED TO YOU.” I don’t know the individual who runs this site, but I’m sure he would not mind being judged by the measure he uses – the Word of God. Just visit White’s and Bynum’s sites and see if they even mention Jesus in their promos. And listen on TV as they remark how they have healed, saved others and turned other people’s lives around. I thought that was Jesus’ job.

  65. Eden Hadassah said

    Right back at ya babe! 😉

    I guess we should all learn from your example.

  66. sal said

    god said the poor will allways be with you.when god,yes god of the trinity,the three in one. when we get to heaven we are going
    to be surprize to see and not see some we thaught to be there.God also said when he return he will set all things in order.We can’t serve god and money.Every christian should establish how much you need of material goods before you start stealing from god. This is a curse and abmonation.If god give you riches,you won’t loose your house,your husband or wife.God will do the sepration.He compells us to follow him and look to man only as a sinner saved by grace. They are not perfect.

  67. Tanknypd said

    Ppl the bible says we as christians can and should judge those who claim to be in the body of christ (1 cor 5:12), the bible also says we as christians should contend(fight) for the faith, now if those of you want to be sissy’s about not exposing doctrine that nullifies the word of GOD then so be it but agree with healtheland and I think he or she is doing a great job

  68. Mike Allan said

    LL………who said these people are “God’s People”….????? They put a title in front of their names that they pick out of a hat: Bishop,Reverend,Prophetess,Doctor,etc etc…..and spew their dogma to the multitudes while asking you to fund their new Lear Jets so they can travel the world quicker to poison more searching souls faster………….etc etc

    READ GOD’s WORD… “yourself a workmam” etc and TURN OFF THE T.V.!!!

  69. alise said

    We need to be christians instead of kicken a dead horse.we are forgeting that Jesus himself had 12 dysfunctional men with him as he walked. These are the kinds of situations that GOD can get glory out of.pray for them not prey on them.

  70. Prophet Everett said


    I wonder where do you fellowship? Or where do you teach the doctrine of God? What are you doing besides this blog page? Are you visiting the sick, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, preaching the Gospel, abiding in love, walking by faith, and is God pleased with your works. How many people are being torn away from the word because of criticism that I am sure is not thorough in its research. Bits and pieces patched together. Coming against God’s mighty men and mighty women who are in service and touching millions of souls, sacrificing much as well as being blessed with much, many lives wonderfully changed because of the word, and not one of us are yet above reproach, and God’s love is so much different then this. Satan is very successful at dividing because so many of God’s people give him that place. Christians are the most separatist people in all religions, and that is a shame, how many of these that you have spoken ill of, have you personally gone to and addressed your concerns, or really allowed God to show you his heart in them? How many nations have you converted, will God say “well done good and faithful servant” or “depart from me, ye who do works of iniquity. I have a television broadcast also, and I am a Prophet who Shepherds a church, those who watch Christian television should also go and visit the churches that they watch and sit down and talk to the shepherds. Be careful how you use your talents and liberty, for as a man sows, so shall he reap, for God indeed see’s every motive of the heart, I’m sure God desires to use you in a much more positive manner, to edify His people. Satan is a divider, accuser of the bretheren, a slanderer, an assassin of characters, a destroyer of lives, souls, churches, families, ministries etc. Jesus is light, the healer, reconciler and judge. you will always be able to attract people who are cynical but have no fruitful works, have not gotten anyone saved or healed, who do not walk by the word nor faith or in love, but merely criticize. In the last days many will have itching ears, wanting to hear what gratifies their flesh, rejecting sound teaching, gathering unto themselves many teachers, (rather on the internet or t.v. or wherever). But woe to the ones who tickle itching ears.

    Laborer of Love

  71. Charles said

    Everett (and I refuse to call you Prophet until such time as you provide a basis upon which you feel entitled to use the term). To that extent, you are no different than those on whose behalf you seek to speak.

    What proof do you personally have that these are in fact, “God’s mighty men and mighty women?”
    Can you personally attest to how many souls have been touched; how many lives have been changed; or how can you speak about “not one of us is above reproach without including the very same folks you are defending? Can you see the judgments in your own speech?

    It is your next observation that goes above and beyond, you say: “Christians are the most separatist people in all religions, and that is a shame,” I disagree! The shame is you don’t even know anything about “all religions” so again, you make a statement without a legitimate basis. You should stop that sinful practice, even if you’re saying it just to make a point.

    I am not going to speak to either your “television broadcast, your flock, or the title that you use freely, e.g. “prophet.” Call yourself one and I believe God will hold you to the standards of one. Do you know what prophet entails? By your comments in their entirety, there are things that are very apparent about you, about what you’ve said here, and about your agreement with those who are practitioners of false doctrines.

