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Christian Opposition To Mormon Mitt Romney Is NOT A Religion Test!

Posted by Job on May 13, 2007

In this prior Romney post (click here), I made notice of the fact that most of the biggest religious right supporters of Romney (and especially the ones playing the “religious bigotry” card) are Catholic, and suggested that the reason was that Catholics believe that they could get more out of a Mormon than they could a Catholic or Protestant, especially in the area of Supreme Court nominations and the state financing of Catholicism. This article is a particularly egregious example of it. See, they are trying to sell you the LIE that opposing Romney because of his religion is “a religion test.” To do so, they oppose the TRUTH, which is that religion test only applies to a government law or political party rule that bars a person of a particular religion, by making the spectactular claim that private citizens should abide by the same rules that the government has to. “We know many people are saying “So what? This applies to the government, not us.” On the contrary, it does apply to us. We are told that this is unacceptable for the government to do, so why is it different for us? It is not.” Let us say we allow this inquisition to happen, and Mitt Romney is not elected because of his faith. Not only will we have denied a competent, capable person of achieving a federal office, denying him based only on his religious identity, but we will have also created a very slippery slope. We, the people, will have literally created a new form of political attack. No one would be safe from such an assault. Thomas and I would be just as disdained as Governor Romney for our beliefs about Communion, the Trinity, or the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. And so they lay it all on the line: if Protestants start resisting Mormonism for their blasphemies and heresies, THEY MIGHT COME AFTER OURS NEXT! And do you know what? I was watching this excellent TV show produced by the folks at AmazingFacts.TV, and it assuaged the guilt that I used to feel whenever I go after Catholics. How? 1) THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HOLDS THAT THE POPE TAKES THE PLACE OF THE SECOND PERSON OF THE TRINITY ON EARTH. 2) They gave the precise point in history when the Catholic Church crossed the line (when they started using STATE ARMIES to force conversions). So, rest assured, I will be adding Catholicism to Mormonism and unitarianism (Jesus Only Oneness Pentecostals and similar) to my list of cults whose heresies I will expose.

In any event, do not believe either conservative Catholics like Sean Hannity and Kathryn Jean Lopez or secular liberal lies like this nonsense from my hometown Pulitzer Prize winning “newspaper”(click here). Make no mistake: the ILLEGAL (as it should be) religion test ONLY applies to government and to entities that are of public accommodation and as such cannot discriminate (i.e. restaurants, places of employment, political parties, etc.). It DOES NOT apply to individuals. It DOES NOT apply to private groups or entities. And individuals and private groups SHOULD NOT feel beholden to emulate the government on this issue or on any other issue!

Let me give you an example of how foolish this is. Say someone was convicted of a brutal child rape and murder based on overwhelming evidence, but the conviction was overturned on appeal because the police and prosecutors made procedural errors gathering and handling the evidence, and they can’t try him again because the courts won’t allow the evidence to be submitted again, and without it there is no case. (Yes, people, it does happen.) In this instance, THE STATE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TREAT THE MAN AS IF HE IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT. Now, if you were to adhere to what the writers of this article say, then you – despite being fully aware of the facts and circumstances of the case – should have no problem with renting a room in your house to this fellow, ESPECIALLY if you have have children, right? Moreover, IF IT HAD BEEN YOUR DAUGHTER THAT HAD BEEN RAPED AND MURDERED, SINCE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT AFTER THE SAME MANNER AS THE STATE, YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THIS FELLOW WHATSOEVER. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT FORGIVING THIS FELLOW (as God requires as a condition of your own forgiveness), NO, BUT YOU WOULD HAVE TO PRETEND AS IF HE WERE NEVER ACCUSED, ARRESTED, CHARGED, TRIED, AND CONVICTED OF THE CRIME BASED ON OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, WHICH IS PRECISELY THE SAME STATUS THIS FELLOW WOULD  HAVE IN THE EYES OF THE GOVERNMENT!

And for a more hypocritical example: the state cannot make distinctions in religious belief and sexual preference or behavior when hiring and firing, right? So, if we are supposed to use the same standard as the state, then in Massachusetts the Catholic Church ought to ordain married pagan lesbians as priests and allow them to adopt children from their adoption agencies, right? 

Listen, Christians. What these “no religion test” people are actually trying to get you to do is RENOUNCE YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. That is correct. An individual Christian or even a large well organized group of Christians making the decision to oppose Mitt Romney, the representative of the false cult religion that wants to fill you to the brim with demons and send you to the lake of fire for an eternity, because of his religion or any other person for their religion IS CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS (and political) BELIEF, PRACTICE, EXPRESSION, AND SPEECH! THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO EITHER CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN THIS AREA, OR SHAME YOU INTO SURRENDERING THEM WITH ACCUSATIONS OF BIGOTRY!

