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The Fallout From Taking On Mitt Romney, The Mormons, And Several Leading Evangelicals

Posted by Job on May 15, 2007

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2 Chronicles 15:6, Psalms 137:1

***WorldNetDaily Story!  Here is the link to the story did
from the Friday May 11th Daily Devotional on Mitt Romney and the evangelical
Christian leaders supporting him.  This story has caused a national
firestorm and I will be doing lots of national media this week regarding my
comments.  Please be praying as I am able to expose the lies of this cult
and point people to the Truth of God’s Word and the hope we have in the one
true Jesus of the Bible!


See my personal view (NOT authored by Bill Keller, the author of this devotional)why opposing Romney for his Mormonism is NOT a religious test

The fallout from taking on Romney, the Mormons, and several leading evangelical leaders. Even though my life is very interesting every day, virtually non-stop in doing all I can to bring God’s Truth and the hope of Christ to the lost and hurting masses outside of the church, the past 72 hours have been interesting times 100.  What I have been dealing with since Friday’s Devotional on how a vote for Romney is a vote for satan and the growing number of leading evangelical Christian leaders who are supporting this satanic cult member’s bid to become our next President, can very instructive for your life.  It is the number one reason most people never take much of a stand for their faith, or even witness to the people in their life.  There is a price to pay for taking a stand for Christ in a world that rejects the Lord.  However, the one thing I want you to never forget is that it is not man you have to please, but God. One day you will die, and at that moment, it is not a man you will stand before….it is God!

The response to Friday’s Devotional was pretty much what I expected.  Alex Burgos, a spokesman for the Romney campaign said, “I guess what I can tell you is it shows that bigotry can still rear its ugly head in society.  It’s sad that anyone would target a fellow American on the issue of faith.”  Ah, the “b” word.  If I had a dime for every time I have been called a bigot in the past 72 hours Liveprayer would be funded for the next 5 years! I’ve told you for years now that the way those who oppose the cause of Christ try to silence those who have the audacity to shine the light of His Truth on their lies is to attack them.  If you speak out against the sin of homosexuality you are called a hate monger.  If you call abortion what it is, murder, you are called intolerant. If you speak out against the cults and false religions of the world you are called close minded. Nobody I know wants to be called any off these things and even worse, so it has proven to be a very effective tactic to verbally assault people of faith who do speak out, and try to intimidate them into silence. Sadly, most of the time it works!

*Be honest.  When was the last time you failed to speak up to defend your faith because you simply didn’t want to take the grief you knew would follow???

For the nearly 8 years I have been writing the Daily Devotional and the over 4 years of doing the TV program, some of the most viscous attacks on our technical infrastructure, on me personally, have come when I expose the lies of the satanic Mormon cult. This time was no different, except it was at an unprecedented level of ferociousness since I was taking on their greatest hope to capture the most powerful office in the world. We had our website and servers attacked relentlessly all weekend.  I’ve received 12 death threats so far in addition to the scores of emails telling me that “someone will visit me when I least expect it.” I refuse to live in fear and having dealt with these types of threats for the past 8 years, have learned how to use the common sense the Lord gave me and ultimately trust Him to watch over me as I serve Him each day.

Even though I expected it, what made me saddest of all were the brutal attacks by those who identified themselves as Christians.  People totally outraged that I would attack such a good man and brother in Christ (meaning Romney).  This is why I do my best each day to expose the lies of the world so you are not as ignorant as the vast majority of Believers. This devious and deceptive cult has done a masterful job of selling the lie that they are “just another Christian church.”  A Mormon is no more a Christian than a Muslim is.  The god and jesus born out of the rebellious mind of Joey Smith are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible!  The false theology of Mormonism is in 100% contradiction to Biblical Christianity. There is only one Truth, and if Mormonism is true than Christianity is a lie. I was not shocked, only saddened by how many who claim to be Christians are so deceived, so gnorant, that they think a Mormon is a Christian.

It was also sad to see just how many people are influenced, have their houghts and views shaped by TELEVISION!  If there was ever a case for why God has given me this passion, this drive to get the TV program back on nationwide, this was a classic example.  I wish you could have read all of the emails over the past few days, the ones still pouring in, from people who parroted virtually word for word what they have heard from people like Sean Hannity and many who reach the masses on secular TV and radio and support Romney. Hannity is on record stating that anyone who attacks Romney for being a Mormon is a hate monger.  The emails poured in from people who have been brainwashed by those they listen to on TV and radio who make the case for Romney that it doesn’t matter that he is a Mormon, that he has great family values, that he is the best choice there is for a Republican to win the White House in ’08.

This is another perfect example of how critical it is to have a program that is on every day, reaching the nation with a Biblical worldview. So many people, even Christians, have their thoughts and views shaped by what they hear on TV, and there is NOBODY with a nationwide platform on secular television who is dealing with the issues of this world and in people’s lives from a Biblical worldview!

