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Any Fans Of Juanita Bynum And Bishop Thomas Weeks Out There?

Posted by Job on April 17, 2007

When They Pierced His Side: The Blood And Water Of Jesus Christ
Let me know if you still are after watching this!

And to those who would defend false preachers:

Also, I must ask: have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, follow this link:

The Three Step Salvation Plan

Update: Please check out Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Tommy Tenney: Their True Demonic Roots and Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Tommy Tenney, Mark Hanby Demonic Roots II on the demonic roots of their denominations (and no, I do not have the denominationalism demon in me). Also, Why Do Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, And Oneness Pentecostals Agree? explains who Oneness Pentecostals are walking in agreement with. Further: TBN Says The Oneness Pentecostal Jesus Only Cult Was Founded In 1913

An Expose Of Just How Bad Juanita Bynum And Thomas Weeks Are

Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link, Another link

Update: thanks to Independent Conservative for letting me know even more information about these two: they are anti – Trinitarian Jesus Only Oneness Pentecostal heretics, and part of TBN’s huge lineup of secret anti – Christians! See this link and this one too for more details on those two, including “Bishop” Weeks’ demonination, er denomination! See, Weeks and Bynum are excellent at using spiritual intimidation and deception to raise funds from their primarily black (or African – American) audiences. This is more proof that TBN went after Oneness Pentecostals like Bynum, Weeks, Noel Jones, TD Jakes, etc. so they could expand their reach from being a lily – white suburban operation in order to extract more contributions from the black community. (Not that TBN has discriminated against white Oneness heretics; quite the contrary it made a movie out of Tommy Tenney’s TOTALLY ASCRIPTURAL Hadassah: One Night With The King. The only color that TBN cares about is green.) It happened right about the time that all of these media articles proclaiming “the rising buying power of the black community” came out. While you are on Ephesians511’s site, make sure you check out “Bishop” Eddie Long, who purports to be a “Full Gospel Baptist” preacher, but is known to call the anti – Trinitarian heretic TD Jakes his “spiritual father.” If you deny Trinity, HOW FULL CAN YOUR GOSPEL BE? WHO DID JESUS CHRIST PRAY TO AND ASK “WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME” WHEN HE WAS DYING ON THE CROSS? Now, I have gotten a lot of heat for attacking hip – hop/gospel artist Tonex, but HE calls Eddie Long HIS spiritual father, and also is a BIG SUPPORTER of Juanita Bynum. In his post proclaiming to the world his retirement, he talked about how he was in a HUGE spiritual funk, BUT THAT HE WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE THRESHING FLOOR TO GET HIM OUT OF IT; TO RECHARGE HIS SPIRITUAL BATTERIES! Now, Tonex DID make a BRAVE statement in defense of Trinity on his first album. But despite what you SAY, how can two walk together unless they be agreed (Amos 3:3)? Speaking of “agreeing” with TD Jakes, Paula White’s claim that “God must be behind TD Jakes, or otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to pull off Megafest” … ever been to a ROCK CONCERT Paula? Woodstock? Lollapalooza? Lillith Fair? Don’t pretend as if you don’t listen to that stuff, because you were on TBN bragging about how you held a secular concert starring serial adulterer Bryan McKnight and several other R&B and rap artists with their “lyrics” and then had all who would “say the sinner’s prayer” at the end. Ummm … now I am no Calvinist, but SALVATION MEANS KNOWLEDGE AND REPENTANCE OF SIN, Pastor White! Oh, but no one cares about holding female preachers like White accountable on things like doctrine and whatever, not when they are blonde, thin, and can cry on cue like Bill Clinton (who lest we forget visited PLENTY of churches when honing his political skills). Stuff like this shows the powerful spirits that these Oneness Pentecostal folks are dealing with. And that is why TBN went after them: because he knows that they use those spirits to get people to open their wallets and to be unquestioningly loyal. What? A Bible – believing Christian like me said that Christians should question their leaders! OF COURSE! Questioning your leader is not being disrespectful or subversive! I mean, didn’t David continually ask Saul WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? The Bible doesn’t say “Check your brain at the door.” It says “Come let us reason together.” It says “Study to show thyself approved.” But if you are in a controlling intimidating spiritual atmosphere, judging your leaders against the Bible is strictly forbidden lest their lies be exposed, the deceived sheep leave, and the money stop flowing in. That is why we MUST pray for these people who are in these Oneness Pentecostal denominations, and those who refuse to separate themselves from them.

Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please raise up your mighty hand against all those who are perverting the gospel for gain and with false doctrines. May those who do so out of ignorance, please show them the error of their ways, and those who deceive on purpose please pull Your people away from them. We know, Father, that Your Will must be done, that all things must be fulfilled, and people have to decide which they love foremost, You or themselves. I am merely asking, Father, that the eyes of the deceived be opened and that they choose to seek after and fight for Your righteousness. Amen.

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289 Responses to “Any Fans Of Juanita Bynum And Bishop Thomas Weeks Out There?”

  1. In the videos posted by ephesians511, that person puts information in the description that exposes much of their mess.

    Those 2 are just disgusting.

  2. The 2 Most Disgusting and Lust Filled People in the False Gospel Prosperity Movement.

    So-called prophetess Juanita Bynum and so-called bishop Thomas Weeks. All I can say is that they are disgusting, period.
    Check out the videos that Heal The Land With Spiritual Warfare linked to (if you can stand it, not for children) and pay particu…

  3. Oh yeah. I didn’t even have to add anything because Ephesians511; his work couldn’t be improved upon. Ephesians511 is more radical in his beliefs than I am, but hey, can’t fault him for that!

  4. ManofValor said

    Are these people for real!!!! I could not stomach it no longer…..I know this might sound crazy but watching the video clips it was like listening to Satan at a concert….The things they were saying was like pure mess!!!!! I will continue to lift them up in prayer.

  5. minda12 said

    Be cautious what you say about the women and men of God.
    You people believe anything.
    I’m 15 and Juanita Bynum has made me press into God more than i ever have before.
    I’m sorry but i dont believe any of you.

  6. minda12 said

    And that ephesians511 person.
    I’m sure you are a nice person but you need to stop pointing fingers and start focusing on what matters.
    Winning Souls for Jesus.
    So whatever you have against Juanita bynum, td jakes or medina pullings,
    get over it and stop interfering with their ministry.
    I know what your probably thinking” i am here to stop the wolves in sheeps clothing blah blah blah”
    but you should really examine your sources of your information and most of all your heart.
    What is pure and lovely, these are the things you should be thinking about.

  7. Minda12:

    Do you believe in Trinity? Juanita Bynum and TD Jakes do not. This despite the Bible being clear about Trinity all throughout, including the fact that in the original Hebrew, the first name used for God in the Bible, in Genesis 1:1, is Elohim, which is PLURAL. But TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, and all of these other Oneness Pentecostals don’t even let people know about their false doctrines. As a matter of fact, on Jakes’ own website, he claims to believe in Trinity but uses that same “Oneness Pentecostal” language. If you press him on it, he will claim that “my understanding of the Godhead is evolving, and people really shouldn’t get hung up about it.” What “understanding” is there to evolve? If there is no Trinity, then who was Jesus Christ praying to when He was calling out to His Father when He was dying on the cross? Of whom was He speaking when He said that the Father sent Him, He was doing the Father’s Will and not His Own, speaking of the Father and not of Himself, and that He was going to return to His Father in Heaven?

    Look, this whose heretical apostasy started about 75 years ago when during this charismatic conference, this pastor started rolling on the floor and speaking in tongues (and there was no interpreter, by the way). He got up and said that while he was “in the spirit” (which spirit?) God told him that the doctrine of the Trinity was wrong. Now, he had a big church at the time, so his congregation decided to follow him instead of the Bible. And people have been following him and this doctrine ever since.

    Except that his doctrine isn’t new. It is called modalism, a heresy that plagued the early church. See, the Oneness Pentecostals claim that the early church was unitarian (like the Jews, by the way) and that the Romans invented trinity because of their paganism. So what are they saying, the Romans wrote or altered the gospels, the epistles, and Revelation, including the part where Paul said that Jesus Christ was the rock that followed the children of Israel in the desert that Moses struck? If that is true, then our whole faith is a sham, Christianity is a lie, and we need to go become Jews. Besides, their claims that the Romans invented Trinity at Nicea is historically false anyway. I can provide you with any number of links that would demonstrate the historical and scriptural foundation of Trinity.

    So, what is the big deal that Bynum, Weeks, Jakes, Noel Jones, and a bunch of these other fellows deny Trinity? One, it is false doctrine, and people should not be preaching or following after false doctrine. Two, without Trinity Christianity makes no sense. Without understanding the true nature of God, you have no concept of faith and no concept of grace. That is why it was these Oneness Pentecostals who came out with this “holiness or hell” extreme legalism and methods of religious and spiritual control that Bynum in particular is known for. They were the ones who specifically denied what Paul told the church in Corinthians by claiming that all Christians had to speak in tongues “if they were REALLY saved.” Why? Because since they reject the true nature of God, they reject faith, and like the Jews who put their trust in circumcision and the law, they think that righteousness needs to be proven with outward signs. Where Paul said to have no confidence in the flesh, because they reject the true nature of God and thereby God’s spirit, flesh is ALL that they have confidence in.

    Now God is a merciful, loving, and forgiving God who seeks to draw all to Him. So if you ever received anything by following their ministries, it was by virtue of His Mercy and Grace and through your own faith in Him and love for Him. But God is not mocked! At some point, everyone, even 15 year olds, have to become aware of the Truth and start growing in faith. Where is your faith, Minda12? In God and the Bible, or in preachers that you see on TV? Because it wasn’t me who brought you to this weblog entry, but rather God who sent you here. It is your decision whether you are going to believe that God sent you to this weblog entry for the purpose of defending mighty men and women of God from their persecutors, or to warn you regarding their false doctrine.

  8. Lori Ann said

    Prophetess Juanita Bynum is the person who inspired me to rededicate my life to the Lord and to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the first time in my life, I actually picked up a Bible and read it from cover to cover. Never once have I heard Dr. Bynum or T. D. Jakes deny the trinity or present unsound doctrine in any way, shape or form and I am quite familiar with the teachings of both.

    Frankly I find petty disagreements about the trinity, rapture, etc, to be counterproductive and unbiblical. It is an effective weapon that Satan exploits in order to create division in the body of Christ. Our mortal minds are not equipped to understand the multi-faceted diminsions of God to even speak intelligently on the subject much less judge others for their individual beliefs.

  9. Lori Ann:

    It is great that Juanita Bynum inspired you to read the Bible cover to cover. But it is distressing that you did so without spotting the false doctrine that Bynum, Jakes, and similar regularly traffic in. And for you to claim to be familiar with the teachings of Jakes while claiming that you have never heard him deny Trinity, then cannot be serious, because if you look at the doctrinal statement on his own website, it is classic modalism. Jakes tries to pass off Oneness Pentecostalism, that Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Father YHVH are merely God appearing in different forms at different times (consider Mystique of the X – Men movies) rather than being different persons. It requires no faith to view God as “Mystique”, something that man can not only relate to, but actually sees occuring in the natural realm when a reptile or insect changes its appearance to match its surroundings. But “three times one” Godhead nature requires you to accept something that you have not seen and will never see. It is also important for scripture not to be a liar. Jesus Christ said that no one has seen the Father but Him in the gospel of John. The Bible also says that no one can see the Father’s face and live. But if Jesus Christ is merely a “manifestation” of the Father as Jakes claims on his own website, then if you have seen the Son and His Face – as all did while Christ walked the earth and hundreds did after His Resurrection – then you have seen the Father, and scripture is a lie. Further, in the gospel of John, Jesus Christ said that He had to go away for the Holy Spirit to come. According to the claims of Jakes, Jesus Christ lied … He never went away but only changed His manifestation. And what about when Jesus Christ said that He spoke the Word of His Father and not His Own, and did the Will of His Father and not His Own? To buy what Jakes says on his own website ( would mean that God is merely a man suffering from schizophrenia or multiple personality disorders who talks to himself.

    “Frankly I find petty disagreements about the trinity … to be counterproductive and unbiblical.” All right, you just said that TD Jakes doesn’t deny Trinity, and now you say that it is wrong to argue about it. Which is it? Incidentally, your stance is the one that is abiblical, because the Bible is FULL of people discussing and debating doctrinal points. How could you have read the Bible and missed that? A great deal of the epistles was dedicated to agreeing on doctrinal points, giving true doctrine by explaining the teachings of Jesus Christ that were not given or only hinted at in the gospels and filling out things that were, and opposing false doctrines, especially gnosticism and other heresies. And have you not studied church history at all? The first three hundred years was spent determining which books of the Bible were fake and which were real, and even among those that were real did not rise to the level of scripture (Hebrews, Jude, and Ezekiel are prominent among those that were almost left out). The result was a book that was inspired, inerrant, and the final authority in all matters without any contradictions, and all other doctrines and teachings are to be measured against it. The people who claim that “we really shouldn’t be disputing over doctrines, it is a trick of Satan” are almost always resorting to that tactic to defend doctrines and teachings and preachers who have deviated from scriptural truth. The people who have erred from the truth and have no interest in trying to attain truth are the first ones to claim “we are not qualified to judge or understand.” It is funny that there are fornicators, homosexuals, people who mix other religions with Christianity (including Jakes who is now going around promoting yoga), and oppressors of the poor who are using the same “we are not qualified to judge or understand” arguments that you are trying to pass now. Why should we have respect to their arguments and not yours? Because Jakes is a preacher? Like the Bible did not warn us of false teachers and preachers who will deceive many, especially in the last days. The anti – Christ himself will be demanding that people not judge him.

    Finally, let me be the one to tell you: the Trinity is not actually a doctrine. The Trinity is GOD. The Bible is all about GOD. Christianity is all about GOD. And that is the problem with religion. It replaces God with man. So, instead of reading the Bible looking for God, you are reading the Bible looking to justify and support what some man said, trying to see if what he told you or is having you to do is scriptural. Keep doing that and you will never see the forest for the trees. Now I go after to old fashioned Christians who swear by Calvin, Luther, Augustine, Wesley, Spurgeon, Edwards, Mather, and people like that, but in a great many ways those Christians are better than this generation. Why? Because those people were heavy into scripture, and their writings were extremely intensive. In order to follow after those guys, you had to be a serious student and willing to get into heavy topics. But these days, all you have to do is be willing to turn on the television and watch someone for 30 minutes or an hour, go to their service (IF you live in their area) which may last 2 hours and include 30 – 45 minutes of actual “preaching” (most of which is just theatrics, call – and – response, and other tactics), go to some 3 day conference, and buy their mass market books that are written on the fourth grade level that contain very little actual information. You will learn more about God from reading the hymnals, children’s books, and literary allegories like Pilgrim’s Progress from 100 or more years ago than you will from a lifetime of watching these people on TV and sitting in their church. That explains why the vast majority of TD Jakes’ own members and an even bigger percentage of his followers don’t even know that TD Jakes is a Oneness Pentecostal, because these big time preachers today never talk about the heavy stuff that really challenges the mind and spirit. They never get past the milk stage and into the meat. It is all superficial. Even their talking about the gifts of the spirit; tongues, healings, and that type of thing … well you are aware that the people who brought the charismatic wave in that TD Jakes and Juanita Bynum are now making merchandise off were RADICAL METHODISTS. Azusa Street came after YEARS OF INTENSIVE BIBLE STUDY (and I do not mean four or five years either). William Seymour and the people that he studied with (Seymour attended Bible college TWICE) spent YEARS digging into the Bible and into the great Christian writings in order to bring forth the move of the Holy Spirit. Moneychanging frauds like Bynum and Jakes would have been exposed in five minutes, because that is how long it would have taken Seymour and similar to find out that both of them were totally thoroughly deceived concerning the nature of God and that their hearts were so hardened that they were unwilling to accept truth.

    You do realize that after Trinity being THE foundational principle of Christianity for 1900 years, these Oneness Pentecostals like Jakes and Bynums sprang up in typical cult fashion because some fellow had a special revelation. They first tried to convert the other Pentecostals into their apostatic heresy, and then when the other Pentecostals refused, they tried to get them to “fellowship with them” … you know, “have unity.” Well, the other Pentecostals QUICKLY kicked the unitarians out and adopted one of the strongest Trinity statements in Christianity. These Oneness Pentecostals were pretty much ignored on the sidelines until Paul Crouch began putting them on TBN because he saw how much money he could raise from them. There really is no reason to continue to follow after these people except wanting to remain spiritually weak and blind. Look, Trinity is not that hard. It is not so incomprehensible. The “three persons” thing is given all over the New Testament. Take a simple example – Acts 10:38. “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.” Translation: How THE KING sent THE PRINCE into the land with AN ADVISOR, and THE PRINCE used the ADVISOR to do good, including freeing all from the enemy, and THE PRINCE was able to do these things because THE PRINCE had the full support, backing, permissions, power, and authority given to THE PRINCE by THE KING. How can you read that and think that it is talking about anything else but THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE, Ms. “I have read the Bible cover to cover”? The only thing that is hard about Trinity is reconciling that THE KING, THE PRINCE, and THE ADVISOR, three clearly distinct people with different jobs and personalities, are one. Now Jakes and company would have you believe that it is possible for a king to be a prince and a court advisor at the same time. That is what “manifestation” means. They have this explanation of how a man can be a father to his child, a son to his child’s grandfather, and a husband to his wife all at the same time: that the Trinity is merely an explanation of how the same person relates to different people. So, when you talk to your earthly father, you call him “Dad” because you are speaking to the “father manifestation” that he is to you. When your grandfather talks to your father, he is speaking to the “son manifestation” that exists to him. When your mother talks to your father, she calls him “Hubby” because she is speaking to the “husband manifestation” that exists to her. Again, how can Jesus Christ be Father to Himself? How was Jesus Christ begotten of Himself? And how could Jesus Christ go away and return as Himself as the Holy Spirit while simultaneously being in Heaven AND sitting on His own right hand? It is utter madness that only makes sense to a mind that is thoroughly demonically trapped because it WANTS to be trapped or has been given over to reprobation.

    The three persons of the Godhead are clearly explained in scripture, and the only mystery is how three persons can be one, and therein lies faith. If your Christianity is anything other than studying the scriptures so that you can better know God, then what are you doing? I will tell you: you are wasting your time. You may still get to Heaven because of God’s mercy and grace, but your entire life will be that of wasted potential. You won’t even be like the thief died on the cross beside Jesus Christ that gave God the glory by giving his life to God with your last act so that thereby you can be a testimony. Instead, you will be someone who had all access to the Truth and every opportunity to serve God from it and thereby do great works of the spirit, but instead chose to follow after lies and thereby be content with the works of the flesh that “Prophetess” Bynum “challenges” you to do. Yeah, they are “challenging” all right … they take up all your time and physically/mentally/emotionally exhaust and batter you so that you will be too occupied and tired to find the truth. It is how the enemy closes your eyes so that you cannot see, stops your ears so that you cannot hear, and confuses your mind so that you cannot comprehend. I know, because I grew up in a similar denomination (Jakes, Weeks, and similar claim to be nondenominational, but investigating their background, including where they got their “Bishop” titles from, reveals the truth) which was actually a DEMON – INATION . You want to talk about challenge? That “church” had my family working constantly until it cracked from the pressure and split up (along with a lot of other families). All those works, and that church never did get around to explaining things like forgiveness, justification by faith, or God’s love and grace. Hey, if being challenged with works is what you are after, why not go become a Mormon, a Muslim, or a Jew, or join one of those “Christian” lodges and agencies? 1) They don’t believe in Trinity and also deny the true nature of God and 2) if you think that Bynum challenges you, wait until they get ahold of you, they will have you going from dusk till dawn and till dusk again. Hey, if that is what you want, God gave you free will to pursue it. But if you want to actually learn about and follow God, I honestly suggest that you turn TBN and The Word Network off, get their “books”, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. out of your house, and lock yourself away with your Bible. Except this time, get yourself a pen and notebook, and while you are reading, make a note of all the lies that the various TV preachers and other representatives of the religious system have been filling your head with. You won’t even get out of Genesis (which is a pretty long book after all) without filling that notepad up.

  10. Either our faith has a foundation or it has none and is nothing but what someone makes it to be.

    According to the book of Hebrews (detailed at the end of Hebrews 5), we have a foundation that is required before someone should be a “teacher”.

    Jakes does not agree on a core foundation of our faith, which makes him and others like him false teachers by default.

    Also as is described there in Hebrews 5, which spiritual maturity comes discernment, to better identify those who are false.

    I listened to false teacher Eddie Long for 7 years, sure at times he might have a true point, but overall he, Jakes, Bynum and Weeks lead to a false doctrine. Which is why ALL OF THEM perform on the network of false doctrine, which is TBN.



  12. Crystal/ Ohio said

    While I feel that it is important to know, understand, defend, and protect the foundations of our faith, I think there is a fundamental principle that is being overlooked here.

    1. We are to speak the truth in LOVE… Regardless of how one might feel about what these ministers teach, they are still human beings deserving of the respect the scriptures say we are to give. The debate about the oneness issue has been ongoing for centuries. Doctrinal discussions can be carried out without calling other people “disgusting.” While God may not approve of the doctrinal teachings of many believers, he certainly would not condone or participate in the slander of one of his children.

    2. We are to LOVE our friends (those we like) and our enemies (those we don’t particularly care for). The scriptures say that love is patient, kind, not proud, not rude, not demanding of its own way, not irritable, and keeps no record of being wronged (New Living Translation). This would suggest to me that we might want to reconsider the tone and spirit in which the ministers are being discussed. Let’s take a deep breath to see if we are exemplifying the love of Christ toward those we do not agree with. Do you love them enough to fast and pray for them, or do you love bashing them too much to consider going before the Father with a clean heart to voice your concerns? Remember, knowledge is the possession of information, but wisdom is about what we do with what we know.

    3. In Mark 9:38-42 the disciples, like many of us, were concerned with a lot of the right things. They wanted the Glory of God on Earth and regarded those who used the name of Jesus outside their scope of approval as a threatening force requiring immediate interruption. Jesus said NOT to stop them because the efforts of that outside group would only HELP the kingdom, and that any detriment their actions caused would be handled with the vengence of God. We are not to use our time, resources, materials, annointings, or information to slander or libel another child of God. If we happen to see signs that one of our brothers or sisters has slidden off the beaten path, we are to PRAY for them. If you feel the need to expose something about them and have the total approval of God to do so, then do it in love. If we repay hurt with hurt, who are we more like? God, or The Accuser of the Bretheren?

    That’s all. Hope I made sense. God bless.

  13. Michelle Lee said

    I totally agree with everything that the person named Crystal from Ohio has stated. We cannot slander those whom we feel may be in err. We have to pray and the Bible also says that if we do not agree than we should take our ought to our brother. The ones that you should be directing comments to should be the ones that you are claiming to be false leaders.

    The enemy is happy to know that you would take the time to slander as oppose to lifting them up before the Lord or doing it in a spirit of love.

    My prayer is with everyone that is in err and even those who feel that they have arrived and they do not have any areas that they may need to take to the Lord.

    God bless you!

  14. Michelle Lee:

    My purpose in discussing Juanita Bynum and similar in such a manner is not for my own entertainment, but warning people not to follow false teachers that are trafficking in incorrect doctrine. It isn’t just Juanita Bynum who is the issue here, but rather the people who follow her. What if Bynum never changes? What will I have done to help those who follow her? A lot of people who follow her do not even know what she and Bishop Weeks truly believe on Trinity or other matters, because they just see them on TV, and on TV it is easy to get people to follow you without really getting into your interpretation of the Bible, because it is so easy to do everything BUT impart a deep understanding of the Word, ESPECIALLY if you are a charismatic and can fill up 25 minutes of your 30 minute show with screaming, jumping up and down, tongues, prophesying, miracles, testifying, signifying, and forceful “YOU HAD BETTER DO WHAT I SAY BECAUSE I HAVE A POWERFUL ANOINTING OVER ME” type of “preaching”, which really isn’t true “preaching” (which is about exhorting and teaching) but really things to get inside your head and emotions. Now I honestly do want God to bless and keep you too, but happening in your life depends on you. You really do have to study and meditate on the Word of God, and see if a lot of these famous preachers are really helping you understand and implement it in your life better.

  15. Michelle Lee said

    Hello Healtheland,

    I can appreciate your concern for those whom may be lead astray as you may say, but it is not right at anytime to slander with words that are derogatory to get your point across. It is just as bad as you being a christian using bad words to communicate. I am no saying that you are wrong about voicing your opinion and warning people about any falsehood. There is a way to do everything. You can be angry and sin not! As I stated if you are concerned about everyone than you should also be concerned about the souls of the leaders you are claiming to be false prophets. Love is the only way that you are going to be able to really get any point across even after you have voiced your facts.

    I hope I am making any since to you? You and I are not perfect and we make mistakes as well! Just as you are doing what you are doing to them someone else is very well going to do the same to you.

    My prayers are for you and the leaders that you have mentioned as well.

    God bless you!

  16. Erie1 said

    1 Timothy 4:3

    For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.


  17. Bobcat said

    To all of you who believe the godhead is a trinity why does the word “trinity” NOT appearANYWHERE in the text of the bible – I don’t mean footnotes. Now it does say in Deuteronomy 6:4 “Yahweh our Elohim is Yahweh a UNITY.” I’d rather accept Moses’ account as a man that had a divine vision and revelation than someone else’s concept, theory or opinion! The entire creation (see Romans 1:19-20) bears witness to the supernal nature of the heavenly father being a UNITY or 3 yet 1 – (Time: Past, Present and Future; Creation: Land, Water and Air; Man – Head, Chest and Abdomen; Human Growth: childhood, adolesence and adulthood; Cell – nucleus, nucleolis and cell body; Atom – proton, neutron and electron; etc. etc. etc.) – we even abide in a Universe and not a Triverse. I John 5:7-8: There are 3 that bear record and heaven and these three are ONE and there are 3 that bear WITNESS (to what’s in heaven) in earth and these 3 agree in 1!! – not 3. The creator is one eternal spirit as the father he is in a pure spirit state which everything abides within he also has two manifestations: a spiritual embodiment as revealed in visions to the patriachs and prophets and physical form when he came into the world as the savior. I Tim 3:16 says “God was manifest in the flesh.” Trinity is an erroneous description of the Godhead contrived by Roman Catholicism.

  18. Bobcat:


  19. Bobcat:

    By the way, the word “baptism” or the word “baptized” does not appear ANYWHERE in the original text of the Bible either. It is a transliterated, or made up, word created by the translators of the King James Version Bible in 1611. Incidentally, the word “rapture” does not appear ANYWHERE in the CURRENT text of ANY Bible. The word that evolved into “rapture” was also a transliteration (a made – up word) by Jerome, the person who translated the Bible from Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic into Latin. So, are you going to start saying that there will be no rapture because the word isn’t mentioned in the Bible like LOTS of people do? Stop repeating the prattle that you pick up in church and educate yourself; study to show thyself approved. LOTS of the religious terms that we use appear nowhere in the original or common text of the Bible. An even bigger problem is that we assign the wrong meaning to a lot of terms that ARE in the Bible. Apostle? Disciple? Redeem? Holiness? Sanctified? The way those and a bunch of other terms are commonly used today are very much different from how most Christians, especially the charismatic ones, use them. There is so much deception and confusion in the church these days because few churches actually teach and study the Bible in a rigorous fashion. It is all about feelings, emotionalism, experience. That is not the God of the Bible. God said “come and let us reason together.” Another term that is used in the Bible whose meaning is completely different today? HEART. The modern definition of HEART is your EMOTIONS, your FEELINGS. But in the time the Bible was written, HEART means THE CENTER OF YOUR RATIONAL THINKING AND REASONING. And it isn’t just your mind, your common, haphazard, reckless, or vain thinking. IT MEANS YOUR HIGHER ANALYTICAL THINKING. IT MEANS STUDYING AND MEDITATING ON SOMETHING, AND USING LOGIC AND EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR THINKING. Very little of that goes on in our churches today, and that is why nonsense like “Trinity is mentioned nowhere in the Bible, it was invented by the Roman pagans” is able to be swallowed by so many people. That is why people are able to just follow this “baptize in Jesus name only” nonsense when Jesus Christ Himself said “baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” in Matthew 28. This whole “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are just relationships” nonsense … that works if the Father to you, the Son to your grandfather and the uncle or brother in law to whoever are all in the same place at the same time, but it kinda falls apart when one is on earth getting baptized, the other is speaking from Heaven, and the other descends on Him like a dove. And we are not even going to talk about how the first Name used for this “description of relationship” is plural, not singular. But be comforted; you are not alone in this madness. The Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, etc. all agree with you and use the same arguments: see this link here (
    Funny how it hasn’t gotten any comments yet. Maybe you will be the first to explain how Trinitarian Christians alone are wrong while you Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Jews (all of whom use the same arguments and conspiracy theories) are right. Or are you going to say that the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jews are right about the nature of God even if they are wrong about everything else? How is that possible since they all reject the deity and pre – existence of Christ? I earnestly await your explanation for that Bobcat. I hope that your answer “comes from your heart.”

  20. Robert Matthews said

    I have to say that you as an individual is responsible for your self. I think that if you fall victim to any false teachings and follow them then you are responsible for this. Now I am not saying that Jakes or Bynum are right or wrong but what I am saying is that you are responsible for you and they are responsible for themselves. When you stand in front my father Jesus you will have to answer for what yourself and JAkes, or Bynum, or this website will not be responsible. Pray for the wrongs so Jesus can make it right and read for yourself so when somwthing that is wrong comes your way you will be able to see it. This website is not promoting Christ but instead promoting confusion and strife. Please stop because if you think that you will be rewarded for this you may not in the end.

  21. Robert Matthews: You are 100% incontrovertibly wrong. By saying “you as an individual are responsible for self” are demonstrating the same attitude as exhibited by the murderer Cain when he asked in Genesis 4:9 ( “Am I my brother’s keeper?” More to the point: the Body of Christ is just that. Are not the eyes responsible for seeing for the whole body? The ears responsible for hearing for the whole body? The feet and toes responsible for bearing the whole body up? Or the waste elimination organs responsible for removing poisons for the whole body? If the organs of your own PHYSICAL body had that attitude, you would be dead in five minutes because your lungs would only take in enough air for itself and not the whole. Please read your Bible, Robert. We are all responsible for contending against and exposing false doctrines and teachers lest people be misled by them. When I face God on judgment day, I do not want Him to ask me why I did not do anything about His people being destroyed for the lack of knowledge ( Do you want God to ask you the same question? If not, then you had best start studying and meditating on your Bible and joining me rather than opposing me.

  22. Robert Matthews said

    See you have done what I would think a person of false doctrine might do and that is take what little piece of a something and make it a lie. I said that “YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SALVATION AND WHAT YOU HEAR, SEE, AND TASTE”. You as a christian and I hope that you are will pray for these people and let people make their own judgement call. I believe that you will be held accountable for you and how you live which will in affect will have an effect on others around you and lead them to christ. The slandering of anyone who is or isnt of christ will be found out by the word and not by this site and you “so called” calling them out. LET ME SAY THIS FOR THE RECORD, I LOVE THE LORD MY SAVIOR AND FATHER JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL THAT I AM AND I HOLD NO PERSON OR THING HIGHER THAN HIM. SO IF I DO LISTEN TO TONEX, TD JAKES, OR JUANITA BYNUM IT IS WITH THE EAR THAT THE LORD HAS TRAINED ME TO HAVE AND NOT ONE OF A WEBSITE SPEWING JUDGEMENT BASED ON A COUPLE OF SCRIPTURES. SO READ THE ENTIRE BIBLE IN THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN AND NOT IN THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE INTENDED.

  23. Robert Matthews: First off, I never said that you should not listen Tonex. If you have noticed, I have only made one post on Tonex and lots on TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Rick Warren, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, etc. There is a reason for that. If you have noticed, I said a lot of good things about Tonex in that post, but nothing good about Jakes, Bynum, Warren, Dollar, Osteen, etc. There is a reason for that. There is a difference between someone who has problems, real problems that should concern people and they ought to be aware of (Tonex) and being an apostate preaching false doctrine and withholding the truth from people. Second, it is not me who is slandering these people. I am only reporting what they are saying and doing, and they are condemned by their own words and actions not according to my standards or beliefs but by the BIBLE. It is the BIBLE that spells out Trinity. It is the BIBLE that says to baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is the BIBLE that says that godliness is not gain. It is the BIBLE that says that we are saved, justified, and sanctified by grace, not works, and that legalism is sin. It is the BIBLE that tells you to reason and use your mind and not rely on intimidation, pressure tactics, or emotionalism. It is the BIBLE that tells you not to worship false gods or religions or import their practices into Christianity. So your problem is not with me, it is with the BIBLE. I am not “spewing judgment”, I AM SAYING WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS. And yes, I have read the Bible. Cover to cover. Several times. I was following Jakes, Dollar, Osteen, Bynum, and some of those people BEFORE I read the Bible. Cover to cover. Several times. Also, you may hear good, profitable things from Jakes, Bynum, Osteen, Long, etc. from time to time. So what? What truth are you going to hear from someone who peddles lies for profit that you aren’t going to hear from someone whose heart is after truth? A stopped clock is right twice a day, but a running clock is right all the time! So quit trying to get truth from stopped clocks and start getting truth from someone who is at least trying to be faithful to the Bible. It isn’t as if there aren’t a bunch of good preachers out there. They are all over the TV dial, all over the radio, and all over the Internet. I cite them all the time on my website. See, what you fail to realize is that less than 25% of my posts are attacking false preachers. Over half are devotionals and teachings from ministries that attempt to stay Bible – based, and the rest is devoted to interpreting current events from a biblical perspective. Lately in particular, I have been getting away from going after false preachers (because I have pretty much made a convincing case against these people for anyone who wants to follow the truth already) and have been focusing more on the devotionals and teaching materials. Now the vast majority of the people who make comments on the weblog completely ignore the devotionals and teaching content, and instead only want to defend their false religions, false preachers, and cults. Why do you suppose that is? My brother, there is so much good stuff out there that there is NO REASON for you to follow after people that are doctrinally false or even doctrinally suspect. All you have to do is be willing to work a little bit and find out who they are. I mean come on, I have a wife and two small children, a full time job, operate several Christian websites (no, this is not my only one) and an Internet evangelism ministry, am in graduate school, and I STILL have time to find out what these guys are preaching so that I will know who to follow and who to turn aside from. So if I can do it, what is your excuse? Simple: you have none. It is only a matter of loving God more than you love yourself. Of whether you are willing to stay in your comfort zone of just taking who the mass media and these Christian broadcasting networks put in front of your face day and night, or if you are willing to do a little work, a little seeking. Come on, TD Jakes was on the cover of Time Magazine as “America’s preacher.” Yep, the same people who promote homosexuality, abortion, false religions, and everything else. You honestly think that Time Magazine didn’t know that Jakes doesn’t believe in Trinity? Please. But they put him on there anyway. Why? BECAUSE TIME MAGAZINE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT JESUS CHRIST. Do you?

  24. Robert Matthews:

    One final thing: follow this link ( It contains some very important documents on Christian doctrine and belief. If more Christians were studying things like these, they would not be falling for so many of these false doctrines and teachers multiplying in these last days.

  25. Lori Ann said

    Healtheland, your comments and delivery do not exemplify the type of Christian that God has called me to be. Are we reading the same Bible? If so, how did you miss the gospel of Jesus Christ?

  26. Robert Matthews said

    Ok let me start off by saying this, your argument was pretty convincing and I am more than willing to lets say you show me some stern proof about what has and hasnt been said. I am open to truth and the truth with the word and nothing else. I am a tough nut to crack because I do read my bible. I do have some questions and comments though about some of the things you mentioned in your response. You mention that time magazine put Jakes on it’s front page and so what, let me say this. You go to a secular grocery store and use a secular cell phone comany but no one says anything about these things. So who cares what magazine he goes on you probably go to secular or wordly places all day like school so that holds no weight to me. Also the and I quote “Simply: you have none” comment seemed like an insult. Shouldnt someone like yourself who by know I have gathered is well versed in the Bible and in being so has a renewed mind and therefor should know how to respond to someone with an insulting tone. Maybe thats just me but this is how I feel. Let me end this comment with this, I am open to truth and I seek the truth and not someones opinion. IF you need my email, phone number or what have you to give me this info so I can discuss it with you this would be great, because if it is your goal to enlighten than I want to be enlighten.

  27. Lori Ann: What kind of Christian has God called you to be then? If it isn’t your job to expose false preachers and warn people from following after them, whose is it?

  28. Robert Matthews: I am sincerely sorry for insulting you. I get a lot of comments on my tone, and I am praying to God over it. Look, I am not perfect, and I do not know everything. Reading the Bible a few times and running a couple of websites does not make you an expert. See, I was raised in a church that preached false doctrine, and a lot of problems in my life and in my family resulted. Now my family was messed up beforehand, which was probably why we joined that church in the first place, but the church only made things worse. So, I am just trying to do whatever I can to keep other people from going through what me and my family went through, and trust me it was a living nightmare. I am 34 years old, and only now am I beginning to experience a little love, joy, and peace in my life; able to do little things like sleep at night and control my speech and actions, stuff that most people take for granted. Like I said, the church that I grew up in wasn’t completely to blame for all of my problems, but they didn’t help matters any and they CERTAINLY helped make things worse. I didn’t even know what GRACE meant until over 2 years, probably going on 3 years now, ago. Before I saw a couple of TV shows by this preacher named Andrew Wommack, grace was just another religious term whose true meaning I did not know, and whose application to my personal beliefs and daily living I did not understand. There is a ton of stuff that I do not completely understand, but what little I do know, I do my best to tell people about it. But if you want to discuss these things further, please contact me at Thank you.

