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BattleCry’s Ron Luce Gets In On The Contemplative Prayer Scam

Posted by Job on May 2, 2007

See this link from Apprising Ministries. Why is bringing in practices and beliefs from other religions so addictive to Christians? When did the Bible stop being good enough? This is not a plea to return to the old time “dead ritualistic legalistic” religion (which actually is more and more looking not so bad, at least it won’t take you straight to hell). Look, I am charismatic. I speak in tongues. I promote casting out demons and personally have had many cast out of me. I promote faith healing and have been faith – healed. I believe in prophecy and interpretation. All of those things are 100% biblical. So, Christianity offers you PLENTY of opportunities to be mystical, spiritual, and supernatural. So why go whoring after pagan lies? I will answer: control. Where with charismatic Christianity you have to wait on God’s spirit to move you, paganism offers you the illusion of being in control of your spirituality and your experiences. It offers the false belief that YOU can move GOD. Or those that do not claim that you can control God offer you the promise of power through your own spirit man. Translation: YOU have so much spiritual power and YOU can do so many things on your own in the spirit realm that YOU DO NOT NEED GOD! And that so many of these influential preachers are following after movements that allow you to control your own spiritual life shows that to them, Christianity isn’t about following God, but just a bunch of political and cultural beliefs. Are you “pro – life?” Are you “pro – family”? Are you “tough on crime”? Do you support “a strong national defense”? Do you support “lower taxes, less government, private enterprise, more freedom”? And most of all: “are you a patriotic American who supports democracy and western values?” If you answered yes to all of those questions then congratulations, you are a born – again blood – washed fire baptized Christian on his way to heaven! You do not have to read your Bible. You not have to understand or keep what is in the Bible. You DO have to go to church though (we need your tithes and offerings, of course … and that is the key to YOUR PROSPERITY!). These folks are going around talking about “taking back the culture.” Please. They need to start giving back control over their lives, including their spirituality, to God. You know, maybe the city of San Francisco SHOULD have kept them out. That city has enough problems already without a bunch of people practicing eastern religions while calling themselves Bible – believing Christians descending on their city and provoking God’s wrath with their hypocrisy. I have news for you Christians going around proclaiming the judgment of God upon the entire world: what makes you think that God isn’t going to judge you? What is going to cover your sin? These people out there in the world don’t know better, but you do. You folks who have been going to church all your lives and have those big Bibles lying all over your house: judgment is going to start with YOU. I don’t know where this insanity that you can just go out and do anything that you want because you call yourself saved comes from: is it this “once saved always saved” doctrine or something? Well, you keep on thinking that you can practice another religion and do whatever else you want and be fine just because you said the salvation prayer, got baptized, joined a church, and agree with the Republican Party platform. You are going to keep thinking that right up until judgment day when you find out that you were wrong. You say that I am in error, that I am being the false accuser? OK fine. Show me where I am wrong in the Bible. I will gladly recant and remove all of my posts exposing TD Jakes, Tonex, Rick Warren, and everyone else who is promoting this devilry. It won’t affect me one bit; I don’t mind being wrong and as a matter of fact I LOVE being rebuked, corrected, and reproved with the Word of God. And it would get some of YOU to open your Bibles; even better! But please, none of this “he who is without sin cast the first stone”; “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, no one is perfect” and “judge not lest ye be judged/take the beam out of your eye first” things where you take out of context and deny the whole Bible, and you only use to justify your sin and the sins of your favorite TV pastor but won’t dare give anyone else the same benefit of the doubt that you are asking God to extend to you. The only difference between a homosexual who has never set foot in a church and a Christian who sits around practicing yoga and doing “Christian” meditation and comtemplative prayer is that THE CHRISTIAN IS THE ONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW BETTER. THE CHRISTIAN IS THE ONE WHO HAS THE CAPACITY TO KNOW THAT WHAT HE IS DOING IS WRONG. THE CHRISTIAN IS THE ONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DISCERN DARKNESS FROM LIGHT BECAUSE THE CHRISTIAN IS THE ONE WHO HAS ACCEPTED TRUTH INTO HIS HEART AND SPIRIT BY VIRTUE OF HEARING AND BELIEVING THE GOSPEL AND READING THE BIBLE. Christians need to get out of this false belief that their Christianity makes their sin better and more tolerable than everyone else’s, because the Bible makes it clear that the CONVERSE is true.