The legitimate question that this has also raised is who to vote for in ’08. As in the past, I refuse to tell you who to vote for, that is a choice YOU have to make.  However, let me give you this guidance.  No person who is serious about their faith can vote for a person who is going to support the killing of babies.  No person who is serious about their faith can vote for a person who is gong to support redefining God’s Holy Institution of Marriage.  No person who is serious about heir faith can vote for a person who is part of a satanic cult since that person will give mainstream credibly to that cult which will lead people to join and end up in hell for rejecting Jesus Christ.  That makes this upcoming presidential election a very difficult choice since it is almost a certainty that the nominee from both parties will support killing babies, possibly gay marriage, and be the member of a satanic cult if Romney wins the Republican nomination. So who to vote for?

As you know I am a huge advocate of Christians taking their stand in all areas of the marketplace, including politics. Most likely our only real option will be choosing a third party candidate who will take a stand to uphold Biblical values. I already know that in this two party system we have, a third party candidate has virtually ZERO chance of ever being elected. However, this election is going to be a test of conscience for Christians. Do they compromise and vote for the “lesser of two evils,” or as some will call it, throw away their vote by voting for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning?  As I said, this will be a real test of conscience for Christians unless a strong man who will take a stand for Biblical values comes out of nowhere to win the Republican nomination. (Sadly, the Democratic Party will never put forth a nominee who doesn’t support killing babies.)

Let me share this with you. Given that the next President is NOT going to be a friend of God and Biblical values, this will be a tremendous opportunity to see this nation come back to God and for many souls to be won to Christ. I have told you often that it will not be a politician but a preacher who will lead this nation back to God. With a President who will not lead this nation in any way spiritually, this is going to force true men and women God who can not be bought or influenced, who don’t care about money or the temporal power of this world, to rise up and lead this nation spiritually. This nation is going to suffer and will be looking for hope and answers, and the Bible and Jesus are the ONLY true hope and answer there is!!!

I love you and care about you so much.  Let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to so many in the Liveprayer family who have emailed me with your love and prayers. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your kind words of support have meant. The strength I received from knowing how many of you were praying for me helped me get through some very long days. In the midst of the death threats, the threats of physical harm, the nasty and vicious attacks on me personally, came the love and prayers of so many in the Liveprayer family. No matter how strong we think we are, we are still flesh and blood, week frail humans. I have such great confidence each day in this work God has called me to knowing that you are there with me, standing with me, taking the time out of your busy lives to pray for me. THANK YOU!

In announcing last week that I would be dealing with Romney this past Friday, I heard from one of the top 10 donors of Liveprayer who over the past few years has given between $70,000 and $100,000 each year. He and his family have been blessed by God and have made the sacrifice to support what Liveprayer is doing each day in millions of lives. He called me and told me his family was very active in Romney’s campaign and that if I spoke negatively about Romney he would not be able to support me any longer. I told him that I understood and took the time to explain my concerns with Romney being part of a satanic cult and why I felt he was such a danger to the eternal souls of people if he got elected. I told him that as much as I respected him, I could not withhold or water down this important message warning people of what  it will mean if Romney became President. I also reminded him that he is giving to God, not Bill Keller, thanked him for his
sacrifice for the Lord’s work here, prayed for him and his family and asked God’s blessings on them.

I heard from many more who said they would no longer give to Liveprayer as well as those who unsubscribed from the Daily Devotional. But that is OK, I deal with this all the time. God is the one who has raised up this last day’s work, God is the one who moves on people’s hearts to give, and God is the one who can replace what this one family and these others give each year with others in the Liveprayer family who will be burdened for a true work of God that is about saving souls. This ministry has literally operating month to month since we started 92 months ago.  There are no reserves, no real estate, no safety net of any kind. As I sit here this very moment, we still need $60,000 just to pay the rest of May’s expenses and I have no idea where that will come from. Actually I do. God will move on hearts to provide. Who, how, when, I can’t tell you. I just know that my job is to be faithful for today and God will handle those things outside of my control!

Here is the bottom line to this whole Romney issue. What too many people, especially the people who have been reading what I said in the press can’t comprehend is that this is not about politics, this is about SOULS! My frustration with the many evangelical leaders who are supporting Romney is that they have forgotten that God raised them up to lead people in the eternal things of God, not the temporal things of this world. Why men of God, great groups like the Southern Baptist Convention are willing to support a man who is part of a satanic cult is beyond my ability to comprehend. I realize he is running to be the commander-in-chief, not the theologian-in-chief. I realize that he has a great marriage, great kids, and says he will stand for family values. He actually might be one of the best men there is to be President and lead this nation. (My note: the guy was a one – term governor of a liberal state. What makes people think that he is so electable or qualified? That proves that it is spiritual deception going on.) 

