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Why Are Not More Christians Supporting Mike Huckabee?

Posted by Job on April 7, 2007

All right, this is not a political weblog and I am not a political person (at least not anymore), but if he keeps saying more stuff like this and getting ignored, I wonder if Christians are even TRYING to find the person who best represents God and the Bible in this race and are instead looking for anyone who can beat Hillary/Obama. Which is, of course, EXACTLY how certain people who do not think much of our Christ want us to act. I know that I promised certain people that I would look into Duncan Hunter; give me time, give me time.  Technorati Tag: 


19 Responses to “Why Are Not More Christians Supporting Mike Huckabee?”

  1. Joe said

    Because he can’t beat Hillary or Obama.

    Why don’t more liberal nut-bags support Ralph Nader. . .same reason.

  2. Joe:

    I am not a conservative or a liberal, a Democrat or a Republican but a Christian. Mike Huckabee is a retired pastor who says that he believes in inerrancy and final authority of scripture. Unless someone has evidence that he is a liar, then the “Christian right” shouldn’t even be thinking of supporting anyone else other than to choose between others like him. The fact that they are not demonstrates that they are more concerned with being “right” than with being “Christian.” I was once the same way, which is why I have divorced myself from politics other than to merely observe it from a biblical perspective.

  3. Joe said

    you are right.

    I was simply stating the obvious.

  4. First, Huckabee has not walked the walk that he talks politically.

    Second (this is actually first in importance, but I wanted to save my long explanation for 2nd), any pastor that leaves the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to become a politician is straight up shady. One I trust less than a lawyer that became a politician. At least the lawyer started off dishonest. With people like Mike Huckabee you discover he was doing the work of the Lord, then decided to be a publican. As if being a publican for man is greater than being a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a regular basis? He’s decided that he can make a “difference” by doing more in man’s political system, while he’s backed down from ministering. I don’t know about you, but that does not flow right to me. Any of these preachers that get into politics AS A CANDIDATE are shady to me. I’m not saying I mind a preacher offering an opinion on a matter that might be political in nature.

    And I’d love to get a hold of some of Mike Huckabee’s old sermons from when he was a pastor. I would not be surprised if his doctrine was way off base, which helped him go from the pulpit to politics in the first place.

    So far, Duncan Hunter is the best of those running. But I’m sure if he’s messed up on something, you’ll find it 😀 .

  5. IndependentConservative:

    Yes, I admit that his leaving the pulpit rubs me the wrong way as well. We do have to consider that perhaps he was not called for the ministry and realized it. Take the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, who has been known to make detailed comments concerning his daughters’ breasts. I am glad that he is a FORMER Southern Baptist preacher, if you know what I mean. And if Huckabee got bit by the power bug, I am glad that he chose to pursue it outside of the pulpit than inside of it. You have a lot of ordained ministers who serve in political office (no one talks about it because the vast majority of them are liberal Democrats), and what is even worse is how so many of these Christians use the pulpit to usurp political power, the opposite of what Jesus Christ did. You can talk about Falwell and Robertson if you want, but if you ask me the two guys who REALLY have me concerned right now are Rod Parsley and John Hagee, especially Hagee. Now I will await your long explanation. As far as Duncan Hunter goes, well he will just have to wait in line!

  6. Joe said

    hagee, isn’t he a fattie

  7. Joe:

    He is overweight, but not nearly so much as he used to be; he has slimmed down quite a bit.

  8. I take far more issue with Robertson than I do with Falwell. Just the same I have some issues with Falwell, but overall to a lesser degree.

    Rod Parsley – A tithe enforcing pimp of the prosperity doctrine. Plenty (most) of the Pulpit Pimps hold Conservative values. It does not make them any less of a pimp.

    John Hagee – I’ve been watching him tell me how I’d be blessed if I give him money to feed a poor Jew, but I can’t find how feeding a poor Jew REALLY is somehow a better deed than feeding anyone who is poor. He acts like I’ll be so “blessed” if I give preference to feeding a poor Jew. A poor Jew he does not seem to desire ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to. Which craps on the efforts of Jesus and the apostles who ministered THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST TO THE JEWS AND DID THEM FIRST. Hagee has a new form of twisted doctrine that I am not in agreement with.

