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Yolanda Adams Promotes Humanist Anti – Christ On Nickelodeon

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

Now I extend a degree of tolerance to Christians whose beliefs are different from mine, but we have to draw the line and take a stand somewhere. I was watching gospel artist Yolanda Adams – probably the #1 female act in the business – on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” a couple of years back when she vigorously defended herself for appearing in secular venues that promote anti – Christian messages such as Black Entertainment Television and the TV show “The Parkers” (on which Mary Mary also appeared), saying that “Christians need to be represented in the mainstream.” The audience enthusiastically agreed, and I was consenting to it at the time. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why I support Bill Keller’s Live Prayer Ministry despite my having some doctrinal disagreements with him is because he is willing to do things like go on the Howard Stern show. While at the time I was denouncing Christians who criticized Adams for her courtship of the secular market as Pharisee legalists, it is now obvious that it is not so much WHETHER Christians take on the mainstream, but WHICH Christians do so. From what I have seen Ms. Adams’ forays into the mainstream, supporting her when she does so is NOT what Christians should do.

It is bad enough that in Jet Magazine, she claimed that God intended her second marriage to last “only for a season”, and insisted that her daughter would benefit from her parents being divorced and shuffling from one house to the other.  It is bad enough that on “The Parkers”, she portrayed a never married preacher with an out – of – wedlock child that was becoming the head pastor of a church, and the show depicted people who opposed her taking over the church as accusing bigots (as opposed to people who wanted to adhere to what I Timothy 2:9 – 14 and elsewhere says about pastorship qualifications). But her appearance on Nickelodeon’s “Jack’s Big Music Show” takes the cake.

Hey, if you want to condemn me for allowing my kid to watch Nickelodeon in the first place, go ahead, I shall mount no defense, for I myself only recently stopped asserting that such a thing was wrong.  Even now I only say that watching secular TV every now and then will actually harm you LESS than sitting around watching TBN all day. Why? Because secular TV makes no pretense of serving God. Now I do turn the channel when the content on “Jack’s Music Show” is overtly anti – Christian (i.e. when they sing New Age songs and such), but otherwise, it is a pretty cool show. (Which is not to say that you should go and let your kids watch it; this is NOT an endorsement, just an acknowledgment of its entertainment value and artistic merit.) Similar to “Backyardigans” (except that “Backyardigans” is better, though again this is NOT an endorsement, and it DOES have some objectionable content at times), it introduces very young children to different music styles and encourages them to dance, be happy, and have a good time (as opposed to the usual children’s entertainment fare that promotes that promotes cynicism and subversiveness). The one thing that “Jack’s Music Show” has on “Backyardigans” is that it is “live action”, allowing it to have musical guests; celebrities and what not. So I found myself wishing that a gospel or Christian artist would be a guest on the show. I mean come on, ONE CHRISTIAN ARTIST SINGING ONE CHRISTIAN SONG couldn’t POSSIBLY harm anyone, right? Especially since, again, they DO have singers on there promoting eastern religion – inspired New Age music. They wouldn’t even have to mention Jesus Christ (since after all, an increasing number of “Christian” and “gospel” songs make no mention of the Name, and a great many that do fail to describe His Purpose and Nature)!

Well, today I find out that the old saying “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it” thing is quite true indeed, for who should be the musical guest today (though who knows when the show was actually taped or first aired) but YOLANDA ADAMS! First, she comes out dressed in her usual, er, attire (very tight and see – through) but hey, she has been dressing like that for years, plenty of other female (and some male) gospel artists have followed after her “if you got it flaunt it” style of dress, and Adams and those who have been influenced by her example have pretty much used the “accuser! legalist!” defense to win that battle a long time ago, so no news there. The main thing was that here she was, in the secular arena, getting kids to glorify the Lord, even if by singing a traditional song that doesn’t mention the Lord (or a contemporary song for that matter, including on of the MANY that she has made that doesn’t mention the Lord).

Wrong. Oh, it had a great, promising start. The background music was one of those old time black church gospel beats. And Yolanda Adams starts exhorting the, er, puppets (hey, it’s a kid’s show and I have kids, all right!) to jump up and down, wave their hands, get glad and excited with joy in their hearts, just like a choir director or a worship leader in a lively song service. And then Adams goes right along with the anti – Christ agenda by leading the, er, puppets (and the countless children watching the show) into a toe tapping foot stomping rendition of “THE SONG OF ME!” I am serious. She tells them “This is a song about me! I feel good about me! I love me! I am so happy to be me that I want to jump up and down! I want to run around! I want to dance! I want to clap my hands! Because I AM ME!”

Now in a great many contexts, there is probably not a whole lot wrong with this in and of itself. I cannot find much fault with telling a bunch of 3 to 6 year olds that they should love themselves and regard themselves as special. And let us face it this IS a secular show, so I am not going to state that a Christian should demand it be said “you are special because God made and loves you” or else refuse to participate. Christians who act like they are in church all the time and insist that people who do not share our beliefs pretend as if they do cause far more harm (a lot) than good (virtually none if any at all). But there is a line between “I am special and I like being me” and self – idolatry. How fine is that line? Well in this case it really doesn’t matter because this Yolanda Adams outrage was very much onto the other side!

