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False Doctrine From Joyce Meyer?

Posted by Job on May 28, 2007

See this link ( and this followup ( and judge for yourself. This blog, named Theology Today, has a lot of good information and links in general, including but not limited to what a lot of these false preachers are up to, such as: Apostle Don Stewart Bishop Randy White creflo dollar devotions false teachers heretic jan crouch joyce meyer juanita bynum liar Marilyn Hickey Nasser Sidiki pastor steven smith paul crouch paula white praise-a-thon prosperity revelation knowledge Scott Paschal slander The blasphemer’s ball The Ten Commandments Without Walls International Church women pastors word of faith word of knowledge

He also has some links to LEGITIMATE MINISTRIES on his weblog as well.


12 Responses to “False Doctrine From Joyce Meyer?”

  1. Daniel Michael said

    I am disgusted by these televangelists. most of them are just plain crooks. Sadly, they are preditors and take from people who can least afford it. Paula White, and Joyce Meyer, recive salaries of close to one million dollars a year. They own expensive homes all over the country. Fly around on private Jets. They preach the false doctrine of “Give to us, and God wil give even more to you.”

    i hope they all get put out of business.

  2. baphy said

    may the God lord forgive,save and burn if u dont repent.
    one thing u ve gat to know is that these are the end times
    and it is written that God’s chlidren will be persecuted so you will not blind fold us becoz u are the devil’s agents.but remember that the WORD of God will never die off yet u ,u will die one day.u ll either go to hell or heven so the choice is urs to work for the lord and live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sandra said

    God will be the judge…read the bible for yourself…

  4. sandra said

    God is the judge of all…we have to read the bible for ourselves to know the truth…that only comes from Him. Pray for all men…and let God be the judge.. we agree, we disagree for whatever reason or another…God but is the judge.

  5. Paul said

    HELLO all of you Christian experts out there, how does one read volumes upon volumes upon volumes of theology & come to the conclusion that (YOUR) doctrines are the correct ones? Does`nt your brain feel like it is going to explode????? You sure you are not just @#$% yourselves???

    • john kaniecki said


      Hi hope you are well.

      What motivates you? All this confusion is spoken about in the Bible. You really want to see fractions check out Marxism. Every group has factions.


      John Kaniecki

  6. I do not blame the beloved saints of God for not knowing the truth. There are men whom God has called to teach them the truth, and these man have failed at their calling.
    Next, not every man who calles himself a minister is called of God. I’m I calling Joyce, Jakes, Osteen, Paula White, Hinn false teachers? I’m saying what they are teacching is not biblical,(not found in the bible) therefore it is false teaching, and thousands are being led astray.

    Next comes the silly idea of not judging. Read this for yourself:

    For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not you judge them that are within? 1 Corinthians 5:12.

    God commands we judge those that call themselves Christian brethen. To fail to do so is why we have this mess in the church today, and we have sinned against God, who has set us over matters of protecting the flock. This is not just for ministers, but for all who are within the body of Christ. It is called discernment, not judging.

    What do they believe:

    They believe we can visualize, decree, and get direct communication of new knowledge from the Lord just as the Gnostics and new agers! Some go further and will speak the image that they want to become reality. It doesn’t seem to bother some people that this is an ancient practice in the occult and other religions and commonly used by the New Age movement today.

    Indeed most Christians support the men and women because they are ignorant to what is taking place. All they know is it works.
    IT WORKS was the reason E.W Kenon (first) and K Hagin (second) were quick to use these demonic methods. They don’t have to believe by faith and can see results. But who is behind bringing these things to past. If the enemy was providing for the Hindu priests and new age worshipers before, he will also be the guiding force behind these method when they are brought into the church. The name of Jesus added to methods like this does not make it Christian. If the root is evil, it is all evil.

    These are all Word of Faith teachers. They also call it the Prosperity Gospel, and Name it And Claim It. This doctrine is probably the greatest weapon that Satan has used in these last several decades to destroy Faith in Christ and His Finished Work. The direction of this doctrine sends the seeker in a wrong direction than what God has intended for believers.

