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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!


Posted by Job on April 14, 2007

Many gratitudes to this excellent article at Faith At Altitude that exposes the worldly abiblical mindset of so many Christians. Apparently, an attempt was made to compare a minister who is accused of stealing church funds with Ted Haggard. SUPPORTERS of Don Armstrong of Grace Church and St. Stephen’s Parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, A MAN ACCUSED OF ROBBING GOD claimed HOW DARE YOU COMPARE HOMOSEXUALITY WITH STEALING MONEY! And you know what? They are right in a sense. Why? BECAUSE ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA WERE NOT STRUCK DEAD ON THE SPOT (THAT’S REAL SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT FOR YOU OUT OF ORDER CHARISMATICS!) FOR THE SIN OF HOMOSEXUALITY, BUT RATHER FOR FINANCIAL MALFEASANCE IN CHURCH MATTERS! Now can ANY OF YOU GIVE ME A SINGLE BIBLICAL INSTANCE WHERE GOD HIMSELF KILLED SOMEONE FOR COMMITTING HOMOSEXUALITY? IF YOU CAN, LET ME KNOW, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO HOLD MY BREATH WAITING, BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE TO SERVE THE LORD!

This is exactly what I was talking about in the Jesus Christ Is Not Your Culture essay: people judging not according to the Bible but according to their own standards of morality based on cultural standards, which they use in place of the Bible. That is PHARISEE BEHAVIOR THAT JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF SPIRITUALLY WARRED AGAINST. And you know what else? It leads to spiritual deception and abuse. Why? Because we Christians are called to help each other in the faith. Do not believe the “judge not” lie that is so often quoted out of context. Christians are SUPPOSED to encourage each other in the faith and warn each other when we fall into sin. But how can we effectively do this if we use cultural standards in place of the Bible? Cultural standards vary from place to place and time to time. But GOD does not change. GOD’S STANDARD does not change. 100 years ago, cultural standards made it OK to hate black people. In this day, cultural standards DEMAND that you accept the sin of homosexuality. BUT ACCORDING TO GOD’S WORD AND GOD’S STANDARD, RACISM AND HOMOSEXUALITY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WRONG! And that is just in the same culture. What about in different cultures? Do you know that in some nations, it is not only perfectly acceptable but ACCEPTED to MURDER YOUR WIFE IF SHE TRIES TO DIVORCE YOU? (Of course, Yeshua HaMashiach calls divorce a sin, but come on.)

And people, understand this: it isn’t the sin of homosexuality that has caused so many people, not only worldly scoffers but Bible – believing Christians, to become disillusioned with the church. It is financial scandals. Yeshua HaMashiach didn’t run homosexuals out of the temple; He ran MONEYCHANGERS out (it wasn’t just that they were buying and selling, but it was an actual very sophisticated organized crime operation conducted in the very presence of – and almost certainly with the consent and to the profit of – the Pharisee and Sadducee rulers of the temple). The Protestant Reformation did not happen because of homosexuality, it happened because the Catholic Church started selling indulgences. And sure, the current Catholic Church molestation scandal had a heavy overtone in it, but the thing that most offended so many people wasn’t the abuse itself, but how the Catholic Church hierarchy tried to cover things up – even to the point of attempting to defame, discredit, and intimidate VICTIMS and witnesses and their advocates – IN AN ATTEMPT TO AVOID OR LIMIT CIVIL DAMAGES, AND THEIR HARDBALL LEGAL TACTICS! Look, the Bible calls homosexuality sin. BUT IT SAYS THAT THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!

Now in truth, homosexuality and stealing from the church are the same in God’s eyes, because you can get destroyed in the lake of fire for eternity for both. It is just that culture causes the vast majority of Christians to hate one more than the other. Why? Their love of the world through their acceptance, adherence to, and practices of CULTURAL NORMS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BIBLE! So, the very same Christians who have a militant stance against homosexuality have no problems being pastored by a man who has been divorced two or three times. Do you know what regarding homosexuality as somehow worse than stealing from the church or having a pastor that refuses to respect I Timothy? HOMOPHOBIA! UNWARRENTED FEAR, HATRED, AND PERSECUTION OF HOMOSEXUALS! AND GUESS WHAT? HOMOPHOBIA IS A SIN JUST LIKE HOMOSEXUALITY IS! UNLESS BOTH OF YOU REPENT, YOU HOMOSEXUALS AND YOU GAY – BASHERS WILL BURN IN THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR ETERNITY, SIDE BY SIDE! BOTH OF YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY BLAMING EACH OTHER FOR YOUR FATE! THE CHRISTIAN WILL SAY “I WOULD HAVE GONE TO HEAVEN IF YOU HADN’T PROVOKED ME TO HATE WITH YOUR SIN, AND THE HOMOSEXUAL WILL SAY “I WOULD HAVE GONE TO CHURCH AND GOTTEN SAVED HAD YOU NOT DRIVEN ME AWAY WITH YOUR SINFUL HATRED, HYPOCRISY, AND WORLDLINESS!”

So that is the reason to start obeying James 4:4, Christians: worldliness leads to you becoming EXACTLY what the gay rights activists and other rejecters of God’s Truth and Righteousness CORRECTLY accuse you of: being a hypocritical homophobic bigot. Did you know that Paul gave an example of how the worldliness of Demas caused his apostasy? Turn aside from worldliness, Christians, lest the same happen to you. If we would only reject these devil’s doctrines, traditions, and attitudes that come from Christians embracing the world and bringing it into the church, we could bring many homosexuals out of their sins and into the Kingdom of God, and drive all of the false Christian moneychanger Ananaiases and Sapphiras out!



  1. Alan said

    Soddom and Gomorrah.

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