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Abstinence Classes Don’t Halt Sex? And “Comprehensive Sex Education” Does?

Posted by Job on April 14, 2007

See this link. I am not the least bit surprised that “abstinence education” does not prevent fornication. Fornication is sin, and the only thing that conquers sin is the gospel. Teaching “values” and “morals” apart from Yeshua HaMashiach does more harm than good, and if you have any doubts concerning that, please rent or buy “The TimeChanger“, the movie that turned me aside from the religious right. Their agenda to use government to impose godless legalism (and even then on a selective and hypocritical basis using their own cultural biases as a guide rather than the Bible) by changing laws because it allows them to avoid preaching the gospel to change hearts fills Satan’s heart with glee! But hey, stuff like this happens when Christians love the world so much that they are willing to abandon the gospel for it. But what is the issue here is the galling hypocrisy of the forces of anti – Christ. In what way? COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION DOESN’T PREVENT SEX EITHER! As a matter of fact, it doesn’t prevent ANYTHING. It doesn’t prevent teen pregnancy, it doesn’t prevent venereal disease, it doesn’t prevent rape, child molestation, or sexual exploitation, it doesn’t prevent any of that. How do I know this? BECAUSE IN THE DECADES SINCE SEX EDUCATION WAS FIRST INTRODUCED IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS, ALL OF THOSE THINGS HAVE SKYROCKETED! So what about all those “studies” that claim that comprehensive sex education has “been scientifically proven to work”? Well they are LYING! Is anyone surprised when demons and people who are given over to them LIE? Why? Demons are LIARS, and everyone who allows demons to speak through and use them are LIARS! Check out this reply to a comment to a post on the evil hypocrisy of abortion; someone claiming that making abortion illegal will increase the number of child molesters and serial killers when there were FAR FEWER CRIMINALS ON THE STREETS AND IN OUR JAILS AND THE CRIMES MUCH LESS DEPRAVED BEFORE ABORTION WAS LEGALIZED. Sex education was first introduced decades ago in HIGH SCHOOL because A SMALL BUT RISING PERCENTAGE OF HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR AND SENIOR GIRLS WERE GETTING PREGNANT. Now, NOT ONLY DOES  FORTY PERCENT OF WHITES AND SIXTY THREE PERCENT OF NONWHITES GET PREGNANT BY AGE TWENTY, BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY LOBBYING TO START SEX EDUCATION AS EARLY AS FIRST GRADE BECAUSE NOW NINE AND TEN YEAR OLDS ARE GETTING PREGNANT! FROM 1960 TO 1990, THE OUT OF WEDLOCK BIRTHRATE ROSE FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT! And that is just the BIRTHS. ONE THIRD OF ALL TEEN PREGNANCIES END IN ABORTION.

And of course, that is just pregnancies. This link shows the SKYROCKETING INCREASE in sexually transmitted disease that no one wants to talk about. This link says that ADOLESCENTS HAVE THE HIGHEST SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE RATE OF ANY AGE GROUP! So why do these people continue to LIE and claim that comprehensive sex education works WHEN EVERY STATISTICAL INDICATOR SAYS OTHERWISE? Well, because THEIR ENTIRE GOAL IS PROMOTING FORNICATION! You doubt? See this link from the “Secular Coalition For America.” Here is a link to a great article that makes the SHOCKING ACCUSATION that “Opposition groups continue to claim that marriage benefits individuals, children, and society“! Abstinence education opposes the satanic goal of using sexual immorality to destabilize families and societies. That is why it cannot be suffered EVEN IF IT DOES NOT WORK. And that is also why they cannot just leave well enough alone and agree not to have EITHER abstinence education OR comprehensive sex education, and allow the other pro – fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and promiscuity forces do their job. They HAVE to push this agenda in our schools, medical facilities, and (yes) churches in order to pervert and corrupt as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

But do not be deceived by right wing politics, Christians. Abstinence education does not work, because you can’t fight sin with politics, culture, and “values.” The only thing that overcomes sin is the Power, Blood, and Love of Yeshua HaMashiach, and THAT is what Christians ought to be using. Technorati Tag: ,


One Response to “Abstinence Classes Don’t Halt Sex? And “Comprehensive Sex Education” Does?”

  1. All the polling on this is politically motivated and highly spun. There have been polls that showed results opposite of what is being reported now. Those now running Congress prefer the latest report, if you know what I mean…

    The bottom line is, just teaching “abstinence” without teaching righteousness is weak. Someone not physically fornicating might feel it’s OK to “choke the chicken” and watch porno. We are in the mist of a sex craved culture and kids need to be taught righteousness with the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. So they will have a full spiritual arsenal to fight with. Of course, this must come from the home. And even if that did not “poll” well, the kids would understand they need to repent and they would help move things towards a more moral culture.

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