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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

The Goddess Unmasked: What every woman should know about the sacred feminine

Posted by Job on May 18, 2007

See this excellent expose on the false “goddess worship” movement. My interest is not that it is attracting more and more people, but rather that it is worming its way into Christian churches (Jezebel spirit maybe?). So, read this article and see if things from this false religion is making its way into your church or is influencing a pastor or teacher whose ministry that you support. I will say this: the liberal wing of the Presbyterian Church’s considering replacing “Father”, “Son”, and “Holy Spirit” with “Mother”, “Child”, “Womb”  because “some people have had bad relationships with their earthly father that may cause them to reject Christianity because of the masculine language” is clearly influenced by goddess worship. A great many of our seminaries and religion schools have studied paganism, wicca, etc. (and many of them are oughtright pagans) and are using it to influence the Christian pastors that they train, calling it a more “woman – friendly, diverse, progressive Christianity that is more welcoming to all.” Well, if you want diversity, then go share the gospel with someone of a different race, ethnicity, nation of origin, or class background from yourself, and support overseas missionaries (or become one yourself). Study the spread of the gospel and see how its message is best adapting it to whatever culture and setting you are in (as Paul did in Acts 17 when he spoke to the Greek philosophers, in Acts 22 when speaking to Jews, and Acts 26 when speaking to Roman leaders; he gave a different pitch each time) while remaining true to the Bible. That will more than suffice.


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