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Demon Of The Day: Murder And Why America Is A World Leader In Murders

Posted by Job on April 7, 2007

Murder is the intentional taking of an innocent life. We wonder how some people arrive to the condition where they kill multiple times and become almost desensitized to it. And though we do not much speak of it, we wonder why some families just seem to have a tendency to produce murderers, and not only among siblings but through several generations. I am not the scoffer against the fields of psychology and psychiatry that I once was, so I acknowledge disease, damage, and conditions in those areas. And as for the “genetics versus environment” argument, I say BOTH, and it is complicated by the fact that people with a genetic predisposition to kill are often exposed (or later choose for themselves) environments that cause them to become murderers. Still, if we are to be Bible – believing Christians, we cannot ignore that the cause, root cause, or major influencing ingredient in many of these cases are evil spirits; demons of murder. And as with any other evil spirit, such demons would exploit openings created by environment, genetics, family traits, etc. to gain entry into people. This includes murder demons that continue through family lines as what are commonly called ““, but the appropriate terminology is “.”

How do murder demons enter? More importantly, why is America, the most Christian country in the western world, have far more murders than any other country? Now we know that demons are legalists; they enter a person when their actions or beliefs give them a claim to someone. And anyone who has read the Bible knows that nothing creates open doors to demons like A) false religious doctrine, B) corrupt religious practice, and C) religious hypocrisy. Quite frankly, from my reading of the Bible I am thoroughly convinced that it is better to be an atheist than to follow after the three above. The main reason is that while an atheist or a follower of another religion can simply cast off their lies for the truth, a person who profanes and blasphemes Christianity is a much harder case because they will convince themselves that they are following God already, and the evil spirits that will lay a claim onto them (religious demons and similar) will convince them of it. What are the Bible references that I speak that describe these activities? Well they are rarely specific, but more often are allegorical and metaphorical (yes, I attempt to interpret the Bible allegorically and symbolically, but only in the interests of confirming the literal meaning). But Paul spoke of “a spirit of strong delusion” overtaking Christians who reject truth. He also speaks of such Christians being delivered over to corrupt or reprobate minds and given over to their own lusts. And Jesus Christ spoke of being delivered to the tormentors. Now consider this. God’s people (and some others) have angelic and spiritual protection over them (see Job 1:9-11). Because of that, even though a Christian might transgress, God’s protective hedge prevents demons from exercising their legal right to enter or torment a person. Such is a benefit of God’s grace! When a person is “given over” or “delivered over” to something, that means that God removes that protection, and any demon that gains a legal right to a person can enter or afflict that person.

What does this have to do with America? Well, America having the most Christians in the west also means that we have the most Christians who follow after false doctrines, false practices, and hypocrisy. Where if these people were not claiming to follow Christ demons would have no claim on them, not see fit to exercise it, or they might even have some level of protection from God, a false Christian will be a demon magnet and have absolutely no protection from them. Consider, for instance, Nazi Germany. It was a Christian nation before Hitler, but he managed to turn them after idolatry, getting them to worship the state and images of Nordic gods even in their very churches in place of God. When they did this, they were given over to the very evil spirits that made the Holocaust and the other Nazi war crimes a reality. America? Well, the early Christians in this country often practiced an extreme legalism, a revolting false doctrine that denies grace, and that legalism has never left this nation. A common reaction to legalism is to reject it in favor of unitarianism and universalism, which happened particularly often among the early American upper classes, and is present yet today among the well – educated high income mainstream denominationals and “alternative Christianity” movements. And America has always been a hotbed for mixing Christianity with various forms of idolatry and mysticism, especially among Christians who were from or exposed to Native American and African religions and imported those false beliefs and practices into Christianity. This is present not only among certain Catholics who practice santeria, but a great many charismatic Protestants. “The age of reason” created a brand of Christianity that was actually philosophy and ethics. And now you have the gnostic, New Age, and pagan traditions influencing Christianity, creating a man – centered humanistic religion. Further, you have Christians who break the first commandment by worshipping nationalism, materialism, and worldliness, and you only have to take a look at some of our politically active suburban megachurches to see that in action. And one thing that all of these things have in common is that none of them practice what they preach. Now true Christians are freed from the burden of being as perfect in their action as they are in faith, because we have the benefits of grace. But people who reject grace through false doctrines and practices are left wide open.

