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Abortion Clinic Caught Breaking Statutory Rape Reporting Laws

Posted by Job on May 14, 2007

Of course, some would call this entrapment. But the same people who would complain about things like this have NO PROBLEM with people sending phony job seekers on interviews so that they can file discrimination complaints if they are not hired. Now while I actually agree that a lot of these employment and discrimination hunters did great work exposing racists and punishing and preventing discrimination, a lot of the situations that resulted in lawsuits with employers were murky. But with the abortion industry, we KNOW that rather than “helping a woman make a painful medical decision” they are pressuring women into getting abortion, and that they feel that it is better for a teenage girl to “dispose of the problem” than it is to get her to report a statutory rape case to law enforcement. Why? The “sexual freedom” thing. That is the reason why they support abortion in the first place: so that a woman’s (or girl’s) sexual choices are unencumbered. If teenage girls were required to make their sexual choices known to law enforcement, it would inhibit their ability to act on their desire to have sex with grown men. Therefore, they encourage the ABORTION to encourage the BEHAVIOUR.  Now of course pro – abortion crowd will claim that the real motivation of the pro – life movement is actually to restrict female sexual behavior, and that our belief that it is murder was invented. Of course, they ignore that a person ought to be allowed to have sex with whomever they pleased with no consequences whatsoever is a similar invention, and a far more recent one, especially when one considers that feminists were once stridently pro – life. Such people provide absolutely no evidence that people historically believed that life began at birth, and that it was perfectly fine and moral to end pregnancies. As a matter of fact, there is not even very much evidence that very many people regard life as beginning at birth in contexts outside of abortion! Come on, when was the last time you heard a pregnant woman say “my fetus” instead of “my child” or “my baby”? So people, do not be deceived: it is not a question of when life begins, or whether someone should be forced to become a parent if they do not want to, or stopping women from entering the workforce. It is all about defending a woman’s right to indulge her sexual appetites however she chooses. And if you doubt that this is a big issue for the left, please realize that an UTTERLY RACIST episode of the ABC TV series “Commander In Chief” depicted a female President (played by Geena Davis) threatening to invade Nigeria to stop a fornicator from being executed under shari’a law. Her character actually states during the show “If you think I’m going to sit by while a woman is executed, tortured, for having sex, you’re sorely mistaken.” So, if these people are willing to go to war to defend “sexual freedom”, of course they are willing to kill babies in the womb for the same reason.


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