    I’ve got no issue with Israel other than how Christians are sometimes treated. I love Jews and with that I’ve told many a Jew about Jesus, because I want them to know the truth. I prefer Israel as an ally of the United States, although I don’t think Jimmy Carter should have cut a deal that caused them to give up oil fields and the USA have to pay them money forever. I feel they were doing fine for themselves without the USA feeling a need to continually step in so much.

    So there’s my long explanation. Which could be summed up by saying I’m not crazy about Falwell, I know Pat Robertson is a false prophet working for profit, Rod Parsley is a pimp and John Hagee is so odd to me it’s hard to explain.

    Hagee and the guy trying to help Jews do animal sacrifices are just weird.

    I’m all for the USA helping to defend Israel and I’m all for the USA kicking the butts of those who hate the USA and Israel, but guys like Hagee…I just watch him on TV and shake my head. He gives in part a great presentation about Israel, but takes the whole thing places he should not be taking it. Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes first and he misses that.

  9. Independent Conservative:

    Yeah, I admit that Falwell is better than Robertson. After all, it isn’t Falwell who invited Mormon Mitt Romney to his campus. As far as Hagee and his ilk, they are helping the Jews out of concern to facilitate the return of Jesus Christ. They are following a false doctrine that teaches them that they can stand in the place of God and usurp the power and role of God. They have never heard anyone preach to them about how they should stand and wait upon the Lord so that the Lord can do with them as they please. I hate to bash my own nation and culture, but it really is this western pride thing, thinking that we can change and save the world just because of where God saw fit to have us born. We think that because we are Americans, we can bring Jesus Christ back. And because of that, we are trying to push flesh Israel to fulfill Daniel and Ezekiel and Revelation rather than doing what God told US, SPIRITUAL ISRAEL, to do in the gospels and in the Epistles. It is sick stuff, and it is only going to lead the church into great persecution because we are turning so far from the truth in our arrogance and in our anger against the left. And that is the worst part. What is driving a lot of these guys is that they are angry at how the left is winning so many battles: school prayer, gay marriage, abortion, etc. These people were perfectly happy to be Christians in a nation where “Christian values” were the majority as far as where they could see. What they do not realize is that even in their “Mayberry” fantasylands, there was still sin, there were still problems. But now that they are the minority, they can’t take it. If they can’t be on top, then they don’t want to be in the ballgame. They don’t want to be ostracized. They don’t want to give up power and privilege. They don’t want to be persecuted. Why? Because they think that they are better. They think that they are better not only than the Christians in China, Africa, Indonesia, etc., but even better than the black, brown, yellow, poor, etc. Christians in this country. You know why? Because they were raised in a bad theology that told them that because they were so good and America was so good that THEY DESERVED IT! And the people who weren’t living as well as they were: well they should be glad just to be in America, the closest thing to heaven, and rejoice. I kid you not: I heard Newt Gingrich say that on C – SPAN and repeat it to Larry King during his 90s heyday. So, because they don’t want to go through what black folk went through in the 1920s, back when they would throw you in jail or lynch you for looking at some white girl the wrong way or talking back to your white boss or landowner, they want to go provoke a war with Iran to try to bring Jesus Christ back. They want to provoke a war with Iran because they don’t want to live and see the day when gay people are getting married. They refuse to recognize that gay marriage is already illegal in Canada and a lot of other places in the world (including South Africa), because the rest of the world does not matter to them BECAUSE THEIR WHOLE LIVES THEY HAVE BEEN RAISED WITH THE LIE THAT GOD FOUNDED AMERICA AS THE NEW ISRAEL AND AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE DIFFERENT AND BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE BY GOD’S DECREE. And rather than accept that they have been following a false doctrine and falling on their faces and worshipping the true God through His Word, they would rather blow the whole thing up. THAT is what scares me about Hagee and people like them, and I can see it in their eyes when they preach. Wow. Where did that come from? I don’t know, but wherever it did, I am going to have to use it in a new post sometime this week.

