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More Jews Against Jesus: The “Jesus Was A Pharisee” Scam Is Picking Up Steam

Posted by Job on April 9, 2007

And finding favorable forums in both the anti – Christ media and in our “seminaries that have rejected the true gospel. Claiming that by studying the gospels the “new Jewish way”, A) Jews can become “better Jews” and B) Christians can “better understand Judaism, become better Christians, and become less anti – Semitic” (of course by ceasing to claim that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh who died for our sins and rose again). Now granted, this woman works at Vanderbilt University and is speaking at an Episcopal Church, but let us not kid ourselves into thinking that this anti – Christ plot is only being aimed at liberal Christians who have long abandoned Biblical truth. Instead, it is being test – run and modified so that it can be used against fundamentalist types with weak foundations in scripture who are being misled by certain “Christian Zionists” out there into thinking that it is OK to view their own beliefs as causing injury to Jews and to thereby water down or abandon them. Interesting that this piece comes to us from Austin, Texas, the same state that JOHN HAGEE hails from.


6 Responses to “More Jews Against Jesus: The “Jesus Was A Pharisee” Scam Is Picking Up Steam”

  1. She studied the Word and refuses to acknowledge the deity of Jesus and the fact he is our Savior. That he really is the Messiah that her people were looking for. And she says NOTHING about the apostles or the GENTILES that were brought the message of salvation through Jesus. She refuses to accept that Jesus is the Lamb of God slain for everyone’s sins. The resurrected Son of God who sits on the right hand of the Father. Who was one with God from the start and truly the part of the One True God.

    She refuses that He is the Way the Truth and the Life and NO MAN gets to the Father, except via HIM. Jews claim they don’t need to intercede via Jesus, but they fully understood why their people sacrificed animals to God. It’s amazing how the obvious is being avoided!

    Jesus is Lord and she wishes to claim him as a mere Jewish prophet.

    Vanderbilt is here in TN, so she’s trying to deceive folks right here in this area. It ain’t gonna work.

    She needs to learn to study Jesus in a JESUS IS LORD way!

  2. IndependentConservative:

    Vanderbilt also has this “black feminist Christian” that promotes the gnostic “gospel of Mary” heresy who is extremely popular in some circles as a professor too. I would venture that Vanderbilt has a lot of heretics and apostates in their school of religion. Stuff like this only works when Christians give it an opening by A) ceasing the teach the Bible and B) ceasing to preach the gospel. Which means that there is every bit as wide an opening among the fundamentalists and evangelicals now as there was in the mainstream denominations about 100 years ago.

  3. More Jews Against Jesus: The “Jesus Was A Pharisee” Scam Is …

  4. Vanderbilt is in Nashville. You know, one of those “holes” in what is known as the Bible belt.

    It’s the way of America’s major cities these days. Even cities with names rooted in the faith are devoid of truth.

  5. IndependentConservative:

    It is getting so bad that I really am wondering how long it is going to be before the great tribulation starts. Now if you listen to Perry Stone (who is in your state; I do not like the fact that he hangs out with Jentezen Franklin and Paula White, but at least he is not running his own scams as far as I can tell) and some of the other prophecy fellows, Ethiopia is going to have to fall to the Muslims first. That hasn’t happened YET; although Ethiopia IS over 50% Muslim; it is just that they are willing to be governed by the Christian minority FOR NOW (probably because Muhammed left specific writings to Muslims to leave Ethiopia be, as a Muslim asserted on his blog, and they are obeying their false prophet for now). But when Ethiopia falls, it will be just about time to try to find the place of refuge and get your family there (yes, I am leaning towards the post – tribulation rapture camp now, leaving the Tim LaHaye/Paul Crouch/John Hagee contingent behind). What I cannot understand is why Tennessee cannot elect a stable Bible – believing conservative majority. I know that Memphis (Harold Ford country) is liberal, but what about everywhere else? What’s the problem? Then again, since Vanderbilt and Baylor are well on their way in joining Emory and Duke in apostasy, I wonder if anywhere is safe.

  6. Perry Stone ain’t no good man. He’s peddling all kinds of mess. I would not let old Perry guide you to his view of things too far. He’s only playing it to play people who follow his take to his own gain. He’s peddling all the way to the bank.

    I think Jesus made it clear that the “post – tribulation rapture camp” view is on point. Matthew 24 makes the order of events clear. The translation of the term “this generation” in Matt. 24 has some folks hung up, but it has not happened yet. It would have been better translated “this race of people” or something, but reading the whole Bible you can tell it’s still to come and unfortunately the same term in Greek for “generation” is also used for things like “race”. So the translators have to deal with the context of the use of the term, but obviously they could have selected a better term in verse 34.

    Democrats still win some in TN, because a Democrat here is not like a Democrat in a place like NY. A NY Ultra Conservative is a Moderate to us and would probably run here as a Democrat 😀 . Of course with the Republicans you have good talk, but less action. I don’t know why the heck these folks even allowed Bob Corker to win the Republican Primary for Senate. I voted for an Independent Conservative in our TN US Senate race, because I was not endorsing Corker or Ford Junior.

    When it comes to Independents, TN has LOTS of great candidates to choose from. Good God fearing folks always are running. But people just don’t seem to want to listen to anyone who can’t buy tons of ad time and claim a major political party.

    Also, Democrats get a few of their votes, simply because some of the old Civil War junkies refuse to vote for anyone in the party (Republican) that was behind the defeat of the Confederacy and end of mass legal slavery. Just like with South Georgia.

    Also, I don’t think people here see the danger in compromising with people who might often team up with Liberals. The clock ticks a little slower here in some regards.

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