  29. Lori Ann said

    The Lord has called me to be the kind of Christian that can read and discern the truth for myself and I learn something new every single day of my life. I am also called to walk in love and to love even those that I disagree with. I praise God for His incredible mercy and His ability to overlook my own imperfections.

    Our personal beliefs do not have to align 100% with someone to still hear from God through their teaching. If that were the case, there would be a lot of empty churches out there. Furthermore, my salvation does not hinge on my personal theory about the triune nature of God. I am saved because Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, died on the cross and rose from the dead so that my sins could be forgiven. If His blood can cover my sins which are many, than His blood is sufficient to cover Juanita Bynum’s sin too. If she has fallen short in an area, then I pray that the Lord reveals the truth to her, but I would never try to hinder her purpose which is trying to build the kingdom of God. Blessings to you on your own journey.

  30. Robert Matthews said



  31. Crystal/ Ohio said

    Just wanted to say I couldn’t agree more with Lori Ann’s last post.

    Also: remember, our God specializes in redemption, reconciliation, regeneration and resurrection. To call another believer’s situation hopeless is to deny His power. Speak life.

  32. Lori Ann, Robert Matthews, Crysal In Ohio: So what you are saying is that the personalities that you are following mean more to you than God or the Bible. Why? Because you are willing to follow someone knowing that they are false just because they entertain you with their personality or preaching ability. Admit it: were Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, Noel Jones, and these other fellows bad preachers with caustic personalities, none of you would give them the time of day. Well, I am looking to someone like Paul. Scripture says – in Paul’s own words – that the fellow wasn’t much to look at AND wasn’t that fun to be around. I imagine that a great many people were offended by Paul’s apperance and preaching and found the gnostics, Nicolataines, Jezebels, and Judaizers more to their liking. And you know what? It was probably just like that in the time of Israel. They probably thought that those kings and prophets that were going after Baal, Ashtoreth, Molech, etc. would turn from their ways if they just “prayed for them.” Well, I am no Paul, Peter, Timothy, Jeremiah, or Elijah. I am just someone who knows that there is no profit in following someone who has been preaching for DECADES and STILL REJECTS THE BIBLE. Pray for them to change? Fine. But follow and support their ministry? WHY? I well tell you why: because you want to. They entertain you. They make you feel all good inside. Well, pardon me, but I am going to continue to challenge Christians to seek and desire something more.

  33. HealtheLand: Thank you for what you are doing. By providing information on this site, you are giving people a choice. People can choose to continue listening to these people, or they can choose to do some research and make their own conclusions.

    To my other beloved brothers and sisters here, I encourage us all to do some research. Rather than use HealtheLand’s tone as an excuse to continue “business as usual,” we must take the content and information provided and compare it with the Word of God. If there be any truth to it, we have a responsibility as Christians to observe it. If it be false, we have a responsibility as Christians to reject it.

    Finally, I leave you with this thought: with so many “preachers” and “teachers” on TV, on the radio, in mega-churches, and magazines, you would think that America would be on fire for Jesus, wouldn’t you? But the exact opposite is happening. How is this possible? God already provided the answer in Psalm 12:8, “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.”

  34. Lori Ann said

    OK, this is clearly an attack straight from the enemy but I have already been delivered from my own haughty spirit and foolish sense of religious pride. All of our perceived holiness and self righteousness is like filthy rags. Now when I start feeling like Little Miss Super Christian, I just review Isaiah 64, Matthew 7 & Proverbs 16 and I am humbled yet again.

    I am following Jesus Christ, brother. You either believe that the blood of Jesus can cover all sin (mine, yours, and all those mentioned above) or you have missed the most important message of all. Moses was a murderer. Aaron created a golden calf for the children of Israel. David committed adultery. Your own personal favorite Paul was once named Saul and we all know his history. Hopefully you get my point but if not, let me spell it out for you. The Bible is filled with dysfunction, sinful people who were still favored by God and used to fulfill His divine purpose. They all made mistakes, they all sinned, they all drew wrong conclusions and God corrected them in His own timing. There is only one perfect man to ever walk the face of this earth and by your own admission above, it ain’t you.

    No one is going to go be cast out of the kingdom for watching Juanita Bynum or reading Harry Potter or listening to rap music or any of the other negative nonsense that religious fanatics try to use to condemn us all to hell. We should be trying to win souls to Christ instead of bickering over obscure concepts that serve no purpose other than to create division and dissention. The Bible tells us that God is the Father, Jesus is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the Comforter that dwells within us, all of which operate to achieve the same goals and purposes. It doesn’t get much more simple than that yet man has managed to turn it into such an enigma that intelligent adults can’t even discuss the matter without blood shed. Sigh…

  35. Robert Matthews said

    Wow powerful answer Lori Ann, I was going to add something else to it but I think that you said enough.

  36. Lori Ann and Robert Matthews: Harry Potter? Obscure concepts that serve no purpose other than to create division and dissension? Listen, please do me a favor. Read this document that I linked to last night (inspired a great deal by this very exchange) and let me know how much of it you agree with, how much of it you disagree with, and whether you think that it is important at all.

  37. Minister Nona: Thank you for your kind words of support. I would also appreciate hearing advice from you on how I can reform my tone, which is a common objection of many. I honestly do not know of a better way to call things and people heresies, apostasies, sins, abominations, false preachers, scam artists, etc. and still be able to accurately convey the harm and danger there is in what a lot of these “preachers” are doing.

  38. love for christ said

    leave Byum, Jakes, Jones alone let God be God and do His will. Pray for your unsureness your concerns that you have about these ministers of the gospel. We are in a time now that we need to be about our Father’s Business not anyone else’s. If you support them then do if you don’t then pray for them this is just uncalled for we christians should know better!

  39. Love For Christ: I direct your attention to the very old document Thirty – Nine Articles of Christian faith. I also refer you to another website containing excellent very old documents on the Christian faith Also, try this site: Spend a good deal of time on them and thereby study to show thyself approved (II Timothy 2:15) and work out your own salvation (Philippians 2:12). Even if you do not agree with everything written therein (as I myself do not), investigating these documents will still reveal precisely how far so many of these TV evangelists have departed from sound doctrine and interpretation of scripture, and why letting people know such things IS being about our Father’s Business.

  40. HealtheLand: When it comes to the internet/e-mail, “tone” is a subjective thing. I, personally, did not read anything into your tone. But, that is also because I do not currently have an allegiance to any preacher. If I would have read your page about two years ago, I would have been saying some of the same things that others say (i.e. stop talking about Bynum, Jones, etc., people make mistakes, etc.). You have to just realize that, when you talk about something or someone that people like, you are going to offend them. I would just caution you to make sure that you do not get into arguments or contentions. At the end of the day, your purpose is to provide information, provide clarification, and allow the Holy Spirit to provide conviction.

    Thankfully, the Lord has led me to a deeper relationship with Him, such that I am no longer blinded or impressed by a person’s platform or charisma. If you speak the truth, according to the Word, I am all ears. If you twist the Word for personal gain or teach things that are not doctrinally sound, I turn you off. It took me years, however, to get to that point. I had to stop being spoon-fed by religious leaders and start drinking the Word by the gallon in my personal time of study. It was there that I discovered God’s truth.

    I guess the thing that disturbs me the most about Christians today is that they are no longer striving for “holiness.” They are striving for fun and happiness, but not holiness. To be a Christian means you are “of Christ,” but I tell you what, the world is so confused by Christians. There was a time when a drunkard would straighten up when he walked by a church. Now, he would just laugh at the church. We have become a big joke. Hollywood makes movies about the church with an adulterous preacher and people “falling out” all over the place, and it’s supposed to be funny.

    It’s not funny. We have a world that is dying while we pay $100 to go hear “the Word” from a preacher who you couldn’t even talk to about your real problems without going through their entourage. What is that about? I leave you with this thought. If you read the Word, you know that the one thing Christ never did was seek fame or recognition. As a matter of fact, whenever he did something miraculous, he said “you must tell no one of this.” Why is this? Here’s why: Christ new that once you become famous, you become untouchable. Once you become untouchable, you become unreachable. Once you become unreachable, you become unteachable. The world creates celebrities and exalts them. There is an example of this in the bible. Read Isaiah 14:12-21.

    I say this again, and whole heartedly believe it. If you are angry or offended by what HealtheLand is saying, just do some research. The thing you must not and should not do is use this offense as an occasion to ignore what you have read. If there be truth, observe it. If there be falsity, reject it. I pray for and love each of you. Sorry for the length!

  41. Robert Matthews said

    Really quickly Heathland why do you direct us to websites and not the word to back up what you are backing. Yes it is nice for you to refer to a scripture or two like show yourselfs approved but you dont show yourself approved by knowing the content of a website but only the content of the word and how it was intended and not how some use bits and pieces for their own gain. To end this I will ask for forgiveness from Jesus and from anyone on this website that I have offended or may have strayed because it isnt my goal as a christian to act in division but to act in love. I dont think that it is a good thing that we act as we do when it comes to people who some things incorrect and then call them out as if they are crooked because I know that everyone that post on this website has something that they are doing in their lives that need improving and something that they are struggling with that only the lord can rid them of. In your case as in Jakes, Bynum, and whomever else I ask that you pray for them and “if” you are wrong and a true humble servant of the lord you will let yourself be corrected and if you arent wrong I pray that you may continue to spread the truth and nothing else but the truth through nothing but the word. P.S. You should have a chat room created so we can all meet and have a meeting of the minds because I think as christians if we can “TRULY” all get on the same page we can change the world and lead them to christ. Thank You

  42. Minister Nona: Again, thank you.

    Robert Matthews: I have used scripture after scripture and all of you have rejected them. Your own response was “See you have done what I would think a person of false doctrine might do and that is take what little piece of a something and make it a lie.” So I tried another tactic. Look, have you not read Paul’s epistles where he addressed people like Demas who betrayed him and the faith and called them what they were? The Bible is FULL of examples of people, from Jesus Christ on down, telling the truth about false preachers and doing so in the strongest possible language. There is absolutely no precedent in scripture for leaving deceivers alone and “just praying for them”, and all of you know it. You also know that scripture says that everyone who says Lord, Lord and heals, prophesies, and casts out devils in the Name of Jesus Christ is OF CHRIST. What separates the true Christians who will be accepted from the fake ones who will be accepted? 1) Loving God with all your heart, soul, and strength and 2) loving your neighbor. That doesn’t leave any room for loving yourself or for loving things, does it? So, for the last time: I contend against false preachers because I love God. I contend against false preachers because I love my neighbor that is being deceived by them. Who or what do you love and contend for when you claim that I should be silent regarding false preachers who with their lies A) blaspheme God and B) lead people to destruction? I am only doing what God clearly calls me to do in the Bible that He left for me to read and obey. You are free to obey whatever it is that whatever authority tells you to do.

  43. Lori Ann said

    Since I am neither Episcopalian or living in the 1800’s, I prefer to go directly to the primary source, the inerrant Word of God, in order to “work out my salvation”. That said, the Episcopalian “Articles of Religion” of 1801 appear to be more scripturally sound than their current views, i.e. ordaining homosexual clergy. I simply do not have time or the desire to wade through the other two links to even form an opinion.

    I’m going to be incredibly blunt in order to save time. You have written a devotional entitled “Worship Jesus Not Religion” or something to that effect. It’s a beautiful message. The only problem is that I don’t feel the love of Christ when I read your posts re: Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, Tonex, etc, and I don’t see any evidence that you have been able to incorporate the message into your own life based upon your arrogant attitude toward same. Essentially in this instance you are preaching like I diet…a lot of lip service but no action.

    Your message carries no weight because there has been no impartation of the Word into your own heart. Any fruit that might have produced is left to wither on the vine because you are attempting to teach concepts that you have not yet mastered. A drug addict who is trying to break their addiction is not going to solicit moral support and/or guidance from their dope dealer and expect achieve a victory. If they are sincerely seeking deliverance, they are going to go to someone who is experienced in managing substance abuse issues and who has achieved some level of success in the recovery process.

    You say that you want to enter into ministry but I would strongly encourage you to modify, no, completely overhaul your presentation style before launching yourself into that type of service. Regards…

  44. Healtheland – Notice how once you expose the sin and erred doctrine of false teachers like Bynum/Weeks, the critics (especially Liberally minded women who like to see sound doctrine forsaken and women be called pastors and rule over men in a church) come out of the woodwork and claim you are not showing “love”. They can make accusations about you, but if you call out someone else, then you are the one outside of “love”. They’ll say most anything to guilt you into shutting up. Don’t fall for it brother. You are showing love by telling them the truth.

  45. Lori Ann:

    First off, please stop lumping Tonex in with these people. If Tonex were like unto them, he’d have a lot more money, don’t you think? Not saying that it is a sin to be rich or anything like that, but you know what I am saying. Second, I am still waiting on you or anyone else to show me a single Biblical example of a man or woman of God suffering a false preacher to spew his lies and deceive the nations. Of course, I have read the Bible and know that it isn’t in there, but I just want to see you try. I have problems? Of course I do. I exhibit my problems to everyone freely so that all people who come to my website will see them and know that no matter what they have done, they can still call upon the Name of Jesus Christ and be saved and delivered. Paul said that though some were preaching Christ out of the wrong spirit and motivation (including malice against him) he nevertheless praised God for Christ was still preached. So, despite all of my flaws and shortcomings, I preach Christ, and not some false profanity of modalism, circumcision, and worldly gain.

  46. Robert Matthews said

    Unbelievable, IndependentConservative and Healtheland. You guys just dont get it, do you think that these preachers intentionally try to deceive or do you think that they might just have it wrong. So what they are rich, how do you know that they arent being blessed. Also IndependentConservative I am offended by (especially Liberally minded women who like to see sound doctrine forsaken and women be called pastors and rule over men in a church) comment. I hope that you dont think that women cant preach and sure hope that HEALTHELAND doesnt support that statement. WAKE UP GUYS WE ALL HAVE FLAWS AND I DONT THINK THAT THERE ANGLE IS INTENTIONAL.

  47. Lori Ann said

    The people you are so visciously attacking are not false teachers/preachers or any of the other nasty things you’ve said about them. You are arguing over semantics. Team Oneness believes in one God, three manifestations: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Team Trinity believes in one God, three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So it boils down to manifestion vs. person. Do we agree thus far? Both sides are worshipping the same God. They are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit dwells in all of those who call upon His blessed name. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all playing on the same team.

    Who is right and who is wrong? Neither, IMO, and here’s why. Jesus prayed to the Father God. An audible voice was heard from heaven while Jesus was on the earth. Clearly two separate identities, IMO. Therefore I don’t accept the “oneness” theory.

    God is not a “person” and neither is the Holy Spirit. God is God and to label Him as a person makes it sound like He’s just an ordinary guy! Since we won’t even require any type of external light source in the presence of God, logic tells us that God is so much more than just a person. Also if God was just a “person”, why did He have to send Jesus in the form of a man? Why didn’t He just come down Himself? Furthermore, the Holy Spirit is a spirit and cannot be classified as a person either, IMO. A spirit inhabits another body and the Holy Spirit is able to inhabit millions of bodies at once.

    The simplest way to rectify the problem is to change the vocabulary used to describe the Father/Son/Holy Spirit relationship. Replace the words manifestation & persons to read “entity” and there would be nothing left to argue about. End of story.

    I refuse to be bound by these petty doctrinal issues that have no effect on my salvation. God doesn’t care whether you call Him a manifestation or a person, JUST CALL HIM!!!

    Here’s your example…it took place 2000 thousand years ago. My Savior, Jesus Christ, was scourged & beaten beyond recognition, mocked, spit upon, & crucified on a cross until He was dead. During his trial, they accused Him of blasphemy and gave false testimonies against Him yet Jesus remained SILENT. Jesus also prayed for God to forgive those crucified Him, saying “they know not what they do”.

    As for God moving women onto the frontline in leadership, AMEN! We can’t even get most men to pay their child support now days much less lead a church.

  48. Grace said

    Clearly healtheland has an evil spirit because he/she does not have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying. Healtheland is bypassing the true Word of God just to get his/her own point across which is not Christlike. Please don’t waste your time speaking to him/her on this and just pray that he/she be delivered.

  49. Lori Ann and Robert Matthews:

    See, this is why you are wrong. It is a HISTORICAL FACT that the trinity doctrine was agreed upon in Christianity for CENTURIES, and that the ONLY DISSENTERS were cults who call themselves Christians (or at least now they do where they did not previously) like Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is a HISTORICAL FACT that modalism first reared its ugly head in the 2nd century, and was based NOT on the Bible but some attempt to mix Christianity with some of the other religions and doctrines floating around at the time. It is a HISTORICAL FACT that these new Trinity – deniers came into being in their present form in 1913 when these fellows at this charismatic conference had these “special revelations” and “prophecies” that revealed to them that the doctrien of Trinity was wrong; that Christianity had it wrong for almost 2000 years, and now it was time to replace the lie with the truth, that God was unitarian just like the Jews and Muslims claim. It is a HISTORICAL FACT that these people then immediately tried to take over the charismatic movement and impose upon it their own doctrine, but were KICKED OUT and had to form their own denominations. They have been trying to re – insert themselves back onto actual Christianity ever since, and a huge part of their tactics have been A) blurring the lines between what they believe and others believe – which by the way is the same thing that Jehovah’s Witnesses and others do – and B) keeping their beliefs secret so that no one will know that they have the same model of the godhead as do Jews, Zoroastrians, and Muslims until one has joined their churches and/or invested much time and money following them, and thereby are more interested in defending their own emotions, experiences, and loyalties instead of the truth. So YES, these people are doing it on purpose, and not only that they have been at it for a long time, almost 100 years. This fact was borne out back in the 1990s over TD Jakes. When he first came out, he kept his views on the godhead secret AND he LIED on his denominational backers, claiming that he was nondenominational. It was only due to these Christian research websites that I cite often on this weblog investigating his background, they found out that he is NOT nondenominational but rather was in the LEADERSHIP of the oneness denomination that ordained him. So then they asked him if he believed in Trinity, and he said YES. So they asked him to explain his trinitarian beliefs, and after A LENGTHY DELAY AND REPEATED ATTEMPTS, he finally gave Christianity Today his beliefs on the godhead (in 1999) which was basically a filibustering statement designed to make both Trinitarians and modalists think that he was on their side. When Jakes was asked to cut all ties with the oneness people and to clarify his beliefs on the godhead, he refused, claiming that the oneness people were very important in “developing his values” and also that “his views on the godhead were still growing and developing.” What is he doing in the pulpit if he doesn’t understand the godhead? And another thing: you watch these fellows on TBN and on Christian TV; they never mention their views on the godhead. You go to their websites, and they either refuse to state their views on the godhead or they bury it and you have to hunt for it. It took me well over an hour of searching through the Remnant Fellowship website (the people who gave you the “Weigh Down” Christian weight loss movement that was featured on Nightline and was all the rage in the late 90s) before I saw their actual beliefs. So this whole “you say person, we say manifestation, both are wrong so let us just say ‘entity'” and this whole “God is like an egg with the yolk being the Father, the white being the Son, the shell being the Spirit”; this is just stuff that they developed over DECADES of defending themselves from Trinitarians (The hardcore apostolics, by the way, reject this type of talk, calling it “compromise” and “worldliness.” They actually bash Jakes and Bynum for hanging out with us pagans) so that they came come up with something to make you think that we believe the same thing but use different terminology when we really do not. The worst thing is this whole “well, it is a mystery that is unknowable anyway, so there is no point arguing over it.” Isn’t that a fine position to take by the people who started the argument in the first place! I repeat, there was NO ARGUMENT OVER TRINITY UNTIL 1913 WHEN THESE PEOPLE GOT THEIR SPECIAL REVELATION! It is no different from that Ellen White woman claiming by virtue of her “special revelation” that Jesus Christ and the archangel Michael are one and the same (the stuff of Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses), and these Seventh Day Adventists adhering to it (though they do not say so publicly) because they have so much loyalty invested in the founder of their denomination. And I can imagine their defense. “Who can know; it is a mystery. We will find out when we get to heaven. Why are you limiting God or trying to understand His ways? The Bible never says that Michael and Jesus Christ AREN’T one and the same, so it is unclear. Why are we arguing over this? Let us just concentrate on the things that we agree on.” You know, these people are getting into Bible colleges and seminaries and getting extremely cunning at A) making their beliefs SOUND LIKE Trinity while at the same time B) doing their best to undermine Trinity. If one of these folks is your instructor at one of these colleges, he will do his best to make sure that you will either be a modalist, believe that there is no difference between modalism and the Truth, or be so confused about the Truth that you do not care by the time he gets through with you. Well, I will not apologize for opposing what these people who received their special revelation in 1913 have spent the last 100 years (or almost) trying to accomplish.

  50. Lori Ann said

    Egads, this is the 21st century and most of us are college educated individuals. I don’t base my opinions on the what the early church taught or what other radical websites think that TD Jakes believed in 1999. I read the Bible for myself and I allow the Holy Spirit to guide my interpretation. I have done indepth studies on every book of the Bible including the apocrypha. If you would have asked me what I believed in 1999, I probably wouldn’t have even listed God in my Top Ten.

    If I had an issue with any doctrine taught by TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Joyce Meyer, etc., I would go directly to them and ask them to clarify their stance. If I still didn’t agree then I would tell them that I loved them as a brother or sister but I disagreed with X, Y, & Z. I would NOT create an anonymous blog and assume all sorts of things simply because Sister Diva Divine said that Christianity Today printed an article quoting Betty Bowers stating TD Jakes mowed his yard on Sunday therefore breaking the Sabbath and thereby confirming his lake front property in Hell. Have a blessed Sunday 🙂

  51. Robert Matthews said

    Lori Ann,
    Thank you once again for clarifying to Healtheland because this entity just doesnt get it.

    Love all
    Robert Matthews

  52. TD Jakes can’t even grasp the concept of the trinity and folks who claim education stand in defense of him here. Interesting.

  53. blackromancereader said

    All I have to say is that I’m stunned and convinced of Healtheland’s sincerity and spirit because a number of phrases in her rebuttals are practically verbatim of some things my mother has been sharing with me when we sit down and have talks about spirituality and today’s church. I’m humbled by this confirmation because I know that I’ve been lukewarm in my walk with God, trying to conform to the world because I’m afraid to step out into the world of being a Christian (being of the world but not in it, as well as not expecting my life to go the same way everyone else’s has) and I’m convicted of my lukewarm walk despite having an awesome testimony. This website is a blessing! Keep on keeping on.

  54. IndependentConservative: It is not that TD Jakes cannot grasp the concept of Trinity; it is that he specifically rejects it because of the church that he was raised in. He wants you to BELIEVE that he is “struggling” with the concept of Trinity so that Trinitarians won’t abandon him. Of course, if you keep following him, Noel Jones, Mark Hanby, Tommy Tenney, Juanita Bynum, etc. you will be “struggling” with the concept of Trinity as well. This very thread is evidence of how Satan won a huge battle in 1913 by slipping that lying spirit into this movement where all these people were assembled together speaking in tongues at the same time without interpreters in clear violation of Corinthians. But that is OK, God has already won the war.

  55. Lori Ann and Robert Matthews: If TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Noel Jones, and all these other people weren’t on TV, A) you wouldn’t know them from a random person on the street, let alone pay attention to anything that they say and B) you wouldn’t be so willing to discount and discard everything that is inconvenient to following them.

    You say that you have read the Bible? Well, the Bible clearly lays out the Trinity doctrine. Take the personhood of the Holy Spirit. It has emotions (it can be grieved). It has a specific job: to convict of sin, reassure of salvation, and to comfort. It has intellect in knowing the things of God. Not only that, it has a self – will, which it used to subject and subordinate itself to and do the Will of the Father and of Jesus Christ and in distributing its gifts in the church. Now “manifestations” do not have emotions, intellects, or self will? Neither do eggshells or egg yolks. Neither do “relationships.” No, only PEOPLE DO. And you know what else? You have Jewish law. Who gave Jewish law? God did. What does Jewish law says? That something can only be established as fact IF IT IS CONFIRMED BY TWO OR MORE WITNESSES. What must those witnesses be? PEOPLE. Now go to I John 5 and elsewhere in the Bible. What bears witness of the Father in Heaven and in earth? The Son and Spirit. What bears witness of the Son? The Father and Spirit. What bears witness of the Spirit? The Father and the Son. Why do they need to bear witness of each other? To PROVE and ESTABLISH that they are what they say they are: one God and the only One True God that is righteous, sovereign, and whose word is true. That was why Jesus Christ made a point of telling people in the gospels that He had seen the Father … it was His job to bear witness of the existence, righteousness, and holiness of the Father. Relationships cannot bear witness according to Jewish law and the principles that Jesus Christ set forth in it. Manifestations cannot bear witness according to Jewish law and its Godly principles, and pieces of eggs certainly can’t. ONLY PEOPLE CAN! Remove the Trinity doctrine, and there is NOTHING to bear witness of the existence of God the Father as no man has seen Him, and NOTHING to bear witness of the risen Christ since only 500 people – none of them living today – witnessed it, and there is NOTHING to bear witness to the fact that Jesus Christ was the Word become flesh and therefore God’s Word is true, inerrant, and the final authority! OF COURSE Satan wants to destroy the Trinity doctrine because without Trinity THERE IS NO WITNESS! Without Trinity, GOD’S OWN PRINCIPLES AND LAWS REGARDING WITNESS IS VIOLATED ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN REGARDING HIMSELF! Satan has been a liar from the beginning, and from the beginning he has been trying to get man to believe that God is untrue, hypocritical, and unreliable, and it started in the Garden of Eden when he told Eve that she would not surely die!

    And when you say stuff like “Egads, this is the 21st century and most of us are college educated individuals.”, you know who you sound like? Korah in the desert who led the rebellion against Moses. “We don’t have to listen to you, Moses, we are all the children of God, holy and righteous, we are just as capable of following God and obeying His Commands as you are.” Remember that? Well listen to me, Lori Ann, you have what is called SYSTEMIC THEOLOGY. People didn’t just sit around drawing Bible doctrines out of a had. Righteous men dedicated to God and His Word spent CENTURIES studying the scriptures that bore IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that the Godhead is composed of THREE DISTINCT PERSONS. They spent CENTURIES studying the scriptures that told us A) where EACH DISTINCT PORTION OF THE GODHEAD HAD WILLS, INTELLECTS, EMOTIONS OPERATING INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER and B) ONLY PEOPLE HAVE DISTINCT SEPARATE WILLS, INTELLECTS, AND EMOTIONS. Let me ask you something … what do you think of abortion, especially in the third trimester? Well, medical science has PROVEN that by the third trimester (and almost certainly earlier) babies in the womb have intellect, will, and emotion. They have brain waves, play, dream, and have personalities. Georgia State University, right down the road from me (and no, my website is not “anonymous” as I provide my email address to anyone who wants to use it) has this major study going on regarding the psychological development of fetuses right as we speak, looking for pregnant women to volunteer. Yet, the state in its infinite anti – Christ wisdom has decided that something with emotions, will, and intellect is not a person, but rather is something whose personhood is worthy of being denied and destroyed. When you reject the doctrine of the Trinity out of the hardness of your heart and desire to follow a false preacher that tickles your ear and reduces the Godhead from being a mystery to being an egg, you do the same thing.

  56. Healtheland said

    It is not that TD Jakes cannot grasp the concept of Trinity; it is that he specifically rejects it because of the church that he was raised in. He wants you to BELIEVE that he is “struggling” with the concept of Trinity so that Trinitarians won’t abandon him.

    Most correct sir!

  57. Lori Ann said

    Dogs and cats also have emotions but they are still dogs and cats. Provide a scriptural reference that says the Holy Spirit is a person, that the Holy Spirit is “subordinate” or that the blood of Jesus Christ covers all sin except minor diversities in the interpretation of scripture. I am saved by grace by the blood of Jesus Christ. You are still trying to get to heaven through a legalistic approach. Good luck.

    I think your complaint has more to do with the fact that they are wealthy, black and successful. They all have major platforms and you have this hateful blog. They are leading people to Christ by the thousands and you are doing what?

    You keep repeating that TD Jakes and Juanita Bynum reject the trinity yet you have offered absolutely no evidence in print, video or audio form. When you can provide appropiate sources to support your opinion, let me know and I will be happy to entertain your thoughts. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the ministries of Juanita Bynum, TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley (my all-time favorite), Perry Stone, John Hagee, Beth Moore, Joel Osteen, Bob Coy and a multitude of others who have all blessed me in different ways.

  58. Darren said

    Greeting to you all. The doctrine of the trinity is and will always be a major pillar of the christian faith. Someone wrote in one of the earlier logs that they would’nt argue over things like the trinity because it does’nt affect their salvation because they no Jesus died and rose for them. I’m not here to argue with that statement; but I would like to ask you a question.

    If the doctrine of God the Father, Son and holy Spririt is not of any great importantance, how do you know which Jesus saved you, and which god keeps you. Was it the JW’s jesus who was not th eternal God in heaven but and angelic being. Maybe it was Islams Jesus who is just a great prophet, but definitely not the eternal. in the flesh.

    The bible says in the last days many would turn away from the truth (who is christ) and turn to deceptive doctrine of devils, When I first saw juanita Bynum years ago she was so annoined; but it saddens me now to see her. yes she shouts, and preaches in a way that so many in the black church like. But just because we like something does’nt make it right.

    Here are some warning signs. Her husband is a BISHOP!!! in a ONENESS church, where his family have 3 generations men ministering. Her spiritual father is JD Jakes who is a BISHOP!!! in a ONENESS church. Know argue if you wish but the bible says how can two walk together unless they agree. Is She a ONENESS PENTACOSTAL; i don’t know, just look at the people she has around here.

    I used to watch Jakes all the time; he has such great oratorical skills, he can command a the attention of multitudes, but he does’nt have a great command of correct doctrines. He’s a BISHOP; surely someone in such a stately position should know what he believes from what he does’nt. Many ministries have tried to get a response from him regarding his belief system. Maybe he’s frightened he’d lose a great number of fans (and money) if he openly declared himself ONENESS. I would like to close by saying that I have no desire to offend, but i do desire to walk after pauls biblical pattern.

    He said we should mark them who bring erroneous, divisive, contrary doctrines to the taught by the apostles. History is littered with folloers of christ who gave their life because of doctrines we want to throw away as divisive and unnessary. They are the reason we’re able to enjoy reading our bibles, worship openly the God we supposedly love.

  59. Darren: Thank you for your stand for Jesus Christ. May God bless and keep you in the Name of Jesus Christ. I also ask God to bless and keep all of you who that have read and participated in this thread, that He would bless and reveal Himself to you, and that you would accept Him for what He is and that you would endure to the end. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  60. Kechup85 said

    The Bible informs forewarns us of false prophets and the “falling away” of some, even those who are of elite status in the last days. The word of God does a great job at exposing the nature of fallacy that we may be alert and remain on guard. I commend you for despising fallacy, and your desire to dispell theological myth and error, but how you do it is not appealing, nor Christ-like.

    It is the fervent and effectual prayers of the Righteous that availeth much, and if you are the Righteousness of Christ, then PRAY and let God vindicate His own people. Your attacks are similar to those of the Pharisees and Saduccees of the Bible. They were religious but obviously not relational, displaying no sign of God nor His grace–but they were hypocritical and quick to attack that which they did not understand. Whether you agree with them or not, they are men and women preaching the Gospel. Not all of them have formal theological training, but have rather been awarded honorary degrees. Nontheless, God uses them as He so desires, if He so desires. But that is not for you nor I to judge. If you are indeed a person chosen by God (yourself), then you should know and trust that God will answer your sincere prayers. Put them all in God’s hand, and let Him separate the “wheat from ther tare” (that’s why He is God and we are not).

    God Bless, stay focused. But let God judge and condemn; for the same measure that you have judged them… (I believe you know the rest).

  61. Kechup85:

    You are totally wrong. First off, these people are not preaching the gospel if they deny the true nature of God out of the hardness of their hearts. Second, if God is using them, it is to separate among those who claim the Name of Jesus Christ the ones who love the truth from those who love the ways of the world with all of its comforts and lies. Third, I am not like the Pharisees or Sadduccees. Why? Because the Pharisees and Sadduccees denied the deity of Jesus Christ. Because of that, they were FALSE ACCUSERS. I, meanwhile, am pointing out that these modalists are no different from the Pharisees and Sadduccees because oneness pentecostals also deny Jesus Christ by claiming that He was merely a manifestation of the Father who was heard speaking from Heaven while Christ was being baptized. Finally, “let the wheat and the tares grow together? Brother, read the whole chapter of Matthew 13, here is the link for you.;&version=9;
    That parable applies to THE WORLD. The wheat and tares grow together in THE WORLD. We are not supposed to allow wheat and tares to grow together in THE CHURCH. We are supposed to kick liars, heretics, blasphemers, and apostates out of THE CHURCH. CHURCH DISCIPLINE, heard of it? Ever hear of Paul speaking of “delivering people unto Satan”? Read 1 Corinthians 5:5 and 1 Timothy 1:20 and tell me if that sounds like “letting the wheat and tare grow together” to you. Look, that parable was in response to the Jews asking why God as allowing the wicked to prosper; why the evil pagan Romans were allowed to continue in the world to murder and oppress the Jews, and why the rich were allowed to continue to exist to oppress and exploit the poor, and why criminals were allowed to continue to victimize the innocent and defenseless. It was about why a just and loving God could allow these evil people to exist rather than destroying them all. The wheat and tares growing together was Christ re – stating what was given in the Psalms about how though the wicked might be enjoying it for now, they will one day perish like the grass, be plucked up and tossed in the fire like the chaff. And this is not something that is subject to debate. Why? Because Jesus Christ Himself specifically stated in Matthew 13:38 ” The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one” Want me to say it again? THE FIELD IS THE WORLD. NOT THE CHURCH. WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH WICKEDNESS IN THE WORLD, BUT WE ARE NOT TO SUFFER IT IN OUR CHURCHES OR IN OUR LIVES! So sir, who has deceived you into believing that the wheat and tares applied to the church? Probably some false preacher who sought to deceive you so that you would not rise up against him. Now that you have been brought into the knowledge of the truth of what the Bible actually says and means on a consistent basis from the beginnings of the Old Testament to the end of the New, are you going to obey the Bible and take a stand for righteousness? Or are you going to continue to love and follow after the ways of the world? The choice is yours, and you had better believe that God will hold you to account for the decision that you make. Now sir, even if you did not know that Matthew 13 was in reference to the world and not the church, there is no excuse for applying the Pharisees and Sadducees, who had no interest in the truth and rejected it even after Jesus Christ resurrected (recall that they paid the Roman guards to say that Jesus Christ’s disciples stole the body), to someone who knows and is defending the truth. You were telling someone who is defending the truth to hold his tongue and to simply pray for the liars. Well, I will pray for the liars so that they will come into knowledge of the truth and that they will acknowledge and repent fo their wicked ways. But while they are lying, it is my duty to oppose their sin. You yourself know this, and were being convicted within your heart of the truth even while you were typing it. The only question is whether you will heed the truth that is in your heart, or whether you will reject it and thereby grieve the Holy Spirit.

  62. MacBeliever said

    As one who has recently attended a number of services at Mrs. Bynum-Weeks Atlanta church the thing that disturbs me the most is the constant marketing whether in programs, events, services, website etc. The emphasis is not on the gospel but on enriching the individuals. Even more disturbing is the mis-use of scripture to make points that are not supported by the quoted scripture in context. It is disheartening to see so many who genuinely have a desire to know God being led astray. I am praying for the Weeks that they return to their first love. I had attended some services with Mrs. Bynum-Weeks years ago before marriage when she truly preached the WORD and it is hard to believe that she has changed to the extent that she has. I know there was a time when serving God with a pure heart was her desire. Please pray that she remembers the love she has forsaken and will use the opportunity to help those that she has led astray to follow the true teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  63. MacBeliever:
    I will have to take your word for it regarding Juanita Bynum was once a preacher of true Christianity, but even then it would have had to have been years ago, because I have known of this woman since at least 1999 and she has always been preaching and doing pretty much the same in that time. But as for Bishop Weeks, I have to disagree. Weeks was A) born and raised in the oneness pentecostal cult that came into existence in modern times in 1913 and B) he along with his father have a history of questionable behavior and doctrine that extends even beyond the falsity of modalism (which is what “oneness” or “Jesus only” was first called when it emerged in the second century AD and was rejected by the early church, and other names are Sabellianism, modalistic monarchianism, or modal monarchism with its adherents renounced and kicked out as heretics). These folks make claims oddly similar to that of the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses that the original true church had their beliefs, but trinitarian “paganism” was imposed on the church by Constantine, and that a few faithful people kept the truth alive on the earth until God used some faithful soul to fully restore it. The Mormons say that it was Joseph Smith and the Watchtower Society say that it was Charles Taze Russell in the 1800s; the oneness pentecostals say that it was these people who were speaking in tongues without interpreters at these charismatic conferences following Asuza Street in 1913. And the worst part is that these people do not publicly state their beliefs and backgrounds, you have to research them. Noel Jones is the only one of this bunch (that includes TD Jakes) to have publicly dealt with his modalist beliefs, and that was way back in 1999. TD Jakes even flat out lies by claiming to believe in Trinity while describing the godhead according to modalist terms AND retaining a high position of authority in a oneness denomination (while claiming that The Potter’s House is “nondenominational”; a large percentage of his members do not even know that Jakes denies Trinity or that they are members of a denomination that denies it)! has a story on it about how Bishop Paulk (if you are familiar of the Atlanta area, you know of his many sex scandals) was the one who established Juanita Bynum as a TBN star during one of their pledge drives. So again, if Bynum was ever a true Christian preacher, it would have had to have been a LONG time ago.