    May God direct you


  72. In comes FALSE Prophet Everett.

    How do you know a false prophet? They grant themselves the title.

    How else do you know a false prophet? They defend pimps!

    Not that they necessarily know it, many deluded people have good intentions, but are false just the same.

    Not that I was asked but,

    have you personally gone to and addressed your concerns

    As if anyone can get near these people that put the Pharisee of Matthew 23 to shame in their level of evil and hypocrisy. Perhaps some of us have tried to reach these people and realized the Lord will have to save them if they are to be saved.

    Job, see the controlling statement:

    I’m sure God desires to use you in a much more positive manner, to edify His people.

    That means you’re not doing what this false prophet would like to see you doing, so in his deluded eyes you’re not edifying and equipping saints for good work.

    Satan is a divider,…

    And many will be in unity under the Anti-Christ.

    These false prophets upsetting whole households with their scams and coming to speak of Satan’s deeds while defending fellow false prophets. How interesting.

    Jesus is light, the healer, reconciler and judge.

    And thank God light has been shown on false prophets mentioned in the post here and now we know of another false prophet, Prophet Everett.

    have not gotten anyone saved or healed,

    See how the fakes always credit themselves. God calls those who are His children to His Son, John 6:44.

    Real saints give the message, but can’t really save anyone.

    In the last days many will have itching ears, wanting to hear what gratifies their flesh, rejecting sound teaching, gathering unto themselves many teachers, (rather on the internet or t.v. or wherever). But woe to the ones who tickle itching ears.

    Pointing false prophet, you need to recognize the fingers that are turned towards yourself from your own hand!

  73. Oh this this lady is really off the deep end! She says her legal name is “Prophet Everett”. And thought he could speak to Juanita Bynum via a web page comment 😆 .

    I mean thank God they got out of abuse, but they certainly are no “prophet”.

    They also claim the title “Senior Shepherd”. Uh, that would be a 1 Timothy 3 conflict! A church leader starts with being a certain type of MAN. Jesus picked MEN to start His church and those MEN instructed that leaders are certain MEN.

  74. Charles said

    Wow! That’s a long one. I’m going to read when I get home. I guess not knowing the difference between prophrt and prophetess might disqualify her. Charles

  75. “Prophet” Everett,

    After reading your silliness the only thing you left out “touch not mine anointed”.

    This blog page probably reaches more people with the truth then all of the sheeple you influence through your “prophe-lying” ministry.

    Get a grip Everett.

    Phil Naessens

  76. Charles D. said

    Everett, IC provided a link to your letter directed to Juanita Bynum, I read it, and have thus concluded: First of all you wouldn’t know the truth if it was attached to you. Your “television broadcast” is at best a deceptive discription of a community free air time (by the way, I never watch those things in my area because that is where all of the crazies run free, pretty much like a rubber room, for those waiting to be committed. Your blog to Juanita could be conscrued as “idol worshiping,” like you don’t have, but wants what she has; you associate yourself with her condition in terms of “loosers” you both have had in your lives.

    The both oyu sound like two sex crazed old women that have and still look to choose men over God even after having paid the price for having done so. Both of you should be ashame of the spiritual crimes that you foster. Both of you need to drop that old title stuff, i.e. “prophet” clean yourselves up and get in a God fearing, Bible believing church, under a no non-sense preacher, and truly learn what and who God really is, both to you and all creation.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Just because there are people out there that will listen to you is not a license for you to take advantage of them nor abuse them with false doctrine of the devil.

    Where did you attend school? What is the source of your ordination? Who is the pastor that delivered your ordination? Where is your physical church? Why does your monostry’s name ends in “Inc.” sounds to me like your trying to keep the IRS from putting you where you belong.

    Find God, not mammon, TODAY,


  77. Job said

    Prophet Everett

    “I wonder where do you fellowship?”

    With other Bible – believing and following Christians.

    “Or where do you teach the doctrine of God?”

    Everywhere I go.

    “What are you doing besides this blog page?”

    Lots of things.

    “Are you visiting the sick, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, preaching the Gospel, abiding in love, walking by faith, and is God pleased with your works.”

    Yes. I do all of those things and more. When you serve God He gives you the strength to do so.

    “How many people are being torn away from the word because of criticism that I am sure is not thorough in its research. Bits and pieces patched together.”

    You just lied. Lots of people come to Christ and come to a better knowledge of Christ through this website. I have been running websites for years, do hours of research each day, and God has given me a great system to organize my research. If you were a prophet, you would have known this already. Because you falsely accused me, you are no prophet.

