Jesus Christ Is Lord

That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

More Proof That The Emergent Church Is A Heretical Movement

Posted by Job on April 7, 2007

See link here. Now, of course, all church movements have people in them who depart from scripture and blaspheme the faith. The Emergent Church is different because it was founded PRECISELY BECAUSE these people wanted to reject the true Christ – because following the true Christ means making God and not you the authority over your life; it means bowing to God instead of trying to make God bow to you – and instead believe a lie that would suit their own desires. Now I gotta admit, sometimes that old time religion isn’t good enough for me, but I am not going to replace it with something that will take me to the lake of fire for eternity. Truthfully, religion that denies truth is completely pointless. If there is no truth, then why waste your time? Why worship? Why not be an atheist? Because you still want to believe in a God because you feel insecure and don’t have all the answers yourself. Well, what kind of a god would exist without A) creating a definite truth and B) without informing us of that truth and C) expecting us to conform to it in the manner that he expects? I will tell you: no god at all. And that is exactly what people like this want. A fake god that will serve and please them, instead of a real God of truth that they have to serve and submit to. No, I am not talking about submitting to some worldly religious structure or bureaucracy, that is not the way to God. That is not submitting to God. That is not knowing God. I am talking about a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You cannot submit to truth unless you know what you are submitting to. That is what Jesus Christ told the samaritan woman, when He said “You know not who you worship … for God is a spirit and you must worship Him in spirit and in truth” in John 4:22-24. If you want to know God so that you can serve Him, start the process here! Do not believe the lies of the emerging church, who claim that you can be a “disciple of Christ” without believing in Him, without knowing Him as Lord, God, and Savior, and without submission to Him, and tries to replace the Truth of the Triune Godhead with gnostic and New Age spirituality.


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