  64. Godslove said

    i would like to know if you r baptised and filled with the holy spirit. Has God himself spoken to you!
    Romans 8:33
    Who shall bring charge agaist Gods elect? It is God who justifies.
    Who is he who condemns?It is Christ who died and furthermore is also risen who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.

    your still a baby spiritually, your not on the level where Gods word is manifast through you.

    I believe that God will come to you in a way that you have never encounted him before.

    stop looking on the people and follow Gods words when i listen to the people you listed i recieve the word not them
    when you have true intimatecy with God you can hear God for your self

    Tongue is a heavenly language which only God understands.

    My people perish for the lack of knowlegde
    many people know the bible cover to cover but without knowlegde and understanding it is a useless tool.

    faith without works is dead.

    But the fruits of the spirit is love, joy, peace,longsuffering,KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL, AGAIST SUCH THERE IS THERE IS NO LAW.



  65. Godslove:

    “i would like to know if you r baptised and filled with the holy spirit. Has God himself spoken to you!” Yes. I am a born again spirit – filled Christian who speaks in tongues. Want my testimonies? and

    And it is revealing that you all accuse me rather than defend Bynum – Weeks. Why? Because none of you can defend the indefensible (which is good, because it means that you are not reprobates). So, you attack me. And as for this abusing scripture with the “judge not” thing: so … Peter should not have judged Simon the magician when he tried to buy the Holy Spirit in Acts? Please recognize that Acts specifically said that Simon the magician believed the gospel, meaning that he was saved. So Peter had no right to condemn the sin of Simon? According to you, no. Well, I have a couple of weblog entries that opposes this “do not judge” lie that everyone wants to apply to their favorite preacher. How about instead of asking the people not to judge, you start asking these preachers not to sin and pervert doctrine? and I haven’t received any comments on either of those yet. Maybe you will be the first.

  66. Lisa Fikes said

    Hello all~

    I was in shock to see all of the comments, especially the time and effort that has been made. I’m really lost for words. I must say, everyone is correct!!!!!! Why, because all of it is God’s word. Yes we do err, but in order to be chosen of God, someone is called to rebuke false doctrine. I’m very big on doctrine, because one prophesy incorrectly spoken can ruin someone’s life. I lost my mind because of a hireling, preying against a babe in Christ. All I can say is, it doesn’t take all that talking, just allow your discernment to be sharpene. Everything is not expedient. There’s a time and place for it all. Yes look out for my babes out there. I’m an advocate for the children in the gospel, meaning those that are unexperienced. I believe people can just call themselves a preacher. This takes years of study and learning God’s voice, when your called from the pew. I love JBynum,& Jakes. I buy alot of there tapes, I’m even going to Juanita’s conference August 8-11. IO do agree I’ve seen some things and heard some, that does not line up. All I can say Dreamland is don’t forget to focus, pray, see it in love. Yes it’s very frustrating, but they have done alot for the kingdom, so we are going to give them credit where credit is due. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. You have to put on the shoes to shod the preparation of Gospel. YOu have to put on the full armour. God, our father in heaven, asked if we would not debate over the word. Exposure is done in a decent and orderly manner.E
    veryone please be lovely …

  67. Lisa Fikes said

    Oh yeah~

    For those that are being led away, when you seek God with your hold heart, he opens up blind eyes. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken. God knows how to take the blind fold off, if your truely seeking him. So alot of people are not God’s children. My sheep know my voice, and a stranger they will not follow. God allow our gifts to be sharpen, and some is a test. If we like these people, will we like them enough to say they wrong, but I know they are chosen of God. We have to look at balance here. The letter killeth, but the Spirit bringeth life. In all your getting, get understanding. You shall know them by there fruit.


  68. Ryan said

    I really cant believe what some people have said on here! Both TD Jakes and Juanita Bynum both proclaim the trinity. Through there preaching and teaching they acknowledge the work of the father the son and the holy spirit.

    Also in the clips above from youtube, they do not add any weight to your point of view.

  69. Wayne said

    First, TD Jakes is GAY!

    Second, Juanita “Bind’em” Bynum is a Sex Pervert and Addict!

    Did you know that about either of them??

  70. Dez said

    What I really think after reading all of this, (and surprisingly, I took time out of my lunch to do so, is that we spend too much time arguing. Salvation is personal. Its about relationship, sonship, and being led by the Holy Spirit into all truth.

    What I dont understand, is that we have sooo many denominations, religions, faiths, to the point where I wonder, WHAT DOES GOD FEEL ABOUT ALL OF THIS DIVISION?

    I search the scripture, and ask GOD to reveal HIMSELF to me, because there is no union at all among “US CHRISTIAN”. Does anyone think that GOD is saddened by this. Everyone wants to spread the truth.

    I have been watching so many of the preachers that are named above of which we are discussing. I have also seen so behaviors that frighten me. HOLINESS, CHRISTIANDOM is not HOLLYWOOD. Where is the deliverance, where is the word changing hearts and minds, where is the word just being taught. I have had enough with BRIGHT LIGHT BIG CITY Church, and I must say, I have found a teaching that is straight and hits to the hip. Holiness is not a denomination, it is a way of life. Hell is where you go, if you do not live holy. Why can’t it just be that simple. Why do Christians, Scholars, and Teachers, and Preachers, try to make salvation so complex.

    I thank God for my pastor, who yes, is a woman… Dr. Aretha Wilson, whom GOD uses mightily. God has used her, and the Word that comes from her to put fire under my feet and press toward those things of GOD that I long for.

    I have been been disappointed with a lot of things I see in the media, but will things change because I am here bashing them, or will it change because I pray….

  71. Dez, there is division because our Lord came to bring it, Matthew 10:34-39. To divide those who are for themselves from those who honestly are for the Lord. We are to separate from those who refuse to follow scripture, 1 Corinthians 5:9-13.

    Likewise, scripture does not grant women leadership over a church assembly. In fact, there are many men who need to step down from roles they have assumed as church leaders, Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3.

  72. Daz: As long as there is darkness, light will oppose and overcome it. As long as there are lies being spoken, there are those who are going to speak the truth. As long as the poor are being oppressed and exploited, people are going to rise up and advocate for them. If that is what you wish to call “division”, then so be it.

  73. Brother Will said

    Where is the word trinity in the bible? I read the definition of the word trinity and it says its a theorogical term. I do believe in the Father,Son and the holy spirit. Jesus prayed to father and is also seated at the right hand of the father. Can someone give me the scripture with the word trinity in it.

  74. Brother Will: Where are the words incarnation and advent in the Bible? Has the word rapture appeared in any Bible save the Vulgate? Lots of theological terms are not in the Bible. You will have to do better than that.

  75. Brother Will, the term Trinity is proven by definition in scripture. All over scripture. Even in the old covenant scriptures. See this write-up that shows that even Hebrew scripture defines a Trinity, a Tri-Unity in God.

  76. Brother Will said

    Im not here to argue the word of God. Im just asking a question. Not to debate the word. Let God be true and every man a liar.

  77. Brother Will is playing games with this. If we were to discuss scripture he’d have to admit the Trinity is proven in scripture.

  78. Brother Will said

    Im not saying that the unity between God,Christ and the holy spirit arent proving in the scriptures. Where did i say that at.

  79. Brother Will, in 1 Timothy 3:16 was the apostle Paul correct to say that God was “manifest in the flesh”? Is Jesus Christ God in flesh? Given Jesus came to earth via Mary receiving Him via the Holy Spirit, Matthew 1:18. We know God the Father is pleased with His son’s work, 2 Peter 1:17 and calls Jesus “God”, Hebrews 1:8-9. John 1 shows their unity.

    This shows Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all God working as One.

    A term like “Omnipresent” is not in scripture either, but just like the term Trinity is proven with scripture.

  80. Brother Will said


  81. Tony said

    Concerning Juanita and the Bishop:

    I guess the latest mess between juanita and her “wife beater” just further justifies this subject, I guess. If the truth was in their lives, then it would have kept them out of the domestic violence, and the bishop would not be currently on the lam! Even though I have listened to them, I never respected their preaching as no more than charismatic babbling! Neither of the two are of God, they are of themselves and working to gain riches and worldly favor!

  82. quencina said

    We will continue to respect the Prophetess and husband. The truth is in them. Everyone of us has something that we battle daily for what ever reason. We all have a chance to be so-called human. Respect does not change for my parents even tho’ I have seen their “human” side. Love respect and honor will continue for our Lord’s name sake. Now, our job is to pray even more for them and show much love.

  83. Tony said

    I forgive them for being human! But when you sell out Christianity for stardom there comes a price to pay! It doesn’t make you bad for falling (just human), but from God’s perspective it’s more important to have shepherds who have first conquered the devil’s simple traps before standing before the world to preach salvation and how to avoid or escape Satans big traps.

    Juanita and the Bishop are both still dealing with the same issues they have been dealing with most of their lives—DOMESTIC VIOLENCE at some point or another! Where is that Spirit they’ve been preaching about now? If their Spirit was real, it should have easily prevented the incident yesterday! [“…A form of godliness but denying the power… ?”]

    We should be followers of the way of Christ and the words of God, not just the followers of men! If we focused on the right way we wouldn’t be so let down when our “IDOLS” fall and are exposed! And besides, they have more money than most will ever have, so any problems they have– they brought to themselves for seperating away from the Spirit that first brought them to the Truth! I hope you can feel me.

  84. Tony said

    For those who want inside

  85. Gale said

    I don’t understand how can any of you can say, that Bishop Weeks and Prophetess Bynum are not preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the Ministry of Juanita Bynum. I only wish that there were more preachers of the gospel like her. There is a need for people to be careful of what they are saying, about other people and an examination of there words, should definitely be considered, before its uttered. At any given moment, anyone of us could slip into error. I am indeed hurt about this kind of news. I hope that it’s lie and not the truth. It is our Christian duty to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

  86. Sherry said

    All we can do is pray for them. Bishop Weeks was wrong for beating her, but she was also wrong for following him in the parking lot. According to the article he left her their meeting abruptly, and she followed him in the parking lot, words were exchanged and then THEY fought. And why would I have to meet my husband 4 a.m in the morning, whether we are separated or not. I just hope and pray that they work things out, because this news is only making a mockery of the church, and GOD. So let’s not judge, but remember that LOVE covers a multitude of sin. God is looking for us to still love them, and to keep them lifted up before him, because they are going to need at.

  87. God's Child said

    Love COVERS a multitude of sins. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Do not be rebellious against God’s word which tells us that we are not to touch is anointed or do his prophets any harm. God’s words are above every word you can say against any human being.

  88. darnell said

    All this is bull! We all know that the scriptures is first culture, history, and the gospel. It is so funny in how we maintain an ignorant view of the scriptures. Even the Apostle Paul stated “we know in part”. When we as people is going to realize that there is more to learn and to understand in how he (God) deals with his people. WE DONT KNOW IT ALL!

  89. evangelist carroll said

    1chronicles 16:22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. And you wonder why they keep taking your post off .God will not let them be exposed.Psalms 52:2 The tongue deviseth mischiefs; like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.i have not heard them say anything out of Gods will. Psalms 27:2 When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.this want continue God said it.i rebuke this spirit in the name of jesus no weapons formed shall prosper Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.ordained by God and not man im praying for you that God gives you wisdom.

  90. darnell: So the best that you could do in your introductory comments that represents both yourself and the God that you serve on a Christian weblog is to say “All this is bull”, making use of the abbreviated version of and reference to a coarse vulgar profanity? Precisely how did you intend to honor and glorify God in that fashion? “We all know that the scriptures is first culture, history, and the gospel.” Excuse me, but where does the Bible say that? The Bible is a record of God’s salvation history, with the first hint of the gospel, called the protoevangelism of Genesis by theologians, being Genesis 3:15 – “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” And as for your “When we as people is going to realize that there is more to learn and to understand in how he (God) deals with his people.” Well, how can learning take place unless we first distinguish between what is truth and what is not? Does 2+2 equal 3 or does it equal 4? If you are unwilling to take a stand on that question (and the correct stand I might add) however are you going to be a mathematician, engineer, biologist, chemist, physicist, or cashier? “WE DONT KNOW IT ALL!” Yes, but we do know right and wrong as clearly given in the Bible. People such as yourself only appeal to ambiguity when the falsehoods of your favorite preachers are exposed. The amazing thing is that Bynum and Weeks III do PLENTY of condemning. So it is OK for them to oppose others that are not living up to scripture (or their interpretation of it), but not for them to be held to that same standard? Oh, the inconsistency, hypocrisy, and dishonesty that abounds!

  91. H. Windham said

    I am a child of Christ and strongly believe in peace through out the world. I cannot understand how Bishop Weeks could even think about hitting a woman. Apparently He does not live what he preaches. Juanita Bynum did not deserve any kind of physical abuse no matter what she may have said. I am very much concerned about the TV Evaunulist. It seams to me that many of them are false teachers and they are only interested in money. If you took away most of their money you would have more exPreachers than we have honest preachers. Most of the TV evangelist are MILLIONAIRS. My bible says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. And another thing when Christ rose on the third day he did not tell a man to go and tell everyone thet he had risen. He told Mary. There for he respected and believed that women were as capable of being carriers of his word. He had a very close friendship with Mary and He felt that she was as capable as any man to spread the word. I pray for more love and kindness toward everyone no matter their sex, Religion or sexual orientation Because GOD IS LOVE

  92. Need Help said

    You christians are fighting among yourselves. I am not saved and want to be but after hearing all of you so called, I feel I am alright. At least we not fight among ourselves. I was just thinking a week ago, maybe I will try this Jesus, Preacher Juanita was taking about. But now you confused me. I can’t read but I will get my child to read to me. I don’t know who to pray to or serve. You all say both is wrong and the Preachers are wrong. If you want to know you got to find out for yourself and that is what I am going to do. My Grandmother use to say, Will save your self. Well I will find out myself because Preacher Juanita told me I need to be saved and stop sinning or I will go to HELL. I got to be careful because that is a curse word, but I don’t want to burn. But you people are fighting and I am confused. I learned the bible said Love they neighbor, they enemy, do good for them. Love is the greatest gift. I tell my childen that. Pray for one another when they err. Preacher Juanita prayed for me and have some of the others in Jesus name. So was that wrong? Should it be in Trinity? My Grandmother would say Will do it in Jesus name and if it be thou will. She would say stop talking about people, stop finding fault and pray for them, help them don’t accuse unless you got the full understanding your self and if you lack understanding go to Jesus. he will open up your understanding and she said if you lack Wisdom ask of Jesus. Was my Grand Mother wrong. She told me once at church, they called on Jesus and they baptised in Jesus. But see I did not understand that until Juanita told me to go to Acts 2:38 and also Preacher McGrath told me to do the same thing. But I got to repent, I can’t because you all are fighting.

  93. Need Help: The unsaved do not fight amongst themselves? Remember the war between Iran and Iraq? About seven million dead if I recall? And “our fighting” is preventing you from being saved. Sure, like the fighting between the Pharisees and Sadducees and the many other Jewish sects of that time prevented Paul, Peter, Stephen, and everyone else from getting saved. No, we have nothing to do with your salvation. The only thing preventing your salvation is YOU. If you want to be saved, this link tells you all that you need to know, and you can get your daughter to read it to you if you have to. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan or will will be in the lake of fire (which is not a swear word) along with all of those false preachers. Whether I am a false preacher and will be in the lake of fire myself is of no concern to you. The question is whether YOU will be saved or not. Even if I am a false preacher, this salvation program comes straight from the Bible, and God will use it to save you if you follow and believe it. If I spend an eternity in the lake of fire, well that is my problem, and it has nothing to do with you. This is all about you and what happens to you. So follow The Three Step Salvation Plan and be saved right now!

  94. All of us must remember there is a world out side of this world called the spirit realm , which contains the underworld and if your not rotted in Jesus Christ , nor have a solid foundation. Your enemy Satan will destroy you.. So Prophetess and Bishop Week needs to be restore and repent openly before God and men.

  95. GRACE - MERCY said

    Dear help, I would like to apologize on behalf of the so call saints who forgot that we are here to win souls 4 the kingdom of god and not run them away.I would like to encourage you to keep seeking after GOD/JESUS YES THER ARE MANY FALSE PREACHER OUT THERE BUT NOT ALL THEM ARE WRONG SO DONT LET ANY ONE STOP YOU FROM GETTING SAVE!

  96. Miracles Believer said

    His Message (Jesus) was one of love and forgiveness…he came not to condemn but to save. Could you possibly imagine Christ condemning either Juanita Bynum or Bishop Weeks. As a matter of fact, could you ever imagine Christ having a conversation about who would burn in the “lake of fire?” I just can’t see him saying that..but I can hear him saying “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and to love thy neighbor as thyself.” Well I love myself too much to spend eternity in a “lake of fire,” so I would never condemn my sister or brother to such. But I know Christ arms are wide open ready to accept us all, just as we are…because he sees us and knows us as we are….little beaming lights of God…its just that sometimes (or most times) we forget it. But thank God, Christ NEVER forgets, which is why He is standing in the gap, letting us all in to experience Eternal Life, and Joy & Peace whenever we are ready to accept it. ACIM states (and I loosely translate): “You are not really capable of being sick or tired, but you are weary from constant judgement.”
    So I ask you, WWJD (what would Jesus do?)…pray and meditate on that, and let your heart lead you.
    Be Blessed and may His LIGHT shine in You so that we all recognize and see the DIVINITY within which is our God-given birth rite!
    Love Light Peace Joy & Laughter to You!

  97. ann said

    What ever happened or did not happen with Prophetess and her spouse can you make a difference with all the bashing I am reading ?Relationships are built (True I just believe the high places are being brought DOWN and exposed There is her side , his side and then the TRUTH.. Why the heated discussion over they believe in Trinity or no they are Oneness. I struggle daily to keep my sanity and I seek the Lord to guide and help me. I can not stand the Church World as it is . You fight over doctrine and I just want to learn how to endure everyday struggles. When you get in trouble do you take the time to go Father, Son Holy Ghost , No as i read the scriptures the Name to call on is Jesus.
    I don’t want any part of your organized churches.
    People stay away from church because of this type of stupidty. I will seek God and know he will answer me without the help of any of you all.

    Good grief the replies are unreal

  98. Lawrence said

    The holy Apostles warned us about people like the false prophets bynum and weeks. If this woman was such a powerful prophet (sheis NOT) I believe she would have been waqrned by the Holy Spirit that she was about to get a royal beat down. Funny how God supposedly gives her a “word” about new cars, homes, jobs, etc,. but for some strange reason she can’t hear Him warning her that she is about to get her behind stomped all over the parking lot. If it wasn’t true, it would be funny.

    The Lord Jesus saved his most scathing remarks for false religious leaders. People like bynum, Weeks, Jakes, etc, bring scandal upon the holy name of Christ. We should not follow them. We should arn others not to, as well.

    Tank God for the moderator of this site, and their willingness to take the heat frm the religious zealots. If one person wakes up to the spiritual danger these false teachers pose, it is worth it. These people have itching ears and want to hear only things that make them comfortable and happy. If Bynum and her co-horts had been alive 2000 years ago, they would have been stoned to death for there false prophesies. And this would have been at the clear direction of the word of God.

  99. Miracles Believer said

    so do you believe Christ would have stoned them…or would he have said,let him who is without sin cast the first stone?

  100. Olivia said

    My god I will pray for all you so called christians. Yes! He w/o sin cast the 1st stone! we none are perfect in none of our ways they both made mistakes just as we all have. I can not speak for Mr Weeks but I can definitely speak for Prophetes Bynum, only God knew my heart and my thoughts when she came down to my hometown for a conference, I told no one how I felt. But, just what I asked God to do for me thru her to show me that He is real and to show if she is annoited by God to be used in such a manner came to past. So, I tell you all God says, touch not my annoited and do my prophet no harm and every tongue that rises up against His children He shall condem. I tell you to be careful what you allow to roll off of your tongues.

    Olivia H

  101. Hetta said

    To “Need Help”. Please don’t give up on your seeking for Jesus Christ because of what you read on the internet. I beg you. Many criticize God’s people. Even those confessing Christ themselves. But it is the Lord Himself calling you to Him. I pray He will nestle Himself in your heart and that you will be born again. You will learn and grow and will be more able to understand the kind of comments you see on the internet.
    In God’s love,

  102. robin said

    If you truly beleive in God, follow his word and pray to him about it, maybe you need to read the new testament countinually and pray for the full understanding of it. Until you fully understand what that means, if he did not come to comdemn and destroy the world but to build up. He also stated we are to build and lift each other up.Bottom line love each other no matter what, can we actually judge and take the place of God. Regardless to a person’s title we can not put our trust in them , that trust belongs to the Father. Read your bible again, look at all the patrons of the bible were any perfect? Did not all sin before God, because as i recall only one was perfect, listen to him. P.S look at the world around you and at your self, you could be turning this negative energy into positive. You have a right to your opinion, I just wonder if you were not doing this what would you be doing. LOOK AT YOUR SELF, JESUS ASKED YOU TO BE ABOUT HIS fATHERS BUSINESS WHICH IS TO BUILD UP THE KINGDOM. So if you are doing the oppisite,whose work are you doing. What needs to be revealed jesus will reveal it that is his promise. Who would you have the peolpe to follow? Not your choice. Never was.Lord I pray what I have spoken let it be true and done, in Jesus Holy name, Amen.

  103. Charles Hart said

    As a God-fearing follower of Christ (not men), It seems that the devil has infiltrated the buildings we call church and made a mockery of the true faith in Jesus Christ. As Christians we are to be the light of the world, and our hope is in the next life, not rooted in the cares of this world. The church is in the heart and whether in prison, the wilderness, or any state of persecution the spirit will guide us to peace and comfort. If we could look in the bible and hold true to the words of the prophets who suffered, were beheaded, stoned, and burned alive while asking God to forgive, we would be ashamed of our desires and lifestyles in this world. When God sees their sacrifice and we tell him we could not pay our car payment and suffered who do you think he will say carried the cross until death. Our ministry is not about just talk, but also our walk. The incident of domestic abuse was not caused by the devil, but he laid the trap when we decided to forget the importance of gender(male and female) to God, the family, and our roles. God did not command us to marry, we chose it to avoid condemnation caused by desires of the flesh. I heard on the radio the extravagance involved in the wedding described by a hip-hop D.J. and he said he wondered how many people could have been blessed by the money spent. This are words from the world! I can only say that God’s empowerment involves the weak, meek, humble, poor, and those not seeking the power the devil offered EVE and Jesus. Read and pray about it.

  104. sandra said

    They are both humans and are not beyond making mistakes.We are living in times where there is a need to expose false prophets, but who made any of us a judge. We all have problems and some times our emotions get the best of us. But that does not make us any less holy. and besides juanita bynum never preached anything i could not back up in the word. it is an individual choice to focus on the person instead of the word. Christians are acting more like the world, so with that said i guess you can understand the phrase stop hatin, and pray for our nation, and rebuke satan for he and his angels is having a field day while we joking on our brother and sister

  105. Ruth said

    Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus!

    I use to be very active in the ministry as far as the four walls but through church hurt I’ve been on a sabbatical the past 6-7 years away from the things of ministry But I never gave up my relationship with God and how I treated others.

    I had to hear about the incident from my blood sister. I feel saddened and its unfortunate for the church world but its sad that when we spend hours in a seat giving our time over to organizations that when we have problems a majority of the time we have to work through it for ourselves. I wised up to this after leaving the US Marines and going into the ministry with a military mindset gave everything and was hurt so now I am better that I have backed up and don’t give all the time that I use and money. I’m grateful to God that it took church hurt to wake me up. My concerns and heart goes out to the Bishop and Prophetess.

    In Him,


    P.S. Let’s keep the church in our hearts. God bless and let’s win this race called life and everyday living to survive.

  106. Randomness1 said

    I just finished listening to prophetess Bynum-Weeks and boy can she preach! However, as powerful as her preaching is, if she speaks to Bishop Weeks with that preaching tone, then it was proper for the bishop to have slapped her at the airport. Such was the same tone that Saddam Hussein used when he responded to G.W’s question to him back in the day, and all of us are witnesses of the aftermath.

    But Bishop & his darling wife should not limit their fight to airports alone, they shoud take it straight to their biggest fans, and next a stadium( any of the numerous ones they may have preached in, is ok), …I believe you all are in support of my train of thoughts or thoughtlessness, which is exactly what Bishop Weeks did.
    My God my brain is moving quite fast today.
    Warm Regards to Bishop & Prophetess
    (or Cool regards-depends on if you guys have cooled off yet)

  107. Mackenzie said

    Jesus also confronted and exposed the religious hypocrites of His day. Those with a form of religion, but denying the power thereof. As far as the teachings of the Ms. Bynum, I had quite a few occasions to be a part of their “Show” when they were in Maryland. I had quite enough when Ms. Bynum gave the siters in Christ marital advice and began to show us how to speak in tongues while giving our husbands oral sex, like she apparently did… All the while using the microphone as a substitute male organ… Okay… where’s the Scripture for that…??? Please… the devil is a liar.

  108. Daughter of the Ministry said

    I am a member of Global Destiny Church, and I am in shock over how you people are talking about the Father and Mother of my church. If you would spend more time praying and not pointing your fingers, we could work together. These are the days were God is calling all of us to unite. The enemy is having a field day because we as believers, still cannot pull together.
    Don’t talk about God’s annointed! It is a very dangerous thing for you to do. Bishop messed up, but he only has to answer to God. And as far as I know, none of you are Him.


  110. Lynn said

    Why is it that whenever someone uses the Word of God to discern between what is good/evil or right/wrong (however), we are so quick to say that person is “judging”. My understanding (correct me if I’m wrong), is that the “Judge” pronounces the sentence after guilt has been established. God is therefore the only one qualified to pronounce judgement, but we have a responsibility to “rightly divide the word of truth”.

    This website has been very enlightening.


  112. Lynn said

    Wow! Just read your posting of Bro. Denis Thompson’s discussion around judging – awesome! thanks!

  113. Sylvia said

    I am so glad to have heard this message from the guy on the video. I want to say thanks. This has been a blessing for me to even hear about this because I didn’t know these things about Juanita and her husband. I just heard today that he put her in the hospital. I feel sorry for the both of them because I don’t think they really know what they are doing. I didn’t get his name, but this guy on the video really broke it down to me when he explained what the fruits of people’s labor really is.

  114. Jacqueline Simpson said

    I was given mercy and grace when I sinned.I do not understand how we as saints of the most high GOD can be so judgemental.I am spiritually encouraged by the ministies of Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Paula White,Bishop Jakes, and other anointed men and women of the word. I am working toward maintaining a spititual life on a daily basis. But as I read these comments it bothers me.Because the word says, ” Seven times seven are we to forgive our brother.” And we are suppose to be as mercifull as God was with each us. So what happen to all that Christ like love, did we replace it with hard core worldly judgement? And leave Juanita Bynum and her husband alone. Pray for them and let God heal them.We are not judge or jury, but brothers and sisters in Christ, who are suppose to love one another as God loved the church.

  115. Jacqueline Simpson said

    I was given mercy and grace when I sinned.I do not understand how we as saints of the most high GOD can be so judgemental.I am spiritually encouraged by the ministies of Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Paula White,Bishop Jakes, and other anointed men and women of the word. I am working toward maintaining a spiritual life on a daily basis. But as I read these comments it bothers me.Because the word says, ” Seven times seven are we to forgive our brother.” And we are suppose to be as mercifull as God was with each us. So what happen to all that Christ like love, did we replace it with hard core worldly judgement? And leave Juanita Bynum and her husband alone. Pray for them and let God heal them.We are not judge or jury, but brothers and sisters in Christ, who are suppose to love one another as God loved the church.

  116. Jacqueline Simpson: TD Jakes does not believe in the doctrine of Trinity. If that does not concern you, when challenged on the issue he publicly lied about it, putting out a public statement to Christianity Today stating his beliefs, but in truth he was trying to deceive people into thinking that his denomination’s unitarian beliefs actually constituted a Trinity doctrine. When he was challenged about his lie, he then made the statement that “my beliefs regarding the Godhead are evolving … we need to get past these divisive doctrinal issues and concentrate on preaching the gospel … the Godhead is a mystery that none of us can understand anyway.” Which is ironic, because the “mystery of the Trinity” is one of the things that oneness preachers frequently criticize when they claim that the nature of God should be understandable by human reason. And which gospel anyway … one that teaches that God the Father died for our sins on the cross? Well that gospel would be untrue for the Bible specifically says that the Father cannot bear or even look upon sin. The oneness doctrine makes the whole Bible a liar like Jakes and those in his cult. Without the Trinity doctrine, there would have been no way for the entire Godhead to not see the corruption of sin, death, and hell. And incidentally, who was ruling creation when the oneness God was dead and in hell for three days? And not to mention that the Bible in both Daniel and in the New Testament speaks of Jesus Christ being presented before God the Father, looking at the Father face to face, and subjecting Himself to Him, and the Father glorifying Him. This whole “relationship” thing where the same person can be Father, Son, Brother, Husband, Uncle, etc. … God the Father called Jesus Christ His own Son, and Jesus Christ called God His Own Father. Yes, I am a father, husband, and son, but I am not my own father, I am not my own husband, and I am not my own son. Again, oneness doctrine makes the whole Bible a lie. Take for instance the epistles of John. They say that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit bear witness of each other in heaven and on earth. How can that be if they are the same? And please realize that God said in His own Word, in the Old Testament, that something was only true if established by two or more witnesses. Why would God violate His own Word and standard? Yet another reason why oneness doctrine makes the Bible into a liar. But speaking of liars, here are a few links where Jakes is caught in his act trying to pass himself off as a Trinitarian. Incidentally, of the prominent oneness preachers, pretty much only Noel Jones is open about it. Jakes, Weeks/Bynum, Tommy Tenney (the guy who wrote that utterly abiblical TBN movie “One Night With The King” … you know TBN has a history of hiring softcore porn actors and convicted child molestors to work on their “Christian films” to save money) and most of the others rarely mention it when in company with Trinitarian Christians, which is odd since they believe Trinitarian Christians to be polytheistic pagans. But here are the promised links on Jakes’ deceptions: (which expounds on the first link)

    Oh, and I almost forgot: Jakes says that it is OK for Christians to practice eastern religions through yoga. Doesn’t anyone care about the First and Second Commandments anymore?

    If you have received inspiration from Jakes or even accepted Jesus Christ through his ministry, it is by the grace of God. But that same true God requires you to spiritually grow, which means coming out of false doctrines. I wrote about that in my entry Spam Christianity: Please read it.

  117. BEM said

    To Need Help: I would like to assist you to find help that you may learn to read, or if your physical vision is impaired have resources available to you – It is also my earnest pray (my conversation with the Father of our Lord, Jesus, who is the Christ, who has given to me His Truth Revealer – the Holy Spirit – who resides within my inner man) the You NEED HELP will accept all the help the the Sovereign Lord, will offer to you, should you decide to accept. Don’t you know that the God of all Creation, can and has made himself known to all who choose to call to Him. Get ready to hold fast to the Spirit of Truth, Agape type of Love, and exposure to people who will obviously challenge your current thought, but are able, willing, and unashamed to SHOW PATIENCE to win a soul for the Glory of God the Father, and all Praises to His only Son, Jesus/Yeshua who was the payment in full for all the sin of mankind, and even the not so kind ones. NEED HELP call with your heart(unmovable, steadfast focus of thought, deed, and feeling — yes feeling) that “I, NEED HELP” AND GOD, because of Jesus has made that help available to me. NOW ASK– 🙂
    you can email @

    All others saints and aints, God bless you to stand with a heart that is purely devoted to pleasing HIM the Father of our Lord Jesus;and that the Spirit of Truth lives and abides richly in our mindset. Going after all to win some. Pray earnestly that we ourselves do not fall slave to sinful practices, but that we ever remember that we are not our own, but HIS– The Father’s because of HIS Son, and by the counsel of HIS Holy Spirit.

  118. Mackenzie said

    All of this foolishness about “don’t judge”…
    Read the Scriptures. 1 Corinthians chapter 5 is clear. God judges those “outside” the church. The saints ARE to judge those sinning “in” the church.
    That’s one of things wrong with the “church” today. Nobody is in a “spiritual” position to judge anybody. Because the “many” are just “having church” with no real personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Paul said, “Expel the wicked person from among you.” The “TRUE” church of Jesus Christ does not close its eyes and tolerate sinning “saints” in the assembly. According to the Scriptures, Paul said “Purge out the old leaven.”

  119. Mackenzie said

    Who REALLY cares about man’s stupid doctrines. The word “trinity,” “triune,” or any derivative of it is man-made. True followers of Jesus Christ know that He is the “Word”, “Logos” that became flesh and dwelt among us. Was crucified, died, came back from the dead HALLELUJAH! Is now seated at the right hand of God the Father and the Holy Spirit dwells IN US… IF we have received and believe Him. So who cares whether or not anybody believes in a word that appears no where in the Scriptures??? This is just another device of satan to cause confusion and division in the Body of Christ. However, it is NOT POSSIBLE to deceive the “Elect,” according the Mark 13:22…

  120. Victory said

    Its very sad about Weeks and Bynum, truly they had some issues even before the beating. Just wondering if either one of them bothered to follow their own advice they hav be giving married couples. I DONT UNDERSTAND THE JUDGE NOT MY ANNOINTED, but I do understand judge those by the fruits of their works. QUESTION: Would you take the advice about how to have a good marriage from two people on the brink of divorcing? (just a thought.)

  121. Messenger Beloved said

    All things are not complicated…as it is here, and in the temple, believers keep up lots of confusion. There is a right way to file this denigration against those you speak of…if there was not some offense at the wealth, at the teaching…at the revelations…at the wisdom given them, this discussion will have never taken place uncover something that is potentially not right…deception begins in the heart of a deceiver…and deceivers ammonition is to make others look like deceivers…as a Christian, if these men/women had indeed offended, then let us who are mature go to them and express that offense in a manner that is pleasing to God…if they are not willing to hear, then take a witness of two or three and let EVERY WORD…EVERY ACCUSATION…EVERY TRUTH be establised…it so simple…yet we move on writing in on the internet when the scriptures tells us to go to them and take WITNESSES…who cares what they believe, be that you are offended at what they believe and what they preach moderator of this site and your other sites…GO TO THEM and TAKE YOUR WITNESSES…then you will have filfilled the Scriptures…all this talk her does NOTHING…it is of no VALUE…you have become just like those you speak about…TAKE YOUR WITNESSES and let EVERY ACCUSATION adn EVERY TRUTH be established

  122. Mackenzie:
    The word Trinity is man – made? Yes, but the doctrine is in the Bible. All they did was make up a name to describe the doctrine. Look, you folks are going through great lengths to defend a cult that A) was rejected as heresy by the early church in the second century and B) was not reborn again until 1913, and a bunch of people who won’t even come out in public and admit that they believe that the Bible is a liar and most Christians are pagan polytheists. Standards have to exist. If you try to have it both ways, accept everybody, and believe in everything, then you have no beliefs. You believe in nothing. You speak such nonsense about “who cares about stupid doctrines anyway” because you have no answers for my challenges. There is no answer for how Jesus Christ could have been presented before His Father after the resurrection AND in Daniel. That is in the Bible. There is no answer for how the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven and the Father spoke while Jesus Christ was getting baptized on earth. That is in the Bible. There is no answer for how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can bear witness for each other in heaven and on earth if they are the same, and are mere aliases for each other. That is in the Bible. There is no answer for how the Father turned His face away from Jesus Christ when He was dying for your sins on the cross, and to whom Jesus Christ cried “Why have you forsaken me.” There is no answer for the messianic prophecy of David “My Lord said unto my God ‘sit thou upon my right hand until thine enemies are made thy footstool.” There is no answer for who Jesus Christ was praying to (or why He needed to pray at all), to whom Jesus Christ was speaking of when He said “I will return to be with My Father” (He didn’t say “I will return to BE my Father but to go be WITH My Father) or how once He returned to His Father He would send the Holy Spirit (He did not say “I will return AS the Holy Spirit, but rather that He would send the Holy Spirit). John 14:16 blows this entire nonsense out of the water, because it says I WILL SEND ANOTHER to you. How could the Holy Spirit be ANOTHER if Christ and the Holy Spirit the same? Or what about when the Pharisees asked Christ why His disciples did not fast? Christ replied that there is no reason to fast while He was with them, but after He was taken away, then they would fast! Well, they obviously continued to fast after the Holy Spirit came. If Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the same, then why were they still fasting in Acts after Pentecost?