Even if all of that was 100% true, it is still no excuse to support a man who is part of a satanic cult, whose election to the most powerful office on the planet will give worldwide credibility to that satanic cult, will cause millions of people to join their ranks, and ultimately cause them to die in their sins and spend eternity in hell! His candidacy alone has already been a non-stop infomercial for the Mormon cult! I am not saying to abandon the political arena, quite the opposite. We must have a presence and be heard in all areas of life. However, we must never forget that we go into everything we do in this life guided ultimately by eternal goals, not earthly goals.


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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8 Responses to “The Fallout From Taking On Mitt Romney, The Mormons, And Several Leading Evangelicals”

  1. steffielynn said

    So Healtheland is this, Bill Keller guy, the person whom you get your info from regarding the LDS Church???? It is all making sense now!!!!!
    This Bill Keller fellow sounds like he is using scare tactics to “save souls”. Pretty effective if you ask me, I mean telling people they will burn in hell, and voting for Romney is like voting for satan!
    Well you can look at Bill Keller and then put him next to Mitt and and see who the devil in disguise is.
    Mitt is a moral man married to his sweetheart for 38 years and has five sons who are also wonderful men. All of his sons served missions, and so did Mitt Romney, who also served as a stake president for the LDS church. Mitt has always lead a decent life, he is a humble man dedicated to church and family,
    NOW lets look at Bill Keller, who is an ex con who, instead of serving a two year mission, served a two year prison sentence. He confesses to using drugs and cheating on his wife. Keller earned a B.S. in biblical studies from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. , and he earned this IN PRISON!!!! Seems very convienient.
    So you go ahead Healtheland, follow Keller, a hypocrite and a scammer and I’ll stick with MITT!!!!!!!

    Choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me and my house, We will serve the Lord!!!!! (Joshua 24:15)

  2. Troy said

    In response to steffielynn’s reply dtd May 17th, 12:00pm.

    I can’t claim to know much about Bill Keller, Mitt Romney, or the LDS Church. I’ve never visited “healtheland” before nor have I even heard of it. I actually stumbled across this posting doing a Google search of “Taking a Biblical Stand;” it was only out of curiousity that I happened to read the entire message. The only things I can say about Mitt Romney and the Mormon church are that I’ve known some practicing Mormons who were very nice and respectable people; this is how I would describe Mitt Romney based on what little I’ve seen him on television. So far, I probably sound just like the rest of “conservative” America.

    I don’t know a thing about Bill Keller, so I will assume steffielynn’s assertions about him are factual. So far as I can tell, Bill Keller seems like someone with a past. I’ve never been in prison or cheated on my wife, but I have lied to her before. I probably should have gone to jail a couple of times for some of the dumb things I did as a teenager / young “adult”, but God spared me the worldly embarassment. I know that for many, it took something tramatic – like they lost everything – to realize that they need a Savior & Comforter; I know that was the case with me. One thing is for sure though – we all need salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, we’ve all made mistakes – we all have a past; however, those of us with an active faith in Christ have a future with Him.

    As far as Mitt Romney, I think that’s great that he’s been married for 38 years and stands for family values. I don’t agree with the thinking that the Bible is incomplete and requires a Book of Mormon; maybe that’s my ingorance of the LDS doctrine. I know that the Truth (the Whole Truth) is in the Bible, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, and it warns against those that would add to or detract from the Holy Bible (Rev). I would love to have a firm, outspoken, evangelistic candidate for President and every office in government, but we know that through the eroding values in our society and the type of people that our country idolizes (Hollywood, etc.), Christianity in our government will become more and more scarce.

    I don’t know the status of anyone’s heart – their relationship with God through Jesus Christ – but I caution all to check everything against Scripture in the Bible. And, remember this passage from 2 Corinthians 11:13 -15:

    “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It’s not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.” (NIV)

  3. Troy:

    Well, your statements on theology are in agreement with Bill Keller’s position: that Mormonism is a false religion. You are aware that the Bible also says that we are not to support false religions or those who practice them in any way, shape, or form, correct? You are also aware that thanks to “eroding values in our society and the type of people that our country idolizes”, refusing to support false religions and those who practice them and doing pretty much anything else that the Bible calls for is now looked down upon as being “bigoted” and other things, right?
    “I would love to have a firm, outspoken, evangelistic candidate for President and every office in government” Well, that applies to Ron Paul. And Mike Huckabee is a former Southern Baptist preacher. What of them? “Christianity in our government will become more and more scarce.” So that means that we should support the Christians that are running and deny support to the non – Christians, right? Look, Bill Keller’s only concern is that Mitt Romney getting elected President will lead to more people converting to Mormonism because it will result in the mainstreaming of the religion. The comparisons to Roman Catholicism are absurd because where there are only 5 million Mormons in this country, a significant portion of the American population was Catholic at the time. So even if Romney’s winning the Presidency increases the number of Mormons by “only” two million, that would represent a substantial increase in the size of that cult. “I don’t know the status of anyone’s heart – their relationship with God through Jesus Christ – but I caution all to check everything against Scripture in the Bible. And, remember this passage from 2 Corinthians 11:13 -15” You are 100% correct. Only God knows the status of a person’s heart, but we know them by their ACTIONS (their fruits) and the fruits of Romney and every other Mormon is their saying that the Bible is not good enough for them, and they have to add to it and subtract from it with their own beliefs and revelations. Which the Bible calls heresy, apostasy, and blasphemy. There really is no reason for a Christian to support Romney.