  10. I am a conservative Christian and at first was interested in supporting Mike Huckabee for President, after hearing him stand up for Creation and oppose Evolution on the CNN Republican Presidential Debate.

    However, upon researching his biography, other statements he has made, and the teachings promoted by his church, I discovered the following, so I can tell you now why I am not supporting Mike Huckabee for President.

    Just when I thought maybe when we had a good prospect running for President….Well I wish I had good news for you!

    I think you and your people should know where Republican President Candidate Mike Huckabee stands on Rick Warren.

    Huckabee says,

    “Our church in Little Rock is very similar to Rick Warren’s. We’ve gone from 25 members to about 5,000 in eight years. Our focus has been to minister to people who were otherwise neglected. We built a ministry center before we even had a sanctuary. We held our services in warehouses until a year or two ago.” The center contains a range of faith-based initiatives: welfare to work, job training, programs for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, a food bank. “We are a multicultural, multiracial congregation, with rich and poor,” Huckabee says. “I play the bass in the Praise band.” SOURCE:,9171,1599708,00.html

    It is a lot like Rick Warren’s church all right. Here is his church’s website:

    which promotes Warren’s Celebrate Recovery,

    won Warren’s Church Health Award:

    “Since 1999, Purpose-Driven ministries have honored four to six churches each year that have shown excellence in adapting the Purpose-Driven paradigm to their congregation. With thousands of churches having participated in the “40 Days of Purpose” discipleship program in recent months, Purpose-Driven decided to honor 79 churches this year. Each church received a check for $1,000.

    The Southern Baptist congregations receiving a 2004 Church Health Award were:
    The Southern Baptist congregations receiving a 2004 Church Health Award were:

    Bay Area Fellowship, Corpus Christi, Texas

    Brookwood Community Church, Greenville, S.C.

    Centro Familiar Cristiano Betesda, Orange, Calif.

    The Church at Rock Creek, Little Rock, Ark.”
    (Pastor Bob DeWaay wrote a brilliant expose on this Purpose-Driven Church Health Awards in his book on Rick Warren)

    And here is a quote from Huckabee’s teaching pastor Greg Kirskey’s sermon entitled Fire Extinguisher…available on the church website:

    “No human emotion poses a greater threat to our health and happiness than fear.”
    And this is posted by Huckabee’s Senior Pastor Mark Evans:

    ” Mark Evans is the founder and Senior Pastor of The Church at Rock Creek. Understanding that many people don’t go to church because it is boring and irrelevant, Mark began Rock Creek in 1995. Believing that people really do matter to God, Rock Creek has grown from 25 people to over 5,000 attending the weekend services. Rock Creek was featured in Church Growth magazine’s list of “The 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America.”

    The community-focused ministries at Rock Creek – a hands on computer lab, an employment training agency, a food bank, and a car repair ministry – led President Bush to select The Church at Rock Creek as the backdrop for a discussion about the role faith-based organizations play in changing the landscape of America.
    And of course, RIck Warren’s PEACE Plan and Discovery Classes:


    The Hall of Fame Class is the fourth class in Rock Creek’s Life Development Process. In this class you will learn how to connect other people to God by using your story of how He has worked in your life. You will also be introduced to the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, a radical missions approach that is a key part of how Rock Creek does missions. In addition, we will help you develop and execute your own personal mission statement.


    Rock Creek does missions through a radical new strategy called the P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Through P.E.A.C.E. your small group will become equipped to address the world’s five global giants: spiritual lostness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease and lack of education.

    The P.E.A.C.E. plan is designed to mobilize ordinary church members to do normal tasks that can change the world. Everyone can participate through personal, local, and global P.E.A.C.E. projects. God can and will use you and our missions team is here to help you get started.

    If you are not ready to go overseas, there are personal and local dimensions to this strategy that do not require any travel at all. Rock Creek’s Hall of Fame Class prepares you to live out the P.E.A.C.E. Plan.

    And of course Warren’s baseball diamond:

    And like Warren, Huckabee is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    Any questions?

    Therefore, you have to ask your self, do you want a sold-out Warrenite to be your next President?

    I am afraid to even ask him what his position is on Israel!