    “Coming against God’s mighty men and mighty women who are in service and touching millions of souls, sacrificing much as well as being blessed with much, many lives wonderfully changed because of the word, and not one of us are yet above reproach, and God’s love is so much different then this.”

    Unlike you, when I falsely accuse people and am told of I error, I quickly apologize. Otherwise, which is 99% of the time, everything that I say about people is true. All I do about Ms. Bynum and the rest of these people is repeat what they say and show how it does not line up with the Bible. If they did not want me to do what I was doing, then they would not put their falsehoods on TV, CD, DVD, etc. for us all to see, or (even better) they would adhere to scripture when they do.

    “Satan is very successful at dividing because so many of God’s people give him that place. Christians are the most separatist people in all religions, and that is a shame.”

    The Body of Christ is not divided because the Body of Christ is not a church or denomination. The Body of Christ is people who believe the Bible and obey it. My job is to show the Body of Christ and potential converts that these people neither believe the Bible or obey it.

    “how many of these that you have spoken ill of, have you personally gone to and addressed your concerns, or really allowed God to show you his heart in them?”

    I have attempted to contact some of these people. Most never respond. I do, however, have an email posted on here from a prosperity teacher. But various other ministries similar to mine have tried to contact Ms. Bynum, TD Jakes, Paula White, etc. to no avail, because they either refuse to respond, lie, or twist scripture to justify their lies.

    “How many nations have you converted, will God say “well done good and faithful servant” or “depart from me, ye who do works of iniquity.”

    I get visitors on this weblog from all over the world. My international visitors especially like it when I deal with spiritual warfare, teachings that I studied Derek Prince, Frank Hammond, publications by Jack Chick, etc. to make that a lot of “respectable” Christian ministries won’t deal with because they are primarily concerned with protecting their reputations. I am not concerned with protecting reputations. I am concerned with people getting saved, getting demons cast out of them, and living according to how the Bible tells them. What is your concern?

    “I have a television broadcast also, and I am a Prophet who Shepherds a church, those who watch Christian television should also go and visit the churches that they watch and sit down and talk to the shepherds.”

    My wife and I have been on television before to spread the word of God. My wife was ministering to people on the Internet, with her poetry and song, and with charity works long before I started. Now God has her doing other things, and I have picked up where she left off.

    “Be careful how you use your talents and liberty, for as a man sows, so shall he reap, for God indeed see’s every motive of the heart, I’m sure God desires to use you in a much more positive manner, to edify His people.”

    I am careful. I pray without ceasing, including often praying to God whether I should post something controversial, and I often wind up removing things. This is how I edify people. Were you to actually believe and adhere to the Bible, you would see that edification means praise AND rebuke. The Bible says that who God chastens, He loves. So if these people that you speak of are of God, then I am being an instrument of His chastisement. Again, if you were legitimate prophet, or even one that actually believed and adhered to the Bible, you would know that.

    “Satan is a divider, accuser of the bretheren, a slanderer, an assassin of characters, a destroyer of lives, souls, churches, families, ministries etc.”

    Well, Satan uses lies to do those things. I am not Satan, and I do not do those things because I speak only the truth. Also, where Satan does these things to glorify himself, I do them to glorify the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The truth sets people free, not traps or enslaves them. It can convict people, but it is the job of people to respond to the conviction with repentance, which I do daily. The truth never hurt anyone that was interested in it. But those who love lies will be destroyed along with the liars. That is in Revelation.

    “Jesus is light, the healer, reconciler and judge.”

    Yes. And Jesus Christ preached woe and destruction on the Pharisees, Sadducees, the temple, the rich, the powerful, etc. So did Peter, Paul, James, John, Jude, etc.

    “you will always be able to attract people who are cynical but have no fruitful works, have not gotten anyone saved or healed, who do not walk by the word nor faith or in love, but merely criticize.”

    First of all, I do not attract anyone. The people who come to this website are led here. Second, you are again proving the falsity of your prophecy and knowledge, because a cursory study of this weblog will show that it is frequented by people who have very successful and active ministries.

    “In the last days many will have itching ears, wanting to hear what gratifies their flesh, rejecting sound teaching, gathering unto themselves many teachers, (rather on the internet or t.v. or wherever). But woe to the ones who tickle itching ears.”

    Excuse me, but people who tickle the ears are those who tell people what they want to hear. Didn’t you read the Old Testament where they begged the prophets to prophesy nice sweet things to them, and imprisoned and killed them when they refused? Have you not read the Bible at all? Or do you not understand what you read? Or do you rely on your revelations? I try as hard as I can to challenge people as much and as often as I can with difficult topics, because there are plenty of places where people can go to hear easy teachings. I am not saying that all easy teachers are unsaved, just that they are easy.