    When you are calling TRUE DOCTRINES that reveal THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE to you DUMB, you are calling the BIBLE dumb. That is BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD’S WORD. Now according to the oneness doctrine that liar Jakes and these other coward preachers like Bynum and Weeks won’t even publicly tell you that they believe, you have just committed the unforgiveable sin, because if Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are the same, then by blaspheming the Word of God you also blaspheme the Holy Ghost! Right? This is why doctrine matters. And this is also why you will NEVER hear anything resembling real doctrine from these famous preachers. And you say that doctrine is unimportant, made by man? Well then why does the Bible mention doctrine 55 times? Proverbs 4:2 For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law.
    Matthew 15:9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. Romans 6:17 But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.
    1 Corinthians 14:6 Now, brethren, if I come unto you speaking with tongues, what shall I profit you, except I shall speak to you either by revelation, or by knowledge, or by prophesying, or by doctrine? 1 Timothy 4:13 Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. And the one that really exposes your utter foolishness is 2 Timothy 3:16
    All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. You know what 2 Timothy 3:16? THAT SCRIPTURE IS APPROPRIATE FOR MAN TO USE TO CREATE DOCTRINES TO USE TO TEACH OTHERS. SO WHEN MAN CREATED THE TRINITY DOCTRINE AND ALL OF THESE OTHER “MAN – MADE” DOCTRINES THAT CHRISTIANITY RESTS UPON, THEY WERE USING THE AUTHORITY GIVEN TO THEM IN 2 Timothy 3:16!

    But it is dumb to you, right? I will tell you why it is dumb to you. You reject that which is real, honest, true … things that have been tried and tested, in order to follow after these carnival acts. That is what you want: to be entertained. These people are very skilled orators. They parade themselves around in designer suits and expensive jewelry with their luxury cars, huge houses, and private jets (and they even lie on scripture claiming that Jesus Christ was rich in order to justify it … Jesus Christ had to work a miracle to get a coin from the mouth of a fish to pay taxes; men and women had to work very hard to support Jesus Christ during His ministry). And most of all, they manipulate your emotions. Well Jesus Christ and His disciples were not manipulative sideshow parlor trick acts, and neither is anyone who follows after Him. You have rejected the truth of what the Bible clearly says in order to follow after celebrities. Preachers are the new movie stars. As if Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, and Beyonce are not enough for you that you need a celebrity speaking lies from the pulpit instead of a servant challenging you with the truth. Like Jesus Christ said in the gospels … a person comes in the Name of God gets rejected, but the person who comes in his own name, he you will accept. And I repeat: all this in defense of a man who TOLD A BOLDFACE LIE, AND WILL NOT ADMIT THAT HE LIED, LET ALONE REPENT OF IT. So what, lying is OK if you have a megachurch? So is telling your congregation to go practice yoga? So I suppose that the regular pastor with the storefront are the ones that have to actually obey the Bible. Sound doctrine and obedience to the Bible are for the little people: the poor? I understand now. Well you folks who are willing to follow these rich young rulers who justify themselves with works and refuse to sell all they have and give it to the poor to follow Christ, I think that I will forsake all that to remain a little poor person so that I can have my treasure stored up for me in heaven. It will be me, the common folk, the martyrs, and everyone else who actually dared to believe and keep what the scriptures actually say. As for all of you folks who will not separate yourselves from the the liars, thieves, scam artists like Simon the magician (though I believe that he was ultimately saved) and the seven sons of Sceva, we will see how Revelation 2 and 3 will be applied to you. Here are those warnings right here. Read them if you like. Or maybe you think those are stupid doctrines too.

  123. Lady and Lover of The Lord said

    May the Lord forgive and bless us all. I pray for divine provision for Prophetess and Bishop during this time. May the Lord minister to there hearts and heal the hurts in the name of Jesus. As brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus, lets us pray for peace and the will of the Lord as in all things.

  124. Michelle said

    I feel that this is very awful, but i just don’t understand why would a man of god do this to his wife but god heals all wounds and i hope this is one that he can lay his hands of for healing.

  125. Charles said

    Especially to Michelle: It saddens me greatly that some of my Black Brothers and Sisters are so hungry for the Lord that often times they are so trusting of “Wolves in Sheep clothing” that Bible warns us against. Often times we are not prepared to do even the most basic research, rather, we believe some of these silver tongued devils because they are Black and can turn a phrase. Jakes, Dollar, Bynum and Weeks have a special place reserved for them “on that day. In this age of internet and the web, there is no excuse as to why there are so many that believe these people who are after your money, and your money alone. There is a very good reason why Weeks stomped on Bynum: Because neither of them are seeking or following God. And to use mass media to decieve so many of God’s Children; she is lucky that a beating is all she got! When you play a game as dangerous as they are playing, they are mighty lucky that one of them did not die. Next time one might die. Stay tuned.

  126. Cheryl said

    As I scrolled through and read the things said here I just shake my head at the majority of those that responded. We are not to judge. I know that we all have our thoughts and opinions but just remember that our thoughts and ways are not God’s thoughts and ways. He did not tell us to criticize but to watch and pray, to be humble and turn from our wicked ways. If you can’t pray then just leave it alone because your thoughts, feelings attitudes, etc… will not change anything.

    Ask God to turn the search light on you and examine your heart; test you to see if you are really in the faith. We all have plenty of things that we have to/need to clean up in our lives than to try to cast stones at others.

    Someone feels that it is their duty to tell others that certain ones are false prophets. No where did God say to do that. You are to let your light shine, let your speak be seasoned with love. God is a gentleman and He expects us to be the same.

    I started not to reply and probably won’t ever visit this site again so there is no need to try to rebut what I am saying.

    I just want to say be still and know that God is God!

    It is not enough to love your friends, it takes a person of God to love their enemies or those they think are their enemies.

    Many blessings, much love and abundant peace!

  127. phillip washington said

    it very interested to see the understanding of our’s confess faith in christ we are all to be our brother’s keeper if we just be the evidence of the word that became fleash if we really believe the written word with our heart. we will become what we believe than we will become one in heart one in mind one in spirit and one in fellowship. then we want be disagreeing with the written word we will be thru witness’s of that word that was in the beginning with god

  128. tessa said

    Well first of all to everyone that sees this I must say greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I am truly saddened about this situation but at the same time I can rejoice because Iknow that the devil has failed in yet another attempt to wipe out God’s people.
    I would like to say to all the people who are condemning God’s people please I am asking u to stop, you are not God do not judge do not condemn because with the same measure u judge u will be judged and this will be done by God himself. U are not the one who seperates the wheat from the tares. Every tounge that rises up against the least of God’s children will be condemned in the judgement.If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that God rose Jesus from the dead ,repent of your sins and receive the Holy Ghost u r saved no matter what denomination u are it is Jesus christ that saves. By his deeds shall a man be known, people make mistakes what is the greater report of Juanita Bynum is it good or bad what of her husband. So far it has been good. We have grace,Jesus forgives. Christ is our righteousness, stop condemning your fellow brethren in Christ,u have been warned.God Bless you all.

  129. Deaconess1 said


    I commend you my brother. I feel your passion to convince the wayward and to get us from in front of that television and into our Bibles. God gives us 24 hours. What? We can’t give him one or two to really “acknowledge him in all of our ways”? James said “if a man lacks wisdom, let him ask” Keep up the good work. May the Lord continue to bless you as you grow in him.

    Get off Enfamil people—Regardless of what the vegetarian of the word says, a little meat is ok.

  130. Charles Hart said

    I am reading various thoughts expressed by readers and still can’t understand the “don’t judge” gimmick. There is a need for us to be warned, not judged if we are falling short. That is the comfort involved with brothers and sisters in Christ because sometimes we can not see our faults because of our flesh. It says in the Bible that God spirit does not always dwell with man. I thank God for my wife who knows me and cares enough to say something when I am straying (church attendance,praying,faith,health). I get defensive at times because of the way she says it, but not what she says. The same way we sometimes are convicted by the Bible, but just blow it off on as “Jesus put it on the Cross”. God destroyed the earth once and saved only 8 people. His mercy is displayed with our every breath. So how can we keep this defensive mode in place? I don’t judge Eve because she did not know the difference between good and evil, she could not identify the devil for who he was, and was created as the weaker vessel. But she was punished as women still are punished today because she did not obey God’s words.There were no innocent parties.God sent his son to die for us to have another chance. The devil uses the campaign which is toward our natural weaknesses. Greed, power, attractive things in places we should not be. Intelligence has increased drastically as the Bible said it would in the last days. But the word of God does not change, neither does the devil’s traps. I would rather be judged so I can have the chance to repent, or get exposed so that I can correct my mistakes before God and not men. There is no perfect man or woman, but the stakes are high (eternal) and if I fall please chastise me Lord if my brother will not. The brother and his wife would benefit if people would stop praising them and praise God and his son Jesus because we will all stand alone for judgement.

  131. JohnBoy said

    Man, you people are really in denial. Weeks takes money from gullible people who are lonely and frightened, and he also beats women. Fact is that he belongs in jail. He obviously hates women. How else does one describe such behavior? It is NEVER excusable. Weeks = Michael Vicks, same mentality.

    Anyone who worships a televangelist needs to start thinking of more productive and better ways to spend all that energy. If you have to pray, please pray for the planet, and help us avoid or minimize global warming. Pray for the children. Pray for God’s creatures, the endangered species that the Bush administration has been impacting. Pray for yourselves because you are so ignorant and insensitive and intolerant of others, causing everyone in Europe and Asia to hate Americans. Better yet, stop praying and start taking action. Organize a neighborhood cleanup. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Become a Big Brother or Sister. Plant a tree. And by all means !!! — give your money to the March of Dimes or the Sierra Club or your local school For God’s sake… stop squandering your money on women-beating televangelists who surely say to themselves while examining each days’ receipts” “There’s one born every minute!”

  132. Ashley Cousain said

    Blessed be the name of our Lord and Savior. I come to just say a word to God’s people and those who believed in her. We know that she is a powerful woman of God and many look up to her. God is bringing her to a new level and He must make sure that she is equipped. Some how the husband allowed the enemy to come in and put something there that did not belong. I truly beleive that she will get up and continue to walk in her destiny. To encourage all the saints of God it is time that we put on the whole armor of God because this is real the devil is busy and we mus be in warfare for our friends and love ones. Saints we must stay praying and continue to seek God for direction. Watch and pray, again I say, WATCH and PRAY. (don’t be so quick to judge)

  133. CTaylor said

    Healthland, How can we let our light shine before men that they may glorify our Father which in heaven if we can’t stop fighting.I don’t know about anyone else. My GOD is not a GOD of confussion.HE is love. Those that follow Him must walk in love.How can we show people the spirit of JESUS if we carry on as the world? Always fighting and slanging mud at each other.Be very careful when you point your fingar.GODs is bigger.For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.Did you try falling on your knees, fasting, and crying out to GOD for these people? My GOD does not slang mud at people. HE is faithful and just( if we confess our sins) He will forgive us.1joh1:9.HE said that we are to love one another as HE loved us.Joh15:12.So tell me something.How do you think JESUS feels right now? He took (our) sins upon hisself that we may live.All that HE has done.How do you think that this makes HIM feel? BE CAREFUL!!As for anyone that wants to take away from HIS word. GOD says:And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, I shall take away his part out of the book of life,and out of the holy city,and from the things which are written in this book.To GOD be the judge. After all HE is the only rightous judge.I pray for everyone that comes acrose this website.Remember the eyes are the window to the soul.I also pray for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ.We need to guard what has been given to us.And lets pray for the men and women of GOD everywhere.The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.We have all fallin short.If this has happen, pray that our brothers and sisters come to themselves and repeat.Ask your self.What would have happened if GOD kicked us when we fell down?Where if He didn’t give us all the chances that HE has? Where would you be?Rich or poor.We all need help sometimes. God Bless you all.

  134. robin said

    SWEETHART YOU R EXACTLY RIGHT! Jesus did! He exposed them. Now I could go on for day’s , weeks and years in battle with this, especially with the word of God as my light. But I tell you what I FULLY BELIEVE IN MY GOD JEHOVAH, MY PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS AND I KNOW THAT I AM LEAD BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. WHAT I KNOW IS THAT I HAVE BEEN ANOINTED TO DO THE WILL OF MY FATHER AND I SAM PREPARING TO DO SO. BECAUSE CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF THE devil don’t care about no color, money or religion. So why some of us waste precious kingdom time wrapped in confusion about who is right in the word or who is wrong there is a spiritual warfare going on. And guess what this confusion is? so with that said see ya and wouldn’t want to be ya and i’m still gone pray for ya tonight and until my course is finished ON THIS EARTH THAT MY FATHER GAVE TO US. God bless, AND MAYhis peace and his love REMIAN forever TO ALL.

  135. Mackenzie said

    First of all, I don’t know what cult you are referring to. I don’t recall speaking about a cult. Maybe you have confused me with someone else. I said the word “trinity” appears no where in the Scriptures and I now say thatyou speak as a fool.

    What is nonsense, is this ignorant statement made by you:
    “All they did was make up a name to describe the doctrine.”
    Well who is they??? All they did was…???
    So I guess you think the Holy Spirit needs “they’re” help??? How ridiculous…

    You are so hung up on denominations, you have no idea that satan is using you and laughing at you. Denominations are not Scriptural either. The standard is Jesus Christ, Him Crucified and Raised from the dead, which is exactly what the apostles taught as well. I support Jesus Christ and Him only. The Scriptures are clear, the Gospel is about Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Not you, your challenges or whatever else you want to call your divisive rhetoric.

    I embrace Jesus Christ, God the Father and His Holy Spirit. It makes no difference to me what you call Him. But you need to say what the Scriptures say. Not what the world, your flesh and the devil have taught you. You will be held accountable for every idle word. You are so hell-bent on looking for someone to argue with or challenge you, that you don’t even realize we are in agreement. I just choose to address my Father God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit as the Scriptures do… the Scriptural doctrine is God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit of God… you choose to call HIM what man has taught you. Try saying what the Scriptures say and stop trying to bring further division to the Body of Christ with the foolishness you learned in a church or a book… I guess…

    Keep it up, following traditions of men. You know you WILL reap what you sow…

    “Mans and demons foolish, stupid doctrine” HAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER teach the Truths of Scripture. You are deceived. The Holy Spirit is The Teacher. TRUE DOCTRINE is what the Scriptures say, period. If you or anybody preaches or teaches a different gospel than what the apostles preached, they and you are accursed, according to the Scriptures. The gospel you preach is according to man and will come to naught.

    Sorry to disappoint you “DivideTheLand” but I don’t argue the Scriptures. THEY ARE TRUTH and LIFE!!! However, when you twist them to make up your own doctrine, then it is manifest whom you really serve, and it IS NOT the God of the Holy Scriptures… satan, THE LORD rebuke you.

  136. stephen b said


    Wow, juanita bynum teaches women to pray in tongues while administering oral sex and she demonstrates this with a microphone….you know The Lord’s judgment has fallen on JB although I don’t believe it was bishop weeks place to execute that judgment….This lady is in far worse condition than I thought but I would like a reference(date,time, place etc) to your experience at this oral sex meeting she was conducting. I do believe your story anyway though!

  137. Daughter walking-n-destiny said

    People, Children of God, Saints, others, please let us keep in mind that our God is a God of peace, love, forgiveness and compassion to name a few. From what I have read here tonight, I see that the enemy (whatever u want to label him) is in the business of division. We are very familiar with the phrase, ” A house divided will not stand”. This is the type of situation that the devil who comes to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY uses to overcome the strongman. Or at least those who think they are. We can find any excuse to side with or against the Weeks, but if we are truly followers of Christ, we would be spending time saying let us pray for them rather than if what happened should or should not have taken place. Mockers of men and women of God is spoken of in Jude, as well as, vs. 21 “Keep yourselves in the the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life” Our eternal life, not theirs. We are accountable for our own sins and not those of our sisters and brothers. Those of you that keep out of church because of this but still say you pray, continue to do so and remember that we were created for God’s purpose and submitting to His Holy will, which means encouraging others to come to Christ. Don’t be like the servant who was given a talent and hid it instead of investing into God’s kingdom thinking that would please God. For the Bible says, “without faith, it is impossible to please God and faith without WORKS is dead!” So lets lift each other up in the name of JESUS and remember to place a mirror before our own faces daily when it comes to saying who is false and who is real. The scriptures tells us to try the Spirit by the Spirit, so those who are truly filled with the Holy Ghost will know what I am talking about. Don’t waste your time debating on religion, but in developing a relationship with Christ that will teach you how to treat people like YOU want to be treated. Again, God is about PEACE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND COMPASSION not grudgefullness, unsympathetic, and argumentative. Everyone needs prayer no matter what level they are in God.

  138. Daughter walking-n-destiny said

    LET US PRAY FOR EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHETHER YOU BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE REAL OR NOT. JESUS DID FOR THOSE WHO CRUCIFIED HIM. SO PLACE THE MIRROR IN FRONT OF OURSELVES DAILY TO REMIND US THAT NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM THE ENEMY (WHATEVER U WANT TO CALL HIM), TRYING TO KILL, STEAL OR DESTROY OUR LIVES. Jude 21 states, “Keep yourselves in the LOVE of God, looking for the MERCY of our Lord Jesus Christ unto ETERNAL life”. Treat people like we want to be treated and you will be able to follow God’s commandments and Jesus’s word, Mark 11:25, “And when you stand praying, forgive, if you have aught against any; that your Father also which is in Heaven may forvive you your trespasses.” We wrestle with flesh daily, but the true battle is within the spiritual realm against the followers of darkness. Pray for love, peace, compassion and true understanding of the word of God for yourself.

  139. Lady Advocate said

    Thank you Healtheland!!! I just want everyone to wake up and realize what is going on. Stop drinking the sand people please!

  140. Lady Advocate said

    I just want everyone to wake up and realize what is going on. Bynum is an excellent orator but not a Prophetess. Stop drinking the sand people please!

  141. CTaylor said

    Charles Hart,
    You say that you do not know where this “Don’t judge gimmick came from”.It came from you. My, what a window of confession you have open.And I don’t know about yours but my God is not a God of confession.I want you to know that I love you and I am praying for you.I pray that you will undrestand that talking about people is not the way that children of God handle things.Did you go to these people and talk with them as Jesus would? Did you fast,pray, and cry out to God on their behalf. I am not trying to slang mud at anyone,but we need to pray first and talk later.Or you helping, or hurting the situation? Remember Saul ( before God changed his name to Paul) thought that he was helping God too.You are right about one thing. Sometimes we can’t see our own faults.I’m praying for you. God bless you.

  142. Charles Hart said

    C Taylor I am sorry that I came the wrong way with the gimmick statement, but what makes me see it that way is that even the Bible refers to those who will say they have walked in the Lord and he will say he does not know you. (not you specifically). What I am trying to say is that Jim Jones was a man who spoke the word (I have heard some of his early sermons) but as people looked upon him in awe, the devil took hold. And some people rejected his actions as being ungodly. There are many of his followers who were brainwashed and are now dead. Should we judge him? Judas was a disciple, but betrayed Jesus. Should we Judge him? What we should do is learn from the mistakes and shortcomings of others, and identify the evil for who he is. The very elect will be fooled in the last days. The prophecy is being fulfilled daily, as the devil distracts his watchman with words of peace. Jesus himself said he did not come to bring peace, but the sword. As time goes on the Holy Spirit will expose the devil for who he is, but if you don’t have the spirit it will be impossible to discern good and evil. God Bless and test the spirit.

  143. SILVER SAGE said

    Did any one hear JohnBoy ? What is wrong with you people, cant you see God is showing you something. It is time to stop following after these so called saints, and show love to people in need.Your time is short on this earth,and you have been called.

  144. CTaylor said

    Charles Hart,
    I hear you, and I know why Jesus came.But have you took the time to read some of the comments on this page?It just saddens me to see this turn of events.You seem to know your bible very well.Do you recall when they said that Jesus had a devil? What did He say?Are we for him or against Him?Are you helping or hurting the situation? Just think for a minute.Look back on some of these comments, and then answer.Just as you said”the Holy Spirit will expose the devil as time goes by”.If the spirit lives in you.And the spirit lives within me.Then we will know.Do you think that this is the time for you to do what you are doing? Have you talked to Jesus about this? Did He approve?It is not us and other people being judged togather.It is every man for hisself.Jesus will be here very soon.He is the only perfect one that can settle all of this.He is doing it even now.Is there time to sit her and talk about people?David wouldn’t even go this far. Even though Saul went after David and tried to kill him.He wouldn’t touch Saul. What did David say? Do you know? Be careful!If a person says God called them ,or God saved them.Who are we to say other wise. What did Jesus say? I know my what? And they know my what?As you said ” the Holy spirit will expose…”So pray and let God handle this.Trust me He is better at it.And He know what He is doing.Do you think that everyone on this page is of God?I know that Jesus wouldn’t have handled this like this.What do you think? We have to be careful!!God bless you all.

  145. CTaylor: Sorry to intrude, but consider the distinct possibility that Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III were never called to the ministry. That would make them not like Saul, God’s anointed whom we are not to touch, but like Jezebel and Attaliah, usurpers who never had any business in their positions to begin with. So where David refused to kill Saul, the Israelites had no problem killing Attaliah and Jezebel at the first opportunity. We ought to be able to apply scripture to the theology, doctrine, and behavior of Bynum, Weeks III, and any other pastor. If they do not measure up, then they are false preachers, and should be treated as such. In that way, we are not judging them, but scripture is doing so. Take away our ability to hold people against the standard of scripture, and what do we have? Should we presume them to be men and women of God merely because they say that they are? Because they have a church? Because they were ordained by a denomination? I have seen some very disturbing statements even before Weeks III’s alleged battery of and verbal threats to kill his spouse caused this current deluge of comments: statements to the effect that we should either still support or decline to oppose Weeks III and Bryant virtually no matter what they preach or do. That we should allow them to do what they want and people to follow them if they choose. I ask of you: what would it take for these people to stop following or supporting or defending a person?

  146. Noble J. said

    We must put our hope and total trust in Jesus Christ and not a man. It’s nothing wrong with supporting the ministry of christ but sometimes people for get about the christ and geer more toward man himself.

  147. Sharon said

    Messenger Beloved and all others that are veiwing this message board . We all know how good God is and we don’t want to speak about anyone without knowing truth ( but we do ). We have to keep them in prayer no matter if they are false teacher of the Word or the real thing.We are people that will make the wrong choice in our life sooner or later . There should never be a time where a man should put his hands on a female no matter how angery he is and also there should be a time when a female should know when to walk away . They both was wrong in this matter . I myself attended TBN studio on Tuesday and i to saw how Jaunita was changing right before my very eyes. From the time I first heard Jaunita preach on T.V. it blew my mind because I have never her a women preach the way she did and it caught my attention so I begain to follow her when she came to TBN to host the show . Over the months as more people notice her I began to see how she became more worldly than this great pastor I first saw .I found myself going to TBN not to hear the word but to see how she had started dressing and so on. It did not last long I’m not sure what she were thinking but it came to a hault just as fast as she had change before my eyes. I myself notice when the 2007 Women On The Front Line Conference the day before it ended how Jaunita was preaching and how angery she was and how she was going back and forward across the stage that she had something on her heart and that was the place she was going to say what she had to say and no one was going to stop her because the show was live. Jaunita did mention about the rummor about her and her husband was having problems and she begain to lash out about things that was not about the conference.I could not believe my ears in what I was hearing.I said to myself do these people hear what I was hearing.As the carama went across the stage I saw Jaunita father-n-law standing as first as he was cheering for her at first then there was a quick glimps of her husband Thomas lll and he did not look to please in what was being said.Jaunita left the stage and went down to where the people were and told them that-that this conference wasn’t about them but it was all about Jaunita and the next level God had called to.On the last day of the conference I caught the last 40 min of as they singing and the camara follower Jaunita across the stage I did not see neither of the ( Weeks) men there.I don’t know if there was a problem in their marriage before I really don’t want to know I just pray they are the people of God they lead people to believe they are . And I say {THIS TO SHALL PASS}. Remember everyone we ALL make mistakes and we ALL can recover from them.The Devil is busy and he wants us to judge them and spread rummors of things we don’t know is the truth. Keep them and all of the people who go through violence in there life in prayer.Lord oh precious Lord please open my heart to know Your Word is true,open up my ears to hear the wonderful words of Yours,open up my mind to get a perfect understanding of Your Word,open my mouth for me to spread the gospel of the Living God,close my eyes to whom I’m speaking so I want judge them,open my arms so I can embrace everyone who I come in contact with,Lord I am worthless,I am nothing I’m willing to serve You as long as I have breath in my body and I will glorify for all of my days left. Thank You , Jesus Christ for all You have done for me. Amen

  148. Sharon said

    Today at church we had a guest to come in and she sung a song that really touch my heart and it got me to thinking . We as people judge before all the evidents is persented . And we fail to remember that we are humans and not devine like Jesus .We are going to make mistake til the day we die and then there to we will still be trying to aruge the point why we have to die .The song the person sung was “Lord I must be too close to the mirror to see what you see in me “. It got to be some truth in that song because I know that I’m a sinner and I will keep on sin even if its on purpose or unknowning I’m gonna to sin and I don’t know why He loves me so. Because I guess I am too close to the mirror to see what He see in a sinner like me. That tells me how much my Father loves me because He know I know who I really am .

  149. CTaylor said

    Did God tell you any of this?Are you a child of God?Is everyone on TV false?Are you false? Is every preacher on this earth false?The world says so. Because the world is negative.You do realize that everything that you said about them can be Said about you. I have heard it said that negative people are not hangin out with God.Not that they aren’t of God but just that they haven’t been hangin with Him.Because He is not negative.Not what you say. How you say it. Not your point. But how it comes across.So you started this? Well God gave us a mind.And He allows US to choose.So after you have spoken your part. What should you do? Gods word will always stand.So there is no need to battle about it.So with that I will say: I love you, and I am praying for you.In do time God WILL correct All wrong>Not you.Not me.

  150. CTaylor: Yes, God did tell me this. You know where? In the BIBLE. The BIBLE lays out correct doctrine. The BIBLE tells us how churches are supposed to be governed and how church officers are supposed to conduct themselves. Your problem is not with me, but with the BIBLE.

    And where on earth did I say that every preacher on TV is false? You exhibit the same problem that the overwhelming majority of visitors to this site do. I have less than 100, indeed less than 90 entries on here about false preachers. I have HUNDREDS of entries on here from good ones: HUNDREDS, almost 1000. Instead of being edified by the HUNDREDS of entries on this weblog from good preachers, everyone wants to come on here and defend the ones who preach doctrines and have lifestyles that obviously contradict the Bible.

    And you can keep on trying to make a God in your own image if you want. Jesus Christ said that the way was hard and narrow and the gate is strait. He also spoke of people who did great works in His Name being called goats, saying “I never knew you” and being cast into the outer darkness. He talked about the unprofitable servant who did not use what was given to him profitably and was cast into outer darkness. He talked about what would happen to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 if they did not change their evil ways. Jesus Christ’s statements in these instances were not to the world; they were to the people of God who refused to submit to Him. So why on earth are you denying the truth? And no, we are not called to just allow false preachers and doctrines to proliferate unopposed while waiting on God to come sort it out. We are to stand for the faith and defend it, and to keep people from following false teachers.

    Have you taken a course on Bible history, or even read about it on the Internet? Seriously. During the time the New Testament was written and for quite awhile thereafter, there were lots of false gospels and epistles circulating, as well as a ton of false movements. Now Paul and John actually referenced a lot of these in the New Testament, but it went on for over 200 years afterwards. The early church had to determine which epistles and gospels were legitimate and which were not, they had to determine which doctrines were legitimate and which were not. They had to expose the heretics, liars, and blasphemers for what they were. That is why I have a link on the main page to one of the main works from that period by Irenaues, And their work was not only important back then, but it is still important today. Right now you have a bunch of liars claiming that the deity of Jesus Christ was not invented until 400 AD. Well, you had people in the 1st and 2nd century who denied that Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man too. It is because of the writings of people who living in that time opposed the heretics and blasphemers in their day that we are able to prove that people like Dan “The Da Vinci Code” Brown are liars. You know, according to your standard, I shouldn’t even be able to oppose Dan Brown, who denies the deity, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, because Brown, who views Christianity as politics, ethics, and philosophy (though he does also profess belief in a deity) calls himself a Christian. Lots of people deny the deity, virgin birth, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and call themselves Christians, and they are in a lot of church pulpits and they teach in a great many seminaries. A lot of them do not openly admit their lack of faith before their students or congregations, yet they preach and teach and poison people with their doctrines. So, would I be wrong to expose these people and say that they have no business teaching at a seminary or pastoring or preaching at a church? If I am not wrong for doing that, then what is wrong with talking about someone whose doctrine and lifestyle opposes scripture? Timothy clearly says that preaching that godliness is gain (that the aim or result of the gospel is riches, the prosperity doctrine) is apostasy. He says it plain as day. I sent that scripture to a leading prosperity teacher in an email, and he replied with a bunch of out of context Old Testament scriptures, avoiding the entire question. Here it goes right here:

    CTaylor, please understand this: there is a war going on between good and evil. I am not one of those “the rapture may happen before I finish this sermon” John Hagee types (who actually “prophesied” that the United States and Israel would attack Iran in 2006, leading to the rapture in 2007 or 2008) but time is running short. As we get closer to the end, Satan and those owned by him are going to get ever more bold, more depraved, and more effective at blinding people and tormenting the saints. Now more than ever before, Christians need to demand the correct doctrine and the correct practice that comes out of that doctrine from the pastors AND the members. God told us what to believe and how to behave; it is all in His Bible. Anyone who advocates disobedience to the Bible in themselves or anyone else isn’t trying to please God; they are trying to please themselves.

  151. BOB said





  152. Darren said

    Firstly let me explain that there is a differenve between failure and falling. Failure would suggest that the person at least attemped to do the right, honourable and righteous thing.

    Falling is a different thing all together; Lucifer fell from heaven; Paul fell to the ground after he encountered the risen Lord on thje road to Damascus. These people are not trying to do the right thing; their seducers, hypocrites; workers of iniquity. And their definitrly out to get the money of every sucker out there. For their fans I’m not here to attack them; but I love Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God in scipture admonishes us to defend the truth of the Gospel.

    Thomas Weeks is not a minister of the Gospel of the lord Jesus Christ; If he was he would preach the Gospel (christ and him cruxified) and not carnal sex programs. He is a defiler and a pervert. and has not the Spirit Of the Lord Jesus. He is a Bishop!!!. He is a bishop of carnality who is leading carnal christians not to the cross of calvary but to the inner suncuam of hell.

    My heart does go out to juanita. I’m sure at one time she walked with God; But she has been lead astray by greed and celebrity. I hope that in these terrible days that she going through. She will step away from the television persona and throw herself at the fett of the Lord Jesus. And repent for abusing the scriptures and people of God. And preach christ; not prosperity, not carnality. She is not a judge, they finished in the old testament. If she is a judge, she is one of carnality.Look at her conferences. I saw one recently with big posters of her at the back of the pulpit. This is as bad as idols of mary in the temples of the antichrist.

    When will the church of america repent of her idolatory to these people. John said the axe even now lays at the root of the tree. Repent and show fruits to meet with repentance

  153. helen said

    I disagree with what you said. Juanita, was changed by the holy spirit. When i first saw her i know God was using her we cannot judge her. She is blessed, and you know what, this incident is not going to stop her blessings. And the mind that she has for christ will make her stronger. One thing i know what God have for you it is for you. Bless the name of Jesus. I don’t know anything about her husband. Soi have nothing to say about him. Our tongue and thoughts will get us into trouble.
    I pray for them.

  154. Helen: Amazing how everyone is using the “we cannot judge” lie. Either you all are reading from the same script, following the same doctrine (which is not even the historic Pentecostal doctrine which was all about strict observance of the Bible; I know because I grew up in it and did not learn anything about grace or forgiveness until I left), or have the same spirit. As for “Juanita, was changed by the holy spirit” see this comment:

    “Jesus also confronted and exposed the religious hypocrites of His day. Those with a form of religion, but denying the power thereof. As far as the teachings of the Ms. Bynum, I had quite a few occasions to be a part of their “Show” when they were in Maryland. I had quite enough when Ms. Bynum gave the siters in Christ marital advice and began to show us how to speak in tongues while giving our husbands oral sex, like she apparently did… All the while using the microphone as a substitute male organ… Okay… where’s the Scripture for that…??? Please… the devil is a liar.” This was not produced by me, for I did not even know that informaton. It is this comment: ! This is information that I do not know. Now tell me, Helen, what preacher of Christ would mock Jesus Christ teach that?

  155. Carolyn said

    @ Helen: Would you be so quick to say “judge not” if the wife-beater in question was Ike Turner or someone else without a Christian persona?

  156. Darren said

    Helen what do you mean by our mouths will get us into trouble. David said I am a man of peace, but when I open my mouth it is for war. the Lord himself said those that live by the sword will die by the sword. Do you love Juanita Bynum more than christ.

    god did not call us to defend men, but to preach and defend the Word of God. The problem with carnal christianity is that it abhors anyone with and investigative (discerning) mind).

    Therefore I ask you; how do you know God was using her; he also used the rebellious money and stardom grabbing prophet balaam to bless the children o god.

  157. Carolyn: Actually, a great many Christians probably would. So many people – Christians included – will defend a celebrity no matter what he or she does. It is a sign of the world that we are living in these days.

  158. Charles D. said

    Cheryl you are so far off-base with your comment that “He” (presumably meaning God); did not tell us to criticize but to watch and pray. You go on to say “if you can’t pray then just leave it alone.” You further go on to say that that “someone feels that it is their duty to tell others that certain ones are false prophets. No where did God say that.” Finally, to insulate yourself, from your obvious Bible ignorance by saying that you won’t ever visit this site again so there is no need to try to rebut what I am saying.”

    Starting with the last point first, you will most definitely visit this site after saying what you said, if for no other reason than to inspect what you had written. That is a sign of insecurity so large one could drive a truck through it. It also says much about you in ways that you would not believe. I pray that God grants you the power of your convictions, without which you cannot effectively spread the Gospel and “He did command you to do that.

    God did in fact say watch as well as pray; however, the way in which you use the phrase is taken completely out of context. He was speaking about the “end times,” but also about the false prophets whom your comments seeks to protect. What about the infant Christians many of whom are not sufficiently far along to watch for those who would decieve them. Do you realize that there are sins of “ommission” as well as sins of “commission?” Please know dear heart that if you know something is wrong and you fail to warn the infant Christian; that you are guilty of a sin of ommission? Your “just leave it alone” comments are not God’s instructions to us, but rather, they are your own. In fact such makes no sense in the spiritual or secular world. In the latter, it is often said that: all it takes for tyranny to reign, is for good men to do nothing.”

    My dear Cheryl, if someone in the pulpit or the pew utters that ” Jesus wants you to send me $1,000 or $100 or $50 or the $3.97 Ms. Bynum is said to have spoken on live television; and that “I dare you not to send me the $3.97!” That person is definitely not of God and is waiting on some innocent, forgiving, and uninformed listener to meet their wants and/or desires. Unfortunately, there are many similarly situated as yourself, and there will be many who send money that can afford to send the money because no one will infrom them of the dangerous, wicked people who represent evil in this world. I pray that God through the Holy Spirit will illuminate your mind and remove the veil from your spiritual eyes, that you seek His will and His will for your life in Spirit and Truth. This is my prayer for you, others, and myself.

  159. quencina said

    David knew better than to touch “God’s anointed” when he had the opportunity to kill Saul.

    Pro. Juanita is highly anointed. The given gifts from Yahweh will not be taken away for they are given without repentance.

    Her ministry will continue even in a greater dimension. We will stand with her in prayer and great expectation. She deserves much more money than she has. She paid the price already.
    Domestic Violence is a serious case. We will cover her in prayer. Prophetess, This too shall pass. This is the end of that!

  160. E.Bert Todd said

    Dearest Quencina:
    The Word of God says:
    Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.Isaiah 58:1
    Please watch this clip.
    Please note that the behavio attributed here to ‘Prophetess’ Bynum is CRIMINAL, in that she conspired with others to conceal a crime. A crime that she then became a victim of. And you are right, they are without repentance…

  161. maryd said

    there is a song that say (god did not give up on me) for the most of you saints of god, where is the love, none of you have a heaven or hell to put these people in. there is none perfect but the father. it was grace and mercy that kept you,some of you are doing things now! and yet you sit around pointing your finger at someone, were is the compassion, you evil and wicked generational people.god got this,you want god to forgive you in all of your wrong doing, and you cant forgive other of their wrong doing, we make mistake, we make bad decision and we want other to love and understand our struggles.than learn to be more loving, more forgiving. i tell you for those of you who have put your mouth on this man and woman of god,have mercy on you! have mercy on you!

  162. Mike said

    Maryd, the difference is that none of us are claiming to be annointed or prophetesses. If that were not so, this thread would not exist. You people have taken your eyes off God and live vicariously through the lives of these people. It is no wonder you continue to support them even in face of all the all the evidence.

    For all other supporters, before you start quoting Saul and David from the old testament. please understand that the old testament was God’s covenant relationship with the Israelites leading up to Christ our saviour. The new testament is the covenant relationship that God has provided for all of us. It is the only covenant that counts. Can we agree to judge or not to judge our leaders against the standards the new testament has set for us?

  163. Lois said

    Listen everyone, U have 2 much time on your hands to be continuing this thread one week after the public announcement, since u have this time read Romans 13…this is not about whether or not they should stand up or sit down this is a matter that needs to be tried in our courts of law, not in the courts of your church or the courts of your own personal beliefs…give me a break…this thread is not your purpose in life and I will even stretch by saying someone has taken an unnecessary detour on the way to your destination…this is not your destiny, leave it alone…take this time to concentrate as well as focus on your own lives and the lives that you are responsible for…if Jesus came 2day will you be threading about Bishop Weeks and Juanita Bynum, what a waste of valuable time that can never be recaptured…as a final word of encouragement, someone needs your attention and time and it’s not Bishop Weeks or Prophetess Juanita Bynum…stay strong and make better choices with your time…

  164. Mike said

    Lois, you have missed the point. I also assume that you have not been a serious victim of domestic violence. Just a reminder. If that hotel worker had not stopped Bishop Weeks, Juanita could very well be dead. Trust me it happens everyday.

