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More Outrages From Joel Osteen

Posted by Job on May 2, 2007

Boy, Texas has to be proud of this fellow. 

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16 Responses to “More Outrages From Joel Osteen”

  1. Did you notice that Osteen cited scripture that DOES NOT EXISTS!!! I looked up Ephesians 1:4 in 20 different English translations and could not find the words that Osteen said and were shown at the bottom of the screen.

    John 8:44 really does apply to Osteen!

    • L. Boyer said

      This is exactly why one should read the word for them selves, and follow allong when someone is reading to you, so if there is a miss quoteing of the word you know what it is supposed to say for yourself. We are not perfect beings, pay attention to the messag and not the messenger, you’ll get more of what you need that way.

  2. I didn’t notice at first, but one translation I’ve never used does have the verse as Osteen quoted it and I guess now I know why I don’t use it. The Message translation. It’s one single man’s effort (Eugene H. Peterson) to translate the Bible as he saw it. Check out what he says:

    He often asked himself, “If Paul were the pastor of my church, how would he say this?” or “If Jesus were here teaching, what would it sound like?”

    It’s not a word for word translation, but an effort to make an impacting translation as one guy sees it. He says he wanted to bring out small things and it seems exciting people was his real goal.

    He says it’s not meant to replace you current version of choice. It’s interesting that Osteen is using it for sermons, when I doubt that was the translators intent.

    No disrespect intended towards the translator, but you can tell that he pretty much made some stuff up as he went along.

    I want to get deeper into the Greek myself, but one man’s translation probably should not be used for sermons.

  3. Laz said

    My brother, I must say that I’ve tussled with Ken Silva in the past. While I agree with most of what he says, his methods leave a lot to be desired.

    Sarcasm and the pithy monikers he reserves for people he disagrees with are probably not methods that Our Lord would not employ, but maybe that’s just me.

    I voiced my concerns (via e-mail) to him regarding his methods and was met with righteous indignation and subsequent banning from leaving comments at his former blog, The Slice of Laodicea.

  4. Laz said

    *methods Our Lord would NOT employ…

    sorry can you edit that?

  5. Compared to how the Lord will address these false teachers:
    Matthew 25:41 (King James Version)

    41) Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

    And based on his statements towards the Pharisees, one might say that Ken Silva is dealing with them in a rather calm manner.

    II Peter 2 speaks a lot stronger towards them than anything I’ve seen on Ken Silva’s site.

    I thank God some Christians love the church enough to expose the truth.

  6. David Smith said

    I say beware of the mega “feel-good” churches and their pastors–they pander to desperate people seeking a religion twisted to their version of the Scriptures. I do not begrudge Joel Osteen–he’s a sharp businessman in a preacher man’s (expensive) clothes making millions of dollars living the high life–who would not want that lifestyle? He’s no different than any other mega church leader.

  7. David Smith: Joel Osteen is different from a great many other megachurch leaders in that he refuses to preach the existence of sin or of eternal punishment for it. And that is precisely why he is so rich, because people do not want Holy Spirit conviction.

    • L. Boyer said

      healtheland, you are correct in your observation, but on the same note we cannot, must not judge them, not saying that you are but the Word says “judge not lest you be judged.”

  8. Here’s a good summary of what makes Joel Osteen a cancer on the church.

  9. cathy48 said

    I heard Joel the night he was on Larry King, Larry ask him if he was called – Joel scrambled around and finally said when his dad past away he took over the job – not one time did he say he was called BY GOD to teach/ preach. The said thing is he is a man that will not stand up for anything – he will not say anything that will make him lose face with the people – he would not say that night that you must be born again and accept Jesus Christ to make it to heaven – he just said God is merciful.
    He is just a Tickle me Elmo kind of guy…..

  10. cathy48: So the guy basically comes out and admits that he is in it for the money, eh? Just galling …

  11. Peter said

    Hey guys,

    I saw someclips from the Larry King Live interview and he avoided answering the question of salvation. Even a lady caller asked him why he was not being clear on the subject.

    My wife and I heard it and she said something very true.. He just wants to cover his (you know what) and this concurs with what Cathy48 says… He’s a tickle me elmo guy.

    Jesus has taken backstage for all of these people. They talk about convictions and how “precious” it is for them but when the spotlight is on them the “precious convictions” seem to dissipate because they dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    I guess the “product” sells itself as long you make everyone feel good huh Mr. Osteen?


  12. clifton said

    First time here folks so here I go. I blame Joel Osteen Church, yes the one that his father started for him being behind a pulpit or camera. When Joel’s dad passed away he left a huge mega Church with out a pastor and air time to fill and instead of getting a God called, Ordained, Bible college graduated they the CHURCH went and voted in good ol Joel. Now joel admits he not a called minister and never spent one day in Bible college and can’t us the word Ordained in a sentence but they hired him anyway. All because he has the last name Osteen and that is good for business. So that how a person that never taught a Sunday school class becomes the leader of one of the biggest maga churches in America, he was born with the right last name and a Church with no STANDERDS.

  13. Clifton: You know what, you are right. This proves that if people want to have a rebellious heart and live in sin and aversion to the true Word of God they are going to find a way. This is especially true of the people that have not left the church because of Osteen’s humanistic New Age nonsense. May the blessings of Jesus Christ be upon you, Clifton.

  14. Debra Milton said

    God knows we’re in great need. We are losing the fear of God in the body of Christ in the way we permit such heresy without speaking a word against them. Apostle Paul judged those things harshly thus bringing a Godly fear to all the people. It makes me wonder what book comes there heresy, it’s not the Bible. And what about TBN and their responsibility? TBN has 2% gospel and 98% heresy. A den of vipers? It’s time for all of us to go to the LORD in prayer and ask God to bring down those who live earthly kingdoms. We also should ask for Gods mercy for all who have fallen into this pit bringing them back to the work completed on the cross. Remember this as you pray, TBN is taking this message throughout the world by every dollar the exploit from Gods people. Is it the message of Christ and His kingdom or building their own earthly Kingdom. I find no love for the truth. God keep us, Debra Milton

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