    First, the faith which is proposed is really no faith at all, at least that which God will recognize. If our faith isn’t properly in Christ Crucified, we are not truly in (Faith). The Word of Faith teaching totally denigrates the Cross. They refer to as past miseries, or even as the greatest defeat in human history. It also teaches that the Blood of Jesus Christ didn’t atone. While it will say out of one side of its mouth that the Blood does atone, it will then turn around and say, but not within itself. And with that little hook, people are made to believe that they are teaching and preaching the Blood, which they aren’t.

    They teach that Jesus became a sinner while on the Cross, died as a sinner, which means that He died spiritually, thereby went to Hell, and we speak of the burning side of Hell, and there suffered for three days and nights the agony of the damned. At the end of the three days and nights, they continue to teach, God then said, “It is enough,” meaning that He had suffered enough. He was then born again, even as any sinner is Born Again, and then resurrected. So when they talk about a person’s faith in Christ in order to be saved, they’re speaking of trusting Christ and what He did in the pit of Hell as a lost sinner. Incidentally, all of this is pure fiction, with not a shred of it being in the Bible. But sadly, untold millions believe it!

    Jesus’ first warning, “Take heed that no man decieve you” has fallen on deaf ears.

  7. dotty said

    Father forgive those on this website who speak against your annointed servants of God Lord have mercy on them all.For it is written judge not and you will not be judged .Instead of condeming saints of God you all should listen closely to what they preach. The word also says touch not my annointed and I personally do know Joyce Myer , Darlene Bishop, Paua White and T.J Jakes are women and men annointed by the Holy Spirit and all move under a strong annointing of God.

    • For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not you judge them that are within? 1 Corinthians 5:12.

      You are in denial. Could it be you are fighting against God because you’ve found yourself believing a lie and now must hide that fact, instead of seeking God, asking Him if what is written here is true, or even going to research it for yourself? Oh yeah! The bury head head in the sand trick. God knows my heart!
      Beloved, it is our obedience not our heart felt desires that please the master.

      Jesus said “not every man who cries Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom, but he that does the will of my Father.”

      You wrote: Touch not my anointed do my prophet no harm. Heard it a thousand times. When a false prophet is confronted with truth, they generally use this verse.
      Who told you they were anointed? Do you even understand the true nature of the anointed? Look at the meaning and allow God to minister to your heart.

      The TRUE ANOINTING is God the Holy Spirit. Not gifts and speaking well.

      The FALSE ANOINTING is a Satanic counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. This counterfeit can be very clearly seen in the cultic and occult manifestations of pagan religions.

      Sadly, undiscerning Christian leaders and known false teachers are applying biblical terminology to this so called anointing and they say it is a work of Holy Spirit.

      In doing so, they designate the Person of the Holy Spirit as an impersonal force that can be manipulated at the will of man. Furthermore, the manifestations that occur are not holy, but are the EXACT SAME MANIFESTATIONS found in Hinduism and many pagan cults around the world. False religions call it enlightnment.

      As far as the adultress Paula White, and the man who preaches psychology and not the word of God, T.D Jakes and even Joyce, they do have a speical anointing, but it is not God’s anointing. Repent.

  8. BOBBY VEE said

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…… Whatever, whatever, whatever,

    There was Whores in the Bible days too, you gotta have a Whore for the Male Prostitute Kings don’t you know, or it won’t work!

    Joyce even talks about her past history slutting around. Jimmy Swaggart needed a whore and a 5th of Canadian Windsor with a Motel room.

    Now Vann White, I mean Paula turned back to her Slut lifestyle, she sucked Benny Hinn in. BLAH BLAH BLAH………….They’ll all burn in hell without your help!!

  9. daveywonder said

    I have read many remarks from viewers at this site, and the one MAIN focus that the remarks did not mention is that many thousands are turned away from true Christianity simply because TV evangilists have made a mockery of who and what God and Jesus Christ are and represent. I personally know two souls that refused Jesus Christ because they did not want to be like those they have seen throughout TV. These souls may end up in eternal hell because the likes of the Benni Hinn crowd, Paul and Jan Crouse, etc., have turned them away from the faith.

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