    In anycase, this is not about Bishop Weeks and Juanita. They are simply one example of a global problem facing ANY Christian today. We look to our leaders for guidance and direction. If they do not know what they are doing, we are just as lost as they are. I sincerely hope that wherever you worship that your pastor is preaching and upholding the word of God.

  165. Rhonda said

    God is the only true and righteous judge so lets leave the judging up to him. Touch not God’s anointed nor do his children no harm. The devil is out to kill to steal and to destroy all. Ask yourself is your name written in the lambs book of life? Now worry about that.May God continue to use his children in these end times. My prayers are with all the leaders that you choose to tear down with your mouth , shall i tell you a secret it shall not PROSPER.

  166. Rob said


    I can not agree with you more on the stance you take against Bynum, Weeks, Jakes and the likes. The trick of the devil to distort God’s word occurred many, many years ago. It is so clear that the Bible speaks about the God of three persons, so that for anyone to be unclear and ambivalent about this truth shows a real lack of faith and salvation. Plain and simple to interpret are such verses like Gen 1:26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” AND Jhn 14:13 “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”
    So many verses, I can go on and on and on.

    It never cease to amaze me how someone can deny this central truth of Christianity. When one’s belief about God is in error, then so follow their belief about other doctrines, like their salvation, sins, man, the devil, etc. It’s no wonder the episode with Weeks and Bynum. I’m not surprised by it. The greed, the manipulation, the control because of the special anointing they spray to all those who has itching ears to hear them. The spell they cast to make people very susceptible. This is the disgusting work of Satan. By the way, This thing called the “ANOINTING, is so overly exaggerated Weeks, Bynum, Jakes and the likes. This “ANOINTING” is not the biblical anointing as the Bible say 2Cr 1:21 Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, [is] God; So SIMPLE THE FACT that all God’s people are anointed.

    I can go on and on about these false teachers and as Peter and Jude describes their destiny, God has a great judgement for their willful disobedience, rejection, and false intents. Keep up the GOOD WORK. Everything well written in the LOVE of OUR LORD!!!!

  167. Charles D. said

    One of the most fearsome aspects of all of the supporters of Bynum,Weeks, Jakes, et al is….when we read about the latter days when there will be father against son daughter against mother; we wonder where such people will come from and what to be watchful for. Well they are in our midst right here, right now. Believing in those false prophets and prophetess are their reality and they know no better, be it because they have Spiritual veil over their collective eyes, or they choose to follow their present course and have believed long enough and hard enough that they have developed a reprobate mentaility and have been given over to that mindset.

    Example: There was one person that stated Bynum deserves all of the money she got and deserved much more. Obviously, this person (either knowingly or unknowingly) is bordering on idolatry and knows no better. Many, far too many put forth the “forgiveness” “don’t judge” “do unto others” “only God can judge” doctrine when exposing wolves in sheep clothing, warning to unsuspecting younger Christians, is the duty of all believers. Period. It is unfortunate if some are either too weak, too scared, or have too little invested in their faith, so much so as to not defend their faith, then, that is fine too. Still some others wants little else than to demonstrate that they can turn a phrase, making all of this a a grab fest of differing philosophies and nothing more.

    The Bible tells us “this is my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it..” It do not say that hell and hellions would not try; just that they will not prevail. My comfort is seen in the messages that are Scripture inspired (and there have been a few); from Christians who have actually opened and have read their Bibles, seemingly know the Word, Love the Lord, and certainly knows the difference between judging and warning; Bible doctrine and feel good soothing to please the masses; discernment and more so than taking the word of some suit or gown wearing sin haborer that can sweet talk the sugar out of a pound cake.

    Far be it from me to judge anybody at anytime in terms of assuming whether they have a relationship with the Living and True God! Spiritual assumptions is a dangerous thing. HOWEVER! Come on folks, Anyone calling themselves a prophet or prophetess has already told you that they are heading straight to hell! First of all a biblical prophet or prophetess of God had to be right 100% of the time. Not 20% or 50% or even 99.999% but 100%. ANyone with any sense knows better and these latter day prophet and prohetess are targeting a certain audiance;
    those who knows no better and knows no Bible. Those who will send money and support such cults in order to be associated with something, anything because they have little if any self-concept and a hungry ego.

    I wish there were more people who would take up the cross and follow Jesus instaed of burying the cross to associate with greedy people of predition. Gods business have to be done decently and in order. What I have seen of these people, they have done neither and deserve exactly what was ordained for them since the commencement of time as we know it. And all of the hue and cries from those professing to be followers of Bynum, et al can do NOTHING to change those facts.

  168. Charles D. said

    Instead of “Any fans of Juanita Bynum and Bishop Thomas Weeks out there” change the thread to “How Many knows that Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks are neither a Prophet or a bishop, really!” As long as it remains as is then the mostbase responders are likely to be just that, FANS.

  169. Carolyn said

    Hi Rhonda, I’d like to address some points you made:

    “God is the only true and righteous judge so lets leave the judging up to him.”

    The Bible says that the spiritual man judges all things (1 Cor 2:15). 1 John 4 warns us to try spirits, not to believe every spirit. Proverbs 14:15 says that the simple believeth every word. In short, it is our DUTY to check out what ANY preacher says, see if it lines up with the Scriptures (like the Bereans in Acts 17:11). And we are admonished to mark and reject heretics.

    “Touch not God’s anointed nor do his children no harm.”

    This verse is often taken out of context. Anyhow, it was referring to physically touching God’s anointed. And heretics are simply not anointed to preach, so even if “touching” them verbally was Biblical, the likes of Jakes, Bynum et al are not exempt.

    Furthermore, a true man/woman of God won’t be belligerent about their teachings being scrutinised. In fact they would encourage you to independently study the word to examine them!

    Since I mentioned touching the Lord’s anointed, Thomas Weeks (and other women beaters) certainly didn’t seem to worry about that!

    “The devil is out to kill to steal and to destroy all.”

    True! And he is also introducing doctrines of devils (1 Tim 4:1)

    “Ask yourself is your name written in the lambs book of life?
    Now worry about that”

    True, self-examination is always recommended. But I’d be irresponsible if I didn’t examine the doctrine of those that wish to instruct my soul from the pulpit!

    “May God continue to use his children in these end times.”

    Amen! And using those with discernment to warn the flock about false teachers, false prophets and false apostles is so important!

    “My prayers are with all the leaders that you choose to tear down with your mouth ,”

    Not saying they shouldn’t be prayed for; but I’m praying that they would REPENT from falsehood, deception and turning others aside to lies.

    “shall i tell you a secret it shall not PROSPER.”

    Obeying God’s word by speaking out and warning people of false doctrine (which is what this site does) WILL prosper. Hallelujah and amen!

  170. Roudy Michal said

    I strongly believe in the oneness… God is father in creation, son in redemption and Holy Ghost in the church. The bible states that Mary shall have a son and the government shall be on his shoulder and he will be a wonderful counselor, the mighty God, the Everlasting Father explain that??????

  171. E.Bert Todd said

    Grace & Peace Roudy
    It appears that you have mixed some scriptures together:
    You said this:
    “The bible states that Mary shall have a son and the government shall be on his shoulder and he will be a wonderful counselor, the mighty God, the Everlasting Father…”
    That appears to be an amalgam of
    Matthew 1:23-24 (King James Version)which says:
    23Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.
    24Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife:

    Which is referring to this prophecy:
    Isaiah 7:13-15 (King James Version)
    13 And he said, Hear ye now, O house of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also?
    14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.
    15 Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.

    The scripture that you have mixed it with, is this:
    Isaiah 9:5-6 (King James Version)
    5 For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.
    6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

    I do not see how you are using this to support the oneness doctrine, but ok. I would like to know how, if what you strongly believe is true, this could happen:
    Matthew 3:13-17 (King James Version)
    13 Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him.
    14 But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me?
    15 And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him.
    16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:
    17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.(/p>

    So we have the voice of the Father, the appearance of the Spirit pre-church mind you) and the Son, all separate, and in the same place at the same time,tangibly. How does this agree with your belief?

  172. Rob said

    TO E.Bert Todd:

    GREAT RESPONSE!!! This is Proof that there are Three Persons. This coupled with the truth that “THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE GOD”.

    Three Persons – One GOD!!!

    Now That’s BIBLE!!!

    Much Appreciated!!


  173. Sheryn Sept 2 2007 said

    Healtheland Thank GOD for you So much
    truth . which people cannot handle They
    say to let GOD handle it and when he does
    thru his people they cant handle it.There
    ears are dulled with false doctrine,from
    strong personalities people who can use
    a gift to their advantage Please stop
    being sheep running right into the wolves
    dens.Study the word of GOD Saints.
    Seek GOD.GET intimate with Him I belive
    he can fill the void that jakes,bynum,
    olsten,dollar,white,seem to have filled
    Turn off the TV please

  174. Rob said

    To Carolyn (169)

    You post is right on TARGET!!!

  175. Tdacosta said

    The only thing that I ask is that you all listen to the words or preaching of some of these TV pastors (Tele Evan) and see if they Mention the Gospel. That is the death, burial and ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ and the significance that this plays in a Christian’s life and it’s necessity to be heard by the unsaved.

    How many times do they mention that we are servants of God armed with the task of going out and preaching the gospel seeking the lost.

    I am sorry to say that those of you who are not reading the God’s inspired word “the Bible” for yourself and hence have the means to say ” thus saith the Lord” rather than “my Bishop, pastor …. says” will always be lead down a dark road.

    I know that some may say that it is difficult to spot false teachers (Judas was difficult to spot by the other diciples But our Lord Jesus always knew) thus one of the reasons we are given the inspired word of God “the Bible” with the guidance of holy spirit to quickly identify counterfits.

    So I encourage ALL to pray, read the word and be led by the holy spirit. Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, salvation and eternal life.

  176. Prophetess Karla said

    What I see in all this is the devil is deceiving many and causing people to lose focus on the goal. Everyone is quick to point out someone else’s faults and as long as we are pointing fingers at someone else God will never have the chance to cleanse us individually and that’s what the devil wants. I challenge everyone confess to God and point out at least 3 of your weaknesses. If you have trouble doing this check yourself for pride. Know the word for yourself, don’t depend on anyone else to teach you, ask God for the gift of discernment and wisdom.

  177. SoliDeoGloriaFella said


    Keep preaching the truth brother.

    We live in a godless American culture, that does not want God or the truth.

    They may call you names and say you have an evil spirit, but keep sending the message that the truth WILL NOT GO AWAY, and all who do not want to deal with the truth will one day have to deal with it.

  178. Charles D. said

    Prophetess Karla; you sort of lost me with your title. Are you self appointed or were and are you inspired of God? Keeping in mind that Old Testament Prophets had to be right 100% of the time. Are you truly ready to drink from that cup? If not, please stop playing with titles of which you know not what it means. Thats where Juanita lost many; it is just that.

  179. Saddened said


    I don’t know if what you say is true or not but I do know this. The Bible says we are to have a burden for the lost and if you believe the ones you call “fake” are lost than more time should be spent praying than pointing out why they are false. It must have taken hours to write the posts you did and have you taken much time to pray and do you have a burden for them if they are lost or are you more interested in letting the world know how fake they are? Also, do you have something against charismatics or am I misunderstanding you?

  180. Charles said

    Saddened: Where in the Bible does it says we are to have a burden for the lost.” You should truly read “Carolyn Says: September 1st, 2007 at 5:18 pm post” Saddened, money is the root of evil; there are those who by their actions, they love money, recognition, and preceived power more than God. You imply that healtheland should spend more time praying and trying to convince those “lost souls” than time spent warning and praying for those who truly desire to be saved and they may want and need guidance/directions.

    A blindman is unable to see, but, a fool who refuses to see.

  181. Mike said

    Saddened, you are surprised by Healtheland’s posts. Thank goodness you were not around during the time of the apostle Paul. God knows what you would have said to him. See Acts 20:31

  182. Charles D. said

    I wasn’t speaking about JD Jakes but I do include him with those who consider money, recogniyion, and preceived power, before God. One needs look any further than the Jakes before his arrival on the scene in Dallas and his life leading up to his arrival there. I’m referring to the Jakes of West Virginia and his life style while there.

    Again, his 2006 visit to Atlanta and the major source of his wealth. Those he supposedly ordained at the Potter House. It sounds as though he was selling ordaination to those who could afford it. Certainly he appeal to a certain grouping of followers, usually, those who do not really know the Bible and seek guidance from Jakes because they believe he and his message are bona fide.


  184. CLAUDIA said


  185. Rob said

    There was a post by Camey Lee that talked about how Juanita is going to be more powerful even after all what she’s going through and I’d like to say:

    Camey Lee:

    Yeah…she will become more powerful. She’ll use this experience to be the Poster Child for battered Women. She’ll align herself with even some high social figures and speak, as lead of the Lord, these issues of domestic abuse. She’ll write books, make CD, DVD, Tapes, hold conferences and gain the attention of many who love and follow her, not only their attention, but their money as well. She’ll do all this in the Name of the LORD. Many cases of domestic violence has happened before her, but hers is so prominent being a prophetess as God uses her, speaks to her, gives a word from heaven so to use her Anointing. Oh YEAH…SHE’LL become more powerful as you can only see this as being power. She’ll even evangelize to others and tell them how powerful she has become. She may even tell of how she was not perfect in the relationship…cause you know all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All this in the eye of the public eye
    to supposedly save some.



    Here are the false teachings of the Prophetess that her groupies will learn and follow:

    Through all this experience of empowerment, these people will learn “false teachings” about ADULTERY as she will find another man to fulfill her lustful desires. Nothing will be said from the scriptures that GOD hates divorce (“For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away…” -Malachi 2:16) and that “anyone who divorces and marries another commits adultery.

    “And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except [it be] for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.” Mat 19:9
    “And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.” Mar 10:11


    All because this prophetess uses her own guile and charisma to teach this false doctrine. Never once did she mention “separation”, but subtlety teaches through practice and whispering words that that “it’s okay to leave your husband if he beats you” (I’n not condoning beating, I’m just describing Juanita’s tactics). Can’t you see Mia Gentry? Are you now choosing to be blind, poking out your own eyes?

    These women will be taught how to be empowered through all the missing biblical influences that will be substituted by this woman’s subtle influence to omit biblical doctrine and truths. She will scratch the “itching” ears of so many who will listen to her as they are caught up in her charisma. Looks so pretty as we can see – the make up, the floundering words, the spicy dress, the tearful sincerity, but in the dark secrets of her and her followers life, there will be depression, divorce, lust oppression, lack of joy and the fruit of the Spirit as evident by their sins. All the truth is covered up by the beauty of self. THIS IS WHAT SHE IS TEACHING YA’LL. SHE DOES THIS STUFF ALL THE TIME. She teaches a God, but not a TRINITY; she teaches theatrical closeness to God through the threshing floor, but not abiding in Christ; she teaches richness through favor, not poor in spirit; she teaches DIVORCE, not SEPARATION to remain married and be reconciled to her husband; she teaches the empowerment through faith; not strength through weakness (2Cr 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.) SHE TEACHES FALSELY ALL THE TIME!!Ultimately no one will be lead to Christ as salvation comes from God and his words, not from “sincere” cover- ups.


    “It is better to read John, Paul, Moses and Isaiah – men of God,
    than to listen to the prophetess – Poster Child for the World.”

    The Bible doesn’t speak of power in reference to one using THEIR TRAGEDY to SAVE others. GOD doesn’t need that. It amazes me that Juanita and all her flunkies feel they need a “spiritual” substitution for the only answer to strengthen people that is the GOSPEL. I’m not trying to be mean in anyway, but the type stuff these false prophets and their lackies do just ain’t right.

    Paul makes it so very plain that it is the Gospel that is the POWER of salvation: (For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. Rom 1:16).

    God uses ONLY the Gospel to save and draw people to Him. Once you have an understanding of the Gospel and believe it, God has given you the power to become the sons of God. – “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name:” Jhn 1:12

    Telling her story will not make Juanita more powerful. Monies from CD, VIDEOS, Conferences will not make Juanita more powerful. Speaking in tongues, talking good about her ex-husband, inspiring others will not make Juanita more powerful. Saying how she lay on the threshold before God in tears will not make Juanita more powerful. Being the Poster Child for abused wives will not make Juanita more powerful. Only when she cease to be a false prophet, when she can know and preach that true power is only in the Gospel – not by display of these other antics – can Juanita be strengthened.

    It was the Gospel – good news to Paul – that propelled him to teach others of the redemptive work of Christ as Paul gave his life and died for the Gospel. When Paul realized the truth about salvation, He preached Christ and Him crucified and warned the saints against any who preached falsely.

  186. callingfromcali said

    Rob: LOL!! You are right. This whole thing will be used to catapult her empire to another level. And people will be gullible enough to feed into it. One thing I am noticing about her, is that she is not waiting for the process to be completed. This was a very unfortunate event in her life. But if you have read her first book, No More Sheets, or even watched the video, she claims that she was in abusive relationships before. So, why would she as a prophetess walk into another marriage with an abusive man?

    She didn’t allow her second marriage to get off the ground good before she and her husband started bragging about how divine it was and started offering marital advice to the masses. Now, she is a battered woman who apparently keeps finding herself with abusive men, but she is going to tell other battered women how to live victorious? Whaaaat? Just ridiculous.

    I want Juanita Bynum to allow God to purge her by this experience. Allow Him to show her why this happened and how to truly overcome it. It is going to take time. She needs to stop parading around in the public eye and exercise some humility.

  187. Rob said

    Pardon the redundancy of my post. I had problems with my computer and wasn’t sure if it went trhough.

  188. Rob: Dude, you have your blog yet?

  189. Dee said

    I agree with Lane. I understand what you are saying. You are not attacking them; you are attacking what they are teaching. People of God there is a different. When Apostle Paul spoke to people, was he attacking them or was he attacking what they where doing? He addresses the issue of sin. That is what needs to be address, because the people of God are not addressing sin we have missed God. People are lead astray when there is no accountability among the people of God.

  190. Godschild said

    I’m trying to understand this debate about the Trinity and the Oness Pentecostal people.How exactly is believing in one God false doctrine? I myself was raised Methodist; now I currently worship at a Faith based church. I was always taught and studied for myself that God is three persons in one. God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us in

    John 1:1 ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”

    then it goes on to say in

    John 1:14 “And the Word was made flesh and dwealt among us,”

    To my understanding Jesus is the Word… can we agree on that? Well right here John tells us that in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was God. So to me it seems Jesus and God are one in the same.

    Anyway, I dont really understand why the bickering and intolerance. I dont think we will fully understand the complexity of God till we get to see him face to face. And even then we may not fully comprehend his awesomeness. All I know is I thank God for Jesus.

  191. Godschild: With your words you reveal yourself to be someone that has never had any true doctrinal instruction on Christianity, not even Christianity 101, and furthermore to be someone that is hostile to actually learning about the faith that you profess. Of course Jesus Christ is God, but God exists eternally in three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Oneness heretics, who were rejected by the early church and rose their ugly head again in 1913 after over 1700 years, deny the three Persons of the Godhead, claiming that Father, Son, and Spirit are only different relationships, such as how a man can be a husband to his wife, a father to his son, and a son to his own father (his son’s grandfather). This doctrine plainly rejects common sense, such as Christ’s many clear references to His Father and Himself and the Holy Spirit being distinct entities. The best example was Jesus Christ saying that He had to go away for ANOTHER COMFORTER (the Holy Spirit) to come. He did not say that He was going to go away to come back as the Holy Spirit, but that He was going away so that the Holy Spirit could take His place. Jesus Christ always referred to His Father in Heaven as being separate from Himself, and furthermore said that He was subject to His Father. He said “I and the Father are One”, not “I and the Father are THE SAME.” Those are in the very same Gospel of John that you are misquoting to defend a bunch of liars that crawled out of their rock less than 100 years ago. Are you liars like them? Are shall you come out of that nonsense and return to the Truth? If not, then you are obviously demonstrating that you love yourself than you love the Bible. You are charismatic, eh? So am I. So I am going to recommend that you buy a real Christian book written by the famous South African charismatic pastor Andrew Lobias Murray, not one of these nonsense “devotionals” that contain no real theology or exposition that these pastors and Christian bookstores use to steal your money while hiding any real doctrine from you. Why? Because if they keep you ignorant of doctrine, they can continue to control you and exploit you for money with their religious Ponzi schemes. Of course, God does want you to give money, but to legitimate ministries that spread the gospel and meet people’s needs, not to pay for mansions, cars, palatial buildings, and church bureaucracies. The early church met in each other’s homes, and Paul worked as a tentmaker, tough common manual laborer that is very hard on the back and hands, to support himself during his ministry. The title of the book is “The Power Of The Blood Of Christ.” You only need to get about 15 pages into it to understand how foolish, dangerous, blasphemous, and heretical this oneness teaching is. Below is its listing on If you do not have the money to purchase it, send me your address at and I will have a copy sent to you.
    God is no laughing matter; nothing to be trifled with. You Christians had better stop playing games with God, because we all will stand before God one day, and all who rejected His Scriptures will be held in account for it, and no excuses from one such as yourself will be accepted, especially seeing as to how you apparently have been a Christian for quite awhile and live in a nation where you are able to study and practice Christianity freely. It is disgusting how all over the world people are dying for the gospel while western Christians keep up their nonsense.

  192. Charles D. said

    Healtheland I think your verbal attack on Godschild was less than instructional, serve no ligitimate purpose, and is not edifying to readers that might happen upon your exchange. Use of the Holy Bible for intellectual oneupsmanship, or, self aggrandisement is spiritually abhorrent.

  193. Godschild said

    It’s ok Charles, I was not trying to defend anyone Healtheland. I just mereley wanted clarification of what the Oneness Pentecostals believed. To my limited knowledge of this denomination through reading the comments off this site; they seemed to belive the same thing I did. However, as you kindly pointed out Healtheland, the difference is that they believe that the Godhead is mereley different forms of relationship.

    I’m kinda shocked now because I know many Pentecostals from back home and I’m pretty sure they dont believe that. Still, we Christians need to get it together, there are too many divisions among “The Church.” We should not be disagreeing on basic stuff.

    Nevertheless, we need to handle it better than continually bashing folk for what they believe which increases discord and decreases a chance for them to be enlightened. The old apostles had their differences too. Some went their seperate ways and some came around like Peter. God enlightened him for he didn’t believe that the gospel was initially meant for the Gentiles. His mind was changed after God gave him a vision though.

    We have to pray for clarity and understanding for those who may be misinformed. I dont belive every pentecostal person believes this. If you read the bible on your own you can make out for yourself that the Godhead is three individual persons in One. A phenomana that baffles the mind and defies the laws of this universe. Thats why He’s God, I guess some people want to make Him understandable to themselves but the Word says that mans wisdom is as foolishness unto God. If we could figure Him out he couldn’t be God, he is too much for our finite minds to comprehend.

  194. Bro. John said

    Heavenly Father, let the words of my mouth. and the meditation of my heart be acceptable your sight for you are my strength and my redeemer. Greetings all! I would first like to say that I love all of you and pray that God continues to reveal himself to you for the furthering of his kingdom. I would like to take this time share something with all of you from my heart concerning the individuals mentioned in this message board. When I first heard the news surrounding these popular television personalities, I too fell into the trap of criticizing and judgement. Immediately I said within myself and to a few others some of the same things that many of you have touched on conerning the sencerity of their ministries. I argued its authenticity and was ready with, what I thought, was a “word from God”. Well, shortly after that, the holy spirit quickened something in my spirit. firstly, the bible says that we are to share the truth in love. Too often we are so ready to “tell people the truth” but behind what we say, or within the tone of what we’re saying has absolutely no love in it. Am I sayiingthat we are to just sit by and stand for anything that comes our way? Of course not. The bible tells us in the book of Timothy to study to show ourselves approved UNTO GOD a workman who need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. We run across people who are trying to teaching or push false doctrines on you all the time. That will never change. Yes, some of what I hear and see on television and in the pulpits does stray away from the true essence of God’s word. Now as for people who blantanly disregards the principles of God’s word, or when WE merely miss a point or teaching II Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is God breathed and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for rebuking and instruction. I think it is very important for us as christians to remember to set our affections on things above and not beneath. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. If we/you are seeking to give correction concerning God’s word you should seek ye first the kingdom of God and his rightenous and all these things will be added unto you. By these things I’m speaking of a true discerning spirit, guidance by the holy spirit and a heart for God’s word. Yes, I know some people have applied that scripture to natural things like money and other blessings of God, but the essence of God’s word remains in the spiritual things of God. The bible says to take heed what we hear and how we hear. I beleive that instruction is pivotal with regard to the issues of life. We are told in the bible to guard our heart with all diligence becuase out of them are the issues of life. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the wave of passing judgement and condeming. Should people who misapply God’s word be “let off the hook”? Well, instead of concentrating on not letting people “off the hook” let’s be true fishers of Men and hook them onto the truth about God’s word. God is a God of love not debate. Put it this way, I’m sure glad that salvation was not left up to me to decide who gets in or out because I would defintely screw that up for sure! Yes, the bible says that to whom much is given, much is required. So should these television personalities be held accountable? How about this; We have been given the gift of a Savior and the holy spirit which leads us into all truths. How much is required of us, and what are we doing with it? May God keep you. Maranatha!

  195. teeweezee said

    hi, jst stumbled on this page nd its been an interesting moment 4 me, reading everyone’s idea nd all bout christianity as it is practised now nd hw it ought to be practiced nd healtheland, u’re blessed cos u show no fear or prejudice in saying things as they ought to be said bt like has been said, endeavour to correct in love cos if there r hard feelings within the body of Christ, wots d point of havin a body? i became born again 2 yrs ago nd i noticed that christians in this generation luv fast food christianity, they dont wanna take the meal ie, read the bible by themselves nd understand it by the Holy Spirit cos that is important. from readin thru d articles above i can already tell who understands the spirit of the word, remember the bible says the letter killeth bt the spirit gives life. anor thing, instead of takin sides nd ‘condemnin’ one anor, lets understand the word by the spirit nd lovingly explain to those who dont have the grace. pls do not misunderstand me but i know the trinity is a biblical doctrine cos i have understood by the word of God nd by the Spirit of the living God that in the beginning when God said “let us make man in our image, according to our likeness…” He was nt talkin to Himself as one with multiple personality disorder but as one who was a composite unit embodyin God the Father, God the Son(Elohim) nd God the Holy Spirit. the passage i luv quoting which signifies the existence of the unity is Matt 12:31 “I tell you that any sinful thing you do or say can be forgiven. Even if you speak against the Son of Man, you can be forgiven. But if you speak against the Holy Spirit, you can never be forgiven, either in this life or in the life to come.” also, matt 26:39 Jesus walked on a little way. Then he knelt with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, don’t make me suffer by having me drink from this cup. But do what you want, and not what I want.” CEV traslations.
    from these scriptures, nd many more, u find that u’d be more inclined to believe in the existence of trinity. if u dont believe in the trinity, u surely shd have scriptures backing that up nd nt jst speculations, the same goes for all of u who believe in the existence of the trinity, back them up with scriptures, dont go speculating. stay blessed

  196. Shirley said

    We are definitely living in days that require us to walk close to the Lord, His Word, led by the Spirit. You can speak truth, but we have to watch the spirit behind our words. I would encourage everyone to guard our hearts with all diligence. There is a great need for balance in these discussions and a spirit sensitive to the Holy Spirit. As one who the Lord has raised to discern false teachings, I also know how important it is to walk with a spirit of humility and surrender to His voice. I and other intercessors have been praying for the Church to return to the Cross and humility. We did this, because we discerned what was going on and He prophetically, led us to pray this way. I must add that, those who have been called to leadership, must develop a sensitive spirit-led walk to speak when He says speak, pray when He says pray (the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much). When you yield to Him and the call He placed on your life, He gives you a burden to feel what He feels and represent Him because your motives are pure (having the mind of Christ) with cleans hands and a pure heart. When King Saul (God’s anointed) got off track, as Samuel interceeded for Him, He listened for the voice of the Lord and it was God who revealed Saul’s fate. Evenso, David was careful not to come against King Saul. Obviously, an evil spirit was influencing King Saul, yet he was still “God’s annointed”. As a Prophetess, I have been in situations where false teaching and a Jezebel spirit were in operations. It was extremely hard, because during the entire time I simply had to proclaim and preach messages God gave me, while constantly guarding my own heart to not respond in the flesh, feelings or be drawn out from walking a walk to speak what He gives me and nothing else, with a spirit of humility and love…that’s where the true power derives, untainted by the enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. So as I know God loves His people and those He calls, when you discern a spirit operating through His vessels, which can happen to any of us, you earnestly pray against that spirit and your Agape love weeps for your bother or sister caught in anything but God’s best (Gal 6:1). There are varying parts of the Body of Christ that requires balance, lets rejoice that God is moving, yet not rejoice in evil (love doesn’t rejoice in evil). There is such a critical spirit in the church and the love of many is gowing cold. There are many yet to be snatched out of the Kingdom of darkness, time is short and satan will use anything to thwart or distract the plan of God. The world is watching how we handle this, we don’t need to give them any reason or the devil any ammunition to deter them from coming to the Lord, eternity is at stake!! We are all ambassadors for Him, as though He was speaking through us, that is an awesome responsibility that we must take seriously!! Lets pray that the Glory of God resurrects, His perfect will for the Church be done as He’s coming back for a Church without spot or blemish. He can use any situation and bring good out of it, according to His Kingdom!!

  197. Charles D. said

    Shirley; two things. 1) I was following until you referred to yourself as a “Prophetess.” Are you prepared to be right 100% of the times? Propheys and Prophetess’ are, in fatc they had to be, under the penalty of death. If you’re not, then you should consider loosing the title. 2) I wish there was a single person on earth that possess agape love; but fact is, there are none. We as Christians are in the process of perfection, and when God, through the person of the Holy Spirit, glorify us, maybe then we speak in terms of agape. However, right now the average one of us have extreme difficulty with brotherly love and treating our neighbor as we would like to be treated.

    In Christ,


  198. Shirley said

    Charles: I understand your concern. I usually don’t use my title out of concern for what’s going on and a desire to not draw attention to myself. My first love is actually Evangelist. Its really not a title, that’s something the US church as emphasized. Most Prophets reluctantly answer the call. The fact of the matter is, it is a very hard walk that I have run from several times because of the battles encountered. My focus has always been to pick up my cross and follow Him. I had to learn to yield to His voice at the smallest command and ensure I guarded my heart with a desire to make sure He alone get’s the glory. Paul who humbly saw himself as a bondservant, opened Scriptures with “I, Paul a bondservant, and Apostle, called by God not man”. He had to defend himself against those who didn’t think he was, but knew he was called by grace and to suffer, and indeed was martyred. Although I knew I was prophetic, it is others who have called me Prophetess. Because of spiritual opposition, and people not heeding, and rejection, I’ve done what Jeremiah did and stopped speaking. Like Elijah I’ve run into a cave. Its really hard because you do it out of love He’s giving you, so it makes the rejection even harder. In fact, without Agape Love you cannot endure. The Lord would send people I don’t know to tell me to speak what He’s giving me. I grieve even now for drawing back, because there is much at stake for the Body of Christ. My walk has been one of much persecution preaching the Cross, worship of Him, the Word out of Agape love, an urgency to reach the lost headed for eternity without Him. The words He has giving me refereed to His soon coming return, the Body of Christ not ready for the hard time ahead and the need to draw closer to Him in these last days. Because of my reverential fear for Him and importance of speaking when He says speak, when He speaks to me, I write it down and keep checking with Him when and where should I speak, something I do on a regular basis. I asked someone to pray for that very reason, I didn’t want to speak these words, go into the holy of holies if I was living these words myself, and someone have to pull the rope. I not only have to speak when the Spirit comes upon me, but have to keep my heart pure, and be accountable to others who are Prophets and discerning. There is a lot going on, but there are true New Testament Prophets, proclaiming His word out of Agape love and humility. Although, I do believe accuracy is imperative, New Testament Prophets were not put to death for inaccuracy. Be encouraged, not all have bowed to Baal. I know Prophets who honor His word, walk in humility, who are not popular.

    Be Blessed and know God is still in control and has His men and women on the wall who suffer much for His Glory and the Kingdom call, even as our brothers and sisters are put to death all over the world for preaching the Gospel! Sorry for the length.


  199. Charles D. said

    Shirley! Don’t apologize for the length, you had something to say and you said it very well. While you and I continue to disagree about agape and prophets; yours was a message of substance in terms of your love for the Lord and on that we totally agree. You mentioned Paul in your comments, but, never once did he allude to agape. He did speak volumes about christian love, an holy kiss, and he DID spread the gospel. I hate to use words that mean so much loosely, in fact, I am unable to find any Biblical reference that even suggest that we should or, are even capable of such a love. I find the contrary in that God in the person of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ took on the sins of man past, man present, and man future for all eternity. Those deeds are remarkable examples of agape. Furthermore, I do not know a human being whose either willing or able to do the same. And if one say he is willing or would do the same, then, he is either an awful liar, debilitatingly insane, or almost irretrievably sinful.

    In my own personal walk (which have been at for a number of years by man’s standards), I’ve come to learn that God dispenses true wisdom as He will; through my human eyes, it appears that age, spiritual maturity, and earnestly seeking Him are always in the equation. I fully realize that age have nothing to do with it because God grants wisdom liberally to those of a right heart and who prays for it. “But let not a double-minded man think that he will receive anything from God..”

    Whether Evangelist or Prophetess, I do not know; God knows and God guards my heart. I know for a certainty that my Savior Jesus Christ has charged all Christians to be evangelists and for me there can be no higher or more honorable calling. Okay, lest some infant Christian observe that I left out preachers; well they are called of the Lord. Bishops and Elders appointed. The criterion are contained in the books of Timothy, but not there alone.

    Finally, your comment contained a message for me and I was convicted in my spirit. I will pray for you and ask that you pray for me. Be Blessed my sister. Charles

  200. Godschild: Oh, most certainly, all Pentecostals do not believe this. I used to be Pentecostal! There really are only about 4 million oneness pentecostals right now, about the same number as their are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, this is the problem posed by oneness pentecostals: THEY LIE. The leaders and most of the members of the oneness pentecostal denominations know that they have explicitly rejected Trinity, and they have tons of excuses and justifications for it. However, they hide their beliefs until they get you inside their church. Once you are inside their church, they start filling your head with their devil’s doctrines, and you start believing it. The real threat is Christian TV. You have a bunch of oneness preachers on The Word Network and TBN, but they never say that they do not believe in Trinity during their broadcasts. So people watch them on TV, buy their tapes and books, etc. without ever knowing. So you have people who believe in Trinity who go and join themselves to these people without knowing their beliefs. Once they find their beliefs, by that time, they are so loyal to the pastor and to the friends that they have made in the church that they either reject Trinity or decide that the doctrine does not matter. That is how these oneness types add numbers. If they were to come out front and tell people what they believed, virtually no one would follow them.

    Before TBN and the Word Network started putting Noel Jones, TD Jakes, Tommy Tenney, etc. on in the 1990s, they were very marginalized. Now they are growing like wildfire. That is why I take such a hard stand against them and demanding that other Christians do the same with very rough language. This is not a misunderstanding between Christians, it is a war between Christians and liars over the souls of men. I want Christians to choose a side and fight.

    Look, do not mistake me for someone that continuously causes contention and division. Only a tiny percentage of my posts are like this, and there are tons of issues that I do not criticize other Christians over. Personally, I believe in the post – tribulation rapture. Do you see me denouncing the pre – tribulation people to the lake of fire? No. Quite the contrary, most of the ministries that I feature on this weblog believe in the post – tribulation rapture. I have real doubts about predestination, but I have devotionals on here from preachers like John McArthur and historical figures like John Edwards and George Whitfield that do (or did) believe in it. I do not really relate to or understand the liturgical churches like the Presbyterians, Anglicans, and certain Methodists, but you haven’t seen me criticize the way that they worship and you never will.

    But people who set themselves against the Bible? Well, those people have set themselves against God and are not part of the Body of Christ. If I don’t warn people like that – and if I wasn’t warning people like YOU from being deceived by these people – who will? And of course, if I don’t do my job, won’t God hold me accountable on judgment day? That is what it is all about, and that is what I mean when I say that we Christians ought to stop playing with God. And please strongly consider buying . It really is a great book that will help you with your ministry. I am serious about sending it to you if you cannot afford it!

  201. Shirley said

    Charles: Thank you for your prayers, as I do pray for you as well. The word for love in the first commandment (john 13:34) is agapao (Strong’s 25). In John 13:35, “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another”. It is translated agape (Strong’s 26).

    This is a supernatural love that only comes from the Holy Spirit. In Romans 5:5, “..the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given us.”, again this is agape love. As we crucify our flesh, yield to the Holy Spirit, walk in the Spirit, the fruit of the spirit is ….Love (Agape) Gal 5:22. A cross-centered life, results in an agape love walk. Christians persecuted in China, Indonesia and all over have family members martyred for the Gospel. The agape love of God, one that is not of this world, compells them to return to their enemies to set the captives free! It is that unconditional love He has for us, we answer the command to be transformed into His image and love (agapao) our enemies. When we desire above all else to obey Him and love not our lives unto death, He empowers us more and more. As we daily allow the word and Spirit to apply I Cor 13:4-7, the more our flesh is put to death. It is no longer I, but Christ who lives in me. I personally know Pastors who have been martyred abroad preaching the Gospel in agape love. Everything God put in His Word is true and it is Kingdom living. Throughout all I’ve been through, my pray was Lord don’t let me walk out of you love, they need to see you loving power is real and not of this world. I know He commanded me to walk in it and the enemy has no answer for it, so it’s something the he is always trying to get us to do. When someone would come to me for council and say love just oozes out of you, I know its worth it all.