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7 Responses to “BattleCry’s Ron Luce Gets In On The Contemplative Prayer Scam”

  1. Bill Timmick said

    Just read your post about T D Jakes, who I have my suspicions about, however I sure would like for you to show me, how and where you can lose your salvation, scripturally?

    If you can lose your salvation, then Jesus died in vain.



  2. Bill Timmick: Jesus Christ died in vain? God forbid. You cannot lose your salvation but you can throw it away. Otherwise, why would the terms “heretic”, “backslider”, and “apostate” exist? Those do not apply to unbelievers, including pretend Christians that were never truly saved, but instead to those that have abandoned the faith. For scriptural evidence of this, first reference the warnings of Jesus Christ to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3. Second, consider Paul’s warnings in Galatians for the church not to be deceived by false doctrines that cause them to deny that they were saved by faith. Third, and most explicitly, consider I Corinthians 5:1 – 6, where Paul speaks of one that they delivered unto Satan for the destruction of his flesh so that his soul would be spared on the day of judgment, meaning that his life would be prematurely ended before he became reprobate due to his sin. Since you mentioned TD Jakes, 1 Timothy 6:1-10 spoke of those who preached that godliness is gain (meaning that the gospel can be used to gain wealth, or that wealth is a sign of one’s righteousness and standing with God) will be delivered unto reprobation. Also, consider Revelation about false prophets and preachers in general: And then you have Revelation 22:19 – ” And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Another warning against those who pervert God’s Word.That they are delivered unto such a state by God indicates that they were not in that state initially, but were allowed to become so because of their blaspheming against the true gospel and deceiving people with false doctrines. Matthew 10:22 – “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” It is a consistent theme in scripture that the Kingdom of Heaven is for those believers that overcome and endure to the end. That instruction is given to all seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3, including the start contrast of the Smyrna church in which He stated no fault and the Laodicean church in which He stated no good. Now I can see where one might try to claim that the Laodiceans were not really saved and the overcoming and enduring to the end is in reference to getting actually saved, but how can that possibly be directed towards the Smyrna church? Yet Jesus Christ had to tell the Smyrna church to be faithful unto death to get their crown of life (Revelation 2:10). And I close with the most explicit example: Revelation 2:26, the words of Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior Himself: “And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations.” So, fellow believer, the concept that one can fall from the grace of God is given explicitly and implicitly throughout scripture – I would propose that King Saul was the first example with Demas who forsook Paul (2 Timothy 4:10) perhaps being the last, and Hymenaeus and Alexander were delivered unto Satan (1 Timothy 1:20) to prevent them from going as far as Demas did – and it mystifies me why anyone would deny such a thing.

  3. […] Luce was among those endorsing syncretized Christianity via New Age contemplative spirituality: BattleCry’s Ron Luce Gets In On The Contemplative Prayer Scam. So, here we had another example of Christians taking what is supposed to be a bold – even coercive […]

  4. Benjamin said

    Healtheland: The Lord has me studying the conflict over salvation in scripture, with many other issues, and I’m thankful for your concise message. I pray you don’t mind me posting this in my blog for further reflection and forwarding. God bless!


  5. Benjamin C said

    Actually, it’s not whether or not you can throw a way your salvation, it is a matter of the will, if God has regenerated you and changed your will to one of loving Him u wont throw away your own salvation. But what about apostates, backsliders(and not in the sense of a Christian who just fell/slid into sin), or heretics? Those ppl were still reprobates, they werent really saved, they claimed to be saved and showed outward/deceptive signs, but they werent saved. Here’s a vid:

  6. There is an excellent Bible study on the subject of eternal security found here: 13 Biblical reasons why the true believer is safe and secure in Christ forever.

    I trust the above will be of help.

  7. Elise said

    Your message above has too much anger and aggressive language to be from God. A spirit of gentleness is what Christ called us to; not vengeance. It is for Christ to judge on the Day of the Lord, and for us to love one another, having faith that the Lord’s Will will be done. And the question of who is saved/apostate/backslidden…the Lord didn’t put all those warnings in His Word so you could point fingers at everyone else; He put it in their so you would be motivated to evaluate your own heart.
    Our salvation is not a measurable thing! It is by the grace offered to us by Jesus Christ, and through our faith in HIM!

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