    James Sundquist
    Rock Salt Publishing

  11. James Sundquist: Oh no, the last thing that we need is a Council On Foreign Relations – backed Rick Warren follower in the White House. That would actually be worse than Bush and almost as bad as Giuliani or Romney. Now I see why the media keeps insisting that Huckabee is doing the best in the debates. They are hedging their bets … thinking that if they can’t get Rudy McRomney Thompson in, then Huckabee will be their next best bet as someone that they already have their hooks in. It is looking more and more like anti – state (which to me means against the anti – Christ) Ron Paul is my guy.

  12. James Sundquist: Ha ha, your website is outstanding! I have to figure out how to promote it somehow!

  13. Robert said

    Mr. Sundquist

    Thanx for the heads-up warning.

    My view of Rick Warren-ism is that he leads a church to be man-centered instead of Christ centered. What a loss!!!


  14. Robert said


    Please… organize your thoughts into paragraphs that express whole thoughts that successively support what follows, or that change the subject to start a new series of such paragraphs.

    When you make everyone labor to extract your meaning, you lose a lot of folks… Believe me, it is worth the investment, if you really wish to be “heard”.


  15. Robert:

    Writing better would mean writing less. Then again, I do not want to be as the Pharisees, about whom Christ said they thought that they would be heard and rewarded for much speaking. You know, I believe that God has been trying to deal with me on this issue, but I have been taking the easy way out. So I will take your advice. Thank you brother in Christ, and may God bless and keep you.

  16. monique said

    anyone who says that because huckabee used to be a pastor and is now running for president is somehow wrong needs to read the bible. ever heard of one of the greatest politicans, a king, name david? just to name one. jesus is also a king, just because he came the first time as a suffering servant, don’t get confused, he will be coming back as the king and will rule with an iron rod. there is no problem biblically with a minister being a king or a president or even someone on their local city council or president of their school – you’ve been watching too many movies and/or believing the hype about separation of church and state, which is found only in the communist constitution. being a president doesn’t end a person’s ministry. read some history please.

  17. monique:

    While I admire your sincerity and passion, comparing King David, the God – anointed king of a nation that God personally intervened in history to create for the purposes of saving the world, to the democratically elected president of any secular nation is not a valid comparison spiritually, historically, or theologically. You must understand that fundamentalist Christians regard ministry to be a calling from God, not a mere profession. A minister is not even supposed to RETIRE, let alone switch professions. Now perhaps Huckabee realized that he was never called to be a minister in the first place, and upon that realization left the position that he was supposed to be in. If that is the case, then it is perfectly fine with me, and he should openly state as such. Otherwise, his leaving the position that God called him to is highly problematic.

    In any event, since writing this, I have found out that Huckabee is a Rick Warren guy, and Warren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which explains not only a lot of his activities, but his abiblical theology. Regrettably, this is not the reason why Christians are withholding support from Huckabee, as they have supported candidates with similar connections in the past and are lining up behind other guys like this as we speak. But that is certainly the reason why I no longer support him.

  18. joella said

    To all:

    It seems here that we are in a hard place. There is not a single presidental candidate out there that can satisfy us. Everyone of them has an issue that we don’t like,we are then forced to chose the lesser of all that are evil.

    So what should we do… Not vote? Let the unsaved select a leader over us? Turn our backs on the election? God forbid we should support someone who has gone from preacher to politician because it hasn’t been done that way before. I don’t agree with Rick Warren and all of what he’s doing, but are we trying to vote for prefection into the White House? Is there even a church that is perfect?

    We live in a fallen world. Every man will fail us. Every person will have imperfections, faults, things that we don’t agree with, or don’t like. But who and what do we want in the White House?
    Our first question shouldn’t be Who we want, but What we want.

    Someone once said “President Bush brought righteousness back to the White House not perfection”. Remember God can use a donkey to say what he wants. He can turn the heart of the king. Our job is just to vote for a candiate who will bring righteousness back to our country. Jesus help us if we vote in another man or woman like Clinton into the White House!

  19. Jennifer said

    What about Ron Paul? Do Christians know he is a Christian? A man that really walks the walk… Check out this video with Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul speaking to pastors in Iowa:

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