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Do Not Rape Women With Your Eyes

Posted by Job on April 29, 2007

Job 31:1 – I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid? Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

Are you the sort who loves to look at the ladies? Like to eye them when they are walking down the street? Size them up when you approach them? Check them out when they are your coworkers, classmates, or in some cases family members? Well fellows, let me be the one to tell you to quit it. First off, please reference the Bible verses above. Second: if no one has told you before let me be the first – WOMEN HATE IT! Do not fool yourself into thinking that they do not notice. The woman that you are sizing up sees you. The woman that you are with (your wife or girlfriend, your sister or mother, your boss or coworker, etc.) sees you. And all the other women see you. They know who you are looking at. They know what body part you are looking at. They know which body parts you look at longest. They can tell based on your facial expressions and bodily reactions (none of which you can control or are even conscious of) the level of approval (or disapproval) of the woman that you are sexually evaluating, why you approve or disapprove of her, and in many cases what you would do with her if you had the chance. Of course, it is already obvious that God knows. But it appears that you may not care so much about what God thinks, since you know what is written in the Bible regarding looking sexually and desiringly at women that are not your wife. You know what consequences the Bible gave with such cases as Jacob’s daughter Tamar (rape and mass murder), David’s daughter (raped by Amnon, resulting in the death of Amnon and a failed coup by Absalom ending in his own death), David and Bathsheba (rape, murder, and a curse on his house), and Solomon (idolatry and the division of Israel), and you know that it is sin. So, even if you lack regard for God in this matter, perhaps you will regard the effects that your actions have on women.

Again, women see guys looking at them and they hate it. Why don’t they do something about it? Well in practice, what can they do? They are surrounded by men in a male – dominated society. So, women are forced to take it as a fact of life. Even the women who wind up courting such attention either do so because they are socialized into this sinful system, or merely out of resignation. Women see being looked at like a piece of meat several times daily as being as much a part of life as is death and taxes. Who likes paying taxes, and (apart from spiritual concerns) who wants to die? The answer is virtually no normal person. 

And, yes, that brings us to the abnormal case of women who actually want to be viewed as sex objects and court such attention. In the vast majority of cases, these women are psychologically and emotionally damaged, which opens the door for spiritual damage. These women are very often dealing with issues regarding low self – esteem, rejection, and rebellion. Some are even using their sexuality as a defense mechanism; a weapon to “fight back against” and control men. And yes, in a frightening number of cases, this is the result of women who have experienced abuse or neglect at some point in their lives, including but not limited to rape and molestation by fathers and other male family members. So, please realize that when you encounter a woman whose dress and behavior is that of one who not only welcomes but appreciates your looking at her body, please realize that in so many cases you are actually profiting from the results of someone who has harmed this woman by sinning against her, and making her condition worse with your own sin. Women who are in this state need to be encouraged to fill the hole that is in their heart with the love and joy of God, not the lusts of the world.

Even women who are not suffering from spiritual wounds often wind up “playing along” because they ultimately wind up conforming to the world. No one wants to be an outcast, no one wants to swim against the tide and be battered by it. But please realize how different our culture is from even a couple of generations ago: you now have preteen girls walking around today wearing what even prostitutes would have hardly worn in public in the 1940s. Ultimately, it is the women who have suffered damage who wind up driving the whole thing. Please read the backgrounds of female celebrities: your actresses, singers, and what not, and see how many have been raped, molested, or have had terrible family relations, especially with their fathers. Those are generally the ones who show very little inhibitions on stage and screen. The non – celebrity women and girls with similar damage emulate them, making it “cool.” And because it is “cool”, pretty much all women who have not rejected the world will follow after it. So, you have normal girls who really have no desire to be stared at by men dressing like women who have an unnatural need for men to stare at and approve of their bodies because they grew up being abused and neglected by men. So, “normal” women wind up being turned into flesh billboards by the same culture of lust and exploitation. But this is the result: after only a little while of walking around leaving little to the imagination and receiving stares (or the lack thereof) from men, they won’t be “normal” anymore. Because of this unwanted attention, they will wind up hating and fearing men.

Some men justify their behavior because of the actions of some women (again, usually spiritually damaged) or just as foolishly because of the actions of very nearly all women in certain situations (i.e. at the beach or in nightclubs or at parties) but the truth is that the man is personally responsible for his sin. Satan is the great justifier, and it is very easy to use the lies of demons to justify openly rebelling against God’s Word and showing open disrespect to all women (especially your spouse) so that you can satisfy your flesh by staring at some woman or girl who is obviously troubled, and thereby arousing the natural competitive instincts in non – troubled (or much less – troubled) women and girls to get some of that attention for themselves. It actually gets so bad that many married women will go out and change their hairstyles, buy more sexually provocative clothing, and get risky, painful, and expensive plastic surgery in order to get their husbands to look at them rather than at other women (or their pornographic images, and yes, that does include the softcore variety). Now of course, this does not guarantee that the husband will pay more attention, but it WILL guarantee that other men will. And of course, when some 12 year old girl desperate for a “boyfriend” because she is lonely because her parents are spending more time working and pursuing their vanities than bringing her up in the Lord sees all the men and boys looking at some 40 year old woman that has been married for 20 years and has kids older than her that has now taken to dressing like some rock music video vixen, well guess who has just found a role model! And when she gets her “boyfriend” by doing such a thing, guess who is going to be the role model for all of the other girls who want attention or status at her school?

At some point, Christian men need to stop enjoying the sins of this corrupt world and start realizing that everything that is in the Bible is there for a reason. The current condition of the culture is doing nothing but creating more and more victims out of women AND men. Do we want to contribute to more and more girls getting raped, molested, and abused? Do you want to add to the mental, emotional, and spiritual problems of so many women? Do you want to increase the needless tension in your marriage? And for those of you with daughters … ever wonder what your staring down every skirt that crosses your path EVEN IN CHURCH makes her think of you? Of men? Of the God that she calls her Father? (No wonder paganism and other religious movements – including some in the Christian church – that offer women the chance to worship feminine “gods” is gaining so much popularity.) Men of God, sin has consequences, and that includes something that seems so harmless and is so publicly accepted – even rewarded – as the roving eye. Well, remember: Eve had the roving eye too in the Garden of Eden … the lust of the eyes as a matter of fact, and it helped cause the fall of man. Therefore, Christian men today need to consider all of the things that THEY may be destroying with their eyes, and therefore run away from this manner of temptation; to resist the devil so that he will flee from them.


2 Responses to “Do Not Rape Women With Your Eyes”

  1. […] sexual behavior and sexual aggression (yes looking at someone sexually who does not desire it, raping someone with your eyes, is sexual aggression). So, we are supposed to perceive a healthy female and male sharing a room […]

  2. Ryan said

    I have lived this way for over 6 years now. I’m growing more and more lustful. Please pray for me that God may send me my woman who can bear such a man that has worked so hard to find a mate that values this kind of man.

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