    Regarding Offices as described in Eph 4:11, “He gave Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry…” The office of an Evangelist is different from all called to evangelize. Often, there is unique anointing that when they minister, even to hundreds to thousands, the fullness of the Spirit moves mightily and pierce the hearts of the listeners to respond to the Gospel message. They can go to dark nations where principalities and strongholds over nations have to be brought down. Often miracles, healings and deliverance from demonic strongholds occur. Their is a level of maturity and close walk of obedience to the Lord.

    Ultimately, it is a call of a servant, not a superstar and much goes on behind the scene and in the spirit realm for those who lose their rights to themselves and lives for the sake of the call.

    I share these things, not to defend myself, like Jesus when you know who you are and who has called you by His grace, you just walk the walk and are not argumentative. I also love to teach and wanted to encourage you to know there is so much going on outside of what you have experienced or seen in the Church. Voice of the Martyrs, support the persecuted church, is a good ministry to check out. There is an on-fire Kingdom minded-walking Church!

    I’ve enjoyed sharing with you, and will continue to pray for you. I so welcome your prayers my brother.


  202. GodsChild said

    Giving honors to my lord Jesus Christ, he is my saviour. I know it was no accident I stumbbled upon this site nor was it an accident I saw the Evangelists lastnight on BET. I gotta tell the truth to you all, it was the 1st time I have ever heard of this powerful lady. As I was looking at the footage, I notice all she wanted was a husband, (seems that way to me) she begged god over, over, over until he finally sent her this devil in disquise, god does this especially when things are perfect, to see if we`re ready for the worse that could happen to us. There was a reason for her not to be married, god saw it but apparently she didn`t. It`s truly amazing to me god didn`t see it fit for her to be married, which is why it ended the way it did. God wants us to be happy with what HE has in store for us. Be blessed all!

  203. GodsChild: You do know that this was the second marriage for both Bynum and Weeks, right?

  204. GodsChild said

    No I didn`t! I guess that explains it then right?!! LOL!

  205. Charles said

    My Sis Shirley:

    From my earlier comment you might remember I said: “We as Christians are in a continuing process of glorification. When God, through the person of the Holy Spirit completes that process, it is only then that we will truly know the meaning of agape and are then able to love in that manner. In our present state we are not capable of loving ourselves or our fellow man with agape type love no matter what we say or try to do that spiritual fact. I mean this is so elementary that in the overall scheme of things that face us as Christians, it hardly warrants in-depth discussion. Getting us to that point is one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit. “we are sealed until the day of redemption;” and after that day we’ll be able to and before that day we will and should strive to, however, in our present state we cannot. Point blank!

    Very briefly, in your comment you mention the Ten Commandments instructing us to “love one another,” but I’m sure you know that the Commandments are part of the laws given to Moses and for those living under the law; but not them only. As for us who lives under Grace, I trust that you know the 10 Commandments are given as a reflection of the law to show that among other things, that man in his fallen state cannot keep the law, e.g., every man has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that we cannot be saved by the law because we cannot keep the law. I am sure that you will admit that although you proclaim your title of Prophetess, that you are a sinner. You have to know that one, who offends the law even to the smallest degree, makes the same one guilty of offending the whole law. Thanks be to God that while yet we were sinners, He agape us enough that He gave His only begotten Son who agape us enough to die for us and to take on our past, present and future sins and that through Him we might be saved.
    Now, one day! After the Holy Spirit finishes with us, and we drop our mortality and puts on immortality we might be able to conceive what agape truly means. You mentioned that: “…the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given us.”, again this is agape love. Okay, you shouldn’t have use the past tense here because the Holy Spirit continues to pour and will continue, (unless of course we grieve the Holy Spirit, in which case He will leave us to our own devices) until the day of redemption. You said further that
    As we crucify our flesh, yield to the Holy Spirit, walk in the Spirit, the fruit of the spirit is ….Love (Agape) Gal 5:22. Interpreting the Bible literally is better than not reading the Bible at all. However, God expects us to use that brain He gave us to do more than recite and repeat His Holy Word the Bible. We don’t actually crucify our flesh; we just don’t come under subjection to it, again, through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Also, you should have pluralized “fruit” because there are fruits of the Spirit, among which there is love but there are others as well.

    I don’t disagree with you on many of the points that you made, having said that, I recognize that as you live and grow in the Word, but more importantly, in your relationship with the Lord; you will come to experience that the Bible is the Living Breathing Word of God and how we read it today, we may have a total and completely different take tomorrow as God dispense His wisdom and as you are willing and able to receive the wisdom that we pray for and that He grants us.
    Regarding your encouragement to check out this other church or churches; sort of suggests to me that you feel that I am either middle of the road in my Christian walk or am seeking something that I lack. Truth be told, I am so truly on-fire and spiritually filled at my present church. My current church is where God wants me now and He lets me know that in so many wonderful ways. We are a small church, maybe 2800 to 3000 members, and I can honestly say that there is not a single person in my congregation, or that I have met or seen in my church and whom I do not have absolute Christian love for them. My deacons and deaconess are truly servants of the Living God. I have a Bible believing preaching and teaching no-none sense pastor and there isn’t a single doubt in my mind that God has placed him over this flock. My/our work however, is not only towards members and visitors. Our work is about spreading the Gospel and serving those in the community and beyond the community. God has blessed us in term of resources and a mighty, mighty vision and laborers to do His will. Oh! I wish you could see my church through my eyes. I am not one of those who is either seeking or looking for THE way. I am secured in my conviction and knowledge that God has and continue to own, bless, and keep me.

    I am pleased that we are able to dialogue without feeling that either of us is attacking the other. I continue to pray.

    Yours in Christ – Charles

  206. Shirley said

    Hi Charles: Truly everything I wrote was for encouragement! I’m sorry if it came out any other way.

    God Bless you brother,
    In His Love

  207. Shirley said

    Charles: I meant check out the website of Voice of the Martyrs, it a world-wide ministry that supports Christians who are tortured for the Gospel. They have such a joy and love that is truly evident! I really can’t describe it, you just know when you’re living in it or see it and the evidence!!

    God Bless you mighty man of God! This will probably be my last comment, as I must go to Africa, please keep me in your prayers!

  208. Charles D. said

    God bless you during and after your trip to Africa. Travel mercies have gone up and your safe keeping is my prayer for you. God Bless and keep you. Chas

  209. Bro. John said

    Hey Charles D.
    It’s good to see that some of can get along in dialogue with one another without all of the mud slinging and naem calling. God bless you and Sister Shirley for that. AS for this Juanita Bynum and Paula White thing, I only hope that they don’t use their mistakes as paltforms for others to seek refuge and confirmation to follow suit. In love, we use the word for rebuking, teaching and correction. Hopefully they will receive some correction and go to God for guidance on what to do next. It doesn’t look very good for them right now.

    Bro. John

  210. Fran said

    I was reading all the comments concerning false teachers & doctrine, and I agree with you exposing them. God is not in that mess. You mentioned that you didn’t understand what grace really meant until you listen to a teaching of Andrew Wommack. I was tired of things in the church, and I prayed for God to teach me His truths. The Holy Spirit led me to The Gospel Truth, Andrew Wommack’s program. I’ve been studying with Andrew since 2005. While studying with Andrew, the Lord reveals Himself to me, and the revelations have been just awesome. To learn God’s Truths, one must accept that they have been taught wrong. It’s all about a williness on your part. What do you want? Relationship or religion? God’s Truths will always bring greather relationship with Him

  211. Charles D. said

    Hey Bro. John;

    Your comments are refreshing and God Bless you.

    The list gets longer of those using my Lord’s name to capture the hearts and minds of those earnestly seeking answers, but who are less traveled in their spiritual walk. What the Bynums, Weeks, Jakes, Dollar, et al are doing is both, disgraceful and repugnant. Most of these Rev? and/or “Bishops” consider their pursuit of filthy lucre as their jobs, not ministries in any shape, fashion or form. The good news is once they are fired by God they cannot get another job. Juanita has been terminated, as has “Bishop” Weeks and others of their ilk. Still others have been fired already and they just don’t know it yet.

    It is just a matter of time before these false teachers meet my God on the street where they live. God’s time table differs from my own; however, I defer to His good judgement, and it is my pray that I always will. I don’t think it is either sinful or mean spirited to take a stand, speakout or exercise rightous indignation. It is extremely fustrating watching sheep develop spiritual blinders and go after these reprobate and just refuse to see. A blind man can be forgiven and easily understood because he cannot see, however, it is a fool that refuse to see and Juanita attracts them by the ton. I look forward to dialoguing with you.

    In Christ,


  212. Charles D. said

    Hey Bro John; Hey Fran:

    Quite refreshing to have read your comments Fran. I experienced the same some years ago (I’m a fairly aged man). You will find as you walk with God that He will grant a degree of discerning wisdom as He feel you are ready to receive it. Next comes that inner peace that is hard to describe. You will find that many of life’s hard knocks just will not shake you as it might have before your walk and your relationship with God.

    My experience has been whenever I say a short prayer, asking God to illuminate my mind before reading my Bible, it absolutely amazes me the way that God’s truths sank deep into my heart. A good Bible, a willing and plyable heart and spirit will access us to information akin to (in earthly terms) a automobile user’s manual. In a manner of speaking, the Bible is to us a user’s manual, except that our warranty is eternal.

    I pray for continued growth for the both of you. In Christ,


  213. Bro. John said

    Hey Charles & Fran,

    The body of Christ is under attack right now, and has been ever since it’s birth in the book of Acts. Because of this fact, we have to take a stand against those who will try to apporach people as an angel of light preaching flasew doctrines. The bible says that the traditions of men has made the word of God of no effect. If someone is preaching or teaching things that do not line-up with scripture then we must rebuke that in the name of Jesus and pray that the Holy spirit gives us discernment and leads us into all truths. It’s one thing to listen to a preacher and upon hearing a sermon you catch something that He/She says that doesn’t exactly match your theology so you eat the meat and spit out the bones. However, it’s another thing entirely to see folks who are suppose to be spiritual leaders totally get it wrong and instead of repenting, which means to turn away not give some hap hazard aopolgy, they continue on leading people down the wrong paths. The bible says that to whom much is given, much is required, so P’s & Q’s or better yet line upon line precept upon precept is paramount!!!! I can almost (key word being almost)understand a minister missing it on detailed points outlined in the bible that have, and will probably continue to baffle theologians for centuries. But, to get it wrong on the most fundamental & basic principles is outrageous!!! We have to be very careful that about following such people who may very well be apostates in the making. And as far as these so called prophets, Bishops and Prophetess’ mis-interpreting scriptures or claiming to have received an interpretation that no-one else has, the bible is clear! There is no private interpretation of the word. But please don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. People of world are always ready to defend their postions on worldly issues, politics and the like. Where are the Christians? What are we defending and against whom?

    God bless!

  214. Fran said

    Hi Charles,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement in my growth. It’s so refreshing to conversate with other true believers that worship God in spirit and truth. It is soooo sad to see christians chasing after these leaders that teach another Jesus, yet they say they read their bibles. The bible is a manual and it does give life.

    I’m not surprised over the things that are going on in these last days because the bible speaks on these things. It just saddens me. Jesus said that His flock knows His voice, and will not follow another. Wake up people. Maybe could it be that the spirit of the Lord is not in those that teach and preach false doctrine, but the spirit of another? Just as the Lord uses a willing vessel to do His work, so does the adversary. Many are called, but few are chosen. Then you have some that are called and some just come. lol


  215. Fran said

    Hi Bro John,

    Glad to hear from you. Let me ask you a question. Why would Paula and Munsey take us back to The Day of Atonement, spoke of in the OT and demand an atonement offering? This is the second year that I’m aware of her begging for this particular offering. Her and Munsey could hardly let the other speak. They were performing like two tag team wrestlers. They pronounced all kinds of blessings if you would send in an offering. What they are doing should be very insulting to the Jews {especally non-messianic Jews}. If she tried to keep up with the law she couldn’t. It is very irretating to see stuff like this. If you follow her teachings you wouldn’t have a dime. The first of the year, she’ll ask for a first fruit offering. Do you think she understands that the OT were a type and shadow of things to come or that they are just fleecing a flock of ignorent christians. I sense the latter’


  216. Christian said

    Hello Christian Community. I do not make a habit of leaving comments, but sometimes I do. I am a Christian from a small state, southern at that that, so I may have a rather conservative view. I just want to make a few observations. First, if I were a young (in age or length of time being saved) I would be confused and unsure of my salvation. The body of Christ attacks it’s self so much. When people are already wounded, I am seeing other people who are claiming to know so much word and be so ‘right’ spiritually’, begin to attack the wounded! I do not understand that. The foundation of Christianity is love and forgiveness. This does not mean that you turn a blind eye or deaf ear to things that at obviously wrong, nor does it not mean that you never have to correct a situation, but I don’t think we should prey on a persons fault and or mistakes, quote things out of context or pass a final sentence on people or their situations, and God is the one who judges the heart. When we do all these things, we hurt innocent people, even though we do it in the name of God. There at people who’s children have come to Christ, found the strength to come out of addictions, become better mothers, fathers, become business owners, etc. by listening and putting into practice many of the principles many TV evangelist teach/preach. Then along comes someone shooting them down, even though they are not perfect. Put yourself in the position. You have an adult child or maybe a spouse who has a stronghold, addiction, low self-esteem, etc. They begin to listen to and support the TV evangelist of their choice. They receive deliverance, strength, encouragement, and will power to change. They do a complete turn around, become the husband, wife, son, daughter you knew they could be, and then, the church community starts shooting holes in the ministry that was of so much help to them. Now, your child begins to question the information that was so much help to them, even though it is in the bible. So now, they go back to being irresponsible, irreverent, etc. Should their faith and confidence be in a person, no. But reality is, it will be, at least to a degree. Now that it affects your home, you would not be happy with people ‘bashing’ those who help so many. You may not be helped by them, but that does not change the fact that so many have, and those people who have been helped are someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter and people have been praying for their deliverance. Even closer to your home, we all have relatives and friends that need salvation and a change of lifestyle. But if they hear us bashing Christian leaders, why would they want to change? We are cutting off our nose to spite our face. I believe people should practice what they preach/teach. But if they do not, it does not change the word. If you call the electrician to your house and he repairs your broken light switch, are you going to send him to hell if he has a broken light switch at home? My point is, whether he has it at home or not, as long as he handles your problem according to the manual and gives you the correct information for your situation, it is his choice to be in the dark at home! Preaching and teaching is what people have been assigned to do, not who they are. They are children of God, light of the world, righteousness of God through Jesus of course. None of the prophets in the bible were perfect. I do not think spiritual leaders should have a lifestyle of sin, but they will sin, fall short or miss the mark some time and we should not kill the wounded, in my opinion. And yes I know they are held to a higher standard by God. But if God forgive us 70 times a day, they are entitled to at least eight of nine! (smile) My opinion my not amount to much, because I am not some big name but I fell I have some good points. We are all casting our opinions on information that we do not know is correct, we were not there to take part of any of the unfortunate situations that arise in the body of Christ. But we must be careful. Our name could end up in the paper because we have so easily thrown stones. Let’s do unto others as we would want done to us, our children or our spouse. Stop picking apart everything a person says, they are subject to their personality and flavor. Sometimes we need to lighten up and not take everything so serious. Smile! Sometimes things quoted or on youtube may be a part of a joke cracked or an illustration but those putting it on may not show all of that. We don’t know! I just know as the body of Christ, children of God, saints, believers, of whatever you prefer to be called, let’s get back to the basics of love, caring and supporting one another. And yes, even with finances. If your child were to become a preacher/teacher, would you expect for those who follow them to pay them a salary, make sure their needs were met? If their congregation decides they want to go on television, and your son/daughter gets the info and makes it happen, the tv audience starts calling in for prayer, wanting information and encouragement so now your child has to hire someone to meet those needs, so they hire your other child, where will the money for their salary come from? I have never done anything like that but I have some business sense. It takes money to meet the needs of people. Just because people who criticize do not need the help does not mean that others do not want and need it. Again, for the love of our God, Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit, please stop pointing the finger at people who are not teaching against Christ. Allow them, in their sometimes imperfection, to do the best they can do. I think only those without sin should cast stones for the public to see and hear. Let’s just think about it.

  217. Christian said

    Hello Christian Community. I do not make a habit of leaving comments, but sometimes I do. I am a Christian from a small state, southern at that that, so I may have a rather conservative view. I just want to make a few observations. First, if I were a young (in age or length of time being saved) I would be confused and unsure of my salvation. The body of Christ attacks it’s self so much. When people are already wounded, I am seeing other people who are claiming to know so much word and be so ‘right’ spiritually’, begin to attack the wounded! I do not understand that. The foundation of Christianity is love and forgiveness. This does not mean that you turn a blind eye or deaf ear to things that at obviously wrong, nor does it not mean that you never have to correct a situation, but I don’t think we should prey on a persons fault and or mistakes, quote things out of context or pass a final sentence on people or their situations, and God is the one who judges the heart. When we do all these things, we hurt innocent people, even though we do it in the name of God. There at people who’s children have come to Christ, found the strength to come out of addictions, become better mothers, fathers, become business owners, etc. by listening and putting into practice many of the principles many TV evangelist teach/preach. Then along comes someone shooting them down, even though they are not perfect. Put yourself in the position. You have an adult child or maybe a spouse who has a stronghold, addiction, low self-esteem, etc. They begin to listen to and support the TV evangelist of their choice. They receive deliverance, strength, encouragement, and will power to change. They do a complete turn around, become the husband, wife, son, daughter you knew they could be, and then, the church community starts shooting holes in the ministry that was of so much help to them. Now, your child begins to question the information that was so much help to them, even though it is in the bible. So now, they go back to being irresponsible, irreverent, etc. Should their faith and confidence be in a person, no. But reality is, it will be, at least to a degree. Now that it affects your home, you would not be happy with people ‘bashing’ those who help so many. You may not be helped by them, but that does not change the fact that so many have, and those people who have been helped are someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter and people have been praying for their deliverance. Even closer to your home, we all have relatives and friends that need salvation and a change of lifestyle. But if they hear us bashing Christian leaders, why would they want to change? We are cutting off our nose to spite our face. I believe people should practice what they preach/teach. But if they do not, it does not change the word. If you call the electrician to your house and he repairs your broken light switch, are you going to send him to hell if he has a broken light switch at home? My point is, whether he has it at home or not, as long as he handles your problem according to the manual and gives you the correct information for your situation, it is his choice to be in the dark at home! Preaching and teaching is what people have been assigned to do, not who they are. They are children of God, light of the world, righteousness of God through Jesus of course. None of the prophets in the bible were perfect. I do not think spiritual leaders should have a lifestyle of sin, but they will sin, fall short or miss the mark some time and we should not kill the wounded, in my opinion. And yes I know they are held to a higher standard by God. But if God forgive us 70 times a day, they are entitled to at least eight of nine! (smile) My opinion my not amount to much, because I am not some big name but I fell I have some good points. We are all casting our opinions on information that we do not know is correct, we were not there to take part of any of the unfortunate situations that arise in the body of Christ. But we must be careful. Our name could end up in the paper because we have so easily thrown stones. Let’s do unto others as we would want done to us, our children or our spouse. Stop picking apart everything a person says, they are subject to their personality and flavor. Sometimes we need to lighten up and not take everything so serious. Smile! Sometimes things quoted or on youtube may be a part of a joke cracked or an illustration but those putting it on may not show all of that. We don’t know! I just know as the body of Christ, children of God, saints, believers, of whatever you prefer to be called, let’s get back to the basics of love, caring and supporting one another. And yes, even with finances. If your child were to become a preacher/teacher, would you expect for those who follow them to pay them a salary, make sure their needs were met? If their congregation decides they want to go on television, and your son/daughter gets the info and makes it happen, the tv audience starts calling in for prayer, wanting information and encouragement so now your child has to hire someone to meet those needs, so they hire your other child, where will the money for their salary come from? I have never done anything like that but I have some business sense. It takes money to meet the needs of people. Just because people who criticize do not need the help does not mean that others do not want and need it. Again, for the love of our God, Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit, please stop pointing the finger at people who are not teaching against Christ. Allow them, in their sometimes imperfection, to do the best they can do. I think only those without sin should cast stones for the public to see and hear. Let’s all just think about it.

  218. Christian: “I think only those without sin should cast stones” Have you read your Bible at all? If you have, then you would know the CONTEXT that Jesus Christ made that statement. Take that statement out of its CONTEXT, and Jesus Christ could not have been the Son of God, for A) He would have been every bit the apologist of and defender of sin that you are being and B) He would have been a hypocrite with incomprehensible contradictory teachings. The CONTEXT of the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is that the people attempting to stone the women A) were sinners because they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ to whom alone it was given power to forgive sin and B) while their executing her under the law was just according to the letter of the law, their motivation for doing so – to trap Jesus Christ – was sinful. Understand the historical context: while the law called for stoning of adulterers, the penalty was rarely carried out because the Jews had been ruled by the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans for hundreds of years. The pagan rulers allowed the Jews some degree of self – autonomy, but not enough to govern according to the entire Mosaic law. As a matter of fact, it was ILLEGAL for anyone that was not a Roman official to order or impose the death penalty except in extreme situations. That puts the actions of the mob that wanted to stone Paul in Acts into context: the town clerk told them that if they did such a thing without Paul having been tried and found guilty of having committed a crime according to Roman law and them punished by Roman officials, the Roman government would come and impose martial law on the city.

    So the priests knew that rather than merely carrying out the Mosaic law as normal out of a zeal for God, they were doing something exceptional solely to trick Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ called them on it. But make no mistake: adultery was still sin, and she was still and adulteress, and even though she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and He forgave her sin, it was her responsibility not to sin any longer. That is why all of you people who go about dishonoring and angering God with your “let He who is without sin cast the first stone” ignorant prattle from your rebellious hearts, changing the intent and meaning of the Bible passage and scriptures (and you know that Revelation, the Pauline epistles, and other places pronounce a curse on whoever does that), NEVER ONCE speak of “Go and sin no more.” You all just stop at “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, as if the whole story stops there or something. Well it doesn’t!

    Now I mentioned earlier A) and B). I have the right to point out the sins of others because unlike the Pharisees and LIKE the woman caught in adultery, I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior AND MY SINS ARE FORGIVEN. Are your sins forgiven? Mine are. I am not like these people out there lying on my God for money, fame, and power. They are sinners, I am not, and I have no problem saying that. Do you? If so, who has bewitched you so that you deny the grace by which you are saved? Are you someone so foolish as to leave your fate on judgment day to mere chance? Either you are saved or you are not. If you are saved, the Holy Spirit will tell you so … it will give you assurance (2 Cor. 1:22; Eph. 1:13,14).
    And also B) my motivation for calling these repulsive sinners out for what they are is not for a sinful purpose. Now please recognize that these people who dragged this woman before Jesus Christ did so in order to prove that He was a sinner and therefore not possibly the Son of God. So you do realize that by comparing me to these people with that scripture reference, it is you that accuses ME of being a blaspheming heretic that denies Jesus Christ? Did you know that, “Christian”? Of course you did not, because you have not studied the scriptures and nor have you allowed the Holy Spirit to lead you to someone that will teach you what the Bible really means.

    Well you go on following some false jesus that tells people that adultery (whether physical or SPIRITUAL) is OK, and that it is the people that oppose adultery that are the real sinners because they are – gasp! – JUDGING. See where that gets you. I hope you like it hot, but you won’t need sunscreen, because the funny thing about the hellfire of Gehenna: it does not produce light! Jesus Christ is the light of the world, and there will be no Jesus in the lake of fire. So you folks that are so self – righteous that you accuse the very people who are only seeking the purity and holiness in the Body of Christ that the Bible commands us to have heretics will be searing hot in complete, total, and utter darkness. Wherefore, those of us that have been emboldened by the Holy Spirit to preach the real gospel from true understanding of the scriptures … well let us just say that for US there will be plenty of bright shining light from our TRUE SAVIOR but it will be NOWHERE NEAR AS HOT!

  219. Fran said

    1st If I were young {in age or lenght of time being saved} and sat under teachers that taugth line upon line, precept upon precept, I’m more than sure that I wouldn’t be confused about my salvation.
    2nd If I were young {in age or lenght of time in being saved} and sat under teachers that taught lies, things that didn’t line up with scripture, or was so twisted that you’d thing that you were in the wrong bilble, then it’s possible that I might be confused about my salvation due to the fact of being taught wrong doctrine.
    My point is that, if false prophets, doctrines, teachings aren’t exposed, then new converts would be just as ignorent as the ones that have been sitting on the pews for twenty or thirty years, not having a clue that another gospel, another Jesus is being fed to them. then turn around and come back next week for more, and maybe all througout the week depending on how religous they
    Fist seek the kingdom of rightousness and all things will be added unto you. I’ve never read to first buy that wolf in sheeps clothing a mansion, a jet, a bently, designer suits, and then I’do all that you have done for that wolf for Sometimes you have to laught to keep from crying because it’s soooo sad. How could some people be so stupid and still breath.{this statement is in no means directed towards you.}
    Why do people follow these that pimp the church anyway?? Is it ignorance or is their motive for material gain the same as the wovles.Those that are pimping the sheep know that it’s a business. It’s not a ministry. Call it what it is. Keep it simple, it’s not complicated.
    God has and is raising up teachers, that don’t need a title, a big name or nothing else, but are willing to teach and share the only gosple of Yeshua. Those that hunger and thirst will be filled.

    Love You

  220. Bro John said

    To my sister in Christ Fran, healtheland, Bros. Charles, Christian and the like:
    I am so glad that we are having this discussion concerning the body of Christ. I read your comments and was pleased with most of them. My brother Christian, I would first like to address your concern with “the Body of christ attacking itself”. Please take my statements in love. You mentioned some of us preying on the mistakes of other christians who, like us, are not perfect. While none of us are perfect, we are made perfect through Christ. Having said that, I find it hard to beleive that if someone is claiming to be in christ and falls short in some way shape form or fashion and instead of admitting their mistakes, they try to justify them and ignore what God has to say on the matter. Put it this way, what if a policeman while on duty takes a drink or two and gets in his patrol car and becuase he is intoxicated runs several red lights while speeding down the streets and crashes into a convenient store and kills an inocent little girl? Afterwards he holds a press conference and apologizes to the public and says that no one is perfect and because of his imperfection he is immediately returned back to duty without suspension or any other administrative action agamist him? My point is this, the bible says that Godly sorrow leads to repentance. Alot of today’s preachers are “making mistakes” without any true repentance only to continue on commiting the same sins and leading others down that same dark path. I wish we had more time to dig in to this but we don’t. Jesus is coming soon and then and only then will everything be made right again,
    maranatha soon!

  221. Charles D. said

    Fran, I enjoyed the patience you exhibted in your comments to “Christian.” I’m not sure that “Christian” will follow your points (which were excellently made by the way).
    Unless “Christain” just happened to stumble upon this site and thought he would get a rise out of some unsuspecting Christians, then, he should first re-read his idiotic, illogical, and purile utterences. If I thought he was serious, I would at least try to point, not lead him, in another direction; but given his doctrinal errors, misquoting of scripture, and illogical thinking, he is a remarkable walking example of a public relations guy for the Bynums, Jakes, Weeks, Dollars, et al.

    First he’s not getting away with referring to himself as “conservative in his views” that was the second lie. Then, he was all down hill from there. Responding to his ravings in no particular order: He seems to think that pastoring is an avocation that one pursue for money, other riches, and material gain. Hmmmmmmm that sounds familiar to me. Then his comments about out expectations for his/our children if they “were to become a preacher/teacher.” Now, his example about the electrician restoring his client lights, while living in darkness in his own home borders on lunicy and is extremely telling for more reasons than one; the least of which is “you will know them by the fruit that they bear.” Then, there are his (the way he uses them) his weasel words like “wounded” and “deliverance” I challenge Christian right here and right now to name a single TV evangelist that has led anyone out of addiction, poverty or and have become better mothers, fathers, and business owners by putting into practice “many of the principles of TV evangelist.” Can he name a single principle used by a single principle? I don’t think so.

    Money and materialality is a common threadt throughout his writings. “It takes money to help people” and where will the money your second child salary come from?” His comment about true Christians cutting off his nose to spite his face; should be better stated as cutting a cancerous element from the body of Christ, or pruning an olive branch so it might produce more and better fruit, or killing a useless fig tree that produced no fruit at all; rather it occupied space and good soil that could be put to better use by a productive vine or tree. His comments that “Sometimes we need to lighten up and not take everything so serious. Smile.” Does he not know that he is in a life or death struggle for his very soul? Apparently not, but it is truly sad that he seems to be perfectly willing to just roll over and play dead.


  222. Charles said

    I continue to admire my brothers and sisters in Christ; especially, Fran and Bro. John but not them only. From time to time I do come across comments that I think are not serious, then, I refuse to suffer a fool for the following reasons: 1) time could better be spent helping someone(s) who are really serious and 2) sometime I discern someone who has (for the lack of a better description) practically sold his soul to evil already and such a person, if he could, would not hesitate to create confusion and otherwise wreak havoc. I certainly am far from perfect, that’s just not a claim I am willing to make; nor am I in a position to speak to anyone else’s relationship with God and Christ my savior. Spiritual presumptuousness is a very dangerous thing. That said, we as Christians have a responsibility, in deed, a command to spread the gospel, identify false witnesses, false teachers, and any other entity that claim they are coming in the name of Christ but they aren’t really. That one of many reasons that when I encounter Christians that are willing to share the gospel, communicate God’s truths to other’s, warn others, Fran, Healtheland, Bro John, and Shirley, among others, such voices are both needed and spiritually refreshing. Life is not a game and time is too short not to take it seriously.

    Yours in Christ

  223. Bro. John said

    I could not have said it better myself. Well said my brother. You’re right about the need for voices speaking and proclaiming truth in the name of Jesus. There is only one Holy Spirit. Every and any other spirit is of the devil and should be rebuked on the spot. Listen, when I speak out against people who I believe are spreading false teachings and doctrines, it’s not the person that I’m against but the spirit under which they operate. Jesus loved his diciples, but when they got out of line he was very clear and directg in dealing with them. I believe it was Peter who questioned Jesus’ teaching or fortelling of a spiritual truth and Jesus very curtly said “Get thee behind me satan. Now was he calling his diciple the devil? No of course not. But at the time Peter was heeding to a seducing spirit that was not of God. So Jesus called him out accordingly. Are not called to be Christ like? Look I’m not professing to be all wise or all knowing. This ehy I depend on the Holy Spirit to guide my feet and direct my steps. He will lead me into all truths not I, but God who lives in me. My prayer is that I decrease o that He might increase. God can not increase in my life if I’m constantly getting in the way. The bible syas that if any man lacks wisdom let him ask and it shall be given unto him. So I urge peoplr like Christian and others who are searching for answers to earnestly seek God concerning his word. I pray that this message will edify someone as my desire is to try and fulfill the great comission given to all of us by our Father which is in heaven and that is to go ye into all the world and preach the gospel. Sis. Fran, Charles, Healtheland, Christian and others keep fighting the good fight.

    In faith,
    Bro. John

  224. Fran said


    I love it when those like yourself,Healthland,Bro John, stand up and address those unclean and evil spirits that are operating in the lives of christians and non-christians.{ I’m not leaving anyone out intentionally, I haven’t been logged into this site long enought to regonize others.}Jesus didn’t play around with them either.

    I believe in my heart that I didn’t just stumble across this website like some have said. The first site that I really became interested in was Bro. John’s. Then I was led to here.I know that it was not by accident or a coincedent that I’m here. I thank God, praise Him, and give Him all the glory for allowing me to fellowship with you true believers, and to grow,share,and learn more of His truths.

    I think that when we’re not grounded and rooted in the word, the adversary comes and steals what little word you thought you knew. What I’m trying to say to all the chritians out there is to study for yourslf. Hook up with Godly counsel. Stop thinking that just because you’ve been going to this church since you were a child this is where the Lord wants me to be. The Lord has moved me twice since being saved. He took me out of one church to save me.I would never be where I am today if I had not obeyed the Lord.He knows just what you need and it is not by accident.I grew up in the church all my life. Song in the choir as a child. Song all the solos. Scarred of taking communion as a teenager because of what I had been taught. Left the church, went out into the world,looking for whatever. I can’t even tell you what I was looking for other than the bright lites and the glamour of it all. lol. Well if you’ve ever been there you know that you find all the wrong things without Jesus as the head of your life. For Jesus is life and gives life.I thank God for drawing me back to Him.

    Folks,study. You know my work allows me to be home 2,3 days at a time. I have no excuse not to study. I turn off the tv and study. Take the ringer off the phone cause you know satan is gonna come a ringin.Don’t breeze through the word like you’re in a drive thru line. Search the scriptures for other scripture that are relevant to what you’re reading. As they say get the big picture. The culture,timeline,who’s speaking etc.,who is being spoken to,what caused them to have to be addressed. I’m not trying to teach anybody anything, I’m just sharing some of tools that I have learned.

    Only by the grace of God am I able to discern some of the woles out there and still some get by. It’s not like I go looking for them , but everytime you turn on the tv and there is somebody plastered all over your tv set,begging for money,pronoucing blessings for money,you know you can’t buy a blessing from God, then on top of that try to make you think that you can buy money with money. Send that hundred dollar bill that you were going to pay your light bill and you will get back a 30,60,100 Then when you point out these money hungry, fleecing wovles, people get mad at you, try to defend them, and become more ludicris than the wolf. Maybe they want you to make a list of all the evil unclean spirits operating out there in tv land or the churches and let them figure it out.

    Why would anybody pay hundreds of dollars for an airplane ticket to go these clowns conference, and they get on their private jet, that you helped buy and they won’t even give you a ride. You already sent in your money to be able to walk through the door, and then they pass the buckets or plates around 5 times, and then ask for love offererings for every speaker,promote their tapes,cd’s,and dvd’s,because they know that some of you haven”t graduated from audio casscet tapes,please don’t break a heel or trip running to put more money in their pockets. Now all that said, they get on their private jet, fly back home, within an hour or so, they are sitting back, feet up, chilling while you spend hours in some airport trying to get home. When you get home you’re all fired up, calling friends, telling them that this one and that one was there. You’re really not sure what they preached on. It was all new. Never heard nobody preach like that. Jakes start a sentence and let you finish it. You finish the sentence with whatever you want to hear, whatever makes you feel good. He’good at that you know. Creflo tell you that you’re a little god {bad seed there} then you eating off of all these plates, full as a tick. FULL OF LIES AND DECIET. Not thinking about the fact that you are out of about $1,000.00+, and you just helped fuel that jet for the next flight. Now for the sad part. Lord you know that morgage is past due, I’m 2 payments behind in my car note. Now you know you gave me that car. I can’t loose my home or my car.{I do know that people fall on hard times}
    You begging God worst than the wolves begged you. Whose kingdom do you really think you were helping to advance. Don’t get mad, recgonize the madness for what it is and stop it.

    Once again I thank God for hooking me up with this site. Thank you fellows for your encouragement in my growth. I know it is by God’s devine Holy Spirit,not only to conversate, but to grow in His truths as I read comments of those that are true believers. You know how you know that you know. How your spirit recognize the same spirit that is livng in you{others} I believe that you know what I’m trying to say.

    God bless
    Love you

    I am not as mature in the word as some of you.Have patience with me and thanks for all the encouragment in Yeshua our Lord and Savior. I haven’t arrive where I’m going but Inot where I use to be. The Lord has surely brung me out of Bablyon.

  225. Bro. John said

    Hey Fran,

    About Paula White and Munsey’s Attonment offering ritual, this is what I know. God tells us in his word to give and it shall be given unto you pressed down, shaken together and running over will men give unto your bossom. As for attonment, we can not atone for our sins any more, this is why Jesus came so that our sins may be washed away in his blood, not covered up! Attonment is a process used in the old testament before Christ came to cover up their sins. Jesus has come and conquered sin and death and totally eradicated the need for attonements. Listen, I can’t speak intelligently on what Paula and Munsey are doing or requiring of people during this offering session but I do know this, the bible says that where your treasure is, so will your heart be also. So, with that, if a man/woman’s treasure is tied up in their money, then that is where the bulk of their concentration and focus in life will be. The same with a job, a spouse a hobby ect.. Ministers are constantly getting themselves into trouble by forcing or tricking people into giving for the sake of giving to serve some other hidden purpose. That sounds like some strange tradition that Paula and Munsey have come up with and again the bible is clear on that point as well. It says that the traditions of man has made the word of God of no affect. It’s good to know that you do read your bible and are studying to show yourself approved unto God, a workman who need not be ashamed rightly diving the word of truth. Keep pressing towards the mark my sister and continue to pray, for the bible tells us that the prayers of a righteous man availeth much!!!