Now I will admit, if you have been totally plugged into the media, entertainment, educational system, political discourse, or even attend many churches, you will have the CONVICTION that it is BIGOTRY to oppose someone SOLELY for their religious beliefs. (Which is all the more reason why Christians should strive to renew their minds from those things by full continuous immersion of them in the Word of God Romans 12:2.) I say so what? THE CONSTITUTION GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BE A BIGOT IN THIS AREA JUST AS IT GIVES THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TO BAR WHOM THEY CHOOSE FROM THEIR OFFICES AND THE FAMILIES OF VICTIMS OF HORRENDOUS CRIMES THE RIGHT TO DENY REQUESTS FOR HOUSING TO THOSE WHO COMMITTED THEM AND ESCAPED PRISON ON TECHNICALITIES!

Christians, you must understand that there is a well – coordinated effort underway in this country to deprive Bible – believing Christians of their rights. The first avenue is always the political/legal realm, but when that fails, there is the “pressure tactic” strategy, and then the “shame/guilt/condemnation” strategy. And no, it isn’t about Mormons, really: it is about religious speech. Now it is impossible to make TRUE Bible – based speech illegal NOW, but after decades of getting Christians to stop saying that homosexuality is sin, abortion is murder, and the Yeshua HaMashiach of the Bible is the only way to heaven and all who reject Him will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity. They do this by telling us that our views are irrational, discriminatory, dangerous, divisive, hurtful, etc. and by taking all sorts of methods of reprisal against us (including but not limited to firing us from our jobs and ostracism). Christians that are in love with the world and themselves will fall in line, and that will make it politically feasible to pass laws that make Bible speech hate crimes. Anyone who gives up their rights today allows those same rights to be taken from someone else tomorrow, and it happens time and time again and again.

Now if an argument is to be made AGAINST an organized campaign by Bible – believing Christians to oppose Romney, it is NOT a legal, political, or moral one. Instead, it would and should be as everything else: 100% Biblical and spiritual. A person could posit that opposing Romney based on his Mormonism alone would be failing to “love thy neighbor as thyself” as Yeshua HaMashiach commanded us to. That is actually an argument worth considering. I deal with that with my statement advanced in my “Demon Of The Day: Racism” article (and I do need to get back to the “Demon Of The Day” feature): that does not mean that you should fail to oppose Romney because if YOU were the Mormon YOU would not want HIM to oppose YOU. It does not even mean that “well, we wouldn’t want Mormons to oppose Christians so we can’t oppose them.”

The easiest way to disprove that intellectual dishonesty is this: what is the greatest act of love that you can show someone? Simple: sharing them the gospel so that their spirits will be spared the lake of fire on the day of judgment and instead be with God for eternity should they accept and endure until the end. Of course, were you a Mormon, you would not want some Christian coming to you telling you that your religion is false and it will take you to the lake of fire for an eternity, right? And as a Christian, you certainly do not want Mormons (or Muslims or Jehovah’s Witnesses or Oneness Pentecostals or Catholics or secular humanists or homosexuals or abortionists or anyone else) proselytizing you, do you? I mean, you concede that they have the right to do it in a free country, but you do not WANT them to do it, do you? That teaching of Yeshua HaMashiach instead means that we should give the Love of Christ just as we desire to receive that same Love. And you know what that Love of Christ includes? Warning. Reproof. The Bible – including Christ’s very teachings – is consistent in it’s treatment of sin and sinners. It is explicitly clear in what will happen to all who do not reject sin: eternal destruction! And that gets back to “loving your neighbor as yourself.” If you were lost in sin and in danger of eternal damnation, would YOU want people to pat you on the back and say “You’re fine, you’re a good person, God is going to accept you just the way you are!” That is not loving someone, that is hating him. By the same token, a Christian failing to take into account Mitt Romney’s false religion is not loving Romney, it is hating him, and it is certainly hating the millions of people that would convert to Mormonism were he to gain the seat of power of the most powerful nation in the world. 

So, not only is it the duty of every Bible – believing Christian to refuse to support Romney, it is the duty of every Bible – believing Christian to oppose him. Are you a Christian or are you not? Do you believe in the Bible or do you not? Well, the Bible clearly says that A) false religions are evil and B) to resist evil. No case can be made otherwise, and the only reason for attempting to is your being such as one whose heart is filled with the words and “values” of this world and of men (and their demons) rather than the Word of God. We are to be upholding the Word of God, not worldly views and values. It is about being obedient to Christ, not keeping Hillary Clinton out of office. Yes, Christians are supposed to oppose Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and everyone else that supports gay rights and abortion, but no Christians are not supposed to be trying to parse between “the lesser of two evils” like you are trying to choose between whether to let a demon of violence or a demon of hate to let into you or something. 