Look, let us not be naive here. Nickelodeon knew what they wanted. Invite the leading female gospel singer on and have her not only sing a “song about me” but also exhort kids into worshipping themselves using the music, dance, chants, and traditions of gospel music! Nickelodeon wanted to use a prominent Christian to promote kids worshipping themselves in the place of God and found someone perfectly willing to do it – someone willing to be used to teach the little kids how to be little idolators – and to use Christian traditions in the course of doing so.

Now I am not going to claim that all these kids suffered such great spiritual harm by this five minute appearance on a show that virtually nobody watches. (Or more to the point, it is no greater than the spiritual damage that they potentially receive in a host of other places.) No, this is all about Yolanda Adams and those like her. Look, people, Nickelodeon is owned by the same people that own MTV and BET, and who gave us Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue. EVEN IF SHE HAS NO DISCERNMENT WHATSOEVER, SHE HAD TO HAVE KNOWN WHY THEY WANTED HER TO HAVE KIDS JUMP, DANCE, CLAP THEIR HANDS, PRAISE, AND SHOUT TO “THE ME SONG”! But she did it anyway. Why? Well, the same reason why she dresses the way that she does. The same reason why she is a frequent guest – and host – of TBN’s “Praise The Lord” despite knowing what TBN and a great many of the people who are on it are all about. The same reason why she claimed that her involvement in a short term marriage was God’s Will (claiming that her marriage was “for a season” is saying that God intended for her to be married to her husband only for a time). What was this reason? Because she WANTED to.

And that goes back to her saying how it was SO IMPORTANT for Christians to be represented in secular forums. Well, judging from her appearances on Nickelodeon, “The Parkers”, and in “Jet Magazine”, though Christians were represented by virtue of her presence, Jesus Christ most certainly was not.

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7 Responses to “Yolanda Adams Promotes Humanist Anti – Christ On Nickelodeon”

  1. Be encouraged and keep blogging!

  2. C3henille said

    Thank you for talking about Yolanda Adams. My mother listens to her radio show everyday and I cannot believe the false teaching I hear her say. It is obvious she is not apt to teach and really needs to go somewhere and learn Christ aright. She is not a bad singer so she gets away with a lot based on her talent alone but it is time for people to start looking past the tone of her voice and hear the things she is actually saying. I hope that Ms. Adams is not a wolf but I am starting to think that such a thing could be possible.

  3. Brian said

    After reading this article, I love Yolanda even more. She is anesome!

  4. Latoya said

    Neither this stunt nor does the stunt with her new debit card surprise me.

    Yolanda Adams has become a super religious reprobate, okay. She sold God out a log time ago. Her music and focus drastically changed when she first signed with Elektra Records for the “Mountain High Valley Low” album. Mark my words, she is going to come out with an all out secular album and say God told her to do it to reach the lost.

    I think it is a slap in God’s face for her to take the song of a satanist and sing it. The song denies the existence of God in it. What was she thinking????!!!!???? I will tell you what she was thinking, “it’s all about the Benjamin’s, baby.” That is what she was thinking. Shame on her. She is a lost woman of the world who loves fame and empty fortune over the one who suffered bled and died for her wretched soul.

    She has even recorded with Satanist rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony. The group admitted the reason they used Yolanda Adam’s endorsement was to broaden their audience.

    She is so out of order. She can’t even keep her marriage together. She is divorced yet again, but gives no reason to the church for why her last marriage ended. She expressed in a video on YouTube that she is open to the possibility of remarrying and here she can’t even take care of paying her taxes.


    I have watched clips of video on Youtube (one in which she was at the Stone Soul Picnic) and was given a grand opportunity to share the Gospel with the interviewer even after the interview asked where her inspiration came from and what her testimony was. She chalked it up to using the opportunity to promote her pseudo ultra relevant spirituality rather than sharing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    She is a curse and even accursed because she purposely distort the Word of truth for personal gain. NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY that people like Chaka Khan and Alicia Keys who sing sinful destructive music, those people actually know the living God. The bible teaches that, “If any man be n Christ, he is a new creation old things are passed away and behold, all things are made new (1 Corinthians 5:17).” 1 John 5:18 says,” We know that no one who is born of God sins; but He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him.” Therefore, if Chaka Khan and Alicia Keys were truly born again like Yolanda has been trying to convince people, they couldn’t sing sinful music and live sinfully like they do.

    Yolanda makes an attempt to give a justification for endorsing Alisha Keys and Chaka Khan as Christians. Even though if you go to Chaka’s Myspace page she is posed in a trench coat on, which gives the appearance that she is wearing nothing underneath it. Her cleavage and thigh is hanging out of the coat, but she’s saved according to Yolanda.

    Yolanda needs prayer because she needs Jesus to save her, but only she doesn’t know it yet.


    • Job said


      I agree with you 100%, and thank you for your powerful word of truth. Do you have a pastor and/or gospel singers that you feel are Bible based and would like to recommend? Thank you!

  5. kisha said

    So people of God what are you goingt to do about this. Are we going to sit around and blog, gossip, and name-call? Or are we going to pray and let God’s light shine in us. There have been false teachers since the beganing and the Bible says taththere will be evwn more in these last days. These are the Last Days you know.

  6. Nunoo Anita Sharon said

    What do you expect her to do???? Why do you concern yourself with the lives of other people when you know that no one can be perfect….

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