    In faith
    Bro. John

  226. Bro. John said

    Hey Fran,

    I read your last comment and what a wonderful testimony it was. The Lord is trluy working in your life. And as for your maturity level, please! The bible is clear, Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God, and because your are faithful in reading your bible and I believe attending a good sound doctrinal local church you can’t help but become mature in the word. While I was reading your comments I felt the need in my spirit to connect with you Fran. Without sounding trite or like some televagelist, God has truly called you out for such a time as this. We are the church! The called out ones! So, people like Fran and Charles who are seeking God’s face every day praying and studying to fullfill His will not your own. The more word we put into our spirit the more we can be used of God to help edify and lead people to Christ. Praise God from on high! What a blessing it is to know that you have spiritual family members proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ!!! I remain encouraged and renewed in my faith. My prayer for you Fran, Charles and myself is this: Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. What a blessing! Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. I’m only 36 years old and while some of the contemporary gospel music is o.k. I favor the older hymns instead. He touched me, oh he touched me…There’s just something about those older hymns that speak to my spirit. I cry every time I hear some of those songs. God is so wonderful and even more wonderful he is to introduce me to you his children, true worshipers of the one true living God. I’m so greatful and glad to be in agreeement with all of you Fran and Charles. I pray that God continues to Heal our Land! “no pun intended”

    In faith
    Bro. John

  227. Fran said

    Hi Bro John

    Thanks for getting back with me on the Paula and Munsey ritual. Your prayer for us is a prayer that I began confessing when the Lord began to do a work in me. I endured prejudice ,jealousy,and more at this church, but I knew that the Lord had placed me there. It was a mixed congregation, maybe about 10 blacks, then mostly Italians and whites. Now the pastor was truely an anoited man of God. A lot of the congregation depised me. They could not understand for the life of them how the Lord could use me in their little circle,and some of them had been there since the church had been built. The enemy did everything he could to stop me and used whomever he could to get me to doubt how the Lord was using me in this church. God had given me a spiritual mentor there. It was a little old lady that was old enough to be my mother. Mind you, I have a married son and 3 grandchildren. So there you know I’m mid-aged. Anyway a close associate of mine gave her life to the Lord, and she had suffered from diabetes years before I had ever known her. Well I had never known how you know when the anoiting of the Lord was on you. My mentor prayed with me asked the Lord to impart the same anointing that was operating in her life on me. Well I didn’t take it serious. Went and got in my car, starting driving home. Now this close associate of mines was in the hospital suffering from a diabetic attack. I knew nothing about diabetes, but she had told me to bring her some candy when I come to visit her. Not knowing, I took her a big bag of candy. On my way home from church, my left hand, fingers, and all the way up to my elbow became numb and felt like I had touched an open circuit or something. Wow, you talking about being scarred, I can’t explain in words how frighten I was. I had to drive home with my arm in my lap. I had told my friend that I’d be there around 3 o’clock. My mentor had told me to lay hands on my friend. Well as you know I was very skeptical about doing this. So I cooked me something to eat using one hand. As the time passed, this hand and arm thing began to ease up, but only a little bit at a time. By the time I went to the hospital of course I had shrugged it all off. I got there a little early. I told her everything that happened. Sure enough, the phone starts to ringing. Her exhusband calling with a bunch of nonsense. 2 mintutes to 3, I began to experience the exact thing that happened on the way home from church. I jokingly told her that she was going to miss her blessing if she didn’t get off the phone. We laughed. She hung up the phone. I was led to take her hand and the Holy Spirit spoke through me and yes God did heal her. She instantly beleived that she was healed and she thanked and praised the Lord for her healing and said that she knew that she would be going home tomorrow. The next morning the nurse came in around 5 or 6 , checked her vitals, ran out the room getting the doctor on staff, he ran out the room and got 2 more doctors. They gave her juice and sugar trying to raise her sugar level, but they couldn’t. Finally she figured out what the big fuss was about. They thought that she should be in a diabetic comma. She told them that the Lord had healed her when her friend had came to visit her. Well she was discharged later that day. The 3 doctors could not believe what had happen. She went back to her own doctor. He took her off of the insulin and asked her to come back periodically to be checked. Well I told my mentor, not knowing any better,not knowing about praise reports, I kept quiet, but she gave the praise report at bible study.Well you ought to know, how could God go there with this new member. Well the Lord continued to to heal some of them, added a couple years to a man that the doctors gave up to death. His wife was so prejudice, that it was scarry being in the hospital room with her. I stayed their for four years before the Lord moved me. I was truely blessed and was able to be a blessing to others. Before I left, the haters were gone, and the congregation had changed. A lot of new members, even families from Nigeria. Before I left, the missions had changed and they were sending missions to Nigeria. I beleive in my heart the move was to allow me to grow more. I believe that the paster’s assignment was to bring babes into the fold. Well gotta go. I love sharing the things that the Lord has done, is doing, and will do in our lives. Thanks for allowing me to share.

    Peace and Grace

  228. Bro. John said

    Hey Fran,

    That was an incredible testimony concerning the healing power of our Lord and savior. By his stripes, we are healed Isiah 53! Thanks for sharing such a moving testimony. I too am a member of a very diverse congregation. I attend a pentacostal fellowship and have learned quite a bit there. I have to admit, before joining this church, my wife and I have always attended services that were mostly african American. This is the first time that I’ve ever sat under a white minister before. I am an active duty member of the Air Force stationed at Seymour Johnson AB in Goldsboro North Carolina. We moved here in 2002. I defintely know now that God has strategically placed us here for a purpose. In the beginning, it took us a while to become acustomed to the different style of worship music and preaching. But now, it’s been 3 years and we’ve been heavily involved in the church. My wife teaches Sunday school and sings in the choir and I play the drums along with the worship team and serve as one of the deacons at our church. Don’t ask me how that whole deacon thing came about. For some crazy reason God placed it on the Pastor’s heart to ask me to serve. I was taken back and very surprised. It was and still is a humbling experience for me. God has been stirring my heart lately by giving me several dreams where I would wake up afterwards at about 5:45 in the AM crying and celebrating. One day I’ll have to share some of those dreams with you guys. As for now, please stay encouraged and remember that God loves you tremendously.

    In faith
    Bro. John

  229. Charles D. said

    WOW! You both have powerful testimonies going on to which I can relate. Through my spiritual eyes, I was actually seeing through to the end before I had completed Fran’s testimony about the congregation at her former church. Bro John there are some commonalities in our experiences. I was raised at Fort Bragg, so Pope at Bragg and Seymour in Goldsboro are very fami;iar to me and I could visualize your experiences as I read. Both of you keep the faith and the good works. Since I have to leave for work in a few I will have to make this short; however, in the coming days I will share some testimonies with you as well.
    What I will say right now is that during the period of your experiences (for sure) and right now (I believe), each of you were God’s annointeds. One lesson that I did not learn without cost is that DON’T MESS WITH GOD ANNOINTED!” SERIOUSLY! DON’T DO IT!” You both were protected during those times even when you might not have recognized it. No matter of weapon formed against you could have prospered.

    For similar reasons, my hero of the Bible is David and that was not always the case. At first, through my worldly eyes I thought: how could an adultry-driven man be a friend to a perfect God? After learning my lesson and getting my comeupance; after reading how much respect David had for God. How he repeatedly refused to kill King Saul after Saul tried to repeatedly kill David (because he was God’s annointed), and the loving relationship between David and Jonathan, I came to engender warmer feelings about David. Topping all of that off was reading about the hundred of years, inspite of the fact of the Nations’ sin, when God blessed a King he would say through the prophets words to the effect that “I am doing this for my own and my servant David’s sake!” this went on hundred of years after David slept with his fathers. Wow, if God loved David that much, who am I to foolish try to approximate David’s spiritual worht. In these days, especially, don’t mess with God’s annointed. With that said, yes, it is open season on those who would falsely come in sheep clothing in order to capitalize on what is intended for for God’s truly annointed. The Holy Spirit will enable you to discern as long as we stay in the Word and allow the Spirit to endwell in us. Love you guys and constantly pray for you and us all.

    In Christ,


  230. Bro. John said

    Hey Charles,

    David huh? He does have a poweful story. I’m praying that God continues to use you mightly in the kingdom. There’s nothing more refreshing than meeting true christians who are dedicated to furthering God’s great kingdom. You know, all of this talk about Juanita Bynum’s authenticity, Paula White’s recent decison as well as other preachers out there who may cause people to question, I’m reminded of a scripture in the bible where it talks about the Wheat and the tears. As you know, wheat is good and when it grows in the fields, when the wind blows it will bend with the wind symbolyzing humility. (a character trait of Jesus i.e. The KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS riding in on psalm Sunday on a Donkey instead of some great majestic animal) A tear, however, will try to mimick the wheat in it’s appearnce even plant itself right along side the wheat so not to be noticed. But when the wind blows, the tear will not bend with the wind. It in fact will stand straight up in its stubborness not to be moved.( characteristic of satan the father of lies who can not create anything only copies) So, we may have these tears planted around us in our christian lives but the bible is clear, let them grow up together. I don’t know about you guys, but I can sure spot a few tears in my congregation. You said it best in an earlier message Charles, you will know a tree by its fruit. The fruit (not fruits plural as many people have mistakenly recited) of the spirit is love, peace, joy, long suffering ect..While I’m not saying that to be a “prefect christian” (which by the way there is no such animal) you have to have mastered all of these traits all at the same time. What I am saying though, is how can someone claim to be of God and not exhibit not one or any of these traits that are characteristic of the spirit of God? It’s not hard at all to spot em’. Pay attention to the language and mannerisms of these tears. They’re everywhere!

    In faith,
    Bro. John

  231. Charles D. said

    I am encouraged by yours and Fran’s faith and understanding of what we all are up against. My prayers include all of our continuing growth in the Spirit and pursuit of His will for our lives, and that we do it.

    Regarding False teachers”
    When Creflo Dollar first appeared on the scene via television, he was markedly different than the one you see today, in both, appearance and stature. He did not have a single suit to wear before the cameras and he had not been taught the smooth ways of appearing before television cameras. Then he ran into Kenneth Copeland. You do know that Copeland owns everything that Creflo has, right? Copeland is an ex-pilot from Texas that had/have a TV program, started out on small VHF/UHF stations in small rural towns. He enticed listeners to send in donations until he secured enough money to invest in several unknown/unheard of “preachers” I believe as investments to reach those people that he (Copeland) could not reach.

    I missed about 2 years of watching or should I say tracking false preachers, then, next thing I knw, Creflo had a suit, new shoes, cleaned himself up, and he did mimick Copeland, appeared on Copelands program for the longest time. More contributions from unsuspecting sheep and Creflo graduated to his “own” TV Program, however, still executive produced by the Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Several of my friends in the ministry started pointing out to me where Creflo would depart from sound doctrine and gravitated more and more towards the “God wants you to be a millionaire, like me” type doctrine. Since that time I have never listened to the man or watched him on TV. I am sure that Copeland is still the power behind Creflo throne.

    Do you know how T.D. Jakes landed in Texas? Running from the police. He is originally from West Virginia and led a life of jitterbugging, spousal abuse, and known for frequenting “juke joints,” processed hair and all. The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story about Jakes in late 2000/2001. If the things WSJ said about him were untrue, Jakes would have sued. He did not because he did not want to attract the attention. There is much more in his background, but, this is not to say that a man cannot change. But if he has changed, he sure chose a very poor way to thank God for his deliverance. Won’t go into all of the Dallas Cowboys he attracted with indication that he would ordain a few. The list reads like Dion Sanders, Michael Irving, and a few other atheltes that thought J.D. could make them all “preachers” and in return they DID pay.

    I am truly grateful for having met you and Fran here. Oh yeah, my testimony will come either today or over the weekend; it is fairly lengthy. My brother and Sister in Christ, hold fast onto what you have right now and don’t loose it. Build on it and just watch God’s word maniest in your lives.

    You’d be amazed to know how much you help and strengthen me.

    In Christ

  232. Fran said

    Hi Charles,

    It is so wonderful to know that you, Bro John,and others alike, wake up every morning inhaling a fresh breath of LIFE into our hearts. You know God fills us with His Divine Holy Spirit, come in and dwells in us as we dwell in Him,then we sometimes want to shut doors in our lives, instead of welcoming Him into every room that is in us. There are things in our hearts that we don’t have a clue that need fixing. Things that happened that we don’t even remember. Wounds and battle scars that we thought we were gone.Things spoken over us when we were children,failed things in our lives,mental abuses, physical abuses etc.He will heal our land. We must be willing to let Him operperate in us as He see fit. We must turn our lives over to Jesus, for we can do nothing without Him.

    David’s life is a good study. A man that sought afer God’s own heart. All throughout David’s reign,God protected the nation of Isreal, just because of David. It’ so must to learn from David as an example to how we should live. Did he have imperfections?Yes, just like we have today. David would always repent,never made excuses as to why he sinned,and never put the blame for his sins on others as Saul did. Saul always put the blame on the people when he would disobey God. Saul was God”s choice,but look what his disobedience brougth him. Disobedience will always take you down. Take Jonah for instance. He didn’t want to obey God because he thought that it would not do the people of Ninevah any good to go and declare the word of God.
    So Jonah went “down” to Tarshish,which is in the opposit direction,went “down” in the boat to sleep,the men threw him “down” in the sea,then “down into the belly of the whale that God had prepared for him. You know the rest once Jonah repented. I’m not going to mention the significance of 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the whale and it’s relevancy back in NT when Jesus rebuked the people about always wanting a sign. Point being where sin will take you.

    You know Charles,all the Jakes,Copelands,Creflos,and don’t forget about “the money cometh man”,can’t think of his name right now,they remind me of Simon the sorcerer, whom had bewitched the people many year with his sorcery,then Phillip shows up on the scene and began preaching things pertaining to the kingdom of God{power in the true word of God}Simon believes,is baptised, saw the miracles and signs,now he wants to buy the Holy Ghost after seeing hands laid on the apostles.{Acts 8:9-25} This is a clear example of how one’s nature hasn’t changed, so they revert back to the same nature that was in them in the first place and we know that we were all born with a sin nature. Could it be that it was never truely a conversion that took place in their heart?? I’m really asking you a question here,am looking for an answer from ya.
    Over in 2 Peter around that second chapter and 3rd verse,Peter is talking to the Jews that have come to beleive that Jesus is the messiah,and explains that the false teachers will make merchadise out of you. In Pauls teachings,he talks to the gentiles. He talks to the Galations over in the book of Galations about who has bewitched them after hearing the gospel of Jesus the Christ. So we can only expose the wolves for what they are and if people won’t take the time to study or think for themselves,then just maybe they didn’t have a true conversion. I hesitated in saying that last statement,because I’m not sure,but I was led to say it. It would seem that if the Holy Spirit is living in you,that the the light bulb would come on sooner or later. I pray that later will come for those that are being merchandised,and did experience true conversion in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    One of my favorites in the OT was Elijah,during the time of Ahab and his wife Jezebel. To me it depicts a lot of what is going in the world today especially when it comes to the lieing prophets. I love how Elijah opposed the standards of the people accepting the beliefs of many gods. He was uncompromising and did the things that God instucted him to do. He could care less about how the people of that day felt. If God said do it,it was done. If God said speak it,it was spoken. He didn’t care what Ahab thought. Plus Ahab put together a center of Baal worship in Samaria of course being influenced by Jezabel. Right today that spirit of Jezabel is living in our homesand churches. You know Jezabel was really the king, Abhab just had the title. Elijah was about his Father’s business. There are so many things to learn when we get into the OT that should have an empact on how we live in our time.Elijah trusted and believed on God. He knew who his source was,he knew who supplied his provisions,and for the most part,he took himself out of things and was willing for God to work through him. God hated idolatry. It’s just too much to talk about. I’d rather read the OT anyday compared to sitting and reading a novel.

    Excuse any misspelled words and other mistakes. You know when you stop thinking and go with the flow of it all, you just let it flow. Your hands become like a ready pen.

    Much Love

  233. Fran said

    Hi Bro John

    Peace and Grace. I am excited about how the Lord is using both you and your wife in the ministry. I know that you’re being used on the job,in the community and wherever else God wants to use you. You know our life style is one of our biggest testimonies we could ever exhibit. You never know who’s watching and we’ll never know how many lives we have toughed by just simply using the word to live our lives.

    I’ve never been to Goldsboro, but I’ve come pretty close. I’ve been to Burlington,Durham,and Raleigh. I was raised in Detroit,Michigan. Lived here all my life. Have been driving charter coaches for the last 8yrs. God is good! I get to travel, see the world,and get paid for it. Don’t get me wrong,it is work.Remind one day to tell you about that Burlington trip. You would think that satan and all of his army were sitting on the back seats on the coach. It could have been the trip from hell if not the Lord and all His ministering angels had not been with me. I could write a book of testimonies to the glory of God and I thank God for every single one.

    I am very interested in your dream{s}. I love hearing what the Lord is doing in others lives. God is soooo awesome. To allow us to fellowship in different states. Having the feeling of knowing that our spirits are connecting with like spirits, that is to say the Spirit of the Lord that dwells in the true believers.

    You know that’s another reason why the false teachers and prophets know each other so well. Because of that familar spirit that is in them. They do not want to hang out with those that process the Spirit of the Lord. The demons trembled at the sight of Jesus. They didn’t want to be casted out of the bodies that they process. Remember when they begged Jesus to allow them to go into the swine? Even the swine didn’t want the demons in them . What about 3,000 of them.The swine ran and dove into the water and drowned.I’m speaking about when Jesus delivered Legion from his demons. The one that the people called a lunatic. Thoses villagers were hot with Jesus. Those clowns were thinking about there money when those pigs went in that water and Just like in our day,it is about the M-O-N-E-Y. Don’t blow my scam ,don’t expose me and I’ll teach you how to get rich. It’s enough dumb sheep out here for all of us.

    Well John, Iwas glad to hear from you. Looking forward to hearing from you and others always. Be encouraged, stay strong in the Lord.

    More Love

  234. Charles D. said

    My Dear Sister in Christ Fran and my Brother John.

    I know you both are doing well spiritually, I can discern many things from your comments. More often than not, I address my comment to both you and my Brother John and this is no exception. I love you both, I pray for you both, and for whatever reason, I the Spirit has developed within me an emotional bond toward you both. I’m not too lazy to comment to you separately, rather, I find a commonality in my feelings for you both, consider you both family, so it is normal for me to “circle the wagons” and I know that so long as my family is in that circle, that everything is alright. Also, “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst” that way, our prayers that we each remain watchful, sown tightly to the Holy Spirit, above all have right motives, then, we (through the Spirit) can withstand any manner of evil that comes at us because we are already delivered through His grace and by His blood.

    Fran your last comment enlightened me on several levels and I thank God for you. None of us knows everything about God’s word and He purposely insiped His Word to be so. Remember Cor. 1:27 “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world. Men whom the world would call foolish, with a gospel that it called foolishness; yet these confounded the wise and upturned the world’s philosophies” Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible at 1:26-31 says “God did not choose philosophers, nor orators, nor statesmen, nor men of wealth, and power, and interest in the world, to publish the gospel of grace and peace. He best judges what men and what measures serve the purposes of his glory. Though not many noble are usually called by Divine grace, there have been some such in every age, who have not been ashamed of the gospel of Christ; and persons of every rank stand in need of pardoning grace. Often, a humble Christian, though poor as to this world, has more true knowledge of the gospel.” Often times, God will take the simplest of small verses to confuse the “smartest (in their own minds) the Jakes, Copelands, Bennie Hinns, Creflos, Weeks, Crouches, Monroes, and Bynums of this world and it’s those very words/verses that trips them up and exposes them for what they really are and are after.
    You enlightened me about the significance of the 3 days and 3 nights as pertains to Jonah. I have always known that the number 3 had spiritual significance, e.g., the deviltried to very unsucessfully tempt Christ 3 times, and I am not sure at this moment because I have not refreshed my mind so don’t hold me to this; but I think Christ spent 3 days and night preaching the gospel to OT Saints who had died; so they could come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ so they too, along with every man that was ever born would be afforded eternal salvation. because without Christ, no man can be saved. I can expound on this in later comments should you have questions.
    You are most definitly right that that we are ALL born into sin. Not only that but when sin entered the world, it affected everything including the world itself. Hence the abnormal phenomina such as earthquakes, devistating storms, and natural disasters. It is nothing more than the earth hiccuping and groaning for it’s natural state in which God had created it (for lack of a better description). But one day God will destroy the sinful state of everything sinful and re-create it, our tears, sickness, disease, and everything sinful and imperfect into the beautiful and perfect which He intends for it and us to be.

    The common thread between Jakes, Copelands, Bennie Hinns, Creflos, Weeks, Crouches, Monroes, and Bynums is that they each are [grossly under educated]. You will find the same thing with those supporters of theirs that comes to this blog and defend them. I don’t say this in a bad or mean way or to thump my own chest in a houghty manner. This is just the truth as I have discerned it to be. Many of these supporters have already fallen into idolatry and serve money instead of God and are attracted to the shiny images of these charitans because these wolves in sheep clothing represents what these supporters craves, wants, and desire to obtain. Many feels that if they cannot have the glitter for themselves, then they will live their fantasies through the life of these wolves, their false ministries because most are too lazy to read and study the Bible for themselves, so they take the words of these silver-tongued devils thinking that “anyone with that much money just cannot lie and feeling that the money these wolves have cheated from unsuspecting followers are the results of blessings from God. This is the same as the friends of Job thinking that Jobs tragedies must have befell him (Job) because some sin(s) he must have committed. Or, as the Pharisees asking which of the blind man parents had sinned resulting in his being borned blind; to which Christ replied that neither parent had sinned. Unfortunately, the Jakes, Copelands, Bennie Hinns, Creflos, Weeks, Crouches, Monroes, and Bynums will always have a mass of under-educated pool from which to draw new followers. Jakes, Copelands, Bennie Hinns, Creflos, Weeks, Crouches, Monroes, and Bynums sound smart and fairly articulate because with the money they steal, they will always hire people to write for them. There are so many physical and mental characteristics in each of them that points to the fact that they are not of God. BUT! They as well as their followers will continue to have a spiritual veil over their eyes and mind because God has already given them over to a reprobate mind.

    In early society, familiar spirits, sorcery, and soothsayers were interwoven and recognized just as you described it in your comments. Interesting you mentioned Simon and the fact that he wanted to be able to do the works he saw done by the apostles even if he had to buy it but one of his motives was so that he could make even more money. This is the very same thing that the latter day Jakes, Copelands, Bennie Hinns, Creflos, Weeks, Crouches, Monroes, and Bynums of this world is doing and for the very same reasons.

    To answer your question about their conversion: it is hard to say whether any or all of them were ever converted. Some or all of them could have been and have backslid, fell into a state of apostacy, that is a turning away from Jesus Christ; this is very possible and happens everyday for sundry reasons. But we have an affirmative duty to fight for God’s truth as state in the single chapter of Jude1 and for more on apostacy see verses 17-25. God gave us free moral agency to accept or reject Him. And although the Holy Spirit dwells in our heart; we are warned against against grieving the Holy Spirit as in Eph 4:30 ‘Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.’ Grieving the Holy Spirit means inflicting with deep sorrow, e.g., Vs 29-31 ‘Let no unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth, but only such a word that is good for edification according to the need at the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.

    In its context the Holy Spirit can be grieved when we return to those things from which we should have been set free. All of these things such as bitterness, wrath and anger etc can grieve the Holy Spirit because they deny what has happened to us in being born again.

    Vs 32 ‘Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.’
    This is how it is meant to work: Remember what God has (past tense) done for you. Taking into account all that has been freely forgiven you by God, how can we not then find forgiveness for others? If we were conscious of our own sin and the awesome grace that has been extended to us, how can we remain bitter and angry with other people? The order under grace is that you have been forgiven, so forgive others. The order under law is forgive others so that you can be forgiven. That’s why I said that it grieves the Holy Spirit when we hold onto bitterness and malice because it is a denial of that which God has already done for us, and the great grace we have already received. Also, we should not Quench the Holy Spirit as spoken to in 1Thess 5:16-21. To quench: ‘to extinguish or put out. ie the water quenched the fire.’ Vs 16-21 ‘Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully, holding fast to that which is good.’ One might ask How can we quench the Spirit? By not doing the things that give him access to control our lives. For example, while we are rejoicing in what God has done for us, continually talking to Him about it, and giving thanks to the Father in all things, the Holy Spirit is given reign to control and work in us. What are the opposites of these things? Opposite of rejoicing may be to moan about our situation. Instead of giving thanks we may be ungrateful wondering what God is doing or where he is. These things can quench (or restrict) the Spirit.

    Possible difference between grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit Grieve is something we do. (We are angry, bitter, have unwholesome talk) Quench is what we don’t do. (We don’t rejoice, or be thankful or just talk with God). When one do thses things repeatedly, their conscienious becomes seared like burnt meat and they become sealed with with sin and badness and the light of God will not (I did not say cannot), but will not penetrate that searness and the sinner will not recognize good from bad, or even right from wrong. Continuing in this way and God will give them over to what they have clearly and freely want to do; so God gives them over to a reprobate mind. The dictionary definition of reprobate include 1 : to condemn strongly as unworthy, unacceptable, or evil 2 : to foreordain to damnation 3 : to refuse to accept: See Romans 1:19-21 God Himself declares that at least some knowledge—a basic, foundational understanding—is available to virtually everyone. However, an interesting danger is revealed here. Note how this unfolds: “. . . because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened” (verse 21). These people knew God, just as the people addressed by Isaiah and Amos and in Hebrews had knowledge of God. Yet, they obviously did not honor God by conducting themselves according to what they knew of Him. They failed to put their knowledge into action, and instead, let their imaginations run wild and began worshipping things apart from what God had revealed of Himself. Their imaginings, Paul says, led them straight into idolatry in theform of MONEY, unnatural sex acts, etc. In other words, they did not hold fast to what God gave them and thus becomes addicted to sin. Equally important to know are these verses because it describe the process of falling: their foolish heart was darkened.1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 1:23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 1:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 1:29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 1:30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 1:31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    One last comment regarding your note to Bro John. Actually, the demons name were legion. Christ as He prepared to spiritually heal the one the people called a lunatic, Christ asked the demon what is your name and the demon said “legion for we are many.” Legion means 12,000. Legion is used again by Christ after Judas had betrayed the Lord and Peter drew his sword and smited off the ear of the one soldier and Chrst told Peter to put his sword back in it’s place, for he that live by the sword shall die by the sword, then He said: Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? (Matt. 26:53). This verse places a minimum of 144,000 (12×12,000) on the number of angels. Other scripture indicates that the count is probably much higher. Angels are sometimes referred to as heavenly host, a word that can also be translated as army.
    I love and pray for you Fran and John. I pray that we never stop seeking God’s will for our lives and that He illuminate our minds to recognize His will, and that He grants us the strength, desire, the motivation, and the tools to do His will. Amen

    In Christ,

  235. Charles D. said

    Hey Bro John and Fran

    Have had any experience listening to or watching Myles Monroe? If so, what do you think? Also, one name that is usually left off of the list of “wolves” is Robert Tilton. I was going through the channels recently and was amazed that he now broadcasts from small uhf/vhf cable stations. Now his is somewhat of an interesting story.

    Look forward to your comments.


  236. Erika said

    Some people really got this thing all mixed up. I saw one young lady here who is 15 in comment #5 how Juanita B. lead her to a deeper faith in God or whatever. I won’t say Juanita doesn’t have a gift for drawing people to Christ. But she really rather draw them to herself. And those who will perish for the lack of knowledge. Any ability only God can give not Juanita.
    Yes my Pastor taught me the word, but it was God who lead me to that Pastor at that particular time in my life, and open up my understanding of the Word. Please don’t be decieved, I really want to see you in Heaven. Ok we all agree Patti Labelly can sang! Right! Don’t think just cause she might have cursed out her assistant last night she didn’t wake up this morning and still have that beautiful voice. All have fallen and come short of the glory of God. But the thing is you can be very talented in your field or calling but still turned around get the big head and start giving in to your own selfishness. People need to stop trying to find perfection in man. Follow Christ! You can be the one take me to the Ursher concert, and even pay for my ticket, but please believe when we get there Ursher will be the one with my undivided attention.

  237. Bro. John said

    Hey Guys,
    Salutations from your bro. in Christ! I really enjoyed reading both of your comments and have spent some time thinking of the two of you. I talk about you guys to my wife all the time. For a while there, every other word was…” and sister Fran said this and bro. Charles said that”! My wife was starting to wonder about my new found friendships, whether or not I wasn’t taking things too far.LOL! All is well though, no need to worry guys. Like the shudamite Woman told the prophet whewn she was asked about her well being, she responded…”It is well!” and then she was asked if it was well with her son who was dead in the natural and she replied..”It is well!” Amen!

    Charles, you mentioned something about hoe some people serve money and are atttrated to shiney images presented on televisions, magazines and even pulpits. God revealed something to me concerning money. The bible says that strong drink maketh you a brawler, and wine maketh you merry but oney answereth all things. I’m paraphrasing but it’s something to that affect. Well, most people interpret that as a justification for saying that you must have money to solve financial difficulties such as late car paynets, rent, utilities and basic things that we all need to survive. But, what God showed me was this: That scripture speaks to another aspect of our life. Are you stingy? Well let’s bring money into the picture it will answer that question. Do you truly love the Lord? and if so proven in one way via being a consistant tither. Money will answer that wuestion. Do you value your money more than your spouse or children? Let’s bring money into the picture it will surely answer that wusetion as well as any other scenarios you can think of. Fascinating isn’t it? My God surely is an awesome wonder.

    Bro. John

  238. Charles D. said

    My Brother John/Sister Fran (missed you guys over the weekend)

    This week in particular I really missed you guys (though I hooked up with Fran on Sunday). I find myself looking on the site when I haven’t heard from you in a while, the weekends are more deepseated than other times and it shouldn’t be because thats when we might be in church as we should. In my own way, guess I’m saying you guys are more than a little special to me and I love, care and feel for you each.

    As always you posted an interesting comment, especially, about money. Money can be a weapon or a tool (depend on whose hands the money is in. I can think of and have seen where some people have been really put to the test where money is involved. I think God expects us to be ourselves because our reaction to and how we exercise our faith is indicative of the fruit we bear. Say a certain person is a regular tither, but , his rent is due and there is little doubt in his mind that his landlord will evict him if the rent is not paid. Such a person might rationalize that God expects him to use that brain and common sense that God gave him, so he pays his rent but feel guilty because he failed to tithe.

    Another ending is the person tithe with full faith, then, goes to his landlord to explain why he is unable to pay. In His many ways of doing the impossible, God touches the landlord’s heart and the landlord allows the tenant a break. God could have also caused the landlord to have a respiratory problem, the tenant gives him mouth-to-mouth and in his gratitude, the landlord not only gives the tenant a break with his rent, but allows him to remain for a period rent free. Of course these are extreme examples, however, my thesis is we should never put a limit on the ways or means which God can and will bless His own.

    God always operate outside the proverbial box and will do things in ways that we simply cannot imagine. Regarding money, Jesus said “render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” which by the way include everything that was created (including Caesar), every breath that we breathe, everything we think we own, all that we are or become, EVERYTHING………………..and He holds it all together.

    Now allow me to speak foolishly about money. Suppose God decided to charge for each breathe that we breath and His price for our very next breath was one penny more than Bill Gates’ total worth. How would Bill Gates pay for that one breathe that most of us take for granted? One thing for sure, he would not borrow the money from Warren Buffett. Theres justice, then there is mercy, I pray for the latter.

    In Christ Jesus,


  239. Bro. John said

    As usual, you’ve it out for all to see. My brother, while I appreciate your zeal for God’s word, I don’t agree with the notion that it in order for God to get a blessing to us, He will cause someone to have a respiratory problem or any other ailment for that matter. The bible says that all good and perfect gifts come from the Father. There is aboslutely nothing good or perfect about sickness or disease. God may allow ceertain things to happen in a person’s life, but He surely is not the cause of assigning negative situation’s in the lives of his children. The enemy is the one who comes against our bodies and spirits. John 10:10 says that the enemy comes only to steal kill and destroy, but I have come to give you life and life to the fullest. Or more abundantly in some tranlsations. How is sickness or diease living in the fullness of life? Amen? What do you think my brother?

    In faith,
    Bro. John

  240. Charles D. said

    Where have you been John? I’ve missed dialoguing with you and Fran.
    Excellent observation you make by Brother, as always, you are the careful observer that I have come to expect you to be.

    I re-looked at my comment and I thought I had written “extreme examples” but I did not. Thats what I get for editorializing so much before posting my comments. BUT! It is not that I am back tracking on my comments, not one iota; rather, I assumed that readers might know from the voice written that extreme examples were employed. Facts are: at the dawn of creation God put in motion, among other things, His natural laws, physical laws, and His spiritual laws. There’s nothing neither we, nor I can do about it, that’s just reality.

    Regarding blessings, we are all supposed to be blessings to each other, but sadly that isn’t always the case. If that were the case, then, the tenant would go to the landlord with full assurance that the landlord would understand, especially, since the money went to tithing, to a God that they both profess to serve.

    And I certainly will not say that every thing that appears to be good comes from God, if it did, fighting the devil and evil in general would be easy. But the devil and his demons knows what appeal to our sensibilities; the devil “even disguising himself as an angel of light.”
    Conversely, not everything that appears to be wrong or bad according to our finite understanding of the terms comes from the devil. If you recall, when Ahab tried to get one of his false prophets to prophesy and influence Josephat to join them and war against the Syrians. It was a lying spirit that said to God I will go and make him think that. My point being, God does allow things, both, good and bad according to his permissive will. It is one thing for one to say that God is sovereign and yet another than to really believe it. Fact is, he is sovereign whether one believes it or not.

    In terms of whether God will allow, or, indeed have allowed an ailment in order to bless His own; one needs go any further than the book of Exodus well before these verses, however, in 8:15 it was Pharaoh that hardened his own heart. Again in verse 32 Pharaoh hardened his heart, however, in Chapter 10 verse one, “And the Lord said unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his servants, that I might show these my signs before him…….”

    More demonstrative is 1Kings 22: 20-24 where King Ahab tried to intice Johoshaphat to battle against the Syrians and the prophet of the Lord said: “And the Lord said, Who shall persaude Ahab, that he might go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead? And one said on this manner, and another said on that manner, And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persaude him. And the Lord said wherewith? And he said I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, thou shalt persaude him, and prevail also: go forth and do so. Now therefore, behold, the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the Lord hath spoken evil concerning thee.”

    You asked How is sickness or diease living in the fullness of life? I haven’t a clue, but, I do know that God allowed Paul to endure a prick, so much so, that Paul prayed and asked God to remove it, and indicated that no matter how uncomfortable the prick made Paul feel, God said “my grace is sufficient for thee..”

    There are many other scriptures in both the new and old testament which show sides of our God that we will appreciate more as we grow in His grace, earnestly seek him, and edify each other and you do edify me, not only that but in you I feel a connection that makes us close. I don’t know about you but it is hard for me to bond with people quickly. In my spirit I feel extremely comfortable bonding with you and Fran (though I do not hear from her nearly often enough). My Brother, in christian love, it is I that want to know what you think.

    In Christ,


  241. Fran said

    Hi Charles,

    The spiritual bond that I have with you guys has not left, nor for others that comment on this site. Truths are the word of God, facts are things that can be proven, which would be true, and opinions the things we think, that could be true but not necessarily true. So I try to see things in the light of what has been said. I was reading Bro Johns comment that he wrote this morning, something that I read, that was opened up to me just yesterday, recieved confirmation today. There is more, but this is not the time.

    Love Fran

  242. Bro. John said

    Talk about iron sharpening iron. As always you are true to form. It is I whom you edify my brother! Concerning God’s soverienty, He is abosultely that! No one can put God into a box suitable for their own understanding. His ways are higher than ours. In fact, the bible is clear on this fact: Lean not to your own understanding. And you’re absolutely right about God giving us many examples in both the old and new testament where is soveriegn will is demonstrated.

    Unfortunately I find some christians, present company excluded, who continually misapply scripture and will repeat thier misquotes for others to hear and at times pick up and rehearse themselves. A real famous example can be found with Job. How many times have we heard people say the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. When that statement was made by Job, he was not in his right frame of mind at the time. All that he had endured during that season in his life caused him not to turn from God, but being human recite things that were not necessarily of God. We need to learn how to read what’s above and beneath these familiar scriptures in order to get the full context of what’s being said.

    You spoke of God hardening pharoah’s heart. I like the fact that you qualified that statement with the understanding that Pharoah did in fact harden his own heart first, just as the bible talks about laciviousness and carnal living people being given over to reprobate minds because they have become lovers of themselves burning with passion for one another. While God is sovereign, I think it’s important to note that our Father in heaven wishes that none should perish but have eternal life with Him. He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in good health as our soul prospers.

    I’m reminded of a scripture in Isaiah 59:1,2 which reads, behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear; But YOUR iniquities have seperated between you and your God, and YOUR sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. These are just some of my thoughts. What do you think?

    In faith,
    Bro. John

  243. Healtheland what is your reply to Grace’s statement (comment # 48)?

  244. Bro. John said

    Are we seeking to edify one another, or are we just shooting darts to see who can come up with the most clever statement to “silence someone or make some pointless point?, or are we just pontificating for the sake of doing so? I am far from perfect, but where is the love in any of the earlier posts?

    This brother is asking Healtheland to dig all the way back to a past post in order to say what? In love my brother, my prayer is that God will create in all of us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. Let’s sharpen one another in love and allow the spirit of God to give us revelation of his word.

    In faith,
    Bro. John

  245. Fran said

    Wagon Wheels,

    I can always be found.


