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How Not To Read The Bible: The Rock Church’s Anne Jimenez Says “Faith Comes By Hearing The Word Of God” Romans 10:17

Posted by Job on May 6, 2007

Now I have nothing against Pastor Anne Jimenez of The Rock Church in Virginia Beach (other than her very misleading pro – tithing propaganda). But I had to turn from her show today because in it she chose to be yet another person to willfully misread Romans 10:17 by claiming that it says “Faith coming by hearing the Word of God” and then going on to claim that the meaning of that verse is that you can increase your faith by listening to the sermons of preachers. She actually PREFACED her remarks by encouraging her congregation and listening audience to go out and buy and study Christian books and to increase their faith by doing so. It was a HUGE LETDOWN because when she began her remarks, I thought that I was going to hear another Christian writer or three to add to my current favorites Smith Wigglesworth, Derek Prince, Watchman Nee, and Andrew Lobias Murray. But not only did she not mention a good Christian writer for someone seeking to avoid this humanistic New Age self – help pap that dominates Christian bookstores these days, but the very reason why she was exhorting her listeners to do so was wrong … the false notion that by doing so people can increase their faith.

Now by reading legitimate Christian books and hearing legitimate sermons, you CAN learn more about your faith. You CAN learn how to use and exercise your faith. You CAN learn more about the Author and Finisher of your faith, the power of your faith, and where the power of your faith comes from. But you cannot increase your faith by this method or any other! Why? Because you are born with a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) ! That is why when it was asked of Yeshua HaMashiach that He would increase their faith, He demurred, saying that faith the size of the mustard seed would move mountains (Luke 17:5-6) meaning that they had sufficient faith to do all that God wanted them to do already.

And that is the key: doing all that God INTENDS for you to do. Receiving from God all that He INTENDS for us to receive. Why? We have to ask ourselves why people want this faith to begin with, and why they want it so badly that they will buy all of these books and tapes, attend all these conferences, and follow all of these preachers who promise to be able to show them how to build their faith. (The result of this demand creates a supply of teachers willing to provide this doctrine to them.) The reason people want more faith is because they want to do great things and receive greater things. They believe that if they only had more faith, then they could command the Hand of God and thereby be able to get anything that they want. Well, it doesn’t work that way. God does not exist to serve you; you were made to serve God. Moreover, when God PREDESTINED you, when He FOREKNEW you, He made for you a DESTINY. That means that He gave you everything that you needed to perform His Sovereign Will in your life the day that you were born, and that includes the amount of faith needed to accomplish it. And that is the error of the faith – increasers: instead of teaching you to seek to do that which God has called you to do, they encourage you to follow your own heart to do those things which are not expedient … to forsake things which God has called you to do in order to do things which He has not, to follow your own will or the will of some other man or spirit. To reject the good things which God has laid up in store for you in favor of the corrupt things that God not only does not have in store for you, but which God has spued out because of its corruption.

What is truly amazing is that even my child’s “” TV show, “A Fight For Faith“, was able to correctly use and apply Romans 10:17 correctly, and do so in less than 10 seconds, and thereby do a much better job and service than so many of these misguided and misleading preachers. Well, it will take you a good deal longer than 10 seconds, but please take a look at my essay Faith Does NOT Come By Hearing to see more about the ACTUAL meaning of Romans 10:17, which refers to receiving salvation through hearing the gospel just like “Biblegirl” said in “A Fight For Faith.” I know that Pastor Anne Jimenez co – leads one of the most prominent congregations in the country, but she really does need to watch that Bibleman episode to learn a thing or two so that she can stop engaging in this sort of spiritual deception.


4 Responses to “How Not To Read The Bible: The Rock Church’s Anne Jimenez Says “Faith Comes By Hearing The Word Of God” Romans 10:17”

  1. matt gomez said

    Whoever wrote this commentary on Ann Jiminez has a pretty weak arguement.

    When you have a totally awesome church and totally awesome ministry, then you can make your comments. This is why you have a weak ministry and no power from God. Keep your opininon to yourself, especially your negative opinion about someone who is actually doing something for God. I know that God will not allow you to become a great minister and have a large influence on others until you stop proclaiming how others are wrong and you are right.

    • A. Miller said

      Matt – Are you actually saying that the scripture he quotes cannot be true in rebuking Anne Jimenez’ false teaching, simply because he doesn’t have a big showboat ‘ministry’?

      He DOES have the power of God because he is on the side of scripture. The words of men (or women) will NOT increase faith. That concept is not biblical. As scripture says… ONLY absorbing the Word of God will. When you stand on the words of men you will sink every time. It is only when you keep your eyes on Jesus (the Word) that you will be able to ‘walk on water’, as Peter was.

      Try this experiment: You spend a year absorbing the words of men.. and then compare your life and outcome to someone who spends a year absorbing the words of God and see what you get. OR better yet, you spend a year consuming only sugar, as apposed to a balanced diet and see what the outcome is.

      The simple truth is that Anne Jimenez CAN’T be doing something for God if she’s operating in direct defiance to scripture. According to Jer. 48:10 she operates under a curse. Just because she’s able to have a “large influence” on others doesn’t make her accurate, any more than McDonald’s is the highest form of nutrition simply because they sell a “Larger Number” of hamburgers than anyone else. I implore you to let go of your idolatry and listen to what the scripture is trying to tell you.

  2. Andrea said

    I think that they are right. Just because you have a big church and a big following doesn’t make you a greater Christian or witness or even a dedicated servant to God. The bible tells us to use our discernment on what we hear and who we follow. Preachers are followers of Christ not “Christ” and so we should NEVER put thier words peddlestool as though they were from God himself. Alot of these big churches are living richly off of average income families because of thier popularity. Jesus would never walk in such a way. I never base my faith on what preachers say regardless of how “popular” they are. Jesus only had 12 faithful servants and yet he was CHRIST. There is a guy who claims to be the resurrected Jesus in Texas and has thousands following and putting thier money into what he says but that doesn’t mean I am going to follow just because of the numbers that do. Those who preach to others are going to be held to a greater test and challenge of belief – it is anyone’s right to challenge the message being taught. If they don’t want to be challenge and questioned then they shouldn’t throw themselves in front of millions talking about what they believe.

    I took religious classes in college and found the Lord showing me how the word being twisted in ways that weren’t right. I stopped going. It gave me a new perspective of what is being taught on the pulpit. We have to been careful not to believe in what a preacher says just because they put themselves out there.

  3. Trisha said

    Jesus does not mine us having wealth, as long as it doesn’t have us. As long as we got it legally, not maniupulating and our motives are right. We put him first. Not everyone will have a mega ministry, God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This is HIS KINGDOM, we are his sons and daughters, the King has a right to call us, plase us in his kingdom where he choses. Give us the gifts, talents and abilities as he pleases. Jesus said he is the only way to the Father. We have to be careful to study, search the scriptures and DO the word. If the truth be told Big Churches, Medium Churches, Small Churches and Ministries have all at some point misquoted a scripture. Faith does increase, but by hearing GOD’s word in the Bible No. 1, through the hearing his word being preach and taught. Through my “25” years of being born-again I have never seen so much slander and gossip, not among the world, but God’s people. I understand that correction must be done. But ask yourself, did you stop to pray for the person that we are so quick to call “false”, remember you, yourself may one day misinterpret scripture and you will want people to have mercy on you. The word says study to show yourself approved…….. unto God, not man. Much love! Servant

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