Now I have been saying from the beginning: this is not so much to do with Romney. Romney is one man with one eternal spirit who has to decide for himself whether he will submit himself to the Triune God of the Bible or not. This is about BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS. Support for (or failure to oppose) Romney and all of the other Christ opponents is a test of A) whether your mind is of Christ or after the world and B) whether you are willing to fight the Lord’s battles or not. Now there are some Christians who simply practice rarely or not voting as a general practice; this is not necessarily aimed at them. But as to Christians who plan to vote or do vote, do not fool yourselves into thinking that you can compartmentalize God. God should dominate your every word, thought, and action. Everything you do should be to serve, honor, and glorify God and to advance God’s righteousness. I did not say to advance the pro – life pro – family traditional values agenda. An atheist, pagan, Satanist, or witch can be pro – life and pro – family with traditional values. Do not think that your participating in putting a Mormon in the White House so that he can overturn Roe v. Wade will please or honor God. So he may stop abortion and gay marriage: what about everything else he does?

And if your failure to support Romney puts Hillary Clinton in office? Well, this is what it is about, Christians. Read Frank Peretti’s “The Visitation” about this “taking this town/city/nation for Christ”nonsense. God did not put you on this earth to save America and set it on the right path. If He did not send His Own Word who is also God as His Son to free Israel from captivity and compel the Jews to follow Him, what makes you think that it is your job to save America, or to participate in America’s saving? Read your Bible, Christian. No where in the New Testament does it say that we are supposed to transform nations politically. Why? Because nations and political systems ARE OF THE WORLD. THE WORLD REJECTED CHRIST. SATAN IS THE RULER OF THIS WORLD, AND SATAN AND THIS WORLD HAS NOTHING IN CHRIST. SINCE WE ARE CHRIST’S AND THE BODY OF CHRIST, WE ARE TO HAVE NOTHING IN THIS WORLD AND THIS WORLD IS TO HAVE NOTHING IN US! The only reason why this doctrine – which is explicitly given in crystal clear scripture – is not only not commonly known but is regularly contradicted in the words and actions of so many Christians is because we have been raised to believe that we should merge politics and culture with our relationship with Christ. (I actually heard this right – wing talk show once claim that our Constitution was divinely inspired by God!) And that is the main problem with this “religious right” movement, which is really the right wing version of the Marxist “liberation theology” movement. We are not supposed to be trying to save America: it is God who raises up, judges, and brings down nations and kings as HE sees fit. God gave us fall free will; free choice. We cannot bring, drag, or compel nations to righteousness. We cannot even bring, drag, or compel INDIVIDUALS to righteousness. Each individual and each NATION must make its own choice regarding whether to follow good or evil. Your job, Christian, is to A) work out your own salvation and B) preach the gospel so that God can use you to save others and to C) resist evil GOD’S WAY, not the world’s way, which is also evil. And how do you perform C)? By A) and B). It is a 3 point circle with definite distinct parts that are interdependent, point to the other parts, and with B) and C) dependent on (subject to) A, just like the Triune Godhead. We are, after all, made in God’s Image, and salvation through Christ gives us the power to act like it, and we are supposed to use it!

So if America elects Hillary (or Romney) that is America’s problem, not yours. You are supposed to have FAITH in YOUR GOD that HE will deliver YOU NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICA! These “religious right” types have forsaken the fact that we are supposed to be living for the next world and not this one; the next world is where we are supposed to have our treasure. And that is why so many Christians like the billionaire Pat Robertson (who has made his share of questionable business deals in his time) are even THINKING of supporting Romney: their treasure is in the wrong place. Barring some miracle, it is very likely that the next President of the United States will be someone that is OVERTLY AGAINST THE BIBLE IN A CLEAR SIGNIFICANT WAY. Christian, it is my duty to tell you that A) if that happens God is still on the throne and that event will be used as part of His Plan and B) it would be in your best interests if it happens without your help.


3 Responses to “Christian Opposition To Mormon Mitt Romney Is NOT A Religion Test!”

  1. I am not particularly concerned or interested whether Mormons are Christians, Deists, Cosmopolitan, friendly, weird, etc. I care about my inalienable rights and the inalienable rights of other sovereign citizens.

    After more than a decade of intense political involvement in Utah politics, and longer studying the doctrines and political practices of Mormon leadership, coupled with my observations of Romney’s multiple political personalities, I would argue that he is completely unfit for any political office. Romney’s gubernatorial record includes a 2006 vast expansion of taxpayer-funded abortions-on-demand, a sweeping gun control statute in 2004, and millions of dollars in additional taxes in 2003.

    Rather than belabor my position, see the following article:

  2. […] after Huckabee lately (see here where an entire site whose entire purpose for existing I invalidate here calls Huckabee’s supporters stupid and accuses them of being responsible for the New […]

  3. Eden Hadassah said

    Well said Daniel! 😉

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