    “Laborer of Love

    But for whom are you laboring and prophesying?

  78. Job said:

    My wife and I have been on television before to spread the word of God. My wife was ministering to people on the Internet, with her poetry and song, and with charity works long before I started. Now God has her doing other things, and I have picked up where she left off.

    Now that is a mark of humility, because I didn’t even know about you and your wife ever being on TV until this false prophet challenged you. These false prophets brag to the hilt that their faces are on a camera. You’ve been there and don’t brag about it.

    Ms. Everett is under some delusion. Lord willing she will read more scriptures and the scales will fall off her eyes. Even when I was under some of that delusion and running with the wrong folks, such as some of those pimps named above, I could read scripture, but it didn’t really connect till the Holy Spirit made it so for me. Lord willing, her time will come.

    All I can say to Charles regarding comment #76 is, touche!

  79. Let’s see who Paula marries next? Will it be her rich and famous friend, Bishop Noel Jones…….single LA Pastor looking for a mate?

  80. Tally Eddings said

    A PERSONAL OBSERVATION: I live in Orlando, Florida, where A man named Claude Bowers has a TV Station carried on Cable and is in the process of Eternally Asking for Money. In doing this, Claude Bowers brings various and sundry “Ministers” to his broadcast frequently to Preach on the “Seed Faith and Prosperity” message. BEFORE Paula White became a television celebrity and well known, Claude Bowers would Fly her from Tampa to Orlando in a helicopter for her to use her talents to raise money for him. I believe, but do not know, these “Ministers” are PAID (Benny Hinn, Mike Murdock and any minister Bowers can enlist).

    I heard Paula White say on television, “I, myself, have laid hands on TWO WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD HYSTERECTOMIES AND THEY BOTH CONCEIVED AND DELIVERED CHILDREN”. A BOLD FACED LIE! Had such happened, both cases would be recorded in the Medical Literature.

    I have NO RESPECT for this Seductress and it is my discernment that anyone supporting her is supporting a Liar and a Thief.

  81. I believe, but do not know, these “Ministers” are PAID (Benny Hinn, Mike Murdock and any minister Bowers can enlist).

    They are.

    I heard Paula White say on television, “I, myself, have laid hands on TWO WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD HYSTERECTOMIES AND THEY BOTH CONCEIVED AND DELIVERED CHILDREN”. A BOLD FACED LIE! Had such happened, both cases would be recorded in the Medical Literature.

    What would be the point of God willing such a healing? When there are masses of children in need of a family to adopt them?

    Paula White is evil. Just evil. Even after all that is being exposed and falling apart around her, she still spews her vile evil.

    Paula White’s First Fruits Scam Part 2

  82. global warning said

    Didn’t Jesus tells us in the last days that there would be false prophets and even the elect would be deceived? Here she is!!! And deceiving millions, hook, line and sinker!!!

  83. TJ said

    All we have to do is pray one for another, let God be God. Let Him do his job!!!! God loves each and everyone of us and He most definetly love the people who are being gossiped about on this website.

  84. Pastor Jerry Solimani said

    God is tired of deep pocket Pastors, and He will judge them MOST SEVERELY, here on earth, and later in hell if they don’t repent! They HAVE BEEN warned today and forever in Jesus Name. AMEN!!!


    Work out your salvation with fear and trembling because our God is a consuming fire, do not be concerned much about these false preachers for God who is never slack and neither slumber shall reveal them, but meanwhile let us not be quick to judge others ,Elisha the servant of God asked for food from the shunamite woman, in todays life it is like selling your business and giving it to the pastor, she did give though,, and she was blessed. I will never stop giving because i delight myself in doing so because God is Faithful, he ggives back good measure,,,. You whom doent want to give needs deliverance! You need to read the word of God and see tha God himself was the first Giver! He give us his son Jesus to die for our sins,,,Giving is Love,,and those who do not give to the work of God or support the widow and the orphans are not pleasing to God according the scriptures.
    Read the word of God well and surrender all to Him. Tell him to lead you tothe right church where He is worshipped in spirit and in truth,,and you shall enjoy giving,,,there is nothing fulfilling than giving,,,the devil knows that secret,,thats why he has filled the minds of people with false doctrines, that pastors are pimps…It is written…Bring all the tithes that there may be food in the storehouse. Give your tithes10%of your income is Gods!Give offerings as a show nof love and worship.

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