  246. Bro. John my intentions in asking Healtheland, “What is your reply to Grace’s statement?” were not that of wanting to cause some type of quarrel, but to question the morality of Grace’s statement, “Clearly healtheland has an evil spirit,” that disturbed me.

  247. Charles D. said

    On first blush I think my friends John and Fran are serious about their walk with Christ which pleases me. Regarding your comments I read them and my spirit was stirred. When that happens it is best for me if I rest, then, read them again. I like what you said about Job; my Men Bible Study Group is presently in that very book. In Job there are several examples about God’s permissive will. Thanks John.

    I thought I understood the Jonathan De Leon’s comments, but they confused me somewhat. If he truly believe that Healtheland has an evil spirit, then why would he care what HTL thought. And going back to post #48, where has he been?

    Anyway, our sister Fran has graced us and now on the weekends when I miss you guys or want to say something to “us” I can. Thank you Fran. John I will be in touch. Until then I am going to take Frans advice and circle the wagon.

    Love of Christ,

  248. Bro. John said

    Hey guys,
    Wagon wheels, I got it! Smart move!

    In faith,

  249. Fran said

    Don’t make me pull out the whip. Get to cracking!

  250. Charles D, I am not the one who believes that Healtheland has an evil spirit. I quoted Grace.

  251. Grace, in comment/post #48, stated, “Clearly healtheland has an evil spirit…” She is the one who believes such a thing. I was attempting to ask healtheland what he thought about Grace’s comment because it disturbed me. But, my words were misconstrued.

  252. Jonathan De Leon:

    My reply has always been that even if I do have an evil spirit, am not a Christian, and am on my way to a fate that such as I fully deserve – the lake of fire for eternity – so what? This is not about ME, this is about YOU. YOU are the one that has to stand before God. When YOU do that, God is not going to judge you based on anything that I or anyone else said or did but based on YOUR WORKS. As such, everything that I say on this weblog correlates to the BIBLE to the best of my knowledge and ability. So even if I am Satan’s servant going to the lake of fire, that doesn’t mean that I am wrong when I say that these preachers are not following THE BIBLE, and since they are not following THE BIBLE they are false and the people that are following them are false too. So even if I am going to the lake of fire, if people do not acknowledge the abiblical teachings and actions of these preachers and movements and come out of them, so what, they will be in the lake of fire with me.

    See, Grace in comment 48 (and those like her) think that they can wound me with personal attacks. Well, I am not here to defend myself or promote my own agenda. I am here to defend God and promote God’s agenda based on the only standard by which God has revealed Himself to mankind and is always true and always the final authority in all matters: THE BIBLE. That has always been my position, and it has never been hard to understand. People just choose to reject it because they believe what they want to believe.

  253. Hey heatheland of what ethnicity are you?

  254. Jonathan De Leon: I am black.

  255. Bro John said

    Well Johnathan and Healtheland, now that we’ve established that, where do we go from here? Johnathan, what part of your inquiry on healtheland’s ethnicity does his/her answer satisfy? I’m truly curious?

    Bro. John

  256. Bro John said

    Hey Fran,

    You mentioned getting out the whip. Where are you my sister?

  257. Fran said

    Bro John.

    I asked you to contact via e-mail, duh duh duh!

  258. Bro. John said

    Hey Fran,
    I did that already through my hotmail acount. It is

  259. johnkaniecki said


    If you were black skinned you would be the color of the letters in this message. And if I were white skinned I would be the color of the backround of my page. Everyone who knows the names of colors would agree on these facts. Yet my skin color is not the same as the page background and I suspect your skin is not as dark as these letters are. We are in fact all shades of brown. Human beings all come from Adam and Eve and have at least that in common. Black is a word which has some negative connotations. White is a word which has positive connotations. The good cowboy wore the white hat and the evil cowboy wore the black hat. Luke skywalker was dressed in white while Darth Vader wore black. (Again good and evil.) I prefer to refer to myself as a pale man though Caucasian would be correct in my circumstance. All my grandparents were of Polish ancestry. When racist “white” people describe themselves as “white” they like to think that they are somehow seperate from the darker races and thus can justify a false superiority. White racist would deny the common bond of our descedency to Adam and Eve. When the Nation of Islam teaches that some
    “whites” were in fact created by a scientist the same concept applies. Racism denies the humanity of the denegrated subject. It is a fact that the various descendents of Noah have intermarried and mixed thier DNA and skin shades. (If I am correct about my theory that the sons of Noah were of different skin color. That is why there are various shades of brown in various areas.)

    Some “black” people are lighter than some “white” people. The lightest skinned person I knew was an albino clearly with African features.

    Our history is an important part of us. All cultures and races have their story to tell. These stories are not in any way insignificant as they shape the reality of the society we live in. For example being of polish heritage I was subjected to some ridicule growing up because I was in a minority. There were only a handful of children with from a Slavic background. I was certainly considered “white” as all of us were, but yet not equal, at least to some. (There were no “black” children in our town until one family moved in and that was not until I had reached high school.) Other Polish youths in different areas didn’t have the same experience because in part they were in the majority.

    I am in no way diminishing anyone’s past in these statements at all, I am simply pointing out some facts that are overlooked.

    I have said that I am Polish and my three of my grandparents came here from Poland while my father’s mother was born here and the moved to Poland before returning. Now you said that your ethnicity was black. (I know you didn’t say your skin color.) My wife is “black” as well. Yet she came here from Grenada while you I understand were raised in the deep south. This makes a tremendous difference in many things.

    I too am curious as to why Johnathon felt he needed to know the answer to this question. The log is quite long and I haven’t followed this one so closely so perhaps the answer to the relevancy of the question lies there. Yet to lump all “black” people together in one group is just as wrong to lump all “white” people together. Not saying that anyone is doing this, I just like speaking the truth.

    The fact is that anyone who belongs to Christ is part of the family. We have one Father as well as one Lord and one Spirit and we are brothers and sisters.

    Racism cannot stand scrutiny. Show a racist one good person of the group he hates and he can no longer hold to his views. He will start to have conflicts. After all “________” can’t be bad because so and so is “________” and he is a decent person.



  260. Charles D. said

    johnkaniecki; yours was interesting reading for several reasons, the least of which is there have been comments at other sites concerning Healtheland’s ethnicity. To me it is of little importance, unless he is not Black as he has stated. Even then his ethnicity is not important, however, his credability in view of his earlier comments and postings would suffer, to say nothing of those (myself included) who have come to esteem his contributions on this site.

    Only a very small individual would lie about ones ethnicity and my hope is that he is on the up and up because lost trust is hard to regather if at all possible. I believe that postings on this site is a microcosim of our society as a whole. Some visit this site for no other reason than to add their two bits and maybe spew a new word here and there that they recently learned. Some view this site as a instant messaging launch pad. While others see this site as an opportunity to just be seen/heard without contributing a single thing of value.

    There are still others that sees this site as a utility. As a chance to reach one or many and spread information that may very well save their spiritual soul. You know “each one, reach one” and no amount of filthy lucre can be placed on a single soul that comes to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

    I think God for this site, irrespective of some of the nonsense that can sometimes be found here. I am blessed to have connected with some blessed christians, e.g., Bro John and Fran to name two. Also, I get a double reward for each person that is honestly seeking Jesus and a relationship with Him. Each one of those more than compensate for a hundred that profess to know everything, will follow anybody, and will defend even those that are dragging them to hell in a hurry.

    Everything that happens here have been preordained for as long as time has existed. I have no idea how many people will be reached via this medium, but God knows, and have always known. All I am responsible for is to do my part, do it decently and in order, then, leave the judging and the results to the only one that matters, the Creator.

    In Christ,


  261. Theresa said

    Enter ye in at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat:Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life and very few there be find it. Mt 7:13-14, one of my favorite verses in the bible. I won’t be led to hell by the way of the church, as you read on, Jesus said “beware of false prophets”. Then Paul said in Ephesians 4 verse 14 … be no more children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. People just need to have a closer relationship with God and study the His Word for themselves, and be conscious of the holy spirit’s leading,especially when it comes to these preachers/ministers. I made up in my mind if I go to hell it will be on my own and not by the way church. Why follow man when Jesus plainly said “if any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”. I’m lifting these ministers (known and unknown)up in prayer, that they repent and turn back to God.

  262. Bro. John said

    Sister Theresa,

    I rapy that God continues to use you to lift others up in prayer the way you did at the ends of your message. I thank God for that blessing. You know, as christians we can sit around and quote scripture all day long until we’re blue in the face and come off sounding real “spiritual and apologetic”, but it’s not until we do it in love that we begin to draw all men to Christ. God used Paul in the book of corinthians to show us that. Again, thank you for that prayer of pastors known and unknown. I think we all need to get together as a group of believers praying for those in leadership to repent and turn back to God as Theresa said. I’m sure my buddy Charles and Fran will agree that we ought to pray without ceasing. The book Thesolonians commands us to do so. The bible tells us clearly in I Thessalonians 1:5a For our Gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance.

    In faith,
    Bro. John

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  264. Charles D. said

    Christology: To whom are you speaking, but, more importantly, what are you trying to say.

  265. Ebby said



  266. Eden Hadassah said


    What kind of foundation do you think that we should use in being kindom builders?
    Shouldn’t it be built with a firm foundation? Shouldn’t the bedrock of his kingdom be built upon our Lord? Or should it be built upon the shifting sands of false doctrine?
    And once a sure foundation has been established, what kinds of stones shall we use to pave the pathways…large stones that are imposing and hard to move…little ones that get that cause others to trip, or should we use flat ones, putting them into place to create a level path? If we use large stones, we will need to make path wide, and if we use small stones we will make those who walk the path stumble, but if we use foundational stones, we can keep the path narrow and provide straight ways for those who journey through this kingdom we are building.

    The foundation of stone is our Lord and his words to us.
    Shifting sand is false doctrine, and the word of truth not rightly divided.
    The large stones are churches that create difficulty walking the path of righteousness by de-throneing Christ who is the true head of the church and making themselves look like the head.
    The small stones are the churches that preach from the word of God, but make men stumble over traditions of the church, causing them to look only at the stones, for fear of tripping, and not pay attention to the path they are on.
    But the flat, smooth stones are the plain word of God, unhindered by false authority, or the traditions of man. In order to make the path flat and level, one must remove the large imposing stones, and the small distracting stones. Only then can we set a level path.
    The builders of his kingdom must consider the cost, and read the blue prints that this great carpenter left for us 2,000 years ago. They are the master plans of kingdom building.
    If the material being used to build his kingdom is not the material that he has ordered, then it should be rejected.

    This site is about the material being used to build his kingdom. There is a plan that he has set in place, and we need to follow his instructions.

  267. BoycottTBN said

    Ok, I can barely stomach this “worshiping” of the Pimptress Bynum. Healtheland has been kind, patient, teaching, obedient to God, what more can you ask?

    Here are some of Bynum’s quotes from TBN, to answer the question of whether she “just has it wrong” or is she doing it on purpose. Wake up, read your bibles, show yourselves approved…FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL…after you read this, if you think that it’s Bible and she’s really hearing from God, then I’m afraid no one can help you… she is in all her glory…..

    “Your miracle is attached to what’s in your pocket right now! You’re trying to hold on to it, but God sent me to tell you to, ‘Let it go! Let it go!’” (Juanita Bynum, TBN, Fall Praise-A-Thon,

    November 1, 2004)“Your miracle is attached to what’s in your pocket right now! You’re trying to hold on to it, but God sent me to tell you to, ‘Let it go! Let it go!’” (Juanita Bynum, TBN, Fall Praise-A-Thon, November 1, 2004)

    “If all you have is $79.36, I double-dare you to empty your bank account. Close your account.” (TBN, Fall Praise-A-Thon, November 8, 2003)

    “Some of ya’ll sitting there holding your wallet…God said, ‘Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me! Show me how much you love me! Give it to me! I want to know if you’re mine! If you’re really mine. How come you can’t hear me say, write the check?’” (TBN, Fall Praise-A-Thon, November 1, 2004)

    “I’m going to get my seed in the ground because what I make happen for somebody else, God is going to make happen for me. Pick up the phone! I don’t care if the lines are busy for half the night. Keep on trying! Put it on redial! Put it on redial! Tell the Devil that, ‘I got an emergency! I need something! I need something from God and God needs something from me!’” (”Daystar Fall Share-A-Thon,” September 21, 2004)
    “Those who are of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. FROM SUCH WITHDRAW YOURSELF” 1 Timothy 6:5.

    There are many, many scriptures all over the New Testament to tell you to expose false doctrine and false teachers. Quit copping out by the “judge not” and “touch not mine” ….Christians are supposed to judge Christian teachers by the word.

    Wake up!

  268. BoycottTBN said

    Watch Bynum at this link:

    Compare to this scripture:

    “Such are FALSE APOSTLES, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers (Satan’s) also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness”- 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

    As for Bynum, why would an “anointed one” have so many false prophecies and why would they go against the word of God and beg by compulsion for money (2 Corinthians 9:7)?Worse yet, their blind and deluded followers enable them to get more and more powerful by swallowing all their poison.


    (Juanita Bynum, TBN, “Spring Praise-A-Thon,” April 8, 2005)
    “…You got a $1,000.00 in your checking account and you right at the last bit. But I promise you–if you turn it over to God and give it to God–He said, ‘By 12 o’clock midnight the waters are troubled for you.”

    (Juanita Bynum, TBN, Fall Praise-A-Thon, November 1, 2004)
    “Somebody right here in television land, God said, ‘$1,000.’ You’re sitting there saying, ‘You know what? All I got is $1,000.’ If that’s all you got, oh Jesus! Then you got the miracle seed in your hand!”

    (Juanita Bynum, TBN, “Spring Praise-A-Thon,” April 8, 2005)
    “If you can’t believe God to release a seed for a $1,000.00, He’ll never trust you with a million! Oh my God!–I just said something. If you can’t trust God to provoke you to release a seed of $300.00 He’ll never be able to trust you in a ministry! Because this is your testing ground. This right here is your proving ground!”

    (Juanita Bynum, TBN, “Spring Praise-A-Thon,” April 8, 2005) part 2

    Put it in the mailbox! Because you got to release something from your house tonight! Tonight is divine release! Tonight is divine release!…Tonight is divine release!

    I’m talking to you single mother. Every single parent–God dares you to sow a seed of $300.00. It’s your divine release seed! You ain’t got no place to turn! Come on! You’re one check away from a divine release!”

  269. johnkaniecki said


    Hi, I hope you are well and that God is blessing you. I see from other posts you live in California. Might I inquire where? I was out there twice. I walked through the beautiful RedWood forests with my friend Elton. Talk about God’s handiwork.

    The Church that the Lord esablished and is still constructing is not a path. Jesus is the Way and the Bible I was told is a “road map.” Of course we have to know how to correctly read the map.

    No the Church is a spiritual building. Jesus is the Cornerstone. Without the Cornerstone you can’t even begin the construction. The Cornerstone is the most important and fundamental part. The apostles laid down the foundation. Now the construction is complex. We each have our unique talents or gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is a perfect place for all of us. We just have to find the right place. Not everyone can be a preacher, or an envagelist. Yet the Bible teaches us that the less noticeable things are the more important ones. We are the Body of Christ. The eye is just as important as the liver because they all need each other to work properly. The ones that get the most attention aren’t the most important.

    Now what about the “false prophets” and their followers. They are not a part of the same building. They aren’t even on the same “straight and narrow path”, no they are on the “broad and wide way” that leads to destruction. As the band AC/DC has called it “a highway to hell”.

    Some people are on the right path but they get in the way. As Bob Dylan said “Get out of the road if you can’t lend a hand, the times they are a changing.” How many sincere Christians have been hinderances to the cause of our Master because they misunderstood their role.



  270. Eden Hadassah said

    Hi John,
    I was born in California, but when I turned nine, I came out to the east coast with my father and I have been here ever since. I have visited Ca. since growing up. My favorite state though, of all the states that I have visited would probably be Idaho, in the panhandle. We loved it there.

    The church is not a building though, and I would have to disagree on that point. The body of believers is made up of kinds of believers, who are learning. Some do have messed up doctrines, but they do have a sincere belief in our Lord. Can anyone really claim that their doctrine is 100%? We are all bound to make mistakes and as we journey through our lives and through eternity, we do find that the path we walk upon becomes more narrow. I believe that this is due to coming into correct doctrine. There is a wide path, and a narrow path. And along the way, we will be bound to come across those who in their own understanding of doctrine may cause us to stumble.
    Yeshua laid the foundation, and he was the one who said to preach the good news. The apostles were clearing the stones at that time of gnostisic thought, pagan ritual, polarizing jewry, and those who claimed to be of the “way”, and fell away.
    We hear this proclaimed by John the Baptist who said “Prepare the way of the Lord.” We read about it in the prophets who would say to build up the roads and clear the paths.

    You got it girl!
    Preach it sister!

  271. johnkaniecki said



    Look at 1 Peter 2:4 and 5. The Church is a “spiritual house”.

    More later.



  272. Charles D. said


    Might I inquire; this will probably seem a little nosey, if so, forgive me.

    Do you belong to a particular church/congregagtion? If so, what demomination? I know you have spoken about Philadelphia in the past, is that your home? If not, what is your native tongue?

    Also, you seem to study the Bible quite a bit, which is excellent; would you say you study more for spiritual enlightenment or for a more personal relationship, if either or for both reasons?

    In the past you have asked me several personal questions, but, when I respond you had moved on. I do hope I am not getting too personal, however, your method of study interest me and I would like to understand.

    In Christ,


  273. johnkaniecki said


    No my friend you aren’t being too personal. I gladly share things openly with people. Somewhere in Paul’s writings he says that he gave of himself. I try to do that too. It is one thing to discuss scriptures but it is another thing to live them and develop Loving relationship with people. I apologize for not acknowledging you responses to my inquiries but I did read them. Thank you.

    I am a member of the Whippany Road Church of Christ which is in New Jersey. I believe it is in the township of East Hanover. The Church of Christ as a denomination ain’t quite as much as it used to be. It used to be said at the end of service, “If you have a Biblical question we will give you a Biblical answer.” I haven’t heard that quote in a while. Unfortunately I cannot give an endorsement on the Church of Christ overall but I think it would be an excellent place to investigate.

    I mentioned Philadelphia because I was working down there counting cars. It is a city with some magnificent buildings. I noticed a lot of homeless people there as I drove through. Upon talking to some people there I understand there is a large population of people without permanent residences.

    I study the Word of God to learn about our awesome Creator. God is Love! That is a profound statement that nobody will every fully comprehend. Love is something a baby can do and something that nobody can learn enough about.

    When I read the book of Mathew and heard Jesus’ words of what is referred to commonly as the sermon of the mount (chapters 5, 6, 7) I was convinced that this man Jesus was Lord. Though I have had bad times and good times I have done my best and have kept the faith. I continue to sin and will continue to sin until that day when I am made perfect and am blessed to be with my Father.

    Spiritual enlightenment and becoming more Christ like in personal relationships are so closely connected that it’s hard to seperate. Don’t forget that not only do we have relationships with one another but we have a relationship with Allmighty God!!! We were all once seperated by sin but through Jesus we have the opportunity to have fellowship once more with God.

    When studying the Bible one must come in a humble spirit and realize that it is the Word of God. The problem with the world today is not always not knowing what the Bible says. Recall how satan quoted scripture when he tempted Jesus. Many people can quote scriptures but lack understanding. And understanding is not enough, we must apply what we read to our life. Faith without deeds is death. Be not a hearer of the word but a doer. Those two sentences can both be found in the book of James I believe.

    I live in the town of Montclair just outside of New York City. If anyone would like to contact me the best way would be on this blog or to contact the Whippany Road Church of Christ and tell the minister Doug that you’d like to get in touch. I don’t know there website and will put it on the blog if there is an interest.

    Oh, and my native tongue I don’t know for sure as yet but now I try to speak Love.

    Charles thank you for your interest in me. If your ever out my way don’t hesitate to tell me and we’ll see if we can meet.



    Eden, sorry for the misunderstanding. I didn’t mean a physical building. It will take a while to give you a better answer. I must find the exact passages I want to quote and ask God for wisdom. Analogies and stories are great. I love the stories you tell from your life. The Bible of course uses analogies and parables as well. But be very catious the Word of God is exact for a good reason. More to come.

    I love the Clear Water River more than anything else. I walked along it’s banks many moons ago.

  274. Eden Hadassah said

    There are many analogies and parables, and sometimes it is a way of getting a mental picture of a truth. Jesus did speak in many parables, such as the one about the talents. Every one thinks that because he talked about money, that it must be about money, and there would be plenty of scriptures in Proverbs to back it up, but Yeshua was talking about something else. There were reasons he told parables, but he always told the disciples what they meant in private. These, I believe hold true for us as well. So while a person may think they know what the parable means, it has another meaning, using those same principles.
    Take for example (and this is not a parable) the rich man who comes to Yeshua and asks what he must do to have eternal life, and Yeshua asked him if he obeyed the law, and of course the rich man says that he had since he was a boy…Yeshua says there was one more thing…for him to sell all he had and give it to the poor, and come and follow him. The rich man went away sorrowful. Now, on one hand we can look at it and see the greater truth of being free of material goods and riches by following him, yet there still another truth. In Proverbs it says to get wisdom, though it costs you all you have, get understanding. In the full chapter in Proverbs on wisdom, we see a beautiful illustration of Yeshua. The wisest thing anyone can do is follow Yeshua, and though it will cost you all you have, it will be well worth it.
    When Yeshua talked about the builders, and counting the cost, he meant it. We must count the cost.

    On the subject of Yeshua being the son of a carpenter, what kind of carpenter do you think he was?
    Knowing, of course, that wood was a not the common material used. Ya think he was a mason? I am talking about a real mason, not a freemason.

  275. Eden Hadassah:

    I read recently that the word that was translated “carpenter” probably should have been “engineer”, meaning in that day and culture a jack – of – all trades laborer: construction worker, repairman, etc.

  276. johnkaniecki said


    Hello and I hope you are well.

    I was raised in the Catholic church as I have mentioned before. I have many memories from that experience. There are only two things ,however, I remember coming from the priest when he was speaking. The first and most prominent was the day when I was a child and my mother was taking us into the building late as usual. We did our best to find a seat. The preist stopped his sermon and gave a general lecture about being on time!

    The second is this story. “There was a very wealthy woman who was a very mean person. She didn’t do anything good, nothing at all. One day a man was begging for food on the side of the road as she passed by. In an unexpected change of character the mean miser tossed the man dressed in rags an onion. It wasn’t much later that the woman died and had left this Earth abandoning all her worldly possesions. The poor unfortunate woman found herself in Hell burning in the flames of torment. When she had abandoned all hope she looke up and from the sky descended an on a rope an onion. The woman grabbed on to the onion and was pulled up to be with the saints and God in glory.” (By the way I spiced up the story but didn’t change the message. The priests were rather dull.)

    Anyway the story as I said stuck with me. One day, years later I was in Daytona beach when some Christians came to witness to me. I related this story to them that I had heard. In all hindsight I don’t know how they stopped from laughing or for that matter weeping. The young man simply stated I never read that in the Bible. I was stunned, here I was thinking I was a Christian and I didn’t know what the Bible said.

    True historical and personal stories are great. They are your own personal experience. Analogies are wonderful and creative. However the Bible uses certain terminoligies to describe certain things. I will attempt to show you from scripture that the Church is correctly describe as a building in specific a temple. Jesus is a path. People can be other paths but they don’t lead to heaven. I have the scriptures I want to use I now just need to put it together.

    Eden please don’t think I am being over critical of you. Your story was much better than the one the preist told me. Yet I would like to sharpen your sword as you have sharpened mine. There was one blogger who said in all capital letters “we must take the Bible literally”. Well then if you discussed your story with him as you told it he could make many objections and miss the point. If you use Biblical terms this person couldn’t make that objection. Also the Bible uses the terms and is very specific for good reasons. The Greek language of the New Testament is very detailed.



  277. Eden Hadassah said


    Well said, and I agree with you, but I have to say that it is up to the person receiving an analogy to look into it and test it. Just as you have done. There are many stories and analogies out there, and if they led directly to scripture, they wouldn’t be parables or analogies. They are meant to get the person to question not only the validity of the particular truth, but also to to give them the chance to test their own understanding of the doctrine they espouse. If you feel I am in error, then I welcome the scriptures that show it as such. But I must caution not to just take one scripture, but to give a thorough balanced understanding provided in the word of God. Proverbs says to rebuke a wise man and he will love you for it. (I paraphrase) So do please show me the scriptures that give the recommended way of showing analogies and parables.

    With much love,

  278. johnkaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. This will be long and perhaps in two parts. The first part will be the house and the second the way.

    Mathew 21:42, Mark 12:10 , Luke 20:17 and
    Acts 4:11 These all say the basically same thing. The one I will quote is Acts 4:11 because it leaves no doubt who they are talking about. I’ll start with verse 10 to get the context. “Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Isreal, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” I added verse twelve because I like it, a lot!!

    So Jesus is the head corner stone. But for what?

    1 Peter 2:5 “Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house…..”
    So Peter talking to Christians say we are stones being built into a spiritual house.
    But read on.

    1 Peter 2:7-8 “Unto you therefore which believe He is prescious; but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders dissallowed, the same is made the head of the corner. And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient; whereunto also they were appointed.”

    Look at the four descriptions of the cornerstone and this quote. They are talking about the same thing. Read the entire passage of 1 Peter 2 to prove I am not taking things out of context.

    We are being built into a spiritual house. Only belivers, true believers, Christians, saints, born again individuals, etc are members of the house.

    Christ Jesus is the chief cornerstone. The cornerstone is laid first. It is the most important block. Why? Because when it is put down the rest of the building is based off of the cornerstone. Put the cornerstone in incorrectly and the building won’t turn out right. Once the corner stone is laid it sticks out until the foundation and subsequently the rest of the building is built. Therefore somebody may walk down the street and trip or as the scriptures say “stumble” over the cornerstone. An person who doesn’t understand why the cornerstone is there might get angry at this and it would cause them “offense”. They may even curse the cornerstone!!!

    1 Corinthians 3:10-12. “According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation,and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” Paul is talking to the Church in Corinth. Paul was the person who was a key human instrument in their conversion. What did Paul preach. Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Note that Paul calls Jesus now the foundation. But Paul is an apostle and his writings are part of the Bible. John chapter 1 teaches us that Jesus is the Word. So you can correctly call Jesus or call Him the Word it means the same thing. If somebody used the terminology the Word to refer to themselves it would be blashphemous. Why Jesus is the Word and Him alone.

    Ephesians 2:19-21. “Now therefore ye are no more stangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God. And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone; In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord.”

    Look what this is saying. Prophets here are preachers. The apostles and the prophets are laying the foundation. They build on the chief cornerstone which is Christ Jesus. What are they building though? An holy temple.

    Now this is a very profound and important lesson. Other scriptures say we are the temple of God. Now this is true individually and collectively.

    Let me bring up this point now please. On another blog I was wondering whether Jesus would be here physically when the thousand year reign occurs. He will be in his temple is one answer. Well then according to the Bible the temple of God is the Church. Doesn’t this make more sense than Jesus hanging out in a stone building. It was wondered how could God live in a stone building.

    Eden I am so glad that this came up that I examined these things. I have learned much and have been blessed. Another time I will discuss the Way. It is an important concept too! We must be careful how we use words, especially when people take the Bible literally.

    May God Bless you.



  279. johnkaniecki: check your email

  280. Eden Hadassah said

    My picture discription was purely for the purposes of seeing what was on the narrow path. I was not talking about an actual building, but about the body of christ as we journey through this life. And those who say they are of the body of christ, yet are not, will be removed from this narrow path. My point was about different personalities within the church that are not his, and how this web blog, points out these “stones” for what they are. It is important to tell the truth about false teachers and prophets, and every time the alarm is sounded, it is like removing one more stone from off the already laid path.
    I completely understand what you are saying, but I think that you have misunderstood what I was saying.

  281. Rosheeka Attiba said

    I do not want to respond to this but God has told me to. He [God] weeps, he weeps, and weeps at things like this. God loves me, and not only because the Bible tells me so, but because he has shown me and I have had personal experience with him. During a tough time in my life God sent Jesus to minister to me. Everyone asks how do you know it was Jesus? Well I think everyone has had the experience of facing away from an entrance of a room and your mother, sister, or brother walks in and you know which one of them it is before you even turn around? You know because while we interact physically something spiritual is going on as well. Well I know Jesus’ spirit. That’s how I Know. Something that bothers me so much about the Christians of today is that we have taken on the attitudes of the people who crucified Christ. We are condemning, we argue about what’s right what’s wrong, we are judgmental. We are judgmental and judgment is not ours it’s God’s! Jesus worries, He worries, He worries that when he comes he will not be recognized and based by what is being argued on this website I see why. By the time you all finish arguing scripture it may be too late. (a little humor for you)

    These pastors, preachers, prophetess, bishops, etc. are human. They preach what God has put in their hearts, but they are still on their spiritual walk. We hold them to a standard that we don’t hold even ourselves to. How can we say, Brother let me remove that splinter in your eye when we have wooden beams in our own? Unless you stand perfect and no One is perfect except God, how can you demand it from others just because they stand at the pulpit?

    I will pray for you, I will pray for Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks III, and I hope you pray for me and them as well. And please don’t twist my words as judgment, but consider it food for thought. Listen to your heart and you will find the Lord. When I’m in Church and see others praising God, God passes it on to me that he is pleased, at least that’s what I feel. The feelings I said were from God and Jesus (and yes I happen to separate the two) are what they press upon my soul. I am truly blessed. Amen.

  282. johnkaniecki said


    Thanks for the email and may God bless you.

    There is no problem in being human. We are all sinners and fall short of His glory. Sometimes our sins are grievous and severe. Yet the fact remains when a ministry is orientated around maximizing the dollars coming in that it is a false gospel. For you see the focus has been taken off of Jesus and put upon the dollar bill.

    One day soon the whole world economic system will collapse. The two twin towers which served as witness’ to the god of materialism were destroyed. The two towers were not raised in three and a half days as Revelation 11 prophecies, so we must condemn their testimony as false.

    When a man abuses the Word of God for his own profit it must be called out for what it is. These people are frauds and fakes subverting the true gospel. Will some come to know Christ through their actions, YES. It is like Paul talks about in his epistles that some preach the gospel out of envy. Paul doesn’t care as long as the gospel is preached. So to anyone who lifts the blood stained banner of Jesus Christ for any reason, I salute you, you are serving my Lord and Saviour.



  283. Charles D. said


    I wanted to, in deed I started to respond to your comments, but John beat me to it and in a better fashion than I would have done. Not that I intended to say anything harsh. At least, not discouraging in anyway.

    It is indeed refreshing to read your words and share (again) at least, some of your thoughts. I preceive that your intentions are honorable, however, in my opinion, somewhat misplaced; and I will tell you why. It is not judging to warn new Christians about evil in the world and the length a false prophet will use to serve mammon. You suggest that the Bynums, Weeks, et al are no different than any other Christian, only they stand behind a pulpit. Okay, now see the pulpit is sacred, at least it is supposed to be. And by virtue of the mere fact that the Bynums and Weeks and others choose the pulpit, then, by default they set themselves apart from the rest of us.

    I am sure you’ve heard the old adage that: “with leadership comes responsibilities.” Fact is, my God and your God hold these people to a different standard than the rest of us, in a manner of speaking. The NT, Timothy, Titus among others, set the qualifications for those who comes in His name to shepard His sheep. Also, pastors/shepreds have to give an accounting for the sheep unto which he/she leads. Given the group under discussion, what are they going to report? That Bro. Joe Blow or Dea. John Q. Public did not contribute the $300+ that Bynum is reported to have demanded under the guise of being a edict from God? (as you say: a little humor).

    Another thing, I think you are mistaken to think my Lord and Savior; Jesus, the Christ is weeping by what is said particularly under this posting. OR! Any posting. My God doesn’t send anyone to hell. You are mistaken to think that He will not know who is who because His sheep know His voice. God has already ordained that and the victory is already won! Praise God!

    There were a few other minor points in which I believe you were mistaken, but, even those were not serious and just shows that you are progressing towards perfection. There is no doubt in my mind, that if you stay on the course you are on and continue to seek Him; that in a while from today, say 2,3,or 4 years, you will come to have a more mature view than now. If you don’t believe it, then, keep a diary and compare.

    You seemingly have a good heart Rosheeka; I would encourage you to keep your hand in His hand and your eye on the prize, then, watch God “work,” not only in your life, but also, in the lives of those whom you feel are the receipents of undue judgement.

    To God Be the Glory,


    • Rosheeka said

      Yes we are supposed to correct one another as Christians but with love, says the Bible. And yes we are supposed to warn Christians of evil, but in this case the “evil” people you are talking about are Christian. The only requirements of being Christian is that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. To my knowledge both Bynum and Weeks have. By faith and Christ alone.

      It is not our job to give opinions that try to taint an image of two people who have a large Christian following. Whether or not they match up to your, I mean God’s standards, is between them and God, and if we address the issue it should come from love and concern without defamation. In the meantime we ought to be happy that despite their family troubles they have been able to grow a flock so large. Aren’t we trying to whiten the harvest here, or what?

      These following versus are from the Bible. They tell us how we ought to treat one another. If you’re so into standards you should know that most of the negative comments on this site do not fall in line.

      “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

      “Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather determine this– not to put an obstacle or a stumbling block in a brother’s way.” Romans 14:13

      “But each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason for boasting in regard to himself alone, and not in regard to another.” Galatians 6:4

      Lastly, my relationship with Christ is something you cannot begin to understand. Throughout your reply your tone was as if you are the expert and I’m the babe in Christ. What qualifications do you have to suggest someone is still seeking Christ? Just for your information I’ve found Him, better yet, He found me. I think you need to reassess. My relationship with Christ goes beyond the Bible and church. But yet again I can’t begin to explain it. When I say Jesus weeps, I mean the spirit actually came over me as I read the comments on this site and it wasn’t joyous. A prime example is when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Jesus knew the outcome but he still wept. He was still saddened. When you get to that level of understanding and relationship with Christ you’ll be able to relate until then follow the words above. If you are concerned come at the situation with love.. Knowing the end result and watching the situation unfold are two different things.

      I would also like to add that people always have something negative to say about a religious leaders who have a large following. How do you think they got this following? By not helping people? By using foul language against God? Or saying something true that our “Helper” would encourage us to embrace. Sometimes I wonder what side the people who attack these leaders are on?

      One last thing. Yes our religious leaders have set themselves apart from us by taking on a leadership role. However, they are gods they are human. They should be expected to sin just like humans do. Some of them are not even as close to God as someone who sits in the congregation. There are several pastors and priests who have lost their faith and hold on hoping that it will return.

      God Bless.

      Rosheeka (carrier of light)

  284. johnkaniecki said

    Brother Charles,

    Hello and good to hear from you.

    If the hook don’t get them the net will.



  285. Does It Matter said

    This took place at a Teach Me How To Love You Conference. What is wrong with a group of grown, single and married, Christian adults learning how to please their spouses and perspective spouses. Please tell me? The church wants to hide everything and not deal with the fact that 50 + percent of all Christian marriages end in divorce. I see nothing wrong with this video at all. Grow up Christian church. Grow up. Don’t let the Devil divide and and conquer. Judge not, lest ye also be judged.

  286. Job said

    Does It Matter:

    “This took place at a Teach Me How To Love You Conference. What is wrong with a group of grown, single and married, Christian adults learning how to please their spouses and perspective spouses. Please tell me?”

    Marital counseling is supposed to take place in private with a pastor that knows the character and spiritual commitment of both couples, not in public in front of a “pastor” that does not know or care about you for the amusement of the hooting and hollering spectators – all of whom paid a lot of money for their entertainment – and to later be sold for profit.

    “Please tell me? The church wants to hide everything and not deal with the fact that 50 + percent of all Christian marriages end in divorce.”

    Yes, and those divorces include Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks who were already divorced once and are going through another one now. While they were holding these conferences, they were having marital problems themselves! Also, I have heard Thomas Weeks on the main Atlanta “gospel” radio station (which is truthfully corporate owned by a company that also owns secular stations and is utterly carnal) “counseling” listeners that were calling in about their problems, and Thomas Weeks was telling a good portion of the listeners that their marriages could not be saved and that they needed to get a divorce! He made these judgments despite A) not knowing anything about or even seeing the person that he was counseling and B) not getting the whole story, only one person’s side of it! Oh yes, and what about the statement of Jesus Christ, which is that there should be no divorce and elsewhere in the New Testament where it says that God hates divorce? What the Bible actually says has no bearing on this false preacher’s advice, doctrine, or life.

    “I see nothing wrong with this video at all.”

    Of course you do not, because the Bible is not your standard.

    “Don’t let the Devil divide and and conquer.”

    People who follow false preachers like this have already divided themselves from the true Body of Christ.

    “Judge not, lest ye also be judged.”

    Jesus Christ told that to the PHARISEES that did not believe in Him. NOWHERE in the Bible is that told to the RIGHTEOUS! Didn’t you read where the New Testament said that we would judge angels? What gave Paul the right to deliver the man living in fornication with his mother to Satan (to kick him out of the church) if he had no right to judge anyone? What gave him the right to write those letters of stern rebuke to the Corinthians and Galatians if he could not judge them?

    Do any of you care about the Bible at all?

  287. listen said


  288. Meg said

    I’m glad that I am no longer watching those so-called “techers” amy more. All they want is the money!!!!

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