  4. steffielynn said

    Hi, well in response to your post, I must say I completley agree with you when you say “we’ve all made mistakes -we all have a past; however, those of us with an active faith in Christ have a future with Him.”
    You are absolutely correct. I think its great when people find Christ and change their lives.

    My problem with Mr. Keller is
    #1 He is NOT an authority on the LDS beliefs (nor is he even close!)
    #2 He is NOT God, yet he acts as if he is the judge.
    #3 If he were the “Christian” he claims to be, he would be loving and kind and Christ like, as a man of God should be.

    I have only been a member of the LDS church for 2 years. I know all this Anti stuff and where it comes from because my parents were sooooooo Anti! They would not even allow me to have any Mormon friends!

    I get it! I know it from both sides.
    And the info that Keller AND Healtheland are giving about the LDS church is so incorrect.

    It saddens me deeply, and that is why I am here.

    I would like to address another point you made. You speak of Revelations.

    Did you know The book of Revelation was written by John The Revelator. John is not speaking of the Bible when he wrote Revelation 22:19 because the Bible was not yet compiled. He was speaking only of the book of Revelation. The Bible as we know it was compiled years later (around 325 A.D.)and is NOT in chronological order. Also….in Deuteronomy 4:2 it says…. ” Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.” So is everything written after Deuteronomy false?
    No. Why? Because He is speaking of the book of Deuteronomy, not the Bible. Just like John who was speaking only of the book of Revelation.

    Troy, Nowhere does the bible itself declare that God will no longer speak directly to his children or add scripture!

    Healtheland, You say “the fruits of Romney and every other Mormon is their saying that the Bible is not good enough for them, and they have to add to it and subtract from it with their own beliefs and revelations.”

    The Bible is absolutely important to us. We just know that God still speaks. We have a prophet who is there to give modern revelation. Let me just take a second to tell you how blessings have come to me because of modern revelation.

    I was a big drinker, I loved it and never in a million years thought I would give up my budweiser!
    But it was tearing my family apart. I was too wrapped up and selfish to realize it.
    When we were investigating the church I learned that through modern revelation The Word of Wisdom was given. I was like, no way I cant give up my beer.
    But when I knelt and prayed and found that this was the true church, I never drank again.
    And what a blessing it has been, My husband and I don’t argue, my kids are not exposed to it, I lost 25 pounds.
    I am healthy and happy and it is because of modern revelation.
    This is just a small example, (I have many more!) but the point is without modern revelation I would still be drinking and I would not have these blessings.

    You think the Bible is all we need, well we disagree. Our world is always changing. We still need guidence.

    I would love for you to show me where in the bible it says that God will stop talking to us.

    Healtheland ol’ buddy. I know we just keep on going in circles. But I like you, and I just hope and pray that one day you will get it! 🙂

    The Gospel has changed my life. My family is eternal. (which is also from modern revelation) What an amazing feeling that is! I hope and pray all will find this happiness!

  5. susie edmonds said

    May Gd see your works.

    Hold onto the faith and the lord will guide you and his will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  6. unanimous said

    Bill Keller is nothing more than an intolerant, ignorant bigot.

    “I don’t want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny – Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear”

    Margaret Chase Smith quotes (American Senator, 1897-1995)

  7. David W. said

    I cannot agree more with Mr. Keller. He is no bigot, he is speaking biblical truth. Any number of people can rage at the truth, it is unchangeable. The election of Romney would be a catastrophe equal to the devastation caused by the current criminal regime that ostensibly runs the U.S. Ron Paul is possibly the person who could stem the tide, but the balance may have already tipped to far.

  8. David W: Another Ron Paul supporter! Great! I have one objection to your comment though … Ron Paul cannot stem the tide, only God can. And that will only happen if we do as the Ninevites did in response to the preaching of Jonah, which is humble ourselves and repent in the HOPE that God will spare us. Not that we deserve to be spared if we do so, but in the HOPE that God will have mercy upon us. Soli deo gloria!

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