Now we are not Nazi Germany, because where in America we go off in a great many different directions with our Christian error, Hitler was able to unite Germany behind a common apostasy (Satan’s goal in the tower of Babel incident, which was to unite man behind a common evil purpose), resulting in great dark spiritual power.  But if you look not only at our current street crime, but our brutal mistreatment of Native Americans and African slaves in our history plus our great willingness to insert ourselves into military conflict, and it is impossible to deny that murder and violence have always had a huge grip on our nation, that it has passed from generation to generation, and that things are getting worse rather than better. The only reason why murder rates have stabilized in this country are because A) over 2 million males are incarcerated, second only to China which has a much more repressive regime and larger population B) a large number of males are being strung out on Ritalin and diagnosed as ADD, autism, and ADHD and receive similar drugs and C) BECAUSE ABORTION IS NOT COUNTED IN THE MURDER RATE. Now folks love to talk about how abortion reduces the crime rate (by killing off poor people and minorities who are the ones most exposed to socioeconomic conditions that cause them to be plagued by all manner of evil spirits including abortion) but they leave out the fact that the vast majority of the 50 million people slaughtered by abortion would have ever killed anyone. And further, the people who claimed that the crime rate dropped in the 1990s because of abortion FORGET THAT THE CRIME BOOM STRONGLY COINCIDED WITH ROE V. WADE TO BEGIN WITH. Further, what a lot of people make a mistake in doing is only looking at 1972, when abortion access was guaranteed at the federal level. What the forget is that many states had already spent the years leading up to that making abortion legal (including California, where RONALD REAGAN signed the most liberal abortion law in the nation in the late 1960s). So most certainly the rise in abortion activity correlated with the rise in murder and violent crime, and the demonic activity caused by abortion is why. and in  stated that having an abortion gives murder, suicide, and other demons a legal right over a woman, tormenting both her (consider ) and placing those demons of inheritance in her line. Also, when you consider that Jewish tradition teaches concerning the   that a nation whose laws and culture breaks them it leads to spiritual darkness overtaking the land, the legality and practice of abortion clearly empowers murder demons to be more active in people, to lay and exercise claims on more people, and to in general cause a culture of murder. Expanding on the work of Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, deliverance minister John Eckhart (an apostolic Pentecostal Christian who rejects both modalism and legalism) proposes that abortion also causes women who receive them to be in bondage to demons of poverty and marital/relationship failure.

In conclusion, let us consider the words of 1 John 3:15 on the subject: “he who hateth his brother is a murderer!” Why? Because hate is a sin, and it gives a demon of murder a legal right to a person, especially when you consider that if you hate a person you will desire and fantasize about doing grievous harm to him. And not only does America have a revolting past of racial, religious, class, and ethnic hate, but now hate is glamorized and mass – marketed in our entertainment media in movies, TV shows, comic books (excuse me, graphic novels), video games, music, and even sports. We also have a strong nationalistic tradition which practically begs us to if not hate definitely show strong negative feelings towards people in other nations and cultures, especially when we are at war with them (which again we tend to indulge in quite often, requiring the need to whip up patriotic fervor). Now of course, the Christian with hate in his heart is a hypocrite, and clearly that explains why such a person would be given over to a reprobate mind and thereby join such “Christian” organizations as the Klu Klux Klan and commit lynchings and bombings. (Further, a shocking number of street criminals who bear hateful grudges against rival gangs and criminals and such, or just against society in general, are Christian.)

Now of course people such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins claim that Christianity increases the murder and violence in a culture. Actually, it is FALSE CHRISTIANITY that increases the murder and violence in a culture, and the more “Christian” a nation is (and especially if they blend their Christianity with patriotism under the guise of a worldly notion that “ours is a ‘Christian nation'” when in fact not only did Jesus Christ and prominent New Testament figures tell us not to aspire to such things but to specifically avoid it) the more false Christians there will be. So, , , and all who follow after them, false Christianity ends lives, but true Christianity saves them. This is knowledge, however, that should be remembered my Christians more so than atheists, however.


2 Responses to “Demon Of The Day: Murder And Why America Is A World Leader In Murders”

  1. James said

    Our urban areas are more dangerous than Iraq. We don’t pay attention until our cities go over the 50 murder mark before we even think about it.
    Churches seem to be on every corner but the Gospel of peace can hardly be found. Many churches have become social networking clubs. Something is really wrong in our understanding of the Gospel, evangelism, and our impact on the cities around us.

  2. Prophetess Braxton said

    I agree with you James that our urban areas are more dangerous than Iraq. That is why God has called me and my partner in Christ to do something about it. We have began a Radio broadcast here in Baltimore City where we will be discussing and praying for our city, state, and country to stop the blood shed on our streets. You are welcome to join us @ 1400 AM radio station or then look to the right and click listen live. We are on the air every Saturday at 4pm. This is Prophetess Braxton

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